The X Factor Top 7 Results Recap: Simon, Are You OK? Are You OK, Simon?

“Do not move! Do not move!” commanded the world’s most high-profile automaton, Steve Jones, heading into another leave-us-all-in-suspense commercial break on this week’s X Factor results show. (Dude, if we’ve already endured a 15-minute recap of the previous night’s performance telecast and the umpteenth overbearing use of “Carmina Burana” to signal This Is An Important Show, we’re not about to go flipping the flipping channel.)

Anyhow, in case you’re unfamiliar with how these double-eliminations go: The act with the lowest number of viewer votes faces immediate elimination; the second- and third-lowest vote-getters get forced into a sing-off in front of Dapper, Useless, Unhinged, and Chest-Baring.

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, Steve — who, he’d like you to know, happens to own a copy of the deubt album from this week’s guest performer Tinie Tempah, which makes him totally HUMAN — the acts who received enough votes to go straight through to next week’s Top 5 performance telecast were:

* Chris Rene
* Melanie Amaro
* Rachel Crow (?¡SRSLY!?)
* Josh Krajcik

Wait! Let’s break for a brutally lit set from Tiny Tempah! Seriously, does the live audience benefit from the pulsating assault of strobes and neon and kliegs? Because TV viewers do not. Or at least this Oldie McOlderson doesn’t. But there’s no time for you to recover from your Tempah-induced siezure. Steve is reading the results…

Eliminated immédiatement: Astro

“GET THE HUGS OUT OF THE WAY,” our irritable host huffed as he tried to get a quote from Astro and rush him off stage. (Never let charm or good humor get in the way of finishing on time! That’s the spirit!)

“The only reason I’m mad is I don’t get to see my girl that lives in Cali,” said Astro. Astro is dating? Ewww, too young. I’m sure Molly is a kindly fiftysomething makeup artist.

And with that, we came to the “save me!” performances. Here’s my breakdown — in ten words or less — on Drew “NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THIS POSITION IN THE FIRST PLACE” Ryniewicz vs. Marcus “Nice Guy, Not Really the Best Investment Opportunity for a Record Label with a Spare $5 Million” Canty.

Drew Ryniewicz: Roxette’s “Listen to Your Heart”
Powerful despite of clearly percolating tears. Shoulda been “Toxic” though.

Marcus Canty: Gladys Knight and the Pips “Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye)”
Hot wreck of a vocal. Broken spirit = broken voice?

Judges Votes on Who Should Go Home
L.A. (who lied by saying he doesn’t automatically vote to save his own team members. Yeah. Right.): Drew
Simon (taking full responsibility for Drew’s predicament and begging Paula and Nicole to give her another chance): Marcus
&#^@*Face (either working through some deep and ugly anger issues against Simon or proving she has the kind of abysmal taste you’d expect from the woman who sings “Right There“: Drew
Paula (still lucid enough to #%@^ with Simon): Drew

Eliminated: Drew Ryniewicz

“Jesus loves all of you guys and I haven’t gotten to say that,” said Drew. “And that’s what I’m here for, that’s what I was truly in this competition for, so now I’m saying it.” The megatalented teen then promised she’s got more in store for America, musically speaking, and “it’s a lot more upbeat and it’s a lot more different.” (Don’t forget, every download of a Drew Ryniewicz song is $1.29 you’re not spending on a Nicole Skankyditz record!)

Asked by Steve if he had any words for Drew, a seething Simon said he’d talk to her backstage. And he didn’t have a single word for his fellow judges, or at least not anything he could say on network television. Who can blame him? This has to go down in history as one of the worst decisions ever made by a reality TV judging panel — right up there with Project Runway‘s Gretchen-over-Mondo debacle, in fact.

Anyhow, with the results official, you can stick a fork in it, America: Melanie Amaro is the winner of Season 1 of The X Factor. I don’t see how there can be any other outcome at this point, now that her only real competition has been booted. Oh, and yeah, Josh Krajcik is your runner-up.

That’s it from me. Like Simon, I’m so disgusted I can’t find any more words. You with me, or am I totally off the mark? Sound off below!

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  1. Linderella says:

    I think Paula and Nicole will be looking for new jobs next season. Drew will have a career without X Factor, but the judges might not. Pitiful decisions tonight.

  2. Titina says:

    But I actually agreed with the judges panel. Marcus deserved the save. He sang better than Drew. What is the fascination with her? She is just a lain boring singer. She is also 14.
    Marcus has potential to be the next Chris Brown or Jason De Rulo. Really hope he shuts off all the haters next week.
    Go Marcus go!

  3. Davey says:

    Are they eliminating 2 people again next week?

    The last two standing will be Josh and Melanie. And if somehow they can make Josh look a little less messed up I think he can win over Melanie who should be playing Maya Rudolph’s sister on Up All Night.

    • tvgirl says:

      I don’t think so. I may be wrong, but looking at the calendar it seems like we have a single elimination every week until finals.

      There is no doubt that the last two standing will be Josh and Melanie. Unless someone does a Haley Reinhart and comes out of nowhere.

  4. Austin says:

    The only reason I have been watching this far was for Drew. Now I get the present of 2-3 hours back that I can spend on better pursuits. I’ll keep loading up the DVR with X but only to fast forward to Josh and Melanie. Even the train wreck that is Steve Jones isn’t enough to keep me watching the whole show. Reading Michael Slezak’s funny descriptions of Steve’s antics is way more entertaining than actually seeing it for myself.

    • ramills says:

      I agree. Drew’s voice is poetry in motion. I only watched the show for Josh and Drew.After watching Nicole and Paula and L.A. blather on about Marcus over Drew, I cancelled the show off my DVR too, but I hope Josh wins. Melanie has an incredible voice and I’m sure she’ll have the career she deserves, but she sounds like a lot of other great voices out in the market today. that may be the point, but I find it too predictable I’d never buy a record. I imagine Melanie will win, but I’ll be following Josh and Drew on itunes. This was a great launching pad for their mega talent. )

  5. Thank you Paula says:

    Thank you Paula :)

    You rock!

    I couldn’t take another week of Drew singing the same song….

    Thank you Paula.

  6. Ricecake says:

    I personal couldn’t stand Drew. She was just boring. And the reason she didn’t move is she doesn’t have a lick of rhythm. No way is she an all around performer. No X Factor.

  7. Terry says:

    The only thing shocking about this is that people are actually shocked by this!!! It was creepy listening to Drew sing those lyrics last night, creepy I tell ya, creeeeeeeepppy! And she’s soooooo mind numbingly boring she puts you to sleep when she sings. How the bleep can you vote when you’re fast asleep?!?

  8. Jane says:

    Drew was better than Marcus last night, but I’m not totally upset she got the boot. I think the reason she keeps singing songs the same way is she can’t sing any other way. Her voice often cracks during slow songs and her “Skyscraper” was a bit of a mess (which is her only somewhat uptempo song she has sung). Her voice just needed some time to develop.
    X-factor needed a rating boost, so maybe they knew Drew had the lowest votes anyway so they thought they’d create some more drama but letting Nicole decide who went home. Drew wasn’t going to win anyway. I’m more upset that Chris Rene wasn’t in the bottom 3. His performance was the worse one last night by far.

  9. Kat says:

    I think Melanie, Rachel and Josh have the best voices in the competition but Drew is light years ahead of Marcus and there is no way she should have been sent home over him! LA backed his boy and he’s never liked Drew so his vote was to be expected. I think Nicole is a phony, no-talent airhead with a grudge against Simon so her vote was also somewhat expected. But for Paula to vote the way she did was SHOCKING! I have always been a fan of Paula’s but tonight she got it beyond wrong. Paula should have respected Simon’s apology, accepted the fact that it probably was the song choice that doomed Drew and cast her vote to eliminate Marcus. That way the person with the least votes would have been sent home. I don’t know what got into Paula tonight but I am really disappointed in her.

    Maybe the other judges are jealous because Simon is the real star of the show or maybe they just wanted a chance to stick it to him but tonight they acted unprofessionally and with obvious bias and the person who paid for their juvenile antics was Drew.

    Also, can we fire Steve Jones? He is cold and boring. Even that original co-host on Idol who’s name I can’t remember would be better!

  10. Annie says:

    Who in the world is voting for Chris Rene. That guy can’t sing. When people like Sanjaya and Tim Urban overstayed their welcome on American Idol it made sense. Sanjaya was entertaining, and people voted for Tim out of pity and to tick off the judges, but all Chris Rene has is a story about being an addict. He can’t sing, can hardly rap, and he’s not a good writer. It will be so embarrassing if he wins.

  11. carla says:

    Wow…..and I thought I’d see Drew in a confetti shower…what a waste. Now its gonna have to be Melanie or Josh or else this show really is a joke.

    Rachel….only slightly younger than Drew but talks like an 8 year old and is overrated in general?

    Chris…one more performance of him prancing around the stage doing the same, underwhelmed hip hop/rap thing is not cutting it for me…

    They were TOTALLY my predicted bottom 2 tonight. Not ok.

  12. Danielle says:

    It should have been Rachel.

  13. Amanda says:

    Any guesses for how much lower the ratings will drop? Because I’m sure done with the show with Drew gone.

  14. Dan says:

    Marcus and Rachel should have gone, but I bet at least half the people here complaining didn’t even vote. i voted for Chris and I’m not at all sad Drew Boring is gone.

  15. Jules says:

    Awful results, but really, Slezak? “Skankyditz”? Your recaps are always more enjoyable when you check the misogynistic insults at the door. Come on. There are better ways to tear into Nicole Scherzinger’s awful judging abilities than that.

    • Genie says:

      I like that term for her but I suppose this &#^@*Face is much better. She is hateful and totally carried away with herself either way.

      • Linda says:

        Poor Nicole…she can’t even have her own opinion without being called all manner of crap. You’re a bunch of mature ones alright, Michael Slezak, Genie, and others of your ilk.

        • Billy says:

          Let me guess. You’re a J-Lo fan aren’t you?

          • Shindig says:

            Gonna be honest, some people take the Nicole thing too far. She’s a better judge than LA, lol. The only thing I fault her with so far is some whack judgements on bad acts (but they all do that honestly) and pulling stupid metaphors out of her ass. But less stupid than Paula’s psychedelics. People look wayyyy too far into it.

          • Shindig says:

            And with that said, J-Lo sucked as a judge in the live rounds. Nicole doesn’t bother me *that* much. The things she said on Drew were true. people are just still angry about Cheryl

          • yeah says:

            I really didn’t have anything against her at all…. until this week. I even had some sympathy for her and her comments were hardly worse than any of the others. But this week was just ugly. Really, really bad on her. Just gave total flashbacks to the ridiculous crap that was idol last season.

  16. GingerSnap says:

    Are you more upset about her elimination or the fact that you got to watch her sob her heart out because she had her dreams smashed on national TV? Didn’t we have this conversation 2 weeks ago when Astro had a meltdown hearing for the first time that he wasn’t going to take the big prize? Didn’t he handle himself so much better tonight?

    This is the reality of these shows – the cutest, most likeable guys win. So it’s a contest between Josh and Chris and Marcus. Marcus is still there because he touched the two female judges on the show. Women and teens do the voting. I’ve only voted one week during this season, and I voted for 2 guys and 1 girl. That ought to tell you what’s coming.
    Simon, you didn’t fail at your job because you chose the wrong song. You failed because you didn’t prepare Drew for this reality.
    Next up is Rachel, and she’s even younger than Drew.
    It’s gonna be so much fun at The Heartbreak Hotel.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Josh is cute? I agree with your observation overall but I wouldn’t call Josh cute. Marcus is cute. Chris is not even cute but young girls probably find him cute.

      But Josh IS a guy and that gives him an advantage.

  17. mlm says:

    Drew was boring and Marcus can’t sing, but I would rather listen to him then be bored to death by her. Really glad Josh and Melanie are still in it.

    And by the way Simon acted, Astro should be scolding him for his poor attitude!!

    • Jimmy says:

      well said.

    • tim says:

      the last bit about simon, bang on

    • Linda says:

      Exactly my thought as well regarding how Simon ought to have gotten a scolding tonight for his bad behavior. He behaved like an absolute arrogant and petulant child tonight. I liked Drew a lot at the beginning of the competition, but his coddling of her and his arrogance and superior attitude rubbed me the wrong way over the last few weeks. Why should his acts get the preferred treatment, regardless of how they perform from week to week. He can certainly dish criticism, but can never take it. He’s the reason Drew left. If he doesn’t learn from tonight, then he can kiss Melanie’s chances goodbye as well at this point.

  18. Brian says:

    What the !@#$%!!!!!!!!! Astro makes sense, but Drew was the best singer IMHO. I can’t believe she got eliminated. Oddly a singer similar to Drew on the UK version Janet Devlin got eliminated on Sunday. Now we are left with some mediocre talent(Josh would be better if his performance were more consistent) and one very strong singer(Melanie). So yet again my favorite gets eliminated before the finale on one of the talent shows and I feel less inclined to watch it. If viewership goes down I bet it was because of that terrible decision.

    • anen says:

      “Josh would be better if his performance were more consistent” : josh had just 1 weak performance since the time the live shows started. care to defend yourself?

  19. J says:

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA. They put the three people who have the best chance of actually selling records in the bottom! And for who? The adopted girl and the alcoholic–both of which can’t even sing! WHY DO SOBBY BACK STORIES EVEN MATTER TO STUPID VOTERS.

  20. Haley fan says:

    I agree that Josh & Melanie are the best of this group.Hope one of them wins. Drew had moments but don’t think she’s there yet. TG Astro is gone. The rest are just okay. Rachelle cute personality, maybe a future actress.

  21. AndyLuvr says:

    Both Marcus and Chris should have gone home.

    Having said that, Drew’s not really special either. I’m sick of her voice breaking all the time in her super duper slow songs that were aural Ambien pills.

    At this point, I don’t care about anyone on the show except for Melanie Amaro: she’s brilliant. A real singer.

  22. KSM says:

    Wow, what a horrible result! I can’t believe anyone thought that Rachel, Chris Rene, or Marcus were better than Drew!! She had such a unique voice! She definitely has a bright future ahead of her.

  23. papoila says:

    WTF just happened?? You know, I made my piece with the whole Pia Toscano debacle by constantly telling myself that the only reason she got eliminated was because America took her for granted and it was a (srt of honest) mistake. But what the “#$%& is the excuse for those %#%/$& so-called judges? Nicole was pretty much in my black list already just for puting that kind of musical polution out in the world but Paula, whom I’ve defended time and again, has just made me regret it all. I don’t get it, I just don’t get it.

  24. Zoey says:

    God ****ing ****it.

  25. Go away &#^@*Face says:

    Is &#^@*Face done in this business? I hope so, she’s alright in Pussycat dolls but that’s about it. She should never ever speak in front of a camera, she’s painful to watch and listen to and always obnoxious. Just keep on looking pretty Nicole and keep your trap shut.

    • Amanda says:

      She was a judge on the Sing Off before this, and guess what? She was a terrible judge on there, too, because she’s an idiot.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I can certainly see where she wouldn’t be able to cut the mustard on The Sing-Off. Those judges have amazing technical knowledge of music. did Shawn Stockman replace her? He’s wonderful.

        • yeah says:

          wasn’t Stockman there from the start? It’s that what’s her name new female singer who replaced her. Sara Bareilleis or something.

  26. CAM says:

    Nicole is a spiteful idiot. If only there was a way to keep her mouth shut. Too bad Paula couldn’t do the right thing and at least let America decide. The good news is, I really think someone will take a chance with Drew and give her a contract.

  27. darcy's evil twin says:

    Wow, I have been gone the last two evenings so I haven’t seen the DVR recordings but I am STUNNED that Drew was sent packing. I didn’t care for that whiny voice but she was head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. Everyone contends she’s a one trick pony but Astro and Chris Rene sound exactly the same to me on every song as well. Can’t wait to watch the recording!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Sorry, I didn’t intend to type that Drew was head and shoulders about the rest of the competition. She was head and shoulders above SOME of the competition.

      • tvgirl says:

        She is better than some left in the competition, but a combination of Simon being pigheaded and the other judges being spiteful lead to her being eliminated. She should have stood up for herself more.

        • Shindig says:

          Remember, standing up for yourself too much makes good ol’ America think you’re “a bitch!” Cue in the rage on the AI forums about Haley being ungrateful defending herself.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Thanks, tvgirl, that’s exactly what I meant to say – she’s better than some left in the competition. I thought these judges were supposed to be mentors. Why didn’t Simon “mentor” her to a better song and performance? Although I do not like her voice I sure think she’s capable of more.

  28. Justin says:

    It’s pretty sick that Drew went home after her last two performances while Chris and Rachel are still around after doing nothing. And I like both Chris and Rachel…but come on, neither one has done much of anything in the live shows. I would love to see the vote counts of Marcus and Drew.

    • Louis says:

      I think Paula knew if it had gone to deadlock Drew would have been the one saved. She desperately wanted Drew gone probably to spite Simon.

  29. Tekwzrd says:

    Drew, while slightly better than Marcus vocally, was hopelessly stuck in a rut thanks to Simon. From all the clips of her songs during the exit package, they all sounded identical and it became abundantly clear that while sniping at Simon, hanky, spanky, and cranky had a point about her being too repetative. I loved Drew at the out set and now am soooo over her. Had they saved her this week we’d still be saying goodbye to her next week.

    That said, I’m not sure what Simon was thinking, but it almost seems as if he is sabotaging Rachel. He has no clue how to showcase her talent and keep her image age appropriate. I’m afraid that she may be next to go along with Marcus, who has not lived up to his potential.

    I would like to see Josh win, but not sure that will happen under Nicole’s tutelage. She just doesn’t seem to get josh and the sound engineers aren’t helping matters any.

    Did anyone else think that Simon looked like someone kicked his puppy (not Paula, the other one) when Drew was put in the bottom 3? After her elimination it looked like he was ready to kill everyone else’s puppy! LOL

  30. Michele says:

    The one and only reason I watch XFactor is Melanie Amaro. Now I will admit she’s slightly boring but the vocals are spectacular.

    Tonight’s elimination was one of the most bizarre I’ve ever seen. I guess when 5 million is at stake you will cry like a baby. Drew can have a career because she’s interesting but the final statement was WEIRD. You just can’t write things like that. She was robotic in her delivery like she was an alien planning to take over the world by winning a singing competition. She may have done herself in.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I think we all forgot she was a 14 year old girl because she looked older – at least she did to me. My husband was shocked when I told him she was 14. I’ll give her a bit of a pass on her odd behavior due to her age. Ghandi was probably even acted stupid when he was 14.

  31. Danielle Notaro says:

    Um, Michael…Astro of the attitude IS 15…I had a steady boyfriend at that age

  32. SH says:

    I liked Drew – and feel bad about her getting the boot BUT each week I was getting more and more bored with her performances. Simon seemed to be boiling it down to a formula and it was getting a bit old. She has a lot of talent and a wonderful tone to her voice.

    Slezak, I disagree with you completely that Melanie has no real competition left — IF Josh is given a bit more control by Nicole (and at times she has done that) — he is capable of greatness and has already had a couple of moments on the show. Plus, he’s consistent. If the show doesn’t throw him under the bus, he has a real shot at winning this. Melanie is an incredible vocalist but she never really seems emotionally connected to the songs — I’ve never NOT seen Josh connect with the lyrics. I really don’t see Chris, Marcus or Rachel coming close to the two of them.

  33. john says:

    I think while Drew does get a bit boring that is her style and she is a very talented singer, who can sing ON KEY… Where as I like Marcus, but honestly he sucks as he has no vocal range. They took her out to spite Simon, or to help their own singers chances. That’t the biz sweetheart. I think their decision sucked and I hope Paula finishes her menopause soon…

    • tvgirl says:

      I agree. I know the judges are looking for “the X factor”, but shouldn’t you be making sure the contestants can SING before letting them go on to the live rounds. Then let America decide.

  34. blingedup.susan says:

    Every season, year after year, when contestants get kicked off the show, everyone always says, “They’ll have an excellent career anyway — even without X-Factor, American Idol, whatever.”

    Chances are, no, they will not. Even the winners have a hard time sustaining a career long-term after the show is over. There are very, very few contestants that have enjoyed a good career who have gotten kicked off fairly early. Yes, there’s Daughtry. I know. I’m saying though that it’s very rare.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Yet Rhianna and Katy Perry are huge and can’t sing a note. go figure. I’m going to give Taylor Swift a pass because she is an excellent songwriter and actually plays the guitar.

      I agree with you, blingedupsusan. Not everyone becomes a huge star but these shows provide a launching pad for some of these kids to get into the business and have a decent career. Not too long ago Constantin Maroulis (sp?) was in town with the show “Rock of Ages”. I didn’t see it but everyone raved about how wonderful he was. Who was the very pretty black contestant that got saddled with “Happy Feet” on Idol? Syesha….Mercado? She’s toured with “Dreamgirls”. Some of the contestants are performing and recording and have a big enough following to pay the bills.

      I’ve seen kids on the Idol tryouts I would hire if I were in charge of shows for a cruise ship. They aren’t fabulous singers but they had stage presence, were entertaining, and funny.

  35. Yanis Khamsi says:

    Alright Drew was “one note”. But I hated seeing her go. It was not her time. X Factor has no great singers. Had we put through Jazzlyn instead of Rachel Crow we would have 3 super strong girls. Drew was on her way to the finale, Simon did something he rarely does – begged! I can’t believe what they did.

  36. Louis says:

    This is Pia Toscano all over again. The judges went with Marcus’ emotion tonight during his save song but he missed plenty of notes. Drew was excellent. Worst reality show decision ever.

    • Tim says:

      That’s what I thought I was going to like about this show, that they had a system in place to prevent a Pia Toscano-like travesty from happening. Hadn’t counted on this huge judges fail.

      • tvgirl says:

        The problem is that this system needs “mentors” who are not nearly as biased as these ones are. The current judges are seeing this more as a “Who’s the Best Mentor” competition, and it doesn’t work out for the contestant’s who don’t have the backbone to stand up for themselves.

        That said, if you can’t stand up for yourself, how do you expect to make it after The X Factor?

  37. Ray Anthony says:

    I feel bad for Drew because she didn’t deserve to go home tonight. On the other hand, saying this is the worst decision ever??? Really? Do you remember a young woman named Pia? The difference between Drew getting knocked off and Pia, is that Pia actually was a front runner to win AI last year! Drew was not a front runner, maybe #3. If she had been the front runner, I would fully agree with you about this being the worst decision. Melanie and Josh will be the top two, and Josh will win because more women will vote than men. Just saying…

    • Jason says:

      Pia got voted off by America! Slezak was referring to judges decision! Plus Haley getting voted off was way worse then Pia getting voted off! Pia’s single bombed! Nobody liked her then! Nobody likes her now!!!

      • Jason says:

        Oh and Nigel confirmed that Pia was never a front runner!!!

      • GingerSnap says:

        Wake up! Drew was at least in the bottom 3 with the voters. She got fewer votes than Josh, who had his worst performance of the season. She waivered close to this a couple of weeks ago. She’s not a fan favorite. She was going to leave either this week or next. That’s reality.

        There’s going to be at least 2 guys in the final 3. Take your pick of which girl is most likely to get women and teen voters. I say Rachel makes it over Melanie, ‘cuz that’s why Simon is so in love with having these young teens on the show.

  38. Jay says:

    Drew deserved to go home. It was her time. I’m glad Nicole and Paula stood up to Simon after he practically demanded they bring her back. I don’t know who was the bigger baby at the end – Drew or Simon. Simon get over yourself. Drew, it’s not the end of the world dear. Show some composure like every other contestant who has gone home.

    • Billy says:

      Shall we say Pistols at Dawn?
      Better yet, how about you just grow some and learn some compassion for what was most likely this young lady’s first (and I hope to God last) major heartbreak in life?

  39. tvgirl says:

    The problem with the X Factor is that their is to much judge’s control. As of now, they both control what the contestants do on stage and who goes home. The entire show is about who is the better “mentor” If you’re going to control the contestants, then you cannot control the results too. It makes it a spite fest.
    They need to update the judging system somehow. Nobody can expect a fourteen year old to stand up to someone who is world famous. It’s just not going to help them. This show needs a way for the contestants to keep creative control over what they do onstage, while still being able to use their mentor’s expertise to their advantage. Simon did not let Drew have any say whatsoever. Does anyone really thing that Drew wouldn’t have listened to the other judges if she had control?
    I’m not surprised that Paula voted for Marcus. She’s always liked bright and shiny things. L.A wasn’t going to vote against his own canidate; again, it’s expected. Nicole was just doing it so that Josh would have a shot at the prize. She has been an awful judge the entire season and I’ll be glad if she doesn’t come back.

  40. Jason says:

    I had a feeling those two were going to vote with their vaginas! Because that Marcus car was so off tune the last two nights! His voice cracked three times in that sing off! He has virtually no chance of selling records yet they save him!!! They’ll be lucky if they have a job next year! Cheryl Cole would have picked talent over looks! Please replace them with Katy Perry and Courtney Love!!!

    • tvgirl says:

      Katy Perry would be an awesome judge.

    • Sam says:

      I’d purchase a Marcus Canty album before I’d buy a Drew album. A Drew album would be the same song style on repeat x11. Marcus might not have the better voice but he is a much better performer. And this is not a competition about who has the best voice. It’s who has the x-factor and Drew ain’t got it

      • tvgirl says:

        I agree that Marcus is a better performer, but I feel like Simon was controlling every aspect of what Drew was doing over these past few weeks. Why else would you completely ignore the critiques you were given? She was beginning to protest his decisions, as we saw briefly yesterday. I think Drew has more too her, but Simon ruined her.

        • Sam says:

          You make a good point. Simon kept having her sing the same song style week after week even after comments from the other judges. He must be ridiculously stubborn. That’s part of being a mentor though I suppose. The mentor-mentee are a team and they win/lose together to some extent.

          • Shindig says:

            It’s true, and I really doubt that an album by her would be all that stuff. For one, the label more than likely wouldn’t allow that unless it was really dynamite (subjective, lol). Like I said earlier, Simon likely crapped his pants enough to change it up a little. The only thing I would find a Marcus Canty CD useful for is giving to my 3 year old niece. Makes a good frisbee like the old AOL trial CDs used to.

      • Dave says:

        Marcus sucks

        Oh and you can’t watch someone dance when playing an album…

        • Rick says:

          But at least you’d have a variety of songs, not the same song over and over and over and over and over and….

          • Shindig says:

            But remember, the contestants aren’t choosing their songs. If I was a 14 year old girl, I’d likely pee my grannypanties trying to tell Simon I don’t want to do what he wants. Rachel did it once, but what happened to it?

          • yeah says:

            1. I believe Drew is capable of mixing it up more and that she will do so.

            2. I’d rather be bored listening to the same great song 10x than have my ears start bleeding in 10 different ways hah!
            (he needs some auto-tune badly! it’s not even just being out of tune, it’s being out of tune to an extreme degree on his loudest and often highest notes and that = pain my friend)

    • Shindig says:

      LOL, I would be extremely happy if Courtney Love judged. Oh man. One, she’s hilarious. Two, I’m probably the only person that has ever visited this blog that likes Hole (definitely nowhere near singing contest worthy, but I like em). She could actually do a good job. But with my luck you were being sarcastic and I took the bait :(
      Now I need to campaign for it, hnngh.. it’s ok, at least my sister in law will agree with me!

      • Jason says:

        no sarcasm! I actually like Courtney a lot! She knows music! Could give the show an edge! And has a train wreck quality for good reality TV!

        • Shindig says:

          Very true. She’s got the bawlz to tell someone they didn’t do well, while also having the capacity not to be a cold robot (a la LA). And yes, the train-wreck TV quality — something this show really needs (different in how it’s a train wreck right now). She’s won awards, was very popular, made an album recently, etc etc. I think she qualifies. 90s needs some lovin’ on TV in a non-Boyz II Men way. C’mon, they had Paula, there’s room for more bodies riddled with concentrated toxins!

          • Jason says:

            Also they have a meth addict competing in a highly stressful competition! Why not have an addict on the panel as well! Also, a liitle diversity wouldn’t hurt! These four chose eight or nine Rnb acts and only one rock act!

          • Shindig says:

            Hmm, that’s another good point. Very little diversity in their choices. We know the kinds of singers Simon likes, what LA likes, Paula is happy, and Nicole has shiny hair. Needs more rock :(

      • joy says:

        Shindig, I can affirm that you’re definitely not the only Hole fan here!

  41. Rob says:

    Anyone else get that feeling like Cheryl Cole never would of made that travesty of a vote off Paula & Nicole did tonight? It was so petty and It was obvious to everyone it was going to be that way before the two even performed their Save me song.

    • Fred says:

      And how was Simon not being petty the way he acted at the end of the show? Stomping off and staring down the other judges. He essentially demanded they bring Drew back during his vote. I think Simon would like to have only one judge on the show – himself.

    • tvgirl says:

      We need to start a movement to bring back Cheryl Cole. She was a much better judge than Nicole What’sHerFace, and we only had her in two or three episodes!

      • raftrap says:

        I second that movement, would love to see Cheryl Cole again. The whole room was willing Drew to win and she (didn’t) won.

  42. Dave says:

    Everybody needs to just stop watching X Factor…

    Anyone who thinks Marcus should still be on the show is smoking crack.. the guy’s been in the bottom two for two weeks for a reason..

    Paula and Nicole have come across as just haters of girls period… they both need to be gone

    The reality is that Astro and Marcus should of never been in the top 7 period… there were much better guy singers at LA’s house but he chose to do some affirmative action and put his boys in… complete b.s.

    When the judges can trump the people that will be buying the records you know it’s time to stop watching the show… too bad too sad.. I really commended Simon for leaving a popular show and starting his own… but the format sucks, LA Reid has made poor choices that were never based on performance…

  43. Jason says:

    Any other contestant and it wouldn’t be a sham but Marcus CAN NOT sing! He was abysmal! And for Paula to say that sing off song moved her was either a lie or she voted because she wants to bang him and is tone deaf!

  44. Asia says:

    Yeah, words can not describe how disgusted I am right now. Any like I had toward Paula and Nicole is gone and I am so done with this show.

  45. Claire says:

    The point of this show is to find someone who can make a career in this business right (or at least I assume that Simon wants that so he can make a ton of cash off of them when he signs them)? Well in that regards, the only people who I would pay to go see live are Melanie and Drew and possibly Josh (depending on ticket prices). I would never consider paying a ticket for a Marcus show, even if it was cheap. I also think that because of the last two weeks, maybe America feels the same? That they’re trying to show the judges that he doesn’t have a fan base, that he would never sell out a stadium and thusly Simon or whoever’s music company would majorly lose money in the long run and this entire process will be fruitless. Granted, because of tonight’s votes, Drew clearly doesn’t have as big a fan base as the other acts, but still sending her home because of her mentors mistake? You can’t fault Drew on her vocals at all, only her staging and song choice (which is not her even her choice). It’s truly too bad this didn’t go to a tie-breaker as I think in the end, the winner’s career is determined by the audience and their willingness to pay top dollar for a show or an album, and if we’re forced to watch and listen to people the audience doesn’t like, once the competition is over, they are going nowhere very fast and the show will not last. I hope the judges take the audiences votes more into consideration (as in how Marcus was in the bottom two, two weeks in a row)

    • Dave says:

      You are so right.. and they are so wrong… those are the only 3 people I would pay to see period.

    • tvgirl says:

      I agree with you. However, we are voting on the contestant’s performances. America doesn’t have anything else to go on.

      The best mentor, I think, has been L.A. Reid. Sure, he has his problems. But Astro was allowed to write his own lyrics and really make the song his own. Astro failed because of Astro’s choices. Sure, LA probably could have given him better advice, but I like too little interference more than too much (*cough* Simon *cough*)

  46. Bonnie A says:

    This was all about the other three judges showing their power to Simon, and getting rid of one of his best acts. Can’t BELIEVE Rachel went through and Drew went home! Still in shock! And Marcus is so often off key and doesn’t have that strong of a voice.

    I hadn’t totally decided who I wanted to win–Melanie, Josh, or Drew, but I certainly thought all three would be there next week!

    • Tom says:

      Well, at least you have an easier choice between Melanie and Josh.

    • Dave says:

      Well that is the problem with the X Factor and why we should just stop watching it…

      When the judges can trump the votes of the people that are going to paying for the albums it’s a sham a farce and not worth watching anymore.

      • haley fan says:

        You just realizing now that the judges can trump the fans? This has been in effect for a few weeks now. I guess you forgot that Drew was in the bottom two of the fans votes.

  47. lethargic says:

    I hope Nicole dies in a flaming car wreck off a cliff.

  48. Samantha says:

    Simon isn’t too good at being a mentor either if you ask me. The only girl that does anything different is Rachel. Both Drew and Melanie are the SAME every single week. I get it Melanie you can hit a high note and I get it Drew you can sing a ballad. Its BORING! I know Marcus won’t win and well I honestly don’t know who’s voting for Chris? I would hope Josh wins over those girls. zzz

  49. Samantha says:

    Instead of hating on the judges maybe you Drew fans should have voted more? don’t blame Nicole and Paula or hate on Marcus because for all you know Drew could have been the next to go after Astro. Last week on Deadlock Marcus wasn’t even in the bottom 2 he was 3 so he’s barely hanging on each week….. lol

    • Lucky says:

      Good point. If she had more fans voting she would not have been in the position. People are not realizing this it seems.

      • tvgirl says:

        Most people are just venting, me included. The people that come to this website apparently aren’t a reliable cross section of the voting public. If that was the case, Haley would have won AI and Pia would have been runner up.

    • Dave says:

      No we realize that the judges can trump the votes period. That’s the problem.. everyone knows Drew had more votes than Marcus.. he should of just been sent home but Paula couldn’t have that… that’s why she didn’t do the honorable thing like Simon did a few weeks ago and the votes stand…

  50. Hojana says:

    Dumbest decision ever made.