The X Factor Top 7 Results Recap: Simon, Are You OK? Are You OK, Simon?

“Do not move! Do not move!” commanded the world’s most high-profile automaton, Steve Jones, heading into another leave-us-all-in-suspense commercial break on this week’s X Factor results show. (Dude, if we’ve already endured a 15-minute recap of the previous night’s performance telecast and the umpteenth overbearing use of “Carmina Burana” to signal This Is An Important Show, we’re not about to go flipping the flipping channel.)

Anyhow, in case you’re unfamiliar with how these double-eliminations go: The act with the lowest number of viewer votes faces immediate elimination; the second- and third-lowest vote-getters get forced into a sing-off in front of Dapper, Useless, Unhinged, and Chest-Baring.

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, Steve — who, he’d like you to know, happens to own a copy of the deubt album from this week’s guest performer Tinie Tempah, which makes him totally HUMAN — the acts who received enough votes to go straight through to next week’s Top 5 performance telecast were:

* Chris Rene
* Melanie Amaro
* Rachel Crow (?¡SRSLY!?)
* Josh Krajcik

Wait! Let’s break for a brutally lit set from Tiny Tempah! Seriously, does the live audience benefit from the pulsating assault of strobes and neon and kliegs? Because TV viewers do not. Or at least this Oldie McOlderson doesn’t. But there’s no time for you to recover from your Tempah-induced siezure. Steve is reading the results…

Eliminated immédiatement: Astro

“GET THE HUGS OUT OF THE WAY,” our irritable host huffed as he tried to get a quote from Astro and rush him off stage. (Never let charm or good humor get in the way of finishing on time! That’s the spirit!)

“The only reason I’m mad is I don’t get to see my girl that lives in Cali,” said Astro. Astro is dating? Ewww, too young. I’m sure Molly is a kindly fiftysomething makeup artist.

And with that, we came to the “save me!” performances. Here’s my breakdown — in ten words or less — on Drew “NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THIS POSITION IN THE FIRST PLACE” Ryniewicz vs. Marcus “Nice Guy, Not Really the Best Investment Opportunity for a Record Label with a Spare $5 Million” Canty.

Drew Ryniewicz: Roxette’s “Listen to Your Heart”
Powerful despite of clearly percolating tears. Shoulda been “Toxic” though.

Marcus Canty: Gladys Knight and the Pips “Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye)”
Hot wreck of a vocal. Broken spirit = broken voice?

Judges Votes on Who Should Go Home
L.A. (who lied by saying he doesn’t automatically vote to save his own team members. Yeah. Right.): Drew
Simon (taking full responsibility for Drew’s predicament and begging Paula and Nicole to give her another chance): Marcus
&#^@*Face (either working through some deep and ugly anger issues against Simon or proving she has the kind of abysmal taste you’d expect from the woman who sings “Right There“: Drew
Paula (still lucid enough to #%@^ with Simon): Drew

Eliminated: Drew Ryniewicz

“Jesus loves all of you guys and I haven’t gotten to say that,” said Drew. “And that’s what I’m here for, that’s what I was truly in this competition for, so now I’m saying it.” The megatalented teen then promised she’s got more in store for America, musically speaking, and “it’s a lot more upbeat and it’s a lot more different.” (Don’t forget, every download of a Drew Ryniewicz song is $1.29 you’re not spending on a Nicole Skankyditz record!)

Asked by Steve if he had any words for Drew, a seething Simon said he’d talk to her backstage. And he didn’t have a single word for his fellow judges, or at least not anything he could say on network television. Who can blame him? This has to go down in history as one of the worst decisions ever made by a reality TV judging panel — right up there with Project Runway‘s Gretchen-over-Mondo debacle, in fact.

Anyhow, with the results official, you can stick a fork in it, America: Melanie Amaro is the winner of Season 1 of The X Factor. I don’t see how there can be any other outcome at this point, now that her only real competition has been booted. Oh, and yeah, Josh Krajcik is your runner-up.

That’s it from me. Like Simon, I’m so disgusted I can’t find any more words. You with me, or am I totally off the mark? Sound off below!

Slezak on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

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  1. chessguy99 says:

    Terrible result. The show isn’t going to be watchable anymore with Chris Rene and Marcus Canty fumbling through two songs next week.

    • shocked and disbelieving says:

      So… Guess which Nielsen household will not be watching X-Factor anymore?

      • GASP says:

        You have a unicorn -ahem- I mean nielsen box? Since you won’t be watching the X Factor anymore, how about you tune in to Community instead ;)

        • Jake says:

          Oh Simon…this is what happens when you hired three judges that have the same exact musical taste…you saw it from the moment that Marcus came out that Nicole and Paula were already up cheering…Simon needs to realize that this season of X Factor was doomed for lack of musical diversity…judges with similar tastes picked very similar acts…too many acts came from the R&B/HipHop world and there is overlap in those audiences…only one act was country and they were manufactured…Simon needs to dump Nicole or Paula and get himself an country artist judge to mix things up…this is why the Voice worked…a variety of judges brought in different audiences…Drew was doomed not by Simon’s choice in her sitting in a chair but by Simon’s choice in who sat besides him

          • Brandy says:

            Keep Paula, Although it was a stupid move on her part to not just leave it to the fans to say who they wanted. What, because Drew did not sing the way SHE wanted….. upbeat Dah… Come on Paula, your better than that and Get rid of the other two. Yes, dump Nicole and Reed.

        • Sue says:

          Love the unicorn comment! Not sure I believe he/she is a Nielsen family ;)

      • Ben says:

        You! Neilson Family! Please watch Fringe!

      • BonesFringeFan says:

        Please, for the love of everything, watch Fringe Fridays 9/8c on Fox! Or just leave your TV on at that time! Pleaaaase. It costs you nothing! :)

        • yeah says:


          (and while you are at it, Nielsen box family, kinda go back in time and watch the Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fox your Friday nights and MNF games be damned and go back and watch Veronica Mars on the CW! Thanks! I’m really looking forward to new episodes next week!)

      • Leebo says:

        Who watches X Factor? The show sucks. Just watch the performances you want to see on YouTube.

      • Sally says:

        Hello Nielsen box owner, please watch Nikita at 8 on Fridays on The CW! (Since other people already asked for Fringe and Community.)

      • Yo says:

        Hmmmm. From the response, it might have helped Drew if, instead of telling us god loves us, she declared her family was a Nielson family.

    • Marcie says:

      Baloney! Drew got old fast (no pun intended). I stopped watching X Factor a couple of weeks ago, but I watched a video of her performance last night and I couldn’t BELIEVE anybody loved her. If I were a lyricist, I’d never give her one of my songs because the lyrics turn to mush in her mouth. A whole album of her yodeling in slow motion would take a lot of people off of sleeping pills. Paula was right.

      • Famous Artist says:

        I totally agree. I loved her at the beginning, and found that I just got sick of her. And last night’s theatrics, that Simon seems to have invented, just made it worse. Simon messed up. I thought she was going to win. In truth, I am not sure enough people are watching to really get the votes going. I only vote when I am really excited by someone’s performance, and that did not happen last night. The people I like are still around. As for Asstro, I think he sealed his coffin early in the game. And it isn’t realistic to think a rapper could could win this given that he was a spoiled brat and there are a lot of people out there who don’t like rap or rappers, for that matter.

        Melanie is going to win, I think. But I hope she sings something that is not torch or ballad-like.

      • Gino DeTomaso says:

        Agreed. Drew was so boring!!!! They did the right thing.

        • baddog says:

          Guess you hate Adele and Beyonce too…cause everything they sing “sounds alike”….Drew has a unique voice – better than most on X…

      • Jaded says:

        I agree–I really liked Drew at the beginning, but she sounded EXACTLY the same every week. Except maybe the week she did the Nelly song or whatever that was. She has an amazing voice, but I wish she wouldn’t crack it every 3 words she sings. GO JOSH! or MELANIE!

    • Vee says:

      I agree. I kinda got bored with the show with the constant visual overload of a performance. Can’t believe Drew was eliminated. I like Marcus, he is a nice guy but his performances have been abysmal. There aren’t any subtlety in X-Factor. Every performance is overly produced with dancers, strobe lights, and giant screens. I can barely hear the contestant singing.

      • Leah says:

        This is so true. The production is so distracting, and doesn’t impress me one bit either.

      • fiona says:

        don’t blame marcus for the over production, is all LA’s fault. See how he ruined Josh with overproduction as well?

        I totally disagree with Slezak as I really thought Marcus was better than Drew in the Sing for your Life portion. Drew shouldn’t slow down every single song she sings, it got really old really fast

        • matt says:

          You must be deaf, fiona.

        • Lee says:

          Really Fiona? Marcus was SO off key I had to fast forward. (I find I am doing that A LOT for this show) I couldn’t listen to it! Drew may have been “boring”, but at least she didn’t make me sick to my stomach because of really AWFUL singing!

          • Koala says:

            Lee… I totally agree. Marcus was off key last week and even worse this week. While I feel Drew could not win the show, she at least was more in key. This was definetly a get even with Simon vote off. Shame on the judges and do not want to see the three return next season.

      • mkr says:

        The over production has got to stop. I am so sick of strange dancers and lights that are so distracting from the actual singers. I thought watching Drew sit down and sing, wish the screaming crowds would stop too, was nice for a change. Please guys, listen to the people out here and calm the productions down and have the audience be quiet for a change.

    • Chrissy says:

      Better than being put to sleep by Drew. The right person went home. She was bloody boring even in her SAVE ME, SIMON song. And Simon is a big sourpuss and needed to have his head deflated.

      • BG says:

        I want to start by saying that I’m not trying to make this about race/nationality; I’m simply stating historical facts.

        I guess the part that mystifies me is how anyone honestly believes that Melanie Amaro is capable of beating Josh Krajcik. Let’s pretend for a second that that votes are based 100% on talent alone… She can’t win that way. Let’s pretend that votes are 100% based on personality alone… She can’t win THAT way. The only category Melanie wins is “fun to look at.” And that’s before we get to key voting demographics who are going to decide the winner! Take a quick stroll over to and see if there’s something you can find in common amongst all of the winners. I’m certainly NOT saying that it’s RIGHT (that someone of Hispanic nationality can’t get the votes to win, regardless of talent), but me saying it certainly DOESN’T make it any less-true. Better Hispanic singers have been beaten by lesser white boys :).

        • MimiC says:

          Melanie isnt Hispanic…. She’s West Indian…..

          • BG says:

            I think that you get my point. At some point this becomes a bit like high school where the class president is more of a popularity contest than one based purely on qualification. And, truly, Melanie lacks the personality and talent to be anything beyond off-Broadway. Simon saved the wrong girl during Judges’ week.

        • Joe says:


          I think you are overly biased. From what I can hear Melanie is way more vocally talented than Josh. Josh is always drowned out by the production IMO.

          Also, you are a bit on a high horse without knowing your facts or paying attention, Melanie clearly isn’t hispanic.

      • Mary says:

        I didn’t find her boring at all. She might not be your cup of tea, but at least she can sing. Marcus was not good in his sing off or for that matter the last couple of weeks. I blame Simon for not mixing it up for Drew; However, Marcus was in the bottom for two weeks, Drew should of gotton another chance The two dim witted girls
        wanted to stick it to Simon instead of picking the more talented one.
        That is the problem with today music, Auto tune has taken the place of real talent. Dress them up, or in some case, have them wear little and they can sell anything. (Katy Perry, Rhinna, Keish, need I go on.

    • darclyte says:

      I said from the first time they showed her that Drew wasn’t that good, overrated, and needed a good 4-5 more years of vocal and performance training (Rachel could as well.) On the whole, I think she’s better than Marcus, but I’m not sorry to read that she’s gone. Good riddance to Punky Da Rapper. He’s got talent that can develop, but his attitude stinks. Josh & Melanie F2, Josh FTW!

    • scrambled says:

      I like Drew but every week I knew I didn’t really have to listen to her songs – cause they would be dragging on forever. Nobody makes a living singing slow songs for every single track on their record.

      Marcus, on the other hand, has always been so much fun to watch. I am not getting all the comments about his weak vocals – I think he sounds great. He works hard and he just really seems to enjoy himself so it puts a smile on my face.

      • jennrae says:

        How can you not hear when he’s off-key? He was off-key on performance night and with his save-me song both this week AND last week.

        • Bad Breaker says:

          100% agree. I don’t know if he even hit one good note on that “save me” song. It was screechingly horrible.

        • scrambled says:

          Give it a rest Jennrae. Your obvious hate for Marcus keeps popping up all over the forum. Marcus is not my fave, but I do respect what he is doing up there. And I went back and listened to both of this weeks songs and I thought they sounded fine.

          Sort of hysterical that so many people just mimic what Slezak says (and I DO really like him) so they can sound “knowledgeable”, but this is just one person’s opinion. Sheep

      • ezeddy2 says:

        Marcus was one of my favorites from his audition and especially at the judges house. Him singing to Rhianna was totally awesome. But honestly the last three weeks in my opinion has not been good at all. He is always been off pitch and can’t seen to hold a note for longer than 3 seconds. Not a fan of Drew at all but this is a singing competion and Chris and Marcus should have been in the bottom 2 and either one of them should have gone home.

        • K@M.O says:

          Drew has talent!,if u cant define it stop acting like u know what it means.Rachel is a young yet amazing singer!.to all drew and rachel haters:clean up the gel in your ears to hear raw talent,there too much dirt down there:p

        • K@M.O says:

          Drew has talent!,if u cant define it stop acting like u know what it means.Rachel is a young yet amazing singer!.to all drew and rachel haters:clean up the dirt in your ears to hear raw talent,there too much gel down there:p

    • jennrae says:

      Now it will be my mission in life to vote like a tweenaged girl for Melanie just so Nicole’s last contestant doesn’t stand a chance. I like Josh, but I only have contempt for Nicole. Marcus was off-key, which he always is, so I can only guess that three of the judges are tone-deaf. I hope if there’s a second season Simon fires Nicole but good. I thought for sure Paula would do what Simon did last week so she wouldn’t have to make a decision, but she let me down. How can they not hear how off-key Marcus was?! I just don’t get it, and I don’t get how they could use a 14-year-old to stick it to Simon, particularly when said 14-year-old KILLED last night.

      • JoJo says:

        Way to go jennrae – mess up a talented person’s chances to send a message that Nicole would never receive anyway. Brilliant.

      • Chrissy says:

        You sound like a bitter 14 year old. Is this really Drews sister? HER MOM MAYBE? Haha. Get over it. It’s a reality show.

      • no says:

        Nah, just vote how you would’ve voted otherwise it just continues, simon gets on nicole so she gets back and dumps his contestant, however unfair to everyone else, needs to stop, no need to continue it and change how you’d then vote just to get back at Nicole.

    • BEV says:


      • Billy says:

        You’re just saying that because you won’t let go of the hope that if you’re nice to him he’ll return those hubcaps he stole from you last year.

    • Noelbelle says:

      Also, was it just me or did Steve seem pissed off about it too? There was one part where they were cutting away to commercial and he turned around and it gave me the impression he was mad.

      • Sybil says:

        I don’t think Steve-bot was mad, just frustrated that Simon was taking his anger out on him. He turned around and did this “whatever” motion with his face and arm.

        Having said that, I think Steve-bot will be looking for a new job at the end of the season. He’s awful.

      • yeah says:

        Hard to say for sure. It seemed like he might have been annoyed with the judges voting but it’s hard to be sure exactly if it was about that or something else.

    • Anna says:

      I can’t stand Marcus; but I’m still glad to see the brat go home.

    • Donna says:

      Nicole is the worst judge and her constant crying is irritating. I liked LA Reid better in the beginning but I think that he is a bit mean and overestimates the popularity of urban hiphop and rap in mainstream America. All of his acts are in the same genre and he passed on some great talent and diversity during the judge’s houses. I am also distracted by the camera work. They constantly rely on long shots and you keep hoping for a close-up. I began to notice this when Bruno Mars appeared on the show.

      I want Josh to win. He is a serious, multi-talented musician. Melanie is a wonderful singer, but I somehow feel duped by the unexpected changes including her formerly repressed Carribean accent. I believe that it was all part of a strategy and I don’t like to feel manipulated. I also like Rachel Crow and she could probably have a good career on a Disney/Nickelodeon show. I have no idea how Chris Rene has made it this far. He started as a rapper and that was his strength, but now he mostly sings in a mediocre voice. I just don’t feel the “truth” that the judges are always getting from him. Marcus Canty is a nice guy but I don’t see the “X” factor. He is a good singer but he doesn’t grab my attention.

      Overall, I like American Idol better. I did enjoy seeing Simon irritated when things didn’t go his way. The constant bickering between the judges is starting to distract from the entertainers.

      • RT says:

        I agree about the camera work it is very distracting. Whenever they pull back for a long shot, the overproduction, 10 million dancers, and seizure-inducing lighting/visuals make it impossible to see the actual performer or tell what is going on. It just looks like a riot is happening on stage. I’m not sure why the producers seem to think that it is what the audience want. Not me, at least. The performances that stand out for me are the ones that are simple – the performer and nothing else — though even in those cases, they use a ton of fog. American Idol has it’s faults, but they didn’t go overboard like this. I hope they don’t start to in response to this show.

  2. Tim says:

    Nicole and Paula are morons.

    When does AI start?

    • Stacie says:

      They are 2 bitter ladies. Upset that Simon has 3 legit talents, they couldn’t stand seeing him have 3 out of the Top 5. Plus they figured they’d get rid of Drew before she has a chance to win later. This was there shot to get rid of her and they did. Nicole knows that Josh can beat Marcus, but can he beat Drew, maybe not.

      The show is to subjective and personal. Their decisions aren’t based on talent it’s based on their own personal grudges or aspirations. I didn’t get Nicole’s until I really thought about her motivation which is incredibly distorted, but I honestly don’t get Drew. Look at her track record. Terrible on Nicole and Paula, I know Simon is the star but really wrong decision, if Drew was up against Josh or Melanie I’d get it, but for her to lose against Marcus Canty. Give me a break.

      • Tess says:

        Nicole’s spitefulness may inadvertently doom Josh though. God forbid Josh be in the bottom 2 next week, you think Simon’s going to want to save him? And if he’s up against one of LA’s boys, you can bet LA votes against him too…so she’d have to hope she’s got Paula in the bag to send it to deadlock and hope he’s not the lowest vote getter then. I would hope that it never comes to that (I do agree that Josh should be in the final 2 and clearly on his worst week managing to not be in the bottom 3 means he’s got people) but you never know.

        I knew last week when Simon decided to send it to deadlock that he was dooming one of his girls because had he sent Marcus home then he pretty much guaranteed LeRoy to be in the bottom and would’ve probably gotten him out this week anyway but for some strange reason the ladies love Marcus (and clearly the rumors about Nicole in particular have made them both a bit bitchy this week). Drew was one of the better ones last night (and I’m not really a fan of hers nor was I crazy about the song choice) so her being in the bottom was a bit odd in the first place. For Paula and Nicole to choose to get rid of her instead of Marcus (who has less chance to turn it around than Drew would have) is just wrong. At least on the UK version, even when the judges’ disagree and dislike a contestant, they can still evaluate properly in the sing off to vote to save the better choice. Simon needs to school his judges over here so they understand that they cannot let their own pettiness get in the way of making the right choice to favor talent and probability to sell. I sure hope that they don’t pull this crap again next week should Rachael be in the bottom against Marcus or Chris (I think if Melanie or Josh hit the bottom I might barf).

        • yeah says:

          Exactly we’ve pretty much seen all we will from Marcus and he’s been struggling for votes (and key at the worst moments) but with Drew there was clearly a lot more things we might have gotten to see out of her, for that alone (Marcus having shown all his cards and bouncing around the bottom and Drew not having shown all her cards and only once bounced around the bottom) it made zero sense.

        • Noelbelle. says:

          Totally agree. It’s obvious here that there’s more than a little tension between the judges. When I originally heard about the way they were going to conduct eliminations with the eliminated contestant being picked out of the bottom two by the judges I thought it would be an excellent way to avert a Chris Daughtry-like predicament, but now I can’t help thinking that if they did have this system on AI, talent like Haley Reinhart would be eliminated by malevolent or clueless judges. Double-edged sword.

          • yeah says:

            Everyone said it would save mistakes from happening on Idol, but seeing how sold out Randy has become and whatever has happened to JLo I never thought it would be a good deal. It would make the travesty that ws last year even worse. FOr sure Randy and JLo (and Nigel!) would’ve dumped Haley the first chance they had and nobody would’ve ever seen all her great stuff later on and they would’ve dumped her later on a second time haha if that were physically possible surely during top 4 week they for sure would’ve dumped her and kept James and then think what we woulda missed in top three week.

            The judges are the worst travesty of all of these shows and giving them more power just makes it even worse. So far it hasn’t been bad on XFactor but now the issue was made clear it is more than doubled edged for this show as well.

    • yeah says:

      AI is the same farce, even worse though.
      Starting to wonder why to bother when the panels always do some manipulative BS and make a mess of it all.

    • BG says:

      Not sure if anyone caught the interview with Josh and Nichole the other day, but Nichole was asked if she was coming back next year and she gave a pretty snooty answer (shocking, I know!). Basically I don’t think she’s interested in coming back next year any more than they are in having her back. She all but ruled it out entirely, saying that she’ll be on tour in Europe promoting her new “album…” and that it would be very difficult to do both at the same time (don’t do us any favors LoL!)…

      • Noelbelle says:

        Cheryl Cole makes a comeback?!?!?!

        • charlie says:

          Cheryl Cole would have been such a better judge/mentor than Nicole or Paula. Surely Simon must have known in his heart of hearts [if that exists] that Paula would be horrible as judge and mentor. Why he didn’t stick up for Cheryl and make sure to keep her is beyond me, but so is his choice of girls as contestants. He didn’t choose either Melanie or Caitlin, and is fortunate that Melanie got shoe-horned into the competition.

          The U.K. judges are all so much better– all better than Simon as well! Better judges, better contestants, better host– only the over the top production is pretty much the same and also STINKS- but not as much.

          • Delon says:

            Agreed. Cheryl is infinitely more likeable than Nicole. Why do you think despite her out of this world beauty and great dancing she can’t make it as a solo artist? She lacks tremendously in the personality department. She is definitely out for next year.

            Cheryl, is rumoured to be very close to sign on to The Voice UK which will air on BBC in 2012. I don’t think she’ll want to come back to a place where she was fired for no legitimate reason.

            The X Factor UK is a great Saturday night TV(a concept that doesn’t exist in the US) and that’s why it’s so popular. Plus, it has an adorable host, likeable judges, campy fun and overall better and more diverse talent, none of which exists on the US edition.

            Steve Jones is so annoying, so unbearable that he makes Seacrest look like the best host ever. And for L.A., i think that guy needs to take it up the a** and relax. I’m not saying he should sleep with men, but his wife or g/f or mistress should do him with a strap-on. He needs that bad.

          • lily says:

            are you british?

    • Elle says:

      Seriously, I wonder if Nicole values her job because there is no way she’ll back next year after that. Simon was pissed. I’ve never seen him so angry.

      • yeah says:

        makes me wonder if some of the supposedly 100% scripted bickering between them the whole season wasn’t actually taken a bit for real and Nicole just lost it and without thought or care to Drew got back at Simon. I wonder if Simon getting on her so much didn’t backfire on him. Still a disgrace Nicole could take it out on a way that would also fall on Drew who had nothing to do with it, seemed a touch catty too about it.

        • umbrella says:

          There is a possibility that if it had gone to deadlock, Drew would have still gone home (not likely tho) but at least she would have known that it was fair.

          • charlie says:

            I prefer the Idol approach– let the public decide or, better still would be the DWTS approach, combing judges’ scores with public voting! I like the Judge/mentor approach, but that makes the Judge’s votes in response to the sing off too biased.

  3. Ryan says:

    Not surprised (I predicted it in the comments of the last X Factor article) but incredibly disappointed. Nicole just wanted to spite Simon, and maybe Paula did the same, although she perhaps wanted someone who would dance and keep things entertaining.
    Extremely disappointed, however. This is why the show won’t maintain viewers- the judges are way too biased and self-centered. They care more about beating each other and proving each other wrong than genuinely promoting artists.

    • yeah says:

      Yeah, sad to say you called it. At first I thought no way. There has never been a more safe bet than Drew. But then you got me a touch worried. And then when I saw Nicole roll her eyes when Simon was talking I was like oh #?## Ryan totally called it and sure enough.

    • Ben says:

      It was absolutely the right decision, and rather vindicates what I have been saying the last two or three weeks about Drew’s stock falling.

      Yesterday was the wrong song choice completely. Pretentious and nonsensical, lyrically irrelevant and meaningless to Drew. And did Simon really think he could count on the other judges votes when they said week after week they wanted to hear her up tempo? He was arrogant about it, and it cost Drew the show. A comedy of errors took an early favourite out exactly where she deserved.

      • Charlie says:

        I’m trying to imagine how this show would have turned out if Simon had chosen Caitlin Koch instead of either Drew or Rachel. I think she would have been a much stronger and more versatile contestant. Seems to me that Siman has blown his chance to make X Factor U.S. a good competitor to Idol. Bad choice of judges, bad choice of contestants, bad format, way too over-the-top production = lots of turn-off potential. Since I dislike Simon, I’m glad in a way that things have turned out this way.

        • yeah says:

          Well I think picking Drew was a no brainer, come on but perhaps instead of Rachel what about Jazzlyn Little too (or Caitlin Koch).
          Simone Battle was a really poor pick, she did well once, every other time she was bad and then at live she was bad again and Tia over Jazzlyn and Caitlin was pretty darn questionable too although at least maybe you could see some crazy sort of potential in her, maybe.

  4. JeniLee says:

    I love Drew but this was the right decision. She needed to sing something fast. They told her for WEEKS and she didnt. Marcus I see as a nee version of Usher. I think both will be successful regardless, but based on Drew sounding the SAME every week, she needed to go.

    • yeah says:

      better than searing out ears with the same out of tune bleats each week though no?

      • jennrae says:

        Exactly! I’m not conceding that Drew always sounded the same, but you can say the same thing about Marcus except his “same” is off-key, squeaked-out notes that make his face turn red and veins pop out of his neck. I seriously wanted Simon to punch Nicole in the face. Yeah, yeah, violence, bad, but damn did she deserve it. I would also accept a metaphorical punch in the face to suit the pacifists.

    • Dennis says:

      young Usher so funny, why because they are both black? that’s where it ends Marcus is ok, Usher is great and talented

      • Volcfom says:

        I actually got the Usher vibe, too. It’s all about their stage presence.
        That being said, Drew should have stayed.

      • JeniLee says:

        No its because of his stage presence and the way he performs plus his charm. Yes Usher is the better singer but like Usher, Marcus has the whole package with singing and performing. Yes his vocals have been off lately I agree. But during all the episodes before the live shows he sounded amazing everytime and never missed a note.

        Hoping next week he slows it down like his save me. He sings too many uptempos just like Drew sang too many ballads. Regardless the top 2 should be Josh and Melanie. If Drew had listened to the judges this week I would have wanted her in top 3 but Simon begging the judges to give her a second chance was ridiculous. Every week they tell her she needs to change it up and she doesnt. Simon has no one to blame but himself. I usually agree with Simon 100% but not tonight

        • Lana says:

          Did you not understand that it was Simon who wanted her to sing this song in that way? He said that last night and it was not Drew’s fault, I mean if I were a 14 year old singer and Simon (the Simon) told me to do this that way I would have listened to him because I would have assumed he knew better than me. Marcus mangled the notes, not something I’ve ever heard Usher do, and it was strictly out of spite that Nicole and Paula picked Marcus. I expected this from Nicole as she is an idiot who really isn’t that talented but I really am suprised at Paula, I know she likes dancers but I know she had to have heard those mangled notes and I did not think she would be spiteful. I love Paula but I am really suprised at her over this.

          • Kiki says:

            I agree with you, Lana. I thought Paula would let it go to deadlock. Simon was literally begging the other judges. I think Drew had more fan support than Marcus and would have been brought back. Paula must have known this. But she still decided to get rid of Drew. However, I have to hand it to Paula: she did what she was supposed to do. She made her decision based on the Save Him/Her performance.

            And honestly, if I ever had someone tell me to shut up on national TV, the way Simon did Paula the other night and how he’s treated her in general, if I didn’t walk right there, I’d probably try to screw him over, too!

          • Helen says:

            Totally agree ! Well stated.

          • patricia says:

            boo hoo.drew would’ve made any song boring.simon took the blame but it was drew who made the voters go off to sleep

          • Brandy says:


        • jennrae says:

          I echo what Lana said and would only add that Marcus doesn’t have half the charm or presence that Usher has. I actually prefer Astro to Marcus because at least he’s interesting. I also don’t see the sense in saving someone who the public has put in the bottom two two weeks in a row. So You Think You Can Dance does that a lot, and I never understand it because if you continue to keep the acts the public doesn’t want and eliminate the ones we DO want, you end up with a show no one wants to watch.

    • Vince says:

      I would have to respectfully disagree about the Usher vibe. I don’t feel it, and the difference in vocal quality between Usher and Marcus is huge. Not that Marcus is a bad singer, he’s just not on Usher’s level.

  5. MacTheMovieguy says:

    I agree. What were the judges thinking? I can understand cutting Drew in a Melanie vs Drew decision, but Drew vs Marcus Canty? REALLY? That’s not even a tough choice, and they still effed it up.

  6. Dennis says:

    They voted against Simon had nothing to do with Drew who was much better the marcus, their Bias was showing, 2 no talents has beens

  7. Megan says:

    Totally shocked that Drew is gone. Really, Judges?? Really?

  8. x factor...not longer fan says:

    The most stupid decision, I see no reason why they sent Drew home, no reason whatsoever, she had the most talent, I really don’t want to watch this show anymore. Was just thinking earlier while watching the American Idol commercial how X factor is so much better. No longer, done with both. Rachel Crow??? seriously? sooooooooo disappointed, Drew was the only one I actually looked forward to hear singing.

    • Vince says:

      Personally, Melanie has the most talent among the acts, but I will agree that between Drew and Marcus, I’d be more inclined to give Drew a contract.

    • uncmick says:

      It seemed very obvious that Nichole and Paula sent Drew home to ‘stick it’ to Simon not that he didn’t have it coming the way he has disdainfully treated them. However that is one of the main problems with this show: it has become more about the judges than about the talent. I don’t mind having ‘mentors’ but they should not be the judges as well.

  9. Yo says:

    That was just not right. Drew’s sing-off was not good, but the whole contest is ridiculous, especially since she was so excellent last night. Astro surprises me, but all I can say is, “See ya’!”

  10. Lindsey says:

    I’m with you Michael this is an absolute outrage. I’ll check back in on finale night, but what’s the point in watching now? Nicole basically told Drew she is the better singer and still sent her home?! Where is her common sense? Or is she just pissed at Simon? Or wants to send home Josh’s competition? I hope the rumors of sending her to the UK version are true, I didn’t like her before but this has me fuming. Let’s get rid of her. And what was Paula thinking?! If Marcus wasn’t in LA’s group I honestly think that he even would have kept Drew.

    • Willpen says:

      The right thing would have been for Paula to split the vote so that the public would have ultimately had the final choice. If it would have turned out that Drew had less votes than Marcus then we would not be having this discussion. We may have been pissed but it’s how the viewers voted.

      Instead, Paula, in her ultimate addled brain, decided to tip the scales in favor of Marcus who we all know will probably be going home next week. Nicole may have been calculating but shame on Paula for being so short sited and stupid. I would pay anything to have been a fly on the wall backstage after the show ended.

      • Ben says:

        Paula voted for the person she wanted eliminated. By that logic, every week the judges should make sure it is tied.

      • karenb says:

        I’m not so sure it was a “judges” thing. From the look on both Simon and Drew’s faces from the beginning of the broadcast, I knew something was up. I think they both knew she was gone, whether the judges sent her home, or if it went to a deadlock. My guess is that Drew had less votes than Marcus.

        LA, Paula and Nicole whatsawhosit have said all along that Drew needed to do something young and fun. So I don’t think it was a last minute Gang Up on Simon thing.

      • jennrae says:

        The judges should decide based on who they think could win, like how Simon decided on Astro the week he wouldn’t perform for his life. Marcus won’t win, but Drew might have, and L.A. could have returned the favor and kept Drew. I just get the sense the girls are playing fair. It’s a hollow victory if your protege only wins because the only real competition has already gone home.

        • Lillibet says:

          If the judges are going to decide based on who they think could win, then why have the bottom two sing for their life? They are in the bottom two because the public didn’t vote for them. So, if they’re going to sing for their life, they should be judged solely on how they sang that one song. Paula said that was what she was going to do, and that’s what she did. Marcus wasn’t great, but he gave it his all, which was more than Drew was able to do at that point.

      • Kiki says:

        Totally agree with you, Willpen!!!

    • ryan says:

      katy perry is an average singer. but hey,she sells more records than anyone at the moment cos she’s an entertainer. undoubtedly drew has a good voice but it’s not enough. i prefer marcus over drew. so i’m happy with the decision.

      • yeah says:

        True, but no saying Marcus would be able to come up with as catchy stuff as her team PLUS since he is voted near the bottom each week does he really have the x-factor then? That seems to say, no (then again it’s not so wise to judge things by reality TV voting so forget what I said hah).

  11. JeniLee says:

    However, i thought this weeks booted two should have been Chris and Astro. But judges made correct decision with what they were given

  12. kit says:

    I. Am. So. Pissed. Eff this. Drew was FANTASTIC LAST NIGHT. This is a travesty.

  13. blingedup.susan says:

    Did that really just happen? Did it? Really????

  14. Michelle says:

    Awwww come on. Do you really wanna see a 14 year old girl sing about how she didn’t knock someone up? No and neither do I. That’s why kids never fare well on these shows. If she wants to be a performer go to disney channel. She’s a talented girl but this isn’t the worst thing to happen to her or the show. I like Marcus because he’s the only one I see that has that unexplained “x” factor we’re apparently trying to find. You forget we’re looking for an entertainer here. Vocals can be improved or autotuned. But that feeling that you get from a performer… it can’t be faked. Drew doesn’t have that… at least not at this stage of the game.

    • Ryan says:

      If we’re just going to AutoTune vocals, then let’s just pick someone hot or someone who can dance.
      The point is to find someone who can sing well live. Drew can. Marcus can too, but only sometimes.

    • yeah says:

      sadly, too often the feeling i get from marcus is pain in my ears when he way butchers his loud, high notes, not the ones to butcher!

      even tonight it was out and out pain inducing levels of off key during that one stretch

      i will give you he avoided the painfully off key stuff yesterday and did have some energy yesterday though

    • IrishSharon08 says:

      What’s the point of having a singing contest if you’re going to pick people who can’t sing and autotune them??!! Marcus continually hits bad notes. He makes my ears bleed to listen. Drew is always good. And about her song choice last night: Simon said it was HIS fault. Why punish her for the song that was chosen?

      • mel says:

        if we all care to refresh our memories, simon himself picked simone and tiah tolliver over jazzlyn little and Caitlin Koch who are better singers. it’s obvious that x factor is not just looking for a good voice.they want the whole package. and sorry,drew just has the voice. she would fare better in some other singing show.

    • Jim says:

      Marcus has the x-factor? Is that why America hasn’t seen fit to vote him out of the bottom two?

      • Brandy says:

        NO….Marcus is a nice guy, but that’s it.
        Even if you did not like Drew’s song choice (I loved them), her vocals were spot on!

    • Vince says:

      Sorry, I don’t feel much when Marcus tries to sing and dance. The singing isn’t good and the dancing isn’t top-notch also. So what am I paying for really if I watched a Marcus show?

      On the other hand, Drew may not dance, but I know I’d be getting good vocals for the price of a ticket.

    • Leah says:

      The reason why Drew was good is that she took the role, and made it believable. Yes, she’s 14, and yes, she’s a girl, singing a song as a man denying the paternity of some woman’s baby. And, she made it believable. I thought it was amazing.

      • jennrae says:

        I agree. When artists cover songs, I personally prefer it when they don’t change the pronouns to fit their gender, even when it’s a simple change, like from he to she. And when they sing it as well as Drew did last night, who cares about the subject matter? Is anyone so confused that they think a 14-year-old girl maybe got another girl pregnant? I mean, use common sense. There’s nothing wrong with a person singing a song that just sounds good.

    • matt says:

      Well we never realistically thought of Michael Jackson as the type to run around “knocking someone up” either, yet we all still loved his version of his own song. If we loved Michael singing it, why can’t we enjoy Drew’s great rendition of it?

  15. @sheebs08 says:

    This is why the XFactor annoys me. The judges let their egos get in the way and tonight they voted off Drew because they were irked with Simon. Its a young girls future you just messed with by putting a guy through with a terrible vocal performance it he is an entertainer I give him that and I even like Marcus but saying he is better than Drew is crap. I hope the media and fans let the judges hear it for their ridiculous choices… I’m definitely through watching this show clearly the best doesn’t have a fair shot to win with 5 year olds having petty fights at the judges table. :-/

    • IrishSharon08 says:

      Next week Marcus will be in the bottom for a third week in a row. Tell you anything? Hopefully he will go home then like he should have a week ago.

    • Billy says:

      As of this writing, the media is treating the whole debacle alot like the Pia Toscano elimination in season 10 AI, except instead of blaming the voters, the blame lies with the tone deaf, biased “mentors”.

  16. Kelly says:

    That made absolutely no sense to me. I’m done with the X Factor. It’s one thing when there’s a shocking elimination when America votes, but it’s a whole different story when the judges get rid of someone out of spite. That’s not good television.

    • yeah says:

      exactly the judges and producers of AI basically drove out Haley out of spite/jealousy/we must be proven to be geniuses by our original picking of the top two garbage

      and now on x factor the panel does a spite elim
      you could see nicole roll her eyes when simon said something and then you knew ah man drew is a goner it’s gonna be another pathetic spite vote

      maybe it is time to start watching other things instead of these shows

    • Ben says:

      Before x factor even started I was posting on this site about how the format is not as good as idol’s, that the show would not come as close to being as popular as a result.

      But to say the vote was out of spite, really you have absolutely no idea what the vote was for. If it was Melanie there, I have no doubt Marcus would ahve gone, despite Melanie being Simon’s contestant. So why is it spite in the case of Drew? Perhaps they actually… didn’t think she was that crash hot.

      • yeah says:

        @Ben – did you see Nicole rolling her eyes and stink-eyeing Simon and then Paula looking at Nicole and then stink-eye to Simon also. It sure looked like a spite vote to me. And I could understand why Nicole might feel a bit of spite since I think she got some unfair knocks from Simon and a few a bit over the line. BUT she is an adult and has to realize it is a contest and to suddenly take the spite out in this way and them seem callous and catty to Drew was just not good at all.

        • Ben says:

          Wait a minute… you mean… Nicole rolling her eyes at Simon is indicative of a person who only wants to have a go at him and not actually judge the show on its merits? Sorry but – Drew was not good enough, not only that but Nicole, Paula and LA had been telling her to go up tempo for weeks. If I was them, I’d be eye rolling at Simon too for being arrogant enough to think he could do anything he liked and have everyone vote his contestants through no matter what.

          Drew didn’t deserve to go through, and Nicole knew that Simon would try to convince her out of it, because that is the way Simon is. But its that need to convince that is him not taking it like a man and a professional when others don’t agree with his opinion… not the other way around.

          • Vince says:

            Drew deserved to go through, slow singing and all. Simon could actually have pointed out that Chris and Astro never really strayed from their tired acts also, but didn’t, while Reid was adamant about Drew’s same singing just because he knows there’s no other way to attack her and keep his dudes in the fight.

          • yeah says:

            Yeah but failing to go uptempo while singing with an ethereal tone is a heck of a lesser sin than wailing loud, high notes horrible off key every week even if with energy!

          • yeah says:

            OK, yeah Nicole had plenty of legit beefs with Simon but it sure seemed pretty clear that even though she would’ve had reason to eye roll anyway it was also just some payback. It seems pretty clear to me. I knew Drew was dead before they even cat their votes as soon as I saw their body language toward everything.

          • samantha says:

            finally,some1 has some sensible opinions.all of you drew fans are so clouded in your judgements that you’re thinking it’s a conspiracy against simon.i’ve also been watching the show,like million others and like ben correctly pointed out, the other 3 judges have been telling drew to up the tempo for at least 3 weeks now. and surprise surprise she still chose to sing a slow track for the sing for survival song. it was obvious la was gonna save marcus but if i was in either paula or nicole’s shows i would’ve sent drew home as well. not everybody likes listening to drew do the same thing every single week. love it hate that’s my opinion.

          • Ryan says:

            @samantha- So the opinions are “sensible” only when they agree with you? Biased much? I’m not a Drew fan, and it is clear to me that she did it to spite Simon. When they’re pulling the “you moved me” card, you know that’s their way of saying “you didn’t sing well, but I need to say something to make that matter less so I can still vote to keep you.”

          • Kiki says:

            I agree, Ben! Simon was totally arrogant to think that he could ignore everyone else’s advice. He screwed over Drew more than anyone else. Quite frankly, the bloom is off the rose when it comes to Simon. For years, I’ve put up with his arrogance and rudeness because I also felt he was a sort of genius. But he’s not. So he’s not at all compelling to me, anymore, as a TV personality.

          • john says:

            Was it out of spite, or lack of talent? THAT’S THE PROBLEM!! The way these judges have been acting and *seemingly* making it about them and not the contestants is the whole problem with this show. Yeah, it would appear that Nicole is a spiteful person but how can we really know? This show was doomed the moment the judges started complementing each other for the contestant’s performance and criticizing each other for the production instead of their vocals.

          • Samantha says:

            @Ryan If you must know i don’t like Marcus either. I prefer Astro.Say what people want about him he was very entertaining to watch. Drew can suck it for all i care.

          • Samantha says:

            @Ryan and how is it clear the judges made those decisions to spite simon. are you best chums with some1 related to the x factor production team to know this for a fact?? i at least made my comments based on what they have been saying to simon and drew for the past couple of weeks. you on the other hand is making claims on other people’s speculations and comments. and oh looks like you’re the one who’s biased by stating nicole and paula HAD to make some excuse for voting against her

          • yeah says:

            @samantha – because look at how they were acting and when you pull out the tired well the vocals your vocals were errr umm well…. you moved me, you moved me so i have to vote for you. I mean it really sounded like she almost let slip out saying that Drew sang better.
            That was the same garbage line they used on AI last season to defend every debacle and then trash down you know who.

      • Vince says:

        Oh please. If not for Marcus’ dancing and effort (which I appreciate), his vocals won’t stand up against the top acts (Josh, Melanie, Drew, and Rachel occasionally). It’s pretty plain obvious that the votes today are directed against Simon and not Drew.

    • Brandy says:

      Too bad these comments won’t change anything. Pride gets in the way more times than not.
      Bring Drew back, give her something upbeat and then let the fans choose
      to keep her or not. Get rid of the extra dancers that outshine and out sing the contestants.

  17. Behind the lies says:

    Racially motivated

  18. Elena says:

    You’re not way off, Slezak. That was a sham. So I guess “heart” outweighs a terrible vocal. Give me a break Paula and Nicole (who should totally be fired before next year). Drew was MILES better!

  19. Crichton says:

    I don’t get the grief over Drew living. Her performances were gorgeous, but getting monotonous. A bit one note.

    This reminds me of when Danielle was booted from Big Brother – I totally didn’t get your angst there or why you kept trying to sell her as the heroine of the show.

    • Crichton says:

      err…that was Drew “leaving”..not living

    • Yo says:

      Who’s Danielle?

    • Elaine says:

      you may find Drew’s performance ‘one note’, but at least that note was always on key. you can hardly sasy the same for marcus. Whta a travesty.

      yes we expect Simon and LA to vote for their own singers, but Paula and nicole… there is no excuse and if they hit the press saying ‘we voted for the best singers, not against Simon”… it’ll be baloney. that’s exactly what they did.

      Drew is the better singer hands down. She has a uniqueness that will sell records. marcus, however, is just pretty good in a genre that has many fantastic entertainers who can actually sing.

      it’s a fricking sad day when the judges allow their personal feelings about other judges to influence their decisions … to cut off someone because they dislike what Simon had to say about their artists. damn. this really, stuidly sucis.
      my heart goes out to the better singer… drew.

      • Micah says:

        I won’t debate Drew vs. Marcus (though I couldn’t stand Drew), but her notes were NOT always on key. There were at least three notable cringe-worthy moments in tonight’s ‘save me’ song alone.

      • dime a dozen says:

        Drew really isn’t that unique. Listen to Eva Cassidy, Ingrid Michaelson, Katie Melua, Priscilla Ahn — they’ve all recorded tracks that sound pretty much just like everything Drew does. And so have a whole heap of other young female singers whose names I haven’t even bothered to learn because they’re all basically interchangeable.

        That said, Drew is still much, much stronger on a technical level than Marcus — but I’ll be shocked if either of them sells any significant number of records by sounding like they have on this show.

  20. Caroline says:

    You are in no way off the mark. Drew was deserving of making it to the finale. Marcus was a mess tonight. He’s never been very strong vocally, but maybe he was more emotionally perfect? -_- Then again, this is the X Factor, which has almost nothing to do with singing ability, so perhaps that’s a more appropriate explanation. Drew, on the other hand, though safe at times, has been among the top 3 performances of the night every week. At this rate, Melanie and Josh deserve to be in the finale but probably won’t. My guess – Chris and Marcus – since the are the least vocally talented people left, and that seems to be what Paula, Nicole and L.A. prize.

    • Vince says:

      Chris is running solely on sympathy votes at this point, really. And I agree that Marcus will keep on through to the final because the girls seem to have a huge crush on him, and it has nothing to do with his singing, which doesn’t stand out at all.

    • Brandy says:

      Good comment, I wish you were just being funny, but …..

  21. Opinionmine says:

    I do not why everyone was so shocked. This is what happens on a reality T.V. show where judges use people for pawns in their own chess game. The results were as likely scripted as not. But either way, it was more important for the other three “mentors” to take )or seem to take) a stab at belittling Simon than save the more talented performer. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was scripted though. This keeps Simon and L.A. on an even playing field and keeps their mano-a-mano face-offs going.

  22. anibundel says:

    ….Did Drew *really* come out as a Jesus Freak at the end of the show? Or did I just dream that?

    Can we now admit that we have proof that this constant lowering of the age range of contestants is a bad idea, and that crushing the dreams of immature children like this is not a way to build a franchise?

    • *lg* says:

      Ha! I thought the same thing when she went on her Jesus rant. I feel for the girl but she’s 14! She has at least 15 years left to jump start a career.I think she’ll be amazing with some life experience. This wasn’t the right vehicle for her.

    • Benji says:

      I’m not sure how you made a connection between your religiously intolerant comment and evidence that children under sixteen are too young to perform in televised talent competitions, but I do agree that the amount of pressure placed upon these kids is likely emotionally, if not psychologically, damaging.

    • Leigha says:

      Whether she is Jesus freak or not doesn’t belie the fact that she is too young for a competition on this level. She was shocked that she was in the bottom two and acted very immature. And who voted for Chris and Rachel last night? Their performances were certainly not on the same level as Drew’s. I have a feeling Rachel would have handled an elimination with move grace than Drew did.

      • Vince says:

        For someone who is concerned that Drew’s age might be too young for the competition, Rachel is actually the youngest and you think she’ll handle elimination better. While I agree that Rachel would, it’s because of who she is, how she was raised, and not her age.

      • charlie says:

        So.. here are the question for Drew: “Did Jesus fail her?” or “Did Jesus want her to be booted off the show?” or “Did she fail to pray hard enough to stay on the show?” Lots of questions that the Jesus people ask themselves, and usually they come up with some silly rationalized answer– in this case it could be that, since the Judges are not ‘born-againers’, it was probably the Devil’s work that got her booted off the show. Score one for the Devil?

      • Mary says:

        Drew wasn’t immature, she was a real 15 year old that was disappointed by what just happen. Hell I would probably cry too if two dim wits just voted be off. Maybe she wasn’t ready for the competition but I am sure it is nerve wrecking waiting on the stage to here your fate. The judges need to give a yes and no answer. I believe Simon failed her. She is 15 and took his advise on what to sing and his arrogance did her in. I for one like to concentrate on the singing not the overproduction, but sadley in today’s world that is not the case. Maybe if she did a back flip Paula would of saved her.

      • Volcfom says:

        Rachel was the last one saved before the bottom two a few weeks ago, and she was a wreck. She wasn’t even in the bottom! She definitely wouldn’t have had more grace.

  23. Benji says:

    I’m totally with you. Drew seriously shouldn’t have even been in the bottom two in the first place. I hope Simon lets Paula and what’s her face have it. It should’ve come to a deadlock; guaranteed Drew would’ve stayed. Also, in terms of who could actually win the competition, Marcus has no shot at all whatsoever. Why the heck wouldn’t they keep in an actual contender? She’ll get signed almost immediately anyway. At least she won’t have X-Factor labeled beside her name when her career gets going. Kelly Clarkson aside, it seems the runner-ups have the better careers on these types of shows.

    • Ryan says:

      Fantasia Barrino? Carrie Underwood? Jordin Sparks?


      • Yasin says:

        Adam Lambert? Crystal Bowersox (she was on TV!)? I think so. And Fantasia isn’t even close to Kelly or Carrie. And who can forget Clay Aiken?!

        • Lana says:

          @Yasin, totally agree with you, especially Adam and Clay oh and Daughtry and Hudson.

          • Tim says:

            And don’t forget Kat McPhee, who’s going to be starring in her own show. If Taylor Hicks is lucky maybe he can get a seat at a taping.

      • Vince says:

        Let’s not put Fantasia in the mix. She’s MIA in my neck of the woods, while Carrie and Jordin still are very popular.

    • Micah says:

      Definitely not “guaranteed” Drew would’ve stayed if it’d gone to deadlock. Anyone who says that now probably would’ve said there’s no way she’d be in the bottom 2, before the show aired.

  24. Deb says:

    Don’t know why you guys are surprised since the best last chance singer was ousted for the past 3 weeks. It’s pointless since the judges pay no attention to it whatsoever.

  25. Brian says:

    Start a Twitter trend with me:

    @NicoleScherzy @PaulaAbdul Breaking a 15-year-old’s heart just to irritate Simon? Classy, ladies. #LastEpisodeForMe #xfactor #pettyjudges

  26. Yasin says:

    Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger are bitches. Nicole only voted off Drew because she knows Marcus will most likely go home next week. Melanie Amaro will rightfully win the first season, and she deserves it.

    On a side note, for all the Haley Reinhart lovers: Melanie showed everyone how to sing that song. Haley sucked, and doesn’t know how to sing it.

    • `` says:

      They sang the songs differently, lol. Haley sang it with anger. Many people actually enjoy that, just like people enjoy Celine Dion-bots.

    • yeah says:

      they both did well, Haley got into the raw gritty anger pain outrage of it (MJ did a lot of that too BTW when he sang it) and Melanie got into the power, soaring side of it. I think Haley was actually a bit closer to the angle MJ took to it.

    • Elaine says:

      Wrong yas, just wrong. Both were billiant versions.

    • Emma says:

      It always surprises me when I read such hateful things about my fave idol evah, Lady Reinhart, because I just love the sound of Haley’s voice and I could listen to it every day all day long. But then again there were a couple of guys on AI last season that I thought were make-your-ears-bleed bad and yet the “judges” fawned over them. Just goes to show how subjective music is. You like who you like and I like who I like, and I LOVE HALEY REINHART!!!

      • yeah says:

        Hearing some behind the scenes stuff I think it’s clear Idol does a lot of pushing of story arcs they try to plan early on and some of the weird judging is basically just that, fakery and not what they really think. Rather sad actually.
        Of course some is just you like who you like and I like who I like but there is a lot more behind the scenes too on ‘reality’ shows.

    • BotNot says:

      If Haley had sang variations of Blue every week, as good as it was, she would not have lasted long. Basically that is what Drew did. She was warned, her support pealed off, and now she is out. Girl needs to mature artistically. Simon did her no favors.

      • Shindig says:

        Very true. Haley did the yodel folk, and then more. She showed the different things she could do with her voice, which was nice.

      • Billy says:

        Our favorite growler covered just about every genre except rap, and nailed it every time. Good point, BotNot.

      • yeah says:

        Fairish point but the point is SHE could have showed more while Marcus had already played all his cards and getting near bottom votes every week so why does keeping Marcus make sense? Drew endded up low this time and I think Simon got it and would have changed her up next week.

  27. erin says:

    Worst decision – marcus should have gone home. Drew is way better than some of these others, especially marcus. Simon was the only one with no acts sent home so the other judges had it out for him. So sad to see her go!

  28. J.H. says:

    This is what is so amazing about this show. How self-serving and petty these judges are that they are willing to let a bright talent like Drew go. Excuse me while I YouTube some performances from The Sing-Off.

  29. Kh says:

    Im with You!!!!How they can booted Drew????????And I think like You that Melani will win now!!

  30. Stacey says:

    It was totally ridicilous. I finally gave X Factor up tonight. It’s off my DVR. This is why I hate this way of eliminations. It was to LA and Nicole’s advantage to get rid of Drew now. They know Marcus can’t win. He’s been in the bottom twice now. Saving Drew allows for sympathy and will get her votes. Eliminating her gives their people an extra shot. I am not even sure Melanie will win. I think Josh could have this sown up. It’s the cute guy syndrome. Wake me up when Idol is back in January!

    I am over X Factor. This was all about competition and to stick it to Simon. Not about letting the best person win the competition!

    Paula eliminated Drew because she was up against a pretty guy. And we know Paula loves her guys. She might have kept Drew if it was Astro. Because Astro is jail bait and has a attitude problem. But against Marcus, no way!

  31. sofia says:

    I am in shock I can’t believe what happened! I can’t believe what morons paula and nicole are, proof of their biased stupidity will be evident next week when marcus leaves the competition. BS the song moved me! Drews song was so much better! I can’t believe what just happend.

  32. Jeff says:

    I’m shocked Drew went home only because I did not think the judges had the guts to send her home. Her performances all season have been so one note and boring all season and her vocals have not been that strong. Tonight, Marcus outclassed her in the Save me song performances.

    IDK if Drew leaving was ultimately the right decision for the show but she and Simon have only themselves to blame for resting on their laurels and not taking risks and motivating America to vote for her.

  33. jackmac says:

    Too bad Simon and Drew refused to make changes that everyone was telling them needed to happen.

    • jazzy says:

      The wisest comment of the night!! You can’t stand or sit and be robotic, you have to perform your ass off, thems the rules of being a pop star.

      • Terry says:

        True Dat!

      • Vince says:

        And I suppose it’s easy to sing like Drew? She was performing her ass off. She doesn’t have moves like Marcus does, so why should she force it in her performance?

        • jazzy says:

          You cannot even begin to compare Drew to Adele. How about Kelly Clarkson? She doesn’t have “the moves” but she’s got the depth and connection with the audience. How about Taylor Swift? It’s not about moving, it’s about connecting, Drew holds the mic in two hands, stares off into space and sounds monotone. She has a beautiful voice, and she’ll do well under Simon’s tutelage, but she’s not there yet.

      • Billy says:

        Sad that style wins over substance just about every time, Adele being the current exception to the rule.

    • judy says:

      If Drew had stood up for the last verse last night, she wouldnt have been in the bottom 3. And if she had performed and uptempo song tonight Nicoloe and Paula wouldnt have had the guts to send her home. Simon and Drew have only themselves to blame.

      It’s especially rich, as Simon would have been the first to complain on AI that Drew did the same performance week after week. I really dont know what he was thinking having Drew do nothing new each week.

      • charlie says:

        Ha! seems to me that Simon finally got his comeuppance. Seems he had believed from Day 1 that Drew would win. Why? I can’t figure it out. If he had been the judge/mentor for the boys or some other of the groups of contestants, he would have had a totally different take on Drew. I’m so over Simon Cowell. I’d really like to see the career of this egotistical jerk take a nose-dive. I’m happy that X Factor US is not doing that well in audience appeal. I hope it goes down, down, down, and takes Simon with it!

    • rritter72 says:

      I disagree. Drew is a singer period. You didn’t hear the judges telling Astro to change up and actually sing. Drew was sent home because LA wasn’t going to vote against his own team and Nicole and Paula aren’t voting for talent…they are voting for the type of act they like. Well last time I checked it is a singing competition and Drew is a better singer than Marcus.

      • Vince says:

        Thank you. Every Drew hater here hangs on Reid’s attack on Drew while turning a blind eye on Astro’s tired act (luckily he got booted) and Rene’s tired act (simply running on sympathy votes). If we base solely on last night’s performance, Astro and Rene should have been in the bottom two (and should have been even before then).

        At least Drew shows vocal prowess and range, if not dance moves. But hey, it’s a singing show, right? And not a dancing show?

        • judy says:

          well, I think it’s not quite a singing show. I think they still refer to them as “acts” for a reason. I was taken with how the contestants’ performance abilities were front and center from the beginning, compared to AI.

          And as these contestants are supposed to be pop stars, the assumption is that they will do uptempo well. Doing well on a slow ballad is icing on the cake, not the cake.

          Frankly, we were being expected to assume Drew could do cake based on her icing abilities. And at the top 5 level, I dont think that that was a wise assumption for Simon to make.

  34. Christina says:

    Tonight’s result was just stupid. Marcus has no shot at a post show career, Drew on the other hand does. Simon just got underhanded by a Pussycat Doll who just happens to be that person he swapped in over a person he already had a good relationship with. I bet Simon regrets that move now.

    • yeah says:

      hah I guess Simon did stab himself with that one, turned on someone only to have someone else stab him in the back

      not fair any of that should fall out on Drew though
      Nicole just wanted Josh safer and wanted to stick it to Simon and maybe jealous Drew’s tone and bye bye Drew.

      Paula looked like a teeny booper falling for Marcus and there went that.

      • yeah says:

        I thought Paul might have resisted and would save Drew (she did pick Lakoda Rain so she wasn’t all about the guys 100% as Jlo and Kara could be often), but once she was sharing looks with Nicole about Simon too, then I knew Drew was doomed.

      • BA says:

        I agree; Simon has been really nasty, like the below the belt comment he made to Paula last night about all of her acts being eliminated because she made them dance. He’s lambasted both L.A. and Nicole for criticizing his acts, even though he feels quite free to criticize others’. As my mother has said, you get more bees with honey than with vinegar.

        • yeah says:

          I even felt bad for those two at times. Simon also beat down Nicole below the belt a few times. He maybe did deserve some from them, yeah. BUT in the end they are grown women and they simply can’t take it out in ways that affect a contest and crush a girl and then also seem so catty about it. They went from being sympathetic characters to not so much. Getting a lot of hate now all over it seems.
          So they bashed down another girl while not really doing anything for themselves. Lose, lose. Just sad.

  35. jazzy says:

    I hear you Slezak, BUT, one has to be an engaging performer in addition to amazing vocal chops. Drew is a little robotic, she reminds of Dido. And where is Dido now??? Boringville. Sorry. Now Simon has something to prove, his ego won’t let her go down, he’ll mold Drew into something, so don’t worry about her future in the business….yet.

    • Elaine says:

      She reminds me of Adelle, and where is Adelle now?
      Marcus is good, but he’s not great. Nott enough x ffactor to carry to a real career. little Drew can have one of those long term. Marcus… naaa

      • Selveria says:

        Drew doesn’t even come close to Adele I don’t see why you’re comparing them. When Adele sings, I can feel the emotion behind the words. It’s soul stirring. Drew lacks the life experiences to put that much “soul” into her performances. That’s why she should have been singing songs that were “younger” or more upbeat. I blame Simon for her elimination.

        • Vince says:

          Why put the blame on him? It’s obviously Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum who saw it fit to attack Simon indirectly through Drew and chose poorly in judging. I mean, last I know, it’s a *singing* contest, and Drew’s vocals are so far superior to Marcus’.

          Here’s the litmus test: if you have to rely on auto-tune in your future career to sound good, then you’re not that great of a singer to begin with. And Marcus needs it, Drew doesn’t.

      • carrie says:

        i don’t think she’s anywhere near adele. she does not remind me of her one bit.adele’s got soul. drew sings like good but there’s no soul in her.more dido than adele.

  36. Marcus Fan says:

    To all you fools saying Marcus should have left cause he was in the bottom 2 already twice WRONG! last week was deadlock and he was NOT in the bottom 2 it was LeRoy and Lakoda Rayne. Astro was the BOTTOM this week and either Marcus or Drew was the 2nd lowest but we don’t know for sure if Marcus was so don’t be hating on him. He did an amazing job tonight.. Go Paula/Nicole!!

    • IrishSharon08 says:

      Marcus Fan, maybe you don’t understand how the show works. Last week, Marcus had the 3rd lowest votes. The two below him both went home. I can guarantee that Marcus had the next to lowest votes this week and would have gone home if it would have gone to deadlock. Can also guarantee that next week he will be back in the bottom again for the tird week in a row!

  37. YayPaula says:

    Thank you, Paula. By far the smartest thing you’ve done on the show.

    I loved Drew last night – brilliant. But every other song except – the Justin Bieber song has been borderline same-y, boring, dreckitude. Next.

    Her final song was awful – and every other note was off. Michael – what are you listening too. If Marcus sucked, she sucked more. I think you are way off on that one.

    It is Simon’s fault for letting her sing the same song every week.

    Please America stop voting for that half-talent, Chris Rene. It is crime that Drew went home before him…

    Fun show. Love it when Simon pouts.

    • Vince says:

      Paula and smart in the same sentence? That’s an oxymoron. :)

      You obviously also have an ax to grind against Simon, so keep at it. :)

  38. JVC says:

    First to comment, and I gotta say I agree with you Slezak. Drew should not have been packing. First starters this should be a wake up call to the judges to stop prolonging their decisions. I felt so bad for drew, this 14 yr. old girl was at the break of an emotional break down and their long winded decisions didn’t help. Second, simon made a good point, while I like marcus this is his second time in the bottom 3 while the other 4 acts in the final 5 have not yet grace a scary moment. Drew stood a much better chance for her fans would’ve been speed dialing for her if she made it to next week. Well hopefully drew’s fans will rally behind melanie and hopefully this will be the wake up cal simon needed to coach rachel and melanie better. Third, how many of you want to bet paula and nicole voted against simon just to spite him?

  39. yeah says:

    wow what utter BS

    As soon as I saw Nicole roll her eyes at Simon I suddenly went from Drew a sure thing to knowing she was doomed as the poster responding to me on the other thread had predicted. You could just tell it was gonna be more of the typical BS.

    It was a sad move by Nicole to take out her revenge on Simon at the expense of an innocent bystander girl. If Nicole got moved by that maybe it was because she had in ear plugs at the end.

    Whatever trouble Drew had tonight she wasn’t like that, nothing painfully out of tune and she has been way more on with the vocals week after week than he. He was literally searing my ears with the whole end part, loud, high pitched, emoted notes way off key are the worst sort of off key. Another JLo perhaps on our hands. What a let down. Nicole, you really let us down. Wow. Just kind of pathetic really.

    Don’t know what Paula was suddenly smoking but she looked half in love with Marcus so that was probably that plus a bit of a knock back at Simon.


    I bet Simon is genuinely for real truly steaming mad and disgusted and disappointed right now with the panel. And I have to say I couldn’t blame him one bit.

    All these shows end up a disgraceful mess one way or another it seems. And most often it seems to be the judging panel that ruins it in the end as much as anything else.

  40. zeldafan says:

    It was crap that Drew was eliminated. I don’t feel like watching anymore. None of the remaining are that great in my opinion except melanie amano.

  41. ana_muti says:

    Michael, I think you’re underestimating Josh’s talent and his following. That being said, if he doesn’t win, I’d rather have had Mel than Drew anyway.

    I’m with you on Rachel. And Chris, though I love his personality and talent, isn’t a singer.

    I’m wondering how much influence VFTW has had in this result.

  42. Jerry says:

    Drew definitely should not have gone home over Marcus. It was the second week for Marcus in the bottom two, so that should have been it. But I honesty believe the reason she was in that position was the constant slow songs. She needed to sing something up-tempo to mix things up. But, I believe Simon picked all her songs so it’s really his fault. I think Simon is mad at himself along with the other judges.

    Although, LA has no room to talk about Drew doing the same type of songs every week since all Astro did was rap.

    • charlie says:

      do you really think that Drew could manage an up-tempo song? I don’t. She seems to be clearly a one-modality singer with a somewhat unique vocal style. That’s all. IMO, she doesn’t have the X Factor at all.

  43. A.W. Baimun says:

    I understand when the voting population gets caught up in the “reality” tv backstories, personality, and tv spectacle on a show like this and can’t listen to who would actually sound the best on a recording *coughhaleyreinhartshouldhavewonaicough*….

    But for judges and other people who are supposed to be part of the music industry and they can’t see past sequinned dresses and choreography (yes I’m pointing angry fingers at you Nicole and Jennifer Lopez… ugh) it makes it painful to watch these shows sometimes.

  44. Sybil says:

    I didn’t see the show, and while I have thought Drew was overrated for a while now, I am stunned that she was eliminated by the judges over Marcus. This can only be explained by one word: vengeance.

    Clearly, LA would send home Drew, and Simon would send home Marcus. While both Nicole and Paula should have been expected to favor Drew over Marcus, both of them were basically saying to Simon, “This is for all the times you’ve condescended to us, you dickhead.” I myself would have been tempted to do that in their shoes. Karma is a bitch.

    The thing that really killed Drew was Simon. Not that she sat in a chair when she sang it, but that she sang it at all. This is the second time I’ve seen Simon make an X Factor contestant (the first was some guy named Danyl in the UK) sing a slowed down version of Billie Jean as if It Was A Brand New Never Before Done Shocking Brave Thing To Do. And the problem is, David Cook did the one and only Brand New Never Before Done Shocking Brave version of Billie Jean. And even his version wasn’t entirely new — it’s just that not many people had heard Chris Cornell’s version. But everybody who watches singing competitions had heard David Cook. Simon was lazy, lazy, giving that song to her.

    And then there was the problem that she didn’t sing it that well. Her yodel gave way to some off-pitch notes, and her voice sounded weak through a lot of the song. But she was still better than Marcus.

    Simon must have had a cow. It might be worth rewinding the DVR just to see that.

    • Shindig says:

      I agree with you, pretty much. While I don’t think the judges “personal investment” in winning is as big of a deal as people here are making it (honestly what do they get out of it), I feel like it’s Simon’s fault. He made a Pia. Only she didn’t even last long enough to do a successful uptempo. The other judges told him they needed to see her mix it up, and he didn’t let her. I disagree though that she didn’t sing the MJ song well, as she did — and she didn’t yodel much, imo. She sang differently than usual.
      It’s a shame nobody remembers Chris Cornell as much :( Heh, Josh reminds me of him.

    • Shazza says:

      TOTALLY agree with you there Sybil – The wonderful Chris Cornell was the first ever to do that version of Billie Jean and Simon also stole another UK X Factor contestant’s version of “Walking on Sunshine” for Rachel a few weeks back & tried to make that song a “Brand New Never Before Done Shocking Brave Thing To Do”.
      I’m beginning to dislike Simon, I just think of him now as a narrow minded no-talent who leeches off of young folk.

  45. Anthony says:

    Uhm… Paula felt emotion more from Marcus? I didn’t feel anything except for wanting to break my tv from the horrible sounds that came from it -.-

  46. ana_muti says:

    Oh, and I don’t believe Rachel OR Chris was voted through over Drew! That’s hard for me to believe, taking into account the people online I see who write in her support.

    • Vince says:

      Rachel: She’s bubbly and a happy presence on the show, so I can see how that could translate to votes for her.

      Chris: Running solely on sympathy votes. Most vignettes on him up to this point have had one form or another of a reference to his troubled past.

  47. Christina says:

    How many days after the finale will we get the announcement that Nicole has been fired?

  48. BonesFringeFan says:

    Very happy that Drew got sent home… I really don’t think she has this “amazing” voice people seem to think. Disappointed that Astro was eliminated, kid’s got talent, but I’m betting he releases a CD soon anyways. Best case scenario? X Factor USA season 1 winner = Chris Rene :)

    • FringeGameofThronesFan says:

      The next two weeks will be the elimination of Cmarcus, then Chris in no particular order.
      Like Chris’s rapping, but the kid’s singing leaves a lot to be desired. And marcus is just aabove average, but not superstar.

      Drew… darn it,,, Paula shoulda done what she did for lakota Rayne…. have a tie vote and let the public’s vote be the decision maker… but no.. she 9and nicole0 had to stick it to Simon. I’m very disappointed, but not surprised at those two.

    • ia says:

      BonesFringeFan – I totally agree that Chris Rene is X Factor USA season 1’s winner. Chris is the whole package…talent, song writing ability (check out, you other posters, Hey Homie by Chris – he’s a songwriter for sure), passion and can perform rings around Drew and
      Astro. Chris deserves to be in the Top 5. Drew was like a broken record – a beautiful voice but kept repeating itself. This young girl would not sell arenas or stadiums with her dirge-like singing. People would be depressed for days and days after hearing Drew. She’s a downer singer. Drew had potential when she took Bieber’s “Baby” song and put a different spin on it. Then Simon as her mentor gave her the same bland songs done in the same bland style. And the voters saw that. And that’s why Drew is gone. So, all you other posters, stop with your idea that spite voting by Paula and Nicole
      was what they did. No, they voted Drew home because she was singing the same style over and over…there was nothing exciting or upbeat about Drew.

      • Vince says:

        If not for sympathy, Chris would’ve been out of the competition for a long time. That’s also how Dexter was able to stick around for so long with erratic singing. Sad that America’s easily swayed by such – we should all just stick to what the X-Factor is and that’s a singing contest. Not a song-writing contest, not a dance contest, not a pity party.

      • Billy says:

        There is nothing exciting or upbeat in either Sibelius’ or Debussy’s compositions, either. Yet to this day, they are both considered among the finest musicians that ever lived.

  49. Elizabeth says:

    This was completely ridiculous. Nicole only voted to send Drew home to spite Simon. There was no way, based on those sing for your life performances that Drew should have been sent home. Drew was better, and she should not have been sent home.

  50. Sam says:

    I know a lot of people will be saying this tonight, but I’m done. D.O.N.E. This, for me, is equivalent to last season’s Idol finale. I don’t care, I’m not invested. If Chris Rene wins the whole thing, I’ll be glad because it’ll mean the whole competition’s a sham. Nicole and Paula are unbelievably cruel to send home such a talent.
    The only reason to watch this show is the contestants. The judges bicker like six-year olds, the host is a robot from the future, and the guest performers (as evidenced tonight), aren’t that great. When they send home one of the biggest stars they have, the “watch what happens”-ness of it goes way down.

    • George says:

      You nailed it man!!! Said it better than anyone else, and no need for me to add anything, as i agree with you 100%. Sad, as I enjoyed the show, but no way can watch anymore after tonight…..

    • Billy says:

      Well said, Sam.
      The only thing I can add is the host is an unintentionally hilarious robot from the future. (His throwdown / mini tantrum at the end was awfully human, though!)