Survivor: South Pacific: 'What Happens if Edna Wins Immunity?'

For an episode with the most predictable of outcomes, this week’s Survivor: South Pacific contained plenty of juicy intrigue. If your DVR gorged on Kardashian marathons over Thanksgiving (horror!) and didn’t have room for Days of Our Te Tunas, here’s a shortlist of things you’ll need to know:

* Coach returned from last week’s Tribal Council and asked his six remaining tribemates: “Doesn’t this feel great?” Um, yeah, if your idea of a kumbaya experience is hanging in a septet of hungry, unwashed, paranoid people are getting ready to turn on each other for a chance at $1 million.

* Cochran sagely noted that his tribemates’ constant use of the word “family” conjured up scary images of the Manson clan. “I don’t wanna be Sharon Tate in this scenario,” he fretted in a grimly comic moment.

* Upolu’s core alliance of five — Coach, Albert, Sophie, Rick, and Brandon — debated whether Cochran deserved to leap over Edna in the pecking order, seeing how his betrayal of Savaii gave them a crucial numbers advantage. Coach and Albert lobbied for Cochran, but Sophie was unconvinced, and summed it up pretty succinctly: “He made an awful choice!”

* Ozzy won a really boring Redemption Island challenge involving ugly clay dishware. Whitney and Dawn were banished to the jury, but not before the latter woman expressed what’s typically on the minds of every Survivor fan every episode: “Jeff Probst, I love you.”

* Coach taught Cochran some tai chi and droned on about how he loves to “find that one student that wants to learn.” [Insert hurling noise here.]

* Albert triumphed over Rick (who?) and Sophie (pretty formidable at these things) and won immunity and reward. He chose Coach as his shower/massage buddy (not as dirty as it sounds) then gave up his own rubdown and bequeathed it to Cochran, who’d lied and said his birthday was days away.

* Cochran proved the old adage “pride goeth before a fall” by yipping about how he was “entitled to at least one more night in this game.” (As a self-proclaimed Survivor expert, did he think that would play well?)

* Cochran and Edna got chatting with Coach and Albert about flipping the vote and ousting Rick. And yet while that sounded like a smart plan to me — wouldn’t Albert and Coach prefer to take Edna and Cochran to the jury as opposed to Sophie or Rick? — the scheme crumbled when both Albert and Coach voted Cochran out, with Edna and Cochran casting the only votes for Rick. Guess that massage was just a lovely parting gift.

* And thus it looks like Edna will be next to go in the pecking order. Or will she? As next week’s previews showed us, Brandon’s special brand of unsettling crazy might get him in trouble. Heck, even this week’s Tribal Council had him tearfully uttering words that probably make Mikayla happy she’s not still in the game. “I wanna do wrong things.” Yikes!

* Cochran got in two particularly memorable zingers at Tribal Council: “What happens if Edna wins immunity?” (Unlikely, but definitely something Sophie & Co. should be mulling, no?) and “Jeff Probst just snuffed my torch. Unreal. It’s a dream come true.”

What did you think of this week’s Survivor? Did Albert and Coach do the right thing by staying loyal to their alliance of five, or should they have voted out Rick? Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Jackson says:

    I’m hoping Sophie wins, but I think Coach is going to take it.

  2. Sean says:

    My Random Thoughts:

    I enjoyed the scene where Brandon was fishing, and Cochran’s sole job was to hold the fish in the same manner that men are left to hold purses while their significant others are shopping. Be honest…when Cochran was talking about delivering the fish to the rest of the Tribe, didn’t you want it to jump out of hands and back into the water?

    Here’s why I didn’t buy Coach flipping for a second: A) if he flips, it’ll be the first time in 3 seasons of playing that he has actually gone against his word, and say what you want about Coach, he has always shown he is loyal to his alliance, B) if he flips, it p1sses off 3 Jury votes in Sophie, Rick, and Brandon, and C) if he flips, it sets Brandon off on him being disloyal and a liar and not playing with integrity, which nobody wants to deal with, and I honestly believe would hurt Coach more than actually losing the game.

    If you want to read more on Survivor when you’re done here, I hope you’ll check out the rest of my recap at, or you can just click on my name.

    • davey says:

      didn’t Coach at one point flip in Heroes vs. Villains with Russel, Parvati, Danielle and Jerri? Or was that the episode in which Tyson pretty much voted himself off?

  3. Snsetblaze says:

    Edna winning immunity is a possibility. Didn’t Pee-Guy do so in the same situation quite a while ago? It was a challenge where she had to hold her arm above her head which was attached to a bucket of water or paint. She beat Rupert. So its not out of the question.

    • Jackson says:

      You’re thinking about Shii-Ann in All-Stars at the Final 7, although Peih-Gee in China also won a crucial immunity challenge at the Final 6.

      • Erin says:

        FYI… all Asian women are not the same.

        • Rick says:

          Snsetblaze is talking about Judd aka “Fabio” (who peed in the pool at a challenge) and his win streak near the end of the game. Jackson’s points are true but seemingly unrelated, as explained by Erin’s hilarious comment.
          However, Erin, I think Jackson tried to be genuine here and not racist- the challenge that Snsetblaze is referring to was won by Shii Ann in the All-Stars season, and Jackson must have thought that in writing “Pee Guy,” Snsetblaze had misspelled “Peih Gee.” So I think it is a hilarious coincidence that this tied together three Asian women.

  4. rjcarr says:

    You forgot Cochran’s funniest line from tribal: “Discussing strategy with Brandon is like discussing with [Probst] about shirts that aren’t blue”. Zing!

    I think they should have kept Cochran around but I can see why they didn’t. Finally things will get more interesting next week.

    • Roger says:

      I actually didn’t get that- Probst just happened to be wearing a blue shirt that day, but he isn’t like Simon Cowell who only owns shirts of one color.

    • nodak says:

      That shirt comment was my favorite of this episode. Cochran may be a lotta weak and little weird, but he can be pretty witty.

  5. Bad Breaker says:

    Ever notice that every time Brandon writes a name down at Tribal it is misspelled?

  6. Ryan says:

    I’m hard-pressed to figure out why more recent seasons of this show seem less epic than the early seasons. Early on, they focused more on survival, a reminder of what these people go through on a daily basis; they still did a bit this season, but it feels different. The casts use to feel more “real” (they weren’t all supermodels), but this season they aren’t all gorgeous. Maybe it’s because cast members used to have serious discussions about issues, and we got to know them better as a result? I remember when I used to care who won, but at this point, I’m not super impressed by anyone. I do have favorites this year (hey there, Dawn & Sophie), but don’t care too much about who deserves to win because everyone pretty much just sticks with their original allliances and no risks are taken. I think Samoa came closest to replicating that intrigue, but that was in large part due to Russell Hantz. Maybe it’s because they keep bringing back former players and adding redundant challenges that bring back eliminated players (hello, Redemption Island)? I don’t know…
    Anyone else feel like this?

    • tripoli says:

      I agree with you about not caring enough about any of the players to care who wins. With the exception of Ozzy, who’ve I’ve always enjoyed seeing, the rest of them are bland, boring or are so terribly annoying that I can’t stand them. So I guess I do care who wins, as I would prefer that most of them don’t because they are terrible. It does seem very by the numbers in the last few seasons. Too easy to predict who will vote for who because no one really seems interested in really playing the game. It usually comes down to one person becoming the dominant tribe member and everyone else just blindly following whatever plan is fed to them.
      I don’t mind the odd returning player but I draw the line at having to ever suffer through another season with Rob, Hantz, or Benjamin. I would prefer to see players who were well liked(or not,either way) and perhaps played a great game but didn’t make it to the end. There are so many interesting players to choose from. Stop going with a random few because they are so polarizing.
      This was probably the best episode of the season, but only because we finally got rid of the cockroach, and it will be awesome to watch Ozzy serve him his final walking papers, next week.

      • Ryan says:

        I agree that this was a solid episode- I genuinely thought Rick was going (and HOPED he was going, since he has done absolutely nothing), so the end was a surprise to me- it looked like Coach was 100% pro-Cochran. I find Ozzy irritating due to his cockiness, but at the same time, it almost seems like he’s getting an extensive edit, making me think he makes it back in and could possibly win. Heck, Ozzy got more screentime and soundbites this episode than Rick, and Ozzy was voted out a few weeks ago.
        While it might be satisfying to see Ozzy boot Cochran, I almost am hoping for Cochran to boot Ozzy, because 1) it would be completely shocking, and 2) Cochran would prove his worth in challenges and have a shot to win.

        • tripoli says:

          I was kinda hoping that Rick would win immunity, if only because it gave him an actual edit, beyond background dude with mustache. It’s like day 28 and the guy finally gets a coming out party. He’s been pretty much non existent up until now, but at least his performance in the challenge showed he’s capable of winning. Unlike Cochran, who I highly doubt could beat Ozzy, or anyone for that matter in any challenge. Agree that his winning at redemption would be a total shock and would shift the game, but I just can’t stand him at all. He’s just not a good enough player, in any regard to deserve to get any farther in the game. Yes, Ozzy is cocky, but to his credit, the guy is pretty damn good with the physical challenges. Obviously, he still hasn’t mastered the art of the social game, which is why he’ll be chillin at redemption, doing just fine on his own, until he’s back in the game. I don’t expect that he’ll win, although if he makes it to the end he might have enough of a relationship with the savaii jury members and scorned outsiders like Edna to pull off a win, finally.

  7. Johnny D says:

    Survivor has become too boring and predictable. What is the point of watching 2 or three episodes to watch one tribe eliminate the other and try to fabricate some mystique about whether it will happen? Lots of talk about bold moves but it never happens. Redemption Island doesn’t do it for me either and doesn’t improve the intrigue in the game. Nothing more boring then watching someone balance plates on a stick and have Jeff remark when they are getting wobbly. Generally, survivor needs to introduce a few more wrinkles and unpredictable elements (that participants don’t know about, ie a person wins immunity but may pick another person to share immunity once in a while) into the game that might encourage participants to make bigger/riskier moves. Stop bringing back characters from other shows. They had their day in the sun.

    • Jackson says:

      You’ll get your wish next season:
      1. No returning players
      2. No redemption island
      3. All players living on the same beach, divided into tribes of men vs. women

  8. Jerri says:

    Maybe that’s why he didn’t flip this time?

  9. Paul M says:

    If you listen carefully as Cochran walks down the steps with his torch, you can just hear him saying, “My only chance in the duel against Ozzy is if they make it a masturbation challenge.”

  10. Penny Fleming says:

    Awesome about no returning players. (everyone’s doing it. Big B) It Has an equal opt. to go forward, exciting to be fresh & new people, to just play the game.Win or you’re out. That’s the way you play a game. LOVE women VR men.(eaual opt.)I would like to see some “Down & Dirty” fun.. Strategy. Ya!!