Once Upon a Time First Look Video: Will Mary Margaret Come for Her Prince?

Storybrooke school teacher Mary Margaret Blanchard is working hard to walk the fine line between Snow White and, well, Ho White.

In this exclusive clip from the next episode of ABC’s Once Upon a Time (airing Sunday at 8/7c), we learn that David — Prince Charming’s alter ego — has left the woman claiming to be his wife, in part because he feels such a strong, strange connection to Mary.

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Mary’s soul, though, is as white as the driven snow, so she is hesitant to get involved with a married man. But when he invites her to think about it and deliver her answer by meeting him at “their bridge” (or not), you’ve got to think the teach might be tempted enough to open the book on her happy ending. Or will the Evil Queen… er, Regina… do something to make sure that this affair is not to be remembered?

P.S. If you’re out there on Twitter, know that Josh Dallas (who plays David/the Prince) will be live-tweeting Sunday’s episode (at @joshdallas).

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  1. fotreya says:

    Josh Dallas is HOT, best prince ever.
    But what happen with Mary? Who is her stylist? Why this hair-cut? Ginnifer is a pretty girl, why they show Mary so ugly??????

    • Steph says:

      On what planet is Mary ugly? Her haircut is adorable and she’s supposed to dress conservatively: She’s Snow White!

      • fotreya says:

        Yeah, she is Snow White, a princess. The mirror said she is the fairest of them all.
        And Mary is ugly, yes. She looks like a fortysomething single, not a young princess.
        As Snow Ginnifer is beautiful, but I can´t with Mary, I can´t¡

        • Steph says:

          Ginnifer Goodwin IS 33 years old, so she’s actually closer to 40 than 14, which is Snow White’s age in the fairytale. She DOES dress like a princess in fairytale land, but they’re in reality; who in real life goes around wearing ball gowns with flowers in their hair?

          Plus, this is the Evil Queen’s happy ending: do you really think she’d want Snow White to dress nicer than she does?of course not. Considering it’s the real world, Mary looks lovely.

          • fotreya says:

            33 is a young age. And ginnifer always seems younger. Watch Something Borrowed (2011)
            I’m not saying she has to dress with flowers and beautiful dresses, but no as my grandmother ¬¬
            And her hair? WORST HAIR CU EVER (altough in the interviews Ginnifer is amazing with this hair, but she has another different hairstyle).

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            As the sign says in the Post a Comment box, everyone, please stay on topic and talk smart about TV. If you want to harp on fashion, the Fugg girls have a whole website about it.

          • Steph says:

            Who cares if it’s young? It’s still close to 40, like you said, though I have no idea why would assume that’s a bad thing. She’s just mature. So it’s a little frumpy; she’s a schoolteacher! It’s a wardrobe that fits the job and the character.

            And as a person with the exact same haircut, I resent that. Short hair is a very sweet look, and it suits the size and shape of her face nicely. Not everyone has to have long hair to be beautiful.

          • fotreya says:

            What the hell are you saying?
            33 is not more than 40.
            33 is a young age.
            And short hairs can be awesome, but no with this hairstyle.

            Evil Queen is more beautiful and sexier than her, the mirror was joking, I’m sure.

            I want my beautiful Ginnifer back¡¡¡

          • Steph says:

            When did I say 30 is older and 40. Where are you pulling this stuff from? You’re not making any sense.

        • Anonymous says:

          You just answered your own question. Mary is the beautiful Snow White in fairytale world. The Evil Witch, aka Regina, let loose that spell where no one will get their happy ending or find happiness except her. So take reality as an alternate world for them, where most of the things are opposite what they were in fairytale world. Snow White was the fairest of them all, and because of the curse, in reality she is not.

          Makes sense now, doesn’t it?

          • Julie says:

            But my bet is that she will become the fairest even our world! ;)

          • fray says:

            yeah, i agree with you…

            everything is like the opposite in the real world and the fairytale world.. it make sense what you said..

          • Christy says:

            if thinggs are the opposite, why is prince charming/josh dallas still so handsome outside of the fairytale world? ;)

        • Lil Jo says:

          Come on Mary is hot.

          But my best friend found the hottest women on, hotfairytails.com

      • Khrome says:

        Earth.. The planet name you’re looking for is earth

    • Dijea says:

      She’s under the curse. The fairest one of all would have to be blah under the curse.

    • Snow Charming Shippper says:

      It’s not cheating if he’s already your husband and an evil witch cast a spell on you.

    • @Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      1. Thanks for the preview clip – can’t wait for ep on Sun

      2. I disagree w/ you that people can’t discuss the appearance of a character. No one is saying Ginnifer is unattractive or attacking her or each other personally. They are discussing a MAJOR part of the main character’s characteristic. She’s supposed to be fairest of them all. Plus don’t forget that you commented on the stripper heels of the Blue Fairy.

      I think the producers/hair/makeup & Ginnifer herself is doing her character and her show a major disservice by not staying true to the character. Yes, MM is cursed & is not supposed to be fairest any more, but you still should be able to imagine that she was once SW. Her hair in that clip hair that is so annoyingly bad that it makes her look much older and you can no longer see SW in her. Plus I also hate the terrible wigs they have put SW in – Ginnifer’s looked so much better when she had long hair. This is about serving the character, not just our personal preferences. When this many people are talking about a character’s appearance instead of the story or acting – that show is not getting it right & not serving their character or their viewers correctly. Watching should be fun, NOT annoying & frustrating. How to get more men to watch? Don’t let the main female character be someone most men would NOT find desirable as either of her alter egos.

      • Response to Matt Webb Mitovich w/ @Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        My comments from @Matt Webb Mitovich was meant to respond to what Matt posted in the comment section, but somehow it looked like I was posing as him from the “comment by” name. So I want to make it clear that I am responding to him & not him.

        Also, wanted to add that the show doesn’t need to go the other extreme either and make the women look so sleazy like the Blue Fairy (once again the is NOT the persona of the character). While I don’t like Ruby’s outfits either, at least it’s her character, but once again the producers are not getting it. You can attract more male viewers w/o going the cheap rout and then alienating most of the female viewers. Emma is sexy & attractive looking most peeps from both sexes w/o being a turn off trashy.

      • Lisa says:

        Wearing a cardigan is considered a disservice to the character? I can’t even begin to explain how ridiculous that sounds! Some people take clothes way too seriously.

        • jessj says:

          Can you read more carefully please? No one was saying anything about the cardigan. They were talking about how unattractive the hairdo was.

    • Streia says:

      I totally agree you…!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Templar says:

    Snow/Mary won’t do anything wrong. But she may be believing Henry’s theory. After all she gave him the book.

  3. Amanda says:

    Geez. Not a girl on the planet could say no to that smile.

  4. Julie says:

    I squeeed (?) so hard when I read that Josh was going to be live-tweeting this Sunday (it’s SOOOO awesome that we on Canada’s east coast get to see the episode 2 hours before it is aired on ABC): Oh I’m gonna be watching it twice! :D
    LOVE him as the prince and I’m so excited that they (David and Mary) are getting another centric-episode! AAAAAHHH I can’t wait until Sunday! :D:D:D:D <3

  5. Liz says:

    Seriously… that smile?!?! Good luck refusing that one Mary!

  6. Ace says:

    Come on, Mary! Don’t leave the poor guy all alone at the Troll Bridge! (Okay, yeah, I’ll be watching this episode. Those two have *amazing* chemistry.)

  7. Dave says:

    Am I the only one who finds the headline of this article suggestive?

  8. biritz says:

    Aw…they are cute…

    Please Mary, do not listen Regina Evil Queen. And you’ll find yourself with your man!

    I bet this scene will break my heart…Aw…

  9. Dessy says:

    They are so adorable. Also, LOL. ‘Ho White.’
    Well, technically speaking, David and Mary are married, right? I mean, Snow White and Charming Are married, and I’m pretty sure Kathryn is either faking/ somehow brainwashed by Regina.
    I can’t wait!

  10. ceebee says:

    Love this show! It has turned out to be a pleasant viewing surprise! I’m also loving the subtle forest that is in the background of this scene…..these writers are doing a Great job!!

  11. Viviana says:

    OMG. I totally caught that too. Lmao.

  12. Ronnie says:

    I am sure it won’t be ending we want. It is too early in the season for things to go right, but I’m loving it, nonetheless.

  13. Elsa says:

    Holy crap!!! How can you say no to that adorable smile?!

  14. Benita says:

    I have stopped the video at 1:21 and would occasionally look at it.

  15. Mikaylah says:

    AH! I feel so girly right now, gushing over how adorable these two are. But you just know something will happen to try to keep MM away from the bridge.

  16. Shae says:

    I am SO excited that Josh Dallas (A.K.A. Charming will be tweeting during this upcoming episode!
    This clip makes my heart melt! I can’t wait to see what happens!
    BUT I was rather upset to see in the description that I read, they said MM was on a fine line between SNOW WHITE AND HO WHITE! I WAS SHOCKED!

  17. Laverna says:

    Lol at the title. ‘Will Mary Margaret come for her Prince?’ XD

  18. B says:

    Technically, she isn’t being a ho. “Our world” isn’t reality for these characters–the enchanted forest is. So the marriage with Catherine isn’t actually the real one. The real marriage is between Snow and James. Everything they go through in Storybrook is a symptom of the curse.

  19. Abelyss says:

    How ridiculous. He could easily use that excuse to leave Mary next. This feels nothing like a fairy tale.

  20. Lyss says:

    I had to replay the part where he is like “I know where I’ll be” like three times because his smile and eyes were distracting me. <3

  21. Betty says:

    Oh my God, how can you say no to that face? I absolutely adore him, and I really hope that he and Snow end up together!

  22. Miranda says:


  23. Anita says:

    I smell some Barney/Robin-style heartbreak coming from this next episode. Someone’s totally not gonna show. :/

  24. ecrc says:

    I don’t understand when people criticize the appearance of the characters rather than comment on the story lived in the sneak peek they just watched.
    Do you like the TV-Show or hairstyles?
    Who cares about the damn hair, when we see David opening his heart to Mary that way?

    Love them <3

  25. 4ever_a_dreamer says:

    Oh my GOD! How can anyone imply Snow is a ho? With that remarkable self restraint!

    What does that make me then? Cos if Charming smiled at me the way he smiled at her…, he wouldn’t have to wait till the bridge to know my answer.

    Class dismissed!

  26. Moi says:

    Wait til 8 O’clock? Pleeeeease, I would drop those books and run after him tout de suite! Those kids don’t need a teacher or school. No one’s going to college anyhow.

  27. AngelMoonGirl says:

    I can’t wait! I’m absolutely in love with the fairytale (or… not so fairytale, in this world ;p) romance between Snow and Charming. I’m dying to know how everything gets resolved and when they find out Emma is their daughter. It’s all SO exciting!
    As for Mary Margaret, I think she’s absolutely beautiful and her conservative style is refreshing and “real” – we don’t see enough of it on TV. She’s a schoolteacher and I think she dresses appropriately.

  28. Hairdoer says:

    I just want to add that the producers are doing a bang up job! I don’t want them to change a thing. Best show since Lost ended!

  29. Laura says:

    Love this show!!! That sneek peek was amazing is it unday yet? NO!! Dangit oh well just going to have to wait. Now if I could just become an Intern or something for these guys then I could see it all in advance. HMM I may be on to something here. Do you guys need someone to help watch shows and write reviews for say FREE then I’m your girl

  30. Gen says:

    First off, after the squeegasm.. my thoughts. 1.) Josh Dallas is so yummy 2.) Those kids are too quiet, school children are never that quiet when they come into class. 3.) Where’s Henry? He’s in Mary’s class, right? 4.) Mary needs to stop dressing like my grandmother. 5.) Josh Dallas is so yummy.

  31. somegirl says:

    I’m not convinced James is really married to this other girl anyway. I think the evil queen is using her to prevent Mary and James from getting together. What happens when he tries to divorce her. Will they come up with some proof that he is actually married? I’m just saying…

    And by the way, I actually think Ginnifer is more attractive in the reality than the fairy tale world. I believe one of her hair styles was to cover an injury over her eye that she received while filming. Either way, she looks great.

  32. Sash says:


    he is so hot!

    When i see this ep I’ll want to say GO TO THE DAMN BRIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Fairy tale dream says:

    I think they will always be drawn to each other and I hope they find their way back but I do agree Ginnifer is not the typical SW. Y family agrees she is a good actress but even in fairy tale land she doesn’t have the looks..

    I think even the girl playing Cinderella was not even that close to bring pretty. The best they are both cute. Regina is a lot prettier. They should of stuck to a young SW like from the tales. But in the end I love the show.

  34. Elizabeth says:

    Here’s a question – where did the wedding ring come from? Did he supposedly (in the pretend history) leave it behind when he stormed off? Did Kathryn keep it all those 28 years and then give it back to him? If he’d always worn it, why didn’t they use it to figure out he had a wife? Idk… I just don’t remember seeing it before he woke up.

    Other than that – I cannot get over this clip xD. Josh Dallas is the most adorable/handsome/cute/hot/sweet/I-could-go-on-for-a-while prince in the world of television ^.^

    • Princessinneed says:

      Well, if you saw the earlier shows. Prince charming was in the carriage with the other lady not Snow White in the episode where they meet. Where Snow White robbed the carriage. Then Prince Charming went looking for her. Then at the end after they got his ring Prince Charming does goes off to the castle and we are lead to believe that he goes and marries the other lady. Which we find out later that she comes back in the real world as his wife. But then in a later episode it shows Prince Charming and Snow White getting married. What happen and how did they get back together? So how do we know that he didn’t marry the other lady and then decided to get a divorce in fairytale land and they are just reliving what happen in real life.

      • Cathhy says:

        Nope, he never married Kathryn in the FTW. Before the wedding, he left and that’s when he saved Snow White.
        “Divorce in the fairytale land” -listen to yourself :D

  35. Diana says:

    Just reading some of your comments makes me really angry.From when the short haircut is considered to be ugly? Yes your own opinion is ugly. She dresses up normally, as a teacher. Besides that in the real world she is not a princess, but a teacher, so stop staying stupid facts as it is obvious already.

  36. Diana says:

    What is wrong with you people, that you consider pretty as most of the society? Wake up, you are all affected my marketing tricks! Shame on you…

  37. Julie says:

    Me again…
    Just theorizing here, but what if the hairdo is meant to be messy? What if she had a couple of sleepless night thinking about that freaking hot smile??? I know my hair would be a mess if all I could think about is him…. *le fangirl sigh*
    Seriously though whether you want to accept it or not she is beautiful as much on the outside as she is on the inside. We all have bad hair days and who knows this might actually become a new trend! ;)

  38. JHarnes says:

    I like the evil queen. I think there were some very nasty things that happened to drive her over the edge. The good folks are not innocent and Rumple is actually the one manipulating everyone. I’m enjoying the show!

  39. Much more excited for this episode than last week’s. While Raphael Sbarge did well with what he was given, the mine story wasn’t overly exciting (it feels like a played out scenario for genre shows).

    Snow White and Charming are definitely the most interesting story in Fairy Tale/Storybrooke. Looking forward to the Prince Charming/James side of the story.

    Wanna catch up with last week’s episode before Sunday’s new one? Be sure to check out our recap on bitchstolemyremote.com here: http://wp.me/p1VQBq-61 and come back Monday for a full new recap!

  40. CC says:

    I don’t think that Snow/Mary would be doing anything wrong in dating the Charming/David. Mary is not her true identity just as David is not Charmings real identity. She can’t be a ho if this reality is not their own. Just my opinion. I love this show though! One of my new favorites!

  41. Aurora says:

    Oh silly David – don’t you know that when you say someone has to meet you somewhere or else you will think they don’t love you – then SOMETHING will ALWAYS prevent the other person from showing up.

    Whether MM wants to go see David or not is one thing – will she actually be allowed to go see him is another. It’s a classic – she won’t show because she gets hung up by something or someone, then he will think she doesn’t care for him.

    *sigh* Just put them together and let us deal with some other angst in the show. We’ll still watch – we promise ABC.

    • Luz says:

      I’ve seen this story a million times Regina is going to get wind or somehow Mary Margaret will be delayed and the Prince will think she doesn’t love him yup snooze!

  42. Mosun says:

    Do you know if any more sneak peeks will be released for this episode? ABC usually does, but I haven’t seen any this week.

  43. LINDY says:

    Wait, why is it Ho White? Shouldn’t it be Prince Playa? She’s not really leading him on to leave his wife.

    • Lissie says:

      Thank you! Exactly this. I find the ho comment in very bad taste, because not only is it untrue, it’s completely sexist.

  44. How could you trust someone who at at moment could remember who he was and why he loved his wife?? I wouldn’t meet him, but I be Mary does.

  45. Natalie says:

    Oh please. Like she is going to go meet him at the bridge! That would mean the main plot of this show is moving WAY too fast…where are they going to take it from there that could even be remotely suspenseful? I just don’t see the show going in this direction…yet. Even if she decided to meet him there, Regina would somehow find out and prevent it from happening.
    I really like this show but I feel like, and this is not the first time, it’s too easy to predict how the episodes are going to play out. I’d like a bit more uncertainty…mysteriousness…something! I’d LOVE for her to decide to meet him there…and have it actually happen, now THAT would be a surprise!

    • Natalie says:

      I’d love to see the plot actually move that fast and I’d definitely be interested to see where it could go from there, but I’m just not optimistic that it will happen. All too often shows pull the ‘will she or won’t she’ stuff only to have it go the ‘won’t she’ way…I’d like to see a show break away from the formula…make the show move fast. There are so many fairy tales to pull inspiration from, even if the show does move fast there can be a way to make it work for multiple seasons without running out of fresh things to do.

  46. Anya Natasha says:

    I’m going to offer discount leather goods to you! Lol, who came up with that line?
    I saw the thing about Mary being ugly. She’s not ugly, they dress her conservatively, as was mentioned! When has that become ugly? And I like her haircut, personally. It fits her face nicely. I am not a fan of Snow’s hair during and after the wedding. It looked much better down, rather than all poofy and matted (like an elaborate rat’s nest).

  47. pms says:

    I agree. This is not a very “fairest of them all” haircut. It is very ugly and it makes her look more like one of the dwarves. Please do something about her hair!!