'Law-Enforcement Crushes' Tourney: Round 2 Begins With X-Files Vs. V, Castle Vs. Cagney

Round 2 of our Ultimate Female Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament begins with a pair of classic old-school-vs.-new-school showdowns.

‘Law-Enforcement Crushes’ Day 7: SVU Vs. The Closer, Unforgettable Vs. CSI, and More!

Indeed, we’ve got a pair of alien-encountering agents in Dana Scully and Erica Evans, and a couple of NYC detectives in Christine Cagney and Kate Beckett. But, of course, in the single-elimination world of the TVLine Thunderdome, two crime-fighters will enter, but only one will leave!

Every afternoon over the next few weeks, in fact, we’ll launch another set of bouts that will have you dialing 911 with an emergency of lusty proportions. So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorites (Round 1 voting will be open for 72 hours), and hit the comments to justify your picks.

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering/fretting, we put a cap of two cast members per show, which meant some fan favorites had to warm the bench this time around.)

New and Classic ‘Nikitas,’ Criminal Minds and CSI: NY Ladies in Day 8 of ‘Crime-Fighting Crushes’

Also, if you’re interested in the match-ups we’ve got planned for the coming weeks, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE 64-PLAYER BRACKET (then click again for a zoomed-in view) — and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Now ready, set, vote!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Megan says:

    Beckett all the way!!!

  2. CastleBuffySVU says:

    (I love Dana Scully too, but Beckett must end up beating her. So sad.)

    • Cy says:

      Agreed–Scully is cool, but no lady law enforcer PWNS as hard as Beckett does. XDDDDDDDDD

      • dee says:

        Oh yes, your so right. Beckett has to deal with so much more than Scully ever had to. WHATEVER, IDIOTS.

        • Goo says:

          Exactly, I don’t think any TV-character ever endured as much hardship as Scully did without totally going crazy. And yet, she handled everything with style, like the BAMF she is. Scully FTW!

        • Jess says:

          I admire the hardcore Beckett love but seriously, have you even read a SYNOPSIS of The X-Files?! Yeah, Beckett has had her fair share of crap to deal with but we’re talking alien abduction, subsequent cancer, infertility forced upon her, watching an unknown child of hers die before even getting to know her, getting shot/maimed/injured MULTIPLE times, watching the love of her life get abducted and then waiting for him for nearly two years. Even on the simple basis of longevity of hardships, Scully would win in a battle of who has had to “deal” with more.

          • bobby says:

            I think Dee was actually being sarcastic.

          • sarah says:

            i love sci fi but i have never been a huge fan of the x files becuase i was too young when it started so i have only seen a few episodes,but just reading what you write about it makes me want to watch the whole thing from the beginning

        • Alex says:

          Guys, with all due respect, this isn’t a battle of who’s dealt with more stuff in their prospective series. It’s a battle of who is more crushable. But if that’s what defines crushable to you guys then by all means… I’ll respect that.

          • Jen says:

            I understand Beckett is on a current hit show, but Gillian Anderson was 1996’s Sexiest Woman Alive! I mean, come on… She’s gorgeous and Scully’s brain made her even more beautiful. Smart is sexy. It’s too bad that current popularity will rule this tourney.

          • Dude says:

            Scully is hot to older people! I emphatically say – she isn’t hot in any sense of the word!

  3. c says:

    castle (Beckett…) FTW. hands down, BEST detective.

  4. Michael says:

    I’m not surprised at the percentage for Beckett, and I kinda suspect she has a shot a winning this all.

  5. Alex says:

    Kate Beckett… FTW.

  6. silencero says:

    Kate Beckett ALL THE WAY!

  7. Susan says:

    Cagney and Lacey has been off the air since the 1980s -this hardly seems like a relevant comparison to the very popular Stan Katic as Det Kate Beckett.How do you decide which characters to compare for popularity?Just curious.

    • lipsticksocialism says:

      I agree. It would be interesting to see “oldies” competing against “oldies” and newbies against newbies. It would be more fair.

  8. darklady65 says:

    well i love Beckett too but come on Cagney is an awesome character too she was a darn good detective i can’t just toss her aside LOL….honestly i love all them so FOR ME its hard to choose LOL

    • john says:

      Yeah but come on, it’s a CRUSHABLE poll not simply an AWESOME character poll, not even a contest here!

      • James says:

        This why ladies shouldn’t vote here, no offense! You don’t even see what the poll is about -_-

        • James says:

          Sorry, that reply was for darklady65!

        • Vivo says:

          I’m a straight woman (well with an exception, that exception being Stana Katic/Kate Beckett) and hell, I have a girl crush on her. So you cannot say that we don’t see what this poll is about because Beckett is serious girl crush material. ;P

      • john says:

        andit’s not like Beckett is exactly such a bad character either
        i have to admit cageny was before my time so i can’t compare characters easily

  9. Jim says:

    If Beckett doesn’t win this whole thing, I don’t know what’s wrong with people’s eyes.

  10. Bailey says:

    I don’t see how you can compare a character that hasn’t been on TV in over 20 years to someone that is at the peak of tv popularity at this time. Most of the people voting probably don’t even know who Christine Cagney is! For those of us that know, you have to give her the win, without her and Lacey there would be NO other tv female detectives to vote for. They started it all. Trail blazing babes they were back in their day!

    • darklady65 says:

      ITA =)

    • lacey says:

      That was a problem in the men poll, where the oldies were losing to the current guys. Something TVline should have envisioned when they first dreamed up these polls, but they either didn’t think or just didn’t care.

    • Alex says:

      I’m a Castle fan, but I’m not going to lie, this bracket should have been divided into classics and currents. I don’t have any idea who the woman competing against Kate Beckett is and I do think it’s a bit unfair that they did the bracket this way.

      In the male poll I stayed out of most of the classics because I didn’t know most of the characters and I would have done the same had they done the bracket the same way for the females. But what’s done is done and I’ll be giving my vote to Beckett till the end. :)

      • Stitch says:

        Plus “A vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire”.

        So, as a Castle fan, I am sad that the win will come so easily (at least for this round).

  11. Mike says:

    Love me some Dana Scully.

  12. MAS says:

    I don’t understand why the men’s brackets were seaparted into current and classics, but no the ladies. It appears there could have been quadrant devoted to the classics.

  13. Leonie1988 says:

    DANA SCULLY obviously! She is the best!

  14. Jan says:

    Totally agree with Bailey! I fear the majority of Michael’s loyal followers are too young to have been regular viewers of C&L.

  15. Jax says:

    The Christine Cagney would kick Beckett’s @**. She was a female detective back when women REALLY had to prove themselves. She had to work harder and do better than any male on the force and she DID. (and she didn’t need some nosey writer of crime fiction to help her do it.)

  16. arcoiris says:

    Kate Beckett of course!!

  17. Relyks says:

    Detective Kate Beckett

  18. Anita says:

    Dana Scully NOT winning at any point in this competition = severe government conspiracy. :/

  19. beth says:


  20. Mia says:

    Bless my old soul. Scully and Cagney ftw. In all honesty, Dana Scully should win it all. No one comes close

  21. cookystarr says:

    This poll is useless, we all know that Beckett is the best ;)

  22. CC says:

    Dang, the next round will be hard — Scully versus Beckett. >_<

  23. Samantha says:

    Beckett all the way. She is smart, funny, beautiful, and she can kill ya with only her pinky.

  24. Cy says:


  25. me says:

    Gonna have to go Beckett without even thinking about it and Mitchell after a second of thought.

    The X-file crowd will doom one of my picks though, I’d bet. I did like the X-files a lot myself, well other than that last utter stinker of a movie.

  26. juan says:

    Go Beckett, she is def. the best, also voted for Erica cause she was pretty awesome herself in V.

  27. mj says:

    It’s hard to choose but Beckett and Scully are the best maybe because they’re my same generation! I know Cagney and she was the FIRST! So Madame Respect!

  28. KristenSBB says:

    Something tells me Beckett is going to win this whole thing pretty handily. Not that I’m complaining, mind you

  29. Scott says:

    Looks to me like Kate Beckett has it easy for the next two rounds. She’ll likely beat Christine Cagney with 90+% and then will likely face Juliet O’Hara who she will cream with a good 70% of the votes. I have her facing Olivia Benson after that but with the ratings difference between the two shows I think it’ll be around 60/40 in favor of Beckett. Beckett easily has the easiest route to the final four than anyone else. I also believe Kate wins the whole thing.

  30. Hilary Winn says:

    Hands down it should be Christine Cagney! Sharon Gless is a fabulous actress, and if it wasn’t for her and Tyne Daly and the creator of Cagney & Lacey: Barney Rosenzweig, these other characters wouldn’t exist! Cagney & Lacey was and still is one of the most realistic cop shows ever made. Even with all the changes in the world that have happened since it went off the air, the stories still hold up and the portrayal of the two women detectives is spot on! I was a young child in the 80s, so I didn’t discover this show until the reruns started airing on TNT in the 90s, but it’s still one of my favorite shows to watch!

  31. Angie says:

    Wow. People really dont know what good TV is nowadays. No one beats Special Agent Dana freaking SCULLY!

  32. Jess says:

    The worst thing would be if it came down to Scully vs. Beckett but honestly, Scully would win hands down. Sorry. Beckett is younger, sexier (in that obvious sort of way) but she just doesn’t have the Scully factor on her side.

  33. Syd says:

    Scully, no questions asked. Beckett’s cool and all, but we’re forgetting who put up with Mulder’s BS all those years, Castle is an ant bite in comparison!

  34. Grace says:

    Haha, psyched for Sydney Bristow v Annie Walker tomorrow. It’s like Coke v Pepsi, aren’t they essentially the same thing?

  35. GK says:

    Stana Katic stole my heart with Kate Beckett!! She’s the perfect girl any guy could ask for! Damn, she should just win the whole thing right now!

    I watched 16 episodes of season 1 X-Files just to see what this whole fascination with Mulder & Scully is. Show is alright, but sorry to say this, Gillian is NOT HOT! Nor is she badass! And by what I hear from my X-Files friends, Mulder-Scully relationship is unsatisfying!

    • Alice says:

      Never ever seen X-Files but ITA with you. I love her. STANA KATIC WILL CRUSH EM ALL!! :D

      • james says:

        “Never ever seen X-Files but ITA with you.”

        And I have seen Castle. Thus, my argument trumps yours – Gillian Anderson (and Dana Scully) owns the universe. No petty poll will reflect that…clearly Castle appeals to a younger generation, who are more likely to vote. Just saying.

    • 2shy says:

      That’s because you watched season 1 for christsakes!!!If you watch seasons 5-9 you would understand the fuss–physically speaking. The nineties had a totally different style. Emotionally, mentally, psychologically speaking–even as far as hand to hand combat as well as shooting goes, Scully would kick Beckett’s ass. I like Beckett, but Scully is way better than her. Oh, by the way, whoever your friends are, they were totally wrong about the Mulder Scully dynamic. Castle and Beckett are partially based and always compared to the former because they were so effective.

      • Jess says:

        I echo the call for seasons 5-9. Hell, even as early as Season 2, you can pick up on the love. By season 7, they’re more than just your typical TV romance, they’re soulmates in every single sense of the word. I love Beckett and I think she and Castle are on their way to something spectacular but like 2shy said, they’re often compared to the FBI duo simply because that relationship is iconic in itself.

      • GK says:

        I never heard anybody referring them to Mulder-Scully. The only other couple who came up in comparisons were Booth-Brennan or something from Bones. And if you ask me to wait till 5th or 9th season for their relationship to bloom, then I can’t. Castle was one of those shows I started to watch because of Nathan Fillion and then loved for Nathan and Stana’s sizzling chemistry and humor. I may still watch X-Files, but that’ll be for the conspiracy theories and alien stuff.

        • 2shy says:

          Not to criticize your personal taste, but that is because the show is more than about romance–it wasn’t even about romance at all. But, Mulder and Scully’s chemistry was so off the chart that it forced the creator to put them together. The show is about the paranormal not when they are hooking up. Also, I was referring to Gillian Anderson’s personal beauty when I mentioned 5-9. The problem with Bones is that many of the fans are watching only for a romance not the actual case. The X-Files was case first and maybe–maybe-some romantic overtones.

    • Jess says:

      Also, Gillian Anderson is one of the sexiest women to walk the planet in the last few decades. The fact that she’s not that blatantly obvious, overtly sexy to the point where you’re not concerned about what her character is actually all about is where people get hung up. She’s a character that’s simply about who she is, not what she looks like. I miss female characters like that.

      • GK says:

        Well, I like my fav women to be hot, as well as have a character which connects to me and I feel for them. Scully with that dress, ugh. Call me superficial, she looked far too normal and also it doesn’t help the fact that she reminds me of my mom everytime I see her face. Now Stana as Beckett is the perfect package of attitude, sexiness, inner turmoil, strength and she’s a bamf! She’s a decade older than me and yet I love her to the core!

      • loretta says:

        My thoughts exactly.

      • 2shy says:

        Scully is hot, has the attitude, inner turmoil that Beckett can’t touch, strength, and Scully embodied BAMF to the fullest degree. You can’t look at the early seasons if you want to put her on a scale of sexiness–wardrobe was hideous. 5-9 is the way to go and this was back then when women actually dressed professionally. Scully went through get medically raped, watching her child die and giving the other one away, cancer, watching family die because of her cause, among other thing–that takes strength. I love Beckett, but Scully is so much more awesome.

  36. Zoe says:

    Part of me wants to see Erica Evans win so that there can be an Olivia vs. Kathy matchup, but I’m still voting for Scully and Beckett.

  37. hilla says:

    Scully !! She is the best!

  38. Shindig says:

    Scully Scully Scully~

  39. moi says:

    You want Stna Katic to win right ?
    As a Castle Fan I don’t complain but you couldn’t have been more obvious !

    • Eric says:

      No matter where Stana was placed, she would have beaten everybody sweetheart. The poll is not rigged btw. This is the norm they have been following since the start of the men’s tournament. There are still so many rounds left and Stana will win them all, because she truly is amazing, kickass and gorgeous to boot. Its only a race between Stana, Emily, Ziva and Scully in this competition. None of the others have a chance. Though I would love Olivia (Anna Torv) to be in the final four too, I don’t see that happening.

  40. kiran says:

    Special Agent Dana Scully all the way folks! True legend xoxo

  41. Jolie says:

    Please don’t make me choose between Scully and Beckett. Please.

  42. Ellie says:

    Seriously, anyone who doesn’t vote for Scully has obviously never seen The X-Files, because then you would know she is the most awesome human being of all time. OF ALL TIME.

    As Mulder would say: SCULLAAAYYY!

  43. Julie says:

    Of course I voted for Beckett, and not only because I have no clue who *copy pastes* «Christine Cagney (Sharon Gless)» is! ;) I also voted for Scully and CANNOT wait to see those two face off because in the end they are the only two that deserves to face each other for a close race (though Stana would get my vote!)

  44. mobile vote? says:

    still cant vote with a mobile phone?

  45. laura says:

    Beckett FTW Bitches!!

  46. 2shy says:

    Despite the fact that Scully should win, Beckett will come out victorious. Castle just has more active fans online and the X-Files has been off air for 9 years not even counting the movie.

    But, seriously, Beckett could not kick Scully’s ass–there’s no way!!! Not only was Scully an FBI agent, but a doctor and scientist as well. She didn’t wear sexy clothing because she didn’t need to–she let her work do the talking. She got abducted, had cancer, was shot in the stomach, and kidnapped several times and went back to work to fight a cause bigger than herself. And she wasn’t afraid to put her bosses in their place.

    I enjoy Beckett–I really do, but Scully is all around BAMF!!! Those talking Beckett would kick Scully ass…what show have you been watching???

  47. Kristy says:

    Love Kate Beckett! Smart, beautiful, and funny!

  48. Sarah says:

    If Gillian Anderson loses I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  49. Alex says:

    Even though I watched the X-files when I was like 7 or 8..yeah I totally gave away my age there, and I don’t remember watching much of the series, I remember Scully enough to vote for her till the end…. or at least until she goes up against Kate Beckett…. and that’s if they go up against each other.