Exclusive: Supernatural Resurrects Vampire Diaries' Sara Canning For a Hot Date with Dean!

Ex-Vampire Diaries star Sara Canning is about to become the latest notch on Dean Winchester’s belt.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Supernatural has tapped Canning to guest star as a lust interest for Jensen Ackles’ demon warrior.

She’ll play Lydia, a character executive producer Sera Gamble describes as “wry, independent, and as fun-loving as Dean.” Gamble adds that she and Dean “have a memorable evening that takes an unexpected turn.”

Supernatural Scoop: Jason Dohring to Play [Spoiler Alert]!

The original casting breakdown for Lydia took things a step further, describing their encounter as a “sizzling one-night stand.”

Canning, who played Elena and Jeremy’s beloved Aunt Jenna on Diaries until she was killed off in last May’s bloodbath, will appear in Supernatural‘s 13th episode (slated to air in late January).

Supernatural‘s fall finale airs Friday at 9/8c on The CW.

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  1. Julie says:

    I don’t really know her since I don’t watch TVD, but any Supernatural article on here is always appreciated.

  2. Julie says:

    I don’t really know her since I don’t watch TVD, but any Supernatural article on here is always appreciated.

  3. Julie says:

    (sorry about the double posting… don’t know how or why it happened)

  4. K says:

    It’s about time Dean Winchester got his sexy on again on SUPERNATURAL. Everything has been about SAM SAM SAM lately, ugh.

    • Jesse says:

      Besides the spoiler about the working girl, what exactly was all about Sam? I only recall sth about Bobby and Rufus in 7×10, the guy from Smallville being Chronos, sth about Ness being a hunter in the 40s, and Chuck-e-cheese in 7.14.
      Did I miss some spoilers or are you exaggerating?

    • Snapy says:

      Oh STFU. The show is equally balanced between BOTH brothers.

    • Glow says:

      I’m surprised you still feel that way. Other than that bout where Sam thought he might still be in hell with Lucifer, he’s been well-adjusted–at least, more so than Dean. It’s Dean that everyone’s been worried about lately, and he’s the one that’s been building up to go stark-raving mad because of all the loss he’s had to deal with. Guess some people can never be satisfied…

  5. Clare says:

    Wow. The fact Gamble remembers there is another Winchester brother is amazing.

    But it sounds as yawn-worthy and REDUNDANT as this whole season has been so far.

    • Rezcakes says:

      I agree with you so much. Sigh, I thought Dean would be moping about.. y’know, the death of his best mate Cas, and probably Bobby and how he’s losing Sammy. But oh well.
      Two words: Sera Gamble.

    • Kalie says:

      I think it’s ridiculous that Sera Gamble gets all the blame every time there’s an article about an upcoming storyline. Yes, she’s the executive producer, but not every decision regarding the show is completely up to her. She doesn’t write & direct every episode. Also, I actually thought the show focused more on Sam when Eric Kripke was exec producer. Just think about Season 1. Jared Padalecki was supposed to be the star, not Jensen Ackles. I also think it’s silly that people jump to conclusions when we haven’t seen so much as a preview for the episode. SN is still a great show. Sera Gamble has not ruined it by any means. If you’re no longer enjoying it, you certainly have the option to stop watching. Why waste your time leaving negative comments instead?

  6. Michelle says:

    WORD. And anything that gets Dean to smile again (if only for one night) is something I highly approve of!

  7. lydia says:

    Wow, an actual spoiler about Dean? I must jot this down on my calendar. I think it’s been at least 2 seasons since there was something about Dean. However, Dean having a love interest that goes wrong is hardly a storyline, it’s a one shot, but I guess that is all that the Dean fans have left to look forward to.

    • Carrie says:

      Are you serious? I’m a Dean fan and I think he gets plenty of screen time, maybe more than Sam. I have no complaints.

      • Dave says:

        Plus Dean gets all the great lines…I’m Batman (Dean in Bad Day at Black Rock). I am a fan of the show and all characters. Yes there have been a few characters here and there that haven’t been great but for the most part Supernatural has great characters. Both brothers are great and I am really getting tired of the crying babies whining over which brother isn’t getting enough story. I mean if the Sam girls had thier way Dean would have been killed off in the begining and it would be all about Sam avenging his brother. If Dean girls had thier way vice versa. Sam killed off and Dean avenging his brother. Seriously what kind of show would that be. Not one I would enjoy.

      • Tricia says:

        I am a fan of both of them equally and also think they have both had the same amount of screen time lately,also I don’t think it’s been spoiled being given a small bit of info on Dean having a one night stand it just gives you something to look forward to watch and the fact Dean will get a brief taste of fun for a change after all the misery they have been through lately, also does anyone know if Bobby is dead or not..xx

  8. Pam says:

    Wow, confirmation that Dean shows up in the second half of the season after all. Finally. Jensen and Sara should look very pretty together. Something to look forward to.

  9. Marie says:




    Sera, bring Castiel back. Maybe it’ll make this season worthwhile.

    • Max says:

      Get over it.

    • Arweniel says:

      The season is worthwhile. If you can’t enjoy the show only because Castiel isn’t there anymore, you never loved THE SHOW itself in the first place because Supernatural had been there BEFORE Castiel, and as you can see, it is here and going strong even AFTER Castiel. Btw, there are a lot of fans who actually appreciate that the Castiel storyline is over at last because the show is finally focusing on the brothers again.

      • Dani says:

        This is one of the most ridiculous arguments I’ve ever seen as far as people missing Castiel goes. So, for example, say a woman has a new baby and it dies of SIDS at 6 months old, of course she’s devastated and her entire life is changed. Do you tell her to get over it because she’s not a real mother and she never loved her other kids if she’s upset over it and having a hard time getting through life for a while? NO. F uck off and get off your imaginary high horse when it comes to telling other people whether or not they “ever loved the show”.

        In my opinion, this season is NOT worthwhile and that has nothing to do with the lack of Castiel and everything to do with the crappy redundant writing and plethora of filler episodes that do hardly anything for yet another inconsistent plot.

        • Really? says:

          Are you really honestly comparing the loss of a child with the (supposed) death of a fictional character on a tv show? Ok, then. Oo

          • Dani says:

            Um, no, it’s not supposed to be taken so literal. It was showing the fact that once something new and loved is introduced, it’s not quite easy to go back to the way things were before. And, frankly, if you’re putting other fans down for feeling differently than you, I’d say that makes YOU the lower part of the fandom.

          • Really says:

            “I’d say that makes YOU the lower part of the fandom.”

            I found it a very inappropriate comparison (nothing can compare with the devastating loss of a child, and any mother would be insult especially if she had experienced herself), and since I’m not Arweniel nor did I say anything against any fans, I would appreciate if you didn’t take it out on me. Thanks

        • Arweniel says:

          You obviously didn’t get what my point was. I didn’t say anything about people having VALID reasons for not liking certain aspects of the show. But the only reason the OP mentioned was Castiel not being there. And that’s just ridiculous.

          Btw, I, unlike you, was able to write both my posts in a manner that’s convenient for mature discussions so I’d appreciate if you stopped giving me lessons before you actually start posting maturely yourself.

        • Kalie says:

          Wow, that is a really bad and extremely inappropriate comparison. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. People should get over the loss of Castiel because he’s just a TV character and the show has always been about Sam and Dean, not him.

        • Hali says:

          Aaand here we go again. So tired of the Castiel arguments. Just shut up about it already. It’s done.

      • JJ says:

        It’s almost just hardcore Sammy girls who dislike anything that takes focus off Sam. Dean is ok to them only if he stays secondary.

        • Yuri says:

          I don’t understand this “Sammy girls” vs “Dean girls” thing because I’ve never actually seen anything to back this up, just people accusing others who disagree with them of being these things.

        • Curious says:

          Funny that you only see Dean girls complain in these Tvline articles, then lately. Where these Sammy girls you are referring to?

        • hermitanntara says:

          Like the hardcore Dean fans haven’t admitted they only watch scenes with Dean in them.

          • DeanFTW says:

            Dean fans freely admit that he is their fave character. They don’t disingenously claim to love both, while complaining about every second of attention and screentime Dean gets instead of Sam or call say they are bibro while calling Dean every nasty name in the book. Do some Dean fans resent Sam? Of course but they don’t lie and pretend to be about both brothers when it is clear that they only want The Sam Show.

      • Hannah says:

        Perhaps Sam and Dean aren’t enough anymore for some people. I know that’s the point I reached. I wasn’t interested in the Winchester storyline anymore. To me, they can’t do anything more with it. I stayed for Castiel because he was still interesting to me. Once he was gone, there was nothing left to keep me watching.

        It doesn’t mean I never loved the show. It just means I don’t care for it now.

        • Jamie says:

          Then why are you commenting on a spoiler for said show?
          If you’re just waiting on an announcement that Cas will or won’t return, you would know that by just reading the title or looking at the picture (such an article would have a Cas/Misha picture). You don’t have to torture yourself by reading about the now so horribly boring show.

          I feel sorry for Cas fans that they don’t have their favourite anymore, but commenting and bashing the show in every article seems petty.

          • Hannah says:

            Excuse me?

            I’m not reading spoilers hoping for Cas to return. I’ve accepted he has gone. And where did I bash the show? I simply said I did not care for it anymore. That is an opinion, it’s not tearing the show to pieces.

            I don’t comment on forums or articles anymore, except to reply like I have here because I strongly disagree with the argument that if you liked the show pre-Cas, you should like it post-Cas, or, that if you liked the show in the beginning, you should like it to the end.

        • Arweniel says:

          Hannah, once again, you didn’t get what my point was. I’m not the only fan who noticed that a lot of Castiel fans keep going to different articles on Supernatural, and no matter what the article says, their only comment is: Bring Castiel back.

          I’m sorry but what’s the point in doing this? The writers will do whatever they want. So do they do it only to bash the show or make it less pleasant for those who still enjoy it? There were aspects of the show I didn’t enjoy. I commented on it but I wasn’t going to every single article complaining about it. I find this behaviour annoying and immature. And while it doesn’t have to be every former Castiel fan who does this, a lot of them do, like it or not.

          • Arweniel says:

            Otoh, I also strongly dislike all the Samgirls and Deangirls wars. This wasn’t happening during first seasons. The fandom was badly divided during Season 4 (from what I’ve seen), and it’s getting worse. I don’t see how someone can think that the show is only about Dean or only about Sam. But I also think the show should have ended at the end of Season 5, as supposed to. I didn’t enjoy S6 much and while I consider S7 better than S6 and keep watching because I love Dean and Bobby, I still feel like the show should be ended before it has to be cancelled, if you know what I mean. :(

          • Hannah says:

            Arweniel, I don’t think I did miss your point. You said:

            “If you can’t enjoy the show only because Castiel isn’t there anymore, you never loved THE SHOW itself in the first place.”

            And I said I disagreed with that. That’s all.

          • Arweniel says:

            @Hannah:Yes, I said but I stand by it because I meant only those constant Bring Castiel back posters and because the OP sounded like one of those people exactly. These fans don’t care what the article is about, their only response is Bring Castiel back to everything. I’m sorry but that’s something *I* disagree with because they don’t have to watch if they don’t like the show anymore, they have a choice to NOT watch if they’re not interested.

            I’m sorry if I sounded like I was bashing all Castiel fans but my comment was aimed only at the “whiners”. I’m not someone who is intolerant but I’ve also learnt to be a person who isn’t afraid to voice her opinion even though I might get attacked or misjudged for it. If you want to see me as intolerant, it’s your right and your choice. Have a nice day.

          • DeanFTW says:

            Wow you really believe you are the boss of fandom don’t you? I love the way you think you can tell people who and what they should like and how they post. Also, as others have said, this fandom was always divided. It has just gotten more nasty as the show has aged and the showrunners have become more and more blatant in their favoritism.

      • lolzy says:

        “Btw, there are a lot of fans who actually appreciate that the Castiel storyline is over at last because the show is finally focusing on the brothers again.”

        Except that Bobby is sucking up more screentime and story than Castiel ever did and he is an even bigger deus ex machina.

        • Restless says:

          Haha I so agree! Plus I always thought Cas by default of being a rebellious angel had a more interesting story than Bobby. I’m surprised people aren’t complaining more about him.

          Not that I want Bobby to die though. I’d rather the writers learn that character death does not equal character development. :P

    • Nat says:

      Seriously enough with that Castiel business. Go watch some other show and leave us alone if you miss your favorite Misha.

    • Nat says:

      Seriously enough with that Castiel business. People Go watch some other show and leave us alone if you miss your favorite Misha.

  10. Dee says:

    I liked her on TVD, she has my Dean stamp of approval! Finally, maybe he’ll get his groove back after this.

  11. Laurie says:

    A “sizzling one-night stand” with Dean is what they have to bring to the table? Like there haven’t been so many of those already?

    I’m so bored with this show.

  12. Me says:

    wait a second…. who’s Dean again? I thought the only person on the show was darling Sammy.

    • hermitanntara says:

      Who’s Dean? I don’t know. I never notice him because Jensen doesn’t have much screen presence, he’s invisible to the viewers.

      • lolzy says:

        Oh Sera! You are such a cut up! *does secret samgirl high-five!*

      • Brad says:

        What are you talking about? I’m a straight guy and I could go gay for Jensen!! He has a fantastic screen presence.

      • hermitanntara says:

        Yeah, Dean is invisible, right, when he’s right there angsting on screen and has ten times more lines than Sam. Maybe some Deangirls have bad eyesight or Jensen doesn’t have screen presence, your choice.

  13. Lenka says:

    I hate this. I mean, Dean and her? Really? No, just no. JUST BRING CASTIEL BACK, SERA, FOR GOD’S SAKE.

  14. Anna says:


  15. Anna says:

    What? A real spoiler about Dean? Am I dreaming?
    But wait. There’ll be an unexpected turn. Bet she’ll insult Dean and call him weak?

  16. mera says:

    Thanks for finally getting us a Dean spoiler,Matt. Just how much did you have to bribe Gamble to talk about her non-favorite Winchester?

    Now if we could just get some honesty out of her with regards to the return of Misha and Castiel, or more likely, his complete banishment from the show, we would be getting somewhere.

  17. Andy says:

    I knew the one night stand girl had to be Dean’s.
    Excited to see some sexy scenes.
    And I’m so happy that both boys will get some female loving in the second half of the season. It’s about time XD

  18. Judy says:

    I’m not sure what everyone is complaining about, since Dean’s emo “storyline” or “journey” or whatever was used to drop Sam’s hell recovery storyline cold and drop it in a pit. I feel sick that Sam’s Amy episode was basically just used to kill his story and push Dean’s, and it turns out Dean never actually felt guilty for what he did anyway. Pathetic waste of an entire half season, if not the whole one.

    I can’t wait for episode 14 and the rest of the season. We’d better be getting a tight emotional focus on Sam or this season will be a huge bust for me. Finally Sam has something massively traumatic happen that can’t be ignored. Oh, but, wait, the writers did ignore it! How heartless can SPN get?

    • irma says:

      I’d feel something for you, except that Dean’s hell storyline was not only dropped, but given to Sam so I really can’t feel sorry is Sam’s hell story has been dropped because after six years of Sam, Sam and more Sam, I think I want some Dean. But all we get is one episode that relates to Dean.
      Sam? according to Gamble, he gets to travel back in time, he gets to hunt while Dean babysits, and I’m sure his hell trauma will rear its boring head again. Gamble will tell he Samcentric fanfiction tale no matter what.
      As for Dean’s emo storyline, you mean the one that means nothing more than worrying about Sam? Hardly a storyline, but I do understand that the only time the Sam fans like Dean is when he’s all about Sam.
      Bring Cas back and give Dean a true brother and friend, and he can leave Sam, the self-centered, self-absorbed brat that’s related to him by name only, but doesn’t give a hoot about Dean when and in ways that count.

      • Kris says:

        What world are you living in?

        • XD says:

          Destiel fan fiction apparently XD

          I only feel sorry for people who think like that. Life so much easier if you like both brothers and Cas, and actually get that what you ship is not canon and never will be. Destiel happening on the show is about as likely as Wincest. j/s

          • irma says:

            Wrong. I don’t do slash. But you know what they say when you start assuming about things you know nothing about.

          • Kathie says:

            You look like an idiot for assuming shipping has anything to do with people disliking aspects of this season.

        • irma says:

          The same world you do. Or did you forget that Dean went to hell? Oh wait, that’s right, he didn’t suffer the eons that Sam did, so he doesn’t deserve the same story. But then again, I remember the Sam fans whining how it was so rediculous that Dean was in hell for 40 years and he should be insane, but hey, Sam’s been in hell for 50000 years, but it’s not rediculous at all that he’s walking around saving the day, and not a drooling mess. All you want to see is Sam emoing over his ordeal and Dean and Bobby telling him what a special snowflake he is, and how strong he is, and how they look up to him. Or, you know, the crappy Samcentric fanfiction Gamble has been reading and trying to incorporate into her episodes.

      • Arweniel says:

        Castiel – a true brother and friend? Pardon me but do you even watch the show? You mean the Castiel who kept deceiving both brothers, the Castiel who INTENTIONALLY broke Sam’s wall just because he wanted to show Dean he shouldn’t try to stop him? Or the Castiel who kept lying about Crowley being dead and having a deal with him instead? That Castiel? The one who’d been pursuing only his own goals long before he ever swallowed any souls, so those can’t be any excuse for what he had done? If this is how you see “a true brother and friend”, then no wonder you see Sam as a self-centered and self-absorbed brat. But I’d take Sam over Castiel anytime, just because Sam can admit when he’s wrong and can learn from his mistakes, and he doesn’t call Dean “his favourite pet” when he thinks he’s invincible. But then again, I’d always prefer a human brother over manipulative angels, and a person with a heart over a hypocritical and self-righteous supernatural being.

        • Keep Cas says:

          Sam Winchester a true brother and friend? Pardon me but do you even watch this show? You mean the Sam who spent a whole year lying to his brother and running around with a demon behind Dean’s back. The Sam who INTENTIONALLY chose a demon over his own brother and then blamed Dean for it. The Sam who was having sex with demons (and since the body does not die when the soul leaves it, is Sam a rapist since Ruby’s host did not consent?_ Then mocked his brother for being weak and then tried to shift blame by calling Dean bossy. That Sam? The one who started sucking demon blood for revenge because he had not idea about the apocalypse when he started sleeping with Ruby.

          If that’s how you see a true brother and friend, its no wonder you prefer Sam.

          So if your going to condemn Castiel, maybe you should take a good long look at Sam’s behavior before bashing Cas because its really not that different.

          • CasSam says:

            OMG could you people just stop.
            Cas and Sam both screwed up and made mistakes. Sam atoned for them, Cas will probably do it when he returns.
            Sam is not a self-centered, self-absorbed brat, nor is Cas hypocritical and self-righteous supernatural being. You can only think that if you’re were biased, and unwilling to see their other characteristics or the reasons why they made those mistakes in the first place (they both thought they were doing the right thing). Dean for example is also not perfect and has his own list of mistake. That is what makes these characters realistic, who wants a show where everybody always does the right thing, never gets it wrong, and is basically perfect. Perfect=boring

            P.s Sam is the most important thing in Dean’s live, so Cas will never be able to replace him (@Irma) but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about Cas or that Cas is not one of his closest friends. If you want to be technical Sam and Cas are also friends – see 7×01 (I wish the show would explore that friendship more, a lot of the Cas/Sam bashing could be prevented).

            Team Free Will 4 ever

          • Arweniel says:

            I actually did take a good look, and I can understand why Sam had done the things you have such a problem with. I didn’t necessarily like Sam through certain periods but I’d still choose him over Castiel any minute. You obviously forgot most of Sam’s so-called bad actions happened when he was in fact addicted or soulless. I don’t have any experience with soulless people but I do have experience with addicts, and you know what? People can do and say very bad things when they’re addicted but I still consider them my family. Moreover, Dean has lied to Sam, too.

            But what influence had been Castiel under before he swallowed the souls in your opinion? And yes, I’m going to condemn Castiel because I’m not condemning him only for what happened in his last episodes, I’ve never liked him in the first place. I’ve always considered him a bad guy, never trusted him and I’ve always thought he was badly written. So that’s why I would choose Sam over him any minute. Because no matter how many mistakes he has made, he always ends up doing the right thing, and he also made Dean trust him again, not like Castiel who actually made Dean distrust everyone and everything.

          • hermitanntara says:

            If you are going to condemn Sam, maybe you should take a long hard look at Cas. Last time I checked, he nearly killed Sam on purpose. And for what? So he could finish off doing what he just spent a whole year doing -lying and deceiving Sam and Dean. But go ahead and think Cas a perfect saint if you like. He will still never be one-tenth as important as Sam to Dean.

          • Restless says:

            @Arweniel If you want to excuse actions because of addiction, to be fair Crowley fed 50,000 souls to Cas right at the start. How easy would it be to say eating 50k hell-fired souls can make your judgement a little wonky?

            It’s not like Dean didn’t know angels could lie from dealing with the others (like Gabe), and saying that Dean can never trust again now because of Cas, well, that’s pretty hard core gay and unfair. After having literally everyone else lie to him, I don’t see how Cas lying too could have such a profound effect. Is it because puppy-eyed Cas always obeyed him no matter how insane his orders? I just don’t get it.

            As for Cas taking down Sam’s wall, @hermitanntara, let’s just call it for what it is: stupid writing. Cas can knock people unconscious or transport them to the moon or even through time with a touch (and apparently erase memories, but that’s bad writing too). It was against character and completely illogical for Cas to do that, but obviously the writers didn’t think the viewers would hate Cas enough (or maybe didn’t want Sam to scratch at the wall again and it be his own damn fault when it broke). It was indefensible, stupid writing.

            But Sam got a chance to atone for his sins and seek forgiveness, Cas should have the same chance. He literally gave up everything for them, he deserves that chance.

        • twist of lime says:

          Well said, Arweniel. Is this the Cas who sneered at Dean and called him a brave little ant? How condescending. Cas always thought he was better than a mere human like Dean.

          • june says:

            Is this the Dean who sneered at Castiel and called him a baby in a trenchcoat? How condescending. I mean, Dean wasn’t even under the influence of a million monster souls at the time.

            And where did you manage to come up with Cas thinking he’s better than Dean?

        • Tawrens says:

          Castiel was under the influence of purgatory souls and Leviathan what’s Sam’s excuse? Not countering Azazel when he told Dean in s1 he was worthless and John didnt care about him or in s2 when the knife thrower was mocking him and Sam stood grinning like a buffoon. s3 where Sam gave up pretty quickly trying to save Dean from hell when Dean has yet to give up on Sam? I started out as a Dean girl because Sam was a wanker in my opinion but as he grew up and realized just how much John and Dean protected him from he got better. Unfortunately I found John in s1 and it all went out the window. John is what Dean will be when he manages to hone off a few hard edges, SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXXXXXXYYYYYY!!

      • twist of lime says:

        And the only time fans like Cas is when he’s all about Dean which is like never actually. Cas a true friend and brother? Don’t make me laugh. And where was your outrage when Dean was the only one to travel back in time in S4?

    • Anon says:

      They didn’t drop Sam’s hell storyline, we are reminded in every single episode that Sam still has hallucinations and that he’s still crazy. The writers had to tone it down because Sam of episode 1 and 2 would have been a serious liability to take on hunt. He shouldn’t have been hunting on his own in episode 3 if he was still zoning out and having psychotic breaks. He’s be more of a danger than a help, since he literally was firing at thin air. He could kill somebody if he hunts in that state.

      Just because Sam’s hell story isn’t going the way you want it to doesn’t mean it’s been dropped.

      I don’t like the way Dean’s emo storyline is going since it feels like its covering the same old tired ground, its unfortunately Dean’s storyline. I can dislike it but its still there, just like Sam’s hell.

      • twist of lime says:

        Those reminders take up about 30 seconds and don’t tell us anything new. Heck, they’ve spent longer showing Dean eating a burger.

        • DeanFTW says:

          And they have already spent more time on Sam’s Hell story than Dean’s and we are not even halfway through the season. Plus Gamble has already said we will see more and so has Padalecki.

    • lolzy says:

      LOL! Speaking of never satisfied. EVERYTHING on this show is about Sammy, the biggest victim the universe has ever seen, who is just so super-speshul that he can survive the worsteds torture evah (tm Sera Gamble) without breaking a sweat. There really are some fans who won’t be happy until the show only has one character left — SAM.

      • hermitanntara says:

        But it was fine when Dean was superspesual having survived 40 freaking years in hell, when he was the biggest victim ever.

  19. nina says:

    yeah sorry i hate this total character regression and considering we know she is part of this cult that are basically succubi and this means he knocks her up and then they have to kill the demon span
    i really miss lisa i don t get why the yhave to just backtrack completely

    • irma says:

      Actually, this might be interesting. Someone who thinks Dean is important enough to get pregnant by and it’s not about how special Sam is. That alone is worth the episode. I don’t see it as character regression. Dean is a young, healthy male and it would make sense to hook up with an attractive woman. Plus, Lisa dumped Dean, and as much as I liked Lisa, nobody dumps Dean and stays in my good graces. ;)

      • i says:

        i assume off screenthey have one night stands all the time but i don t need it to be part of the show it s annoying i like this show isn t about romance and how many times do we really need to see dean pick up woman somwhere, i ve seen that scene and now just seems silly to me. also those girls picks up random guys in bars to impregnate them

    • Cindy says:

      Where did you get all of this from? I’m VERY! happy that we finally got a Dean spoiler. YAY! I just hope that since this one is supposedly the last episode in Dean’s depression “storyline”(according to Robert Singer), that it ends with him feeling better about who and what he is-The Best Demon Hunter on the Planet…*fingers crossed*…

  20. Louise says:

    Isn’t this the episode where some cult needs a sperm donor? Well, I’m glad Dean’s worthy enough to make the grade….

  21. MM says:

    I really thought it couldn´t get worse than Season 6. I was wrong. Okay, last episode had the worst rating in a season with terrible ratings. Lets wait when we will hit the bottom. I think we are still far from it. Spoilers like this will speed it up. Who wants to bet that SPN will beat Nikita regarding low ratings?

  22. laughing says:

    I wonder if all these fans who don’t like the episode, even though it hasn’t aired, are upset because it’s about Dean and not Sam? I sense a bitterness that Sam isn’t the focus here. Well, suck it up. Sam’s been the focus of everything since season 1, so it’s nice to see something about Dean for once.

    • Robby says:

      I think you’re a bit confused. Try reading the comments first.
      Since this Summer some Deangirls are always complain and bashing Sam. Just read the comments – it’s all Sam Sam Sam, Samnatural, and Dean gets nothing … (even thought it’s basically one girl for Sam, and now one for Dean according to the spoilers).
      And a few Cas fans saying everything is boring without the angel. j/s

      And Btw. I’m bi-brother, and think both brothers are pretty even this season. Yay for Dean getting some.

    • hermitanntara says:

      Wait a minute, wasn’t the last SPN article here full of bitter comments from Deangirls who were certainly not sucking it up?

  23. MM says:

    For me, the 2 episodes with Dean in the focus are even worse than the other Eps of the Sam-show. Dean is a real prick now. And without my most favourite character and my second favourite becoming more and more an unbearable asshole, I don´t know if I am still a fan of this show. The next episodes will decide it!

  24. Kathie says:

    This is the kind of spoilers we get for Dean? Great. Sera Gamble proves again that all she can do for his character is A) dumb him down and/or B) make him all about sex and women. I’m getting really bored with this show.

  25. Brody says:

    Good gracious. I love this show, but seriously. Whiniest. Fandom. EVER. Just calm the heck down, girls. It’s not *actually* the end of the world.

    *shrug* Oh, well. Yay for a badass new female character, even if she is temporary. And thanks, TV|Line, for the pretty picture of Jensen. (-:

    • Ryan says:

      Seriously! I love Supernatural too and so does my girlfriend. The difference between us is, I try to stay away from the internet fandom as much as possible because things get so ugly. People whining and yelling about everything. Too much Sam, not enough Dean. Too much Dean, not enough Sam. Sam’s a dick who doesn’t love Dean. Dean’s a dick who doesn’t love Sam. Cas leaving was the best thing to happen to the show. Cas leaving was the worst thing to happen to the show. Blah blah blah. There’s more friggin drama in this fandom than the entire soap opera channel. And I really don’t think people realize how ridiculous it makes them look. There’s a difference between being passionate about something and being (for lack of a better word) psycho. Sadly, I think those lines get blurred a lot among Supernatural fans, and sometimes I’m afraid that is going to destroy the fandom.

      As Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” DON’T TURN THE SUPERNATURAL FANDOM INTO THE AMERICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM, PEOPLE!

      • Jack says:

        Yeah, the crazies in this fandom are the reason I’m embarrassed to admit I watch Supernatural in RL. I don’t want to be associated with them.
        It’s kinda sad, cause I still love the show.

  26. JustineK says:

    They make a great couple, hope she won’t be a monster;)
    Thanks for the news:)

    And BTW, it’s so nice to see some new spoilers about SPN, so why is that whenever I look at the comments under ANY SPN news on this site there are ALWAYS whining and quarrels. Seriously?

  27. I think dean was much better in s 5, nowadays its all wary as to whether it will be ‘pig n a poke’ tuesday or classic Black Wednesday. However, ‘vague’ this might seem; fresh talent is always welcome. So lets be honest, and its not like we really need it!! Lol. We salute you Sam and Dean Winchester. Live long, and prosper! (denotes actually Virginity).

  28. stephen liversidge says:

    Dean is not a lost cause, whatever he may be, he’s still and always will have- got it. Of course theres nothing we can do about that, its not his fault, hes not responsible, theres nothing we can do about it, people do care, sometimes!! Then laste but not least, Weeerr all know we can depend on Dean. You show them son! Whatever there is to Show.????!!! Ahem.

  29. Josh says:

    Reading so many bitching comments of Dean-girls, Sam-girls and Cas-girls (?) is just plain boring! Both the brothers adore each other, no matter how much you trash one over the other! Get over it and love the show for what it is!
    And Jenna was an alright character in TVD! Hope she brings her A game to the table. Now, if only Nina Dobrev guest stars on the show, that’d make my year!!! xD

    • Bravo says:

      2x ITA

      I love the show, the fandom not so much.

    • MM says:

      Get over it and love the show for what it is? And if not? It´s really funny how the hardcore SPN-fans react on the fans who want more than this Sam-and-a-little-bit-Dean-show. After season 4 and season 5. You true fans can nag as long as you want. It is a fact that the show attracts less and less viewers. In the end nobody cares if Ringer and other CW shows have a bad rating as well. If the rating gets worse, the companies will spend less money to place commercials and the show will be too expensive to proceed. And nobody cares about DVR rates, they don´t bring money. And then they will try to change everything in the last half like they did in the last season. And the result will be a illogical mess.

      • Dave says:

        Try getting your facts straight. Supernatural is the 3rd highest rated show on the CW only behind The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle which neither of those shows are on a Friday night (and that does mean something) Networks do not expect a Friday night show to get the ratings a Monday – Thursday night show to get) Supernatural is beating everything the network has on Monday – Wednesday. Also it does matter if it is doing better than say Ringer because it’s competing in ratings against the shows on the same network. The CW is not going to get rid of it’s 3rd highest rated show but keep it’s lowest rated show (Nikita). Plus the network will only cancel about 2 or 3 shows at the most. They don’t want to have to depend on nothing but new shows next fall. New shows are unpredictable because you never know if you have a hit or not. At this point about the only way Supernatural will not get renewed is if Jensen and Jared to not sign back on because thier contracts are up after this season or if the rating just drastically drop. The fact is that the CW in general has not been getting very good ratings this season. Not 100% but I think all of TV is down. Also Networks to take the live+7 numbers into consideration. It’s not definitely going to save a show but it is considered as well as dvd sales of the season. Supernatural is always one of the top % increases with live+7 viewers and they sell a ton of dvd’s not only here in America but in other countries as well.

        • MM says:

          The good thing about such facts is that the confirmation of them will come very soon. At saturday afternoon we will know if the catastrophic rating from the last episode was really only because of this sparkling vampires. The rating of every SPN season before was weaker during the second half. And I am still waiting for the proof that season 7 without the angle arc is really this huge hit a lot of Castiel objectors proclaimed. I think it is safe for me to say that the loss of my most favourite character didn´t push the show to a new outcome. So I still think that the return of Castiel will not only please me but might help the show as well.

          • Mary says:

            I guess it’s wait and see, but it’s actually Monday afternoon when we will know for sure, since then the final ratings for Friday come out.

            You know MM, there is absolutely no way to know if the ratings drop even have anything to do with Cas, or it’s the normal season to season drop + disappointment of season 6 + loss of Smallville lead in (since people are still watching just not live). And going by comment a lot Cas fans are still watching and hoping I guess, so I don’t know if his return will really have an impact on the ratings. And the difference between 7×01/7×02 (Cas’ last appearance) and the rest of the episodes (if you forget the last one) is not that significant – so who do you think will return to watch.
            And you can also speculate that it is just as likely that Cas haters stop watching if he returns, and the end result will be the same as now.

          • Dave says:

            We will agree to disagree. Castiel may take the ratings up a tick but it won’t be anything drastic. I love Castiel and would love to see him again but I am not one of the rabid fans that is thinking he is the saving grace of the show either. The fact of it is like I stated above is that all CW shows are down in viewers. It really doesn’t matter at this point if Castiel improved the ratings or not because with in the network it is already getting good enough ratings to make it safe. Also a lot of people are dvring the show. Also as I stating above it is jumping up over 1.0 a lot of time in the demo with live+7. If it were on another night say Wednesday or ever Thursday after Vampire Diaries it would be getting that with out live+7. (Not a fact just a good guess). Also Castiel was in the first two episodes of the season and the ratings were not really any better than they are now. But like I said if Castiel returned you might see the demo go from say a 0.8 to a 0.9 but nothing huge. (again just my guess)

          • MM says:

            @Mary: You are most probably right. Because I am still watching as well. It is maybe the relief that Castiels loss at least didn´t give a new boost to the show like many people predicted after his departure. So I might overrate the current bad results. Me, personally I mostly want Misha Collins back. If the writers find a way to put him in the show I will keep on watching. Because in the moment I am bit bored with SPN because it reminds me to much on the first 3 seasons.

    • ShannonE says:

      Well said, and agreed to the nth degree. I’m a fan who likes Dean, Sam and Cas equally. This IS just a tv show, for entertainment, and I am entertained by it each and every time it airs.

  30. Snapy says:

    I am a fan of BOTH brothers—that’s what the show is about. And the stories are always balanced equally between the two of them. I am starting to hate the people who only like Dean. They have such an agenda! I can’t stand them, and I can’t believe people like that watch my favourite show. Ugh!

  31. Kelly says:


  32. anonymous says:

    You know what, the show has never been about just Sam and it has never been about just Dean and it was never going to be about Castiel. It’s about Sam AND Dean, the rest of the characters, even though we love them, are secondary. And i’m sorry but favoring one brother over the other means you lost the whole point of the show.

    • Agree says:

      IA Sam vs. Dean wars are so redundant.
      I wish the fandom would just move past them, and concentrate on the part on the show they still like.

      • Renee says:

        It used to not be this way. I’ve been with the show from the start and all this “Dean vs. Sam” (and later, “Dean vs. Sam vs. Cas”) crap wasn’t really an issue. Having a favorite character was more like having a favorite ice cream flavor–to each their own and everyone was respectful of each others’ preferences. I don’t know when it changed or what changed it, but at some point everything got waaaaaaaaay out of hand. It makes me sad. :'(

        • Elena says:

          I think it had something to do with introducing Cas (and I like him so no bashing). Some Dean fans somehow saw him as better than Sam (friend/brother)and started to bash Sam. Sam fans on the other hand resented that a character could be considered a replacement for their favourite. Thus the extreme fans started the Cas/Dean vs. Sam, and it kinda gets worse every season.
          And the whole Destiel/Wincest thing probably didn’t help either. And now the pro-Cas/anti-Cas.
          Spn is a real war zone nowadays.

          • SueP says:

            I think you’re right. I have no problems stating that I’ve always identified with Dean a lot more than Sam. I love Dean’s character depth and always have, but that doesn’t automatically make me hate Sam. Would I rather watch Dean than Sam? Yep, but without Sam, there is no Dean and vice versa, so I accept both. As for Cas, he was introduced as a part of the mythology of the show. As part of the mythology he was a character who contributed, but after the apocalypse was stopped he became more comic relief than anything and the character’s initial usefulness was over. He was written out as he was written in, as part of the season’s mythology. How the characters interact is not ours to determine. We merely watch. Can we dislike some aspects? Of course. Can we complain? Yes, but constructively, please.

        • lolzy says:

          You are incorrect. The Sam vs. Dean has existed in this fandom since season 1 when Kripke decided that only Sam would be the center of the mytharc and Dean would play the support role. Even back in season 1, I remember whining from both sides as Dean girls complained that Dean not being important to the mythology would turn him into a sidekick and the Sam girls complained that Sam didn’t get enough one-liners and wasn’t bad enough. Variations on that theme have continued throughout the seasons with the Cas girls making this a three-way battle instead of a two-way war.

  33. MM says:

    The main target of every TV show is to attract enough people to keep it going. If a show no longer can reach this goal it will be cancelled. We can discuss here till doomsday about the true point of the show. Being a Castielfan of course I want the show to survive. Otherwise there is no chance to see my most favourite character again. And in the moment I really doubt if we will see a (or a complete) season 8 and this s*cks…

    • Jessie says:

      Well, since we are the third highest rated show on CW at the moment (Ringer got a 0.6 last night), it’s more likely that CW will call it quits next year than Supernatural not getting a full 8th season. Their overall ratings are that bad (down 25% from last year). And they can’t afford to take on more than 3-4 new shows/pilots a year.

      • MM says:

        And why the hell don´t they put SPN on a better day than friday? Maybe this could change a little bit? Season 7 really started great the first episode was hilarious and fresh. But now it is the same old and its obvious that the writers don´t have any orginal and new ideas. And the combination of a weak channel, writers without a thrilling concept and broadcasted on a friday will kill SPN. Thats so sad… and I so hope that I am wrong. But I think even Jensen thought the same way when he said he wished that SPN was broadcasted on Fox or HBO.

        • MadatCw says:

          Cause they are stupid. Going by the +7 DVR numbers Supernatural on another night could get rating about 1.1 – 1.2.
          And their budget cuts and absolutely no promotion doesn’t help the show either. They even had the guts to insert an ad in a Spn episode that VD is nominated in the PCA Oo (and it’s running against Spn – which of course got no mention). The way it stand we have to be grateful for a Spn promo after a Spn episode.

          • MM says:

            Lets hope that CW can hold itself long enough until the writers find a concept to finish the show in a decent way. A way all fans can live with. But maybe it is more likely that I will see 6 flying reindeers at christmas eve….

  34. Amy says:

    Oh thank Heavens! Dean Winchester, back in the saddle! I think a little somethin’ somethin’ with a hot chick will do him the world of good….though I’m sure somehow it’s all going to go horribly pear-shapped….still, the prospect of Dean getting a little action makes my heart zing! Go for it Deano, you deserve to get your end away!
    Cool spoiler, thanks a bunch!

  35. sigh says:

    This used to be my favorite show on television. It was one of the most engaging and emotionally gripping, even when it had writing slip ups, and I LOVE the Winchester boys and Castiel and Bobby (and Ellen and Jo and all the other underused wonderful secondary characters – the girls in particular) as much as one can love any fictional characters. They’re part of my heart. So, that said, this is an attack on no one and nothing but the quality of the show itself. The show is horrendous. Atrocious. There’s nothing left of what made it great for five years. And it’s not because Cas is gone, and it’s not because Sam or Dean or whoever is the focus – it’s because the writing? The writing is awful. It has lost all of its smarts and its charms. Why, you ask, am I still watching it? Because I loved it enough that I find it hard to let go. I don’t want to leave these characters until the journey ends. But that doesn’t make me myopic enough to not see it for what it is – a shell of everything that once made the show special.

    There’s really no reason to get up in arms over this episode, anymore than there is anything else. It’s all a rehashing of old material at this point. At least Sara is saucy and fantastic and might add a little spark to her role before her inevitable demise.

  36. MM says:

    I don´t understand why the normal SPN fans are afraid of this shipping wars. Obviously it´s small group of fanatics. If I read comments I only care about the ones I find interesting. I simply ignore all the others. In evry discussion about SPN there are still enough moderate fans to talk to. Let the ultraorthodox fans bash each other if they want.

  37. Nat says:

    I don’t think Dean should be with a ‘normal’ girl, i think it makes more sense for him to be with another hunter…?

  38. BoxMan says:

    Wow, looks like TVLine really has the highest population of psychotic rabid fangirls of any webstite I’ve ever been to except tumblr. You girls are an embarassment to the rest of the fandom. Get yourselves together, you pathetic, whining b*tches.

  39. raelee514 says:

    THe chance to see some Ackles skin! Oohh yeahh!


    • DeanFTW says:

      LOL! That is pretty much the only reason I am still watching. You can imagine how frustrated I am since the last time we saw a shirtless Dean was back in season 1. Jensen is far too modest for my good.

  40. Corteney says:

    Well that’s not such a bad thing! ;)

  41. Isabelle says:

    Yay Dean is gonna get some, that’s what’s been missing in his life, I like when he’s funny and womanizing. I hope we do get to see some JA skin. SPN is the biggest tease, two hot guys and we never get to see anything except during a blue moon.

  42. Mil says:

    I, for one, am very happy that Dean is gettin’ some again. It means were getting pieces of the old Dean back: the man who has promiscuous sex, loves to drink, loves to tease Sammy, and a loveable smartass with a ‘give ’em hell’ additude. I know that after all he (and Sam) have been through, he won’t be the same guy from season one, but I do want to see him having a good time again. I personally love both brothers equally, seeing them forget their problems just a little makes me happy. Sam is handling his hallucinations, he’s even made a massive step and not letting his guilt eat him up inside anymore, and is worrying about Dean like we all are (I guess the Sam haters seem to forget that he told Bobby that see Lucifer every day is “not so bad” and that “a lot of people have it worse” but no he’s a selfish brat so let’s keep holding him accountable for his actions in the past that he already greatly redeemed himself for!!!111!!). Anyways, I do hope the next few episodes focus on Dean getting better, he needs to finally gain some self-worth. Cause you matter Dean, you matter so much.

  43. Dave says:

    So the big Spoiler we get is some D grade actress from VD is guesting as a squeeze for Dean.
    Boy, is this show totally out of ideas.
    Sera should maybe move on to Daytime soap or something. There, she’s better suited.

  44. Fake Me Out says:


    I’ve seen the draft script and the surprise twist is that midway through the “sizzling one-night stand” Castiel reveals himself … he was just pretending to be Lydia … SURPRISE DUDE! That should make all the Castiel fans happy … now I must have my unicorn pulled sled take me home to the hidden third moon of Mars since my wife, Moooooorgan Fairchild is expecting me for dinner.

  45. Deborah says:

    I think back to all the great story lines where Dean was fighting along side Cas and Sam, trying to prevent the apocalypse and fighting against Lucifer, etc. Now he is just relegated to fooling around with women and drinking too much alcohol? I find it sad.

  46. Ali says:

    I haven’t watched in over a year. I might watch for the Dean sex scene, but knowing this writing team, the rest of the ep will be spent trashing the guy and talking about how deep and amazing his brother is. So… they’ll get two minutes of my time, maybe.

    Man, I miss when this show was good.

  47. Cheryl says:

    Would someone please call the whambulance for those constantly whining about Castiel a secondary character who along with the Angel mythology who both long over stayed their welcome and which cost this show dearly because of it in Seasons 4-6

    Call another whambulance for the rantings of the delusional with tunnel vision who at the mere mention of the name Sam start bi&ching that Dean never has a storyline,never has a love interest,never has this, that and every other GD thing.
    Newsflash: This show is about TWO brothers not one or the other and certainly its not a show about Castile. We after seasons are finally back to it being the story of Sam and Dean Winchester but with still needing a little more of the resetting and repairs already in progress since Season 7 began. Much needed after all the damage done to the charcters and the series history because of the overblown and overwhelming Angel mythology.

    Sam is the most important person in Deans life and vice versa and thats the way its been and always will be. If you can’t handle that or Castile and the Angel mythology having wrapped up,stop watching or stop b*tching. Please let some civil conversation back in this place again.

    • lolzy says:

      Yup, cuz no sam girls whine ever. Does no one remember the great Sam Girl Boycott of 505 or Samgirl Spreadsheetgate?

      What is the point of a fandom that has no institutional memory?

      Massive fail!

    • Restless says:

      Well, I thought the Apocalypse and the angels was the best storyline, what everything led up to from the pilot and were featured in some of the best episodes (after all, who didn’t love Gabriel?) I don’t see how angels damaged the show?

      Really I don’t see why the show can’t grow past it’s roots. After stopping the world ending, how do you top that? Not by going back to square one. Something should have changed.

      Plus I’m really annoyed with the Leviathans, they’re much sh!ttier than the angels ever could be. But really why the hell should angels suddenly drop off the face of the earth anyway? Especially with these ‘first beasts’ running around, you’d think logically they’d be all over stopping that mess, if not because God threw them in Purgatory to begin with than because Cas let them out and apparently wasted his life protecting Earth/the Winchesters.

      So yeah, I’m actually surprised there’s still demons about but no angels.

      Anyway. People have the right to complain and remind show writers what they liked best. I personally thought there was plenty of room for Castiel in the boy’s story, but I guess the writers really want to showcase Bobby right now and there must not be enough room for Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel. I’m sure you’ll be happy if Bobby dies next episode though, right? Then it really will be like Season 1.

    • Jeff says:

      Yeah, you’re not intelligent. Seasons 4 and 5 are WIDELY recognized as the ebst seasons of the show. There was NO damage done to the characters then.

  48. Kat says:

    FINALLY! We get some Dean time! There isn’t a man on television who can turn on the charm and spice things up like Jensen Ackles! I can’t wait for this ep!

  49. Ella says:

    Don’t watch TVD and don’t know her but love interests for Dean are generally loathed by me. I doubt she’ll be any different. Still, the scoop is appreciated :)