Your Guide to Fall Finale and Winter Return Dates

Many of your favorite TV shows soon will be embarking on a brief winter hiatus. (Case in point: The doctors of Grey’s and The CW’s vampires and witches have already gone on holiday.) But don’t fret, they’ll (almost) all be back — in 2012. To help you get started on your countdowns, TVLine offers this handy list of fall finales and return dates.

We’ll be updating this alphabetical list as the networks make more details available, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often! UPDATE: Our full January premieres/return calendar is now available here!

90210 | Fall Finale: Dec. 6 | Return Date: Jan. 17

The Amazing Race | Season Finale: Dec. 11

America’s Next Top Model | Season Finale: Dec. 7

American Dad | Winter Finale: Dec. 11 | Return Date: Jan. 8

The Biggest Loser | Season Finale: Dec.13 | Return Date: Jan. 3

Bones | Fall Winter Finale: Dec. 15 Jan. 12 | Return Date: Spring

Chuck | Two-Hour Series Finale: Jan. 27

The Cleveland Show | Winter Finale: Dec. 11 | Return Date: Jan. 8

Community | Fall Finale: Dec. 8 | Return Date: TBA

CSI: NY | Fall Finale: Dec. 2 | Return Date: Jan. 6 (unofficial)

Dancing With the Stars | Season Finale: Nov. 22 | Return Date: March 19

Family Guy | Winter Finale: Dec. 11 | Return Date: Jan. 8

Fringe | Fall Finale: Nov. 18 | Return Date: Jan. 13

Glee | Fall Finale: Dec.13 | Return Date: Jan. 17 | Winter Finale: Feb. 21

Gossip Girl | Fall Finale: Dec. 5 | Return Date: Jan. 16

Grey’s Anatomy | Fall Finale: Aired Nov. 10 | Return Date: Jan. 5

Harry’s Law | Fall Finale: Dec. 7 | Return Date: March 4

Hart of Dixie | Fall Finale: Dec. 5 | Return Date: Jan. 23

House | Fall Finale: Nov. 28 | Return Date: Jan. 23

How I Met Your Mother | Fall Finale: Dec. 5 | Return Date: Jan. 2

I Hate My Teenage Daughter | Series Debut: Nov. 30 | Winter Finale: Dec. 21

Kitchen Nightmares | Fall Finale: Nov. 18 | Return Date: Jan. 13

Keep Track of All of This Fall’s Full-Season Pick-ups and Cancellations

Law & Order: SVU | Fall Finale: Dec. 7 | Return Date: Jan. 11

NCIS | Fall Finale: Dec. 13 | Return Date: Jan. 3 (unofficial)

NCIS: Los Angeles | Fall Finale: Dec. 13 | Return Date: Jan. 3 (unofficial)

New Girl | Winter Finale: Dec. 13 | Return Date: Jan. 17

Nikita | Fall Finale: Dec. 2 | Return Date: Jan. 6

The Office | Fall Finale: Dec. 8 | Return Date: Jan. 12

Once Upon a Time | Fall Finale: Dec. 11 | Return Date: Jan. 8 (unofficial)

Parenthood | Fall Finale: Nov. 29 | Return Date: Jan. 3 | Season Finale: Feb. 28

Parks and Recreation | Fall Finale: Dec. 8 | Return Date: Jan. 12

Prime Suspect | Season Finale: Dec. 15

Private Practice | Fall Finale: Nov. 17 | Return Date: Jan. 5

Psych | Fall Finale: Dec. 14 | Return Date: February

Revenge | Fall Finale: Dec. 7 | Return Date: Jan. 4 (unofficial)

Raising Hope | Winter Finale: Dec. 13 | Return Date: Jan. 17

Ringer | Fall Finale: Nov. 29 | Return Date: Jan. 31

The Secret Circle | Fall Finale: Aired Nov. 10 | Return Date: Jan. 5

The Simpsons | Winter Finale: Dec. 11 | Return Date: Jan. 8

The Sing-Off | Season Finale: Nov. 28

Supernatural | Fall Finale: Dec. 2 | Return Date: Jan. 6

Survivor: South Pacific | Season Finale: Dec. 18

Terra Nova | Season Finale: Dec. 19

Up All Night | Fall Finale: Dec. 7 | Return Date: Jan. 12

The Vampire Diaries | Fall Finale: Aired Nov. 10 | Return Date: Jan. 5

The Walking Dead | Fall Finale: Nov. 27 | Return Date: Feb. 12

Whitney | Fall Finale: Dec. 8 | Return Date: Jan. 11

The X Factor | Season Finale: Dec. 22 | American Idol Season 11 Premiere: Jan. 18

Once again, with feeling: We’ll be updating this partial list as the networks make more dates available, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Will we get a list of when mid-season shows will start?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Whenever that information becomes available, surely. – Management

      • Victor Hugo says:

        @Matt, I’m new in this business of follow news of series so I wasn’t here last year, when they released the Schedule of mid-season last year?? December? thanks! :)

  2. Templar says:

    Wow. Talk about being out of the loop, I must not be part of any marketing demographic. The only show I watch on that list is OUAT. Square peg, table for one.

    • Renee says:

      Don’t feel bad I only watch Terra Nova from the above list.

      • jen says:

        I think i’m out of the loop, is there a reason why Terra Nova’s season is so short? Has the show been cancelled?

        • Cloudy Knight says:

          Terra Nova is a very expensive program to produce, so they were only given a 13 episode order. Since the show uses special effects, etc. it also takes a longer time to produce than your run of the mill drama or sitcom, so it could not go the traditional route of being picked up for a full season order after the first 4 or 5 had aired, even if that was desired by Fox. Terra Nova’s fate for next fall depends on the cost to Fox versus the advertising revenue it generates, so it may not be back in September 2012.

    • Stormy says:

      I only watch OUAT and Psych.

  3. Gwen says:

    I remember the “good old days” of television when there was none of this “fall finale”/”spring premiere” stuff. The new season started in September and, with the exception of reruns in Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks (or Christmas specials, hello “Charlie Brown Christmas”!), we got new episodes until May. I don’t know how the networks expect to keep audiences engaged when they split the series in half with big gaps between the fall and post-New Year’s. No wonder the “Big Four” are losing viewers to cable.

    • Maggie says:

      I could not agree more!!! I am looking at this list and thinking, WHAT?????? This is insane to me! And November is supposed to be sweeps month and so many shows are airing what, 1 or 2 episodes?? Craziness.

    • Boiler says:

      Same here. They would go all the way to May with no breaks except Christmas shows. would love that again!!

    • Renee says:

      Yep I remember those days. Miss them.

    • Fiona says:

      That was back when seasons had 30 episodes. These days your typical show will have 22. Thus 8 weeks (two months) of reruns that we didn’t have before.

    • Obie says:

      Ah, the good ‘ol days. I remember them fondly. When networks and actors and everyone involved actually earned their ridiculous salaries by giving us (mostly) good shows with long 26-30 episode seasons. When stupid sports events didn’t pre-empt shows that much, nor did stupid reality shows/ competitions starting up mid-year. The only thing I’m glad for now that wasn’t really around back then is the summer series. There was never anything on during the summer except reruns, but now there are all these choices available. And some of them are actually good.

      • shaun says:

        If you are claiming they had 26-30 good or even mediocre episodes in a season I’d name you liar.The actors must have been burnt out,but since that was the 70’s nobody even noticed the lack of good scripts,lol.

        • Risa says:

          Actually, it was not the 70’s; it was just about 3 yrs ago when they started all this fall finale stuff. I’m only 25 and even I remember when they did a couple reruns or holiday movies in place of the episodes. And I thought that was frustrating! Anyone remember when there were more Thanksgiving & Christmas episodes? I do! Now they pretty much do a Halloween episode (maybe) and that’s it.
          I do understand giving the actors a break, but a lot of shows are pre-recorded anyway so they get the holidays off like the rest of us…unless they choose not to (for a big movie or whatever reason).

          • nika says:

            Exactly, the shows are pre-recorded so they’ve already recorded the shows that would play during the holiday season so I don’t get the winter break. Someone explain to me…

        • Sable says:

          I remember 39 new episodes with 13 weeks of summer reruns, and most of the quality was better than today’s, though there are several exceptions to that. The actors were far from burned out; they were delighted to have the work and treated it like a job. There were no reality shows and just a few quiz shows.

    • elr says:

      Amen to everything you wrote Gwen. It boggles my mind that network execs keep doing this. And now its NOT just the Big Four but, most of the cable series too, which are only about 13 episodes to begin with. They always seem surprised that viewership falls off when a show comes back after a break like this. Some of these breaks are more than 2 months long, and this is after waiting months for them to premier.

      • Trev says:

        The Walking Dead’s hiatus from season one to two was almost a full entire year and when it came back on this past October, it had massive ratings compared to it’s first season.

    • Kari says:

      And networks treated their viewers with respect! Ahem-looking at you NBC…

    • Marz says:

      Except cable isn’t doing any different, in fact in some cases the breaks are obscenely long (I’m looking at you Syfy). It’s no wonder Syfy shows are doing so bad when they have (I kid you not) 9 or more month MID-season breaks. Why don’t they just split it in half and call it two seasons? It would make somewhat more sense.

    • votinforu says:

      Right as rain! It’s no wonder great shows keep getting cancelled after just one or two seasons…people lose interest when the show is out on a long break. Personally, I barely remember the storyline or I lose that connection with the characters when the show is out for a long time.
      Another thing, what are the execs thinking when they cancel all the great shows and replace it with some dumb reality show? What’s going on with these people? Sometimes I think they cancel them just to get even with the writers for going on strike. If that’s the case, they’re punishing the viewers too!

  4. ktbanks says:

    Thank you! I’ve been looking for this stuff for like the last week! Now it’s all in one convenient place! :)

  5. Tracy says:

    How about Private Practice? Shonda Rhimes tweeted that after the two-hour evening, it would be on hiatus until 2012. Is the assumption that the show returns the same night Grey’s Anatomy returns?

  6. Ainavrw says:

    Is it wrong that once I read the use of ‘Once More, With feelig’ that’s all I cared about?

  7. Jefferson says:

    Would we at any time also get total episode counts of each show this season? That’s always nice too. You never know as some are 22-25.

    Some other season finales and miscellaneous dates if your going cable route –
    *Boardwalk Empire – season finale December 11
    *Bored to Death – season finale November 28
    *Burn Notice – season 5 concludes December 15
    *Closer – 5 remaining season 7 episodes resume November 28
    *Covert Affairs – season finale December 6
    *Enlightened – season finale December 12
    *Eureka – Holiday episode airs December 6
    *Haven – Holiday episode airs December 6
    *How to Make it in America – season finale November 20
    *Hung – season finale December 4
    *Leverage – 8 remaining season 4 episodes resume November 27
    *Psych – Season 6 mid-season finale airs December 14
    *Rizzoli & Isles – 5 remaining season 2 episodes resume November 28
    *Sons of Anarchy – season finale December 6
    *South Park – season finale November 16
    *Walking Dead – mid-season finale airs November 27; 6 remaining episodes resume February 12
    *Workaholics – season finale November 22
    *Warehouse 13 – Holiday episode airs December 6

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      We’ll add THE WALKING DEAD and PSYCH, since this is primarily about shows currently in progress that are taking a hiatus and then resuming their seasons. Thank you for the nudge. (A “season finales” calendar for network AND cable shows is a whole different ball o’ wax.)

    • Smallville944 says:

      Actually Closer season 7 ends Summer 2012 there doing more episodes next summer to wrap up the series the closer season 7 has 21 episodes rather than 15 like the past seasons

    • Tia says:

      Thank you! I was waiting for someone to post all the good shows on cable. Super Excited to have a Haven episode.

    • Aysh says:

      How can HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA have only 8 episodes this season? wasn’t last season longer? :( so disappointing!

  8. John says:

    This was much needed. Thank you. Damn, TVD has a long hiatus! So awful!

    • Hols says:

      I know! I can’t figure it out. Why is the CW pulling its highest rated show in the middle of November? Sweeps month! And its pulling it in order to play five year old movies no one saw in the theaters? WTF? I really don’t understand what the CW is doing anymore. Unless it’s deliberately TRYING to fail.

      • Peter Bishop says:

        It’s because last night’s VD had a good cliffhanger and it was a better episode to end on. At least they showed episodes 9 weeks in a row without break and it comes back earlier this year.

        If you really want to look at a network trying to fail, look no further than FOX. All Fox is good for is shelving shows and fighting with cable/sat providers to get more money.

        • tom tomei says:

          only 7 episodes since season began they love 2 skip shows w/o notice then dont playem sat.but just skipum instead then 2 months off 8 day delay to boot and this season really sucked 3of10 seasons 1-3 10of10 9of10 then 8of10 loved first 3 seasons but this ps dish sucks too so i cant even see it nxt day w\o paid serv prov. im done with fox mind u i didnt need cable last 6 years fox mostly all i needed w/ digital local phila now that fringe sucks n house is about done im done w/ fox they lost a lifelong foxfan

      • AnnClau says:

        I hope they don’t do like last year and stop TVD for like a month in march. I mean you can start the season later and end it earlier instead of stopping it for months at at time.

      • em says:

        I was actually trying to figure that out as well, but Peter Bishop (LOL) made a good point about FOX’s baseball hiatus and wacky rescheduling. At least we know TVD’s return date (#savecommunity).

  9. GK says:

    Looking for this from a long time. Thanks.

  10. Naanati says:

    Castle’s fall finale will air on Dec.5th. :)

  11. Maria says:

    Is Bones serious? A ridiculously late premiere, then what- six eps?, and then it’s done until “spring”? And I don’t buy the “But Emily Deschanel is/was pregnant!” thing, how many dozens of other shows have worked around that? Sadly, I think I’m done with the Jeffersonian team >:(

    • lauren says:

      Wasn’t the interrupted Bones schedule announced ages ago? Not sure why you would be suddenly “surprised.”

    • Cloudy Knight says:

      Bones is having an abreviated season because of Emily’s pregnancy, it’s true, but also so that so-called spinoff The Finder can air a short season in it’s place, with some character cross-over.

    • AnnClau says:

      Other shows did work around pregnancies but maybe thhose actress wanted to keep working and not take vacations to be with their new-born. Also, Emily is a major character unlike other shows that have less important characters getting pregnant.

      • Diana says:

        Not true. In Grey’s Anatomy, they found a way to work around Ellen Pompeo’s pregnancy and she’s the title character as well. It is possible to find ways to work around it.

      • shaun says:

        I believe both ladies on How I met your mother were pregnant both at once and the show worked around.

      • Kathy says:

        If they’d been smart, instead of taking the traditional hiatus, they would have gone one right back into filming until Emily took maternity leave, then picked up the last few eps after she came back. We wouldn’t have had this ridiculously short season, and we wouldn’t have gone from a svelte Bones in the final ep of last season to a hugely pregnant Bones in the first ep of this one — and they might have actually made the sudden pregnancy storyline a bit more logical and believable. There was no lead up, just a statement that was completely emotionally unsatisfying, which robbed the viewers of the payoff we’ve been waiting for with that relationship. Bad writing — simply bad writing.

    • Wendy says:

      @Maria It is mainly because Fox wants to try “The Finder” out (Hart Hanson’s new show, whose pilot was last season on “Bones”) in the “Bones” time slot for 13 weeks. Sucks, but there you go.

    • Jean says:

      I agree. A return in “Spring?” I have a terrible feeling that they are gearing up for this to be their last season. The actors are taking time off to have babies, directing other shows, writing for other shows, making movies, etc. etc. So often you see a season totally messed up because they stop caring. Please don’t let that happen to Bones. If this is the final season, make it one to remember. Don’t mess it up!

      Hopefully we will get those 4 summer episodes or is that all lies too?

  12. Peter Bishop says:

    Wow Fox really knows how to kill Fringe’s momentum. I’ve never seen a show get pushed around this much. I can understand why they wouldn’t air an episode the day after Thanksgiving. Even though the ratings probably wouldn’t change much. Stupid 90s style thinking but okay.

    But why do we have to go the entire month of December without episodes? Fox is the WORST SCHEDULING NETWORK in America.

    It’s okay for new episodes of every other Fox show in December but not Fringe?

    • Peter Bishop says:

      Seriously does someone at Fox actually GET PAID to create these schedules? I’d love to hear the reasoning.

      This isn’t Glee where the characters haven’t changed in 3 years or House where he’s still solving cases in 42 minutes of screen time. This is a show you have to follow and pay attention. 3 episodes air, 6 week break. 2 episodes air, 3 week break. 7 episodes air, 2 month break.

      Thanks Fox for a whole 7 episodes of Fringe in 4 months. You guys rock!

      • Cloudy Knight says:

        It’s 22 episodes over approximately 39 weeks, so there’s going to be almost as many “off” weeks as there are new shows. Baseball playoffs are what wreak havoc on Fox, what with the League Championship Series and World Series airing in October, when the other networks are showing first run episodes. Personally, I’d like to see the baseball playoffs on cable, like TBS or ESPN, but that would get Congress in an uproar.

      • dexx says:

        Whether you get several small breaks, one huge one or a couple of big ones, breaks are inevitable as Cloudy Knight explained. If you do the math that they mentioned, it shouldn’t be too hard to comprehend why breaks happen.

        • Peter Bishop says:

          It’s not hard to comprehend at all why the breaks happen. I didn’t just start watching TV in September, I know the routines.

          But I’m waiting for someone to explain the logic here.
          Fringe comes back 9/23 and runs 4 episodes in a row.. Then for some unknown reason, Fox shows a repeat on 10/21. Why? There was no baseball, we didn’t need to see the season premiere again especially when it’s ON THE FOX WEBSITE!!! Haha unreal.

          Then it gets pushed back b/c of Game 7. Unavoidable. So how about we get that episode back in December? Nah. Now if it was House, they’d have an all night event if they missed an episode.

          No instead we get 2 more episodes and then an 8 week break.

          BTW did a little research and discovered Fringe will be back 1/12/11 after next week, so we can update that on this list.

          Why can’t they show 2 episodes in December when every other FOX show is running new episodes? That’s the point.

          Breaks are unavoidable but the scheduling here should make any person with common sense scratch their head. Why not just premiere the show in January ala 24 and run 22 consecutive weeks so maybe, just MAYBE, the show could build momentum. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out.

          What other major network TV show gets screwed like this?

          • Roxie says:

            I totally agree with everything you just said. Fox only has itself to blame for Fringe losing viewers. They should have figured out some way to air 4×08 in December, even if it had to be on a different night by making it a special Fringe event, or something like that, instead of pushing it back to January and causing the show to lose viewers and momentum.

      • tom tomei says:

        couldnt’ve said it better fringe was an iconic show that would give even a wild imagination some serous exercize but i cant follow a show that jumps around like me w\adhd ,and skips shows after7 slow shows over like 2or3 months w/ my adhd annd the winter break they lost another fannatical fringe fan ,wasted last 3 yrs following every single show since pilot they’re losing my att. fast and after waiting all summer this FU FOX

  13. Alex says:

    Yeah I agree that Fox’s scheduling can be a little wacky at times….Fringe especially, though the Glee baseball hiatus was also poorly handled.

    Thank you, TV Line, for always making these extremely helpful calendars! I don’t know how I’d know what to watch when otherwise!

  14. Lucy says:

    Castle please?

  15. Ainavrw says:

    Ha! Nice!

  16. Janelle says:

    I don’t watch Bones but danggg!! and Fringe no surprise there,FOX is abusing the show like always. Poor scheduling all around.

  17. gavrielle says:

    Grey’s Anatomy! How is it possible to live without you??

  18. Brian says:

    What about “American Horror Story?”

  19. JOJO says:

    The whole baseball/Halloween thing was disastrous.
    Nothing against Baseball OR Halloween… But any recent fall in ratings of ANY show in Fox has a higher percentage to do with its poorly handled schedule than because the show has a sucky storyline.
    I already stopped watching Glee, but it also went down…
    NEW GIRL even.
    X Factor is the only show that seems to have remained somewhat healthy, considering the premiere ratings it had.
    AND even though I don’t watch Fringe, I know how much its been absent this whole season. IDK, maybe Fox has got to premiere its shows earlier…
    I hope ONCE UPON A TIME doesn’t take that long to come back, it’s the only show I genuinely am enjoying lately.

    • Aiden says:

      I agree with you about Once Upon A Time. I’m afraid a long hiatus may kill it. And just when they’re doing so well with the steady ratings and the improving quality of every episode! Makes me a bit nervous that its return date isn’t set yet. Such great potential with this show.

  20. Wendy says:

    The long hiatus for “Bones” (to air “The Finder” for 13 episodes) is not a surprise as it has long been announced. But that doesn’t mean I still don’t think it is a foolish move. From what I read, the “Bones” cast may be back filming by the end of *this* month, per something David Boreanaz said, which tells me this long hiatus has zip to do with Emily’s maternity leave and has everything to do with showcasing “The Finder” at “Bones”‘ expense, taking away any momentum it may have, even with a shorter season. There is absolutely no real reason why “The Finder” cannot sink or swim on its own on another night. Not to mention all the crossovers to come with “Bones” actors tells me Fox is desperate for “The Finder” to succeed. As “New Girl” has shown, it is not a case of absence making the heart grow fonder over at Fox, but out of sight, out of mind. Whoever programs their shows over there needs to be fired. Unless Fox likes sabotaging itself.

  21. Brandy says:

    I hate the hiatus(fall, spring,summer).!!!! The season just started! Times flying by, cant believe its already fall finale time. Wish the shows would just air all episodes without breaks. People watch tv more ondemand,online,dvr so theres no worry about missing shows while celebrating the holidays so no need for the long hiatuses. Plus, the breaks only hurt shows: people dont know when thier shows are on/new and shows loose viewers and shows loose the momentum in storylines and veiwers forget what happened on thier show, people get used thier show not being on and start watching other shows or doing other things instead of thier shows and shows always come back with lower ratings. I know the tv scedule is less than the weeks in the year, but still….

  22. Volcfom says:

    Sadly, because of the popularity of the DVR, networks don’t really need to stick to a strict schedule anymore. It’s just a pain for those who haven’t invested in the awesome technology yet.
    Also, I always remember there being about a 4-week break from December into January – for those who say “shows used to run straight from September to May!”.
    I do have to say, over the years I’ve noticed weird scheduling changes, then I realized more of what I’ve watched has been on FOX. It does have a very odd schedule.

  23. capslocke says:

    Does any1 know if Revenge is taking a hiatus too?

    • Santana says:

      It almost definitely will, most shows do. Not sure when it’s hiatus starts but I will miss it when it goes…

    • davey says:

      THIS! Where is Revenge – I’m interested to know how this show is gonna work their schedule? For a series that (I think) was only supposed to be a 13 episode run but has since picked up a full season order – and potentially more seasons – how many episodes are they going to finish….and what are those dates :)

  24. Robert Ariadne says:

    I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard that Fringe will return on January 13.

  25. kevin says:

    Hope the “season finale” of TERRA NOVA come December 19th would turn into a “series finale”. Just sayin’.

    • Trev says:

      Why? Just because you don’t like it, it should go away? There are lot’s of people who do like it. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, it’s that simple even a pea brain like you can understand.

  26. Maxine says:

    There were excellent drama series in the seventies, and believe it or not there were many quality comedies, variety shows, and dramas in the sixties and the fifties.

  27. NP says:

    When did we start needing this big holiday break? What was wrong with just not airing a new episode on the actual holiday?

  28. Beth says:

    It all comes down to money. I think the actors get paid by the episode so it would make sense that the networks would only order 20 or 22 to save money. They can then throw up some reality shows that don’t cost as much to fill in the gaps. I remember during the holidays they usually put on a movie and or holiday specials so I don’t think they ever ran straight through. But I agree that two months is a long time especially for new shows that haven’t gotten a big following yet. I think in years past they also did a better job of staggering reruns. I remember when Grey’s was on after Desperate Housewives on Sundays and one week might be a new Grey’s but a Desperate rerun and they following week it would be reversed. Of course this was when the shows were really good and you didn’t mind watching a rerun of one show because you were getting a new episode of the other. I think both of those shows also used to do a “catch up” episode right after a long break, old footage with new voice over with hint of things to come. It was a good marketing tool so I’m surprised they don’t do that anymore.

  29. Melanie says:

    MATT! I have read on a few websites that they Grey’s episode was supposed to originally air in January 2012 but has been moved back to December 8th? I follow Shonda on Twitter and she said the new epi wasn’t coming until January too so I am inclined to believe you and her! Has the date changed?!?!?!

  30. Pam says:

    The most painful hiatus will be the Walking Dead. I know it’s moving too slow for a lot of fans, but I personally cannot wait until the next episode.

  31. George says:

    So sad to see “TBA” next to Community’s return date :(

    • Christine says:

      I know :( And now no Cougar Town in sight either? TV just got a whole lot crappier.

      • Aiden says:

        Agree with both of you guys! The “C” category was quite painful to read.
        *Chuck | Two-Hour Series Finale: Jan. 27
        *Community | Fall Finale: Dec. 8 | Return Date: TBA
        …then there’s the lack of Cougar Town. It’s a sad day in TV land.

  32. Dessy says:

    No Fringe for almost 2 whole months??!
    I hope the OUaT break is not too long. I’m obsessed with that show.

  33. Rob says:

    So wait.. Terra Nova has been cancelled? It says Season Finale, and for that to be the case it seems like it would be?

    • bluemoon says:

      I honestly did not expect it to go beyond the one season. Probably not cancelled more like high product budget was only meant for one season.

    • Skip says:

      No, they only ordered about 10 episodes to begin with. It was a hugely expensive and complicated show to produce. As I recall, all of the on-location scenes were shot in Australia, and production started almost a year before the first episode hit the screen. So I’m sure Fox wanted see if it would draw a fanbase before committing to too many episodes. Because of the long leadtime, they will have to begin shooting for the next season right after New Year’s.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      TERRA NOVA Season 1 has always been 13 and only 13 episodes, regardless of ratings.

    • Renee says:

      No. They said at the start the first season was only going to be 13? episodes due to all the CGI stuff. Still waiting to find out if it will be renewed for another season or not.

  34. bluemoon says:

    Can anyone tell me if Chuck’s final seasons got shortened…or are they going to air episodes all through December and January? I don’t see how else they can have the 13 episodes filled otherwise.

    • Rob says:

      Yeah that’s what the plan is. They’re going to run episodes through the finale date.

    • Aiden says:

      Yup, 13 episodes for the shortened final season of CHUCK. No breaks, either. Original episodes will air on Friday 12/23 and 12/30..straight up to their series finale on January 27th.
      It makes sense. I mean, the renewal was really just a gift from NBC for the loyal and passionate fans who’d like to see a clean and wrapped-up ending.

  35. rory says:

    UGH. I still look at the top graphic and think.. ohhhh news on a gilmore girls reunion. COME BACK TO ME, GG!

  36. Cathy says:

    Hopefully, this will help all the Bones fans; according to TV Guide, Bones Actors Get Raises, Sign On for Additional Season

  37. Andrea says:

    “Whenever that information becomes available, surely. – Management”

    Hey Management, You must be moonlighting since you’re no longer a part of Burn Notice.

    Thanks Matt.

  38. Allison says:

    Can you tell us why Parenthood will have a February season finale? It is such a great show. I look forward to it every week.

    • Chris says:

      Yeah same here…I wanna know why they keep messing with this very well written, well acted show.

      • Hannah says:

        From what I know, it only has 18 episodes this season and they haven’t had many weeks off between episodes (I can think of only one week so far) so that explains the early finale. BUT I TOTALLY AGREE! Parenthood is so fantastic, I cry all the time while watching it. I’m just oodles of pissed off at NBC right now, what with the drama surrounding Community and all.

  39. Kathie says:

    I say this EVERY year! Bring back the past again since everything vintage is new again :)

  40. Raina W says:

    What about Glee, Body of Proof, Revenge and Desperate Housewives? And when will cbs announce their midseason finales & winter premieres, because I want to know about Hawaii 5-0, Criminal Minds, and The Mentalist?

  41. liz says:

    Community TBA? I hate you NBC

  42. John says:

    Great I can catch up to my TiVo! it was getting a tad full. lol

  43. Roxie says:

    Why is Grimm missing from this list if the NBC dates have been added? Is it not coming back next year? I really hope it is. Each episode keeps getting better and I think the show has a lot of potential. Its also filmed in my town, Portland, and is creating a lot of jobs here. Really hoping it doesn’t get canceled!

    • RecceR says:

      Grimm is not going anywhere, until May that is. It’s been given a full season order and is on NBC’s mid-season schedule for Fridays @9pm. NBC is also experimenting by putting a new episode on Thursday, December 8th to see how it does. Not all of NBC’s shows have mid-season return/start dates (along with the other networks) just yet. Being that it’s the biggest success NBC has had this season with a new series, I think it’s safe for a while.

  44. Rexxie says:

    Hey are you gonna do a schedule table like you did for the fall schedule?

  45. bre says:

    What about Dexter?

  46. Ray says:

    So sad Chuck is ending :(..will always be my favorite show..

  47. Rob R says:

    The memories of the good ole days are slightly inaccurate. By the 1970s, the standard episode order was 24 episodes for every show. Check the season episode counts for Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, MASH, Here’s Lucy, or All in the Family. 24 episodes were produced and they all aired from mid September to mid March, with one rerun between Christmas and New Years and usually one pre-emption for the Olympics or something unusual. Then SIX FULL MONTHS of reruns would begin from mid-March to mid-September. Sweeps month of May was virtually 100 percent reruns. In the 1980s, the networks became more conscious of “saving” shows for May, and began to create these big gaps in December and March to spread the shows out. Then production schedules changed to accommodate this, as shows returned to production later in the summer, scheduled weeks off, and dragged production into early to mid April. And the normal episode count dropped to 22 episodes. Huge hit serialized shows like Dallas and Knots Landing ballooned to 30 episode orders in order to carry over to May without a minimum of pre-emptions, but those shows were the exception.

  48. Luis says:

    Where is revenge?!? Is it not gonna come back next year?!?

  49. YES! Revenge news please.

  50. Julie says:

    Thanks for replying Matt! But is the unofficial still unofficial for OUAT?