It's Official: Chris Meloni Joins True Blood as a Series Regular -- Exclusive New Details!

That noise you hear is the sound of Twitter exploding into a million little pieces over the following news: After weeks of negotiations, Chris Meloni is officially joining True Blood as a series regular in Season 5.

According to executive producer Alan Ball, the former Law & Order: SVU front man will play, “An ancient, powerful vampire who holds the fate of Bill and Eric in his hands.”

Major True Blood Spoiler Alert: Meet Eric’s Vampire “Sister”

The gig brings Meloni back into the HBO fold for the first time since his days on Oz. It also mark a high-profile return to the small screen for the upcoming Man of Steel actor following his sudden departure from SVU last spring.

Urgent Notice: I’ll be revealing more details about Meloni’s vamp alter ego in the next 24 hours on Twitter, so best start following me at @MichaelAusiello now!

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  1. Michael Dowell says:

    Brilliant! Great news.

  2. Annabelle says:

    Grand Slam…what an awesome thing this would be if they can make it happen :) Miss Chris so much on SVU – not the same without Stabler! So this would be a welcome addition to True Blood or any show for that matter!!!!!

  3. Sarah says:

    He belongs to svu and svu only

  4. Templar says:

    Looks like jeff Probst’s evil twin.

  5. Danielle H says:

    I would piss my pants if this happened. Srsly. This just renewed my interest in TB!

  6. Tom says:

    I may just order HBO if/when he comes on board ;)

  7. Maria says:

    So excited that I’ll get to see Chris in something fun soon. He is too talented to not be working. The great thing about this is that it will still give him a chance to do film, theatre etc which he couldn’t do while he was on SVU.

  8. Alex A Aguilar says:

    Amazing chris meloni in true blood.

  9. handtalker says:


  10. Rocky says:

    Please let him be gay! Please please please let him be a gay homosexual who enjoys having sex with muscular vampires, werewolves, and stupid blond cop brothers!!

  11. Keylolo says:


  12. annmarie says:

    so awsum one of my favourite actors going on my favourite show,how cool is that!

  13. gina says:

    thats great but its still not going to make terra and lafayette’s boyfriend come back!! :'(

  14. Jennifer says:

    I thought Russell was the ancient and powerful vampire, and what happened to the other ancient bad girl you’re bringing? This is getting pathetic. Just bring Russell back and not just to kill him in the first two episodes which I’m sure you’re going to do. I’d rather watch him and Talbot arguing for 40min straight then most of the TB plot lines anymore.

  15. Cas says:

    I agree Elliot needs some closure…but True Blood is gonna be AWESOME with him!!!

  16. Ev says:

    But what about Olivia? She was “Almost-Raped’ (TM)! :(

  17. Jenni says:

    I personally always pictured Vin Diesel as Quinn while reading the books lol.

  18. Cecelia says:

    I’m excited about Chris being on true blood hopefully we get to see him naked once again like in Oz.. he’s sooooo sexy…so slippery dripping wet

  19. GregamusPrime says:

    Hilarious enough I created a log in just to comment.well played

  20. claude deas says:

    He is ok, but i think they could have gotten someone better

  21. sharrel says:

    Love the books as they continue to come out. Love the show and watch every one usually more than once but the show is so far off from the books who cares what new character comes in as what. I’ll still watch.

  22. Samantha says:

    I’m hoping he’ll be Quinn the tiger. That’d be effing sweet.

  23. Patti says:

    I think he should go back to suv . And just be agust on true blood.I loved him on 0z.

  24. Deena says:

    Now I’ll have to order HBO and go watch the first 4 seasons of this show so I know what the hell is going on. I miss you Elliot Stabler…

  25. Friesian cowgirl says:

    Yay I am so excited he is going to be on my other favorite show I love true blood I own all the seasons so far! Although I am sad he is no longer on svu its not the same without him he and benson belong together on the show they made the best team!!!! I am happy as long as he is still on tv!

  26. DunKnowDunCare says:

    what i don’t get is why everyone is saying “maybe he will play quinn” quinn wasn’t a vampire and as stated in the article he is playing a vampire

    “According to executive producer Alan Ball, the former Law & Order: SVU front man will play, ”An ancient, powerful vampire who holds the fate of Bill and Eric in his hands.””

  27. Katz Lassiter says:

    Wow. This is going to be great. I’m so ready for True Blood. Season 5 is going to be the”sit on the edge of your seat”best.

  28. timl says:

    season 4 was awful, season 5 with bill getting constantly shoved down our throats at the expense of other characters really have ruined it…

  29. Jana says:

    I can’t wait to see him!

  30. cayers says:


  31. KabbaV says:

    You hear that? That’s the sound of gay men and hetero women creaming themselves the would over. This better happen or else I’m gonna kick HBO square in the nuts.

  32. mya says:

    I wish true blood was a longer series seems like after a couple of shows then its over

  33. Kibbe says:

    Eric has a “sister”. Meloni has an “alter ego”. In the book, Eric has a brother… How ’bout this? Meloni plays Eric’s brother who happens to be a fierce transvestite!

  34. zombyz says:

    I am thinking Victor! Since he comes in after the queen dies.

  35. margaret young says:

    Stablers character does need closure 1 or 2 shows then on to the best show on HBO~TRUEBLOOD!!!

  36. Gerald says:

    Looking forward to how his vamp squares off against the one who just got broken out if his concrete prison.

  37. lisa frady says:

    omg just another vampire for sookie to sleep with.?! ok whats this do about the king coming back from his cement hole under alcides parking garage?? its gonna be weird seeing hom as a vampire and eric has a sister. .Oh. Boy Barbie Eric!!!

  38. Allison says:

    Who cares? Who’s playing the tiger???

  39. cus says:

    Maybe godric’s maker. So he’s kinda like Eric’s grandmaker

  40. cindychandler says:

    Why not have him as GODRIC’S maker…thus establishing a connection to Eric/acknowledging the books’ lore.

  41. Nancy says:

    Wow my fav actor going to my fav show this couldnt get any beter unless we get to see chris nekkid againg

  42. MeloniFan says:

    This man is awesome! AND he is a diverse actor!I can not wait to see what he does here!

  43. kel says:

    WEEEEE!!! Bring it on!!

  44. Minimal Monk says:

    Oh Freaking YES! Didn’t my jaw just drop then come up and say ‘oh yummy’. Thank goodness, I’ve been SO missing this man from Law and Order.

  45. breana says:

    I’m thinking felipe the vampire king of Louisiana who takes over after Sophie Anne dies in the books

  46. Geri Carroll says:

    SVU’s loss is True Blood’s gain!!!

  47. Wade & Ginger Johnson says:

    Personally I could care LESS who or how many more people they add to the True Blood series However what REALLY counts is who it is that they KILL OFF of the show, like Tara Noles…. You know she was shot on last season’s finally and we were all left to wonder for all of these months if Tara would live or die in Sookie’s Arms!! I really love Tara and she is part of Sookie as well, SO I really can’t see Alan Ball killing Tara off of the series. After all Nelson Ellis was “supposed” to have been killed off in the very first season,B.U.T Nelson Plays his character Lafayette the Gay cook at Merlotts bar and Grill that his presence on the series was really a requirement I think instead of an option!!! So without further adieu.. I wish all of you True Blood Fans ALSO the Cast and Crew of this Fabulous series..Happy Holidays from my family to yours…And if I did miss saying Happy Holidays to anyone related to the True Blood Series,then I say it now…HAPPY HOLIDAYS From the Johnson Family of Eastman Georgia….

  48. Morgan says:

    UMMMMMMMM :'( Honestly i dont watch SVU anymore since Elliot left its not the same, im sad that he got another role b/c he prob wont return to SVU!!!!!!! WAHHHHHHHH Elliot/Olivia 4 ev…. (e/o)

  49. kyle says:

    If melanoni coming into the cast as an ancient vampire holding the fate of bill and eric in his hands than what is russell edgington going to do in the fifth season. I just don’t get it because I thought he would come back to kill bill and eric for burying him alive in the third season since he broke out?

  50. Eric says:

    I love this. It will make TrueBlood even more awesome. I hope he does a clothes-off scene too! ;-)