Sons of Anarchy Recap: 'This Is How You Do It'

Sons of Anarchy Recap[The following contains massive spoilers from Part 1 of Sons of Anarchy‘s Season 4 finale. If you have not yet watched, finish your bowl of Cap’N Crunch and hop to it.]

And so the table is set for the second part of Sons of Anarchy‘s fourth-season finale. And seated at the head of that table, if Gemma has her way, is Jax.

That Gemma laid (almost) every card on the table before her son, spelling out the deadly sequence of events that began once Tara read the John Teller letters, was impressive. A lesser show tucks that information dump away for next season, or withholds a lot more than Gemma did. Yet in a way it was  inevitable, as a means to bring this intense season and its explosive catalyst full circle. And bravo to Katey Sagal for delivering so much exposition in a speech that seemed not rehashed to informed viewers, and for portraying in Gemma an earnestness that barely if at all hinted at an agenda.

“Why are you telling me now?”

“Because I know how dangerous secrets can be, and it’s time we all knew the truth…. [Clay]’s a murderous traitor and there’s only one thing to do now, Jackson. … It’s in you. It’s who you are. Clay has to die. … And when it’s done, you take your place at the head of this table, where a Teller belongs. Where you belong.”

Yet while Jax is more than game to make hospitalized Clay gravely pay for, among other things, plotting twice to kill his father as well as ordering the hit on Tara — did you see the way Charlie Hunnam’s eyes focused with intense hate as Gemma’s monologue unspooled? — satisfying his mother’s other want simply isn’t in the cards. Because as Jax promises Tara at the close of the episode, his plan is still to make tracks out of Charming, as soon as he can.

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Let’s talk about Tara, who in the final scene seemed to stupefy-slash-impress Gemma at least three separate times. First, she correctly predicted that Gemma was not delivering the letters to Clay but to Jax, and that she secreted away the pages that implicated her in JT’s death. How did Tara know? “Because I’m smarter than you are,” she cockily told Gemma. “And I know Jax better than you do.”

Tara then earned all but a slow clap from her prospective mother-in-law by promptly producing a syringe of blood thinner that would enable Jax to end Clay’s life, flatly saying: “This is how you do it.”

“You kill him,” she continued to Jax, “and then you come and get me and our boys and drive us out of this poisonous town.”

As a final touché, Tara then makes clear to Gemma, “He’s mine.”

Maggie Siff’s alter ego sure came a long way from beseeching people earlier in the hour to “Tell me you love me.”

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Rounding out the hour, Jax got wind that Otto flipped and ratted out Bobby to the AUSA, suggesting that the Feds might be wise to the Galindo-Irish gun swap that’s about to go down. Romeo said he’d look into it, only to later claim to Jax that his well-paid inside sources insisted that Otto snitched on no one. What do you think Romeo’s play is there? Simply that he really needs this deal to happen, jittery Jax or not?

There was also the matter of misplaced retribution for Clay’s shooting, which in haste Jax pinned on the Niners’ Leroy. (“He’s gotta die. Like, a lot,” said Happy.) Tig, guilt-ridden for failing Clay, drove a car onto a sidewalk and at Leroy, forcing the gang leader’s sweetheart through a window to her death. Tig got away (with a little help from his friends), but could that hit-and-run later come back to haunt SAMCRO?

What did you think of “To Be,” Part 1? What if anything is to stop Jax from killing Clay and following through on his plan to pursue “happily ever after” with his old lady?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Carmen says:

    TONIGHT’S EPISODE BELONGED TO THE LADIES. Y’all continue to praise Tara Knowles, but I will praise Katey Sagal for playing such a manipulative bitch so brilliantly subtly and deftly. I was blown away by her, actually.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Agreed! I just edited in some mad props for Sagal.

      • Carmen says:

        Thanks for adding that, Matt! I couldn’t agree more with that little mention. Her season 2 story arc was wonderful and contains some of her best work on the show, but she truly proved herself as a powerhouse drama actress this season. Considering the hype this season has been getting, I will be truly shocked if the Emmy’s fail to recognize her with, at least, a nomination.

  2. emilio estevez says:

    Romeo is a rat working with potter

  3. Bad Breaker says:

    Does anyone know if or when there will be an SOA marathon of this season?

  4. keysha says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this show there is nothng better on t.v. Quote tara “kill him Jax” kill em. lovd it all. Charlie Hunnam is one sexy man. And great actor

  5. Terry says:

    I agree, I think Romeo is undercover. I also think that Tara has gone off the deep end, she has to be out of the way for the show to continue. Either to be killed by Gemma or by her own hand.

    • Jason says:

      No no no no no sir, Tara does NOT have to die… they just made her 5 times more interesting between Wendy coming back, the fate of her hand being up in the air, her becoming essentially a younger Gemma, and she still has two sons to raise and her man to look after or else he will be overrun by the club’s messes. Jax will get pinched next week, leaving someone else having to kill Clay, and they will fail.

      • ibogaine says:

        Ah but she does. She’s determined to get Jax and her family out of Charming. Jax is determined to go for her sake. That’s the bottom line. In order for Jax to continue in SAMCRO she has to die. And you can bet it is going to be Leroy’s retaliation. There is no way they didn’t see those bikers cuts.

    • Mikaela says:

      what was up with all that crazy “tell me you love me” stuff? i got the feeling that she was going to kill herself… is this ptsd or something? why is she asking everyone to tell her they love her?! :S

      • Jason says:

        I’m thinking she needed some confirmation before she begins to step towards the dark side, even if its just words… some kind of confirmation… especially if its something that WILL be life changing.

      • Jill says:

        I think it was a test, something she needed to do to make the final decision of giving the letters to Jax (she knew Gemma would give the letters to him). Jax was truthful when he said it and Gemma clearly was not. Maybe she wanted to see if she could tell the difference? Maybe it was assurance that if he truly loved her she could then be sure that he would still leave SAMCRO?

      • MattS says:

        Yikes. I hate to think about it, but it could be foreshadowing her death. I wouldn’t put it past the writers. They are known to make bold moves and Tigg did kill Leroy’s old lady. With these gangs and clubs it is usually tit for tat. I hope I am wrong, as I LOVE LOVE Maggie Siff (Tara).

        Not to be a know-it-all, but was this past episode a ‘part 1’? The finale is two hours next week, so I thought there was only one finale episode. Maybe I’m confused…

        • kyle says:

          Tara not only needs to die because she has manipulated jax into abandoning his life long devotion to the club and his brothers that would result in the downfall of samcro, but she also deserves to die. Ultimately, clay killed piney but it was tara’s shared knowledge of the letters that, to a sociopath, left only one option. Her stubborness in not getting rid of the letters have created so much tragedy and sorrow. With recent episodes that have continued to reveal her narcissistic personality, her death, although initially devastating to jax, has become necessary. So I say, kill the b!$&h!

    • TheDude says:

      Romeo Undercover? SERIOUSLY? these are the theories you guys come up with? Not 3 episodes ago the guy Executed like 6 Rival Cartel soldiers in cold blood. That’s not something an undercover fed would do.

  6. Isabelle says:

    I’m so confused and its with my own emotions. I was pissed Clay isnt dead, yet, I really wanted Ope to finish him but I love that Jax knows the truth, most of it, now, that scene where Gemma tells him everything is one of the best things I’ve ever seen on TV. Clay can’t survive the season, there’s no flippin way. Now WTF is going on with Tara? what’s with the tell me you love me thing? She looks like any second she might flip. I love that she gave Jax the means to kill Clay, that was amazing but I still hated how she told Gemma he’s mine. Yeah he can leave the club hut Gem is his mom and always will be. I hate that Gemma didnt tell the full truth but at the same time it wouldnt help for Jax to hate his mom, she’s the only fam he has left outside of his kids. I’m still not sure, none of us really are, exactly Gemma’s part in everything with JT. I have a feeling it might come up again later toward the end of the series. This hour of TV has me happy, sad, screaming, all of it.

    • JC says:

      I see most of the club getting caught in the bust by the Feds, and Clay surviving and being one of the few that does not go to prison. So since he does not go to prison, he will be a strong force to recon with when the others get out of prison.

    • Corinne says:

      I was initially thrown off as well by the whole ‘Tell me you love me” thing. After watching a 2nd time, I think that when she says it to Jax, she is trying to get reassurance that after her going off the deep end, she hasn’t pushed him away. When it came to asking Gemma, I think she was testing her to see just exactly it is that Gemma is trying to help. I think Gemma’s delayed response was proof enough that she wanted those letters to serve her own purpose and not to protect Tara and Jax. Plus, Tara is a little unhinged at the moment.

  7. V says:

    I think I’m the only one…but I want Tara to die! She’s just so annoying.

    • Lucas says:

      You’re not alone, to be honest.

      I would hate it if Sutter ends up making Tara the “new Gemma.” The “badassery” feels so contrived with Tara, but it comes naturally to Gemma. I am not buying this “new Tara” at all.

      • B says:

        I think its less about Tara becoming badass as Tara becoming completely unwound. Gemma’s moves come from a lifetime of being an old lady and knowing how to navigate this lifestyle. Gemma is all grit and steel. Tara on the other hand has been broken and its resulted in this cold emptiness. The whole “do you love me” thing was icy. I like Tara but I have a feeling she won’t last long. She’s majorly damaged goods and is no longer the person that made Jax want to be free of the Sons

        • Tim Nalley says:

          I agree, this whole life Tara has been leading, with the fact that her medical career is now in jeopardy, she has and is going off the deep end, The whole “do you love me” line was PERFECT. It showed that she is changing from the person who loved Jax unconditionally and is becoming controlling like Gemma. It could be interesting

          • Kat says:

            I totally agree. Especially if this is following Hamlet like so many people say. Tara is on her way to crazytown, which kind of sucks because before she was like the sane voice, the person seeing it from our point of view as outsiders. Obviously, that is no longer the case. I feel like Jax won’t have anything left to help him out and will end up stuck like his dad, especially since all his mother wants to do is drag him back down just like she did to JT (before she killed him)…

          • Jason says:

            Gemma had to become Gemma somewhere along the line folks she wasn’t always the Gemma we know and love.. hence Sutter bringing out that picture and reminding Gemma of a time before all this. Gemma’s event that made her cross over was JT cheating on her, and this is Tara’s event. Personally I am loving watching the descent of Tara… or some could argue, the ascent of Tara.

    • Leo says:

      OH MY GOODNESS! I thought I was the ONLY ONE that felt that way! The Whining Stinks! But Sutter keeps me on edge watching her reactions! But if she ” Goes ” it won’t Really bother me! I WANT CLAY ALIVE! I adore his character! He Really reminds me of my Dad….. In a Non~Murderous way. But the old school ” Vietnam Era” Tough guy is Great! Tig is another GREAT Character!

    • dclark777 says:

      I’ve been think the exact same thing. She’s been very very annoying.

  8. bdr says:

    Is Jax talking to himself or is he possibly wearing a wire in the scene with Chibbs as he’s walking away?

    • Tyler says:

      I doubt he’s wearing a wire, if only because they did that trick last season, although I did find the talking to himself to be a really awkward note.

  9. Tim Nalley says:

    Wow, you guys realize they are going to TOTALLY leave us hanging next week!! LOL. That said, with the truth that is out about Clay, even if Jax or Opie doesn’t finish him next week, he will have to be killed off at this point for the show to move forward. My best guess is that Jax kills him off, then, with Bobby facing murder chargers their wont be a clear successor for Clay which will force Jax to stay in SAMCRO. This will cause major problems with Tara, and Gemma will continue her manipulation of Jax. The only thing I cant figure is, if this goes down like I just said, who will be the “bad guy” in the club? Who will replace Clay as the villain within the club? Tig? I dont think his character is strong enough to pull it off. All of that said, Im probably totally wrong and, Kurt Sutter has some demented twist that we viewers havent thought of LOL

  10. Freshbrood says:

    Each episode is written by a different writer. I thought whomever wrote this one kinda sucked- the overall theme of the episode was great, but you guys gotta admit there was some serious cheese. Happy’s “he’s gotta die, like alot” comment, and Jax talking to himself as he walked away, felt at times like I was watching “Agatha Christie writes about a biker gang!”

    Romeo’s an undercover fed.

    My 2 cents.

    • Sutterlover says:

      Kurt wrote this episode and it was fantastic – the comedic undertones are what make this show what it is – they are in every episode and seem to lighten the intensity a bit!

    • Laurel says:

      Kurt Sutter writes and directs the finale every season.
      Last night was part one of the finale and he did write & direct the episode and he will do same for part 2 next week.

    • Jencer says:

      what? no way was it cheesey…..Happy’s line was so funny and it goes with all the funny lines that they fit in that make this show so great. And as far as Jax talking to himself, I think he is just so overwhelmed with everything at the moment he is just running everything in his head outloud.

  11. Tyler says:

    Where was Vic Mackey I heard he was gonna make an appearance?

    • Mike says:

      from kurt sutter`s twitter: “we had one of our guys watching THE SHIELD in jail. an homage to the 2 guys who taught me about great TV.“
      that`s where he made an appearance lol

  12. frank says:

    What was name on song “I was born into this family I’m the devils son” when Jax was given the letters ??

  13. Cathy says:

    The shower scene was not long enough.

  14. chick says:

    i think Jax n Tara are the next Gemma n John . the pic Gemma left behind looked alot like them. also a possibility of the bad guy or girl will come through Wendy she did say she wasnt goin nowere ….

  15. jeff says:

    Romeo is not a fed just eager to meet the source and cut out the middle men, jax will not be able to kill clay the way Tara would like bc its a weak way out, poison is a woman’s weapon, Gemma may in a round about way suggest clay be put under protective custody so jax has to air dirty laundry and let the club in on clays dirty work

    • natalia says:

      but it’s not poison it’s a blood thinner and it’s actually a horrible way to die, drowning in your own blood! if all goes as planned it will be perfect since it will look like an accident so there’s no way he can be implicated…however this is sutter and nothing this season has gone “as planned”

      • Jason says:

        Whether its a woman’s way or not, the last thing the club needs is heat from the cops by opening killing him in the hospital, or descension in the ranks caused by the death looking like anything more than an accident. If Jax is smart, he will kill Clay quietly, with as few people knowing about it as possible.

  16. Wolfwynd says:

    It’s a coin toss whether Romeo is dirty, or just eager to kill the sons to get the guns. I’m sure Sutter has some clever twist in store.

    Anyone got a line on what the song at the closing of the episode was, had lyrics like “Hard way to fall.”

  17. Kay says:

    Does any one know the song that play s s04ep13 when Gemma hands Jax the letters what it’s called?

  18. Robert Stone says:

    Romeo is not an undercover fed but he has struck a deal with ATF where they will allow him to continent to run drugs if he gives them the Irish. It will come out that potter has some sort of connection with stahl and that will come out soon, jax will be convinced to keep clay alive until they can figure all of this out which will enrage opie. Tara will be driven to an addiction of pain pills from her hand and to deal with jx staying which will lead to her killing herself. clay will kill Gemma, tig will kill jax as a favor to clay for leaving him alone the night opie shot him. A deal will be struck with the potter to save SAMCRO in return for the Irish. Bobby will be released and will show up to the club with Gemma, jax and clay all dead, and will be named president with opie as VP. The series will end with opie sitting at his desk writing the story of jax, the prince of SAMCRO.

    • the girl says:

      Wow. That would be way too literal of an interpretation I think. While I get that Kurt Sutter considered Hamlet in conceiving this show, I don’t expect that he’s going to follow it line for line. I personally would hate for Tara to die. Her confrontations with Gemma are the stuff award shows are made for. If anything I could see her leaving with the boys for an extended period of time, if Jax for some reason doesn’t live up to his promise to kill Clay and leave. I do really really want Jax to kill Clay though. I don’t see how the two of them exist in the world harmoniously.

    • Jason says:

      … You are insane. Tara would not kill herself with two sons as infants… nor would 98 percent of mothers since recorded history. There is no reason for Clay to kill Gemma now, and honestly I don’t think he could in his weakened state.. my money would be on Gemma. Tig would never kill Jax, club members don’t just kill each other… thats the reason why the letters are a big deal, if it got out Clay killed another member, thats a wrap for him automatically, or anyone else that kills a member.. seriously man…

  19. ihearthappy says:

    Everyone is talking about Romeo being a fed but I think the issue might be Potter being something other than he says. Otto did rat & Bobby was locked up but something is off about Potter. A fed who looks like he step out of a 60’s biker gang and eerily like JT? Plus he has made strange comments all season to give the impression he understands the life style.
    About Tara, I think she had to have a mental breakdown to go from the good doctor to a Gemma-esque. Remember Gemma has being doing this along time- Tara is just starting. There is no telling how she will end up after 30 years in the life.

    • bdr says:

      I Think Potter may be JTs long lost brother and is working with Jax in some way. This may explain Jax talking to himself, I am convinced Jax is wearing a wire. This may be Jaxs exit strategy. Also, Happy is AWESOME, like alot.

      • Jason says:

        Funny… but no.

        • ibogaine says:

          No no no, think about it. That’s a fantastic premise and explains a lot. He must be a fed as he had the pull in the prison BUT Potter as JT’s long, lost brother may actually work. He wants to get Clay – bad. And here’s what threw me last night and actually makes sense when considering ihearthappy’s comment. When Potter was told that Clay was in the hospital and would not make the meeting he said “that’s a role someone else will have to write then.” Normally you would say “play” not “write”. As in Potter was writing this ending to Clay and SAMCRO but now has now interest.

          • Jason says:

            … I’d lose most of my respect for the show if suddenly a long lost brother of JT pops up working in a high up positon with the Department of Justice that no one ever mentioned in the ENTIRE show’s history.

          • gmusick says:

            I thought Potter said: “That’s a wrong someone else will have to right then.”

    • Val says:

      I think that JT is Potter and maybe in the accident his face got messed up and he had some kind of surgery. So he is always wearing that jacket to cover up his many tattoos and why Gemma had thought that she recognized him.

      • Dave says:

        Anyone else think it’s wierd that there is a upside down picture of a member (Possibly Potter) in the Tucson Charter in “Una Venta”. It looks just like him. We never see any skin on Potter. I’m waiting for him to take his shirt off and reveal all kinds of SOA ink. Happens around 10:07. Did potter flip or think that he died and now working for the feds? Been thinking this since that episode.

  20. Will kunz says:

    Thought it was an awesome episode as per usual this season. My only complaint is they threw in another motorcycle chase. I mean i get it’s a show about outlaw bikers but I feel almost every episode this season needs to have a motorcycle chase which is unnecessary in my opinion cause the drama and storytelling easily makes up for them. What do you all think?

    • jen says:

      what? the chase is great and there are not enough of them….they are not in every episode, and this one was one of the best.

  21. nora friedman says:

    I am obsessed with this show! Kurt Sutter is amazing as are the actors and the whole production crew. Tara IS smarter than Gemma! I think her steely question to Jax ” Do you love me?” before she can allow herself to really go over the dark side is that she needs confirmation that he loves her. I think after Gemma tells her the truth about Opie shooting Clay and clay taking out the hit on her she knows somewhere in the back of her mind that Jax leaving with her won’t be that simple .So she gives Gemma the letters and now she has leverage over Gemma with the letters implicating Gemma and Unser in JT’s death. Jax is also really smart and he throws it right back at her “Do you love me? ” Meaning… Trust me . I will get this right .
    I disagree with that Jax is wearing a wire or that Romeo is a rat. Jax has to finish this now and I don’t think in his heart of hearts he trusts any of these guys he’s gonna have to deal with. Romeo, the Irish.. Remember Pineys’ last words to him ” find who your father was before you bury him”. Jax WILL with Tara at his side and Tara having learnt so well from Gemma will help him.

  22. Leroy is a Moron says:

    so Leroy, who should still be laying as low as possible so that the Lobos dont take him out, decides to have a nice lunch outside in the open……that makes about as much sense as the Lobos having all that heavy fire power when set up by the Niners/Galindo/Samcro a couple of episodes ago and using it on a wall instead of those firing guns at them.

    • Jason says:

      How is it dumb to… go out to lunch with your girl? How is that not laying low? He settled with Galindo and the Sons, the Lobos are done in Cali for now… can’t the man have lunch? Are you blaming that scene on him?? lol

  23. ScottyG says:

    Love this show more than anything, but doesn’t anyone find it stupid, that Jax and the gang can shoot and kill people on the highway in a traffic jam, Jax can steal a bike after the hurse(last episode)and no one reports any of this to the police? No repurcussions??? Kind of brings down the show just a bit.

    • Pat D. says:

      Nothing is very real about the show–nor was The Shield. Doesnt stop me from loving every second of both though.

      I do get what you mean though—bullets flying everywhere with innocent civilians in a traffic jam, and even a collision with said civvies…no repercussions, LOL.

  24. nora friedman says:

    Very interesting post! Remember when Gemma runs into potter outside the flower shop. She says “Have we met?” AFTER chatting him up, so unlike Gemmato off her guard. She was subconsciously comfortable with him, like she was familiar with him.

    • MattS says:

      I have to wonder if that wasn’t a red herring…something to throw us off track so that whatever does happen, it’ll be that much more of a surprise…

      • Leigh Segel says:

        When Gemma was looking at the old photos in the shed, I thought the old picture of Gemma & John Teller looked A LOT like Potter! One can only presume John Teller is dead.

        However, it has been revealed that John Teller knew he knew he would be killed by Clay. So, one could speculate that John Teller staged (or survived) the attempted murder, had plastic surgery, and became a fed to bring Clay & SAMCRO down for revenge. It would be only fitting for the original president (who made them) to be the one to bring them down.

        It probably all ties into the original manuscript John Teller left behind for Jax in Season 1. THE LIFE AND DEATH OF SAM CROW. HOW THE SONS OF ANARCHY LOST THEIR WAY. BY JOHN THOMAS TELLER.

  25. HDR says:

    What the title of the song when TIG kills Leroy girlfriend?

  26. sacha says:

    Well my friends, the shooting in the streets and no one going to jail happens when no witnesses, I live in Vancouver BC and we have shootings here in the streets all the time and no one seems to get caught cause when its gang on gang violence and no inocents the cops dont care. seriously, so many shootings in van, no one caught. Anyways, Romeo is not a fed or rat, they wouldnt kill niners in cold blood like that, move 30 bricks ect… they cant! They just want their 50 cal sniper rifles, dont you? So they lied to make the deal happen or maybe otto didnt rat club, just bobby. Clay will not die, Ron pearlman doesnt want to leave show im sure and they will accomodate. Romeo will have the whole area for the meet under paramilitary lock down, any feds will be sceen. Samcro in some kinda conflict like tara dying by the niners seems likely and then jax stays and they must decide a new president. Jax will confront clay in hopsital before killing him and clay will reveal something epic make jax think before killing him and he wont.

  27. sacha says:

    Also, yes Potter does seem like a 60’s biker, perhaps Johns brother and Gemma saying have we met to him in ep 1. very good work guys,very plausable. I think that is an excellent theory and good hard thinking there. Also, killing clay would be a club decision, you dont kill members without permission. So if everyone finds out about Jons death then Clay does have to die I just dont see Ron Pearlman not getting his way and staying for season 5. He is important bad guy character unless potter somehow takes this over somehow. I think there was more to unser and gemma involvement in the John teller thing and that will come out. Tara will end up leaving without jax or she gets killed by Niners. But one thing is certain, Jax is the show, and clay is too important to show to kill off. This show is good depiction of this lifestyle but a little too out there with the open killings, tv I guess, not a glamour life, sucks looking over your shoulder, id want out too if I were jax and many bikers can relate to this I guarantee.

  28. sacha says:

    awsome show, lots of great series lately though: The pacific, breaking bad, east bound and down, GAME of THRONES, Boardwalk Empire. Not sure which is my favorite but samcro way up there, I think Game of thrones first then samcro. IF you havent seen any of these you gotta check em out. Pacific not recommended for war vets to view.

  29. Jordana says:

    I am already going through withdrawals and the season is not even finished yet. Sutter has created a TV masterpiece.

  30. Karizona says:

    Living here in AZ we recognized the jailed old man with the voice box as the original head of the real Hell’s Angels. Very cool cameo appearance.

  31. KatieD says:

    Sure Tara seems crazy. Why wouldn’t she? She knows she has crossed the line — she’s one of them. She can’t go back. That’s the tragedy in the story: Jax and Tara are on the brink of becoming Clay and Gemma and they know it. Think about it: Just as Clay did to John, Jax (with Tara’s help) is planning to kill the club’s president. Doesn’t matter that he deserves it. The questions about ‘do you love me,’ I think, were Tara’s way of justifying this final step down this very dark path.

  32. gmusick says:

    Agree with KatieD.

    As for Romeo, I don’t think he’s the rat or undercover fed in his operation; I think it’s his no. 2 guy. He has disappeared at key moments in past situations and hes the one romeo had checking on otto. think he’s the one working with potter — but agree there’s a lot more to potter than meets the eye. Have thought that from day 1.

  33. caren says:

    Jax won’t kill Clay. KatieD is right. He and Tara know they’re becoming the very thing they are trying to escape, and he won’t give in to it. He’ll see him dead eventually; but he won’t let clay and gemma ‘win’ by making him into clay. he will stay w/samcro, for sure, but i think clay lives through the finale. maybe roosevelt, who was disappointed that clay wouldn’t be there, will arrest jax or something to keep him out of the irish mess.

  34. gina-missing-bobby-already says:

    I also think it’s Romeo’s #2 man who is dirty. (I can’t think of his name, all I can think is “Edgar,” but-wrong show) I remember some talk about him specifically in earlier episodes. About his military background, etc. And I have been suspicious of him since he named Pedro as a rat and then the Lobos drove a truckload of headless bodies (to match the bag o’ heads the dumped at the clubhouse) into SAMCRO’s/Galindo’s supposed setup/ambush. Pedro didn’t tell and everyone knew it. Pedro took a knife to the neck and no one said anything else about it, but #2 seemed pretty uneasy to me. And, he carries that sat-phone around (pretty convenient if you are under cover, huh?) and then this lie about Otto not flipping? Well, we know that’s a lie. He is telling somebody something. I betcha…..that’s part of the “big twist.” My old man doesn’t think I’m right on this one…

    And I am just about to go fully with the Jax is wearing some type of communication device thingy theory, but he is NOT wired up for the cops.

  35. Natalie says:

    Jax and Tara won’t be leaving town. Remember Wendy Jax’s son’s mother, she’s back for a reason, I think she’ll be a part of Season 5. I think Tara will be killed off so Gemma’s and Unser’s secret is kept safe from JT’s death.

    • Jason says:

      Nah… someone has to be kept alive knowing the full truth next season so Gemma can feel the heat like Clay did in this season

  36. Amy Spurlock says:

    Short and sweet: Potter is either J.T. or J.T.’s brother.

  37. Laura says:

    Eveytone seems to be forgetting …. in episode 12, when Clay told Romeo not to kill Tara, that he would take care of it, Romeo said no the hit was still on and that he would make sure that she is killed after she is released from the hospital. Which leads one to conclude that Tara is going to be killed off and that my fellow SOA fans will be what keeps Jax in Charming.

    • Jason says:

      yeah but close to when Clay got shot remember he met with them again and he told them he will handle it due to the volatile situation and they told him to make it look like an accident… that was right before he when to see Tara at the hospital.. so it is reasonable to say the cartel backed off on that front due to the situation.

  38. JOBOO says:


    • Lou says:

      JT faking his death, having a plastic surgery. It would be very convenient, really not the Sutter style.
      Besides, i can se him in a flash back, sitting at Mcnamara/Troy: “Mr. Teller tell me what you don’t like about youself”:D

      Btw, i did some researches on the web about Lincoln Potter, i’ve found out the character is very ambiguous. He has at least two alias.

  39. Dave says:

    Anyone else think it’s weird that there is a upside down picture of a member (Possibly Potter) in the Tucson Charter in “Una Venta”. It looks just like him. We never see any skin on Potter. I’m waiting for him to take his shirt off and reveal all kinds of SOA ink. Happens around 10:07. Did potter flip or think that he died and now working for the feds? Been thinking this since that episode.

  40. Christina says:

    Tara is the only reason that Jax is who he is, without her he’s a one trick pony, just like he was in the start of this show. Without her, he has no depth, no emotions, (other than hate and anger) which in my opinion get’s a little boring after a while. If she goes, it will ruin the show, and that’s what you people don’t seem to understand. Without Tara, what stops Jax from reverting to what he was before, a pissed off sleezeball who screwed everything in site? (After a few episodes, that gets pretty lame).

  41. June says:

    Potter is a piece of work. He reminds me of an unsub that Criminal Minds BAU has a profile on. Jax, God love him, he can’t catch a break..he is running around trying to put out too many Club fires to want to make a career of it. He rode off in a hearse for crying out loud…I laughed..just saying. It was a little funny right? Kurt Sutter write-on bro.

  42. kyle says:

    First off, if tara doesnt die then MOST LIKELY she and jax are going to take their kids and split. I think jax not being in samcro would ruin the show. Who cares how many women jax sleeps with anyways? his hook ups has never even a significant part of the show before tara, and those episodes were just as enjoyable. The bottom line is that these guys are, “angry sleezeballs”, and jax running away with tara would ruin the show. If there is anyone out there that doesnt agree with me that jax leaving would be a bad thing then obviously ur watching the wrong show. So if u are looking for a show with good morals and everyone living happily ever after you might want to switch to watching mike and molly. I mean Kurt sutter gets all his ideas from Lenny, his character name, who founded hells angels in oakland. thats why this show is so realistic and awesome!Sons of Anarchy is a show for all those who love sex,drugs,and violence. So hopefully someone pulls through on killing this bitch cuz i dont know about you but i want to see jax in full combat mode in the next season!

  43. Brooke says:

    I’m honestly surprised that no one has pegged Linc Potter as JT’s son. If JT was still alive which I doubt he would be in his early 70s, which Linc is obviously not. If it was his brother they would probably be around the same age more than likely and would really be lame.
    But Linc Potter could be JTs son. I would probably put Linc in his late 40s maybe early 50s. I think people forget that JT was almost twenty years older than Gemma. He had a life before her which could have meant another family.
    Which could completely explain why Gemma would recognize him but wouldn’t know him. Also he’s only introduced himself to Juice who would have no idea who he was and Otto who is basically blind. No one including Clay, Piney or Lenny who would know Potter got to see him. When he visits Otto in jail he asked him something along the lines of why you are so willing to protect Lenny and after Otto says you wouldn’t understand, Potter says “More than you” or something like that.
    I guarantee him going after the club is a chance to retaliate against the thing that destroyed his family. JT left one family already why wouldn’t he do it to another?
    Also the drama from the letters is far from over if you remember Piney promised Clay there would be a contingency plan if he got killed and I doubt Piney would have put Tara in that much danger so I’m sure we will find out tonight!

  44. simpy says:

    does anyone know the name of the song that is playing when Tig and the boys are out running the Niners after Tig smokes the gilr on the Patio with a car?

  45. laetitia says:

    Hey I searched everywhere, does anyone know the song that is played when Jax is chasing Ob after shooting Jax’s tyre?