Ringer Fall Finale Recap: Shock and Awww!

[Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Tuesday’s fall finale of Ringer, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

No stranger to shocking twists, Ringer concluded its inaugural fall run with a (literal) bang, bringing to a close a killer arc that’s carried the CW thriller through a majority of its freshman season. New seeds were also planted that will no doubt set up many a story when Ringer returns with new episodes on Jan. 10.

Here’s what went down:

DEATH BECOMES HER | After leading us to believe for weeks that Tara Summers’ sassy redhead was dead, only to reveal that she was being held captive by con man Charlie/John (per Siobhan’s orders), Ringer’s Powers That Be pulled the rug out from under all of us and offed Gemma in the episode’s final moments (and immediately after she had just cheated certain death). Gemma’s murder marked a tragic climax to the story, given the series of events that led up to it. At the start of the episode, Henry — who this week rocked a dapper turtleneck/sport coat combo — kicked his former mistress (i.e. Bridget) to the curb, noting that her involvement in finding his wife has been more hassle than helpful. Bridget, of course, insisted she partake in any rescue efforts, and even agreed to pay the newly discovered kidnapper a major ransom in exchange for Gemma’s life. (Siobhan, meanwhile — in secret — offered to do the same.) Patience not being his strongest virtue, Charlie/John killed Gemma anyway, though not before revealing to her that Siobhan is indeed alive. In the end, Charlie/John was dismissed as a “glorified babysitter who got way too expensive” by the back-in-town Siobhan, and thus was killed by the hand that fed him.

BAT$#*! CRAZY LOVE IN THE AIR | Ringer rocked its first ever love scene, with Bridget finally sexin’ it up with her “dead” sister’s hubby — whom she had just professed her love to (on the actual couple’s sixth wedding anniversary no less!). Toss all of that ickiness aside and you’ve got yourself a pretty nice, normal love match. Of course, with Siobhan back in town, it’s likely that a happy ending for Andrew and Bridget is not on the horizon. Add to that the fact that Siobhan was able to convince Tyler that her baby is really his, and poor Andrew — the most innocent person in this motley crew — will probably end up on the losing end of, well, everything.

OBSESSION FOR HER | Juliet’s crush on Mr. Carpenter elevated tenfold. After likening their relationship to that of Twilight‘s Bella and Edward, Juliet continued to put the moves on her former teacher, much to his chagrin. Mr. C informed Juliet that her behavior was unacceptable and kept her in his classroom for a meeting, and that’s the last viewers saw of the two together. Flash-forward to episode’s end, and Juliet is claiming to have been raped by the teach. Could it actually be true?

So, what did you think of Ringer‘s fall finale? Were you surprised they actually killed off Gemma? What about Siobhan’s return to NY? Hit the comments with your reactions!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Snapy says:

    Good episode. I thought Gemma was going to make it, but I guess she had to die. She knew too much.
    Glad Billy Miller’s character is DONE.
    I think Juliet is crying rape!
    Exciting, intriguing episode—can’t wait til January 10th!

    • Wolfman say you are a wise one Snapy, poor Gemma would have been a plot-killer; she was too close to the action to know what she knew and let Bridget keep up her masquerade with any degree of comfort. Wolfman think Juliet seen too many repeats of Wild Things, unless Mr. Carpenter is also a fan of the flick…

  2. Linda says:

    Love this show. Not surpried Emma died. Suprised charlie died. Surprised Siobhan she told tracy it was his baby. Not surprised juliet cried rape. Will b surprised if Mr C did. Please don’t do that. I like him. Don’t let andrew b more hurt poor guy doesn’t have a clue in the world. Did I say I love this show and all the people. Great cast!

  3. Jenn says:

    I hate the “false rape accusation as revenge for rejection” story lines that show up on TV. They just feed the cultural myth that women will throw out rape accusations for any reason and that they shouldn’t be believed. I really hope that’s not what they’re pulling here.

    • jennrae says:

      I basically just said the same thing on another story. Besides undermining true rape victims, it also perpetuates the idea that women are crazy, spiteful b—-es when they don’t get their way.

      • Snapy says:

        Sorry, but my first instinct when Juliet said what she said is that she’s a liar. For weeks now she’s totally wanted to bone her teacher, and now that he’s rejected her, she’s out for revenge. What trash!

        • Lilian says:

          I agree! I don’t like the whole “undermining true rape victims”, but I’m judging by the cover of the book – and Juliet seems like the attention whore who could do something like this.

          • CynicalCritic says:

            That’s exactly why I think the writers might actually pursue the rape storyline (in which she was raped by the teacher), because they would be wagging their finger at us as if to chastise us for pre-judging Juliet the same way everyone on the show judges her.

            The “faux rape claim” plotline is so overused that, I think in this case, they might choose the other route.

            And, since no one will believe her, she’ll be wracked with angst over the incident.

    • Rachel says:

      Rape doesn’t just happen to women. It happens to men, as well, who are raped by women and society says that it’s barely ever true so we shouldn’t listen to them.

      People who lie about rapes are in the world, just like people who lie about any other thing to get what they want or to get someone who’s hurt them in trouble.

      I’m a woman, and I didn’t know that there was a cultural myth that women will throw out rape willy nilly just to get back at someone. TV doesn’t always show things that aren’t always true about what everyday people do.

      If she lied, then teens lie to get their teachers in trouble all the time. Anyone can cry rape, but half the time it’s only believable in women and children, unless it’s statutory.

  4. J says:

    I actually wanted Gemma to live.


  5. J. says:

    I cried when Gemma died. :'(

  6. Aww yea says:

    I want more sex.

    • Rachael T says:

      Sooooo happy they finally had a sex scene this episode – Bridget has been running around with a gaggle of hot guys (fake hubby, fake lover, NA Sponsor x2, & Machado!) and the lack of rosy gold CW lovemaking was pretty frustrating. Woo hoo for CW knowing they’re audience though

  7. Mia says:

    Not feeling anything to do with Juliet. Um and when the season restarts in January can we please make sure Henry has his hot hair back.

    • Marsha says:

      Hear! Hear! Henry totally had that Beatles with the turtle neck and tweed blazer/ Bieber with the bangs thing going on last night which did not look good on him, or anyone for that matter. It seemed as if he was acting in a different show. Bring back hot hair Henry

      • ChrisGa says:

        That hair and wardrobe nearly derailed the whole damn episode! Why take one of the most gorgeous men on TV and ruin it with that look? Hope that look died with everybody else last night.

        • lorna says:

          Oh my, I agree. I laughed, Henry looked like such a DB. Love this show, but Kris looked so much better on LUX as Baze with the flannel shirts.

        • Penny says:

          Henry’s awful hair was so distracting, it looked like a wig. Why did they dress him like a detective from a 1970s B-movie? Kristopher Polaha has to get a decent haircut over the hiatus! :P

  8. handtalker says:

    Surprises? That Malcolm lived through the episode. That Charlie/John bit it.
    I’m glad Machado figured it out about his buddy. I *so* knew he was “Matador.”
    I’m sorry they killed Gemma, she fought so hard to live! RIP, Gemma…for real this time.
    I can’t tell you how tiresome that Juliet/Mr. C storyline is. Already!
    I like the show & am anticipating more twists when it returns.

  9. S says:

    Best episode of the season. Everything was really well done.
    I didnt really care for Gemma but I guess I did feel sad that she finally died in the end.
    Siobhan is so kick ass! I hope we get more of her for the rest of the season.
    And no way. Juliette was not raped.

  10. Irishgirl says:

    I was really hoping that Gemma would make it. I feel like Bridget needs someone on her side besides Malcolm. I mean, now that Gemma is gone, she’s surrounded by her sponsor/lover, Siobhan’s husband, and Siobhan’s former lover….all who want to be with her. It just seems a little too crowded. I’d prefer that Andrew’s business partner, Olivia, had been killed rather than Gemma. Can’t stand that character. I think Juliet is lying about Mr. C raping her, and I too hate that plot device….the scorned woman cries rape as revenge. Bleh. I was disappointed in the lack of Amber Benson….I thought she would be appearing more in this episode.

  11. Michael says:

    I wonder how long Shioban was really there for in that ending scene. She might have been there when Charlie told her Shioban was alive. This sucks as I really wanted her to live to see what might have happened. It sorta reminded me a little of 24 Teri Bauer went through a terrible 24 hours only to get killed at the end. Gemma went through a terrible time just to get killed at the end. RIP Gemma Butler.

  12. CB says:

    I like how everyone has jumped to the conclusion that Juliet was not raped. We’ve all seen stories in which teens have come forward admitting that they had a crush on their teacher, and their response was much more than what was desired. I have trouble believing Juliet is lying, because her storyline prior to this was that she was trying to make her father believe her. However, because it’s Ringer, I feel like it will turn out that Juliet actually raped Mr. C and will try to say it was the other way around. (Yes, that can happen.) How upsetting, I genuinely like her character.
    Also, I’m really upset about Gemma; she was my favorite character and I am truly sad to see her go. Poor Henry!

    • Katie Hart says:

      I think one reason that everyone is jumping to that conclusion (beside Juliet being a whiny, spoiled, drama queen) is because of the spoiler at the end of this blog post.

      My thoughts on the episode are on my blog (linked below)! And if there are any Bones fans reading this, there’s less than a day left to enter my Bones DVD giveaway!

  13. BRI says:

    don’t know what to think about Juliet. Before this episode, I liked both her and Mr. Carpenter. I thought there was potential there for an honest to god friendship.

    I’m deeply disappointed they’ve taken this route. Especially so early on.

    Did he do it? He doesn’t seem like the type, but then, most offenders fit that description. Is she lying? She is the type that would have her credibility questioned, and yet, that’s what often makes certain victims targets.

    This can not end well.

  14. Erin says:

    ‘Could it actually be true?’ Uh… no. Because Ausiello already told us it’s not. I believe the exact words were ‘the plot in question involves a false rape accusation.’ Suspense fail.

  15. Sally says:

    I laughed out loud when Gemma wasn’t really dead after the first time he shot her. “You have bad aim”, seriously??? What contrived writing.

    I don’t see how this show will last more than a season. Still no answers to why Siobhan is doing what she’s doing. Juliet’s plot with her teacher is just ridiculous and hard to stomach.

    Sigh, I’ve got no desire to tune back in in January.

    • RingerFan says:

      Actually, we did get a clue as to why Siobhan is doing what she’s doing. Their was this one phone call she made, where somewhere in the conversation it was mentioned that she is trying to set Bridget up for something she’s done. I don’t know exactly when – I’ve only had time to watch the episode once!

  16. Rebecca says:

    First, I hate the rape accusation. If Juliet is lying, it’s that terrible old story about the girl lying when she doesn’t get what she wants. If it’s false and she was raped (which I don’t believe, but just say she was), it’s the dreadful “teacher preying on student” story. Either way, this plot is a loser. There is the possibility that Juliet is deluded enough to believe she was raped when she actually was not, but that’s unlikely and again, not a good story.

    Getting past that element of the show, the material with Gemma and Charlie/John was compelling. I kind of thought Gemma might be killed soon, but I expected Charlie/John to last longer. Again, this episode threw in some surprises. I thought Henry’s hair and clothing both looked awful. Hope he goes back to his old look when the show returns.

    • Lisa says:

      I hated the rape storyline, too. I wish they hadn’t gone there. Lame, bad, etc.!

    • Penny says:

      I haven’t read any comments on any message boards that say they want to see more of Juliet and the teacher. I hope the writers of Ringer listen to the audience and wrap up that storyline quickly. I don’t like the possibility that Mr. C did rape her because it seemed like he was a nice guy who was going to be a mentor. But I also don’t like the spoiler that said that the rape accusation was false because then that makes Juliet the bad guy. There has to be a soapy twist in this storylines, so I’m guessing that Juliet was raped by someone in the school, but it was NOT Mr. Carpenter. Maybe she’s too scared to say who it really was, or maybe she wants to blame the rape on Mr. C because he rejected her.

  17. Luke says:

    I loved when they started playing Adele at the end.
    There’s a fan made credit title on you Tube done to that and it’s great!
    Someone in the production team actually saw and appreciated it!

  18. fugly says:

    Why did they take a week break to show only ONE episode? So dumb

  19. Svenja says:

    Loved the fall finale of Ringer.
    Suspenseful, intriguing, fast and emotional!!
    A lot of twists and turns.
    The whole Juliet story is annoying, but the rest is just amazing!

  20. Miv says:

    Really enjoyed the episode – minus the rape accusation bit, of course, that was pretty horrific. I was a little surprised, actually, given how they’ve been trying to redeem Juliet for the past few episodes. If it really is a false accusation (and since Aus says so, I believe him) it’s going to be hard to bring her back from that. Shame about Gemma, but she definitely knew way too much to stay alive. And Andrew is definitely my favourite. It’s a shame he’s going to get completely screwed over by this entire thing, and probably quite soon too.

    • Penny says:

      I can’t believe we have to wait until Jan. 10 for the next episode. I really wanted Gemma to survive and be a possible friend to Bridget. I hate everything about the Juliet storyline, and I hope she gets less screen time in upcoming episodes. I want the show to concentrate on the feud between Siobhan and Bridget (what happened to Sean?)

      I agree that Andrew is my favorite, but he’s going to be heartbroken when he finds out everything Siobhan has done. I’m rooting for Bridget and Andrew to stay together, but I think Andrew is going to hate Bridget for impersonating his wife.

  21. Tony says:

    Loved the episode! Figured Juliet would cry rape but I’m willing to see where they go with it before judging it. The one thing I don’t understand is the big reveal to Gemma about Siobhan only to kill her seconds after. The reveal is meaningless unless she survives. Maybe she’s in a coma. Andrew NEVER said she was actually dead.

  22. mike says:

    Why is everyone assuming Gemma is dead? Did anyone officially say that on the show? This show loves to swerve us. We saw Gemma laying on the ground supposedly dead. The only “confirmation” was Andrew saying they found Charlie’s body and then Bridget asked about Gemma and he just shook his head. They want you to believe she’s dead but that could’ve just meant her body wasn’t found at the scene. My guess is that Gemma is just unconscious and Siobhan took her somewhere.

    • cal says:

      Interesting. When Bridget asked Andrew about Gemma, he just shook his head. I took it to mean “yeah, she’s dead” but it could just as easily mean “they didn’t find her.” However, Siobhan shot Charlie because he killed Gemma, so my thought is that she is in fact dead. We just don’t know if the police found her body.

      Juliet’s story: I hope the writers have a plan to save this storyline, because both rape and the false accusation of rape are both bad outcomes for both characters.

    • Snapy says:

      You could see the bullet hole in Gemma’s head after Siobhan shot Charlie.

      • J says:

        She did sruvive a bunch of times, lol. I hope she’s unkillable. I like her.

        • rondezvou says:

          i want her to live. perhaps as someone said shes too much of a loose cannon to walk around the show knowing everything, but maybe the second shot shot her in the right side of the brain, she ends up unconcious and in a coma. she recovers but remebers litter about the incident?.. lol only string of gemma to stay alive. BRING HER BACK!.

          yer andrew didnt specifically say gemma was killed. he

  23. Found this episode really frustrating. It feels as though the early promise (big reveals, interesting connections) has been misplaced. And the previous episode was so good! Argh

    Check out our full recap of what worked and what didn’t here: http://wp.me/p1VQBq-72

  24. Edenheart says:

    I’m actually kind of frustrated with the writing yet desperately loyal to the show. I wished I could believe in Bridget’s love for Andrew, but I can’t, the dialogue between them is flat and her truth isn’t clear. I wish the false rape allegations were more compelling, but they’re not, just offensively mishandled. I wish Malcolm was more of a truer love interest for Bridget and that their one-night-stand produced a pregnancy mirroring Siobhan’s (crazy, but compelling, no?), but he’s not, he’s limited to just a black drug-addict devoted to a white woman. And I wish Gemma hadn’t been killed. Tara Summers is a good actress (Boston Legal, Damages), and to be kept alive this long, gagged and tied to a chair, only to be shot in the back of the head not only undermines the value of the character, but the talent of the actress playing her. And why didn’t John/Charlie know Gemma’s car was at the airport with his blood in the trunk? Wasn’t there at least 6 gallons of blood splashed around the scene of the kidnapping too? I’m so frustrated yet desperately loyal.

    • Volcfom says:

      Charlie didn’t know about the car at the airport because Henry moved it there.

      • Lisa says:

        Bridget told Charlie where the car was. He went to the airport and wiped a smidgen of blood off the car.

      • Edenheart says:

        Thanks for clearing that up. Guess I missed that part. But still, there was enough blood at the scene to conclude murder, and who’s blood was it? Gemma seemed fine and Charlie wasn’t nursing any wounds. I feel during that ultrasound episode, instead of a miscarriage, they should have found a baby, Malcolm’s baby. The show is fantastical with its thrills, so why not complicate matters even more by impregnating Bridget with a mixed-race baby. What a mighty wrench that would be. I’ll hang on through the remainder of the season because I missed Ms. Gellar and because I think the show is gorgeous, the music is well-selected, and the cast is stellar. I just don’t feel that its living up to its potential. The opening title sequence is perfect, though.

  25. Ed says:

    I really liked Gemma, I think she would’ve been a good side kick for Bridget. But as someone stated earlier, she knew too much. ESPECIALLY now that she knows Siobhan is alive and well, so sadly I think she is ACTUALLY dead. :(

    The Juliet SL is annoying. Just send her away and be done with it.

    • ChrisGa says:

      I loved Gemma and Tara Summers was a firecracker of an actress so I was sad to see that end but not surprised; she just knew too much so that would’ve been a very big loose end to let run around. As for Juliet, I was hoping that character was going in a slightly more redemptive direction but guess that’s not gonna happen with this plotline unless in fact she was raped(and I just can’t see that happening with that teacher; he seems to above board but stranger things have happened).

  26. Lisa says:

    Besides Amber Benson (Tara), did any Buffy fans recognize The Matador on Ringer???? Ah, The Matador played the werewolf hunter that was after Oz but instead caught Buffy in his net.

  27. Linda says:

    Love Andrew and Bridget together, she’s awesome with him and his daughter. I hate that Siobhan is back in NY. Can only imagine what she has planned next. It’s sad that Gemma had to die but she really did know too much, it’s sad that her twins lose a mom. But I guess they had to kill her off to keep Bridget’s secret safe.
    I hope Mr. Carpenter did rape Juliet only because I hate these shows when they have the girls lie about it. But if he did I hope he gets it good, there’s no reason for a man to force himself on a woman. Love the show can’t wait until it returns.

  28. Mal says:

    Geez, Gemma had like a billion fakeout deaths. I didn’t know whether to be sad or laugh at her confirmed death. And Juliet is lying about being raped as confirmed by a groan-inducing Ausiello who said a fake rape accusation would show up on a freshman show.

  29. Summer says:

    Ringer needs to drop the Juliet/Rape plotline the way Revenge needs to drop the Declan/Rich Girl plotline.

  30. Gwillbe says:

    Great episode. Sad to see Gemma die, please don’t go soap opera and put her in a coma or something crazy. I won’t be surprised if Juliet is telling the truth. No one will believe her and accuse her of crying wolf again. Kind of like we the viewers are doing. Either way just cut that story line already, BORING – been there done that too often, too many shows. I want Andrew & Bridget together and sibbohan caught but love love love the twists and drama. Will she finally reveal herself to Bridget? Hmmmm….

  31. evitable says:

    I honestly think if Mr. Carpenter had closed the door and then confessed his true feelings for Juliet, that would have been much more cliche.

  32. QuinnM says:

    I think it’s possible that Juliet was raped. Otherwise, why all the preamble? He embarrassed her in front of her friend, so it seems like we’re not supposed to believe her — which is an effective way of discrediting her if he did force himself on her. It’s just weird that he wouldn’t just sleep with her, what with all of her flirting, but maybe he has a history of questionable behaviour?

    My question is, why did Charlie say that Siobhan should have had the guts to put a bullet in Bridget’s head? That’s such a weird comment!

  33. alyssa says:

    Ringer has done a good job so far of throwing twists and turns into the mix and making me rethink opinions. My first thought when Juliet said Mr. C raped her was that she was a jealous lying spoiled brat.
    But now I’m kind of hoping that he really did, just because nobody expects it to be true.
    You gotta admit, that would liven up the “girl who cried rape” plotline a hole heck of a lot.

  34. Rick says:

    Best episode yet! I wanted to see more of the stripper played by Amber Benson though!!! I wa excited for that! Also I really wanted Gemma to lie but her expression when Charlie/John told her Sioban was still alive was painful because you knew she was gonna die with that fact. Jason Dohring should have a better story line because the whole “he raped me” thing has been played out so much! Still great episode and I can’t wait! Ps… I wish there was more action and a bit more drama;)