Glee Recap: Objects of Wry Elections [Updated]

Nobody can accuse this week’s installment of Glee of taking it slow in the plot-development department. The parallel elections — for senior-class president and Congressional seat — got wrapped. Santana came bursting out of the flannel closet. One couple consummated their relationship, one love triangle got a little heated, and one member of New Directions got suspended by Principal Figgins. They barely had time for the Irish kid!

Of course, if you got distracted by the unbearable unsightliness of Kurt’s gray turtleneck poncho or his asymmetrical cream-colored turtleneck half-sweater and missed some of the major story arcs, allow me to catch you up — in the classic “here’s what you missed on Glee” format:

Things kicked off with Santana in Principal Figgins’ office, facing suspension for walloping Finn in the face at the end of last week’s episode. Figgins didn’t buy Santana’s tale of an alter-ego named Snix taking control of her slappin’ hand, but Finn changed his tune and declared Santana’s innocence — provided she bring her Troubletones colleagues to a pre-Sectionals powow. There, Finn tasked the members of McKinley’s competing show choirs with an assignment to cover music “by ladies and for ladies” as a way of showing support for Santana coming out as a lesbian.

At first, Santana resisted her friends’ supportive gestures, but Finn persisted in his efforts to get through to the girl who took his virginity, telling her he feared the anger she directed at those around her would eventually get directed at herself and result in suicide. “You mean something to me,” said Finn, and even though I wish the writers had done a better job in explaining his resolve — a line or two about Finn seeing the world through the eyes of his gay stepbrother would’ve probably sufficed, or perhaps Finn admitting he felt bad for his part in outing Santana and making her vulnerable to that absurd campaign ad — I still bought his sudden display of empathy. By episode’s end, Santana had come out at school and to her parents (with positive results), but — in a scene that proved Naya Rivera’s got dramatic chops on par with her ability to drop pithy punchlines — was tossed out of her grandmother’s house for sharing her secret (a statement still somewhat short of total self-acceptance: “I love girls the way that I’m supposed to feel about boys.”) Santana ended the episode on a positive note, explaining that “the struggle continues, but at least I know I’m not alone.”

Meanwhile, Sue (remember when she used to be funny?) fretted that her unscrupulous campaign opponent — who was outing Santana purely for the chance at short-term political gain — was raising the specter that she, too, might be a lesbian. So what better way to change public perception than by going to one’s little black book and ordering up “20 CCs of man-candy, stat”? After flipping past Dan Quayle (“too needy”), Oliver North (“biter”), and Matt Lauer (“too much crying”), Sue settled on the man who was making Beiste’s quadriceps quiver and heart palpatate: Cooter Menkins. Game on, ladies! Sue mocked Beiste for being a client of “the John Travolta Institute for Head-Thickening and Facial Weight Gain,” but eventually Beiste fought back, telling Cooter that, “If I had to bench-press a wildebeest just to prove to you how much you mean to me, I would do it.” I’m #TeamBeiste — always — and I’m hoping the writers will be, too. (FYI, Sue wound up finishing last in the election, and Burt Hummel got the win.)

Sue and Beiste weren’t the only McKinley staffers involved in romantic intrigue. Shelby foolishly summoned Puck to the hospital to comfort her after Baby Beth cut her lip, and when they returned home, the single mom with the full-time job somehow summoned the energy to go to bed with the teenager who noted Shelby was welcome to sample “four more hours of me before I need a steak sandwich and a Coke Zero.” I hate the idea of Shelby being so needy and insecure that she can’t handle a simple trip to the ER with her daughter, and I hate the fact that the writers have taken her past the act of dangerous flirtation and into the unredeemable territory of sex with a student. But, since they’ve gone there, Puck’s obvious-to-everyone lusting, and later his petulant anger when Shelby declared their tryst a mistake, seemed mighty realistic.

I’m not so sure, however, that I’d buy him being dumb enough to confess the affair to Quinn, of all people. I mean, earlier in the episode he’d rejected her advances and called her the most selfish person he’d ever met. Then he’d fended off her demands to impregnate her. Yet seconds later he’s spooning this loon and confessing his darkest secrets to her? Maybe the writers should’ve had Puck drinking heavily beforehand — to chip away at his guard and make it a little less implausible that he’d go all “I need to tell you something.”

And finally, also from the Department of Bad Decisions, Rachel stuffed the ballot boxes for senior class president with votes for Kurt Hummel, but in her typical zeal, added more fake votes than there were senior class members. (Who can blame a gal desperate not to move to NYC without her best gay? What if she required an emergency makeover or a souffle?) To save Kurt from punishment, Rachel confessed to her crime, got suspended for a week by Figgins, and was banned from sectionals. Le gasp!

And that’s what you missed on Glee!

Now, with that out of the way, let’s run through the episode’s five best lines of dialogue/zingers:

5) “This is between me and Brian Dennehy.” –Sue, telling Cooter to step aside and allow her to settle her beef with Beiste

4) Santana’s use of the phrase “gel-ervention” to take a potshot at Blaine’s hair.

3) “My quadriceps have been trembling like jelly all day. Cooter really pushed me to my limit last night!” –Beiste, innocuously dropping a double-entendre about her weightlifting session with Cooter

2) “I’m trying, but your hideous bowties are provoking me.” –Santana, throwing more shade at Kurt and Blaine and their 1-800-TOO-MUCH fashion choices

1) “I haven’t been this worried about a vote since Lambert Vs. Allen.” –Rachel, agonizing over the election for senior class president

And with that, let’s assign some grades for the week’s musical numbers…

“F***in Perfect,” Kurt and Blaine
I wasn’t sure how much I was (or wasn’t) enjoying the opening third of this ditty, but it really picked up steam as it went along — and I’m not sure I’ve witnessed so much glee in the New Directions room all season. Santana’s subsequent comment that the performance had to be added to the list of horrible crap she’s been through this year rang a little false, though, didn’t it?
Musical grade: B+ Relevance to the plot: B+

“I’m the Only One,” Puck
I bought Puck’s high-school boy obviousness and Shelby’s front-and-center discomfort, but I wish for once that Puck would get to do a mashup or an interesting arrangement or something that wasn’t all about coloring within the lines of the original. Then again, maybe I just loathe the Puck-Shelby romance too much to get excited about anything associated with it?
Musical grade: C+ Relevance to the plot: B-

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” Finn
Probably my favorite performance by Finn in the last two seasons. Yeah, sure, the introduction of a violinist was a silly way to signal “seriousness,” but Cory Monteith sounded terrific on this slowed-down, stripped-down rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s classic good-time anthem, and the intimacy of the staging — with Funn sitting backwards on a chair and delivering the song directly into a choked-up Santana — was beautiful. Bonus points for that sweet mid-performance smile between Finn and Rachel. (Note that I won’t gripe that Finn could’ve picked something lyrically more relevant to the cause.)
Musical grade: A Relevance to the plot: A

“Jolene,” Beiste
Okay, so maybe Beiste isn’t the strongest vocalist in the Glee universe, but it was a killer use of Dolly Parton, and I was moved by our Fortysomething-Year-Old Virgin’s plight.
Musical grade: A- Relevance to the plot: A

“I Kissed a Girl,” Santana, Rachel, and the ladies of New Directions and the Troubletones
And thus, Glee continues its quest to cover the entire Katy Perry songbook. Uff da. But even as someone who’s never thoroughly enjoyed this ode to a brief, Sapphic experiment, it was nice to see all of the female characters united for a good cause — and crushing the gross bravado of the sophomore rugby captain in the process.
Musical grade: B+ Relevance to the plot: A-

“Constant Craving,” Santana (with Shelby and Kurt)
Gorgeous and totally relevant, too. Though a tiny part of me wished that Santana hadn’t had to share her lead vocal. Is it only me?
Musical grade: A- Relevance to the plot: A-

What did you think of this week’s Glee? Which plot points made you happy, and which had you looking for a rewrite? What was your favorite musical number? Take our poll below, then hit the comments and argue your points. And for all my Glee recaps and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Alexis k says:

    I think it is great having gay relationships in there to not everyone is straight in this world. Plus straight people should be able to relate because not every relationship you have will be acceptable by all public. I really dislike narrow minded-ness like this, you should really expand your social awareness

  2. Frankie says:

    Here is the most flamingly irritating part of this episode for me: it was freaking called ‘I Kissed a Girl,’ BUT WE GOT ZERO BRITTANA KISSES. Unless you count Santana kissing the ballot, which I definitely do not.

    • Nope says:

      I actually found that odd too. I mean there was more Pezberry in that scene than there was Brittana. I think that you are out of luck though. I think the same sex couples wont ever be as showy as the other couples. I don’t really have a favorite couple because they are all really cute, and they all do stupid things. I love them all. However, there is no secret that a straight couple(Rachel and Finn specifically) will have much more pda that the gay couples. That sucks, but I think it’s true. After the first time, someone counted that Finchel has kissed like 21 times on the show, said I love you a bunch of times, and always have their background moments going on(especially this season). In the first time episode we heard Rachel say that she loved Finn twice, and that he was her soulmate. We didn’t hear Klaine say I love you. At least I didn’t. Finchel kissed like a thousand times, and Klaine barely even kissed. In Mash Off, Rachel and Finn had lots of background moments in which they were all over each other, and a kiss on the cheek. Blaine held Kurt’s hand once. Even Tike is more affectionate than Klaine and Brittana, and Tike isn’t nearly as fleshed out as Klaine and Brittana. Now I have come to the conclusion that some of the Finchel stuff is Lea and Cory, and some of the Klaine stiff is Darren and Chris, so on and so forth. I love Finchel, and Brittana, but if you are looking for Brittana to be making out in every episode like the straight couples, that won’t happen. I mean maybe that isn’t what you want, but I hope you get what I am saying. It is double standard on Fox, and RIB’s part. Unless most of it is all on the actors. Which I honestly don’t doubt.

      • JoMarch says:

        Please, would you stop with the combined names already. Talk about overkill!!! That stuff is so last decade. Get over it!

  3. Love glee but... says:

    I had a feeling this would happen. To all that thought tonight’s version of ‘girls just want to have fun’ was so creative and original, take a listen to Greg Laswell’s version, featured on the ‘confessions of a shopaholic’ soundtrack and prominently in the movie as well. A live version is on YouTube. I love Glee, don’t get me wrong, but this was blatantly the same. But I thought ‘Perfect’ was great, and I like that they are covering fantastic older songs (I’m the only one; jolene; constant craving). Good episode overall, just had to call that out.

    • Ben says:

      Yes, the Greg Laswell version is awesome and exactly what Glee did. It annoys me that everyone just assumes Glee came up with the slower cover. The same thing happened in Season One, when Artie sang “Dancing with Myself” in the style of Nouvelle Vague, but everyone assumed it was a slower Billy Idol cover.

  4. Trew says:

    Most offensive episode I’ve seen ever. Never thought I would see something this offensive when it came to handling Santana coming out on Glee. Still stunned. Also, the blatant misogynism was just painful to witness over and over and over with all the girls needing the guys to “save them,” be their heroes, and tell them what to do. Just wow. Sexism at an all time high on this show.

  5. Chris says:

    This show has too many freakin characters. Even though I can’t stand her, poor Sugar just stands around and looks dorky. Why was she hugging Rory? Can she magically sing now too? And now Chord is coming back…TOO MANY CHARACTERS!! Did Tina or Arty have any lines tonight except in songs? This show is so frustrating…I used to be a die hard fan…but alas…I’m finding fewer and fewer reasons to watch the show. I only look forward to some decent mash-ups or re-imagining of certain songs (ie Rumour Has It/Someone Like You or Girls Just Wanna Have Fun).

  6. Chris says:

    Oh…and costumers…stop putting Kurt in such obviously female clothing…both those sweaters in this episode were effing hideous!

    • David says:

      Drag queens dress less femme than Kurt. The costumers have turned him into a caricature…a stereotype. No gay I know dresses like Kurt.

  7. Svenja says:

    Ugh all of these discussions on Glee its Gay storylines are hideous.
    Seriously, relationships are relationships. Does it matter whether male/male, female/female or male/female are involved with each other? Especially in our society it shouldn’t be an issue. I am not very into the show, but I love that they are doing some same-sex-couple stories. It’s about time shows establish that on a regular basis.

  8. Julie says:

    I’ll wait for the recap. I’m trying so hard to watch an episode without sighing and it just doesn’t work for me anymore. Maybe I’ll just try to watch every episodes in one shot at the end of the season…
    I just wanted to mention this though: this show airs in HD, true? Why the blurry photoshopped-look-alike picture for the post?

  9. Jill says:

    Ok, the Puck and Shelby story line is absolutely disturbing. Do they honestly expect us to root for a teacher/student relationship? It is in every way inappropriate. Teachers are fired for that sort of thing, and for good reason. That distracted me for most of the episode. I also got kind of bored in half of the songs this week. I did enjoy the Beiste/Cooter story line.

  10. Fido says:

    If a boy had slapped a girl would it have been so easily ‘forgiven’ and/or seen as ‘justified’ because of what the slapped did to the slapper.

  11. Lola says:

    I thought quote #3 was Beiste, not Sue.

  12. Marcus says:

    Perfect should have been a Kurt solo. Other than that, this episode was almost tolerable, which was a nice change.

  13. Lindsay says:

    This episode was absolutely disgusting and showcased everything that’s wrong with Glee all in one hour. WHY THE HELL WAS FINN SO INVOLVED IN THIS PLOT? Why the hell did Santana need a guy (the guy that outed her!!!) to ‘save’ her, while her own freaking girlfriend, who was telling her how awesome she is and supporting her since last season, was basically nowhere to be found?! I can’t believe Finn didn’t apologize and nobody called him out on what he did. Not to mention all bs he was spewing about caring about her.

    And the fact that Santana told her parents offscreen?! I don’t know why I’m so surprised that Santana’s entire coming out story was told in one episode, from the white, straight male’s POV, while Kurt got two seasons worth of time, but I am.

  14. JDHetherington says:

    I would like to remind everybody that out of the main cast members; 4 of the 15 characters are gay (or potentially bi-sexual in Brittany’s case) Add that to the fact that 12 of the main cast are students, that’s a third of the student main cast members being gay, and straight characters like Artie, Tina, Mike, Quinn and Mercedes are often neglected in regard to solos or storylines (or in some cases both) that leaves Finn, Rachel and Puck as the only straight student main cast members who generally have gotten consistent material so far this season. Kurt wasn’t even in the original concept of Glee, he was added after Chris Colfer auditioned for a different role, and they liked him. Everyone likes to argue about equality for Gay people and how they should be represented on television with storylines they can relate to. Well what about straight people? A large chunk of Season 2 was focused on the bullying situation in regards to being gay. This season? What? Blaine has sung in every episode excluding one (Asian F), and that was due to Darren Criss being in New York for the majority of filming (in which he only spoke in 1 scene). Kurt was featured in 4 episodes’ music this season (only 1 of which, Kurt’s solo didn’t make the aired cut of episode) and had a key role in 2 episodes he didn’t. Santana has sung in 6 episodes also with a fairly noteworthy role in all but one episode (I Am Unicorn, in which it was one scene) and Brittany has been featured in 3 songs, had a key part to play story wise in 1 episode (I Am Unicorn) Quinn has featured in 1 song so far this season, 7 episodes in. Artie has featured in 1 song so far this season, and his solo was cut from the aired episode for time. Tina has featured in 4 songs (1 as a backing vocal to Mercedes, 1 as leading a verse in a group number, 1 harmonizing with Rory and 1 line in a mostly Santana driven song, with Puck on secondary lead) there are more people in the world who are straight. So if Glee is supposed to represent the real world, aren’t straight people supposed to be more common and accessable?

  15. Mike says:

    Was it explained how it was determined that Brittany won the election?

  16. Katie says:

    I cannot believe how terrible this episode was and the majority of comments (do Finn/Rachel shippers have no where else to whine about their couple not getting enough screentime or is it the same three people posting over and over again). This should have been an episode about Santana, it was an episode about Finn. It was a contrived and terribly written way to remind us Finn is the good guy on the show, the guy we can’t hate because he means so well (despite being consistently homophobic and terrible to people, including the girls he dates). I can’t even see why people would think next week is a cliffhanger, you guys Finn Hudson is there everything’s going to be fine.

    Also Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and I Kissed a Girl were terrible song choices. Both were terrible due to the context especially I kissed a girl which came after that jock telling Santana he’ll ‘straighten her out’. Thanks for line on corrective rape glee.

  17. Marcus says:

    Aww, poor oppressed heterosexuals. Isn’t it enough for you that straight characters and relationships are the majority on every TV show ever (barring Queer as Folk and The L Word)?

  18. LaKeeau says:

    Second! And seriously if your going to name an episode “I kissed a girl” there better be a girl that kisses another girl! And I want to kick Finn in the junk. You did it fix it don’t blackmail people.

  19. LaKeeau says:

    Kurt and Rachel and NYADA needs the boot. If you don’t get in Kurt I’m sure you could go to school somewhere else in NY like I don’t know …fashion school. The outfits he wore last might we’re RIDICULOUS.

  20. GLEEAnon says:

    How could you not count Noah’s lines to Quinn about how much more high maintenance Quinn is than Rachel and how selfish Quinn is among the top 5 lines of the episode?

    I’m glad Idina Menzel sang in “Constant Craving.” The clean sound of her voice was a nice contrast to Naya Rivera’s raspiness.

  21. tgabawm says:

    Naya Rivera is really becoming a main feature of the show, as an actress, and as a singer. Once again, perfect performance this week. Though the story was somehow rushed at times, and Blaine and Kurt’s wardrobe really needs some help, I enjoyed this episode. Musically, Girls just want to have fun and Constant craving were fantastic. This kind of songs and performances make me wish the show would last long, with the same core cast.

  22. whyareyouthisway says:

    The fact that Puck can insult Quinn so horribly (I mean, “I’d rather raw-dog a bee hive”? Really, super classy, Glee) and once again show up at her house without a condom with full knowledge as to what he was going there for and get PRAISED for it? Absolutely sick. If someone said the things Puck said to Quinn to Kurt? He would have been HATED and it would have been quite the ordeal in the episode. As someone said, “Apparently, students at risk for breaking down and committing suicide are only important if they’re gay.” Too true.

    The mere notion that Puck can show up at Quinn’s house (without a condom, again) because Shelby kicked him out, after treating her like she was the dirt on his shoes, and get praised simply because he admitted to watching Quinn fall apart for three years and doing nothing about it is so terribly disgusting. The fact that people don’t see how out of line he was and call him the funniest of the episode is so disappointing.

    I expect more from this show and its viewers, honestly.

  23. Marie says:

    I am amazed at all the “Glee hater’s” who have forgotten the emotional roller coaster of high school. Glee is not supposed to be totally realistic, please, no one would want to watch it. I say that as a former high school teacher. I have lived all over the US, wake up, open your eye’s this isn’t the 1950’s, your denial doesn’t mean it’s not real. High school is when we start to explore who we really are. It’s almost 2012; hopefully kids are moving to acceptance of differences. It’s a cruel, crazy, beautiful world, enjoy the music, remember young love…..lighten up!

  24. Denver says:

    Thank God someone else agrees with me on how wrong the Puck-Shelby story line is… He’s an 18 year old boy, let him be an 18 year old boy instead of trying to get him to grow up too fast! That whole plot line almost kills the show for me.

  25. Marie says:

    Puck-Shelby storyline crossed the line…..who hasn’t had a crush on one of their teacher’s, but now Shelby made a decision that teacher’s aren’t supposed to make. Just adds a “creepy’ element.

  26. LO says:

    perhaps I built myself up for something better, but I didn’t think last night’s ep was wonderful. I agree with Slezak’s comment about a better explanation for Finn and his support for Santana. Another line or 2 would have been better given all the negative back & forth between them. Plus the fact he outted her, acknowledgement of that would have been better than you were my first. It feels like the writers wrapped up that whole arc in a nice neat package – as usual. but they could have done it better.

    The whole Quinn/Puck/Shelby thing, I don’t know. I wish they hadn’t had Shelby cross the line, but perhaps as others have mentioned, an easy way to end her story too. She gets fired b/c of it, not saying I think it’s right what she did, but just more disappointed if that’s the route the writers are going to take, another easy out.

    But it is Glee, and nothing really goes below surface issues anyway. Now, having said all of that, I still think season 3 is not bad. Totally better than 2, but not quite as good as season 1.

    Musically, I know a lot of people loved the song, but my least favorite was Finn’s solo, dragged along and those facial expressions, ugg.

    Sorry to be negative, I think season 3 has been overall good, with some great eps, can’t expect every ep to be fantastic, and I’m still watching. Let’s see what’s next !!

    last thing, did anyone else think that Santana’s hair style was distracting in the scene with her Grandma??

  27. Kat says:

    I HATED last nights episode! I felt like I had deja vu over seeing Santana go through the same exact thing we saw Kurt experience last year. The only difference is Kurt had Karofsky and Santana has her Abuela to give her a hard time – big whoop, same difference. And same VAST amount of airtime!

    The scenes with Sue were just pathetic. Jane is great but she’s no longer getting funny dialogue and her character isn’t making a sense or changing at all anymore.

    And what about Lea Michele? Has Ryan Murphy decided he hates her? We never hear her sing anymore and that whole stuffing the ballot box plot is ABSURD! Rachel is dying to get into a highly competitive college so there is NO way she would risk getting busted and having it affect her chances to go to NY! I’m guessing Lea wants to move on next year and make movies or do Broadway but that doesn’t mean RM should sideline her this year and disappoint the fans!

    The whole Shelby and Puck storyline is disgusting. And another repeat. Remember, Rachel’s crush on Mr. Schue is season one? They’ve taken tnis storyline too far and it’s been made too obvious. Quinn will get Shelby busted and then the Troubletones will come back to ND so we know how that’s going to end but would an ambitious teacher/award winning show choir coach who’s already given up one daughter and is now getting a second chance with her adopted child really be weak enough or stupid enought to risk losing her job, reputation and child by sleeping with a student? Not in a million years.

    Glee is just such a disappointment this year. I was bummed when I heard most of the class was graduating but now I don’t really care. What’s the point of keeping the show going if RM is determined to ruin it?

    • wOW says:

      I think I am the only one who thought her stuffing the ballot box was completely in character. It is like the whole original song all over again. She keeps trying so hard to help people and do the right thing, but she always ends up doing like the worst thing. That is what she does. I don’t like the fact that they keep making Rachel the bad guy in Hummelberry, but I have gotten over it.

  28. Laur222 says:

    I enjoyed most of the songs on the show but i must say my favorite right now is Kurt and Blaines version of Perfect from Pink. i say that cause im still singing it the next day.

  29. Allison says:

    Santana has no problem sleeping with men (including Finn) in season 1 and then POOF! now she’s a lesbian. Not realistic. A gay woman would have no interest in sex with men.

    Her and Kurt’s storylines are like preachy, underwhelming after school specials.

    • Nope says:

      I would have to agree. Their story lines are way too preachy, but Kurt’s story annoyed me the most. The message that they sent was completely wrong IMO. It was saying bullying gay people is bad, but bullying straight people is funny. I will never forgive them for trying to get that across while Rachel and Artie were still being bullied. What was even worse is that Kurt was a bully in the first season. If anyone knows that, it would be Rachel. I don’t mind these storys but man, it is like they are ignoring that gay bullying is no the only kind of bullying. They are trying to make me believe that just because you hate yourself, you can bully people and be a terrible person, and it is ok because you are gay. Now they are trying to make me believe that outing can be forgiven by singing a song. Hey, that’s glee for ya.

      • pleasepuss says:

        This has been my disappointment in Glee. Glee has always in your face entertained the double standard of bullying. When Glee took on the dramatic and so-called realistic look at bullying Kurt by Karofsky season 2 it created an insincerity of its own words. It’s unacceptable! Kurt’s difficult and traumatic response to his tormentor is horrific and unacceptible to society(representing gay bullying). But when Rachel, Artie, Mercedes, Finn, Tina and Mike etc. have to endure 2 seasons worth of physical and verbal unrelenting loser bashing is less hurtful. Rachel’s appearance and ethnicity have always been the main target and focus of humorous jabs and incredibly cruel digs to her person and psyche. Sue has always been the adult queen bee of insults some funny but season 2 watching her throw a teacher or nurse down stairs to further her cause was despicable. Santana is the Sue of the teens and she is right there level with Sue on being despicable and not forgivable. IMO Double standard bullying is unforgivable and unacceptable. I know, I know I can see now. But it is meant to be funny. But IT IS NOT> Glee is sending mixed messages of what is tolerated. Verbal insults for humor is OK and get real it is a show. This is my point there is NO POINT TO BULLYING no matter what kind. No one should insult to inflict hurt/harm/pain/injury on anyone else. If one was a victim of verbal abuse they’d understand. IMO this show doesn’t take responsibility for its content which reflects its morays beliefs and tenets for what it believes about social issues or any personal ones either. Mash off was disgusting display of personal degradation of Rory and Finn for public consumption and personal infliction of pain to make Santana feel better about herself. Well I say who in the H*** cares for a person so enjoys causing harm to others to make themselves feel better. Because the gay thing? This episode was to make me feel empathy for Santana-HECK NO. Then we are to believe that all her subjects of abuse are singing to sympathize and reach her. Will did all he can do shake his head when she berates and insults Klaine for singing her Perfect. I’m at a loss of respect of the objectivity of the output on Glee season 3. I realize people like /love/ hate any episode to the way they see fit. But it’s a common concern for many including many fans who don’t watch anymore. As some stated Glee is a glorified soap opera anymore. It’s supposed to be a comedy with drama sprinkled in not vice versa. Sorry for ranting but disappointment in my favorite show is growing and I DON’T LIKE THAT.

        • Julie says:

          Boy am I glad I’m not the only one who sees this show for what it has trully become.
          As stated earlier I was waiting for the recap because honestly I cannot watch this show anymore.
          Most people who agree with me (like the peeps in this part of the comments here) are probably not homophobic and that’s what people who think this show’s the gold it was once think. WRONG. It’s okay to tell the world that it’s okay to be gay and all that lesson but for crying out loud remember that not everyone is gay and that there are other matters in the world too. I agree with the Santana crap that she slept with most of the guys in the school but suddenly POOF just like that she can’t stand them (what does Finn have magical powers since he’s the last guy she did it with?).
          The show goes for convienience and not for a good story line. Example: what the HECK happened between Tina and Artie besides Asian camp that broke those two between season 1 and 2??? They were inseperable in season 1 and they were really cute and suddenly POOF Tina doesn’t hang out with him because of Asian camp…
          Then Artie gets hooked up with Brittany which at first I thought it was weird but as it went along I actually liked them together. Then POOF Brittany doesn’t know if she’s straight, bi-curious or gay.
          Puck and Quinn? Don’t get me started there. The show had the chance to have one of the cutest thing possible with those two and totally screwed us up with that Shelby/Puck (can we call them Shuck or just Suck?) thing. I work in a school and I must say that this was one of the most offensive thing ever. YOU CANNOT DO THAT! Especially if you have a kid and KNOW that you might end up fired or even worst…
          And let’s face it: back in season 1 only 3 or 4 were fighting for top solo spot and now just like that everyone can sing so whatever if Rachel’s not there, most likely Finn will sing with Santana now that they are such good buddies buddies….
          I’m just so disappointed in this show now. Next year half of them will be graduated so we’ll have new kids on the block with probably the same whole coming out of the closet thing… Move on Glee, or I personally will…

  30. K says:

    Can I just say how excited I am for another love triangle, this time between Beiste/Sue/Cooter. Really…can’t you hear my excitement? Or how about the Puck/Shelby/Quinn love triangle? You know, for a minute there, I thought Glee was going to do something new. But thank goodness, they proved me wrong and stuck to their formula of everyone needs a love triangle. I wouldn’t have recognized the show if they came up with an original plot device.

  31. Jenny says:

    I am just having a hard time buying the story that Santana is a lesbian. I believe she has feelings for Brittany but I just don’t know if it is beyond that. And I still don’t believe that Brittany feels the same way. I can’t say one thing and/or what they could do to make I more believable. I just feel something missing.

    While I feel like a ton of things happened it still was a weak episode. It reminded me of many episodes of season 2. There were all these songs mixed with a plot but one didn’t enhance the other.

  32. Sarah says:

    Another great episode for Glee!! The writing was great, the musical numbers were all good,(Perfect was amazing, thank you Darren Criss)and I liked the fact that mostly everyone had a reaction of some sort. Tina, Rory, and Puck..great. I also loved Puck and Quinn-great writing there. A+ in my book.

  33. Volcfom says:

    Thank you, Michael, for mentioning Sue’s John Travolta line. Absolutely amazing, and I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking how strange his transformation has been.

  34. STW says:

    Agree with you about how wonderful “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” was, with one addition–I think the lyrics worked quite well for the story being told. Santana knows that her parents are about to find out that she is a lesbian, and she is fearful that they’re going to think, in the words of the song, that she isn’t “living her life right.” Lauper’s song is about a girl who, in the face of parental disapproval/questioning of her, asserts that she is going to live her life true to herself. The lyrics suggest that the parents are particularly concerned about the girl staying out all night, a pretty easy allusion to having sex with someone, so using that as a way of addressing Santana choosing to come out to her parents herself worked well for me, as did the promise in the song that while the girl still cares for/loves her parents, she has to be true to who she is/what she wants. The show, partially through use of the song, set things up to have us think that coming out to her parents would be the difficult part of her struggle, and then surprised us with the first familial scene of rejection of a gay child when she told her grandmother–an important part of the reality of LGBTQ youths’ experiences that it was good for the show to represent, because so many do face it.

  35. Melissa says:

    You know it occured to me after being sad for Kurt that he lost the election and wouldn’t have that line item on his NYADA application that his dad is now a CONGRESSMAN!!! In the real universe isn’t that a bigger deal. One of those things that shoudln’t factor into the decision for him to get into school, but totally would.

  36. Mal says:

    I’m sorry, but this is one of the more terrible episodes for me. I instantly wanted to delete it on my DVR.

    The whole Shelby/Quinn/Puck storyline got burned to the ground (and I was initially happy that they got decent storylines too) with Quinn going back and forth in motivation, Puck being stupid with calming down Quinn and then instantly revealing he had sex with Shelby, and Shelby and Puck’s trip to the hospital and then IMMEDIATELY cutting to them having sex in her apartment is not only unconvincingly fast, but the edit cut just violated basic editing 101 messing with the story’s time and space.

    Santana’s storyline was okay but her coming out to her grandma garnered nothing from me because “Who the hell are you, Santana’s grandmother who appeared out of nowhere and why should we invest in what your harsh opinion is even though you’re on-screen for 2 minutes?” I did love her quips although I loathed and eye-rolled throughout her stupid-ass excuse for slapping Finn. I did love Finn’s rendition of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and loved Santana’s reaction to Kurt and Blaine’s song and fashion choices aka things that are too Top 40 still, overdone, and over-budget and over-styled for teenagers to pull off without looking 25.

    Bieste’s storyline was pretty good though. Have no complaints. Also no complaints about Rachel’s storyline which was handled nicely, especially the consequential crying. No one can cry and make you feel sympathy like Rachel!

    I hated the conclusion to the election! I mean, seriously? That’s it? Shouldn’t that have wrapped up with a bigger event rather than Sue giving out 4 measly lines and a newspaper clipping and Burt’s brisk celebratory montage?

    All in all, I think this episode got bloated with too many arcs going forward hampered by time and just too many songs (that were all done in the choir room nonetheless) that could’ve been cut down. Good Glee usually means 4 songs max.

    BTW, I totally loved Sugar constantly hugging everyone for no apparent reason but to hug them. I LOVED Mercedes reaction to the second hug of “B****, why do you keep hugging me?”

    • Yep says:

      Honestly yes, I agree with you about Rachel. The highlight for me, and the only time I got even a little bit emotional was when she told them she got suspended. But I’m sorry I am having a really hard time liking Kurt these days. The writers turn Rachel into the bad guy just to build him up so much, and it is really making me angry. I am so tired of her having to give up things for him. Everytime she does that she is also kind of making it a smaller chance that she will get in. What has he given up for her? I am so tired of this friends are more important than you future crap. Yes friends are very important, but as a senior in high school your future is way more important. Im sorry, I know everyone loves Kurt cause he is mr perfect, and I never do anything wrong but man. He is making me not want to watch anymore.

  37. Deena says:

    I don’t care about gay relationships/straight relationships, gay characters/straight characters. I just want the show to be FUNNY again. I feel like season 1 was a comedy goldmine and the laughs now are few and far between. Will it be put in the drama category at the Emmys next year?

  38. jess says:

    How come most of the people who watch the show hate it so much?

    • Julie says:

      Because we used to adore this show like crazy and how it’s just a joke… wait not even a joke since I haven’t laughed during an episode since Brittany’s dolphins line way back when…

  39. James says:

    This season has been like growing pains to hopefully get to a better place later on. I’m hoping that the show will get it’s frolic back on. It seemed to be on the path last night and with Sam coming back next week and Christmas, the show will find its face again. Nothing wrong with the gay storylines, but something is wrong with the Shelby/Beth/Quinn/Puck thing. I don’t believe any adoptive parent would try to forge a relationship with teenage parents. I would believe that a biological mother would come back and try to have a relationship with her daughter, but for some reason, that doesn’t seem to be very important to the show. Lastly, I hope the show will get back to doing some more fun comedy. The actors can obviously handle it, so wby do they insist on doing all this angst? Maybe it was a fantasy, but they actually had me liking high school by the end of last year. Nothing wrong with that, putting a positive spin out there.

  40. gabBy says:

    PERFECT was winning yesterday, but as soon as michael slezak ranks GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN as being the best, everyone votes for it. think for YOURselves people.

  41. karenb says:

    Love, love, love this show, especially S1. So glad Finn has returned to his normal, loveable self. Hated that he was made a weenie in S2. Besides all that, I love the characters. The storylines relating to the bullying and the gay characters are relevant and important in today’s society.

    That being said-am I the only one on the planet who thinks there is way too much sex/love/lust storylines?? Whether gay or straight/or age-inappropriate?? I mean, I remember high school…and the hormones…etc., but seriously, that wasn’t the only thing going on. How about the writers go out on a limb and maybe try a storyline with a kid struggling with drug abuse? Or their parents divorce? School violence (you know, with guns, knives, etc.)? Dating violence?The death of a loved one? Or what about one of the gay characters being ostracized from their church for being gay? Oh-and how about presenting a virgin? I mean, there are one or two high school kids out there that are not doing it.

    Some people may think that these ideas are too serious, and that glee is a “comedy.” It seems to me that 95% of the “humor” is full of cruel, hateful comments to each other. Call me crazy, but I think the writers could stretch themselves a bit and yes, address sex, but not obsess about it episode after episode.

  42. champmav says:

    I’m astonished at the polarity of reactions to this episode demonstrated by these comments! IMO It’s a sign of good writing and performing when a show stimulates such discussion. That people care about these issues can be in no doubt. I fall into the camp that believes shining light onto issues involving unfairness and hypocrisy is the best way to improve any society. Glee continues to do this and entertain at the same time. This is one of the most talented collection of young (and not so young) actors/singers/writers television is likely to see in a long time. Yea for Glee!

  43. Zoe says:

    This was one of the worst episodes ever. That’s all I’m saying.

  44. STW says:

    Going back to watch “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” again, there’s even more lyrical relevance going on. Watch it for the moment when the camera pans from Santana’s face to Mike’s as the lyric about father’s questioning what their child is doing with her/his life is sung. In an instant, the song is expanded to tell not just Santana’s story, but Mike’s as well, referring to his alienation from his father–a story line that will be picked up again in more depth next week.

    As Finn is singing the following lyrics “I come home in the middle of the night./ My father says, ‘What you gonna do with your life?’/
    Well, Daddy dear, you’re still number one …” the camera carefully frames both Santana and Mike in the choir risers. Mike’s folded hands are in the background during the words “My father says, ‘What you gonna do with your life?’ Well, Daddy dear … .” The camera then pans to Mike’s face as Finn continues to sing, “you’re still number one,” showing Mike applying the words to his ruptured relationship with his dad who has declared that because of Mike’s choosing to pursue his dream of becoming a professional dancer, Mike is no longer his son, to which Mike responded that he no longer has a father.

    It’s one of those beautiful, perfect Glee moments, done with absolute intentionality—using the lyrics of the song to apply to both Santana’s and to Mike’s stories and deliberately placing them in the choir room so that the filming of the scene can draw them both into the tale being told by the music. Glee carefully changed the lyrics of the song to be certain that it would apply in this way. Cyndi Lauper’s original version of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” starts with the verse about the girl’s mother, stating “I come home in the morning light / My mother says when you gonna live your life right?” Here, Glee starts off with the verse about the girl’s father, amending the lyrics from Lauper’s, “The phone rings in the middle of the night/ My father yells what you gonna do with your life / Oh daddy dear you know you’re still number one … .”*

    As sung on Glee, the song is about a direct confrontation between a child and her/his father in which the parent questions the actions of the child; the distance of an angry phone call is collapsed into an immediate encounter where children are challenged to be true to themselves in the face of parental distress the directions their lives are taking at the very moments when the former are breaking out of being children and becoming adults. The use of the song here was subtle, understated, and deeply moving.

    This intentional use of the song to tell other parts of the Glee story was continued in the filming of Finn looking at Rachel, and Rachel looking at Finn, during the lyrics when Finn is singing about a beautiful girl—more than just a sweet Finchel moment, this was a direct link to the ongoing evolution of Finn declaring to Rachel that he finds her to be beautiful, and here we see her fully and completely believing him. His gaze stays fixed on Rachel through the part where he sings, “Oh, and they hide her away from the rest of the world. But not me … .”, indicating that he doesn’t want to hold Rachel back from shining before the rest of the world. His gaze shifts back to Santana with the line, “I want to be the one in the sun,” a message to her about having the courage not to hide her awesomeness.

    The stellar rendition of the song alone was enough to make this a beautiful moment on the show; the song plus the way it motivated a softening in Santana, allowing her to risk being vulnerable and to make a real connection with a fellow glee club member and to bring about reconciliation in the seasons-long battle between Santana and Finn, was a powerful moment in the show. Not stopping there, Glee used the moment for all that it was worth, layering on through the brilliant use of writing, directing, filming, and editing further resonances to tell character stories, making the scene laden with meaning and poignancy.

    * In case it is of interest, the second verse, sung as Finn goes to stand and then sit in front of Santana, was amended by Glee to, “The phone rings in the middle of the night. / My mother says, ‘When you gonna live your life right?’ / Well, mother dear, I’m not the fortunate one … .” The original Lauper version, with the mother in the first verse, is, “I come home in the morning light / My mother says when you gonna live your life right / Oh mother dear we’re not the fortunate ones … .”

    The third verse was slightly amended too, changing the original, “Some boys take a beautiful girl /And hide her away from the rest of the world / I want to be the one to walk in the sun” to “Some boys take a beautiful girl / Oh, and they hide her away from the rest of the world. / But not me; I want to be the one in the sun … .”

  45. Ddriz says:

    I accidentally turned this on (actually, my DVR turned off while I was sleeping) and the Glee was on. I haven’t watched since the first 3 eps of the first season, and I honestly don’t understand the popularity of the show. Bad lip synching, acting, and dancing? Check. Caricature homophobe football player? Check. Androgynous characters? Check. I guess it’s all about being “cutting edge” for this show.

  46. Ddriz says:

    On further review, looking at the ratings, I guess it’s not so popular. It got demolished by Last Man Standing and the Victoria Secret show? Wow. What does that say?

  47. Cate says:

    Thought that this was a pretty good episode and probably the best musically (although the Adele mashup is an instant classic)

    But I miss Lea Michele’s singing! Apart from in the first episode she’s barely had any songs with New Directions – just the West Side Story ones. Seems like they are positioning Naya Rivera as the new lead female vocalist for nest year.
    Constant Craving was my favourite, the vocals blended so well. Best Finn solo in ages! I loved that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
    However, what on EARTH was Kurt wearing in this episode! Those sweater/poncho things…urgh!

  48. pat says:

    Best episode in a long time – And best use of the word Uff da by a review ever. Beiste did a great job on Jolene, but Constant Craving was so great.

  49. BEKAROSE says:

    My only comment?

    HELLO. They ripped off that “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” cover STRAIGHT from Greg Laswell who covered it several years ago on an album.

    I mean, yes it’s Cindi Lauper but that was NOT an original glee arrangement and they could at least give credit where credit’s due.

    Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself:

  50. shawn says:

    so i loved the episode but there were a few big editing errors…so anyone else notice that rachael says in the beginning of the episode that they have the rest of the day to get votes for kurt but the election doesn’t happen still for a few more days…and speaking of kurt in that scene he’s wearing the ugly studded ascot thing? and then during perfect he’s wearing that asymmetrical turtleneck middriff thing but then during you’re the only one he’s wearing the ascot thing again…