Glee Recap: Objects of Wry Elections [Updated]

Nobody can accuse this week’s installment of Glee of taking it slow in the plot-development department. The parallel elections — for senior-class president and Congressional seat — got wrapped. Santana came bursting out of the flannel closet. One couple consummated their relationship, one love triangle got a little heated, and one member of New Directions got suspended by Principal Figgins. They barely had time for the Irish kid!

Of course, if you got distracted by the unbearable unsightliness of Kurt’s gray turtleneck poncho or his asymmetrical cream-colored turtleneck half-sweater and missed some of the major story arcs, allow me to catch you up — in the classic “here’s what you missed on Glee” format:

Things kicked off with Santana in Principal Figgins’ office, facing suspension for walloping Finn in the face at the end of last week’s episode. Figgins didn’t buy Santana’s tale of an alter-ego named Snix taking control of her slappin’ hand, but Finn changed his tune and declared Santana’s innocence — provided she bring her Troubletones colleagues to a pre-Sectionals powow. There, Finn tasked the members of McKinley’s competing show choirs with an assignment to cover music “by ladies and for ladies” as a way of showing support for Santana coming out as a lesbian.

At first, Santana resisted her friends’ supportive gestures, but Finn persisted in his efforts to get through to the girl who took his virginity, telling her he feared the anger she directed at those around her would eventually get directed at herself and result in suicide. “You mean something to me,” said Finn, and even though I wish the writers had done a better job in explaining his resolve — a line or two about Finn seeing the world through the eyes of his gay stepbrother would’ve probably sufficed, or perhaps Finn admitting he felt bad for his part in outing Santana and making her vulnerable to that absurd campaign ad — I still bought his sudden display of empathy. By episode’s end, Santana had come out at school and to her parents (with positive results), but — in a scene that proved Naya Rivera’s got dramatic chops on par with her ability to drop pithy punchlines — was tossed out of her grandmother’s house for sharing her secret (a statement still somewhat short of total self-acceptance: “I love girls the way that I’m supposed to feel about boys.”) Santana ended the episode on a positive note, explaining that “the struggle continues, but at least I know I’m not alone.”

Meanwhile, Sue (remember when she used to be funny?) fretted that her unscrupulous campaign opponent — who was outing Santana purely for the chance at short-term political gain — was raising the specter that she, too, might be a lesbian. So what better way to change public perception than by going to one’s little black book and ordering up “20 CCs of man-candy, stat”? After flipping past Dan Quayle (“too needy”), Oliver North (“biter”), and Matt Lauer (“too much crying”), Sue settled on the man who was making Beiste’s quadriceps quiver and heart palpatate: Cooter Menkins. Game on, ladies! Sue mocked Beiste for being a client of “the John Travolta Institute for Head-Thickening and Facial Weight Gain,” but eventually Beiste fought back, telling Cooter that, “If I had to bench-press a wildebeest just to prove to you how much you mean to me, I would do it.” I’m #TeamBeiste — always — and I’m hoping the writers will be, too. (FYI, Sue wound up finishing last in the election, and Burt Hummel got the win.)

Sue and Beiste weren’t the only McKinley staffers involved in romantic intrigue. Shelby foolishly summoned Puck to the hospital to comfort her after Baby Beth cut her lip, and when they returned home, the single mom with the full-time job somehow summoned the energy to go to bed with the teenager who noted Shelby was welcome to sample “four more hours of me before I need a steak sandwich and a Coke Zero.” I hate the idea of Shelby being so needy and insecure that she can’t handle a simple trip to the ER with her daughter, and I hate the fact that the writers have taken her past the act of dangerous flirtation and into the unredeemable territory of sex with a student. But, since they’ve gone there, Puck’s obvious-to-everyone lusting, and later his petulant anger when Shelby declared their tryst a mistake, seemed mighty realistic.

I’m not so sure, however, that I’d buy him being dumb enough to confess the affair to Quinn, of all people. I mean, earlier in the episode he’d rejected her advances and called her the most selfish person he’d ever met. Then he’d fended off her demands to impregnate her. Yet seconds later he’s spooning this loon and confessing his darkest secrets to her? Maybe the writers should’ve had Puck drinking heavily beforehand — to chip away at his guard and make it a little less implausible that he’d go all “I need to tell you something.”

And finally, also from the Department of Bad Decisions, Rachel stuffed the ballot boxes for senior class president with votes for Kurt Hummel, but in her typical zeal, added more fake votes than there were senior class members. (Who can blame a gal desperate not to move to NYC without her best gay? What if she required an emergency makeover or a souffle?) To save Kurt from punishment, Rachel confessed to her crime, got suspended for a week by Figgins, and was banned from sectionals. Le gasp!

And that’s what you missed on Glee!

Now, with that out of the way, let’s run through the episode’s five best lines of dialogue/zingers:

5) “This is between me and Brian Dennehy.” –Sue, telling Cooter to step aside and allow her to settle her beef with Beiste

4) Santana’s use of the phrase “gel-ervention” to take a potshot at Blaine’s hair.

3) “My quadriceps have been trembling like jelly all day. Cooter really pushed me to my limit last night!” –Beiste, innocuously dropping a double-entendre about her weightlifting session with Cooter

2) “I’m trying, but your hideous bowties are provoking me.” –Santana, throwing more shade at Kurt and Blaine and their 1-800-TOO-MUCH fashion choices

1) “I haven’t been this worried about a vote since Lambert Vs. Allen.” –Rachel, agonizing over the election for senior class president

And with that, let’s assign some grades for the week’s musical numbers…

“F***in Perfect,” Kurt and Blaine
I wasn’t sure how much I was (or wasn’t) enjoying the opening third of this ditty, but it really picked up steam as it went along — and I’m not sure I’ve witnessed so much glee in the New Directions room all season. Santana’s subsequent comment that the performance had to be added to the list of horrible crap she’s been through this year rang a little false, though, didn’t it?
Musical grade: B+ Relevance to the plot: B+

“I’m the Only One,” Puck
I bought Puck’s high-school boy obviousness and Shelby’s front-and-center discomfort, but I wish for once that Puck would get to do a mashup or an interesting arrangement or something that wasn’t all about coloring within the lines of the original. Then again, maybe I just loathe the Puck-Shelby romance too much to get excited about anything associated with it?
Musical grade: C+ Relevance to the plot: B-

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” Finn
Probably my favorite performance by Finn in the last two seasons. Yeah, sure, the introduction of a violinist was a silly way to signal “seriousness,” but Cory Monteith sounded terrific on this slowed-down, stripped-down rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s classic good-time anthem, and the intimacy of the staging — with Funn sitting backwards on a chair and delivering the song directly into a choked-up Santana — was beautiful. Bonus points for that sweet mid-performance smile between Finn and Rachel. (Note that I won’t gripe that Finn could’ve picked something lyrically more relevant to the cause.)
Musical grade: A Relevance to the plot: A

“Jolene,” Beiste
Okay, so maybe Beiste isn’t the strongest vocalist in the Glee universe, but it was a killer use of Dolly Parton, and I was moved by our Fortysomething-Year-Old Virgin’s plight.
Musical grade: A- Relevance to the plot: A

“I Kissed a Girl,” Santana, Rachel, and the ladies of New Directions and the Troubletones
And thus, Glee continues its quest to cover the entire Katy Perry songbook. Uff da. But even as someone who’s never thoroughly enjoyed this ode to a brief, Sapphic experiment, it was nice to see all of the female characters united for a good cause — and crushing the gross bravado of the sophomore rugby captain in the process.
Musical grade: B+ Relevance to the plot: A-

“Constant Craving,” Santana (with Shelby and Kurt)
Gorgeous and totally relevant, too. Though a tiny part of me wished that Santana hadn’t had to share her lead vocal. Is it only me?
Musical grade: A- Relevance to the plot: A-

What did you think of this week’s Glee? Which plot points made you happy, and which had you looking for a rewrite? What was your favorite musical number? Take our poll below, then hit the comments and argue your points. And for all my Glee recaps and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. michele says:

    this show sucks – I miss when it was all finn story and rachel story – I miss the story of the underdog

    • yep says:

      second your comment

    • dane says:

      THe show has gone down.. but the writers gave the shippers exactly what they wanted – Finchel and Wemma. Blech.

      • Michelle says:

        the show has gone down due to the lack of leads (ahem – wemma and finchel) and the gay agenda. Remember season 1?! When ratings didn’t suck like this? I outright have so many friends and family – not in fandom – that have told me flat out they do not watch anymore or even DVR for that matter because they 1) can’t relate to the story lines – too much gay agenda (that is not being a homo but how many gay story lines can you have going on at once for it not to be completely ridiculous) and 2) lack of Rachel and Finn and Will – the people the glee club centered around. Their unity is what makes the show great…and in turn… leads the glee club to greatness. They have been left to dry in favor of Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Brittany and others….who honestly… don’t have the stories that are relatable to the broader audience. This is why rating continue to slide.

        • Michael says:

          Let’s see here…

          Straight Storylines:

          1. Will/Emma/annoying blonde ex-wife.
          2. The Asian couple
          3. Artie and Britney.
          4. Artie and the Asian girl
          5. Puck and Shelby
          6. Puck and Quinn
          7. Quinn and Finn
          8. Sam and Quinn
          9. Sam and Mercedes
          10. Finn and Rachel
          11. Burt and Kurt’s mom
          12. Bieste and doofus
          13. Sue and doofus
          14. Shue and Gywneth
          15. TONS MORE THAT I’M missing

          Gay relationships:

          1. Kurt and Blaine plus the meddler
          2. Karofsky
          3. Britney and Santana

          Yeah…all that gay stuff is intolerable. Straight people can’t relate to gay relationships? Why? Because the way they interact with each other is otherworldly?

          Yes I have a chip on my shoulder. I wear it proudly. Imagine how difficult it was for me to have straight crap shoved down my throat for 30 years. I never complained once(until now, I guess). Good riddance to those who can’t tolerate a little bit of my life.

          • dan says:

            Thank you. Glee dares to make their gay story lines central to the plot and not marginalize them.

          • Snapy says:

            Her name was Terri and she wasn’t annoying.

          • Sue says:

            Totally agree with your sentiments. Adding to your list:
            15. Puck and Rachel
            16. Puck and Lauren
            17. Will and Shelby (briefly)
            18. Finn and Santana (briefly)
            19. Santana and Karofsky
            20. Emma and Karl the dentist
            21. Mercedes and the current football player boyfriend
            22. Santana and Sam
            23. Sue and Rod, the Anchor

          • Lauren says:

            24. Rory and Brittany (one way though)
            25. Will and April Rhodes (sort of)
            26. Kurt and Mercedes
            27. Emma and Coach Tanaka
            28. Figgins and Sue (haha… sort of… that one time)
            29. Will and Sue (implied sexual tension)
            30. Will and Beiste (kissed twice!)
            31. Rachel and Jesse
            32. April and Puck (kissed)
            33. Puck and Mercedes
            34. Puck and Brittany (sort of)
            35. Kurt and Brittany (kissed)

            Sorry if I repeated any.

          • lee says:

            I feel the same way! amen! amen! sing it! 99.9 percent of tv is straight and you dont see gay people saying down with straights on tv please stop shoving them in my face . you know we are here, and we watch tv too,, cant we have one or two shows out of the hundreds thats on tv.

          • Dennis says:

            the straight relationships have moved so far in the backgound that the show is almost completely different. it is a gay show now all the focus has turned to the gay characters if you can’t see that your bias is showing. I tivo the show and fast foward through much of the gay stories except Santanna (even if they did jump the shark on her character i still love her voice.) No, many straight people can’t relate to gay relationships because it seems as unnatural to us as it seems natural to gay people. it takes time and effort for people to overcome that. Straight relationships are normal they are a basic function of life, man+Woman=Baby. I don’t want this to come off like an anti-gay rant it’s not. It’s about the show, i liked the Kurt character at first and felt empathy for his character but so much focus on his being Gay has turned him from a character that happens to be gay to a Gay character, it’s his whole identity.

          • avenger says:

            Its not the gay focus thats the problem here, it is just not entertaining. Simple huh? The show sucks because its a “try-hard” show. It tries too hard to push agendas instead of just telling a story, its like watching an after-school special or a sexual harassment video at work. The show is not fun to watch, it is work.

            Plus there is not a “straight-man” (pardon the choice here) on the show. Everything and everyone on the show is a charicature, there is soooo much annoying focus on Sue and everyone else whines all the time. I don’t have a husband to raise my child with, I can’t get into this school, I have nothing for my CV, I can’t play college football, I’m too gay, I’m a lesbian and my grandma hates me, I’m an Irish kid with no friends, I’m overweight, I’m not getting a starring role, I gave up my kid and now want him back…blah blah blah, it is so exhausting and infuriating.

            The musical numbers are what keep me watching but I don’t even really like those anymore. I’m finding myself not being excited to watch the show and I’m kinda done with it.

          • sash fan says:

            I agree. Santana and Britney is one of the most interesting relationships on the show. And Blaine is just adorable. The show wouldn’t be the same without it. Loosen up!

            It’s so obvious that Quinn is going to use the Puck/Shelby relationship to get the baby! Hello!

            Loved “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” last night.

          • ... says:

            Also, to add on…

            Michelle, you’re talking about a gay agenda and it has taken over Glee. They are focusing on it on this show right now, but let’s talk about all the shows on network TV, just network TV right now. There are a ton of shows that have no gay people in it at all. There are romantic shows that focus purely on straight couples. So we should be saying majority of shows have straight agenda? Pot, meet kettle.

          • Kate says:

            Michael, I am not (and I don’t think most other people are either) complaining about the vast quantity of gay storylines – my issue is the excessive amount of time allocated to tell those stories. I like Kurt and Blaine but I don’t want to see them given all the airtime. I don’t like Santana and gay or straight, I am sick to death of her!

          • K says:

            Hey Michelle, I’m a straight woman and the sole reason I watch Glee is for Kurt and Blaine. They’re sweet, romantic, and the healthiest, most consistent relationship on the show. What’s not to relate to that? I’d rather have my kids watch them than the partner swapping, cheating, straight couples we’ve had to deal with since season 1.

          • elr says:

            This is in reply to Avenger: I totally agree with you! You expressed all my thoughts perfetly. I was watching the show a few weeks ago and could not believe how depressed I felt when it was over. And like you the only things still keeping me around are the songs and they haven’t been all that good. I did like this episode a bit more than some this season. I think my big problem is that I can’t wrap my head around all the supposed funny parts of the show, especially Sue’s antics. The funny stuff is sooooo out there sometimes that it fights against the dramatic parts and brings them down. This show needs to decide whether it is a drama or a comedy and if it insists on being both the producers need to find a better balance between the two.

          • Nerdista says:

            Michael, you win at life.

          • laura says:

            Well said!

        • yep says:

          YEP. It was a trend setting forum about different people coming together and being underdogs. A show about real issues facing teens and their families. Now, I believe it has step into subject matter that can be written and fimed with delicacy to emotions and issues delving into dramatic concerns of difference in sexuality. But not focus on this topic as a major theme of the show. Episode after episode etc. Kurt’s issues s2 were interesting but become mundane with repeated emphasis on that topic. Now it is same song second verse with Santana going through it s3. Personally, I’d love more emphasis on her hotness being straight. Santana was humanized s2 but caracatured s3. As many who post Rachel is always having to learn a lesson with consequences. Just odd for Rachel to be so gung ho in first few episodes to do everything right to get into NYADA but a week prior to Sectionals she risks everything for votes for Kurt. It make no sense.

          • iaguy says:

            kids do stupid things all the time in life without thinking of the consequences. Rachel stuffing the boxes for kurt is something I did for a friend in high school. If anything, a week suspension is what was a little extreme.

        • anunsia says:

          i am agree with my country feel the same with your opinion:(

        • Larry says:

          I get so sick of “gay agenda” comments. Michelle, you obviously have a problem. I watch 90% of television that is about straight characters. I don’t complain about a straight agenda! This is a show about a glee club. I have been in glee clubs all my life and the gay make-up of the clubs were at least 40%. Rachel and Finn have had plenty of air time. I think you have a problem that you need to deal with. Your “homo” comment is offensive.
          Shame on you!

          • Russ says:

            I don’t think Michelle was trying to be offensive she is just commenting on the fact that season 3 so far has had a lot of focus on Kurt, Blaine, Santana, and Brittany. And honestly it has.
            Episode 1: Blaine transfers to McKinley High
            2: Kurt runs for president
            3: Blaine & Kurt audition for West side story, Brittany runs for president
            4: Santana and Brittany start dating
            5: Kurt and Blaine have sex and go to a gay bar
            6: Finn outs Santana
            7: Santana comes out

            While some of those story lines don’t even having anything to do with being gay like running for president or auditioning for the musical it was still a focus on those characters. Plus compared to other characters Mercedes, Tina, Mike, Quinn, Artie, Puck have all had just about 1 or 2 story lines in those 7 episodes.

            So while I do think Glee has focused more on those character this season who also happen to be gay, I think they are just mad that they are getting more attention than the other characters that they maybe like more or can relate to. But I remember being mad when the sole focus was on Rachel and she would get just about every solo, and coming and her complaining about how Glee was the Rachel Berry Show.

        • katie says:

          100% agree that the show has gone way downhill, but I’d argue it’s for the totally gross and completely hetero storylines of Puck-Shelby and Quinn-any guy who wants to get her pregnant. Also Will sucks in every way.

          Quinn has gotten so ridiculous I can’t even stand her. I thought last season’s finale where all her troubles were temporarily solved by a haircut was rock bottom, but I was wrong.

          Sue has lost all sympathetic tendencies. What’s her motivation for sucking now? The character makes no sense. I really need to break up with Glee.

        • Nicky says:

          I also think you should take into account that the only gay ‘storyline’ at present is the Santana coming out one. Kurt/Blaine aren’t so much a storyline at the moment as an established relationship. They have storylines but aside from the one episode (The first time)I don’t recall in season 3 it being about their sexuality so much as it is about Blaine trying to fit in at a new school and Kurt trying to do what he needs to to get into his college of choice.

          I’m thankful to Glee that my two daughters, as part of our next generation of parents, are being exposed to gay relationships and I think the message the show is sending is a positive one.

      • Ruby says:

        Are you kidding me? This has become the Santana/Britney show, period. You barely even see Will/Emma anymore, and Finn/Rachel has GREATLY decreased. Hell, it’s to the point where when Will did show up in an episode recently, I was so surprised because I FORGOT HE WAS EVEN ON THE SHOW. You sound ridiculous whining about those couples now, because they barely exist anymore, thanks to fanservice.

    • Katie says:

      You’re obviously watching a different show because you missed how Santana’s coming out storyline was made all about Finn. When it was all Finn and Rachel – this show is not about their relationship it’s about a group of kids. The whole group of them are the underdogs not the consistently written as terrible relationship between Finn and Rachel.

    • Marie says:

      I am amazed at all the “Glee hater’s” who have forgotten the emotional roller coaster of high school. Glee is not supposed to be totally realistic, please, no one would want to watch it. I say that as a former high school teacher. I have lived all over the US, wake up, open your eye’s this isn’t the 1950′s, your denial doesn’t mean it’s not real. High school is when we start to explore who we really are. It’s almost 2012; hopefully kids are moving to acceptance of differences. It’s a cruel, crazy, beautiful world, enjoy the music, remember young love…..lighten up!
      Comment by Marie – November 30, 2011 07:59 AM PST REPLY TO THIS POST

    • StillaGleek says:

      I hate to admit it, but you are so darn right. Glee sucks as a series. There are interesting moments, some good performances, several funny lines, yet the show is still lacking.
      The funny thing is I am still watching and cannot stop!
      As for this episode, I thought Santana’s lines about his parents being okay with her being a lesbian was definitely anticlimatic after that hard slapping scene. Oh, well… this is Glee we are talking about. An inconsistent show that I still care about.

    • marcy says:

      I completely agree. Last week’s episode got a little better but Tuesday’s was awful again. I miss Finn and Rachel singing to each other and I miss Lea Michelle’s singing completely. No one else is as good (Beastie was horrid)and it feels as if Ryan Murphy is just trying to show that the show has a backbench when in fact, it doesn’t. I usually dvr the show and used to watch it as the first show of the week but lately I haven’t been bothering to watch for weeks at a time.

      –Also–the Jolene song was so much better when Sam sang it on the Glee Project that it made Tuesday night’s version sound even worse.

  2. jem says:

    Perfect with Constant Craving at a close VERY close second

  3. Khorrie says:

    This was such a horrifically offensive episode on practically every level. I can’t believe this is still a relatively popular show.

    • Parker says:

      Why so offended? This is what’s happening in the world. Granted it’s an overly dramatic version of it, but this is stuff people deal with in the real world. Curiosity, confusion, fear of rejection. What exactly is so offensive? And if it’s really that offensive, why not just watch something else and stop complaining?

      • Lindsay says:

        This episode was offensive because it focused more on Finn’s feelings about the whole thing instead of Santana’s, and didn’t even focus AT ALL on Brittany’s feelings, even though she was outed too. The fact that they had to have a male involved in this storyline at all is offensive enough, but to make it the guy that outed her (while not making him take responsibility for that)? Offensive.

        • Pixote says:

          When has Finn not taken responsability for what he did? He can’t take back what happened, and there’s only so many times he can apologize and try to help her, which he tried to do the whole episode… And the focus WAS on Santana and how she dealt with her outing. Have we watched the same thing?

    • Michael says:

      I’m more “horrified” that you would deign to watch a show that you can’t believe is still popular. That’s just idiocy on your part, don’t you think?

      I think that almost everything on CBS is horrifyingly banal but I don’t begrudge people their tastes by trolling NCIS websites to tell them that they’re watching such a crappy show. Plus, I don’t bother turning to Channel 2 on Cablevision. I guess that’s the difference between you and me.

    • dk says:

      I agree, totally horrific. Not ’cause of Santana’s gayness, but ’cause they totally sent mixed messages that just muddled up everything and the writers didn’t even have enough balls to make it an interesting storyline (i.e. her Abuela said that it wasn’t Santana’s gayness she was against and pissed about, but the fact that she’d told) What kind of insane message is that to all those who are trying so hard to come out in such a hellish world for them? Have some guts writers, make the Abuela say ‘you’re going to hell, you’re morally wrong’, and then give the two of them one or two more scenes and let the Abuela grow as a person and come to accept her…. ack….

      Oh yes, and The Golden Boy got away with something…. again…. gag. I’m sick of white men getting away with everything.

      Plus, for the love of all things, why the hell couldn’t they use Jill Solbule’s ‘I kissed a girl’, not to mention, a whole epi. named I kissed a girl, where the hell was the girl kiss???? Double Ack!

      • aunt_deen says:

        I completely disagree about Santana’s grandmother. That is a very real and not-uncommon reaction among parents and grandparents of gay people. “Don’t say it out loud so I won’t have to deal with it. If you don’t say anything, we can pretend everything is normal.” I have two gay friends who are dealing with exactly that situation.

      • Matt says:

        So you prefer the hackneyed, stereotypical type of writing? I think it was a nice change of pace to NOT have it just be a blind hatred, but an older woman’s fear of announcing something like one’s sexuality.

        I thought the whole episode was phenomenal, and was one of the best of the season. It moved through a TON of story, and still managed SIX musical numbers. Anyone crying for the “glory days” of Season One… this was it, people.

      • Monkeyrat says:

        Dk, I totally understand where you’re coming from and part of me would agree with that in other circumstances. However, I think it was a nice change, they avoided the cliché of the bigot grandma (we’ve seen that too many times already), and I guess maybe it has a purpose. Remember the face of her abuela when she said that to Santana? To me — I could be wrong though — it felt like she herself has experienced something in her life and she regrets having confessed that. Maybe the writers (though at this point I don’t have any faith left in their judgement and abilities to come with good and original ideas) will later address it, who knows. Then we’ll be able to understand where grandma Lopez comes from and why she reacted the way she did.

        I don’t know if you watched The L Word, but there was this character, Dana, who came out to her really conservative parents and it went really bad. She was devastated. Her mother told her something (IIRC) like “because you have feelings it doesn’t mean you have to act on it”. Later, we learned that she had a crush on a girl herself when she was a teenager. I don’t say that her abuela will confess that same thing lol, but maybe there’s something lying under the surface and Santana’s confession hit too close to home? Or maybe the writers just came with this idea “just because” like they often do, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s not any special meaning behind the whole thing.

        Anyway, I really hope either way that we didn’t see the last of grandma Lopez because it could be such a nice development to witness. Santana said it herself: she’s to woman she looks up to, I think that’s why the parents were absent from this storyline, maybe she raised Santana because they were all about work or something and she’s the one who took care of her.

        Oh, and I agree 100% about the “99.9% of straight tv” comments. You don’t see LGBT people whining all the time about every single show and relationship on tv. Just let us have a little something for God’s sake. What difference does it make to you, gay haters? Glee having a few gay people don’t prevent you from sleeping, right? And what’s with all the bullsh*t about “not being able to relate”? I watch a lot of tv shows, of course the characters are almost all straight, and when I see Castle/Beckett, Chuck/Sarah or back to Ghost Whisperer’s days with Jim/Melinda I just see LOVE. I can relate to that. You have no idea how much I’m frantically biting my nails waiting for Castle and Beckett to become a couple, and they’re straight.

        You all really need to grow up and stop complaining about the “gay agenda” and whatnot and just go with the flow. I hate that I have to break it to you but there’s no “gay agenda”, it’s just that there are gay people in this world, whether you like it or not, and they don’t deserve any less respect or visibility than straight people. And no, they won’t make your life less meaningful or threaten your daily comfort. What’s hard to understand about that? Any person with half a brain would consider different people as their equals. White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, cisgender, fat, skinny, LGBT, disabled, etc. At the end of the day, we all live our lives and all of us have a lot to deal with. Could you just help someone who’s not like you to feel a little happier and be friendly? We go through enough sh*t in this world already, you don’t have to belittle gay people because of a tv show featuring a ton of different people, including us. This “gay screentime” you’re loathing is maybe helping a kid to hold on somewhere. Maybe you own kids will have to deal with that one day and will be thankful to see a character going through the same things. Think about it.

  4. Becca says:

    My favorite musical numbers were deffinetly ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ and ‘I Kissed a Girl’. Finn and Co. acoustic version was amazing and they way he sang the song to Santana was heartwarming. I hated the orginal version of I Kissed a Girl, but I really liked Glee’s and loved the little scene before it, where the girls stood up for Santana especially Rachel’s part, I hard to “lol”.

    Episode wise, I actually liked this episode better than last weeks. I’m in the minority, where I don’t really like or dislike Santana and Rachel, but this was one of those episodes they didn’t get on my nerves. I felt bad for Rachel, and the suspension being on her record, btw what school gives that severe a punishment for a school election, granted it was cheating but still. At most, she would have got In School Suspension, for two days. I also had to “lol” at Tina when Rachel told them she couldn’t do sectionals. Man, ND’s is going to lose so so bad now.

  5. maru says:

    Obviously PERFECT!! there’s no disscution darren and chris kill it!! so good for Corey but this time klaine win

  6. Jay says:

    I love Finn Hudson – he is the best guy in the world…

    • sandra galasse says:

      I loved this episode. It was very intense. Finn is regaining his confidence and Rachel mature enough. I think Rachel was severe punishment for considering all cases of bullying has already occurred. Puck is becoming a man, showing responsibility. Shelby is with a difficult choice – feeling X reason. I hope they make the best choice for your heart, even conflicting, at the beginning. Rachel and Finn are wise to find a solution to the absence of it. A good opportunity to demonstrate teamwork. Let’s wait for new thrills!

      • Kacey says:

        Post perfectly illustrates a point. Santana’s coming out and coming to terms with her sexuality was about Finn regaining his confidence. Too bad it wasn’t about Santana and what she was going through.

    • Michael says:

      I think that he’s the most interesting character on the show and I attribute that to(what some may argue) is Cory’s acting. He turned a potential one-dimensional stereotype into a layered human being. Love the character.

  7. Caight Ashbury says:

    One of the best episodes yet. Good storylines (minus the Puck and Shelby yuck) and great songs. This is the kind of episode I think they meant by getting back to basics. Bummed for Kurt though. All good songs, too many to pick a standout.

  8. Kelly says:

    Girls just want to have fun…LOVE YOU FINN HUDSON

  9. Ryan says:

    I have loved this season so far, but I have to say that this was a pretty terrible episode.

    Santana has just been outed- so the obvious way of coping is for the two glee clubs to get together and sing random songs to her that are remotely related to female empowerment. Really? “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” was the song that brought Santana to tears?

    Miss Goody Two Shoes Rachel stuffed the ballot and risked punishment one week before sectionals? And after an entire semester of doing absolutely everything to ensure a perfect resume?

    A politician is allowed to out a teenager in a public commercial?

    Santana’s slap was all it took to make Finn sympathize?

    And at the beginning, I thought the point was that Finn would tell the truth about the slap (which was so obviously not fake) as long as the glee clubs merged. Yet at the end, Santana remains off the hook, the glee clubs didn’t merge, and . . . that’s it.

    Rachel has barely had any solos all season, and now she won’t be in sectionals.

    After a strong few episodes, this was disappointing, at least for me.

    • Ryan says:

      Oh, and favorite number was probably “Perfect,” even though Kurt’s voice can be irritating.

      • yep says:

        But I love Kurt’s lower register of his voice. He has amazing range but I prefer his lower register like Perfect. Very nice. I know I kissed a Girl fit the story but hope there are no more Katy Perry songs til finale.

    • yep says:

      The music was great as always. But Ryan everything you said. DITTO. It was very disjointed. Puck/Shelby/Quinn/Beth story is way wrong. Puck acting out s2 going to juvie then now is smart with math. Acting way better than Quinn calling her out? It is quite odd in every way. I’m missing season 1.

    • Winnie says:

      I almost teared up at “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and loved when the male Glee club members chimed in near the end. I guess I just chose to believe that “in tv land,” Finn’s one on one with Santana shown just prior to the song coupled with the support from within the club overall broke down the wall. Of course, I am enrolled in Overthinking 101 and my Major is Disbelief Suspension, so that might have something to do with it, too…

    • Katie says:

      The point wasn’t to get the glee clubs to MERGE, it was to have them come together for that one week to do the lesson to help Santana. He didn’t actually want them to merge so they could compete at Sectionals together, he knew that wouldn’t happen–how would Santana get the others to agree with it?

      • Alissa says:

        Katie, i agree that the point wasn’t to get them to merge, but it wasn’t clear at the beginning, because when they made the deal, finn just said to make the two clubs come together, which i too interpreted as a merge. it was only by the end that i figured out that wasn’t what he meant. they should have made that clearer earlier on, because i thought the same as ryan.

  10. karenb says:

    It’s official. I love me some Finny-Bear!

    • dk says:

      Gag. Finn’s a tool.

      And I’m going to love it (then puke) when he ‘magically and out of nowhere ’cause he’s such a “stand up guy”‘ (oh, who by the way outted someone in the middle of a high school hallway and has absolutely no remorse and somehow it all became about him and is generally a douche unless it suits his purpose not to be) gets into Ohio State ’cause this year Michigan owned them!!

      Go Blue!!!!

  11. Jack says:

    Glee, you sneaky SOB’s. We know your’re obviously trying to get Naya Rivera a supporting actress nom at the Emmy’s. Newsflash, its not going to happen. The scene where she told “abuela” that she was a lesbian was so bad, I found myself not really listening and just asking myself ‘did anyone connect with this’? It seems as if Naya, didn’t know when to cry or give any emotion. The girl is good at one liners and 5 minutes of screentime, but thats about it. Naya Rivera needs to go to acting classes and take Dianna, Mark, Amber, and Heather with her. The show’s best bet for any nominations is Lea Michele, and I say that is a Rachel-hater. But the seasons is halfway through, so that’s shot. Glee just dosen’t know how to give good things in small doses, giving Naya a bigger part was a mistake, making her lesbian was a mistake (and no, not a homophobe). Besides, with Modern Family still around, she can kiss that nom good-bye.

    • Ryan says:

      I think she acted realistically if this were an isolated scene, but this was extremely out of character for her. I also agree that making her a lesbian was probably a mistake on the writers’ parts- obviously it’s too late now, but Brittany and Santana were fine as best buddies and sometime-hookup partners. She was a maneater throughout Season 1 and then BAM, she’s 100% lesbian, not even bisexual like Brittany.

      • yep says:

        I feel Naya did exceptionally well with the material given her. Glee and their agenda based storylines are ruining the great characters. I agree making Santana a lesbian was one of the worst ideas Glee has come up with. She and Brittany were perfect as they were. Given more screen time was nice but detrimental to their characters. I feel this episode was disjointed not written well and left many viewers lost and feeling what a waste of an hour of my time. But that is Glee some love an episode and some hate it. Puck has changed drastically. Loved him in Mash off and First Time. I thought Mash Off was very disappointing but better than this one. I’m just wondering what this bunch of writers think is getting back to basics. As a whole the episode was Lame.

        • Chris says:

          I think Naya did very well with that scene. I think she puts on a completely different persona on at school than she does at home. So I don’t think it was out of character at all.

    • lee says:

      ok, jack and i think naya was great.

    • Michael says:

      I’m sure that after reading your nasty comments that Naya will be crying all the way to the bank as she cashes a check for more money than you’ll probably make in your lifetime. Why do people find it necessary to be such douchbags?

      If Charlie Sheen can be nominated for an emmy, ANYONE can.

      • Michael says:

        Oopsy…forgot the “e” in DOUCHEBAGS in case that you didn’t realize from the spelling that I think your comments are DOUCHE-y.

    • Katie says:

      You asked if anyone connected to her coming out scene. Never, in the entire series of this show, have I ever liked or sympathized with Santana. Her outrigth b****yness is hard to stomach sometimes, and her determination to punish everyone around her is frustrating, at best. I absolutely adore Brittany, but, for whatever reason, have never really understood the draw of the Santana/Brittany ship. Nothing against them, I’ve just never really shipped them myself. But this week Santana blew me away. I actually happen to sort of be in Santana’s shoes: (basically) out with my friends, but not at all to my family. I love my sister and parents more than anything, but, seriously, they’re a bunch of haters. And when Santana’s grandmother said to her what I’m rather certain my family would say to me, I couldn’t stop crying. Kurt, Blaine, and Brittany all have such supportive families (as far as we can see, anyway), it’s nice to see Glee acknowledge that some families are, quite simply, not that accepting.

  12. Winter says:

    I think Naya’s the best thing about this show. A beautiful young woman with a lovely voice.

  13. Cher says:

    Puck’s I’m the Only One is getting g zero live and I thought it was the episode’s best!!

  14. Tatum says:

    Let me just say the Puck and Shelby thing creeped me out. Its obvious Quinn is going to catch a case and tell Shelby she knows, forcing her to leave McKinnley. I’m sure Rachel will know soon (or maybe not), and that’s another wedge in her and Shelby’s non exsistent relationship. What if Shelby became pregnant? I would never in life watch Glee again.

    I just love Coach Bieste. I actually like the triangle between, Koot, Sue and Bieste. I thought I would hate it but I don’t. Strange.

    Also, where has Rachel BEEN this season? Like at all. Its been all about Santana and being a lesbian and blah, blah, blah, something it seems everyone knew. I need a Rachel solo and not a Broadway track. I miss Rachel.

    Funniest parts of the episode: When Puck told Quinn, she’s crazy and when he told her she would be the one to get out of Lima. What an LOL, moment.

    • Gerry says:

      Noah reading Quinn from cover to cover and saying that she was outright crazy and was more high maintenance than Rachel was the funniest moment in the episode. All the laughs from tonight’s episode came from Noah tonight, actually.

      • yep says:

        He does it well and always. He does care about Rachel and Quinn. He was sweet to her about how they let her down. She has been over the edge since s1.

        • Kacey says:

          Puck could care less. If Shelby had let Puck back in her panties he would have continued to let Quinn flounder, knowing how messed up she was. He got his feelings hurt when Shelby kicked him to the curb.

  15. Mel says:

    Perfect was by far the best recording, the iTunes must-have! Constant Craving was given a place in the plot though, allowing it to have more heart, which Perfect could have been given. Therefore it’s a tie for me between those two in this episode. Jolene knocked my socks off and tore my heart too though!

  16. mirvin365 says:

    First, I want to read the message boards but every time I do, people are so bitchy and negative I always regret it…oh well. I really kinda enjoyed “Jolene” by Coach Beiste. Maybe it’s because that’s my favorite Dolly song or because it was different, I don’t know. But I thought it was a pretty good episode. I was entertained.

  17. sarah says:

    Apart from Girls Just Want to Have Fun (finally a Finn solo) this episode was just awful. The Puck/Shelby and Coach Bieste/Sue storylines were so hideous I had to look away. What is it with this show that we have to have so much screen time for people who can’t act: Rory, Puck, Mercedes that it is barely watchable. And don’t even get me started on the script. The writing of this episode was so, so bad. I loved this show, but now just need to DVR it so I can fast forward to the Finchel…

    • dk says:

      Wait, that horrible song was your…. good part. Even the gastly Katy Perry ‘I Kissed a Girl’ (not that they did it badly, they actually did it pretty well, but it’s a horrible song by a horrible artist) was better than whatever the hell Finn did to that amazing Cyndi Lauper song. Now…. go watch Emily Deschanel doing it. Now, that’s awesome (not to mention the scene has quite the ending…!! :D)

  18. Mari says:

    God, this episode was sooo horrible. They handle the Santana-is-outed storyline so badly. The last five minutes were the only thing that saved it! I also enjoyed “Girls just wanna have fun”‘s arrangement.

    • G says:

      Note to everyone praising Glee for the arrangement on ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’: they 100% ripped the stellar arrangement from a wonderful artist by the name of Greg Laswell. Greg is the best, unlike Finn Hudson and whoever wrote this episode, who are without question the worst. Outing people is never ok. Period. People deserve to come to terms with their identity in their own time and on their own terms. In the real world, no one will ever thank you for forcing them out of the closet, it’s hurtful and it’s selfish, and if you think publicly outing someone will KEEP them from becoming depressed/suicidal, you really haven’t got a clue. I expect so much better from this show…

  19. ashley says:

    I loved Constant Craving and I Kissed A Girl. Perfect was a good audio song, but Kurt’s ugly sweater was too distracting. Girls Just Want To Have Fun made my ears bleed… I hated it with a passion. Jolene was so good. I adore Bieste.

  20. Jon says:

    So I missed it tonight and was wondering if someone could give a nutshell of what happened before the recap comes up. Thanks

  21. Rob DARNELL says:

    THis is far from over guys! We still have to see Sam and Alex and Lyndsey from the Glee Project.

  22. Bee says:

    LOVED the episode. favorite number was definitely perfect, but i loved them ALL. lots of good music tonight, really hilarious moments, and an emotional punch to it. and little moments like quinn being called out on her cazy added the little something extra also because it shows writers aren’t completely clueless. not in love with the teacher/student storyline, but i’ll see where it goes first. and i thought santana’s whole thing was really nicely done and sweet. i guess i’m just glad this wasn’t kurt’s storyline from last year 2.0 with several episodes now dealing with santana’s sexuality and doing the same thing again. they handled her outing quickly, but very well i thought. the whole club came together and it was SO nice to see them not fighting viciously for once. her scene w. her grandmother was sad. overall, loved it.

  23. Heidi says:

    From now on, I’m just going to fast foward to all the Rachel stuff. Santana (Naya) is just a blank wall to me, I end up playing with my hair, playing computer games or talking on the phone when she’s on screen for a lengthy period of time. I know some of you (stans) think she can act but no, just no. Mercedes is even worse. I do enjoy the Troubletones though. I’m dreading Sam’s return next week, barf.

    • Ashley says:

      Rachel is the big blank wall to me. I can’t stand Rachel. I used to mute the TV when she was on screen but watching her sing without sound is a thousand times more annoying than with sound. When they had all of that upheaval over the summer I was really looking forward to Glee getting rid of Rachel, Finn, and Kurt. The lead three are the worst characters.

  24. Winnie says:

    The 3 things that made this episode for me:

    Finn’s (w/a little help from the other Glee students) stripped down ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ – plus the fact he showed leadership ability again

    The heartbreaking scene w/Santana & her Abuela

    Tate Donovan directed it.

    Honorable Mention: the use of the song Jolene

  25. Debsa says:

    Unbelievable, but I actually enjoyed Cory’s version of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Wanna Have Fun”

  26. AndyLuvr says:

    “Constant Craving” had the best vocals with Idina Menzel, Naya Rivera and Chris Colfer taking the leads. Loved it.

    Finn was way too nice to Santana and she didn’t deserve it considering how nasty she’d been to him for so long. Guess he really is the bona fide nice guy of “Glee” – except when it comes to Blaine oddly enough.

  27. Mike says:

    I thought this episode was great! No big gimmicks just relatively realistic plot lines. That being said, I think the Puck/Shelby thing is really stupid and entertaining in no way, shape, or form. I also think Quinn needs to straighten out because I’m sick of her craziness. Also, I love Santana but I think it’s time to pull back on her screen time. Too much of a good thing…

    I want more Finnchel! Their scenes make me happiest.

    I read that Ricky Martin will guest star on the show come January. Dear GOD, please do NOT let Glee descend into the hellish depths of Season 2 status. I’m hooked again and will probably become upset if the end of senior year for some of the characters isn’t handled perfectly — let’s not go crazy with gimmicks PLEASE.

  28. EV says:

    Constant Craving had me cringing. What a waste of Naya & Idina’s vocals. I loved Finn in tonight’s episode. His version of Girls Just Wanna Have fun was very poignant. I also liked I Kissed A Girl.

  29. Gerry says:

    I am annoyed that no one onscreen mentioned that Tina Cohen Chang’s audition song back in the Pilot to join the glee club was Katy Perry’s tired song. “Glee” should really stop covering Katy Perry’s songs ASAP. Enough already.

  30. Princess Adora says:

    I’m so tired of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga covers on this show! Ryan Murphy, we know you’re gay, you don’t have to keep coming out of the closet.

  31. Beth says:

    I enjoyed this episode, and I think it will be very interesting to see how New Directions does without Rachel as their female lead at Sectionals. I’m also really happy that Burt Hummel won the Congressional election! Read more of my thoughts on this episode at–-i-kissed-a-girl-–-burt-wins-congress-and-kurt-loses-student-council-president

  32. Wes says:

    Glee is just one of those shows that no matter how bad it gets I still can’t help but watch. Curse you season one. I recently watched the Sectionals episode from season 1 and let me tell you, the problem with Glee is not enough Rachel. And I’m talking about Finchel. I mean Rachel. Season 2 was all Finchel crap, well at the end anyways. I like the pairing but them breaking up in S2 was completly unnesscary, guess I’m still bitter. I can’t take another Santana centric episode. Too too much of a good thing. An hour I’ll never get back, sadly I know I’ll be back next week.

    • With Wes says:

      I am with you, Wes. No matter how bad or lame Glee can get, I cannot stop watching. I am hooked. And I totally agree with your comments regarding Rachel. For me, Rachel Berry’s performances are the highlight of the show so I am bummed by her not competing at Sectionals. I am still waiting for the promised back to basics, focus on core characters thing. Sigh!

  33. Faye says:

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was absolutely amazing! What a beautiful arrangement. Cory sang it perfectly, not overdone at all. Thank you for that. I love Glee, but seriously miss Rachel and Finn time. Like Santana, but too much of her. The Puck/Shelby story line is a little icky with no heat between them, could do without that. I say more singing and scenes with Rachel and Finn. Blaine too.

  34. jb says:

    well glee managed to make just about every minute of this episode offensive. i guess that deserves some kind of award…

  35. STW says:

    LOVED THIS EPISODE!!!! Cory Monteith and Naya Rivera were absolutely perfect; all of the music was fantastically performed and completely relevant to the stories; we saw tons of great character stories told with a lot of plot movement and plot set-up for future episodes; and, far from least, there were numerous laugh-out-loud moments–one after the other after the other. It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed that much during an episode of Glee, and, as the show does when at its best, it took me from laughing in one instant to tearing up at genuine portrayals of emotion in the next. THIS is what Glee does when it’s on top of its game, and 3×07 “I Kissed a Girl” really delivered.

  36. STW says:

    Oh, and favorite musical number: lots were great, but “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” was my favorite. Loved the bare, honest acoustic version; Cory Monteith sounded amazing; the production was stellar, letting Monteith’s voice shine and sound true, and nowhere was it overdone; the scene was beautiful and the acting by Cory and Naya had me crying.

  37. JVC says:

    Maybe it was the fact I’m thinking about next weeks episode and the songs they will do I wasn’t jumping out of my seat for the songs, but kurt and blaine did a good job w/ perfect and ditto goes for finn’s take on girls just wanna have fun. The episode it self was well written. Glee writers thank you for redeeming Finn, who has become my favorite male character again. It was nice to see how important his friendship with santanna is to him and how he’s going the extra mile for her. I also liked how puck told quinn off in what a nut job she’s been all season. I felt for Santanna when her own grandma rejected. A side note, I hope damian can stick around for the rest of the season cause he didn’t do anything this episode and it still counts for his 7 episode deal. Oh well. And now sectionals next week, and rachel is out and new directions is down to 9. It seems they can’t go through one season without the problem of being short on members. Well time to call in the reinforcements.

  38. Kittie says:

    I’m not too enthusiastic about any of the songs. Constant Craving was sung really well, but kind of boring. The most other songs were kind of meh too. I think I like Perfect the most.
    But more important to me: the writing of this episode was just awful. The storylines and dialogues have become so artificial, it makes the whole show really implausible. Like the worst melodramatic soap opera I ever watched. I pity those actors. They must throw their hands up in horror every time they get a new script. I mean, is it really necessary, that every single person on this show is part of a love triangle? Do they really have not one single other idea, how to make the characters and their relationships interesting? I’m now waiting for another lesbian to jump out of some closet in the second half of the season, to make Britanna a love triangle, too. I ask myself every week, why I am even watching this. I guess because some characters grew on me in season one, when the show was great, and now I’m constantly hoping for them that it will get better.

    • Kittie says:

      I forgot: The only moments that really got to me emotionally in all this huge comming-out-fuss were the last few seconds with Rachel. Why again is Lea Michelle kind of a supporting actress this season?
      Also: I found myself quite distracted by Puck’s exuberantly growing mohawk and some weird ponchos.

  39. Sue says:

    Performers and performances aside, this episode has some really well-written songs overall – except the Katie Perry one – and unlike most of the episodes. Jill Sobule’s I Kissed a Girl would have been a much better choice.

  40. Snapy says:

    Constant Craving! Hopefully this’ll get Glee fans into kd lang.

  41. Jenn says:

    damn, the glee online boards are always filled with 90% negativity. it’s toxic. people just wan’t their own things/agendas for each characters. some take things too seriously, while others whine about inconsequential things. impossible to please everyone. i don’t know what the problem was with this episode or what some people found so offensive. not trying to be rude. i genuinely don’t understand what some found so terrible. i thought the musical numbers were great. there were some quick, sweet “brittana” moments like the two smiling behind that nerdy reporter guy and santana kissing her ballot. finn was a major jerk last week and redeemed himself in so many ways this week. beiste and sue prepare for “battle.” puck rocked it out and was funny. and we finally get acknowledgement that quinn is kind of out there. i’m diggin it. and the big competition episodes are always awesome so i’m excited for next week.

  42. L says:

    Well, I was a bit disappointed wiht this episode. I was hoping for somehting more exciting or deeper I suppose. I know, deeper from the Gell writers, what am I thinking right.

    A bit suspicious on how quickly the Finn/Santana relationship went from bitter to supportive in an instant. And, Rachel risking suspension, regardless of how much she wants Kurt to go to the same school, both stories don’t ring true.

    This season stillhas been good overall, so can’t expect the odd weaker episode, but lets hope it’s not the trend for the rest of the season.

    Still watching : )

    • L says:

      excuse the typos…

      • octopus says:

        The first half-season of GLEE was about as close to TV perfection as you can get, and the second-half of the first season was close to achieving that standard.

        But seasons 2 and 3 have degenerated into senseless plot lines, knee-jerk reactions and blase song arrangements.
        Seriously, whether or not you approve of the Shelby/Puck romance, the fact that they went from sleeping together to Puck declaring war on her in 30 seconds is one of the show’s biggest problems – lack of plot development. It would have been nice to meet Santana’s grandmother once or twice before the cheerleader dropped the bomb that she’s gay.
        It’s this lack of proper plot development and ADD issue-exploring that is causing this show to drop off the radar quicker than a Kim Kardashian marriage. This lack of substance in what could really be an important show has transformed it into a modern day Partridge Family – even including the fake orchestral and band cues.
        Kill it Ryan Murphy, before it gets even more disgraceful…

  43. travis says:

    brilliant girls wanna hav fun was amazing so good cory and naya were the scen stealers

  44. ana says:

    Worst song of the more for me was Finn’s. His performance was flat. He really doesn’t have much of a screen presence. I’m relieved we r getting less Rachel. Her voice is great for Broadway, but his ain’t new York. She’s constantly singing showtunes which I find irritating. Love Santana and the coach. Actually enjoyed Jolene very, very much. But I’m confused by how inconsistent the writing is. The characters become completely different individuals overnight without a plausible explanation. The thing with Puck and Shelby is creepy. What Rachel did was completely out of character. And Santana’s cheeriness after her abuela kicked her out was a complete contradiction to who she has been. Writers need to get their act together. Oh, but love me some Blaine.

    • Nope says:

      Actually what Rachel did was completely in character. Have you ever heard get it right. “My best intentions keep making a mess of things, just wanna fix it somehow.” That whole thing was completely Rachel. I disagree with you though. I truly believe that this show needs Rachel. All the creators of the show will tell you that she is the reason they made it past the f13. I love every character(minus Kurt and Blaine)so I am down with everybody getting their shine on. I love Rach and I find you irritating.

  45. Not gay says:

    You’re ridiculous. There’s a reason why there’s more “straight” story lines than gay ones cuz there’s more straight people. Nothing is being “crammed down your throat”. There’s a reason why being gay is so polarizing; it’s because a lot of the time they make it a big deal and cramming it down our throats or being over flamboyant. I don’t have any problem with those who don’t make it a big deal

    • Haley says:

      I love that you say that straight content isn’t being crammed down the throats of gays, yet your only complaint about gays is the way they cram their lifestyle down YOUR throat. You sound a lot like Santana’s abuela: be as gay as you like, just so long as you don’t make ME uncomfortable by talking about it.

  46. Snsetblaze says:

    I keep wondering what happened to the rule that show choirs need 12 members to compete as that was a big plot point in the first season. Sue kept trying to shove it down the club’s throat during that season. Neither choir has enough members on their own (although New Directions is close). Was that rule only for regionals and nationals?

    • Bad Breaker says:

      My best guess: Puck stupidly tells Quinn that he slept with Shelby, Quinn rats her out, she’s fired and the choirs are forced to merge.

  47. shan says:

    Glee, thanks for that Kennedy line… can anyone quote it for me? Made the episode a winner for me. xo

  48. J says:

    Everybody here needs to stop watching the show. It seems to offend people way too much. I thought there were three good musical numbers, but yes, it felt rushed and forced. after a couple great episodes, this was meh. But it’s still a show I wait all week eagerly to watch.

  49. BonesFringeFan says:

    Personally, I liked Emily Deschanel’s rendition of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun on Bones better!

    PS: Literally my favorite thing from the episode was the David Boreanaz shoutout!

  50. Caralynn says:

    I liked Blaine and Kurts version of Perfect, but I would have much preferred if Rachel and Quinn had sung it together. I think the writer’s are making a mistake by not having these two in more scenes and songs with each other. Pretty/Unpretty was one of the best songs this show has ever done. And why haven’t we heard Quinn sing like at all this season? I love her voice!

    • Yes says:

      I actually think they would have done a really good job. I really don’t think Chris’ voice is all that great, but I thought it was good. Something for Klaine fans to fangirl over.

      • yep says:

        Personally I really like Kurt’s lower register vocals a lot. His high register is piercing to my ears. But his lower register is way more pleasing to me than Quinn’s vocals. I’m not a fan of her singing. Funny how people vary with their perception of an episode and the characters and their singing. Pretty/ Unpretty was good not exceptional but arranged beautifully. That’s with lots of the music on Glee all three seasons. A song, character, actor, vocal prowess is always in the eyes ears and hearts of each of the beholders who watch it.