Glee Exclusive: Sam Joining [Spoiler] Team to Woo Mercedes! (But Who Should Be His Coach?)

Looks like Glee has found a legitimate excuse for Chord Overstreet to lose his shirt when Sam returns to McKinley High.

Indeed, Trouty Mouth will get in touch with his spirit animal when he joins the McKinley Synchronized Swim Team — in an effort to win back Mercedes! — according to a show insider.

Look for Sam to have his Esther Williams moment in Episode 10 (airing in January), which will introduce us to a quartet of yet-to-be-cast characters — all of which have the potential to become recurring:

* Coach Roz Washington, for which the show is seeking a well-known comedic character actress in her 30s or 40s. (Might we suggest Wanda Sykes, or perhaps her former New Adventures of Old Christine costar Alex Kapp Horner?)

* Synchronized Swim Team members Webber, Charles, and Vinny, who are respectively described as “a nerdy looking girl” of any ethnicity, “a handsome African-American boy,” and “a nerdy looking boy” of any ethnicity. (Seeing that Eric Stoltz will be directing Episode 10, perhaps one of his former costars from Caprica — Magda Apanowicz or Alex Arsenault — could step in as Webber or Vinny?)

Are you excited about Sam’s new extracurricular activity — and the prospect of a Mercedes-centric love triangle? Got any casting suggestions for Coach Roz or any of Sam’s new teammates? Hit the comments! And for all the Glee news and commentary your heart desires, follow us on Twitter @TVLineNews!

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  1. Captain says:

    Glad Sam’s coming back. Glad he’s after Mercedes. NOT glad there’s a synchronized swimming team or a bevy of new character. Seriously, what were they smoking when they thought that up. Thankfully it’s Glee/Ryan Murphy so I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if come January there’s no swim team or new characters and Sam is joining the Football team.

  2. Anna says:

    I’m probably going to be murdered for this but I’m all for a Sam/Mercedes/Shane triangle. Besides we all know Mercedes. She isn’t going to put up with nonsense. And better Samcedes then Shanecedes.

  3. Fel says:

    Honestly people, this is not 90210! They are not intending to have a 30 year old Rachel Berry belting out solos alongside her crevised husband Finn and STILL trying to act 17! Original ND characters WILL eventually LEAVE! They must introduce as many background characters as possible now to gain some investment in them before an ENTIRE senior year class disappears. The show is about The high schools glee club, and members will always have to change. On the upside it will keep things constantly changing and showcase plenty of other talents in the limelight.

    • Mhead says:

      LOL. Great Comment Fel.

      Who needs a bald Finn, and Elton John looking Kurt?
      The variety is one of the things I love about Glee. If you recall the main purpose of ND was to give everyone a chance…too bad fan’s of the show don’t seem to share this view.

  4. if they need good choreography and amazing swimmers they should contact Aquartist. at http://www.aquartistinc.com

    best on the market or sure

  5. Claire says:

    Nobody’s saying there’s going to be an ongoing Samcedes storyline or triangle. This could just be a way to reintegrate him into the existing cast with some continuity as to where he was when he went out. It may be all over after this episode. Why not pipe down and see if anything more is planned than that before getting all critical about something that may be all in OUR minds and not in the Glee PTB’s minds.

  6. erika says:

    this sounds like it’ll actually be painful to watch

    literally the only redeeming thing about this would be chord in a swimsuit, but i’d rather just rewatch the rocky horror episode because at least that wasn’t completely awful

    please just let mercedes stay with her boyfriend and let sam move on

  7. Emma says:

    Not excited. Sounds boring, and distracting from the main show. There will be 12 episodes left with the original glee club all together; lets just focus, focus, focus, focus, focus on them, PLEASE.

  8. AndyLuvr says:

    Wow. Just when I thought “Glee” already tried all the stories it could with this tired character culminating in Sam’s recession poster boy storyline, we get this? We’re definitely in the “Nip/Tuck – The Wretched Years” era now for “Glee” when it comes to Chord Overstreet. Epic. Story. Fail.

  9. Abby Teasdale says:

    I’d like to play Webber and I’d like Patrick Stump to play Vinny

  10. matthew c says:

    In what world would a school in Ohio have a Synchronized Swimming team?

  11. Synchronized Swimming Rocks and The T-Hills Synchro Club needs members. Beaverton, Oregon. For info visit the website… http://www.thillssynchroclub.org

    Also, the head coach is a guy. Pretty Sweet!

  12. theTrumpster says:

    Not to be mean, but is it really that hard to remember who are the main people in the Glee cast?

  13. GleekOut says:

    If it is nonsense then why did you take the time to read and comment on this? I read this cause Sam is my favorite character in Glee:)

  14. Kara heathcock says:

    I think Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato too would be amazing on glee. Their voices are unbelievable.

  15. Jackson says:

    i ship both quam or samcedes

  16. Kate says:

    I’m glad Chord is coming back and I like Sam but I am sick of Mercedes – she is such an annoying character and a completely overrated singer. Put Sam and Quinn back together!

  17. Kalleb says:

    So what you are trying to say is, Glee is now stupid because they are trying to introduce new Student actors for next season so we can get used to them as some of these New Direction kids will be leaving next Season. I just think, if you hate the show now, just shut up about it and stop watching it. Stop complaining, stop trash talking it, it’s a show to ENTERTAIN the people who actually just ENJOY the show for what it is. Not, “Oh Sam Left so now I won’t watch it” Or “TO MANY CHARACTERS, SO I AM NOT GOING TO Be TUNING IN ANYMORE” Just stop with all the nonsense ok? It’s a school btw, A school will have characters popping in and out. Ecspecially if some characters are about to leave the show. So people, calm down.. If you don’t like Glee anymore, then don’t watch it. Move on to another dumb show that actually HAS no meaning.

    • Sarah33 says:

      @Kalleb I know- but it is so frustrating, they have so much opportunity and they lead in with this ridiculousness. Coach Beiste can’t even be happy, she’s got to be in some tormented love triangle.
      They have done this with every single one of these characters, when they could be doing some really amazing things. It’s mind-boggling, maybe I am asking too much from a show like this, but I know they can do better. They have done it in the show, and I feel like they are wasting everyone’s time with really lazy, lazy plot lines. ( I really think from what I’ve seen in interviews the actors agree).
      Are they leaving the show for sure after this season? I thought they said they weren’t?

  18. Kris says:

    Sam Evans back in McKinley? There might be potential that the viewers don’t see yet… Sam Evans trying to get Mercedes back? It really wasn’t given a chance–Let’s see how it goes (I’m all for a boyfriend like Shane–it’s rare to find a supportive boyfriend like that…I just don’t like how it’s gotten to the point where Mercedes practically alienates herself from her friends to make it to the top…Maybe if Sam is successful, he will give her some sort of a happy medium)…The idea of McKinley High finding room in their infamous “budget” to start a synchronize swim team just so Sam can woo Mercedes? Pretty idiotic…Just saying

  19. lgb says:

    If Roz is played by Lisa Lampanelli and she spends the entire time insulting everyone, I will be happy

  20. Sarah33 says:

    Oh AWESOME. More love triangles and more characters instead of having story lines with the ones we actually care about.
    I’m just going to go kill myself now. This show freaking ridiculous.

  21. shawn says:

    as much as i appreciate sam being in as little clothing as possible i dont see the need for him to join the swim team and add even more background characters that dont really matter. he shouldn’t be coming back just for mercedes, he should come back to be with his friends. i did like the idea of them being paired together but i think that sam has been tossed around to too many girls on the show, one week he is giving quinn a pre engagment ring, another week with santana and then with mercedes for all of 5 minutes….not even. i would like to see him come back and have there be a rivarly between him and blaine to be the de facto leader of the club after finn graduates rather than just another relationship plot. since they were brining him back lets just hope they give him a purpose thats more than just being eye candy. only good thing that would come of him being back with mercedes would be them getting rid of shane who’s character i find to be offensive, glee had an opportunity to actually be a bit different and have an interracial teenage pairing but instead went back to the black girl having a big black boyfriend who wants her to be a diva, thats not the same thing has believing in yourself

  22. halie says:

    what about todrick hall??

  23. I don’t know about you guys, but I want thay part :P lol

  24. Georgia says:

    If your looking to cast synchronized swimmers for the show… I know several who would be very interested.

  25. glee says:

    I think that yeah the story line isn’t expected and some characters have not much storylines for them but I think they have only done a couple of shots on the latest episode together and it may not be a great story line but I think it is one of them which you need to watch and see – and for all you know it may be intreasting – also my last point is that they havent yet in all the series had a black and white couple which could be seen as racism, seeing as they have writing almost every other couple together.. but not yet a black and white couple. I think we should just wait and see with this storyline!

  26. fred says:

    hey 4get about Samcedes.
    i’m pretty sure will asks emma 2 marry him

  27. more santana please says:

    ok, whatevs with this whole sam and mercedes thing. and the conjoined names? it’s confusing to figure all the nicknames out, except from brittana.
    also, just gve us more of the original characters. like its their final year and you are introducing characters that take away time for current and graduating characters, but the new characters arent even juniors for next years glee club? MORE SANTANA solos pleeaseee.
    sinerely, stfu about samcedes.

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