Hot Video: Castle Gets a Kinky Wake-Up Call!

Can’t wait for Rick and Kate to get “Cuffed” to each other on next Monday’s Castle?

You’re in luck because we have your first look at the awkward — and kinky! — moment when the detective and the author wake up in bed handcuffed together. But if Beckett’s half-smile and lingering gaze on a sleeping Castle are any indication, it’s not all bad.

Castle Hot Shots: Beckett and Castle Get ‘Cuffed’

Check out the sneak preview below and then hit the comments with your thoughts on the pair’s unconventional, psuedo-morning after.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Coping mechanisms! Brilliant!

  2. Mel says:

    So Excited. Looks fantastic. Cannot Wait. Excited to see the twist. It was the psychiatrist wasn’t it?

  3. Emily says:

    I miss what this show used to be. A solid case. Some nice humor and a bit of Castle/Beckett. I am sick of how contrived the Castle/Beckett ship has become. Okay, we get it. They are supposed to be together. Make the process natural. Don’t force it or shove it in our faces. Stop with the tricks and gimmicks. Let it flow. Now its less real and natural. just get them together already and end the show because they runied the natural process of Castle/Beckett.

    • Nerwen Aldarion says:

      ….What show are you watching?

    • Dargamogirl says:

      I don’t know what show you’ve been watching but I am loving this season. The layers that are being peeled for both lead characters are natural and wonderful. Love the show and can’t wait til Castle figures out that Beckett does remember what happened when she was shot. Also, how will she handle knowing that Castle has been protecting her (something she hates) by hiding info abt her Mom’s killer.

    • Audrey says:

      Having seen the all the available episodes straight through (yes, all of them) without breaks between seasons and such for the very first time (and yes, apparently I was sleeping under a rock) I thought the flow of their relationship is quite natural with the least amount of contrived plots I’ve ever seen in a show that still manages to keep their two leads apart for 4 seasons (check out Chuck, season 3 was cringe inducing). I say Marlowe and Co. has done an awesome job so far. I do, however, miss the usuall witty banters between them but it is forgiven because we get sweet moments instead. Castle is like a feel good show (with ocassional pivotal episodes to get the show as a whole going — oh how I miss this in Chuck).

      • Audrey says:

        Might I also add that while most don’t watch Castle for the case-of-the-week, I love the usual twist and turns that come with the case (but it’s not the sole reason I watch the show — it’s the characters, and this season has been phenomenal in fleshing out their regulars).

        Everything is clicking so well so far. Now all would be even better if ABC order the additional 2 episodes like in previous seasons to bring this awesome season to 24 eps.

      • lame says:

        Here,here, I agree;what have these individuals been watching. The series has evolved as have relationship between all the members of Becketts’ team. This is what makes this series different. If you want the status quo, maybe you should stick with Bugs Bunny, I hear he hasn’t changed in decades.

    • darla says:

      I’m watching the same show as Emily.
      Someone could hand a few certain former ABC posters a million dollars and they couldn’t be objective about Castle.
      The show has been average at best this season and I agree -hopefully this episode will bring back some much-needed spice.

      • Emily says:

        AM needs to stop catering to the ship. I like C/B as much as the next person. And I wanted them together but not at the expense of the show and what made it so good. Now he’s just forcing the ship and its bringing down the show. I agree, this season has been average. I don’t bother wathing live anymore. I watch day after on or DVR, if I remember to DVR it.

    • Nonnaru says:

      If you’re so sick of it, then stop watching!

  4. darla says:

    I’d also wish fans could discuss the show without quoting, nearly verbatim, the dialogue, or anything Nathan, Stana, or producers have said in interviews. In other words, use metaphors that do not involve:”Peeling the onion”, “The Dance”, “The Journey”, et…

  5. Vannesa says:

    OMG…looking forward to this episode. Backett & Castle literally attached. ;) Can’t wait for next Monday. :D

  6. Amy says:

    Looks amazing! I am sure they will pull it off with a great twist!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Was it just me or was she smiling A LOT at the beginning? love ii! cant wait!

  8. meee says:

    I better that its some sort of sick twisted person that kidnapped them and is making them solve a case and is gonna tease them about their relationship……………………I’m so gonna watch!!!! Haha

  9. T says:

    Haha, I loved his not-awake-yet “Don’t get up yet, stay in bed…” Too funny. And really, what show have you all been watching? I’m still super excited for this season and think Marlowe and Co. are doing a fine job with my favorite show. This is a tough season to write; it’s such a fine line keeping people invested and interested while allowing Castle and Beckett to explore their relationship. It’s not a perfect season so far by any means, but it’s infinitely better than some shows I’ve been fans of in recent years. It feels fresher and like I said, I’m still invested in these characters four years later… so I have to give Marlowe and Co. their due. Looking forward to “Cuffed” – so intrigued about how/why they got in that room and what that has to do with the case! And really, the two of them attached, literally, all episode? That has got to be fabulous. Thanks for the sneak peek!

  10. Brenda says:

    Can you just post the episode please??

  11. Julie says:

    I think that the fact that we actually know that they both feel the same way about each other will add some funny awkwardness in this episode that I cannot wait to see.
    The show doesn’t have to always be all serious «almost unbreakable» cases; after 3 seasons I think having episodes like this one is awesome especially for the fanbase who can actually enjoy some light time with the characters.
    I started watching Castle during last summer and having to watch one episode per week/2 weeks is sometimes frustrating because I wish I could have more serious time with cases too, but if this episode mean bringing some of the best Castle quotes (because I just know he’s going to rock the funninest in this one) than so be it. I can’t wait. If you can’t then I suggest skipping the episode or wait until the full season is done and watch the whole season in one go.

  12. Templar says:

    Those will have to be some handcuffs. To accommodate the ever enlarging wrists of chunky monkey Castle and stick figure Beckett. She is the toothpick to his stuffed olive.

  13. MJ says:

    LOLOLOL! I love how she’s smiling at first and then, like she just realized she’s not dreaming, frowns. LOL.

  14. CC says:

    All I can hear is Beckett’s bedroom voice. Hah. Monday, where are you??

  15. Shannon says:

    There is a mistake at the very end of the clip…look closely at Stana/Kate’s handcuff, it’s loose! LOL she could just slide her hand out!