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Question: All I want for Christmas is… Dan and Blair. The last few episodes of Gossip Girl were rather light on those two. Anything good coming up on the “Dair” front in next week’s episode? —Alannah
Ausiello: Christmas has come early for you, Alannah: Sources confirm to me exclusively that Dan and Blair are (drumroll, please) moving the frak in together! In Monday’s fall finale, Blair —uncertain about her future and plagued by the paparazzi — moves to Brooklyn and bunks with Dan! While there, she yearns for his… advice in helping her finally choose between Chuck and Louis.

Question: Any Grey’s Anatomy scoop? Especially on Meredith and Derek? —Bridget
Ausiello: ABC wants them both back next season. I hear the network has begun preliminary talks with the show’s original castmembers (including Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey) to extend their contracts beyond the current season. My guess? Dempsey will agree to return for an abbreviated number of episodes; everyone else will be back full-time. (Again, that’s just my guess.)

Question: Did Pan Am get cancelled? Please say no. — Ariana
Ausiello: Well, it hasn’t been cancelled… yet. But it doesn’t look good. See, the show was hoping to produce a 15th episode this season, and when that didn’t happen, leading lady Karine Vanasse sounded the alarm on Twitter — not illogically but nonetheless a bit prematurely. When the series wraps production in early January, it will be following the completion of its 14th episode. A decision on a second season probably won’t be made until May. In the meantime, the show will likely remain on the air until February. Speaking of which, between now and then, Colette will get mixed up with the incognito prince of Morocco, Laura will come within one degree of separation from Andy Warhol, and Kate will try to flirt away pilfered rocket plans from an Italian Emissary.

Question: You’re guilty of having the best Good Wife scoop on the Interwebs. And I’m guilty of being greedy, so can I have more? —Chris
Ausiello:  Rumor has it Will is not the only person Wendy Scott Carr is trying to take down.

Question: Dude… show some love. Where is the Supernatural scoop? — Robin
Ausiello: During an upcoming visit to Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie — think Chuck-E-Cheese minus Chuck and possibly also the cheese — the Winchesters will run afoul of an employee who comes off like Peter Pan… but underneath is probably more like Captain Hook.

Question: I am loving this season of 90210 but I am in need of some really juicy scoop. —Ken
Ausiello: In the show’s Dec. 6 fall finale, Liam will be seriously injured when he’s hit by a car while riding his motorcycle. But that’s not the juicy scoop. This is the juicy scoop: The person driving the car is none other than [IDENTITY OF FEMALE CHARACTER HIDDEN—TOO SPOILERY!].

Question: Here’s the deal. I’m loving Happy Endings (which has the best cold opens on TV, if anyone’s noticed), but I want more Max romance action! When’s the guy going to get a real boyfriend? —Leah
Ausiello: Cupid strikes this February!

Question: The death you’ve been alluding to for weeks — was it Sophia on The Walking Dead? —Ryan
Ausiello: Sure wasn’t. I was referring to the shocking murder of ****** on Boardwalk Empire.

Question: Any clues on which main castmember of The Walking Dead threatened to quit in the wake of Frank Darabont-gate? Also, what is the likelihood that he/she will get his/her wish? —Matthew
Ausiello: Can’t offer any clues. Sorry. But to answer your second question, I hear he ultimately got his wish. (Oops!)

Question: I was wondering if there was anything you could spoil about my new favorite show, Once Upon a Time? —Wendy
Ausiello: I flunked Fairytale 101 at USC, so do me a solid and help me decipher this new casting breakdown: The show is looking for an actress in her 30s to early 40s to play a sweet, quirky, charming and clumsy fairy named Nova.

Question: Can I please get some scoop on Pretty Little Liars? —Sal
Ausiello: TVLine’s Vlada Gelman screened the show’s Jan. 2 winter premiere and filed this spoiler-laced report —complete with bullet points!
• Someone’s moving back to Rosewood, and that means major trouble for one of the four girls.
• The girls get dangerously close to ‘A’ — like, close enough to touch their tormentor — and acquire some valuable leverage in the process.
• ‘A’ underestimated Emily. Look for the so-called weak link to find her backbone, big time.
• It’s “coming out” day for Aria and Ezra! But just because they’re going public to her parents doesn’t mean things are going to get any easier for the couple.

Question: Even though it’s still a ways off, I can’t stop thinking about Season 5 of True Blood! I need to know anything, absolutely anything, about anything that may be happening next season! — Tanya
Ausiello: How about this? In the wake of Nan’s slaying, next season we’ll be meeting the Authority council, a colorful bunch that includes Kibwe, an Andre Braugher type who’s a proponent of prisoner rehab; Rosalyn Harris, a tough cookie who, from what I hear, could have been separated at birth from Paula Deen; and Alexander, a mischief-maker who only looks like he’s 9.

Question: Do you have any scoop for show Revenge? —Lauren
Ausiello: The show is currently casting a doozy of a part: Grayson granddad Donald. The seventysomething is said to be a formidable figure, the self-made sort who’d probably loathe the snooty weasel that Conrad’s become. My hunch: Jed Allan will be on the horn with his agent as soon as he reads this item.

Question: I hear there are some great Finn/Santana scenes coming up on Glee. I’m intrigued! What does this storyline entail? — Kristen
Ausiello: Think of it as a Christmas miracle. In the show’s holiday episode, the two have a great scene in which they bury the hatchet for good. (Or at least for good for now.) When he asks her to help him pick out a present for Rachel, she talks him out of a necklace (a gift she claims sends the wrong message) and into a pair of earrings. Oh, and speaking of the Christmas ep: As Lea Michelle revealed on Twitter this week, the hour will pay homage to the classic (and ubercheesy) holiday specials of the ’60s, complete with classic Yuletide scenes, an over-the-top announcer and way-over-the-top costumes (e.g. Rory as Itchy the Christmas Elf).

Question: So exactly how naked is Charlie Hunnam in next week’s Sons of Anarchy finale? Inquiring minds need to know. —Sam
Ausiello: Naked enough that I went to the gym immediately after watching the finale, walked over to the stack of free weights and wept uncontrollably for 20 straight minutes. Speaking of the spectacularly satisfying finale, SOA boss Kurt Sutter told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich that the capper, which concludes Dec. 6, “paints one or two characters into a corner, but ultimately continues to open up the avenue of stories for the rest of the club, so we can keep things going in Season 5.”

Question: Quick — five favorite shows of the moment. Go. —Amber
Ausiello: Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, Revenge, Community and The Good Wife.

Question: Any chance you could give me something on either Cougar Town or Community, to help me forget that we are living in this dark, dark timeline? —Ainav
Ausiello: TV Land is jumping on the Cougar Town Cameo bandwagon! Sources confirm that Josh Hopkins will turn up in a January episode of Hot in Cleveland! (But as revealed in our TVLine-Up, the next CTC comes during tonight’s Body of Proof.)

Question: OK, spill. Tell us everything you know about next week’s Castle episode that finds our favorite duo handcuffed in bed together! —Cheryl
Ausiello: I’m all tapped out on “Cuffed.” Sorry. As a consolation, here’s a scoop on the upcoming Kardashian-esque spoof starring Hilarie Burton and Justin Hartley: Nana Visitor of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Torchwood fame will play Dr. Phyllis Barker, an eminent canine therapist whose talents are called upon when it’s discovered that one of her “clients” witnessed a murder.

Question: Any scoop on Rookie Blue for the upcoming Season 3? —Elizabeth
Ausiello: Blue is introducing a new Rookie. The show is casting the role of Leslie, a smart detective in her 30s who has the gravitas to run a division. She’ll appear in three episodes of Season 3 and will likely recur during Season 4 (assuming there is a Season 4).

Question: A while back you tweeted a blind item about a freshman launching one of the most “hackneyed plots of the TV season.” Please tell me it’s not Revenge. —Jamie
Ausiello: It’s not Revenge, but you’re close. The show starts with “R” and the plot in question involves a false rape accusation. [Groan]

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. Thanks for playing! Happy Thanksgiving! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Ena says:

    DAN AND BLAIR!!!! SO SO SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT!! At least we will have Dair next episode after the crap that 5×09 was. SO EXCITED. I DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT ENDGAME. The story of Dair is already a million times better than the crap that Chair is now.

    • kendallf says:

      The story of dair is better than chair? lmfao chair has more votes than dair so how is the dair story line better? poor dair fans.

      its so sad that u guys have to make up stuff to make your make ship seem better.

    • adrianne says:

      quit talking crazy and look at the facts for once, the spoiler was “Dan helps Blair choose between Chuck and Louis” and in the promo Blair is talking to him, then they hug, and that’s it. While on the Chuck/Blair front: they talk about how they should be together, she says he’s all she ever wanted and that she loves him, they kiss and the car crashes. Yeah it definitely looks like they’re focusing on Dair doesn’t it? Dan and Blair are obviously friends, amazing friends, but friends nonetheless! the writers get it, most viewers get it, even Dan gets it, so why can’t you people?

  2. Esme says:

    Dan and Blair are moving in together *stars in my eyes*. I know it wont last, but hey I will enjoy any interaction i get between these two. I hope Dair are explored in the second half of the season.

  3. Fernanda says:

    Dan and Blair living together?
    Guess I won’t need christmas presents after this! :D

    Dair <3

  4. nicensweet28 says:

    Thank you again for that spoiler on DAIR. I cant wait to see it on screen. Dan is the man for Blair even though she doesnt know it yet. Good things come to those who wait. :D TEAM ROOMIE!!!

  5. Tammy says:

    Remember when Serena and Blair were the key friendship on Gossip Girl? I appreciate that Dan is head minion right now but I miss Blair/Serena

    • Vanessa Abrams says:

      Lol piss off Tammy

    • Svenja says:

      I am pro Dair, but I miss the Blair/Serena friendship, too. I mean, Blair is pregnant, about to get married and very troubled. Where the heck is Serena? And what the heck are they doing to her character? I want to see more of Season 1 Serena on Gossip Girl.

  6. Dargamogirl says:

    For the grand-dad on Revenge. Would love to see Donald Sutherland for that role. Still miss Dirty Sexy Money.

    • Joni says:

      He’d be perfect. I too still miss Dirty Sexy Money. ABC gave up too soon on the show. It had a little big of everything.

  7. Quinn says:

    Well the SB friendship started out with serena cheating on the show. Aint that great if you ask me. I would take head minion over, abuser to be perfectly honest.

  8. MSC says:

    Lol! Dan is Blair’s gay best friend! Dude needs to step off and get Blair loves Chuck and she belongs with him.

    • Vanessa Abrams says:

      Aw, yay! Chuck and Blair getting together only results in a car crash and the loss of Blair’s child :)

      • Ashley says:

        Yes, because it’s clearly Chuck’s fault that they get in a car accident.

        Dan is the one that’s going to tell Blair to choose Chuck too, how funny is that. :)

  9. Faye says:

    Blair’s not property though, even chuck’s realised that through therapy, she doesn’t belong with or to anybody. But hey it’s good that the writers are showing literally that the cb relationship will only ever crash and burn.

    • areyouserious says:

      you do realize that belong “with” and “to” are two different things right? And do you seriously think that the car crash is supposed to be some kind of metaphor concerning the cb relationship? Because you just might be over thinking this to the point of delusion.

  10. Chris says:

    aww I cant wait till the point where Dan is like “my friend Blair and my friend Chuck belong together, me so happy for them”

  11. Eddie says:

    Dan looking Dan to give her shelter and boy advice. lol I’m going to enjoy it so much!

  12. Holly says:

    Gossip Girl shippers are scary. AND THEY YELL A LOT.

  13. S. Woods says:

    I REALLY hope he’s wrong about Patrick Dempsey agreeing to do only a few episodes. How would that work if that were the case? Would Derek be working somewhere else?? Would he leave Meredith mid season to have them getting back together at the end? Blah…hate contract decisions that affect storylines…

  14. Sara says:

    “Aww, it only took you like two posts to start whining about abuse. And that is how you know you don’t have a valid point.”

    Aww i guess now we know how Chair fans cope they conveniently forget anything bad Chuck ever did.

    • Olivia says:

      Not at all. The point is that characters can and do change- it’s the fans who are so dead-set on hating them no matter what.

      • Vanessa Abrams says:

        No, it’s the writers dead-set on forcing “change” down the viewers throats so obviously. Too bad your patron saint of cirrhosis is already regressing again, trying to steal an engaged and pregnant woman and all

        • Olivia says:

          You can’t “steal” someone who doesn’t want to be “stolen” (and isn’t it ultimately Blair’s decision anyway?). Sorry you find Chuck’s redemption so threatening… maybe you shouldn’t have spent so much time ranting at the writers about how “abusive” he was.

          • Elisha says:

            Thank you, Olivia! I swear I really question WTF some people are watching!Blair loves Chuck, some fans need to wake up already.

        • Ashley says:

          What’s ironic about this comment is I’m taking a wild guess that you’ve been rooting for Dan to “steal” an engaged and pregnant woman. Correct me if I’m wrong??

          And also, like the other poster said, you can’t “steal” someone that was never really yours in the first place and that is a willing participant.

          Unless you think Blair doesn’t have a mind of her own to make her own decisions? And if that’s the case, then you think very little of her and don’t get why you care about who she’s with.

  15. Mags says:

    Chuck&Blair can be themselves with each other * know each other through and through…CB COMPLETE each other!! They are one another’s missing piece * together they are the entire package. They have IT in spades!! Chuck&Blair are DESTINY defined.

  16. Mags says:

    Chuck&Blair can be themselves with each other & know each other through and through…CB COMPLETE each other!! They are one another’s missing piece & together they are the entire package. They have IT in spades!! Chuck&Blair are DESTINY defined.

  17. Leigh says:

    Hello, “The Philadelphia Story”, anyone? We all know the GG PTB love of classic cinema. I would compare the relationship of Blair/Chuck/Dan to that of the classic film “The Philadelphia Story.” Dan in the Jimmy Stewart role (Mike), who has a connection and passing fancy with out upper crust heroine-a regular guy with a love for writing who challenges her, but in the end, is just a friend and meant for someone else (Serena). I would liken the relationship between the characters of Tracy & Dexter Haven to Blair and Chuck-they’ve been through everything, fought like cats and dogs, and done the most childish, ridiculous things–but in the end, after everything, as Cary Grant’s character pats a drunken Jimmy Stewart on the back, as Tracy threatens to marry this rich, handsome businessman and ditch them both–it is clear it can only be “Red and Dex”. That is all it ever could have been. Who knew one could get so emotionally invested in this show. Chuck and Blair just belong together. They just do. CHAIR FTW!!!

    • Vanessa Abrams says:

      Nice try, but you should prob catch the next fail-boat! TPS was the SL the writers were inspired by LAST season; it’s not a continuing plot, ya goon.

      • Leigh says:

        At least I will be on the winning regata. For CHAIR is not just a ship, it’s the ULTIMATE & ENDGAME destination!! CB=DESTINY=ENDGAME…Cannot wait!!!

        • Vanessa Abrams says:

          Rofl well I hope you don’t go all Jonestown when Chair “let each other go” for the millionth time after the crash

          • Leigh says:

            No worries, ALL roads lead to CHAIR!! That’s indisputable fact & you know it. Spreading the CB LOVE…I cannot be stopped, destroyed, and/or denied. It’s FATE!!

          • TruthBeTold says:

            Only for Blair to become a runaway bride & ditch her wedding to run into Chuck’s waiting arms 2 episodes later? Crash or no crash…CHAIR is here to stay!! GG’s core couple & OTP is DESTINY…Time to face facts & accept it…It’s CB 4 LIFE, baby!!

          • Vanessa Abrams says:

            Truth be told, you’re delusional if you think Blair’s going to run off with Chuck twice in the span of a few episodes. Enjoy your condolence run though

          • tathi says:

            shut up vanessa, everyone hates you.

  18. Samantha says:

    Well now the blind item is obvious: Ringer, and Juliet accuses her teacher, Mr. Carpenter, of rape. That is a dumb plot direction.

  19. Jack Wahl says:

    This makes the fourth week without any spoilers for NCIS. What’s up with that Michael?

  20. Vanillalatte86 says:

    Thanks for the GG info, lol!! I hope Dan helps Blair pick Chuck!!

  21. Steven says:

    I hope Annie isn’t the one who hits Liam. She already hit and killed a homeless guy and wound up dating his nephew. Does she need to go through all that drama again?

  22. Leslie says:

    You know what GG spoilers need more of? Chuck/Blair and Serena/Blair spoilers! Yes, sir. Please and thank you. :D

  23. Sue says:

    It’s hard to believe that ABC is just now beginning preliminary contract talks with the Grey’s originals.Is that normal? If one or more don’t sign that doesn’t leave them much time to wrap up their storyline in a decent way before the end of the season. If Pompeo, Dempsey, or Oh leave or have limited appearances, I won’t be a happy camper. These three make the show for me.

    • Angie says:

      It’s pretty normal.

      Personally, I just want Sandra, Justin and Ellen to return full-time. Chief Webber should stay on board too. Dempsey I really don’t care about anymore and Chandra Wilson is fantastic, but Bailey needs better storylines if she stays.

  24. Snsetblaze says:

    CAsting ideas for Nova on Once Upon a time – Kristin Chenoweth or Judy Greer.

  25. Ashley says:

    Re Gossip Girl: How about some Dan/Serena spoilers?

    Dan needs to realize that his destiny lies with Serena, not Blair.

    He and Serena always end up gravitating towards each other. Time to realize that.

  26. Step says:

    I wonder when Dan is going to buy a clue and get Blair wants Chuck. The guy needs to move his lonely butt back to where it belongs-alone in Brooklyn.

    • LOL says:

      You make no sense. Dan is in Brookyln – it’s Blair that comes to stay with him.

      And Dan appears to be setting Blair up with Chuck so explain how he doesn’t have a clue that Blair wants Chuck?

  27. jenkins says:

    So I guess Dan takes Blair to Chuck. Only way I’ll accept anything Dan Humphrey really because the guy is annoying. Chuck and Blair belong together, no question.

  28. em says:

    As a Dair fan for the last few years now, I’m quite happy with the show’s direction. Chuck’s turning out to be the good guy Blair always wanted in her dreams, and Dan’s turning out to be one of her best friends and confidantes. I knew it would never work out for Dan and Blair, but it’s nice to see that the show hasn’t ignored their chemistry and similarities.

    • Alyssa says:

      thanks for being a logical DB fan. I guess there are some nice DB fans like you who could seperate friendship and romance. I am glad there are DB fans who are aware that Dan and Blair could never work as a romatic couple and Chuck and Blair belong together *thumbs up

      • em says:

        I was a Dair fan before the writers started their romantic storyline but I was also a Chair fan in the first season, so my logic probably isn’t normal lol. But I always thought that if Chuck had changed, Chuck and Blair had the potential to be an awesome couple. It was probably only because Chuck and Blair kept hurting each other (I’m not one of those ppl who go so far as cry “abuse,” but it was just unhealthy imo) that I turned to Dair. We’ve already seen that Blair can ease into the Brooklyn lifestyle, but I never saw Chuck changing into the man he is now. But I was wrong and Chuck has grown up, and I would love to see Chair work when both of them are sensible, stable people who truly care and love each other. I mean, I wasn’t delusional – I knew Chair was the endgame when I started being a Dair fan and I still know it is. I’d prefer it if the writers stopped making Chair to be the star-crossed lovers, getting them into accidents every few months, and just let them be a couple.

    • lulu says:

      thank god for reasonable people like you!

    • Allie says:

      I’m a pretty diehard Chair fan, but I found this comment quite refreshing. I’ve never disliked Dair as friends, I used to love their scenes prior to the second half of S4. In fact, if they removed the romantic teasing they keep doing, I would probably still enjoy their friendship. 90% of the reason I hate it right now is because of obnoxious Dair fans who spend all of their time bashing Chuck and Chair fans, and acting like they’re actually going to end up together and Chuck and Serena deserve to die alone. It’s unfortunate that those sentiments drown out more thoughtful, reasonable ones like your own.

  29. Alyssa says:

    God I am sick of this Dan and Blair crap! Blair is regressing back to her post high school days I guess because when we first met with Blair, she was exactly a person who could make her own decisions and never needing someone for suggestion, could take the matters on her own hand. Now lately she somehow started to need Dan the saints advice which is obviously nothing but a contrived way to bring Dan and Blair together.
    I wish GG could see that this forced storyline is the one what destroyed the show on most peoples eyes.

  30. Mike says:

    Sadly, it’s gotta be Jeffrey DeMunn (Dale) leaving The Walking Dead. Not only is he a Darabont regular, but The Wrap posted some interviews with the cast regarding the midseason cliffhanger and the rest of Season 2. Literally, every regular was interviewed with the notable exception of DeMunn. Sad, because I like DeMunn and I think Dale, along with Glenn, Daryl, and Shane (sometimes) are the best characters on the show.

  31. Taira says:

    Gotta love Chair fans. So what if he abuses you once in a blue moon. You love him so its all right!!

    • Captain says:

      Plus he’s hot and looks cancel out an abusive streak any day. He may have sold you for a hotel BUT he’s good in bed.

    • Marie says:

      Chuck has never abused Blair. That’s something people say when they are pissed because it’s so obvious they’re going to end up together. They’ve both made mistakes and they’ve both grown up now. People are capable of change.

      • portiaslegacy says:

        Not true. There are examples of non fans watching the show ad finding Chuck and Blair abusive.

        There are also examples of people who don’t think Chuck and Blair hace chemistry, or did and think its gone now. You may be dedicated to a Chuck and Blair endgame but that does not make it good for the characters or the show.

        • florence says:

          let me see if i get your argument, it was something along the lines of: “there are examples of people who think Chair sucks” that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. There are examples of people who think all sorts of things! There probably is an example of someone who thinks Lilly and Nate would be good for the show lol just because you and five other people think Chuck/Blair shouldn’t be together doesn’t mean they won’t, because trust me… they will (:

        • Ashley says:

          I know there are Chair haters out there, clearly, but that doesn’t mean that’s the majority opinion of the general audience.

          And no offense, but people that don’t watch the show aren’t in a position to judge Chair.

          The majority of people who hate on Chair are people that don’t like the couple and want a differnt one to happen.

  32. harum scarum says:

    thanks for the GG spoiler!! of course blair only goes to dan so he can help her choose between chuck and louis. because dan is not even an option for her ;)


  33. Cait says:

    Your phrase “Whining about abuse” is extremely insensitive. It may not be your definition of abusive but it is certainly unhealthy.

  34. Jackson says:

    can’t wait for some fintana…i am sad that it’s Rory last episode

    • Captain says:

      It’s not his last episode, it’s his second-last. His last episode airs next year. I really hope they ship him back to Ireland (or Scotland) because he adds nothing to the show and can’t act to save his life.

  35. Jill says:

    Blair has definitely gone off the deep end. Blair in Brooklyn? Are the writers on drugs or something? Blair Waldorf does not stoop to live in Brooklyn. The only saving grace is that she still has Chuck on the brain. Someone please help Blair and get her out of Brooklyn. Ick!

  36. Miri says:

    If Wendy go after Alicia or Diane she better look where to hide because Hell it´s gonna burn…

  37. Barbara says:

    I hope this is wrong, but it’s being rumored that Norman Reedus is the loyal Walking Dead cast member.

  38. Grace says:

    I’m a Chair fan, and honestly I’m starting to get bothered by these spoilers. The worst part about it is how the writers are dragging this Dair thing out, because let’s face it, we know it’s going to happen at some point. I just wish they’d hurry up and do it and get it over with so CB can get back together! Otherwise, I am starting to fear that DB really do have a shot at endgame :(. Like what if they try to do that stupid Dawson’s Creek thing where they (in this case CB) realize they’re soul mates but can’t ever make it work together? I really hope they don’t do that…but I fear they may…

    • Ashley says:

      I really don’t think Dair will ever happen. Blair loves Chuck and that couldn’t be more clear. Dont’ worry about this spoiler, she’s just asking Dan for advice about Louis and Chuck. She doesn’t have feelings for him.

      • LOL says:

        Dair is happening but not yet.

        • sandy says:

          Am I the only one who thinks Blair doesn’t seem romantically interested in Dan at all?

        • Ashley says:

          Are you suggesting Blair’s going to suddenly fall out of love with Chuck who she’s been in love with the whole time and suddenly fall in love with Dan?? Okay…….

          I don’t think Dair is happening, I really don’t.

          But it doesn’t matter anyways, because no matter what Blair is ending up with Chuck.

  39. kirads09 says:

    Would NCIS consider letting Pauley Perrette moonlight for this one?

    “The show is looking for an actress in her 30s to early 40s to play a sweet, quirky, charming and clumsy fairy named Nova”

    Somehow I just “see” her in this! :)

    Or my second fav choice: Annie Wersching

  40. Michelle says:

    “It’s not Revenge, but you’re close. The show starts with “R” and the plot in question involves a false rape accusation. [Groan]”

    Could it be Ringer?

  41. A. says:

    Dude, just because the show is called Rookie Blue doesn’t mean that EVERY character is a rookie. A detective is the exact opposite of a rookie.

  42. Maddie says:

    Wow! Love your top shows: Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, Revenge, Community and The Good Wife. Especially WD, REV, and TGW!

    I don’t watch Community but I’ve heard SOA is great and I can’t wait to start that. I also really like Modern Family and Person of Interest this season.

    In reguards to your Grey’s Spoilers for the actors next season, I’d be more surprised if Ellen Pompeo signs for next season rather than Patrick. She’s the one who’s mainly been continually saying this is her last season. I also doubt Ellen will do the show w/o Patrick and vice versa.

  43. Petra says:

    Oh God, please no Dair. They bore me to tears. Its Blair and Chuck all the way. No one ever comes close to that chemistry!!!

  44. Mandy says:

    Maybe fans get upset when Dair fans shout “Abuse” because Chuck has never abused Blair. Their relationship is far from perfect and they’ve both made some huge mistakes, Chuck especially, but it never went that far. If we’re going to play that then Blair slapping Chuck counts as abuse too right?

  45. Captain says:

    REALLY hoping Annie isn’t the one who runs over Liam. Haven’t we been there already?

  46. Andrea says:

    I’m having a DSM flashback in regards to Revenge’s Grandfather Grayson. Two words: Donald Sutherland.

  47. Luis says:

    Stop hating on poor Sarah Michelle Gellar! It’s not her fault no one thought to put any vampires in the new show!

  48. Kathy says:

    Don’t other people besides Cheryl ask questions about Castle?

  49. Danny says:

    False rape-Ringer!

  50. Kerri says:

    Soooo, FOX posted their mid season line up recently, and I was very confused. I know that Emily is going to be on maternity leave for her actual pregnancy, but BONES wasn’t even listed on the line up in January. In fact the time slot was taken by the spin off… I’m freaking out!