Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural, Homeland, Gossip Girl and More

Is the supersized Sons of Anarchy finale as good as the 12 episodes that came before it? Who will be butting heads on Homeland? Why is Sam Winchester consorting with a hooker? Read on for those answers, plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Sons of Anarchy | Season 4’s two-part finale kicks off this Tuesday, and it is just as gripping, satisfying and shocking as you expect it to be. Opie’s shooting of Clay of course has massive ripple effects, including one seemingly minor – yet potentially major – death in this week’s hour. Among the standout performances in the finale, Charlie Hunnam seethes intensity while holding someone at knifepoint, Katey Sagal deftly handles a scene that will surely be watched with great expectation, and even Rockmond Dunbar gets some moving moments as the sheriff. I can also say that Vic Mackey puts in an appearance, Jax/Tara fans will want to have on hand a bottle of wine, two boxes of Kleenex and one set of cheerleader pom-poms (but not necessarily in that order), and the second hour packs a massive twist that I absolutely did not see coming. Also: For those who ever longed to see Jax naked from head to toe, soaking wet, Christmas is here early.

The TVLine Staff Gives Thanks for Sons of Anarchy, Homeland and More!

Homeland | Speaking of top-notch cable dramas, the Dec. 18 freshman finale of Showtime’s spy thriller will play host to a showdown between its two leading ladies, Claire Danes and Morena Baccarin, who thus far have been traveling in rather separate circles. “We have a fantastic confrontation,” Morena Baccarin told me. “After Jessica puts it together who Carrie is, they have this sort of face-off.” Pressed for further details, all Baccarin would add is, “It takes place at my house, and it is intense.” My question: Does “who Carrie is” mean “CIA spook trying to finger my husband for treason,” “harlot who bedded him,” or a bit of both?

Law-Enforcement Crushes Tournament: Covert Affairs‘ Annie Walker vs. 24‘s Michelle Dessler

Covert Affairs | I cued up next week’s Season 2 finale, having had my curiosity well-piqued by Chris Gorham’s teaser about a “big choice” Auggie makes. Now, you may think you know what he was hinting at, but I’ll also throw this out there: An early scene finds Auggie visiting a doctor. Meanwhile, the A-story has Annie vacationing with Danielle in Stockholm, but of course that pleasure turns into business – and then downright danger — culminating with one of TV’s best cat-and-mouse-inside-a-creaky-house sequences in a while. Also: During their time together, Danielle is led to make an observation about Annie and Auggie that plays into one of the hour’s final moments.

Supernatural Exclusive: Jason Dohring Is a God!

Supernatural | When speaking with Meghan Ory (aka Once Upon a Time‘s Ruby aka Red Riding Hood), I was sure to run by her the synopsis for Supernatural‘s Episode 11, in which she plays Sally, “a frightened working girl who comes to Sam for help.” Issue No. 1: Why is Sally “frightened”? “Life’s hard when you’re turning tricks,” she explained. “Plus, there’s some stuff going down at the place that she works, and she has nowhere to turn except to Sam.” Issue No. 2: Why Sam? “He’s in the right place at the right time.” Issue No. 3: Um, what is this ‘right place” that Sam is at, where he’s rubbing elbows with working girls? A cathouse? “No, no, no,” Ory corrected with a laugh. “Sally works out of a truck stop. She’s a good girl who’s doing everything she can to survive, and Sam is there to help her do that. ” And Issue No. 4: Will there be (gratis) sparks with Sam? “Aren’t there always sparks with Sam? At any given moment?” Ory countered, effectively.

Gossip Girl Spoiler Alert: 8 Things You Need to Know About Blair’s Wedding Day

Gossip Girl | At the show’s 100th-episode party, I presented director Mark Piznarski with a concern I’ve seen shared here by some fans — that the wedding-centric outing will offer little for those folks not fascinated with all the Blair/Dair/Chair drama. If you happen to fall into that camp, he said there’s still good reason to tune in on Jan. 30. “Listen, everybody has sort of been with everybody [on this show], so everybody has feelings about [the wedding] – Is Blair going to get married? Will she go with Chuck? Will she go with Dan? And her first love was Nate, in the pilot, and they’re all there,” he noted. “So while [the episode] is kind of centered around the wedding, yes, there are big beats for everybody.” Now, as for whether the wedding itself goes off without a hitch, one of the cast members I interviewed did make reference to something that happens at the reception. Hmm….

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  1. josh says:


    • sash fan says:

      Looking forward to the Claire – Jessica confrontation on Homeland. More Walking Dead scoop! With Sundays midseason finale peaking my interest in this show again, I can’t wait until February!

  2. alr says:

    The way this season’s SOA has been going, I’ll need a year to recuperate from the emotional tension before Season 5 begins. What great television!!

  3. Lana says:

    Wet, naked Jax!!!! Let’s all pause for a moment for the mental image before the actual visual! :)

  4. suzan says:

    Wondering if the big SOA twist has to do with Potter-I think he’s either a Teller or has another very close tie to the MC he’s not telling anyone about?

  5. Sandra says:

    Even as a Chair fan on Gossip Girl I’m not really interest in the Blair and her men drama from now until the 100th. I wish they would stop putting so much focus on that storyline.

    • Jessica says:

      I agree, I am a massive chair fan, but im getting so tired of this storyline all about blair and “her” men. I think they need to start wrting better stories. I was more interested in Serena and that guy max last episode! (I actually hope they work out!)

    • A little Blair drama is always good for the show, but I agree at this point the show needs some new drama to keep things fresh. Hopefully the Serena/Charlie/Max circus will deliver in that regard.

    • Jo says:

      Help an old lady out here: Why are people talking about being fans of furniture? Chairs specifically. Are chairs on Gossip Girl that nice? What about the tables, are they any good? couches? Beds?

  6. Jenny says:

    Auggie… Doctor… Is he getting his sight back?!

    • Brooke says:

      I hope not, it’s such a tired plot line to “fix” a disabled character.

      • Jenny says:

        Oh, I wasn’t saying I hoped he was going to sighted. That’s part of why I love Auggie. I just wondered if the doctor part of that had to do with his vision!

    • Renee says:

      I was wondering if he was getting fixed.

    • SAM says:

      I seem to recall reading that the showrunners have said that Auggie shall remain blind.

    • jules says:

      thinking the same thing. honestly…couldn’t care either way. if he has his sight back, great. if not, great. Love the show anyway. I do have to say that I’m definitely not an Auggie / Annie shipper but I have a feeling that the scoop above has to do with them. If she was going to date anyone from the agency, I’d rather see her with Jay. Now he’s hot!

      • Jenny says:

        Oh, no, I can’t stand Jai. He’s a conceited, spoiled, pampered, a**hole (as opposed to aushole… lol). I didn’t like him before, but now I REALLY can’t stand him.

  7. rodders says:

    nobody’s reacting to Vic Mackey making an appearance in Charming? I wonder if they mean the character or Michael Chiklis

  8. Lucas says:

    So excited to hear Sons of Anarchy will end with a bang (or so it seems from spoilers/descriptions/promos). I’m glad the season is almost done because my emotions can’t handle it anymore. As long as Tara, Gemma, Juice and Opie make it out alive, I’ll be okay.

  9. Tammy says:

    Thanks for asking that gossip girl question Matt. I was really shocked that nothing Serena related came out of the party. It seems like Gossip Girl is all about the triangle and not about friendships anymore. As divisive as the whole Dair/Chair thing is I think it is actually done the most harm to the Blair/Serena friendship which has had to be abandoned for it. I am also not sure anyone enjoys a triangle. I am sure you guys love the comments a Dair vs. Chair article causes but I don’t think it has translated to viewers on any level. I think the show just needs to pick a direction and embrace it.

    I also think the fact that you hear something happens at the reception lets us know the wedding does occur and I have to say Dair, Chair or Blerena I can not imagine that anyone wants more Louis. Having your main female character marry a guest star that basically no one likes in your 100th episode has to be a show killer.

    They are potentially killing the baby, letting Blair marry a guest star, damaging Blair/Serena and keeping DB vs CB going indefinitely. Its time for the show to be cancelled or a change at the top IMO. I say it now that post 100th they start averaging less than 1 million viewers.

  10. Selen says:

    O_O Sam gets sparks with a girl, who’s not a monster?
    Will wonders will never cease. However, her survival chances are pretty low, though XDD

  11. Emily says:

    Well, it’s a relief to know that at least the people working on GG seem to think there is something to look forward to that isn’t Blair and her men. But considering that they still haven’t given us any information outside of that love dodecahedron of death, I am finding it hard to believe them.

    I know Blair is the fan favorite, but I honestly think that shifting the show’s focus from SB’s friendship to Blair’s multiple love interests was the worst decision GG ever made and the reason so many fans are currently dissatisfied with the show.

    That being said, if someone told me Chuck and Blair get married instead of BLouis in the 100th, I’d be all over that. So I see my own hypocrisy.

  12. Sara says:

    Jax wet and naked makes this SOA season even better!!

  13. Sarra says:

    Not intersted in the wedding storyline for the 100th episode of Gossip Girl.I thought it was supposed to be a reward for the loyal fans… well it’s not.It’s getting harder and harder to watch each episode and knowing they will do I miscarriage,I know I will stop watching for good.

  14. Pam says:

    SoA has been fantastic this season! It even made me care about Tara, who I had previously would just go away.

    • V says:

      It’s actually the opposite for me. She didn’t annoy me until she started to try and act and be Gemma in these past couple of seasons. I would trade her if they bring Kozik back!

      • Carmen says:

        I agree. I hope Sutter doesn’t sacrifice Gemma’s character just to make room for this new “badass” Tara, which I actually find cringe-worthy acting by Siff. I don’t get the hype for her this season at all. :/

      • pamt says:

        I wish Kurt didn’t blow up Kozik. I really love Kenny. I was really hoping he would become a main character on SOA…but the fact that he can’t come back now is sad.

        Unlike everyone else it seems, I really like Phil. He adds sweet balance to the cast and he’s funny. He obviously would do anything for the club.

        I don’t think Jax will kill Clay. For one thing, I think Jax has more rage for his Mother and making her have to live with Clay or do it herself is the way Jax should go. Gemma is more evil than Clay…she has everyone doing her dirty work. But a Mother using her own Son to murder for her…she’s despicable!

        Can’t figure out Potter and it’s driving me mad!

  15. V says:

    “I can also say that Vic Mackey puts in an appearance” WTF?!?! Really! I can’t wait for these last two episodes. I’m also hoping that Clay by a miracle will survive. (I know, I know it’s not going to happen) It seems like they are killing off alot of people this season. Just as long as Juice, Tig, and Happy don’t get killed I’ll be happy.

  16. clau says:

    I feel like things on Homeland are going way too fast…

  17. Cody says:

    Sorry Supernatural, not interested. Boring, just like this whole season is.


    • Jane says:

      The only thing boring is posting the same comment over and over again in each spoiler article. It only start the same old wank war.

      Not interested –> stop watching, and find sth which is interesting to you. It will make your life so much easier. Why watch something that upsets and bores you?

      • JJ says:

        I agree with Cody–we need Castiel back.

        • Marie says:

          I’d take Gabriel over Castiel any day of the week. At least he managed to talk/interact with the other people in the room, not just stare at Dean. Yawn.
          But if they bring Cas back, than please season 4/5 Cas, not the caricature from season 6 with the over the top Destiel fan service. The character used to be badass, not a besotted pet.

          • SamShowSux says:

            Jellus much?

          • Marie says:

            Jealous of what exactly? Character stagnation, maybe. Not really. Gabe was a great character, and that’s how he will be remembered. Cas on the other hand is starting to become a caricature, and rather laughable compared to the Cas from season 4 (the only exception were the Cas/Crowley scenes – Cas actually really talked to someone and had a personality again. Gasp.)
            And if you can’t see that then I can only feel sorry for you. You’re not a Cas fan, you’re a Destiel fan – not the same thing. Cas is more then just your fandom ship. j/s

          • JJ says:

            I don’t think Cas was staring at Dean all the time.. I’ve seen every show and that is very inaccurate. Cas was a full member of team free will and worked well with everyone including in season 6.

          • Hmmm says:

            Well I don’t agree. The only times Cas seemed like a part of the team in season 6 was in Caged heat and Frontierland. Compare that to Mommy Dearest, My Heart Will Go On or The Man Who Knew Too Much. It seemed to me like Sera wanted to please the Destiel shippers before she took one part of their ship away.
            I sooo hope that when he comes back they actually show the Cas/Bobby and Cas/Sam friendship in actual on screen interactions. I used to love Team Free Will in season 5.

      • stilla says:

        Stop watching! Really! With ratings going down fast, this is the best advice you can give an unsatisfied fan? How about Gamble gets her nose out of her butt and start treating all fans fairly, not just cater to Sam fans!? Oh wait, she can’t do that, because then the Sam fans will whine about poor Sam not having a story. It’s been all about Sam since season 1 and the Sam fans still complain that it’s not all about Sam, and Becky Gamble will bend over backwards to please them. Robert Singer isn’t any better. Too bad someone more objective, who isn’t all about Sam isn’t running the show. I’m betting the episodes would be better than the borefest season 6 and 7 have been.

        • Meh says:

          Interesting, you think season 7’s been boring? It’s all been about Dean’s eternal gigantic man-pain. Sam’s handling his trauma in the deep background and Dean – his relationship with Bobby, his angst and his depression – is front and center.

          Gamble favoring Sam? Yeah right.

        • Selen says:

          Why don’t you go back to TWOP, the mothership of the Sam hate, where you’ll find people who are just as hateful as you?
          The show has not been just about Sam, and I never understand how someone can say that. Season 6 was manly Dean’s reaction, feeling about his family life and what he’s gonna do with SoulessSam in the first half, 2 episodes of Sam, and then Cas/Crowley fiasco.
          In season 7 we had Cas premiere, Sam episode, and Dean guilt story line from episode 3 till now. You might not like Dean’s story line, but how can you be so biased to say it’s all Sam.
          But it’s probably pointless to reason with you, you’re just too biased. And you’ll never be happy unless they kill off Sam, and Cas/Dean ride into the sunset.

          • SamShowSux says:

            And why don’t you run on back to WFB or the CW Lounge if you don’t like to read opinions from people who aren’t Samfanatics? With the massive amounts of complaining sam fans do, even though they have gotten everything they wanted including having Castiel written off the show, lecturing people who might actually enjoy something on the show besides shirtless Sam and JP’s ridiculous hair, just makes you look like an entitled b*t*h.

          • Selen says:

            I don’t post on any of those forums, I only mentioned TWOP cause I’ve been told it’s where Sam haters go to agree with each other. I apologize if I was wrong about that, but somehow I doubt it.

            And I love opinions from other fans, I just abhor bashers – no matter which character. Give me a comment based on reality and I would have a reasonable discussion. Everything is about Sam, and he’s at fault for Cas death is not fact – it’s biased hate talk. Oh, and Sam fans wanting Cas off the show, really? Were they writing letters to Sera or phoning the network, or sth. Cause I never heard of any action to achieve such a goal.
            And the comment didn’t mention that she enjoyed anything, just that she hated Sam basically.
            And I’m actually a Deangirl all the way, but I just don’t hate Sam, nor do I hate Cas.
            And don’t make me say what you sound like, you wouldn’t like it.

    • Karen says:

      Please. I’d take Balthazar back over Castiel. Too bad that asshole killed him.

  18. Joanna says:

    I think this is the time that we start betting at what point will Gossip Girl drop below 1 million viewers. Seriously, who thinks Blair actually marrying a guest star that everyone hates is a good idea and a way to repay loyal fans? This storyline has been dragging forever and knowing that we will get more Louis past the 100th episode hurts. And to think that we have to endure this torture after Blair miscarries makes this everything look even more bleak. The show has been focusing on Blair and her men for far too long and they’ve been stringing along all fans by throwing them bits left and right while planning to marrying Blair off to Louis all this time. At least they should admit that the show is all about ships and triangles at this point. And Serena never gets mentioned anymore. The irony of my actually missing the time when the show was more focused on Serena and her boy trouble isn’t lost on me. Whatever happened to Serena and Blair’s friendship?

  19. Becky says:

    Uh, so TV Line asks a Gossip Girl director for something that’s NOT about Blair, and he gives up something about…Nate/Blair? Seriously? They should just rename the show Everybody Loves Blair. I used to love her but the over-reliance on Blair and her love life is killing the show.

    I’m a Serena fan first and foremost and there hasn’t been ONE SINGLE SPOILER about what she’s doing in the 100th episode. No idea why the Gossip Girl writers do not make the most of having an A Lister like Blake Lively in their show, particularly given its appalling ratings and dying buzz.

    • LOL says:

      Becky, no. Blake is NOT an A Lister by any means. Don’t be delusional because you like her. She can’t really act, and just because she beards for actors better known than her, does NOT mean she is a list. Kids these days…

  20. Amy says:

    Hoping for some DAIR, Serena/Blair, and Serena/Nate in the 100th episode!

  21. Keep Cas says:

    Supernatural is just not the same without Cas.

    • Jessie says:

      It’s sooooooooo much better!

      • Cheryl says:

        I agree Jessie! Supernatural ridding itself of the over blown and overextended Angel mythology was the smartest move it could ever make and perhaps its too late to save the show because it lacked the brotherhood for so long I really hope not. As from Seasons 4- 6 this show lost over half its fandom because the brotherhood went MIA(1 million viewers alone in S4 a quarter of this fandom) and many fans said enough when Kripke and gamble dragged out the brotherly love returning even longer until mid S6. Now in Season 7 the show has been doing some resetting and repairs after the damage done to the charcters and the series history in order to shoe horn in the Angel mythology seasons too long. But the show is finally getting back to being the story of Sam and Dean. And many of the fans like me and my family and friends couldn’t be happier!

        • SamShowSux says:

          Wow the samgirl policing squad is on the ball tonight. Gotta scream down anyone who wants to discuss anything but Sam. Hilarious since Gamble and the producers don’t even bother to talk about any one but Sam.

          • May says:

            Funny, how do you know she’s a Samgirl. Did you even read her post? She sounds like a bi-brother fan. Disliking Cas =/= loving Sam.
            You assume that anyone who doesn’t hate Sam automatically has to hate Cas, which is really short-sighted O.o I actually know a lot of people who love both characters.
            But I guess haters gonna hate.

            “Hilarious since Gamble and the producers don’t even bother to talk about any one but Sam.”
            You should really read more articles, the producers answer the questions, and they mostly talk about the Levis, a possible Cas/Misha return, and Dean’s emotional arc of 13 episodes. One spoiler from a “guest actress” does not make everything about Sam.

        • Anon says:

          If Cas was the problem and drove people away why aren’t they flocking back now that he is gone? Ratings are lower than ever.

  22. Pam says:

    Is there really nothing on the horizon this entire season of “Supernatural” for Dean fans to look forward to? Not a story line, not a single special episode, not even a little b-story side gig? Nothing? Really, nothing?!? Seriously, why didn’t Gamble just fire Jensen Ackles the same time she fired Misha Collins?

    • Andy says:

      Are you serious?
      Sam’s storyline was dropped after episode 2, and he’s fine now without any explanation whatsoever.
      Dean on the other hand had a secret storyline and guilt issues.
      So Jensen has at least lot more to do than Jared for the last 5-6 episodes, he’s kinda the emotional storyline so far in season 7.

      And BTW. from this spoiler we only know that the girl of the week will flirt with Sam for once not Dean. We don’t know what the case is, or what Dean will be doing. You just assume he won’t have anything to do. It could be like the Mentalists where both brothers do their part, just with Sam being with the girl, and Dean saving the day. Jensen did film more days than Jared/had more scenes with the young actress who had her 16th birthday (and the episode is called Adventures In Babysitting, so Dean could actually be in the main story, while Sam and the girl are the b-story)j/s

      And I kinda expect 7×13 to be Dean centric. One night stand gone bad, sounds like Dean could be back on his game. Some not depressed Dean would be nice, and he needs a little something something too. XD

      • Crowley_Gal says:

        Except, Sam’s not fine we’ve seen him reacting. He actually zoned out in The Girl Next door, we hear Lucifer whisper his name in DYL, and seem him press his scare. We get reminders in pretty much every episode that Sam is still seeing Lucifer. And we saw him press his scare just last week.

        We see him coping by trying to keep a positive attitude and keep his mind occupied and himself busy.

        So the story hasn’t been dropped, its still there. The writers can’t have Sam be like he was in MTNB and TGND. If he was like that he wouldn’t be able to hunt.

        • Crowley_Gal says:

          That should be scar not scare.

          • Andy says:

            I hope you’re right about that. But I kinda don’t thrust the writers anymore. Too many interesting storylines suddenly dropped (like Dean’s in season 5).
            And I am curious where they are going with Dean’s issues. It seems it can only end in suicide or he actually manages to work some of his issues out. Too bad there isn’t a psychiatrist turned hunter. The brothers could sure need a session or a 100. XD

      • Pam says:

        Are you serious – what Dean story line? Come on. First of all, this depression plot device is the same depression plot device they’ve pulled out the last three years because they won’t sit down and actually discuss a real story line for Dean. And they only did it again this year because of complaints about hearing nothing about Dean from Gamble & Co for months when they were talking about season seven and Sam. The plot device never goes anywhere, nothing happens with it, it’s got nothing to do with any arc or overarching whatever is happening this season, or last, or the one before that. Because it’s a plot device, not a story line. And Jensen so has not had more to do than Jared this year. We have yet to have a single predominant Dean episode like we did for Sam in 7:03. In fact, there hasn’t been a predominant Dean episode since season five’s “The End” – aptly named as that was the last time Dean was a lead character and equally involved in the story-telling (and it took four years for him to be elevated to that point).

        We’ve only be subjected to Sam’s worstest hell evah! story line since all of season six. And not an episode goes by where someone doesn’t mention it, when we’re not actually seeing it. And trust me, Sera will make a big deal out of it again very soon – she came straight out and said they would, while saying nothing whatsoever about that other character, something with a D … I think his name is Dan.

        • Andy says:

          Ok, you’re right the depression story line is a bit recycled, but at least they show us Dean emotional response, with Sam we have no nightmares, no spacing out since the beginning of 7×03 and he’s smiling all the time. It kinda reminds me of the second half of season 6 (one episode the wall is cracking and then nothing till the finale Oo)
          And with Sera there is no guarantee that he will break, she could just as easily concentrate on the Levi’s in the second part or on Cas redemption. She is not a Sam nor a Dean girl, I don’t even think she’s a SPN girl to be honest. She just manages to piss anybody off.
          Since the End? Ok, so by your definition which episode was Sam centric then. Sam NEVER had an episode like that, Dean is always there and mostly his reaction to the things that are happening to Sam are the only emotional response we see (even the recurring character almost exclusively prefer Dean, and have heart to heart with him, while Sam is just Dean’s brother to them and is ignored) The closest was Mystery Spot and that was in season 3 (or also known as the last completely Sam POV episode of Spn). And it’s funny but Dean girls always complain that he doesn’t get his own story line and is just Sam’s keeper, while Sam girls rant that Sam shows no emotional response, has no POV, and is used as a plot device. Why can’t the writers switch it for a few episodes? But, I guess the grass is always greener on the other side, and the complaining probably would stop even then XD
          PS. If 7×03 was Sam’s episode then 7×04 was Dean’s.
          Although, the first real centric episode of season 7 will be a Bobby one (7×10). I wish the writers would finally learn to tell the stories of the brothers parallel to each other. And not one half of the season brother #1 …

          • Pam says:

            Okay, I cannot agree with you at all that Sera is not a Sam!girl – or at the very least, a Jared!girl. Everyone who works on that set (and most of fandom) knows very well her bias in that regard. But I will agree with you that she pisses off a lot of fans – and she doesn’t seem to really care about “Supernatural” as a whole. If she did then, yeah, they’d manage to write fair and balanced story lines every week and make both brothers equally important to the mytharc without breaking a sweat. Or at the very least make them come off as a genuine team effort, which they never really appear to be anymore, nor have for years.

            I’ll also give you that Bobby seems to be the flavor of the day this season, which is baffling (and not very interesting), but whatever.

          • Andy says:

            Well I don’t see her as a Samgirl cause liking to see Jared without a shirt =/= as writing good story lines for him. And the debacle of SoulessSam was just as bad as Hometrained Dean IMO.
            So I believe the Samgirl thing is a fandom myth or at least I haven’t seen any proof of it.

        • Sarah says:

          Well seeing though we have been dealing with Deans problems since season 2 a few dealing with Sams hell shouldnt be a problem. And where exactly are they in the show since episode 2 are they dealing with Sams hell?. It has been focused on Deans issues and now Bobby has been hurt . Dean has all the emotional focus the pov and is considered the heart of the show.

          Sam was souless for half of season 6 so he wasnt exactly in the show as Sam and Deans hell has been there since season 3 so again your complaint seems churlish .

      • stilla says:

        Maybe you forgot that Sam’s hell storyline is in its second season, while Dean’s has been totally forgotten. Sam gets to replay and suffer through his hell storyline, the one that Gamble stole from Dean btw, and Dean gets to emo, again. This isn’t a storyline and Gamble will spend the rest of the season telling us how awesome Sam is, and how how suffered more than anyone in the universe, including Jesus no doubt, and what a big hero Sam is, and Dean? He gets to emo.

        I would be greatly surprise if Dean had an actual solid storyline of his own. But neither Gamble nor Singer have the imagination to think of one. Too bad, it would make the show more interesting for those of us who are sick of Sam, Sam, and more Sam.

        • Sarah says:

          One spoiler comes out that regards Sam and it is all about Sam? doesnt wash . Dean has had his sl this year he has been having it since episode3.I do realize that Dean fans like you resent anything Sam is given but please dont try to claim Dean isnt having a sl this year.

        • Andy says:

          Second season of hell story?
          First half of season 6 was SoulessSam time, so no POV, no emotions, no storyline really. He got to be funny for once and not just bitchface. X
          Second half – We got LAV where he apologizes, and then Unforgiven, and then … absolutely nothing till the finale, where again we were told it was horrible without actually showing or telling us any specifics.
          (I still think Sam got the short deal there. 6×20 Cas with a little Deastiel, 6×21 Dean, with a little Cas, and Sam in a closet, finale half Sam in his mind/half Cas business)
          Season 7 – first episode Cas heavy with a bit hallucinations thrown in, and 7×02, and then nothing but scar holding till now)

          As little as Dean got in season 4 for his hell time, the scene on the Impala and he’s talk with Alastair had 10x the emotional and character building impact of everything Sam had in season 5,6 and 7.

          BTW. If Sam stole Dean’s hell story, Dean stole his wanting a normal life story, and Cas his path of darkness one.

      • SamShowSux says:

        It always amuses me how little attention Sam fans pay to the hard work that JP does. Poor guy. Even when he is front, his fans don’t notice. LOL!

  23. Crowley_Gal says:

    What’s Dean doing while Sam is off playing hero to another stranger while his brother is so close to offing himself. Does then mean that Dean is magically cured this week?

    I wonder if Sally would be so hot hook up with Sam if she knew the average life span of his hookups.

    • Liz says:

      “Does then mean that Dean is magically cured this week?”

      Maybe he starts jogging too XDD That seems to be an effective cure for mental issues this season.

      I wonder if she’ll turn out be a monster too. There seems to be a pattern. The human ones actually manage to survive XD sometimes.

    • smellynellie says:

      Yes, Dean is magically cured. Sam told him to press his scar. There, now both guys are fine.

      • crowley_gal says:

        We get reminders pretty much every episode that Sam still has hallucinations, and that he’s learning to cope. He’s not cured. If he was cured the hallucinations would have stopped completely. He’s using the scar to cope. There is a difference.

        They writers had to tone it down, because how do you have Sam from ep 1 and 2 hunting?

    • Jenn says:

      Hopefully JA will have some scenes with Ory, since they were in an episode of Dark Angel together – she was Rachel Berrisford, who played a pretty big part in Alec’s backstory. Maybe Sam meets her and then they both end up helping out (unless SG wrote the ep, and then she’ll probably turn out to be another hooker who almost forgets to get paid). That would be way more interesting than another Sam-carried episode. I’ve got about zero interest in one of those. Both brothers? Fine. Mainly Sam? No thanks.

      • MJ says:

        IDK It would be something new if the damsel in distress liked Sam better for once. That didn’t happen since season 1.
        Dean always gets the girl like in the Mentalists – the girl completely ignored Sam or Jo (he also flirted with the bartender in 7×04 and the stripper in 7×08), unless its Becky “shudder”.
        Both brothers? Fine. Mainly Dean? No thanks, Sam needs a girl who isn’t a monster and survives the episode.

        And I don’t really see what Ory’s role on DA has to do with anything. Dean is not Alec. And Jensen always gets more screen time with the guest (especially the females) so a bit of variety wouldn’t be amiss. j/s

        • Anon says:

          Lori from Hookman, Sara from Provenance, and Dr. Cara from Sex and Violence all preferred Sam. Its not like its always Dean.

          It just seems like an odd choice to separate the boys again and to have a fairly generic run of the mill hunt so soon after Bobby.

          • MJ says:

            Lori from Hookman (Season 1), Sara from Provenance (Season 1), and Dr. Cara from Sex and Violence (Season 4)- and Sam had DB issues at that time.
            So not always, but it been a long time for normal Sam and non monster girls. And yeah I’d prefer the boys together too, but if there is flirting I’d like it to be Sam now, Dean already had sparks with 4 girls this season and he wasn’t drugged for it either.
            It would be fair: 7×11 Sam flirts, 7×13 Dean flirts. Both boys deserve some happiness XD

  24. Kelly says:

    If you really watch the promo for this week’s SOA, you can see Clay is up and walking around. NICE JOB FX. They do this every week. They also gave away that Juice lived in the promo after his “suicide attempt” too.

    Anyway, Sutter has said Linc is not related to the Teller’s so it’s going to be something we can’t guess. I hope no one guesses what happens because I want to be completely surprised.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That millisecond fraction of a snippet from the promo (with Jax and Tig waving guns) is actually from an old episode, FYI. Believe me when I say that Clay is not “up and walking around” in the finale.

  25. harum scarum says:

    thanks for the Gossip Girl spoiler!! i hope the 100th is FULL OF CHAIR!! <3

  26. Karen says:

    Castiel fans need to build a bridge and get over it. You guys got THREE SEASONS of your favorite character monopolizing all of Dean’s screentime, while Sam had the stupidest storyline involving guzzling demon blood to make his powers work (EVEN THOUGH HIS POWERS WORKED JUST FINE WITHOUT IN SEASONS ONE AND TWO, SO WHAT THE HECK KRIPKE/GAMBLE?). Everyone else’s favorite guest stars died way faster than Castiel. But no, Castiel fans are never pleased with anything. Not even with three years of screen time, which is unheard of on Supernatural. What whiners.

    • Anon says:

      But here you are whining about Sam and Dean’s story lines.

      • SamShowSux says:

        Please! She’s a samgirl. They’re the ones who spew this kind of hate towards a character they managed to get written off with all their whining. And still they aren’t satisfied. Apparently, Dean is getting too much screentime as well. I wonder if they will sending petitions to get him written off too. Then they can just have JP play multiple version so of Sam all the time. Of course, they will still complain that soulless Sam and Lucifer Sam are stealing Sam’s storylines and POV. Catering to the sam fans is what has ruined this show driven away over a million viewers since the beginning of last season.

        • YourcommentSux says:

          A Cas fan talks about whining. LOL
          I don’t remember any twitter attacks to producers and writers, or petitions for #KillCastiel, so …
          Not to mention going on a comment section and writing Needs more Cas, We want Destiel, The show sux without our angel,…
          I won’t even go into the Pledge your Soul to Cas thing on facebook Oo

          And I actually was a big Cas fan in season 4 and 5, but started disliking him when Sera overdid it with the fan service to Destiel fans and the OOC Dean the moment Cas appeared (the last 6 episodes of season 6 were painful to watch).

    • Jenn says:

      I thought the point of the demon blood thing was to make him some sort of emo anti-hero that all the teenage “freaks” like. Either way, the idea was that it magnified Sam’s powers to more than they were in Seasons 1 & 2, so he could prove he was a better hunter and more important than Dean in the upcoming battle. It’s still a crap story, but it’s a little better than you’re giving it credit for. It’s also they mirrored with Castiel and the souls, which was also crap, because Dean lets Sam get away with murder (literally) and won’t forgive Cass anything. So much for being “family”.

      • Jamie says:

        Sam had to jump into the pit and beg for forgiveness for a whole season, and Dean still doesn’t trust him. Why should he forgive Cas so easily? Not to mention Sam killed a demon vessel like Dean and Bobby do weekly (yes, he drunk the blood, but dead is dead), and Cas killed how many angels and humans in 7×01 – so if Sam committed murder, Cas committed genocide (poor motivational speakers).
        Cas didn’t even have the decency to apologize to the person who he nearly killed as a stupid distraction for Dean, and who was the only one to believed in Cas. What a great friend he is to Sam :|

        • crowley_gal says:

          If you break it down, they’ve all done some not so nice things.

          I could make a list of the things that Sam and Dean have both done that were pretty bad.

          Plus, Cas was under supernatural influence when he killed those people, or does that excuse only apply to Sam?

          Plus, Sam and Dean got so caught up in their plans, despite all kinds of warning signs and they stubbornly persisted so both equally responsible for releasing Lucifer. What about all the people Lucifer killed before Sam and Dean put him back in the cage? Aren’t Sam and Dean partially responsible for their deaths?

          Cas did some bad things sure, but he doesn’t deserve to be condemned anymore than Sam and Dean do.

          • Jamie says:

            Ok, I’ll bite.
            Sam had demon blood, Cas had souls (although Balthy and Sam’s wall were before that). But Cas was kinda warned that bad things will happen if he opened Purgatory, while Sam believed killing Lilith is the way to stop the A, just that Dean should do it – both angels and demons told him Lilith has to die cause she was breaking the seels.
            But the main difference is that Cas didn’t atone for his wrongs yet, while Sam made a sacrifice, and apologized repeatedly. And no Cas death doesn’t count, since he didn’t willing die for someone else, he just took to long to come to his senses and realized that Dean might be right about the souls. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be forgiven, but he has to earn forgiveness like Sam did. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair. Sam still after everything doesn’t have Dean’s trust back, nor the sympathy of some fans, so Cas can’t come out of his fall from grace with a white west either.
            And if Sam and Dean are responsible for Luci’s murders, then Cas is for the deaths caused by the Levis.

          • Crowley_Gal says:


            Sam only admitted he did something wrong after it was obvious that he did, plus Cas, Dean, Uriel, Pamela and Chuck all warned Sam that what he was doing was wrong but he was so determined he was right he didn’t listen to anyone.

            Cas only started working with Crowley in order to stop the apocalypse. Sam started for revenge. Sam’s a hunter he can’t claim that he didn’t know a demon had his best interest at heart after he’s literally had his whole family killed by demon and demons just spent 40 years torturing his brother.

            He chose Ruby over Dean and blamed Dean for it for being too bossy, despite spending half the season calling Dean weak. What about Sam having sex with Ruby. The show told us that a person’s body can still live without the soul, so wasn’t Ruby’s host still alive and therefore couldn’t and didn’t actually concenst.

            You can’t atone if your dead. If Sam had died at the end of Levee he never would have had a chance to atone because he didn’t’ say he was sorry until Lucifer’s hole was opened.

            Sam and Cas pretty much did the exact same things. They both chose a demon over Dean, they both thought they were doing the right things. Cas let out the leviathans and Sam let out Lucifer.

            Condemn one, condemn the other.

          • Crowley_Gal says:

            sorry that should have been Jamie.

          • SamShowSux says:

            How is Cas going to earn forgiveness if he’s been written off the show?


          • smellynellie says:

            Yet Sam was the one held responsible for the apocalypse, not Cas or Dean.

          • smellynellie says:

            Forgot to say if Dean also did some very bad things, how about he start atoning too?

  27. Allie says:

    Really difficult to muster up interest in the upcoming GG episodes when the outcome is already assured (Blair loses the baby and then goes through with the wedding, at least up until the day of). And then, most likely, they’re going to use this whole mess to force-feed us some Dair, assuming we’re loyal enough to keep watching through anything.

    Thanks for the info though. It’s always better to know bad news ahead of time, I guess.

    • MSC says:

      The 100th episode sounds worse the more I hear. I wanted Chuck and Blair not this dunbass BS they want to force feed us. Not watching.

  28. Perola says:

    Guys, you are so critics. If the story wasn’t about blair, you’ll criticize. If was about Serena/Blair friendship, you would ask for more boy drama. The thing is that you want them (S and B) fighting for the same guy. This show was NEVER about frienships, was about love in friendships. Was about Blair’s schemes, Chuck’s way of life, Serena’s screwing in both meanings, Nat’s lost and Dan’s romantic view. We loved see Blair get caught and revenge, Serena get sad and go after everyone, Chuck beein sarcastic and rude, but delicious, Nate dissapearing and Dan’s not being so pathetic if could be possible. BUT THEY GROWN UP! They WONT be the problematic teenagers forever. THEY CHANGED!!! Everyone is trying to leave THAT life behind and be someone better. But the thing is… Serena has nothing interesting, because even if she wants to be a career girl, she doesnt want it no matter what, so she is boring. Chuck changing is sweet, but is boring. Nate trying to be someone away from his family… BORING! So what is left? Blair reaching her dream to be a princess, because this is what that character allways wanted for her life, be an icon! And she will marry Louis, because she wants her fairy tale, THEN she will realize the costs and she will be “Lady Di”, and that is truly Blair. And the we have Dan, who is learning to not be so pathetic, that is finally becoming interesting, that have an ADULT relationship with Blair, and THAT is interesting. Because, just like the director said EVERYONE had everyone in the show, BUT, Dan and Blair are the ONLY ones that got in a relationship ADULT, they dont have acesses of passion, they dont have reasons to go ahead and admit, but they are in a relationship, on their ways. And they are not be together suddenly, or go to bed for one night. So they are the only couple that can have a mature relation in that show. So, yeah, they are doing what they can do to keep the show alive, and note bein just a review of everything that has already be done.

  29. Eddie says:

    Guys, Serena is the maid of honor and she’ll help Blair get ready. what else is there to know? #sarcasm. I just don’t get how they thought they’d celebrate this important milestone doing a wedding that NO ONE cares about. Not Chair shippers, not DB shippers, not Nate fans or Serena fans, heck not even Blair fans care about it.

  30. Dave says:

    “Opie’s shooting of Clay of course has massive ripple effects, including one seemingly minor – yet potentially major – death in this week’s hour.”

    key word, “shooting”, not “killing”…..

    The one death that is currently minor, but potentially major, though, has got to be the woman flying through the window, who is apparently someone close to LaRoy.

  31. Jennifer says:

    I have to admit, I’m kind of salivating right now thinking of that little Christmas present for SOA fans…Jax naked from head to toe- Merry Christmas to all!!! :)

  32. Chris says:

    Reception? UGH no one wants this wedding to happen. NO ONE. I think it’s the one thing all fans can agree one. Save Blair from this crap.

    I don’t know how the promotion is supposed to work out, but for us loyal fans that want to be rewarded this is not the way of going about it. All I want is some hope for my favorite couple, Chuck and Blair, and instead we’re stuck in guest star Siberia, with what could be the most hated guest star is show history!

    Where is the core of Blerena? What is Serena doing here? When will Blair BE Blair again, can we hope for some staple couple action of Chair and DS? What is Nate up to? Even tease Georgina more! We care about the core pairings and characters NOT this crap royal wedding that has Blair being so unBlair and is in the way of the most epic couple in show history and taking screen time from beloved characters!!

  33. J says:

    Lol, yeah in Greys Anatomy it makes sense they’d all switch partners around. They barely spend any time outside the hospital. But the rich New Yorkers? They need to meet some new people, lol.

  34. Roxie says:

    Yeah. I couldn’t be less interested about Blair’s wedding to a BORING guest star NO ONE cares about. All this Blair and her “men” storyline dilutes all the pairings involved. Since the writers are not interested in FIXING the mess they’ve made with Chair,I’m out! There is no way in hell I’m gonna watch Blair say “I do” to someone who is not Chuck. Period.

  35. Hyde says:

    Ah, more SAMpernatural… of course. If I wasn’t so invested in watching for something interesting to happen with Dean for once, I’d stop watching. Writing these last two seasons have been so bipolar as in GREAT and CRAP episodes that its ridiculous. I watch because I love the characters still but MAN… either make it better or just end the show. Why can’t the writers go back and re-watch seasons 1-5 for a cue on how its done?

    • Andy says:

      “I watch because I love the characters”

      Sorry, but reading your comment I doubt you like Sam much. And you can’t really tell if the episode is even Sam centric, as there is another guest character (a 16-year girl) in this episode, and she manly filmed with Jensen. And the title is Adventures In Babysitting, so it could be actually pretty Dean heavy.
      Maybe you should wait till you see it before you decide it’s a flop, or at least till the official synopsis. j/s

      • SamShowSux says:

        Maybe you should stop telling people what to think and what to post.

        • Andy says:

          I wasn’t telling her/him what to post, I was just disagreeing, and trying to console by pointing out the other spoilers about the episode. My bad.
          Oh, and isn’t it ironic that you basically told me to stop posting that other people should stop posting. So how about following your own advice Sux.

  36. Elle says:

    Absolutely love Homeland. Not sure whether Brody is good or bad. Can’t wait for the showdown between the ladies. Like them both.

  37. Indria says:

    “””Aren’t there always sparks with Sam?”””

    No Ms. Ory, there aren’t always sparks with Sam. Dean yes, Sam, very rarely, which is why Gamble keeps trying over and over to give Sam everything Dean has, and more, while giving Dean nothing, period. So, the rest of the season will be Sam doing everything and Dean? Dean who? Remind me again why Jensen is still on this show? Because the PTBs don’t seem to need him or want him. I’d rather Jensen and Misha got together and had their own show, it would be a lot more fun to watch than watching the Sam Winchester show with a cameo of Dean whenever Gamble remembers that Dean is the other lead.
    @Andy, I doubt very much that the episode will be Dean heavy. Since the hunt will involve Sam, Dean is left, as usual, to the side so that Sam can play the hero, again. I guess Dean fans should, like the Cas fans, realize that Supernatural will only involve Sam and Bobby and Dean and Cas will never be anything more than afterthoughts.
    And Gamble can keep checking off the Sam fans’ wishlist while the Dean fans get a kick in the teeth, as usual.

    • Jamie says:

      Wow, aren’t you dramatic and bitter. O_o
      Let me guess Destiel fan by the whole Jensen & Misha show thing.

      So Sam can’t get a hook up cause Dean always does. What sort of logic is that? I guess he’s not allowed to eat a burger, either. I never get why some people hate Sam so much. Please tell what did Sam get that’s so wonderful you think he gets everything.
      Not to mention you’re talking like you already saw the episode. Dean is always front and center in each episode, so he’ll most certainty won’t be in the background like Sam so often is.

      • Indria says:

        I am what you call, bitter because for two seasons in a row, Dean gets stuck propping up Sam while Sam gets all the solid storylines and yes, I am also bitter concerning Cas because Cas was the only character that actually cared about Dean, but Gamble was too scared of the chemistry between Dean and Cas and that it would take the focus off Sam, which it did, but that was the best part.

        Dean is front and center because Jensen has screen presence, not because Dean has a storyline.

        Sam is the one that the seasons focus on, over and over, and every season, there is something wrong/strange or whatever with Sam and Dean’s job is to wipe Sam’s nose and look out for him until Sam decides he’s all grown up and doesn’t need Dean and leaves Dean. That seems a staple for every season.

        Sam can hook up all he wants, that’s not what bothers me, it’s that Gamble seems to feel that Dean’s job is to be the doormat and Sam is the only lead in the show. That is what bothers me.

        • Meh says:

          Oh hi, TWOPper. You watering hole is about to die because of your rabid Sam-hatred. Good work, you and your socks are so wonderfully biased and even if you got your Dean show, with dismal ratings to boot, you still want more Dean with a little lovey-dovey Castiel at the side?

          Show is tanking badly because of the so called screen-presence that’s obviously not working for a grand part of the audience. But scream some more and get your Cas and Dean show and I bet ratings will be under a mill in no time. Continue with the Dean moping around and feeling sorry for himself and you’ll have the same result.

          • SamShowSux says:

            Oh look, another WFB/samtv escapee. It really bugs you that you can’t drive off the dean fans here like you have at so many other places. Of course, I think most of the dean and cas fans have simply given up on show. But you go ahead and keep whining about how we never get to see Sam’s POV even though they routinely give Sam multiple personalities just so that we can examine his feelings from every single angle.

    • Meh says:

      Bwa ha ha ha.

      Your bitterness, it be delicious.

    • smellynellie says:

      Sam sparks with me so don’t assume you are speaking for every fan out there.

  38. Serena says:

    Hey Gamble and Singer! There is a reason why Grimm is gaining fans and Supernatural is losing fans. Maybe it’s time to realize that not all of Supernatural’s fans are Sam fans. But then again, I see that you don’t care. Grimm does, as does Fringe. Too bad Jensen can’t be on a show where the showrunners actually appreciate him and like him. Gamble seems to hate him and Singer just seems more or less a bobble head that nobs to everything Gamble says.

  39. Nat says:

    I like the SUpernatural spoiler. What I don’t like is the Castiel fans trying to take over the whole fandom thinking the show will die without Castiel. Seriously were you people watching the show about Sam and Dean on a quest or did you have an intuition waiting for Castiel to show up and love the show? Get over him, thank God he is gone.

    • Keep Cas says:

      Cas fans have every right to voice their opinions. I get sick of fans whining about Sam’s hell story being forgotten and how Dean doesn’t get a storyline. Why are you directing your comments directly at Cas fan’s when everyone does it.

      Sera and co. lied about Misha being a regular and then hours later said he wasn’t. Sera has dropped hits that Cas would be back, yet Misha has come right out and said he hasn’t been contacted. So I think Cas fans have every right at being upset about being repeatedly lied to.

      I started watching SN for Cas becuase I was a fan of Misha Collins. If that makes me not a real fan, I don’t care. The show is not the same without Cas for me. I don’t watch the show, I just check spoilers to see if he might be coming back, so don’t bother to tell me to stop watching because I already have.

      • muse says:

        Dude, most dean fans actually want Cas back. But keep dissing them and Dean and you will alienate them too.

        • Jackie says:

          Really? I don’t get that impression, where are you taking that from. The only Dean fans who are also crazy about Cas are Destiel fans, and I know a lot who aren’t. They did not appreciate stupid Dean who can’t do anything without the angel.
          I think Dean deserves a story line which is not part of Sam’s or Cas’.

          • JJ says:

            How silly–most normal Dean fans love Cas. “Sam only” fans don’t like Cas because he steals attention from their Sammy.

          • Jackie says:


            How do you know that, did you make a survey among the Dean girls, or did you ask all Cas haters if they are Sam only fans?

            The only real Cas haters that I know of are in the CW lounge and they are Dean and Sam girls. And if you look on Tumblr and other forums you’ll see that Cas dislike (not so much hate), especially for the season 6 Cas, streams from different fandom parts – Wincest, angel storyline haters, Sam fans, Dean girls, Gen fans, Destiel haters … Saying that only Sam girls hate him is IMO very contrived and just forces Cas vs Sam fights.
            So before you call my opinion silly prove that I’m wrong or why your opinion is more fact than mine, since I told you what I build my opinion on (friend, forums, and tumblr) and you seem to just assume.

  40. Ray says:

    Uh, did he say Vic Mackey? Im in.

  41. Deborah says:

    I’m not too eager for yet another possible Sam’s attracted to a woman/”sparks” episode. Can’t we have something new? Something not focused on Sam? As in maybe an episode focusing on Dean or even Cas (if he would only come BACK) again? Speaking of Cas, I love Misha’s Cas and was extremely upset when he was (apparently; he hasn’t come back yet, anyway, since episode two) killed off. I adored the friendship between Dean and Cas; the comic relief. Jensen and Misha were wonderful together; their chemistry. I started watching with season ONE and love Dean and Sam. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t also love the addition of Cas. I think he really added tons to the show and it’s sad he was apparently killed off to add the totally dull Leviathan. If anything needs to be written out of the show, it’s the Leviathan. Bring back Cas, give Dean some good story lines, and get rid of the Leviathan.

  42. Mila says:

    The sixth season was awful =S what for me was frustrating ok!!!Also I miss the angels on Supernatural, but I won’t say that the seventh season this bad why not this. I’m excited with this seventh season. xD

  43. Cheryl says:

    For the delusional from Kripke himself

    “Because the fans are a protective and occasionally nervous bunch, we are always reiterating both in interviews and in practice that the show is about Sam and Dean. They are the two leads. It’ll never be about anything else. It’ll always be about the two of them, the issues they’re going through, and then, first and foremost, their relationship with each other… The episodes are about the boys. It’s about the guys.
    — Eric Kripke

    • SamShowSux says:

      First of all, you do know that Kripke has nothing to do with the show anymore right?

      Besides, he said that back in the third season when the show was still about both brothers and before contracts were renegotiated in the middle of season 5. It’s pretty clear that certain concessions had to be made to keep the squeeky wheel on the show and these past two seasons are the result.

  44. Cindy says:

    Kripke is no longer in charge. Gamble is, so the show has become Samnatural/The Jared Padalecki Show-and he has had plenty of focus in the first half of S7-just not the angst that his fandom hates seeing Dean get in his stead. As for Gamble and Singer trying to pass off “depression” as Dean’s storyline-what a crock-and even though Jensen is great at it, he’s great at a lot more than just that, and if that’s the only “storyline” they have planned for him for this season, then I wish they’d just end it by letting him eat his own gun, so that he can move on, and then *I* could, too.

  45. dave says:

    It’s now obvious the show is pretty much finished. The only reason it would be renewed is because of CW actually has very few hit shows on its hand.
    Critically, Gamble has pretty much destroyed the show. Looking across alot of forums that aren’t crazed Supernatural nutter centric, I’ve detected a great drop off in interest. A feeling that the show is just now going through the motions, limping from one uninspiring MOTW episode to the next.
    Supernatural was basically a 5 season show. What came after was something that makes a show Like Charmed seem high art.

  46. lol@CastielWar says:

    hehe you guys make me laugh…

    On another note though; Ruby’s the only character I don’t enjoy on OUPA so far… and no not because of her name but because she just annoys me. I’m curious about this character though and no no chick should be allowed to touch Sam at least until he does what he promised Sarah back in season 1! (Unless she really did get hit by a bus…)
    Sorry I’m just a hopeless season 1 lover…

  47. Kat says:

    Sam, Sam, Sam…UGH! I am sick of Sam! Can’t Supermantural find something for Dean to do? Jensen is a better actor than Jared and MUCH hotter to look at but for some reason TPTB keep writing for Jared. That is why the ratings have dropped this season! That and the fact that they keep killing off the characters that make the show good…Jo, Ellen, Cas, Rufus, John…you can’t be averse to killing people when plotlines dictate it but you can’t kill everyone.

    We want more Dean! Don’t TPTB check the polls put up by one of your competitors (sorry TVLine? Dean wins them all everytime!!!!

    • Wbrothers says:

      *eye roll*
      Could you please tell what exactly was all about Sam, Sam, Sam this season so far? IMO Jensen gets just as much if not more from the writers.

      What’s with the Sam/Jared hate all of the sudden. One spoiler doesn’t mention Dean and bashing explodes =|

      • Cindy says:

        ONE! spoiler doesn’t mention him?! Where have you been reading? ALL we’ve been given from the PTBs since the end of S6 is one lame spoiler(he’ll be “soul-searching”/having an “identity crisis”)! And this after his exciting “domestication” storyline in S6…*rolls eyes*…

        • Wbrothers says:

          Well soul-searching/identity crisis is better than scar pressing/being fine or hoping that sth might happen in the second half, which will just as likely be dropped. Thus, Sam spoilers aren’t any more exciting than Dean’s. Please name one besides this one where it actually is about Sam alone, and not S&D do this and that …

          And SoulessSam was just as big of a disaster as DomesticDean.
          O.o Both boys deserve better story lines, S vs D wars are so obnoxious and unnecessary.

          • Cindy says:

            I would have loved to have seen a SoullessDean storyline for Dean/Jensen, the width and breadth and length of time episode-wise that Sam/JP got-especially because the character has been so ridiculously protected by the writers through their writing. I even thought they might be going to a place like that with Dean after MBV and Famine’s finding “nothing” there when he touched Dean. DarkDean is awesome, when they let him go there, IMO. Guess they decided to give it to Sam instead. What a surprise. And it’s the showrunners and writers themselves who encourage and promote the Sam vs Dean wars. They think any kind of buzz is good buzz-but I’ve noticed a big drop-off in interest in this show, too, in the last 2 seasons-from both fandom and fandom sites and from the professional critics corner, too. Mo Ryan just quit reviewing it.

          • Wbrothers says:


            Well, that’s kinda a two way street. I heard lots of Sam fans say they would have wanted him to have a connection to other characters – so I guess they would have been happy about a DomisticatedSam then. Cause technically if you see going to hell as a Dean storyline, then wanting a normal life was Sam’s. The writers should come up with sth new, and stop recycling everything (even Cas story line was a repeat of season 4).
            Both sides tend to want what the others have.
            And Mo Ryan quitting doesn’t surprise me, she is/was a big Cas fan.
            I like both brothers, and I even like Cas, thus I’m so tired of the constant complaining of Samgirls, Deangirls and Casgirls, and their bashing of the characters that aren’t their favourites. Maybe I’ll try just watching the show, and stay away from the fandom.

          • Cindy says:

            “Well, that’s kinda a two way street. I heard lots of Sam fans say they would have wanted him to have a connection to other characters – so I guess they would have been happy about a DomisticatedSam then. Cause technically if you see going to hell as a Dean storyline, then wanting a normal life was Sam’s.”
            It’s the whole role-reversal crap that they’ve been doing since S2-which would have been on a more even par if Dean had been given what became after the retconning done in S5, Sam’s singular special/chosen one status as his(Dean’s) storyline for S6. And they didn’t need to “power him up” to do that. They even had some things in place already-the Servant of Heaven being my favorite. And yes, IA-completely new and creative storylines are what this show really and truly needed after S5.

  48. Annoyed says:

    Ok, I don’t get the complaining.
    If you change working girl to wanna-be-psychic it could basically be a spoiler about the Mentalists, and that was not Dean centric. Why do people always have to make such a drama about everything in Spn?

    My count this season – Sam (Amy, Becky); Dean (Jo, psychic girl), so it’s pretty even in the romantic side – although it would be nice if Sam wasn’t drugged this time.

  49. auntiemm says:

    I agree the twist has to do with Potter…and I’m not completely sure he’s not JT or at least a brother. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t a Fed at all.

  50. moon says:

    I am sick of the cas fans!! Supernatural its not about Castiel or destiel, its abot Sam and Dean!!!! get over it! I used to love castiel when he was badass, but in the past season he was a puppy eye look and useless, i still like him, but this show has to move on.
    And i love every storyline about sam and dean, if you dont like dont waste your time!!