The Walking Dead Fall Finale Recap: Barn Storm

If you have yet to watch Sunday’s fall finale of The Walking Dead, hit the nearest exit. Everyone else, read on…

Last week’s stunning episode of The Walking Dead made it tough to imagine how the AMC hit would top itself. Or that it even could top itself. But damned if the midseason finale – featuring little, lost Sophia’s debut (and finale) as a zombie — didn’t raise the bar for the series yet again. Here’s how:

E-I-E-I-ARGH | At first it seemed like, regardless of Lori’s pregnancy, Hershel was, erm, dead set on sending Rick and Co. on their merry way. Even when Maggie pleaded their case, he shrugged it off, insisting, the cop was “being dramatic” about life away from the farm. But finally, the vet decided to give the newbies a chance — provided Rick could see the walkers as people. His test: Help Hershel wrangle a couple of undead neighbors into the barn. The procedure was going more or less fine until they reached the farm and…

THE SHANE MUTINY | As Shane’s slow descent into (I’m guessing) madness seemed to speed up, busybody Dale decided it would be a good idea to hide the guns. Unfortunately, the crop-topped hothead tracked him down but fast. “You gonna shoot me like you did Otis?” the old man asked, as a dare, it seemed. Shockingly, he made it out of the tense confrontation alive, and made it back to the farm just in time to witness Shane handing out firearms — even to Carl! After that, Officer Anger Management mucked up Hershel and Rick’s zombie transfer and busted open the barnful of zombies so that the gang could kill them all. Or all but one. Just as the smoke started to clear, one last walker lurched out: Sophia. (Cue Carol wailing.) That one, Mr. Tough Guy left for Rick to shoot.

BABY BOOM In other, pre-shootout plot developments, Rick told Shane that Lori was pregnant. In turn, Shane told Lori the kid was his, and Lori told him, “Even if it’s yours, it’s never gonna be yours.” This only seemed to make Shane crazier. Carl told off Shane for urging everyone to give up on the search for Sophia. (The moppet even cussed!) Daryl and Carol bonded some more, Dale tried (and failed) to warn Andrea away from Shane, and after Maggie cracked an egg over Glenn’s head for blabbing the big barn secret, they got even smoochier. “I don’t want you in danger ever,” he proclaimed romantically.

So what did you think of the midseason finale? Were you surprised that Sophia was zombified? That she was killed? Sound off below.

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  1. Ken Byrd says:

    Extremely chilling mid-season finale! I did not see Sophia coming and it made it all the more tragic when they showed the camera and those little feet and worked its way up. Great story and great acting all around.

    • darclyte says:

      Sophia is still alive in the comic books, so another departure of the tv series from the source material…which is a good thing…unless you’re the actress playing Sophia.

      When they went to pull the zombies out of the swamp, I figured that was what happened with Sophia and she’d be in the barn…but I still held out hope. Once Shane released them, I knew she’d be the last to come out. What a sad and tragic revelation.

      Very good episode, with an amazing ending. The story throughout was well told, and I hope that maybe this episode will make the “all zombies all the time” people realize that this isn’t a story about zombies featuring survivors, but a story about survivors featuring zombies.

      • Lady says:

        well said darclyte

      • John says:

        I was pretty sure Sophia was a goner as soonas she disappeared. However, I did not think she’d be in the barn until I realized we were moments away from the midseason finale and we had not resolved the Sophia situation… then it al fell together for me. My only note for those making the show: If you want to surprise the audience, do it at least 5 minutes before the end of the episode. If they’d done the Sophia reveal then and then done a flashback to show how she got there, her reveal would have caught me more off guard… and left me with fewer questions (that were answered during Talking Dead).

        • Snsetblaze says:

          I am curious as to what was answered during Talking Dead as I missed most of it and did not want to wait up all night to see it again.

          • Mike says:

            Basically, how Sophia got there and if Hershel knew about it. Kirkman just told a backstory (that we could have figured out on our own) about how Otis grabbed Sophia before he shot Carl and brought her back to the barn. It was his job to catch the Walkers out and about so he probably didn’t share with Hershel and crew what was in there. So when Shane killed Otis, the man that could have saved them from their Sophia search was gone. That all being said, Hershel at least had to consider the fact that Sophia could be in that barn but by keeping the barn a secret…he probably wouldn’t reveal it as a possibility.

            In response to John, I think they handled the cliffhanger/Shocking Twist fine. Twists are usually at the END of an episode. Do you think us finding out that it was Jack’s Flash forward would have been nearly as effective if it was revealed to us prior to the final scene of LOST’s season 3 finale? (4.5 year old spoiler alert! lol) Naturally, someone had already spoiled the Sophia in the barn thing by posting a comment about it on an EW recap or something. It seemed too plausible for me to dismiss when I was watching the episode, but I was still gutted by those final moments.

          • Mike says:

            “he probably didn’t share with Hershel and crew what was in there”…Whoops…Obviously Hershel knew of his family members in there, but there may have been others including Sophia that he didn’t know about.

        • Evan says:

          Apparently this info will be also given on the next episode when it comes back in Feb and Kirkman just decided to at least say it there as well since the impact of it was so huge to everyone.

      • Amanda says:

        i was one of the “all zombies all the time” people until the very end of this episode.

    • dee says:

      i was stunned i thought she would be living in woods n become wild lol

      • Deedee says:

        I agree, I thought we would find a child that learned enough survival skills to dodge the limited walkers in the woods. Children are resilient and adjust to the circumstances and are better than adults sometimes at adapting. In this world and the Zombie one you teach them to protect themselves. I was extremely disappointed, as I really needed to have her alive to keep HOPE alive!

    • Ashes says:

      Honestly, I would have been more surprised if they had found her alive! That would have been amazing. After day one I knew she was a goner, she had no survival instinct or skills at all and only made it as far as she did because of others protecting her. Take away that and she’s dead. The very moment I found out she was missing I looked over to my friend and said they will find her as a zombie! I guarantee it! I’m happy I won that bet as it paid very well. When I learned of the zombies in the barn I also said, they will find her in the barn since they haven’t found her yet. which doubled the stakes. lol! It was predictable to me. She originally was a survivor in the novel right? BUT you can tell from the first season that they are only drawing from the novel with scenarios and settings, characters that should have been there are not, characters that never were there are….you know that they are going to change the story from day one for “shock value” to readers of the graphic novel. So naturally they will kill off characters that original lifespans had been longer and keep the drama rolling with characters that have more substance to the story. simply put, from a business point of ratings, paying Sophia to be on the show past this point would not have been profitable as her character was pretty much useless in the drama section. THEY COULD HAVE LEFT HER ALIVE! But it wouldn’t have contributed to the show…that’s the reality. And are dear friend the writer must love money more then he loves his creation. I still like the show a little…but as always, it’s ruined by the need to be sold and made cheap.

  2. Jesse says:

    Loved Shane tonight. I think the problem was, Shane was right but he says it wrong, and in my opinion Rick was wrong but he said it in the right way.

    • Lady says:

      I agree. Daryl was my favorite character until tonight. I like Rick and he and Shane balance each other, but Shane is right. This is a different world and difficult choices have to be made despite previous convictions. I’m glad he mellowed Andrea too. Her incessant whining was really working my nerves. At any rate, agreed!

      • kbrown2225 says:

        Shane is simply trying to rationalize his evil actions. What has he done to lead or protect the group? He considered murdering Rick to get his wife, attempted to rape Lori, murdered Otis to save his own skin, threatened to murder Dale and has generally acted like a sociopath.

        Hell why even open the damn barn, it took him forever with a pickaxe and now the group has expended a huge amount of thier limited ammo and alerted every walker in a 10-mile radius that there is a buffet nearby. All while screaming like a madman.

        • tripoli says:

          Agreed. Well said.

        • Lizzy says:

          You’re right, kinda. He murdered Otis to save his own skin, yes. But if both of them would’ve died then so would have Carl.

          Opening the barn and shooting like they did was wrong and dangerous, yes. But what was so different than the gun training camp both Shane and Rick held in a previous episode? They wasted ammo then and could have alerted god knows how many walkers.

        • Rick’s famous “We ARE the walking dead” speech from the comic will have even more resonance in the face of Shane’s dark downward spiral. He’s the personification of a kind of abstract concept Rick was communicating with that monologue.

        • Yep. You-know-who can’t get his finger on that trigger fast enough.

    • John says:

      I don;t think so… because I don’t think the conflict was kill/save zombies. Rick and Shane both thought the zombies needed to be taken down, but Rick was trying to work with their host to get him on board before trampling all over his beliefs. The zombies were contained in a cage that was holding. There was no exigency. Rick was right…

      My predicition for the back half of the season: Time Jump. Why? Carl is getting older faster…

  3. Annie says:

    I was hoping the girl had become a zombie by now. Didn’t expect her to be in the barn.

    And Shane is just annoying, along with Andrea. Poor Dale, he seems what everyone else doesn’t, I fear he’ll be dead soon

    • Russ says:

      I hope Dale gets killed off soon, he is such a nag. Every time he says something I just can’t helping think why do you get eaten already!

      • Lady says:

        I agree with you. Dale is a nag. Andrea isn’t his daughter and yet he treats her as if she is his 12 yo. Ridiculous. Shane Rocks. He is like the soldier that goes to war to do what is necessary for everyone to have freedom and peace and yet is vilified for having the intestinal fortitude to do what others won’t.

        • Claire says:

          Like shoot you in the leg and feed you to a zombie herd.

          • jack says:

            why did he shoot him in the leg? why not just kill him on the spot? instead he had to fight him to get away.

          • Lizzy says:


            Zombies need live bait. If he would’ve killed Otis then the zombies still would’ve came after him. At least leaving Otis behind it kept the zombies busy enough for him to get away with a messed up ankle.

      • Tina says:

        Oh, I soooo agree. I like the comic book-Dale, but the TV-Dale is one indescribably annoying fool, ditto with Hershel.

        I love sociopath Shane, and Daryl who is conflicted about so many things. This is just a story after all, and a good story needs great antagonists or more correctly, hero-antihero types.

        So much for the bland TV version of Rick. He’s just so… limp. :(

        I can’t see a character like Michonne and the Governor blending in with the TV group, but if ever AMC does get that ball rolling, I hope they get Danny Trejo for the part.

    • Ruby says:

      Oh yes, poor misogynistic busybody Dale, who thinks it’s ok to treat women like “little ladies” and make decisions for them. As a woman, how can you have one iota of sympathy for that creep?

      • Sarah says:

        Wow…someone is taking this a little too far. I think, like every character on this show, that he is much more complex than that. And as a women I’ve never been offended by anything he’s said, and even if I had it wouldn’t actually bother me because he’s a character on a tv show.

      • WWP says:

        As woman I find it easy by remembering Dale was born the 40’s and that he was rasied in a generation where it was a man’s “duty” to take care of women. I thought his realization that he was wrong and his apology moment to Andrea was convincing. He’s going to be paternal and he’s going to offer his often unasked for advice, as father figures tend to do. (although in the case of warning Andrea away from Shane, he’s not exactly off-base)

      • Holly says:

        I still haven’t figured out how, as a woman, I can even watch this show, much less have sympathy for Dale.

        • Axl says:

          I’m not sure I understand anyones’ distaste for Dale here. I mean, sure it’s all up to personal opinion, but the guy’s just looking out for Andrea, which is respectful in it’s own right.

          I do agree that he shouldn’t be quite as involved with her business as he is, but his character will obviously go deeper than “old guy helping girl he connects with”. From the few times he’s mentioned her, Dale is rather distraught by the loss of his wife, and the way I see it, he sees Andrea as somewhat of a daughter figure, so it’s understandable that he’s treat her the way he is.

          Besides, we don’t know exactly how long Dale/Andrea/any of the others were all “camping” together before Rick showed up, so there’s a lot of missing time and development we aren’t accounting for on-air.

  4. Carla says:

    I was actually expecting Sophia to come out of the barn with/as a walker once Shane opened the locks. But I wonder why, once the barn secret was out, didn’t Hershel say, btw, we caught a little girl about the same age as your missing one? He wanted them to leave but knew they were searching for her. Seems like he could’ve sent them on their way sooner. Pre-barn secret spilling he could’ve told them they killed a zombie girl matching the description. Good episode with a nagging plot point.

    • heather says:

      Because, as he said by the swamp, Otis was the one in charge of wrangling and putting people in the barn. He died before they could tell him they were looking for her.

      • Kristoffer says:

        Thank you for reminding me of Hershel saying that. After the show was over I kept wondering why Hershel wouldn’t have mentioned there was a little girl walker in the barn that could have been Sophia. Guess I have to pay closer attention.

      • Patrick says:

        Yea but the time line doesnt add up. Theres no way she could have gone to all the places Dale tracked her to, gotten killed, turned into a zombie and got captured by Otis in pretty much one day before Carl got shot. Also, they have been feeding the zombies, at least once since the group had been on the farm. You would think someone would have been like, oh hey, we have a little girl in the barn, MAYBE its the same one youre looking for? I hope they at lease address it in the next episode.

        • yanno says:

          right… the editing was kind of weird on that episode when the group spent a whole lot of time searching and @ the church – It was actually 2-3 days in between commercials. To make sense of it, Day 1 Sophia kept running like a child chased by another zombie – there were a few rick only killed two – Sophia dropped her doll somewhere – then decided to cross a lake – got stuck in what seemed to be a bear trap underwater and got bit.

          Day 2 / Maybe Day 3 – Sophia regenerated – Otis found her – put her in the barn, while our group was at the Church. They spent a while at the church – meanwhile Otis goes to hunt – he eventually finds a deer and shoots Carl.

          that week’s script seemed a little off beat – perhaps the editing was bizarre in between commercials – but if you pay attention to their dialogue it subtly states it was a little more than a day – I noticed the lighting changes – it was lit dark afternoon – then after the commercial break it was blue and set in the AM.

          hope my assumption helped. Cheers. – J

        • heather says:

          And, I don’t feel like they knew 100% for sure that it was her that made the little nest in that closet and such. And I’m pretty sure if she had spent time at the church the inside walkers would have chased after her and been all animated instead of sitting around in the pews.

        • Kyle Garret says:

          There’s no proof that any of the places Darryl had tracked were places Sophia had actually been. Even the doll was down stream, which means it could have been dropped anywhere.
          And given the sheer number of zombies in the barn, and the fact that Sophia is pretty small, I don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest that those feeding the zombies didn’t even notice her — I can’t imagine they were spending too much time looking closely at who was in there.

      • Snsetblaze says:

        I heard the comment but my two questions were – how did generally out of shape, overweight Otis wrangle the walkers by himself? In-shape Rick and the teenage kid had trouble handling one together (and if there was an underwater bear trap, how did they get it open without getting too close to the Walker). And how did Otis get a Walker into the barn. If he opened a door, wouldn’t the others try to get out? And would he have detached the thing around the Walker’s neck once it was in the barn?

        • Snsetblaze says:

          Oh that was actually four questions.

        • Carla says:

          I was wondering that last night, too, even before I was reminded today that Otis did it by himself. Seems like it would be really, really hard to get one in without the others charging the door, even for 2 or 3 people. But one person doing it alone? Otis was a goner whether Shane shot him or not.

        • kbrown2225 says:

          Yeah I wanted to see how they were going to get the two new zombies into the barn.

        • sp00f says:

          I’m pretty sure Hershel said that the mud in the swamp was “like being in a bear trap,” not an actual trap. The walkers sink and get stuck in the muck.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      In the sneak peek shown during HELL ON WHEELS, Shane asks Hershel that very question and Hershel reiterates that Otis was in charge of putting them in the barn, and Otis died before he could say anything. And as Yanno suggests below, there was time for Sophia to turn.

    • Amanda says:

      I think he didn’t tell them because he knew they would kill her

    • Carla says:

      Thanks for all the clarifications. I must’ve missed that about Otis being the zombie wrangler or just not filed it away. Anyhoo, I have a hard time knowing how many days have passed since even the series started, much less since Sophia disappeared. I know it was 2 days since Deep Blonde shot Daryl and it must’ve been a while since Carl was shot because he is very mobile. So, without re-watching the season, I could buy that Otis didn’t know they were looking for a little girl before he was shot, since it was basically, he shot Carl, then there was the chaos aftermath, then he went to the school with Shane. But didn’t Rick tell them to go find Lori in the woods because they were out searching in groups for Sophia? I have an easier time believing she climbed into the barn (the same way Glenn did) looking for a place to stay and then fell into the zombies and became zombiefied.

      • Snsetblaze says:

        That’s actually a very good thought. It makes sense.

      • Kyle Garret says:

        Rick doesn’t tell them why Lori is in the woods, just where she is.

      • Has says:

        I think if she fell in the barn with the zombies they would have eaten her to bits. Because think about it, the zombiefied people are the one’s that got but but got away only to turn later. So I doubt if she fell in the barn like that. Maybe she got bit while out in the woods

      • Tina says:

        That’s a great possible explanation, Carla.

        I noticed, however, that Sophia had a bite (bloody wound) on her neck, and I’m wondering if she had been turned through that.

      • Terrence says:

        Makes sense falling into the barn, but then why wasn’t she ripped to shreds?! Better yet how does she manage to escape with just being bitten when she got stuck? There’s so many inconsistencies in the writing that it makes it hard to suspend disbelief.

  5. Yamas says:

    They killed Carl’s love : (

  6. Alex says:

    I’ll admit that I was surprised by the revalation at the end of the episode, but what surprised me more was that I didn’t see it coming. They kept saying it would happen, but I trusted Rick, Daryl, and Dale instead of my better judgment.

    When I saw them kill the little girl at the beginning of the first episode I thought it showed that they were willing to do anything. After tonight, I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

  7. glory says:

    They didnt say because thxe one that spot the walkers and move them to the barn was Otis and by tge time they start talking to Hershel about Sophia Otis was dead. When Hershel and Rick were walking, he said to Rick that Otis used to do that job!

  8. Lory says:

    I was not expecting that ending, poor Sophia. The show was amazing, great finale shocker.

  9. Cookie Monster... says:

    Carla, if you watched the after show, “Talking Dead”, then you would have heard the producers say that actually Otis found Sophia (in zombie form) and stuck her in the barn…but he was killed before he could even tell them and of course, Otis didn’t know who Sophia was to tell them anyway.

  10. Hersh says:

    It seems very likely to me that the little girl may have sought out the barn as a hiding place and then run afoul of the zombies that shambled within.

  11. d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

    I am absolutely DONE with this show. I have dealt with what they have changed from the comic so far (characters not being introduced/a certain character not being dead yet). But killing Sophia off just pushed it too far for me. Killing off one of the more important characters of the entire comic series when they shouldn’t be is absolute bs. I understand they need change a few things to make the story flow better as a series, but this just makes anything they do from here on out utterly pointless!

    • Marco says:

      you’re right, I’m done too, they stray far and far from the comic, and Sophia is a major character in it, and now I’m wondering how the f… are they gonna fix the Carl-Sophia plot now that she’s dead!?. I’M DONE, AND I’M NOT WATCHING IT ANYMORE!,

      • Steven says:

        So what is the Carl-Sophia plot? I didn’t see the 1st season so is there more to him having a crush on her?

      • majorangstgirl says:

        LOL going to hold your breath ’til you turn blue too? It’s just TV dude, no reason to GO ALL CAPS ABOUT IT!!!!

        No show is going to follow an original source or comic book exactly, what would be the point of even watching is someone already knows every single thing that is going to happen before it happens.

    • ScottB says:

      why would you want to watch a tv show if all they did was tell the exact same story as the comics? you comic book nerds complain about every single movie and tv show based off comics. it is so annoying. don’t watch them if all you are going to do is whine how the comics are better.

      • d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

        1- The show is amazing and I never said the comics were better as you so claim.
        2- I wouldn’t consider myself a comic book nerd as the Walking Dead is the only comic I’ve ever read.
        3- If you read my post i stated I was OK with the changes they had made up to this point and understood the need to do so.
        However if you have ever read a book or seen a play and thought it was amazing and then when they adapt it they kill off one of its main characters you would understand why i won’t be watching anymore. I’m not saying anyone else should or even saying this will make the show worse, I’m just saying this route they took ruined what would have definitely made for great television.

        • d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

          I would like to apologize for my rash reaction. The cast and crew on this show are amazing and after discussing the show with a friend i’ll give it another chance at midseason trying not to compare it with the comic. (not that anyone cares.) lol

      • Ruby says:


      • Linda says:

        I couldn’t have said it better ScottB. Thanks.

    • Carla says:

      I understand what you are saying – I have the same issue with True Blood. I absolutely love the books. I started reading them after season 1, which followed the book pretty closely. For that reason, my husband only read book 1 because he found it annoying that the show would be the same. In later seasons, I almost quit watching because the changes were so horrendous (I’m looking at you Maryann), but I stuck with it, and now I’m only slightly bothered. ;-)

      As much as I love TV and movies, I have never seen an adaptation that is better than the books (or in this case comics) they are based on (though GWTW is close). I would like to read these Walking Dead comics, but I will wait until the series is over.

      • ruandvin says:

        I’m reading the comics now and I treat them the same way I treated all the Trueblood books…as if they were a completely different entity. I LOVE the TB show and I loved the books but to me they were completely different…I was annoyed by the changes at first but then mentally separated them. The Walking Dead comics are the same way…great story, but I separate them from the show…otherwise I would go CRAZY!!! lol BTW…sooooo agree with you on the Maryann fiasco…couldn’t wait to see her get croaked! ha ha

        • tripoli says:

          I just started reading the comics out of curiosity, hearing that much of the show is different. Which I think is great. The bad ass character of Daryl isn’t even in the comics, so a little creative license with the show is great if it adds to the over all greatness of the story. I prefer the show, but probably just because it’s what I was exposed to first. Both very entertaining though.

      • lauren says:

        vampire diaries doesn’t get a lot of respect i’m guessing because it’s a CW show, but having read the entire book series, that show is hands down a better adaptation! they strayed extremely far away from the books, but the direction they went is far superior to any direction the books could have taken.

      • Rain says:

        I read all the Sookie Stackhouse books before the show started. I hated the changes they made so much during just the first few episodes (as well as the casting – I’ve never been so turned off by a cast in my life!) I gave up on the show and ended up never reading any more of the books.

    • Ruby says:

      LOL See ya later, flouncy.

    • The Squatch says:

      Maybe we’ll get lucky and they will “fix” the Carl-Sophia plot by killing Carl off too.

      I’ve read the entire comic series up to date and, personally, I don’t think Sophia matters to the storyline one bit. Carl only really matters in relation to his survival being the basis of all of the decisions Rick makes. While I think it bites, (pun intended), that the young lady playing Sophia basically lost her job, I think the character is pretty much useless.

  12. rakahia says:

    Like whichin moves

  13. Karla says:

    Very sad ending!! I really wasn’t expecting Sophia to be dead. All along I was thinking that she will b alive in a house hiding or something.

  14. ernesto marquez says:

    I saw everything coming in that episode somebody on youtube told everything and it was true

    • Tyson says:

      same here i remember 2 weeks ago on youtube reading a comment that said “i cant believe sophia was in the barn” it wasnt in the comics that she ever got lost so i would love to know where this guy got his info from

  15. Devon says:

    It didn’t hit me until Shane started yanking the locks off the barn that she was in there. I figured we had to get some closure on the Sophia front since it was the midseason finale. I was not shocked that Sophia was a walker but surprised she was in the barn.

    Shane is f*cking losing it. ‘Nuff said.

    Lori is still terrible but I think she’s trying, Dale is going to die at the hands of Shane, I can feel it, I’ve got this weird suspicion about Daryl and Carol (barf) and Glenn is awesome. Andrea can still die and Hershel can jump off a cliff.

    • Lady says:

      Can’t stand Hershel either or Carl for that matter. It was a great finale. Sophia had to be a walker. She was a hard headed little girl. Coming from under the car too soon and didn’t stay put where Rick told her originally. I like Lori though. She has supported Rick in front of the group and checked Carol when she tried to tarnish his character for being the only one to run after her stupid little girl.

      I love Shane. He is right. This is about survival. He gets things done when all about him whine. Like he told Lori, how many times have I saved your life?

      He can be brash, but again, in a world of zombies, I’d want that dude with me. Not whiny treat everyone like a child Dale or can’t do anything T Dog. I’d want Daryl too.

      • Has says:

        I C/S you on Shane and Daryl, I’d want them on my team anyday. And Andrea is turning into a ROD chic too. I want soldiers on my team in a zombie, all that whining got to go, along with Dale!

      • kbrown2225 says:

        You want Shane the guy who considered murdering his best friend to get his wife, attempted to rape Lori, murdered Otis in cold blood, threatend to murder Dale for correctly guessing that he was a murderer, who released a barn full of walkers (that were pretty much secure) so the group could use up all their ammuniton and alert all the walkers in the area that they were there, all the while screaming like a madman? Shane is the one I would least want around in a zombie apocolypse.

        • Lizzy says:

          I’d rather have Shane (a guy that can shot without even looking), Daryl, and maybe Andrea. The fat guy needed to die, it was either HIM or him, Shane, AND Carl (seems everyone keeps forgetting that Carl needed the meds that Shane took from Otis). Dale needs to die cause everyone ain’t his damn kids. And god Lori reminds of those women from the Lifetime Network movies. Don’t get me started on Rick. His face just pisses me off.

          Rick’s the one that chained Mertel to the roof (which if he wouldn’t have rode a horse into the center of Atlanta in the first place he wouldn’t have had to be saved by Glen). It was Rick’s fault for leaving the camp with 3 other men. And why does he keep giving away the guns? He gave some to Morgan, some to the people at the retirement home, and some to the people that went to Alabama to find their family.

          • Rain says:

            If you go back and watch, Shane was the one slowing Otis down – not the other way around. He should have let Otis go without him and then tried to hold off the walkers himself.

  16. tripoli says:

    Seemed likely that Sophia would be found as a walker, given that they let Carl live. Made more sense, and for a better show for her to end up dead. Wasn’t expecting her to be in the barn right away, but once the walker groans were heard after the lot of them were shot, I figured she’d make her walker debut. Awesome episode. Can’t wait for February, when hopefully we will see the demise of psycho Shane and awful Andrea.

  17. Patrick says:

    Yea but the time line doesnt add up. Theres no way she could have gone to all the places Dale tracked her to, gotten killed, turned into a zombie and got captured by Otis in pretty much one day before Carl got shot. Also, they have been feeding the zombies, at least once since the group had been on the farm. You would think someone would have been like, oh hey, we have a little girl in the barn, MAYBE its the same one youre looking for? I hope they at lease address it in the next episode.

  18. joseph says:

    Okay. Be done. They have plenty of viewers and if you don’t want to see how THIS version of the story goes, then go back to your comic books and let it be.

  19. Ed says:

    Wait…So Sophia is an important part of the Comic? I never read them…obviously.

    • jen says:

      no Sophia is not an important part of the comic. Yes she is still alive in issue 90, but all she is is a surrogate child for another couple and a friend to Carl. She has appeared in a handfull of issues since the beginning and in absolutely NO significant way. She is a pointless character in the comic aside from her surrogate relationship with 2 other charachters. And that relationship could be created with ANY child.

  20. billy zana says:

    WOW what a crap ending to a cap “mid-season” lol I would rather watch days of our lives

  21. Emily says:

    Awesome episode, I definitely didn’t expect Sophia was in the barn. Shane has the right idea, but the WRONG way of going about it. That massacre scene was wrenching in so many different ways. I bet it’s actually Shane’s baby. Rick having to take out Sophia is going to change him, and I bet Daryl’s reaction will be interesting to watch. The haters are crazy, compared to 90% of TV shows out there, the Dead is kiling it, no pun intended.

  22. Kevin says:

    Sophia isn’t really an important person in the comics she’s just Carl’s playmate and I really don’t see her having any plot significance (unless she died). Mind you, I’ve only read the omnibus, so I’m not really that far into the comics. Let’s call her Carl’s anchor to sanity. I mean, they left out a lot of people in the TV series like Allen, Donna, the twins, and Tyreese’s group. I don’t see any of the comic book fans complaining about that. Also, the only solid evidence that Daryl found was the doll. The shack really doesn’t count since (as Shane said) that could’ve been anyone, so the whole Otis wrangling her might not exactly be false since Rick did lose her in a creek and Otis does have horses and a truck to travel. Oh, and let’s not forget walkers can still hold onto objects (like the little girl in the pilot) if I can remember correctly. All in all, I think that everything in the show has been solidly covered if you look at it in a more realistic point. (Cue the hate comments).

    • Laurel says:

      No hate comments.
      I agree with you.
      She dropped the doll in the creek when she was attacked near where Rick left her and it went down stream where Daryl found it.

      Anyone could of stayed in the farmhouse.

      All of leads were just assumptions.
      Otis could of found Sophia and put her in the barn just prior to shooting Carl all while the others were looking for her in another part of the woods.

  23. Carrie says:

    I thought that was a pretty awesome ending and it explains why they took so long to find poor Sophia. I think that whoever fed the zombies in the barn probably dumped the chickens in there and didn’t bother to really take a good look at them. I wouldn’t want to. Plus, Sophia was by far the smallest in a large group of zombies, so I don’t think it was that much of a stretch that no one mentioned a little girl zombie was in the barn. How sad for the group. I felt really bad for Sophia’s mom and for Carl. However, it was awesome when Shane went nuts, opened the barn doors and everyone lined up and shot one zombie after another. I’ve been enjoying the season thus far and I look forward to the rest of the episodes.

    • Lady says:

      I don’t think Shane went nuts. I think he’d had enough. Heck, he thinks Lori is pregnant with his child. He turned protector man and said he was tired of all the games and he was determined to stick around in a safe haven with “his” baby better protected. He did what a lot of men would do in that situation to protect what is his.

      • Kalie says:

        I would definitely say Shane is going nuts/losing it. He let Otis die a horrific death, lied about it and then shaved all his hair off and in the last episode he basically threatened to kill Dale in cold blood. In last night’s episode, he put everyone in danger by breaking open the barn doors and letting those zombies free. One of the group could’ve easily been killed. What if one of the zombies bit Carl or Lori?

  24. Fudgefase says:

    I take it Sophia was the female character that was to be killed off that MA’s been hinting about?

    • d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

      That is a negatory. That character is revealed in another article on this site that i won’t refer to in case of spoilers.

  25. JohnDoe says:

    I feel bad for Hershel. His farm is invaded by a bunch of strangers who decide to take things into their own hands and cause a bunch of chaos. He’s powerless in this situation. I hope Shane dies off soon. What a jerk.

  26. Justin says:

    Loved the episode, especially the ending. It was entertaining and heartbreaking at the same time. Seeing Sophia walk out of that barn as a zombie was surprising and sad. I felt so bad for that poor little girl. I also appreciate Shane for keeping things real! Definitely looking forward to February.

    • Lady says:

      I agree with you. I think Shane is awesome for doing everyone’s dirty work. It was fantastic writing to have Rick shoot zombie Sophia as the de facto leader. The zombies are like rabid dogs. Even as a veterinarian, I doubt Hershel would have kept Cujo alive in his barn.

  27. shamon temple says:


  28. Jack Straw says:

    I’m wondering, though, how the writers are going to handle the inevitable fallout. The group either has to murder Hershel (and presumably Maggie)in order to keep access to what the farm has, which would destroy the group, or leave. Hershel’s not going to let them stay now. So, what’ll it be? Back on the road to the Army base they were originally headed to?

    I’m assuming so, with Maggie in tow. One of the creators said Michonne from the comics would also join the group. It’s tough to see Shane sticking around in a convoy type arrangement. Being on the road is unstable enough, without the guy who just forced you out onto the road coming along for the ride.

    I suspect being on the run isn’t interesting enough to get the gang through the second half of the second season, so what’s it going to be? I’ll bet on a couple of episodes with the comic book’s nasty Governor before they arrive at the prison, which I’m guessing is where they’ll set up for much of Season 3. Ah–the Governor’s viciousness and insanity make Shane look like a kindergarten teacher. THAT’S what’ll keep the group, including Shane, together.

    • Jack Straw says:

      ***SPOILER ALERTS*** (especially if you haven’t read the comics)

      Wow. Punctuation is almost impossible on this site.
      Sorry for the lack of Spoiler Alert wrt Michonne showing up. I thought that was common knowledge, but it might not be. It was also in the realm of likely, rather than certain.
      So what would y’all do over the next six episodes, if you were doing the writing? I think a little pair bonding between Daryl and Carol is likely. Without Shane there’s not enough dramatic conflict within the group–even the tension between Lori and Rick would dissipate with Shane gone. The writers would be crazy to kill him off or kick him out, though he’s going to have to do some kind of penance for getting the group kicked off the farm.
      No idea how to bring Merle back. He’s a great character, but too grating for a recurring role. I think bringing him back for a swan song could work.
      Assuming the group hits the road, where will that be to? Do they get to the Army base, find it overrun, and set up in the prison of the comic books–or do they skip the prison, which might not work as the setting for much of season 3 and go straight to the walled suburban compound of the later comics? That in turn might be a little too parochial, too familiar a setting, for an extended stretch.

      • Lady says:

        I don’t think Shane’s actions will get them kicked off the farm. I think he forced Hershel to look at the situation realistically. That is why he gave his monologue beginning with shooting the female zombie in the chest three times explaining to Hershel that they are not just sick–same thing Rick tried to do with words. Shane is a man of action. His actions forced the group to show who they really are. It was a violation of Hershel’s farm and hospitality, but Shane thinks the baby is his–wants Carl and Lori for himself and is pretty much just a man trying to protect “his” family in a chaotic world. He and Dale/Hershel are two extremes and Rick is the middle/balance.

        Hershel is no better. He would rather send living people away and keep zombies in a barn. And yet people take issue with Shane?

      • ruandvin says:

        I didn’t think you were spoiling anything with the whole Michonne thing…they mentioned it on the Talking Dead show last night. I hope they don’t hook up Daryl and Carol…he’s my favorite character and I’m sorry I just can’t stand Carol…too whiny and whimpery…lol.

        I hope they bring Merle back for at least one more episode and show a flashback of how he and Daryl hooked up with the group in the first place…something I’m dying to know.

        I’m reading the comics now and just got to the point where they find the prison so I’m not sure if I want them to follow that plotline or if I’m just ready for something totally different…either will be cool with me.

        Not sure how they will conclude the whole “whose baby it is anyway” storyline since DNA tests are kind of out of the question and Maury Povich is probably one of the walking dead by now…lol.

        I just can’t wait til FEBRUARY!!!!

  29. willy2fly says:

    For those saying they arent gonna watch the TV show coz its deviating from the comic, i say ‘stick to the comic then!’. I am a massive fan of the comic book, i have every issue, but you know something? Im glad the TV show is its own thing. Its exciting to be suprised by the comic book story line and even more satisfying to be surpised by the TV version. Do you really just want what you’ve already read in the comic put up on screen as verbatim? What would be so interesting about that? Some people are beyond idiotic.

    • Skruff says:

      THANK YOU! I agree completely!!

      I’m a fan of the comic, and I love that they’re respectful of the source material, but I love even more that they’re not 100% beholden to it either. It keeps both the TV viewers AND the comics fans on their toes. I like having an idea of where they’re going as a comic fan, but I love being thrown little twists like Sophia’s death…

      Besides, it was a good way to deal with the aging child syndrome before it became a problem. The show is already going to have to do some sort of time jump if they want to keep Carl alive and not change actors (which would be a shame because I think Chandler Riggs is a great actor).

  30. willy2fly says:

    Merle cropping up later in the season as the Guvnor anybody? Hmm.

  31. marketgirl says:

    That episode was very sad, I was hoping that it was a different girl that had become zombiefied, and Sophia would still turn up, but given the fact that they all wear the same clothes every episode, I guess that is impossible, ahhh wishful thinking – I think the show is amazing 

  32. Buffy Freak says:

    Honestly I can’t believe anybody was actually shocked by Sophia being in the barn. It was almost as predictable as the big “shocker” on Dexter last night.

    • Carla says:

      Totally agree. I was going to be shocked if she didn’t come out of the barn. The only surprise was I thought she would be the first one out.

  33. Renzo says:

    The comic book people who are upset that the show is so different from the kirkmam comic and vowed to stop watching because sophias story ended the way it dif should have done do long ago, there’s no CDC, Shane wouldn’t have made it past the first episode or two.

    You should be able to enjoy both separately for what they are. I for one am glad it’s not an exact duplication of the comic.

    Makes it more interesting and unpredictable.

  34. Frank says:

    Sorry, I’ve read the entire series up to this point and I wouldn’t consider Sophia a major character. Yes, her story in the books has been sad and dark ( what else do you expect from a zombie apocalypse?), but I can see the books going pretty much the same way even if she had died early on. My question now is are they going to go the “next place” and if Carol’s story is going change now that Sophia is gone.

  35. bethany says:

    This show has been such a dud this season. I for one enjoy Shane, not as a person, but as a character who stirs this pot. I actually fast forwarded though some parts last night. It is just so dull. I will keep with it for now; however, if they hook Daryl up with Sophia’s mom (I have not even bothered to learn her name) I will be done with this show. He is way to hot and awesome for her.

  36. Paul says:

    The man who plays Herschel is an amazing actor. The scene where he’s on his knees as ‘his’ walkers are mowed down is utterly powerful. Not a word but earth shattering

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I have to agree. Whatever you feel about the character of Hershel (and here he seems better than in the comics where the character just comes off as a self-rightious p***k), the actor is amazing! I’d also have to say that about the actress who plays Maggie here. Much better (and more useful) charachter than in the comics.

  37. Mik says:

    Was this the blind item about a female character dying on a cable show?

    I’m too lazy to go check myself :)

  38. BrokeDog says:

    I absolutely LOVE this show! I really didn’t think the show could get any better until they totally “blew me away” with last nights episode!
    Yes, I hated that Sophia was in the barn (I wanted Rick to find her and temper his guilt) or Dale to find her (and be the “hero”)! Anyway, for those who have read the comic books … what kind of “plot-line” would have evolved between Carl and Sophia? I, too, would have liked to see that. And, one other thing … Shane HAS TO GO! This dude has completely “lost his marbles”! It’s obvious that (at some point) he will try to “accidentally” get Rick killed! I, for one, believe there was a VERY unhealthy (in Shane’s fried brain) attachment to Rick’s family LONG before Rick got shot and Shane pulled his “Rick is dead” crap on Lori! Either Rick needs to put him down or … he needs to take his couple of “fans” (Andrea and Daryl, maybe) and “git”! There’s no reason whatsoever for him to “hang around” (unless the comic book says the baby IS his … in which case, I will puke)!
    P.S. It seems Lori kinda jumped in with Shane kinda quick, after Rick (supposedly) died! Am I the only one that thinks this? And, I really like the Glenn and Maggie storyline! And, Glenn can’t survive without Dale (the “father” figure to the whole group)!

  39. GaysWithOpinions says:

    While the last five minutes were good, they were completely predictable. I saw this coming weeks ago. It was a fun twist, and done very well, but not believable at all. A few characters had already seen the zombies inside the barn. To not notice a little girl in there and think it might be Sophia is just ridiculous. Plus this family knew they were looking for a little girl, and not once did they think to mention that they just captured a little girl in the recent days? I mean, it’s all sort of laughable. I continue watching this show for some reason, but this season is just horrible and headache inducing. We literally just spent 7 episodes on a farm looking for a girl that was right there the whole time. Talk about a waste. This entire season so far reminds me of the beginning of season 3 of Lost, when they were stuck in those cages. It was the only time I considered giving up on that show. I’ll watch the rest of the season, but if something doesn’t happen soon, and they don’t focus on something other than just surviving. I’m done. There needs to be more to this show than just soapy ridiculousness on a farm. Not to mention these are the dumbest characters on TV.

  40. Taori says:

    I figured the last walker to come out of the barn would be a child, hence causing a moral issue, but I never thought that it would be Sophia. I guess I thought that after all the time they spent looking for her they would have found her in the end. But I guess that it hits the point home, about how Hershel still saw them as people, and how being confronted with the fact that Sophia was dead and still walkin’ makes the whole group see from Hershel’s point of view. Over all a great episode, potentially the best this season, but I was sad to see the girl die.

  41. zombie lover in florida says:

    what if…they find a cure and there is no one to cure…the barn people would have been a great group to test a cure. I predict no cure will be found but perhaps a vaccination to prevent.

  42. Zombie Follower says:

    Why were the zombies that came out of the barn and killed, not the zombies that were in the barn scenes?

  43. bunny says:

    Oh, wow..I was just about to say “jumped shark” as the mid-season ep was winding down but then…SOPHIA!!!! Had a little trouble sleeping last night which is weird because this season hasn’t been scary enough to merit losing sleep until…SOPHIA!! Yikes! That was a very a wicked ending!! Still kind of annoyed at our hapless survivors (and the writers of the show) cause there’s way too much bickering and soapy melodrama going on…I would love to see Michael Rooker and Lennie James return to the show real soon; I think their characters could lend some much needed fresh story lines aside from the current Lori/Shane/Rick/Baby plot. A major character should get killed off in the next season just to refresh the series before it becomes in danger of self-destructing…

  44. Adam says:

    I don’t think the show needs to be all zombies all the time but there is a big difference between CHARACTER-DRIVEN and just plain SOAPY. I can’t help but feel like some of the stuff that happened while they’ve been on the farm have been more suited to be plots on Gossip Girl than a show about living in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. I still love it and loved the ending of the finale but the eps leading up to it were not as good as the eps from season 1.

  45. Ranger Rick says:

    I really want the show to go off the farm and start finding out what happened to the world, how it spread so fast, who is left (if anyone) in government, what is happening on other continents, etc. Being stuck on a farm and gorily killing zombies week after week while going through all this never-ending melodrama is getting very old. I know this is based on a series of graphic novels, but the show needs to be interesting, not the SOS every week. Last night gave me hope that they would finally get back on the road. And Shane needs to go. He shot Otis and left him alive to be eaten, instead of killing him outright. That is some sick behavior. Plus, it is a group, not his to decide on things like opening the barn. He is too out of control.

  46. kbrown2225 says:

    Glen needs to watch out because Maggie shows a lot of the signs of a borderline personality disorder

  47. Ryan says:

    I need to stop watching this show… It’s just way too depressing. I was crushed when zombie Sophia came out of that barn.

  48. Newttster says:

    Personally … I would rather have one Merle than a bus load of Shane’s. Merle may be a racist hillbilly but atleast he is honest about it. Shane as far as I’m concerned is just to self serving to me of much help to the group for much longer. And lets face it … anyone that is willing to saw his own hand off (Merle) to get away is someone that I want in my corner.

    All the drama in these last few episodes is getting to be too much. Even worse is this middle of the season hiatus. Drives me nuts. Me … I’m starting to be on the Walkers side.

  49. Sophian says:

    i think, the episode could be made more dramatic, if the moment before rick shot sophia, he had flashback of how he hid sophia, and promise to not leave her behind, something like that.

    it would make a moral battle in rick’s head in just a short period of time.


  50. Gary says:

    Great mid-season finale…what a twist with zombie Sophia walking out dead towards the group…guess people are always blind and insensitive to other people’s beliefs and Hershel strongly believes that there will one day be a cure…I think Hershel is too disillusioned with seeing so many people he knows and loves become a walker and could it be that he may have killed one too many zombies to a point that he has reached a stage that he starts seeing things differently? It’s like in the war stories where people change beliefs after seeing too many dead people or have killed too many. Now the group feels what Hershel felt…having to actually kill one walker they know before turning…it’s easy to kill walkers who you do not know but seeing someone you know well become a walker and having to put her down…it’s a totally different thing. What irony when Shane tells Hershel that these are not people but walkers and how he and the rest of the trigger-happy group started shooting at walkers they don’t know personally…only to lose the guts when Sophia comes out walking as one…none of them could bear to squeeze the trigger like they did with the other walkers. Now they know the true meaning of Hershel beliefs…not that he’s over-religious but he has had enough of killing zombies who used to be his family and friends….which reminds me that the group has yet to encounter this scenario to shoot a zombie they knew well before he/she turns…will be interesting to see how the story will continue next year…