Video: House Cast Unveils Holiday Diss List

The cast of House is switching things up this holiday season.

While Thanksgiving is supposed to be all about focusing on the positive, Charlyne Yi, Odette Annable and Peter Jacobson are taking time out to (playfully) dwell on the things they loatheSpecifically, what are the trio’s least favorite holiday fixins’?

Feast your eyes on the following behind-the-scenes featurette and find out.

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  1. erin says:

    Are you sure that House isn’t copying a Seinfeld episode?

    This is why House SUCKS this year. It has become a medical comedy like SCRUBS only House is supposed to be a medical drama.

    Oh well never mind I sure I will be in the percentage that stopped watching last season. As the rating keep going down and down.
    I am very sorry my once favorite show is ending like this.

    Like House the show is limping to the cancellation

    • Kim in California says:

      You obviously didn’t see tha the ratings went up last week. It’s an old show, the shine is off, but it’s still a fun hour worth tuning into now that HUDDY is over.

      • Ed says:

        Maybe if you didn’t have sh*t for brains you’d realize the ratings vacilliate week to week, going up and down (9.77, 6.85, 8.37, 6.55, 7.54, 6.66, 7.34) but are still on the decline, dumba$s.

      • Mal says:

        Maybe if you didn’t have sh*t for brains you’d realize the ratings vacilliate week to week, going up and down (9.77, 6.85, 8.37, 6.55, 7.54, 6.66, 7.34) but are still on the decline, dumba$s.

    • shut up says:

      youre an idiot. go suck someones di*k and forget about the show then.

    • Emgee says:

      House is as good as ever.

      If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Your constant complaining wears thing very quickly.

    • Linda says:

      Guess you just don’t have the brains to understand the program. Those of us who do watch and will continue to watch I guess are just smarter than those of you who compare House to Scrubs. You watching is sort of like a person with Downs Syndrome watching Michio Kaku or Stephen Hawking…you just don’t have a clue:)

    • Rita Hemker says:

      House forever!!!

    • @ erin says:

      You forgot to mention the “a percentage of a percentage” phrase. I feel cheated. (Clearly it’s all Huddy fans that make the difference in the viewing figures. Nothing at all to do with the audience that gave up on the series last season already *because* of Huddy. Nothing to do with the fact that House runs for 8 years now, and their ratings have been naturally declining since season 4.) You also forgot to mention that when you say “I am so sorry” you mean actually, “I am positively dancing, because clearly this totally proves me right when I am saying that Huddy was the only reason that House was more successful in the past.”

  2. oh well says:

    A year ago it was below them to even acknowledge their viewers, nowadays everything goes to keep the ratings from falling, even cheap recycled clowning. What a shame.

  3. Liz says:

    Haha, bitter Huddy fangirls are hilarious LOL House is this year so much better than last year. And I prefer a medical comedy to the crappy Huddy soap opera any time :P

    • get a life says:

      Liz the Hameron, you leave your endless comments about “bitter Huddy fangirls” on every friggin message board in the universe. Every time I happen to read anything about House – there is Liz with her two cents on how great House became without Lisa Edelstein. It’s not even funny anymore. SEE A THERAPIST.

      Yep, casual viewers (and not the nutjobs from Huddy/Hameron realms) have expressed their opinion about the current season. By not watching.

      • get a life is a moron says:

        Fu*k off get a life. This season is so good, as are every other season. shows grow ans change over the years but you just have to roll with it and not get all pissy when things change. And if you hate it so much, then why are you still reading things about the show? live with it, or let it go and let everyone else enjoy the show.

      • Kim in California says:

        I’m not Liz and my husband, a casual viewer, has come back to watch after losing interest during Huddy-time. The ratings have gone up this week which is good for an eight year old show. The show still needs a lot of work after the disaster of last year. They need to get back to House’s relationship with his team…his ability to jerk them around and his relationships with his patients. I’d like to see House still wrestling with being a better person, just not with Huddy.

        • to Kim says:

          Kim, numbers is the only thing that matters. I can tell you how many of my friends and colleagues who are casual viewers are not watching anymore, and it wouldn’t mean a thing. Statistically, the audience doesn’t like this season, period. And it goes beyond acceptable decline due to show’s age, just check the graphs if you are serious about mathematical analysis.

          • Sara says:

            okay @to kim and now? Are we not allowed to enjoy the new season only because the ratings declined.Pfff i don`t care,i like what i like & absolutely not interested what some bitter sad fans think about it or what numbers a show has now.

            Additionally why are you trolls here? It is a post about some BTS stuff with no spoilers and it is not even about the show. Go away!!

          • to Sara says:

            The answer was directed to anyone who mentioned how many people he or she knows who are not watching anymore or watching again this season. The only credible evidence to that are the ratings. That’s all. I am not disputing the quality of the show (or lack thereof).

            And of course, your enjoyment should not depend on statistics.

            As to where and what to post, it’s a public place, so deal.

  4. angy says:

    what matters is the rating and. this season the audience is punishing a house

  5. Moochoo says:

    It would be nice if RSL did some behind the scenes video’s too!!!

  6. Michael says:

    I haven’t watched house in a year and a half…who the hell are these people. WHERE 13!!! and I did they revive Kumar yet?

  7. Mac says:

    Good for you, Liz!! I’m glad this is a FAN site!! Much better now with returning characters!! I hope House is around for a long, long time! Mac

  8. Dora31 says: far as I am concerned, house ended last season after he drove his car into cuddy’s house, then walked freely on the beach. this season is not like the team. or cuddy being out of the board of directors..or house being a jail escapee ..stupid season..did the writers walk out with cuddy?

    • Kath G says:

      Well Dora, you are missing one of the best seasons YET of the show. Mondays ep was amazing. As it was focused on what House does best, sloving the puzzle. Oh by the way House is not a jail escapee, he is on parole, and its still the same writers, only thing now is they are writing who this character is about again, NOT pandering to some who love soap operas. If the ratings have fallen because some people do not like the show the way it was, then fine. If this is the last season, well I will get to watch one of the best dramas, and best actors on TV for one last season. But to me it will at least go out with the dignity of a good drama. Not soap opera hell!

  9. Mac says:

    Well said! Why are haters of House even making comments!! Watch something else if you don’t like the show! Just sayin!! Mac

  10. robinepowell says:

    Boo!! I can’t watch this video because I don’t live in the States. Why oh why does TVLine do this? Make your videos available to those living out the States!!

  11. Greg M says:

    I didn’t care for the prison episodes, but since then the season has been great. People will hate.

  12. Stephanie says:

    I love house. It interesting, funny and a nice break from reality. Those who have nothing better to do than rant repeatedly about this show obviously have bigger problems. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it and just shut up so the rest of us can enjoy it peacefully.

  13. Del says:

    If everyone is not watching it because it’s rubbish, how do you know this?

    • to Del says:

      I am not watching it, but some folks in my tweeter timeline still do, that’s how I know. Might be the case for others. By the way, I have absolutely no problem with people who genuinely enjoy it (good for them!), just can’t stand delusional haters like Liz, who used to spam the nets like there is no tomorrow advocating House/Cameron romantic pairing, and now apparently is watching the show because of the medical mystery. Pathetic.

      • cindy says:

        oh @to Del, pathetic like all the LE fans and our beloved Erin (look above) who are trolling every article about House. Huddys? Hamerons ? Hilson? they are all not different but you only call one group pathetic. Nice, you are not better than her girl!! *kisses and hugs* oxox

        • to cindy says:

          If you are referring to the first poster, she just stated that she doesn’t watch the show. That’s her right, as much as yours to watch it. Notorious Liz, on the other hand, obsessively brings up ‘Huddy’ or Lisa Edelstein every time she comments on any message board. Every group has its designated loudmouths, but this one demonstrates the signs of mental illness and needs help.

          On the side note, I would appreciate if you learn proper etiquette addressing people you don’t know.

  14. JT says:

    Is House still a medical drama? where’s his pain?

  15. sara says:

    I`d have liked a RSL Thanksgiving Q/A more but anyway thank you very much Vlada for the featurette!! :D

  16. a says:

    I agree House is better than last year for sure, but I miss Cutty

  17. NRW says:

    Charlyne Yi is just bad -___- I don’t know if she’s scripted to act the way she does, or if she’s just THAT bad of an actress. One way or another, I’d like to see her gone.

  18. scrambledlegs says:

    I agree with all those that think it is the best season ever. I was sort of tired at the end of last season with his constant addiction and relationship problems but this year is so much fun.

    I love his interactions with his team both new and old (great having Taub and Chase back!) And having Foreman in Cuddy’s role is great entertainment. I am glad they have decided to finish strong.

  19. reason says:

    If you have click on the link to get to this page you must like or liked the show…point is if u don’t like the show o say you don’t watch it then why comment bout it all. Some like it some don’t. If you don’t like it shut up and complain how ur up set that some other pathetic show uve watched fo less then 8 years get canceled. And for those of u who like the show keep givin positive feed back but ignore all the less educated peoples comments…

  20. Kayla says:

    People are retarded,if you don’t like it dont watch it,duh! House is freaking awesome and if you were smart ud understand it,its not a joke, and if there was no comedy it would-be boring.I think it gets better and better every season

  21. rita says:

    I am not sure how I feel about Charlyne Yi’s character. She’s quirky and kind of interesting… but also really annoying and not really appealing to watch. They finally have a regular minority female character role and its the one who will probably not be anyone’s love interest or a primary storyline.

    • Rosh says:

      Charlyne Yi is outstanding – her character is spot on for the way a real doctor is – sort of aloof, sort of weird, sort of out of touch with humanity. That’s precisely why it is uncomfortable to watch! Brava!!!

  22. Jules says:

    WTF, Seriously guys!!
    If you don’t like/watch the show anymore post or argue yrs comments elsewhere/keep them for yourself…
    As for the issues with Edelstein departure,well…she left and…what she really done since her 3 Epi arc on TGW?.Euh…..!!!
    Who Cares!! I rather see Foreman struggle to manage PPTH&House and the team rebel against him than versus Cuddy angry & try to run PPTH,House,her daughter and trying to convice (US) herself she happy and a nw relationship..Enough, I/we got an overdose in Ssn 5/6.
    So now, True HOUSEFAN (like me and others) who still enjoying and doing viewing party every Monday nights-love the freshness and the exiting path of ssn8 is leading it’s intense and drastically good…and cannot wait any longer about nx week episode and truly enjoy the “Prank fest” between House & Wilson…Ooooohh! That will be EPIC!
    And that’s the HEART of the series,real & incroyable chemistry (ON/OFF screen) between Laurie & Leonard ….Priceless!

  23. Jules says:

    It will be fun to have RSL and even Laurie comments about thanksgiving or favorite holidays memories…
    Why always dream about a HOUSE version of it’s wonderful life in black/white…wow! If we have a ssn9 it will be perfect…
    And truthfull fans who are still glue to their tv please remember that Laurie will direct an episode in 2012….

  24. jason says:

    have to admit this season has been alot better than the last two..dont like the Taub guy, should of got rid of him

  25. Jules says:

    Hey guys!
    Thoses who still consern with the ratings, just remember when,in 2004 it was a slow and did a OK 7.5mill.vwers.and by grow Epi to Epi and FOX push it over the summer 2episode in a that help to grow(I was hook more and glue since it air) My point is -after 8 yrs it’s a bit normal to have up/down..and I’m sure in january will return at 8(terra nova “dreadful” will not rtrn “hopefully”) and its been a great ride so far…not sure if it’s started in 2010 people will care…Plus it’s a reel privilege to have an actor like Laurie who will honor is contract,and even direct(more work/hrs)until the very end….it will be 177 episodes in total!
    That’s a true commitment.

  26. Michael Turner says:

    When are they going to figure out that Vitamin D is the cell identifier to keep it knowing what it is and that is the cure for cancer, prevent it in the first place by not being deficient in D3.
    – let’s spread that “D”Rama – google vitamin D and Cancer…

  27. Nancy says:

    I agree with HUGH LAURIE. We may very much need another season to tie up all the loose ends.
    I will miss [H]OUSE and HUGH LAURIE very much when the show comes to an end. I hope we get at least one more season.

  28. Jules says:

    GOD! Honestly “IF” [H]ouse end, the tv will be boring…specially (my) Monday and all every days…I will cry like I did after my addiction/passion for “Miami vice & MacGyver and XFiles” 2 yrs of hiatus between each who have nothing to be glue to my tv…and now with the speculations and low ratings (I believe cause by people not watching while it air or the stupid idea of FOX torture us by putting Terra Nova @8- Painful to endure to wait 1hr to be able to enjoy my favorite addiction of my favorite miserable cranky diagnostician….it’s sad to see the disrespect of not only for the series but to Laurie’s shoulders..who literally lead up since the beguining and thoses supposely fans who decide to left/stop watching because of Edelstein departure are mostly the same weirdos who love/hate mostly the HUDDY fest…seriously!! A show need to evolved and change pattern at one point..look at season 4-it work even with half a season…
    And honestly, I feel the same this year, and gave us the potential not only to focus on House redemption to regain/rebuilt his life..but to follow the growth of the others with less crappy sentimental/relationship issues…were not like Grey’s anatomy or even ER..Thankfully!! It’s been a good ride so far and hope we be bless for 1 more year of solving medical puzzles with the BEST limping sarcastic doc on tv.

  29. Eric says:

    I think that House is on the decline because of the whole Huddy thing. I personally believe that season six was the best because we saw House at his most vulnerable and saw him learn about himself and begin to express himself more. I think this season is better than the last because the focus seems to be back on the medical mystery aspect of the show, however I do wish they could bring back House’s psychiatrist for more therapy and more episodes because Andre Braugher is a good actor and Hugh Laurie needs better actors around him to make the show great. Hugh, is a great actor however he’s like a star QB without a star Wide Receiver and they don’t utilize Peter Jacobson like they should because he is a good TV actor. I hope they can end the series on a good note.

  30. Jules says:

    This season is just started and we don’t have to panic after 8 episodes….like the new path and the freshness were its going….remind me a bit like season 4….plus been rewatching season 1(fun of it…) back then was more structural and the medical puzzle /story of the patient illness were intriguing & better develop.
    Yes there was sexual tention and naguing,but not the soap opera(HUDDY or Chameron and the Cuddy baby drama “FIASCO”& i want a life!! That cause the decline ssn6-7…
    Now, they have to adjust and rebuilt that format and give better storyline to the team or add Stronger 2nd caracters who can stand up& give some “juice” /fight along side Laurie that can upgrade to regain the higher success
    I think with the addition of Jeffrey Wright in the anticipating episode 12 we will hit that point..
    Plus, Laurie is always good even if the story/patient illness don’t deliver…remember ssn6 “BLACK HOLE” or ssn7 Masters’s exit episode “last temptation” Both worst episodes but all House scenes (alone or with Wilson) were perfect!! So let’s enjoy and have confidence that the 2 part of the season will be EPIC!!! And let’s not forget that Laurie gonna direct again..Plus we need more music,
    House plying piano or guitar alone in his appartement or having fun with Ball-e in his office always deliver and create magic to an episode…