Blind Item: Who’s Walking Off The Walking Dead?

UPDATE: Blind Item Revealed!

How’s your vision today? Good? Good, ’cause you’re gonna wanna be 20/20 or better for today’s Blind Item. It concerns one of the stars of AMC’s The Walking Dead and their desire to… well, walk.

The backstage drama all started when series creator Frank Darabont was ousted. A whole lotta people were upset, you’ll recall, and this one person, so much so that he/she asked to be released from his/her contract. But, according to my moles, a funny thing happened between the time the request was made and when it was potentially granted.

A change of heart.

Now this member of the ensemble wants to stay. But it may be too late. (Even my sources don’t know for sure at this point whether the character is going to be written off, although one insider insists he/she ultimately got their wish.)

So, your guesses? Who’s the Darabont loyalist who wanted his/her Walking papers, then decided they wanted them torn up? Hit the comments below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. aua says:

    why does that zombie in the pic above remind me of rebecca mader?

  2. Sebby says:

    My guess is Shane. Rick can forgive Lori for her affair with Shane, but he wont be able to forgive Shane for it because he knows what a womanizer he is. And I think they’ll stick to the comic and have Carl kill Shane. First, in that flashback a couple of weeks ago when Carl gets defensive with Sophia about Shane not being his dad. And we’re seeing a slightly darker side of Carl since he got shot. And the way he proudly wears that hat and wants to learn how to shoot and protect the camp. Carl is the new sheriff in town.

  3. Andy says:

    Shane: Should be dead in the comics
    Daryl: Doesn’t exist in the comics
    Dale: Pivotal and long lasting in the comics.

    Removing dale would further remove the series from the comic. Daryl and Shane can die off no problems though

  4. Tammy says:

    I’m betting Dale. All the actors seem very enthusiastic about where their characters are going judging from some interviews, except Jeffrey.

    Andrea will stay. As much as I dislike her now, it looks like she’s on the path of becoming the awesome character she is in the comics. Hopefully the writers can give her enough material to redeem herself as a character.

  5. Dale says:

    I hope it is Shane as I hate him for hitting on Andrea, whom I have the hots for, even though I am way too old for her. Andrea should be with me.

  6. Mili says:

    check out Zlango messaging with the walking dead skin

  7. Howard says:

    I am a regular reader of the comic book, but I do feel it’s okay for the TV series to divert from its original source material. And in fact I think it needs to in order to create its own identity and stand strong enough on its own as a TV series first and foremost.

    That said, to my fellow comic book readers of TWD, I believe we can all agree that there are at least three things we’d like to see the TV series take from the comic book eventually — the prison arc, the Governor, and, most definitely at #1, Michonne. That’s it — that is all we want.

    For me personally, I hope the TV series keeps Glen and Maggie together as a couple, just as they are in the comic book. The actors who play them already look like a plausible couple in reality, and seem to share decent on-screen chemistry. It would be nice for there to be at least one element that the TV series consistently shares with the comic book, and I vote Glen and Maggie’s relationship.

  8. Zombie kid says:

    I’m an idiot!!!!!!!

  9. SoS says:

    There seem to be a lot of immature idiots posting here. Shame.

  10. Rushmore says:

    I have no idea why people hate Shane so much. Is he really that bad? Sometimes he seems like the most sensible and sane one. And that thing with Otis, so what? One dies or they all die. Shane is the only interesting character on that show, him and Norman Reedus’ character. Rick is boring as all hell.

    Also, let me just say in referring to the whole pregnancy thing, the morning after pill, which they kept referring to doesn’t work when you’re already pregnant. The morning after pill and abortion pill: two different things.

    At the end of the day, what cracks me up is that these walkers move at a friggin snail’s pace. Now, if they moved like the zombies in 28 Days later… that’s horrifying. Instead, in the Walking Dead, the main characters are always sitting around, sweating. Oh no, walkers in a barn! Oh no! If they got out, they’d make a break for it…slowly.

    If you’ve read the comic books, main characters are killed off left and right. A lot of these characters would be dead.

  11. JOSH D. says:

    I actually enjoy Andrea, Dale, Sophia’s mom( carol i think). I like most of the characters. I think the characters most likely to die ,or leave the show how ever way they wright it, will be Sophia, Shane or Andrea(unfortantley). What i do hope is that the farmer will get killed and his daughters and the other guy leave with Rick and his group.

  12. JOSH D. says:

    I have not read the comic book unfortantly. I started the show at the begining of this season just got season one for my birthday so ill be watching it this week. I did not even know there was a comic(call me an idoit if u want). I would like to know where to get the comic though. I think the show is amazing, and i am willing to bet the comic is even better.

  13. TMulvale says:

    Jon Bernthal would be a good bet as his Character is killed off in the comic by Carl, during a fight between Shane and Rick.

  14. Keet says:

    If your complaining about season 2 your an A.D.D idiot. Seriously go watch somthing else… leave story to people who can handle it. If you want non stop zombie chase and people being eaten go play your video games…

  15. Rich Jones says:

    Loved the mid-season finale but I am not convinced we have seen the last elimination from the cast. I assume the beef between the original producer and the writer has to do with the veering from the original material. Maybe that will be solved soon (soon as in February.) Love this series anyways!

  16. Ashley says:

    I hope it’s not Jeffrey DeMunn (Dale). While Dale can be nosy, he has the biggest heart in the group. He loves everyone, and cares for everyone. He isn’t selfish, and everything he does is for the good of others. I love Dale, and will truly be crushed if his character dies.

    It better not be Daryl (Norman Reedus), who is (in my opinion) the best and most complex character on the show. Not to mention my favorite. ALSO better not be Glenn (Steven Yeun).

    UNPOPULAR OPINION TIME: I hope it’s Shane (Jon Bernthal). I’m tired of that selfish murdering heartless duchebag. While Jon Bernthal is extremely talented (and sexy) my hatred for Shane out weighs my admiration of his talent. The longer Shane stays; the more the group will ultimately suffer.