Blind Item: Who’s Walking Off The Walking Dead?

UPDATE: Blind Item Revealed!

How’s your vision today? Good? Good, ’cause you’re gonna wanna be 20/20 or better for today’s Blind Item. It concerns one of the stars of AMC’s The Walking Dead and their desire to… well, walk.

The backstage drama all started when series creator Frank Darabont was ousted. A whole lotta people were upset, you’ll recall, and this one person, so much so that he/she asked to be released from his/her contract. But, according to my moles, a funny thing happened between the time the request was made and when it was potentially granted.

A change of heart.

Now this member of the ensemble wants to stay. But it may be too late. (Even my sources don’t know for sure at this point whether the character is going to be written off, although one insider insists he/she ultimately got their wish.)

So, your guesses? Who’s the Darabont loyalist who wanted his/her Walking papers, then decided they wanted them torn up? Hit the comments below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Iago says:

    obviously sophia.

  2. TigerNightmare says:

    AMC is the new FOX. I just hope they don’t ruin Breaking Bad’s final season.

    • Jason C says:

      It’s actually the fact that they don’t own Breaking Bad and Mad Men that’s screwed with The Walking Dead. They were raked over the coals for more money with Mad Men or the company that does own it would have taken it elsewhere, and then the same thing happened with Breaking Bad afterwards. That’s why they’ve been trying to cut The Walking Dead’s budget.

      • mooshki says:

        And thus destroyed the show by firing Darabont. :(

        • Echos Myron says:

          Darabont wasn’t fired until episode 8 had been completed, idiot. These terrible episodes were written and directed under his watch.

          • socalj says:

            Actually he was fired halfway through the 2 hour second season premiere. Idiot.

          • Mike says:

            Actually, it was a 90 minute premiere and Frank still mapped out the season with the team so it’s still his vision. I, personally, have enjoyed it. (I’m just going to skip calling anyone idiots and just keep it real. :-))

          • Echos Myron says:

            socalj, you are such a colossal moron that it’s unbelievable. Darabont was fired in late July, about two and a half months prior to season 2’s premiere. But as they had already been shooting the season for quite a while, his firing took place after episode 8 had just been completed.

            All of this bitching about Darabont’s departure being responsible for season 2’s various mediocrities is RIDICULOUS, because he was still the SHOWRUNNER when these episodes were shot! Idiot!

            Also, the budget cuts bitching is equally moronic, since they were already working on season 2 when the Mad Men deal took place. You can blame the lack of zombie action this season on the fact that “Miles Behind Us,” the comic book volume which the show adapted, has very little zombie action until the end. Douchebag.

          • Guest says:

            Wow, Echos Myron really needs to chill out.

  3. Ryan says:

    My guess is Jeffrey DeMunn or Laurie Holden. They are Darabont mainstays in his movies

  4. Leebs says:

    It will be Laurie Holden or Jeffrey DeMunn. Both were in Frank Darabont’s The Majestic and The Mist.The way Andrea is I would like her to go.

  5. Jorge says:

    It has to be one of the actors who has worked previously with Darabont in other proyects, such as Laurie Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn or Melissa S. McBride.

  6. duron says:

    its gotta be shane, in the comics he dies anyways, and they seem to be going that route,.

  7. trylobyte says:

    The actor playing Dale has been in several of Darabont’s films so I immediately thought he would be the ‘Darabont loyalist’ who wanted out.

  8. luisl says:

    Shane!!! he was going to die in S1

    • Jason C says:

      He actually wasn’t going to die in S1, Robert Kirkman only killed off Shane in the comics at that point because he couldn’t think of what else to do with the character. He wanted to do it differently with the show.

      • Echos Myron says:

        Last I checked, Kirkman wasn’t the showrunner. He doesn’t have the final say on which characters live or die, and if he “want[s] to do it differently,” first he must ask his boss, Mr. Glen Mazzara.

        • Howard says:

          While we are not privy to what goes on between Kirkman and Mazzara, it wouldn’t surprise me if both want to keep the Shane character around for a while, due mainly to the performance of Jon Bernthal. Bernthal is really making the character his own, and in a good way.

  9. Samantha says:

    I really hope it’s Laurie Holden. Andrea is the worst!

  10. luisl says:

    It’s either Shane or Daryl!!

  11. Joe says:

    My vote is Dale…Jeff DeMunn is a vet of Darabont projects, he’s the one most likely, in my mind, to be pissed about Darabont’s ouster.

  12. Dan says:

    I think it’ll either be Daryl (Norman Reedus) or Dale (Jeffery DeMunn)

  13. Asasa says:

    Well, Jeffrey DeMunn, Melissa McBride and Laurie Holden are some of Darabont’s friends that worked with him before so it may be one of them. But I don’t believe that the writers are going to screw some graphic novel story arcs like that, so maybe Irone Singleton or Jon Bernthal, who don’t exist in the novel at this point? I don’t know.

  14. EdTV says:

    Jeffery DeMunn (Dale) sounds like the most likely actor to have such a strong attachment to Darabont that he would react that strongly to his release.

  15. Knowing nothing to back this up, I would imagine it would have been Jeffrey DeMunn.

  16. Ethan says:

    I really hope it’s not Laurie Holden. Andrea is my favorite character in the comics, and while show-Andrea has been grating lately (most characters are actually), I hope she’ll turn into her amazingly awesome, badass self soon.

    They started that last episode and I got excited… but then they ruined it completely with the Shane thing.

  17. Judy says:

    I’m gonna guess Jeffrey DeMunn. It looks like Dale has thoroughly engraged Shane by letting him know that he can see through him and I can really see Shane offing him so he doesn’t tell the others. That would be a perfect way for Jeffrey to be deleted from the show.

    • Jaclyn says:

      Agreed! And I hope it goes down this way. I like Dale but other than constantly going around butting in everyone’s business, especially Andrea’s, there’s not much else for him to do. Shane is the anti-hero (he’s not quite a villain yet) to Rick’s hero and from a dramatic standpoint for a television show, keeping Shane around for a long time makes a lot of sense. His very presence on the show is a source of drama for many characters and if he kills Dale because Dale’s asking too many questions about Otis, then that’s a whole other story arc for them to take Shane. And if the actor who plays Dale is a “Darabont enthusiast” that wanted out of his contract, I’d say this was the perfect way to let him out and create a great new storyline for Shane, Andrea and really the entire show.

  18. Ed says:

    Wow this is a thinker. As long as it’s not Rick, Laurie or Daryl I’m good.

  19. francis says:

    I really hate to see The Walking Dead being dragged up to this… It’s such a good show! But I agree with the crowd, it will be Jeffrey DeMunn

  20. corinne says:

    Hopefully it’s the chick who plays Lori and they decide to vote her asp off the island.

  21. Jaymes says:

    I thought Dale was going to be killed in this last episode. They’re already writing him to be a bit reckless and confrontational. For sure it’s DeMunn.

  22. The Cid says:

    My sources at AMC tell me that it’s Jeff DeMunn

  23. Tania says:

    Well, I say it’s between Jon Bernthal (Shane) or Jeffrey DeMunn (Dale). Bernthal was pretty vocal about what happened over the summer. My money’s on DeMunn who has worked with Darabont before in The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile both helmed by Frank Darabont. Am I close? :P

  24. Sean Carter says:

    I hope it’s neither Dale or Andrea. I know they are changing some things from the books but Dale and Andrea are key players. Andrea is starting to show signs of how she is in the comics and Dale, I like dale

  25. Brittany says:

    I think it’s the guy who plays Shane. In one interview he expressed his extreme disappointment that Darabont was fired.

  26. Andrea says:

    Agh…I don’t want anyone to go. I love this show!!

  27. Brice says:

    I bet it will be Carol. I think I heard somewhere that she used to be Daramonts casting director in previous work. But with all the confusion between characters and the actors names who play them, I’m not so sure anymore.

  28. jason says:

    Andrea on the tv show is going in the same direction as Andrea in the comic. She needs to stay. But its either her or Jeffrey.

  29. Ava says:

    I think it’s definitely Jeffrey DeMunn, he’s worked with Darabont since Shawshank.

  30. Katie says:

    Please be Sarah Wayne Callies. Or the women who play Andrea or Sophia’s mom. Can’t stand any of them.

  31. amy says:

    i think there was a blind item on ausiellos twitter weeks ago about a popular cable show killing off a female character before its finale. could it be related to the blind item in this post since more details have emerged?

  32. miri says:

    As long it’s not Andrea Daryl or Shane I’m good, Lori can go whenever she wants hate the character

  33. Michael Sacal says:

    Jeffrey DeMunn. It’s all in “the Darabont loyalist”.

  34. Jacob says:

    What if it’s Daryl?

    Reedus made a HUGE fuss over Darabont’s firing and stated he was going to leave along with him. But he later stayed.

    This description fits Reedus to a fine point. Daryl was a part that was specifically written for Reedus by Darabont. Daryl felt disloyal to stay after Darabont was fired.

    If it’s Daryl, then AMC are IDIOTS for writing him out of the show.

    • Julie says:

      Where are you getting that? Everything I’ve ever seen him say about Darabont’s firing has been very diplomatic and professional. Link please?

      I agree with you though; if it’s Daryl I am NOT interested in the show anymore. Please let it be Lori.

  35. LissaB99 says:

    PLEASE tell me it’s Andrea. Can’t.stand.her.

  36. filmfiend says:

    Better not be Daryl. He’s the only reason most people are watching the show at this point!! No more Norman Reddus = no more ratings.

  37. Kristine says:

    I’m hoping Shane’s character does go. After what he did to Otis and what he said to Dale last episode. I’m hoping he goes into the barn and falls inside and gets torn apart like an original Romero zombie would

  38. Josh says:

    The blind item refers to 20/20 vision, and Andrea is the sharpshooter of the bunch in the comics, so I’m guessing her.

  39. Lea says:

    Don’t care who it is as long as it’s not Daryl… I love Norman Reedus and would hate to see my favorite character leave!

  40. Jenna says:

    Let it be shane or andrea … Hate them!!!

  41. Nonayabiz says:

    That’s gotta be Lorie Holden. Bc of the interviews, seems like she had A Lot to do with the “Andrea” character& “made Andrea her own”. I call her “Lorie” by mistake, not “Andrea” bc the actress comes off like its actually her. It’s not the “Andrea” from the comics is the bottom-line…at all! Which is kinda good and bad.

  42. Aidan says:

    my god i hope its Dale.
    He is by far the least appealing or interesting character on the show.
    He neeeeeds to go.

  43. Ann says:

    I really wish & hope to god its laurie holden. She’s soooo annoying & I hope she does soon. The rest of the cast is just awesome. Yeah, andrea needs to die already. Either kill herself or gets eaten (GOOd)!!!!

  44. JohnDoe says:

    I guess it doesn’t really matter, considering how absolutely poorly this season has been written/produced so far. Utterly atrocious. Such a shame considering how great season 1 and the comics were.

    • Linden says:

      Sorry…but I totally disagree…this season is great – better than the first. The writing and production are better. Characterization is good – we’re supposed to really like or hate characters – that’s what drives the story. Anything in between is boring.

      The season 2 premiere didn’t break all Cable show records because it was ‘atrocious’. Nor did it do exceptionally well in the ratings (record setting again) this past Sunday (ll/20) because it’s bad.

      • Shy says:

        Sorry but Season 2 is the worst. It is disappointment of the year. Considering HOW MUCH people waited for Season 2. And this is what they got. And we watch it every week because we hope it will get better. And every episode begins. And then I look at clock and boom – 20 minutes from 40 already gone and nothing happened. They only talk. 30 minutes gone. Still nothing happened. Only 10 minutes left. And then some 5-7 minutes of something interesting and episode get’s to end. And we have to wait another week.

        People watch zombie shows or disaster, end of the world movies because it’s always interesting how people try to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. How they try to escape from zombies or deadly virus and find food and shelter. And it all was is Season 1.

        In Season 2 they just stuck in that stupid farm. And do nothing. Talk and talk. They don’t look for food. Food is just there. Farm is some magic place where zombies don’t go. They wondering everywhere around in the woods, like ten minutes from farm. But they never come to holy farm. That ridiculousness is dragging show down. I don’t believe that they are fighting zombies to survive. That is just like some bad soap opera.

        And if people want to see “characterization” of our heroes then they can watch any other show on TV. People don’t watch very expensive Walking Dead for “characterization”. They watch it for zombie survival.

  45. Boo says:

    I can’t imagine it’s any of them. We’re not talking about a bunch of actors who can afford to throw away regular acting work.

  46. Dr tancredi says:

    Cannot be Lori love her sooo loool much!

  47. TheDude says:

    It’s going to be Lori. There will be a scene where it appears as though Lori’s head appears to be taken off by a walker, but we will find out in two seasons that it was actually just someone who looks like Lori and she will rejoin the cast.

  48. Danny says:

    As long as they don’t make Dale and Andrea lovers I’m fine with that. The problem is that not many people on this show are likeable. Lorrie is annoying, Andrea is annoying, Sophia’s Mom is annoying. Shane just needs to die already. Rick is clueless. The only character remotely likeable is Glenn. The little boy needs to be given a guy and taught how to shoot. This season has been terrible so far.

  49. Mel says:

    I say Shane because yeah, his comic counterpart bit the dust sooner rather than later, his guilty story arc has him asking for it, and the actor himself has been vocal about the off-screen shakeup.

    • rebecca says:

      it is not all shane lori coused it all she went to say sorry but saidshe is in love with him if u were a man u would do the samething if u love that woman they messed up when they killed shane

    • rebecca says:

      i hope they dont take Glenn he is a great acter 2 i love his checter 2 daryl, is the the bomb 2rick should leave and daryl should be the main leader he know show to track and hunt he can take care of everyone and everything