Chuck Boss Talks Finale: 'I Predict Few Dry Eyes'

Chuck‘s series finale is still two months away, but the first (somewhat biased) review is already in — and it’s a rave!

“I predict very few dry eyes,” executive producer and co-creator Josh Schwartz tells TVLine of the spy comedy’s Jan. 27 swan song. “Mine did [well up]; it was really emotional.”

Overall, Schwartz says the episode — titled “Chuck vs. the Goodbye” and penned by series co-creator Chris Fedak — is “really, really great” and serves as the perfect bookend to the show’s against-all-odds five-year run. “I think that every Chuck fan is going to be very satisfied.”

And while some folks were holding out hope that NBC would extend the final season long enough to allow the show to reach its 100th episode, Schwartz — who was marking his Gossip Girl hitting that very milestone when we spoke to him — concedes, “It’s very Chuck to only get to 91 episodes.” (With reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich)

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  1. ck says:

    Will watch Chuck till the bitter end, but they almost lost me with the Morgan Grimes as intersect storyline. Oy vey.

    • Benny says:

      I stopped watching this show in the middle of season 4. Too much romance between Sarah and Chuck. It was sickening. I tuned in for one episode this season, and seeing Morgan as the intersect was even worse. This show doesn’t know where to go.

      Why can’t we just have Chuck who is confident with the intersect?

      • Joseph says:

        The Morgan storyline was annoying, but it builds into the overall plot of the season, and it is over now, so hopefully they will find a way to give Chuck an intersect, because that is what the show is about. The Chuck and Sarah romance is normal. They are newly weds, and as such, they are allowed to be in love. Season 2 was when they were not together at all, and that nearly got the show cancelled. They may have gone a bit too far, but it is ending, and so far the general audience seems to like Chuck and Sarah together.

      • Mike says:

        “This show doesn’t know where to go.” You do realize it’s ending right? I think they know exactly where they want to go by now. lol

        • Mike says:

          More specifically, since Josh Schwartz mentioned above that he has already seen/read the series finale, I KNOW they definitely know where the show has gone, is going and will go! :-)

  2. me says:

    I wonder if Chuck fans would give nikita a chance?

    • McKono says:

      am a huge Chuck fan… & already a Nikita fan too…
      love both the shows cox they are so unique…

      Chuck was & is one of the best shows i have seen… its got everything…

    • Vannesa says:

      I too…love both shows. But to move a show to Friday is basically giving it a slow and surely death.

  3. Siobhan says:

    I’m glad that NBC let them end it on their terms and wrap it up in a way that will hopefully satisfy all of us Chuck diehards. I’m grateful it made it as long as it did but so sad to see it go. I really love the mix of comedy, action, love, and suspense that Chuck has perfected. It’s a rare show that my husband and I both love and this was one that we looked forward to every week. I hope that Zachary Levi will go on to do great things though I will so miss Chuck Bartowski.

    • Aren’t you in another show, something about a Ringer? Anyway, a thumbs up to your post, Chuck, while not necessarily perfectly consistent through the years, has, at its best, done the comedy/action/romance shtick as well as any other show I’ve seen on tv through the years. It will be sad to see it go…

  4. bored_viewer says:

    There’s one good thing about this show coming to an end – Adam Baldwin will be out of a job.

    • Rwells says:

      F*ck everything about you.

    • Peter Venkman says:

      You’re obviously on some heavy illegal narcotics or pharmaceutical drugs, chum. Baldwin is the main reason I originally tuned in 5 years ago. You don’t know of what you speak, but I forgive you.

      • bored_viewer says:

        I don’t need – nor do I want – your forgiveness. Baldwin may be kind to his fans, but he’s a creep to anyone who doesn’t kiss his a–. He doesn’t take the economic struggles of his fellow Americans seriously, so I can’t help but wish him those same hardships.

    • Ben says:

      Maybe its just me, but I thought the commenter was really getting at ‘Adam Baldwin will be available to do other jobs again’. Am I just too optimistic?

      • Stephanie says:

        Ben, I thought the same thing, but he is saying that it’s a good thing he’ll be out of work. I’d bet cold hard cash that bored_viewer is a Democrat because Baldwin is a craaaaaazy conservative Republican. I love me some Baldwin, but I had to unfollow him on Twitter because of his severe Right viewpoints and reposts. It was, how should I put this… A bit much.

        • Chris says:

          I completely understand where you’re coming from. This poster, bored_viewer, crossed a line for me though. It’s one thing to disagree with one’s ideals, but it’s never okay to wish them ill-will. Imagine someone celebrating your unemployment and struggles..that’s just inhumane. Let’s all try decency here. We can all have our beliefs.

          • bored_viewer says:

            Adam wishes many people – both at home and abroad – ill will on a fairly regular basis. If you don’t believe me, check out his Twitter page. He’s a repellant human being, and his lack of success in the future wouldn’t bother me a bit.

        • Ben says:

          I see. I’m not American, so the politics pass me by.

        • Ben says:

          And also, frankly… Adam Baldwin is one of the most beloved character actors around – he is never going to have any trouble getting the next gig.

          • bored_viewer says:

            He may be able to land the occasional role in a SyFy channel film, but he’ll never get a gig like this again. Had Chuck been on any other network, it likely would have been axed by the end of season 2. NBC is such a disaster, however, that they had little choice but to keep it around.

        • bored_viewer says:

          Actually, I despise both parties. I have no problem with Adam voicing his political views. It’s his arrogance, hypocrisy, and contempt for others (especially those who dare to disagree with him) that bother me. He’s just a thoroughly unlikable person.

    • Ali says:

      Yay, I’m so excited to see where he goes next. I LOVE him and hope he’ll find a show that’s perfect for him ASAP. I think other posters misunderstood your post. I got it. :)

    • maryb889 says:

      @bored_viewer: I think you need to stop sleeping in your van.

      • Ali says:

        Freaking HILARIOUS! So funny and probably true! You made me laugh so hard that I now have a headache. Go figure. Thank you, internet stranger, for making me smile and laugh like that. Happy Thanksgiving and wonderful holiday wishes to you and yours. :)Ali (A very happy and proud Adam Baldwin fan.)

  5. Joycee says:

    Love the show and definitely have mixed feelings about it ending. I’m sad it is ending but happy the writers could actually write a proper ending. In any case I’m extremely happy we got 5 seasons which is ridiculous considering it all could have ended back in season 2.

  6. mst3k says:

    I still watch because I love the characters but even this die-hard Chuck fan thinks it needs to end. Morgan as the intersect has not been good. I hate it when show-writers take away the special abilities of their main characters that were the original reason to watch the show.

    I had the same feeling when Heroes started an arc where all the Heroes lose their powers. Why would I want to watch that?

    • Ben says:

      I had that feeling in Heroes, but it was also because they all started acting out of character and the plots made no sense. The Morgan intersect plot made sense… and didn’t last all that long. It was ok with me.

      • Joseph says:

        The Morgan storyline, while annoying, seemed to develop the character of Decker and ended relatively soon. The Heroes arc was stupid. When it happened for a short period of time in one episode it was great, because we got to see how they deal without powers, but making it a season arc was dumb.

  7. Amy says:

    Going to miss Chuck so much! Will definitely shed a tear or two.

  8. kea says:

    Glad it will end..finally!!!
    I’m going to have withdrawals after the season ends..
    i will miss Chuck but all good things must come to and end..

  9. Aiden says:

    In the words of Michael Scott, “This is gonna hurt like a mother—.”
    The season finale last year was so emotional already. Even the montage in “Chuck versus the Business Trip” already hit the Chucksters hard because of Sarah’s speech..oh goodness, Josh Schwartz. This will be the best and the worst.

  10. Stephanie says:

    There has been so much disconnect this season and I’m worried the writers aren’t caring, but I love me some Chuck and this Jeff as a straight man is just killing me (in a good way). My heart breaks a little for Lester and I cannot wait to see where this arrest thing goes. That said, I’m so sad it’s ending, but I tip my hat to NBC for sticking with a show that believe in. They did that when Scrubs was floating on an exceptionally thin bubble and they are doing that here. Kudos to NBC and Team Nerd Herd. Love you all.

  11. Mdz says:

    If I’m sad now an almost always at the verge of tears after ever episode I really don’t know what’s going to happen to me when Jan. 27 arrives..Really going to miss this Show!

  12. Harry says:

    Is that because nobody will be watching?

  13. Fred says:

    It’ll be a bittersweet episode, I’ve been a fan of the show since the very beginning…it’ll be sad to watch it end. However, I’m happy that NBC is at least giving Chuck a proper ending, I still wish for a back 9 so at least Chuck will have 100 episodes. However, if they drag it out, I guess 13 episodes would be the way to do it.

  14. Charles says:

    I’m glad that the final(?)episode will be written by one of the show’s co-creators- that way we’ll get a script that is true to the characters we’ve known the past few years. The past two episodes have brought the show’s quality level back up, though I do miss “Jeffster” (poor Lester, he’s like half a pair of scissors now that Jeff is ‘normal’). I wonder if there is a possibility of a “Chuck” feature film to continue the adventures of Team Bartowski…

    • Mike says:

      As much as I’d love a Chuck movie, my guess is if the ratings aren’t that great, the potential audience for a movie might not be too high either! I could probably see adventures continuing in comic form or something like that. But, that would entirely depend on how it ends.

  15. Susan says:

    We have enjoyed CHUCK so much! I can’t wait to see what Zachary Levi does next – a very talented guy~

  16. Whimsical says:

    They might’ve gotten better ratings had the creators been able to read the audience.

    I’mean c’mon people: Chuck and Sarah together, kicking ass with the Intersect=ratings go up.

    Chuck and Sarah not together, with no intersect= ratings go down.

    This season is nearly halfway over, and Decker is STILL a cartoon bad guy. Either flesh him out or give Chuck back the Intersect so he and Sarah can go back to doing what they do best (and quit whining about wanting to be normal- did you not watch the first seasons of your own show, which were all about them NOT wanting to be normal!?!)

  17. jeremy anne says:

    hi i am a huge chuck fan from the Philippines. it’s really disappointing that chuck will end already but i’m still happy because it had totally made my life for 5 years and i bet that they will end it in an amazing way as ever. i totally gonna miss chuck. right now, i’m already preparing myself on what will happen to me after changing my daily routine where chuck has been the biggest part for 5 years. it makes me sad too because, i couldn’t get to see the casts personally before it ended. huhu (T_T)

  18. N says:

    Agree, I stop watching at this time as well.

  19. N says:

    They lost me with the Morgan Grimes as intersect storyline.

  20. madde says:

    tired of hearing all the bitter comments. Com’on, CHUCK is the best thing TV ever has showed… stop complaining. And the last episode was better than s 4. This s5 can only get good.

    love from sweden

  21. mike says:

    Chuck is not ending! It’s moving to another channel…

  22. insertname says:

    you’d better not be trolling ><"

  23. Richard says:

    True Chuck fans would love a movie on the Big Screen. IMAX Style :-)