Ratings: Supernatural Slumps, Fringe Holds Steady at Series Low

Supernatural‘s rollicking date with the Jersey Devil proved not to be a hot one, ratings-wise.

Drawing 1.52 million viewers while scoring a 0.7 demo rating, the CW series incurred losses of 18 and 12 percent, respectively. Lead-in Nikita, meanwhile, held steady week-to-week at 1.81 million total viewers and a 0.6 rating.

Turning to the night’s big fall finale, Fringe (2.87 mil/1.1) lost a handful of eyeballs but held steady in the demo, matching the series low it set last week. Peter, Olivia et al will resume Season 4 — with what was originally planned to be the cliffhangery, fall finale — on Friday, Jan. 13.

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Elsewhere on the night….

8 pm | CBS’ A Gifted Man (8.2 mil/1.3) led the hour in viewers and was up 8 percent in the demo, while the Kitchen Nightmares fall finale (3.45 mil/1.4) topped the demo. Chuck (3.2 mil/0.9) held steady week-to-week.

9 pm | CSI: NY (9.93 mil/1.6) led the hour in viewers and tied NBC’s Grimm (steady at 5.4 mil/1.6) for the demo win.

10 pm | Blue Bloods, with 12.23 million total viewers and a 2.0 rating, commanded the night’s largest audience and best 18-49 demo number, gaining 8 and 18 percent week-to-week.

All told, CBS easily walked away with Friday’s two big Ws, in total viewers and in the demo.

What were you watching live or live-ish this Friday night?

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  1. RJT says:

    Looks like Fringe fans are doing what they do best…DVR the show to death..make sure to not cry and complain when March comes.

  2. Andy says:

    I hope the Fringe production theme already as a great ending for the show. I wish JJ Abrams would come back and FINISH WHAT HE STARTED. (write the final episode)

    • LFD says:

      I fully agree with you…

    • Delirious says:

      Actually, Abrams would probably need a season to wrap it up, and not just a final episode, after everything else was done.
      Although I gotta say, as much as I love (no, LUUUUUURVE) Fringe, friday’s episode was really lame, especially considering it was a mid-season finale. I really hope they pick it up for when they return in january, or many of us will be hating FOX profoundly for cancelling it, and the writers/producers of the show for not offering the best they could to balance the lack of viewers with a good show that’s worth mantaining on the air.

      • DJ Rogue says:


        As Matt said in the article, this week’s ep of Fringe WASN’T supposed to be the mid-season finale. What FOX should’ve done was air both eps in a special 2-hour block…but I guess the Fall Finale of “Kitchen Nightmares” had a storyline that was just TOO IMPORTANT to wait ’til the new year.

  3. nitemar says:

    Loved Blue Bloods’ Tom Selleck great last night.

  4. kevin says:

    CHUCK continues to be my Friday night fix but it’ll wait until December on what date and I truly miss the Fall finale of FRINGE but definitely watch it on DEMAND unless it return January 13th. Wonder if J.J. Abrams’ new series ALCATRAZ is going to effect a better plot premise his other show FRINGE was. Guess I’ll be planning it to watch it when it debuts in January since the time traveling series already halted production.

  5. Emmy says:

    What a shame for Supernatural, just when they finally gave us a really fantastic episode! I think this may be a hangover from last week’s poor effort, rather than a reflection of this week’s episode, which was easily the best of season 7 so far.

    • Marz says:

      I completely agree. I thought last week’s episode was funny, and a great return of Crowley but suffered form Becky overdose. I have a feeling once word of yeterday’s cliffhanger gets out, the Dec 2nd episode will show a return of viewers.

      • Jenn says:

        I think they’re still suffering because of the disaster that was S6, also. They lost a lot of viewers last season, and with Cas gone, I get the feeling a lot of the minions made good on their threats to quit watching (not saying I agree with them, just saying I think they left). There have been a couple of good episodes this season, but there are still pacing problems – like that whole Amy thing that got dragged out way beyond its expire date. I was actually sick of seeing Jewel Staite for a while, and I think she’s awesome. Then, too much Becky, who is funny in a small doses, but shouldn’t have an entire episode based around her. The Whedon gimmick casting was interesting, but without James Marsters, that episode would have been crap. For a 7th season its decent, but SG’s got to up her learning curve as showrunner.

        • Rowan says:

          The season got a really slow start – while the plots were good, the execution of them was subpar until a few episodes ago, then took a nose-dive again with the Becky episode. Last night’s ep was stellar. Ben Edlund (who earlier wrote an episode this season that was phoned in) did the show proud. It’s so uneven this year under Gamble. Last season was rocky, but this season has been pretty terrible writing wise. I had high hopes that Crowley was going to be more proactive in the take down of the Leviathans, but no. Let’s hope that they can use this great episode as a jumping off point for the rest of the season to be amazing. I loved Cas, but accepted the ridiculous idea that he was played out, but I also love Bobby, so it what we saw last night is permanent, I’m gonna be very unhappy.

      • Ike says:

        Supernatural has really let me down this season. Just gratitutious ugly violence over & over. The slaughter committed by the Leviathan Sam & Dean was too much. I took the show off my DVR…..

    • Girish says:

      True that! The episode was truly exciting and the best episode so far in this season. But I have to ask, what is Sera Gamble thinking!! First, she killed Cas, now she is playing with Bobby! I hate it and yet, at the same time I think its brilliant. It just makes the show that much more compelling.

      • Fudgefase says:

        I saw oe post on a different website that proposed the idea that this season is actually happening inside a raving Sam’s head, so Cas/Bobby/leviathen storyline is just a detour. I guess that would set up next season as hopefully a good end to the series, but would still seem like a bit of a cop-out!

    • Elultimorefugio says:

      I agree. This week’s episode was great.

    • I thought the episodes was great as well, but, as is normal with many “veteran” shows, the quality of the writing tends to be up and down nowadays from one episode to the next. I think it will take a sustained run of great epis to get the ratings to where they should be here.

    • Snapy says:

      I was annoyed by this episode. I wanted a straight-up Jersey Devil episode but instead we got a bait-and-switch with a bunch of Leviathan crap. Not impressed. Supernatural deserved to lose ratings over that.

      • Dick says:

        I wonder when you are ever impressed. You straight up blast the show and its characters everytime I see your comments. You don’t even deserve to watch this wonderful show.

        • Snapy says:

          Dick, you’re the most idiotic, moronic poster ever. Supernatural is my favourite show on television. You clearly just posted your standard response to a so-called “Supernatural hater”. But you don’t know me at all. So sit down and STFU, you piece of dog crap.

      • Courtney says:

        I agree with I also wanted a straight up Jersey Devil episode, but thought the episode overall was great. At least they are making progress with the Leviathans in learning what harms them, but I hope they wrap up their storyline at end of this season (or sooner?).

        And I really really REALLY hope they DO NOT kill off Bobby. They’ve taken so much away from Sam and Dean (and the fans)….and I feel they still need him as their only ally in this. He’s been there from pretty much the start and has beaten so much, like losing his wife, being paralyzed….he needs to keep going.

        But, no matter what Supernatural does, I’ll keep watching till the end….which I hope isn’t for a long long time. It’s the only thing that keeps me happy and I have to look forward to.

    • Carrie says:

      I’ve been watching “Supernatural” from the beginning. I had no problems with last season and I’m really enjoying the current season. The show is obviously suffering because it’s in its 7th season in a terrible timeslot, it no longer has “Smallville” as a lead-in and there’s competition from other shows in the same genre. I think lower ratings are to be expected, unfortunately.

      • viv eden says:

        I think what everyone must remember that there is usually 23 eps in a season so occasionally you will get a dud like the Becky ep. Then last week was an absolute ball tearer, but if they kill off Bobby I can’t see this wonderful show getting another season. I did hear they are getting Cas back in for a few cameo roles, that alone keeps me watching. Speaking of which they haven’t tied up the Angel problem. Finally it was also great to see Crowley back. Just my opinion – don’t jump on me.

  6. Alana says:

    Holy mother!! Last night’s episode of Fringe + the ratings + FOX’s poor scheduling = disasster

  7. Tater says:

    I really don’t get why more people isn’t watching CHUCK, I mean it should atleast crush in the demo…It is sad that a show this awesome isn’t geeting the ratings it truly deserves. I hope that the Chuck campaign movement if nothing else ENDS the discrimination fueled Nielson rating system..once and for all…

  8. Nikki says:

    I watched Supernatural live last night but I’m pretty sure when the DVR stats come back you’ll see that number go WAY up!

  9. CaDammieGirl says:

    Ugh >< Personally I dont blame the "Bad" eps or last season, Its this Stupid SUPERNATURAL-Rip off TV Show "Grimm" thats causing SUPERNATURAL to have a bad year. This "David" whatever the hell his name is needs to go back to his own lame acting and leave the Supernatural series's alone hes not good enough. Ohwell even if SUPERNATURAL gets canceled which I hope it doesnt but if it does it will be because of "Grimm" but that doesnt mean Im goanna start watching "Grimm", No there will only ever be ONE tv show for me in the supernatural series and that will always be SUPERNATURAL Jensen and Jared really know how to play there charas so they to be will always be the one and only Supernatural Hunters and Supernatural will always be the best Series in my book.

    • Girish says:

      I’m a huge Supernatural fan, but I actually gave Grimm a chance. I watched 3 episodes before giving up. It just feels too tired and the lead is uncharismatic. He looks like is zombiefied most of the time. Except the production values, the show doesn’t really have anything going for it. I guess people just tune in to see how they incorporate the fairytale characters into the story.
      PS: Supernatural is the best show! Period!

      • Elultimorefugio says:

        I watched ‘Grimm’ too and I didn’t like it. Seems to me a feeble copy of ‘Supernatural’
        ‘Supernatural’ rules!!! even though they had a couple episodes that could be better, like Amy’s and Becky’s episodes.
        Anyway I think they should start thinking to raise some dead’s characters, like Castiel the angel-angel, Ellen, Jo…

  10. John Grose says:

    That’s cause Supernatural was supposed to be over. Now they’re just suffering from Charmed Syndrome. It’s sad. – John

    • Snapy says:

      It was never supposed to be “over”. Kripke had a five-year plan. Doesn’t mean the show had to end after five years.

      • Nikki says:

        I agree! There’s still so much more they could do with the show! There are a lot of characters that could still come back.

  11. Heather says:

    Loved Grimm last night, and switched to Bluebloods! As a Portlander gotta give Grimm as much love as I can!

  12. BarbaraA says:

    Loved BlueBloods last night, although I have to say I’m a devotee of Tom Selleck’s series, casting appeared to get it just right and Len Cariou stands out in any scene he’s in great chemistry between him and Selleck for sure.

  13. jst me says:

    Yay for nikita. It has been steady 4 the past few weeks. Which gives me hope that it will get renewed

    • Lambsilencer says:

      Yes, steady demo rating and has been growing total viewers. This week, it held those 1.8 million steady, too. Looks like the show has found its loyal viewership. If it can keep this up, I’m sure The CW will strongly consider a renewal. Their Friday night is quite alright with Nikita and Supernatural.

    • Russ says:

      Nikita is an amazing it is one of my favorites. I hope they renew it and move it off of friday, to a new time slot where it will really shine.

  14. Marc says:

    I find it funny that no one is thinking of the fact that the new Twilight movie opened last night when analyzing Supernatural’s ratings. I would think that there are some crossover fans there and that it would make a difference in the ratings. Nothing to worry about, imo — the show has been fairly steady all season.

  15. Lourdes21 says:

    So happy Ninkita’s been holding steady. There’s been a lot of word of mouth for the show, i’m hoping more people reaize how awesome it is! It looks like a movie every week, like a great action movie! Awesome female characers in Alex, Nikita and Amanda.

    • bhm1304 says:

      It just keeps getting better and better. No sophomore slump with this show. The 3 million who are still watching that p.o.s. dead-show-walking “Chuck” would better spend their time with something excellent like “Nikita”. Lyndsey Fonseca, Maggie Q, and Melinda Clarke are three of the best actresses working on television and no one even mentions this show. Drivel like “Charlie’s Angels” and “Pan Am” got more press. Keeping my fingers crossed that “Nikita” lives to find a third season paired with an eighth season of “Supernatural”.

  16. Bonesxxx says:

    The Leviathan thing is not a hit I must say

  17. Sandra says:

    LOL. Yeah it’s GRIMM’s fault that the stale should’ve-been-canceled-three-years-ago SUPERNATURAL is losing viewers… How many times can the world end? As for David Giuntoli who plays Nick on GRIMM- The man is a total package, great actor and one sexy piece! Nobody wears a pair of jeans like Mr G. Show some GRIMM love and send those old, old, old Winchester boys to boring show heaven. Good Riddance!
    In case I didn’t mention it… I SO WANNA DO DAVID GIUNTOLI!!!!

    • Jamie says:


      Wow, I can’t really say anything about his looks, it’s in the eye of the beholder (I for example don’t find him attractive at all).

      However, I couldn’t disagree more with you opinion on his acting abilities. The 2 episodes I saw, he playing his character so uninspired and dull that I nearly fell asleep, and IMO the show would be way better if Russell Hornsby was playing the lead.

      I am not even a Supernatural fan, but even I find it a bit weird of you to want Spn fans to show your show some love, when you’re so unbelievingly insulting and rude about theirs. j/s

    • bhm1304 says:

      Yeah, “great actor” who paid his dues on a reality show. Another example of NBC deciding just to give in and embrace the bottom of the barrel as it sinks further and further into the abyss (they bench quality like “Community” but keep dreck like “Whitney” alive and kicking). If “Grimm” had cast a real actor it could have been good but they cast a nobody and it just isn’t. Its boring crap. It will never hold a candle to the brothers Winchester.

  18. xwiseguyx says:

    I still can’t get enough of Kitchen Nightmares…. nothing like watching those dysfunctional family run restaurants… Will look forward to its return.

    • Dessy says:

      Fringe and Supernatural were on last night and what you can’t get enough of is ‘kitchen nightmares’?? really???

  19. Meg says:

    Supernatural just gets sadder by the episode, it should’ve ended a long time ago. Just end it CW!

  20. Nat says:

    About Supernatural. It was to be expected that the ratings would drop after last week’s effort to insult the fans and call the fanbase psycopaths.
    Sadly it showed on this week’s episode which was great. Hopefully fans will come back next week and hopefully the writers and Mrs Gamble will learn from their mistake and not treat the fanbase like that ever again.
    To inform Mrs Gamble personally speaking, I would have dropped the show after last week’s episode, if it wasn’t for my respect for Jensen and Jared and their love for the show.

    • Girish says:

      Gamble pulled off a brilliant, hilarious meta episode last season, but last week’s episode just didn’t click on so many levels. It was just plain unfunny after 10 minutes. Becky was overused. But last night’s episode was totally wicked! I hope Bobby doesn’t go out like Cas.

    • Elultimorefugio says:

      You’re right Becky’s episode went too far for my liking. First time I watched it I thought they were tempting the fate and some fans wouldn’t appreciate it.
      In season five Becky was funny, but in the wedding episode she was…pathetic.
      I really don’t think they mean to piss off fans but the fact is they probably did.

  21. lolo says:

    WOOO! CSI NY :) it was really good last night.

  22. Mel says:

    O.M.Gee Supernatural is like the best show evaaa. It totally kicks ass like no othaa showw has evva done b4. Omigodd like Sam and dean r like soo sexxi. Dis show is like the best thing that evva happened to television and like nothing else can compare. Those stupid othaa shows can like go away 4 evaa UGHH.

  23. Kay says:

    Hehehe… no Grimm in title or in the initial little-write-up on this site = Grimm ratings didn’t fall. ;) Because if Grimm had fallen, that would have been the big news on the title! I am happy that Grimm is holding steady – it’s starting to grow on me.

  24. yuka says:

    Fringe is almost unwatchable this year. I feel like I wasted 3 years. The characters & unterpersonal dynamics are what made the show. These have changed so much as there are now no likable characters other than Peter.

    • Tabularasa says:

      3 years were not wasted. The entire story is about Peter trying to get back home. He’s going to get back to the Olivia and Walter we’ve known from the previous 3 seasons. The writers are trying to shake things up and give you something different.

  25. Dre says:

    Fringe, although I do admit was a bit boring last night, HAS TO SURVIVE!! It’s the only serious sci-fi out there right now. The cast is absolutely phenomenal and this show deserves to be carried further. I do agree that it’s move to fridays has hurt it BUT I follow it wherever it goes. Next episode is gonna be SICK!! CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR!!!

  26. Leeeleee says:

    Supernatural is losing viewers because Gamble does not know how to tell a story. She has alienated the vast majority of fans with her lies, favoritism and disdain of the fandom as a whole. Even people who are diehard fans of the actors have given up on this show because of how badly Gamble and Co. have treated the fans.

    As for last night’s episode, I didn’t watch it but from what I read it was yet another Bobbycentric episode. This guy seems to have taken over the show and he really isn’t that interesting. Also evidence of Gamble’s lies about getting rid of Castiel so they could focus on the brothers. Uh huh! I guess that is why season 7 has become The Bobby Show.

    • John says:

      Somebody hasn’t been watching Spnl lately. Bobby was just a background voice in most of the episodes and he wasn’t even in that many to begin with. But he is really interesting. This episode we got to know that Bobby taught the Winchesters how to hunt in the wild. I hope Gamble doesn’t kill Bobby!

    • david says:

      Gamble has proved she is a hopeless showrunner. This season is just season 6 all over again. The big Alpha Monster crap went nowhere and now The Leviathon crap seems to be going nowhere fast either. These past two seasons just meander about with lame Monster Of The Week retreads that we saw like about 5 seasons ago. She also just kills off popular characters so we can all enjoy new D-List actors we care nothing for doing a lame spooky MOTW episode.
      She’s in over her head and should have been shown the door after her efforts in season 6
      Alot of the serious fans have left or just DVR the sorry thing.

      • Max says:

        Personally, Season 7 is shaping up to be one of the best seasons so far. I don’t understand the comment about ‘leviathan crap’. I find the leviathans quite interesting.
        The only popular character that was killed was Castiel. I know a bunch of people are still pissed he’s gone but these people seriously need to grow up and get over it. The whining is getting very annoying. You need to realize that the show is not there to cater to the whims of it’s fans.

        Now, I liked Cas but I feel that killing him has finally brought the show back to how awesome it was in Season 1/2/3. I was glad that the boys stopped depending on Cas to fix every little thing. It ups the stakes and adds even more danger to the show now that we know that some angel of the lord isn’t going to swoop in to save the day.

        • Selen says:

          Well said, Max.

        • RJ says:

          Max–you couldn’t be more wrong. The show is solid this year(not great) and bringing Cas back would only make it better.

          • Marie says:

            I have to disagree.
            Bringing Cas back or rather the caricature he has become in season 6 will not improve the story line, it will just be Destiel fan service, and Cas will only get more unlikable in the hands of the new writers.

            Gamble/Edlund’s Cas (the lying, friend betraying, Dean’ besotted little pet) =/= BadassCas (fallen angel with a compelling story and personality)

  27. vash says:

    not surprised about ratings drops, the majority of people i know get shows and movies from torrents, irc, and ftps. supernatural was pretty great I thought I was just gonna watch the first couple minutes and couldn’t stop watching til the end

  28. vash says:

    oh and grimm is too much like dylan dog dead of night it makes me sad

  29. Scribe says:

    I’ve been a Supernatural fan from the beginning and by my reckoning, Season six and seven has been mediocre. There’s such a difference between character assassination that SG hasn’t quite worked out yet. Firstly, Cas – a beloved character (yeah he is, get over it Haters), an angel who previously defied Heaven for the sake of a friendship with one human, suddenly goes bad making decisions that threw out the last two seasons of character development. Secondly, bring back Sam Winchester as a psychopath for no real purpose and finally turning Dean Winchester into a complete dick. He kills Sam’s friends and its Sam that ends up apologising? As a long time viewer, I haven’t at all been impressed with how he’s been written.
    Supernatural has always had great character, even if they move in and out of the tableau, its what’s kept the fans. Since season six and seven, they’ve gone all out to complete destroy this goodwill. I don’t blame the actors, I blame the writers and whatever direction they’ve been given SG. The show’s tanking because the boys, the big draw, are just not likeable.
    And to whomever said Bobby should stay day, Bobby is a great character. He’s around when he’s needed and he can take a back seat if he’s not. If he dies too, I think that the boys might as well just give up and let the bad guys take the world.

    • Anna says:

      Castiel’s actions, I found to be very believable. His turn to the ‘dark’ side was very well handled. Sam Winchester came back souless because the show had to show that getting in and out of hell wasn’t that easy and sometimes things could go wrong (such as Sam’s sould being left behind). They were trying to show the consequences of going to hell but they were trying to make it different from Dean’s experience.
      Now for what really annoyed me about your post. Dean didn’t kill Sam’s friend. He killed a monster who was going to kill again. Sure, she only killed bad people, but it doesn’t make it any less horrible. It’s amusing to see people like you trying to support the idea that it’s okay to kill people just as long as they are awful people. Dean did his job. Sam let his feelings get in the way and let a serial killer go free.
      I don’t really care to analyze why you have gotten it into your head that the boys are unlikable, but frankly, I don’t really care. If you don’t like the show and you don’t enjoy it anymore for whatever reason, you shouldn’t watch it. Seriously.

  30. Danielle says:

    Supernatural is a great show.. I’m a loyal and devoted fan, have been since the beginning and I do agree that some episodes HERE & THERE dragged on a bit but that’s no reason to quit watching.. Especially since Friday’s episode had a heart wrenching ending…Which makes me feel compelled to be watching the Mid-Season Finale Dec 2.. As for the other shows, I just don’t watch.. But I also won’t say anything about them. Supernatural .. I love you!

  31. Snapy says:

    I was pretty annoyed by this episode. I wanted a straight-up Jersey Devil episode but instead we got a bait-and-switch with a bunch of Leviathan crap. Not impressed. Supernatural deserved to lose ratings over that.

    • Gina says:

      Troll alert. This is the second time I’ve heard you say that on the same page. Not to mention I always see you trying to call the show bad.

    • Josh says:

      Definitely a troll.

      • Snapy says:

        Definitely NOT a troll, asswipes. Supernatural is my favourite show but I will call it out when it does something I don’t like (i.e., Cas and the angels/religion B.S).

        • Josh says:

          Well if you hate the Leviathan crap, just don’t watch the show anymore because that’s all its going to be, you airhead! You simply want to bad-mouth our favourite show! I’m not even Christian, but I don’t hates its themes of religion which were in the previous seasons and not this time around. Cas was one of the best parts of the show, you jackass!!

          • Snapy says:

            Why would I stop watching my favourite show, you piece of s–t moron? Castiel sucked and you know it, and Sera Gamble knew it too. That’s why she fired Misha. Deservedly.

          • RJ says:

            Josh–you are right Cas one of best parts of the show. A perfect support for the boys. Some in fandom just want to hate unless the writers cater to them.

          • A says:


            “Some in fandom just want to hate unless the writers cater to them.”

            Do you have any idea how ironic that sounds coming from a Cas fan?

          • Josh says:

            I was not too morbidly angry over Cas’s departure from Supernatural. He had done his job wonderfully and it was time for us to let him go. But I also don’t like people who hate on Cas and think he made the show worse. If anything, he was as big a part as Jensen, Jared, Mark Pellegrino & the writers for making seasons 4-5 the best seasons in the history of television.

  32. Aiden says:

    I’m relieved Chuck is steady. I watched Supernatural and Fringe last night. It’s a shame that the ratings are shaky..

  33. Inkys1grl says:

    Supernatural is my favorite TV show. I was a late convert, finding the show by accident in the middle of season 4, then I rented the earlier seasons, and wow, did I get hooked. That said, I too have been somewhat disappointed in Seasons 6, and Season 7 so far, especially getting rid of Castiel. Also, my favorite character, Dean, seems to have lost his moral compass, one of the most compelling things about this often tortured, conflicted guy.

    Lately the episodes have been more entertaining, which is a good thing but neither Dean nor Sam seem to know anymore what they’re fighting for, which has made the series somehow shallow and predictable these days.

  34. David says:

    Have to admit, the ratings weren’t that good, but let’s not forget that last nights episode of Fringe was not suppose to be the finale episode, and thus to most people finished on a disappointing note, the next episode was “Back to where you’ve never been”
    I can’t help thinking Fox is partially responsible for this disappointing result, ok so baseball happened, can’t be helped, weather can’t be controlled. but honestly why not give us loyal Fringe fans two episodes the following week, or at least delay the fringe hiatus another week to give us the episode that was suppose to be the finale, is it that hard ? REALLY.
    It’s such a shame, Fringe is such a unique sci-fi show, the best on TV at the moment, so i think the treatment it is getting is nothing short of disgraceful.
    All those calling for immediate answers must want the show to finish next season and it will if that is what you want.
    Me, well I might be in the minority I am prepared to wait that bit longer at least this season to see how things pan out ( and I’m sure they will). then if the show does return for another season the writers can concentrate on giving us all one hell of a sendoff for season five.

  35. Taylor Winchester says:

    Well, if my episode summary hadn’t said “Dean discovers that a sandwich is making people crazy”, I might have watched it.

  36. Ryan says:

    This is all getting stupid and repetitive with Fox, and ABC, and…. They’ll never update to the new millenium, where the internet is the source for all content. Provide the world with ‘proper’ streaming solutions and there won’t be half as many people being forced to steal it (torrent it) in order to watch the things provided. Who wants to wait 6 months after the season is over to watch it just because they don’t have cable, when they have high speed internet and can get it the next day?

  37. Dave says:

    Yeah Supernatural is usually the show that gets the largest increase when they do the live+7 numbers. Notice even though the total numbers were down thier demo numbers were still higher than Nikitas. The ratings for Supernatural are not near as bad as people let on.

  38. Dave says:

    It varies week to week. Sometimes and quite a bit this season Supernatural has had the biggest increase percentage wise in viewers with Live+7. Fringe and Modern Family haveeach had weeks where the had the biggest. These 3 shows areconsistantly the top 3 though.

  39. Cheryl says:

    What cost Supernatural half its fandom over Seasons 4 – 6 was forgetting this show was the story of Sam and Dean. Finally getting rid of an Angel mythology that should have wrapped up in Season 5 with Castile being Deans Ruby in every sense of the word. Not have what Kripke originally planned to do in S 4 be retold in over kill fashion in Season 7 and now it might just be too late to save the show. But I’m not giving up Season 7 it’s the best season in years since about mid season 4 when this show got horribly lost. Season 7 has been great so far not perfect but on the right track with needing to fix some things and put the show and the boys relationship back in order after all the damage done the show and characters when the Angel mythology nearly suffocated it.

    • John says:

      The mythology is one of the best parts of Spnl. Seasons 4 & 5 are my fav, particularly because of Lucifer and the apocalypse arc.

    • RJ says:

      Season 4 was great and very popular. Season 7 is solid but the ratings are not going up without Cas–they’ve declined. The angels were great and the season without them is not taking off in the ratings as the haters claimed it would. Now they blame that on them being there too long…how lame.

  40. Ella says:

    3 words. Bring back Castiel.

    • dave says:

      Another 3 words.

      Sack Sera Gamble.

    • James says:

      How about NO.

      If they didn’t bring back John W. nor Gabriel or any other fan favourite, they shouldn’t bring back Castiel either. He already exploded twice and was brought back; so now they should give another character a chance (if at all – cause recycling dead characters is starting to get ridiculous).

  41. J says:

    *John I agree with you, demons, Lucifer, Revelation, Angels were the best stories of the Supernatural, the sixth season was a sacrifice watch was so confusing in my opinion and this seventh season is good, had good episodes,but so far there hasn’t been a single episode that I can say *this was perfect*. But I will still continue to watch, I have hopes that supernatural can impress. :)

  42. Julie says:

    By the end of Supernatural this week (and after yawning throughout the episode) I was wondering about Castiel and figured what’s the point of bringing him back? It’s not like he’ll suddenly be all funny and all «I wanna be human» anymore. They ruined the character so really again what’s the point in bringing him back?

    … then I thought «Hey, they know that if they bring Castiel or just have Misha make an appearance, even in a flashback-like scene, the ratings would suddenly explode»

    … so why don’t they do it? If they can bring Becky to make us screech at her lack of intelligence and at the same time make fun of us crazies that actually wanna marry those Winchester boys without putting a charm/curse on them why not bring back Misha just once at least?

    All I know is that I’m watching the show now just because I’ve been such a huge fan of the show before that I can’t just stop watching. Period. This week was like those horsemen episodes that I’ve only seen on TV when they aired. I just hope there’s something good at the end of the tunnel…

  43. Lisa says:

    I like Grimm but I refuse to give up my Fringe/Supernatural time slot. I will watch the Grimm marathon on Syfy Tuesday, November 22. I hope Syfy picks up Grimm permanently. That would seem to solve the Friday problem. I’m not suggesting Syfy should air it on Friday’s. That would be a very bad idea. Alternatively, NBC should consider moving it to a less busy weeknight.

  44. Lisa says:

    Hey, TV Networks, tis the season for shopping and socializing. People have lots to do with Turkey day on the way. Personally, I tape all my Friday shows (Supernatural, Chuck, Fringe) and watch them over the weekend.