Nikita Preview: Dillon Casey on Seducing Alex, Capturing Nikita and Fighting With Amanda

As Nikita‘s newest addition, Sean Pierce already has his hands full — of women! Dispatched by Oversight (aka Mom) to keep an eye on Division and its new leader Amanda, Sean has now set his sights on Nikita. But to take her down, he may have to manipulate Alex, the one person inside Division he kinda-sorta likes.

TVLine spoke with Sean’s portrayer, Dillon Casey, about the cat and mouse game he plays with Nikita in this Friday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), the inevitable showdown with Amanda, and his true feelings for Alex.

TVLINE | This week’s episode seems to be a big one for Sean. What can you share?
He’s basically trying to protect his mom when it all comes down to it. And he’s trying to bait Nikita into showing herself so he can put an end to her once and for all. But every time he’s faced with Nikita, he gets to see just how formidable a foe she is. She’s frustrating. It’s like the road runner and the coyote. … Sean and Nikita are always trying to stay one step ahead of each other, and they’re both incredible at what they do. So they can both plan as much as they want, but one plan’s going to cancel out the other. They’re just going to have to improvise.

TVLINE | Nikita knows so much more about Oversight than even Sean does. Could she potentially sway him over to her side?
Anything’s possible on this show. I don’t think that’s going to be an easy thing to do considering one of the head members of Oversight is his mother. Nikita would have to [make] a really strong case to get him to switch sides. I’m not saying it’s not possible…

TVLINE | Does Amanda see Sean as a target since he’s part of the organization she’s trying to take down?
For sure. Sean’s not only a target because of that, but also because in Episode 7, Amanda bugged his phone and overheard the conversation between Sean and his mother where his mother no longer wants Amanda to be the head of Division. She actually wants Sean to take over. Now she’s put that idea in Sean’s head. I don’t think he likes that idea, but now that that’s in Sean’s head and Amanda’s head, Sean’s a direct threat to Amanda’s power.

TVLINE | It seems like we’re due for a big Amanda vs. Sean face-off. Any heated scenes coming up between the two?
It’s funny, it seems like Sean likes to fight with women a lot. [Laughs] These two are constantly sizing each other up. I’m not really sure if anything physical will happen between them… They both frustrate the hell out of each other. They’re always screaming at each other. I don’t know what that will lead to, but I would say they both have conflicting goals.

TVLINE | Speaking of women… How is his relationship with Alex progressing?
His relationship with Alex is an interesting one because they’re both these rogue agents within Division. Neither of them have full trust in each other even though they’ve had missions together. …There’s an attraction there. Sean respects the fact that Alex has such powerful family loyalty. They have [some] common ground. They both hate Amanda, and they both have very strong family ties.

TVLINE | Will he continue to seduce her to get close to Nikita?
He likes the idea of seducing her, but I don’t think Alex is that easy to seduce. She’s playing hard to get. Again, as long as she doesn’t find out, as long as it helps him get whatever he wants, he will do whatever it takes.

TVLINE | Are there genuine feelings mixed in with his plot?
Absolutely. They both saved each other’s lives. And if they both didn’t trust each other in some way, like each other in some way, then I don’t think either of them would have done that. There’s clearly sexual tension between them.

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  1. merhammer says:

    Thanks so much for the Nikitia scoop! Still one of my favorite shows on TV!! I wish more people were watching, so I appreciate the coverage!! Watch this show people!!! It is AWESOME and getting better every week!!

  2. anto87 says:

    I love this show, I hope there will be another season after this one! Thanks for the interview!

  3. Lindsey says:

    Nikita is so much better than all of those plain old procedurals… I can’t understand why the ratings aren’t better! I am loving the new Sean storylines! Thanks TVLine!!

  4. Marsha says:

    Sorry Sean, but you are no match at all for Nikita, she will have your heiny for breakfast and move on the the next take down. The real foe for Nikita is Percy, who is slowly regaining his power. That man has backup plans with the 26 letters of the alphabeth. One of my problems with Alex is that everyone has manipulated her: Nikita, Amanda, Percy and now Sean will definitely have a shot. I can’t believe that they have Percy in the dungeon and not install a camera to record his conversations and what he has been up to. Ridiculous. Also, Alex was prepared to run away in Season 1 with Nathan? and now not even a word about him?

    • Linds says:

      Yeah, Alex seems to have been manipulated all her life including her childhood(by her father training her to take over a evil corp). Although Nikita lied to Alex to build their partnership, she was probably the only one that let Alex have some freewill w/o wanting something in return. She kept trying to tell Alex to get out & have a life, but Alex didn’t. I am guessing Alex will be back in a powerful way when she finds her mom alive and shacking up w/ the man the ordered the hit on her family. Dun dun dun (all speculative).

  5. Jane says:

    When did Sean become a formidable foe for Nikita? What are the writers telling Dillon about his character because forget Nikita he isn’t a step ahead of anybody on the show. What is this talk about trying to one-up Nikita when his immediate and much more formidable foe in Amanda. Formidable foe is Percy or Michael in S1 or even Amanda for Nikita. Sean not so much, especially since his only friend, Alex seems like she can take him out.

    • Marsha says:

      Exactly, like I mentioned in my earlier post, so far, I have hardly seen anything to suggest that Sean is on the same level as Nikita, being the seasoned Navy man that he is, he couldn’t even beat Alex on a draw with a weapon in his first episode. So unless Dillon is referring to episodes that have not been aired, then he’s exaggerating his abilities. It’s quite clear that Amanda has his number and Nikita would just as easily schoool his mommy-protecting arse as easily as she did Alex’s.

  6. Sid says:

    NIKITA really is the best CW show in terms of quality. If it gets cancelled, I hope a cable network can pick it up. The CW doesn’t deserve a show like this.

    They should stick to their low rated golden child, Gossip Girl.

  7. Sabrina says:

    Sean doesn’t stand a chance against Nikita.

    • Marsha says:

      Hahaha, just watched Nikita and like I said earlier, she made mincemeat out of ‘soldier boy’. The woman actually took his weapon apart and shot him, he’s alive by her grace, what a doofus. Sean is nowhere close to being in Nikita’s league.

  8. Manu says:

    Amazing interview!

    This show gets better by the second, and Sean is such an interesting character, and so well played by Dillon, that it’s hard to be against him… but of course the Nikita-Alex tandem beats everytime, so he’s gonna have to let mummy go and come to the good side…

  9. steven says:

    It really is a great show. Is there anything we can do to save it? Is it really doomed? Every week that I’m watching it, I don’t understand why the showis not able to get more eyeballs??