The X Factor Top 10 Results Recap: Honey, I Flunk This Kid [Updated]

It can’t be easy to come within weeks of a $5 million record contract only to wind up in 10th place. But at least tonight’s X Factor evictee received a parting gift via these words of sage advice from guest performer Rihanna: “You have to love what you do.” Um, anything else, RiRi? “If you love it, it never feels like work.”

Wait a second. I love my job, too, but sitting through Willow Smith’s “performance” during last week’s Top 11 results show definitely didn’t feel like playtime. I know, I know…I need to move past that now.

The X Factor Top 10 Performance Recap: Rock, Shock, and Four Sniping Judges

So let’s cut to this week’s results.

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, that wonderful example of artificial intelligence Steve Jones kept reminding us, the acts who received enough votes to go straight through to next week’s Top 9 performance telecast were:

* LeRoy Bell (cue the sound of Stacy Francis cursing on the inside)
* Lakoda Rayne (cue the sound of all eight not-yet-safe contestants cursing on the inside)
* Chris Rene
* Melanie Amaro
* Josh Krajcik
* Marcus Canty
(cue faces of sad children; cue Stacy thinking, “$#@^*# kids!”)
* Drew (Ryniewicz) (whew)
* Rachel Crow

Bottom Two
* Stacy Francis
* Astro

And with that, we came to the “save yourself!” performances. Here’s my breakdown on Stacy Vs. Astro:

Stacy Francis: “Amazing Grace”
Vibrato + Runs x Melisma x Tears = Elimination? Okay, that’s a little mean. It was clear from the opening note that Stacy was struggling to maintain her composure, but less forgivable was the way she delivered such a simple and beautiful hymn with such overblown grandiosity. It would be like Michael Bay remaking Annie Hall (blasphemy!) and interjecting explosions and car chases in the midst of all the jaunty dialogue.

Astro: “Never Can Say Goodbye”
Is it cynical of me to wonder if Astro’s “I’m not gonna perform for people who don’t want me here” was a premeditated tantrum? Think about it: In a post-X Factor world, Astro is going to need to shed his reality show reputation and forge a separate identity as a confident, possibly even cocky, young MC. What better way for L.A. to market his new hip-hop sensation than by labeling him as the teenager who thought he was somehow above a sing-off against a 42-year-old mom with rivulets of mascara running down her face? I know, I know…it doesn’t make his behavior any less noxious, but it’s not impossible to believe this scenario, either.

If you missed the whole dustup, Astro esentially sauntered out on stage, all casual-like, declared the sing-off “unnecessary,” and then sensing a restless audience, added “I’m gonna leave it up to my mentor.” (L.A., obviously, wasn’t going to let the kid sit this one out.) There were, as always, examples of brilliance in the lyrics, but also moments where Astro looked like a bored kid having to present a half-completed science project to his class. L.A. told Astro he was “upset” that his prized pupil was “acting like a quitter,” and Simon went one step further, dressing down Astro for disrespecting his own mother and the X Factor audience, and wringing a few tears out of the little scamp in the process. Heck, maybe Astro’s just, well, a child — a child who doesn’t have the maturity or the life experience to handle a dose of public humiliation in front of an audience of 12 million people. But if he’s going to have any longevity in the pop-culture game, he needs to learn to learn what it means to have humility — as well as a sense of humor. Seriously, does the kid ever look remotely happy?

Judges Votes on Who Should Go Home
L.A.: Stacy
Nicole: Astro
Paula: Stacy
Simon: Stacy

Eliminated: Stacy Francis

(See, Nicole? You shoulda picked Elaine Gibbs!)

Now mind you, I wouldn’t have completely blamed Stacy if she’d taken off her shoe and threatened to give Astro a couple thwacks on the hiney, but as dreadfully behaved as the child was tonight, I understand why three out of four judges voted in his favor: As Simon reasoned, it’s Astro who has the better chance of winning the entire competition. And when you compare his “Lose Yourself” and “I’ll Be Missing You” to Stacy’s “Queen of the Night” and “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” Astro had the clear edge.

Stacy, for her part, accepted the bad news gracefully — in spite of Steve’s thuddingly clueless “How are you feeling right now?” (Um, how do you think, Steve?) — thanking the judges, thanking Simon for giving her an opportunity “to sing for the world” at 42, and noting she needed to “suck up my pride and take responsibility for the performance I gave [on Wednesday night].” That right there was some undeniable, if not amazing, grace.

Now, before you hit the comments, a few notes from a telecast that should’ve lasted 11 minutes but somehow took up an entire hour:

* LeRoy Bell might’ve lost his AARP endorsement after having a senior moment and missing his cue during the group rendition of “We Will Rock You.” (I kid! I kid!)

* Also, to continue a tradition I started last week, let’s change the last half of Steve Jones’ sentence about said group number: “You can download that performance…if you hate your spouse/roommate/child/neighbor and want to drive them to the brink of mental collapse.”

* Which was the less-ringing endorsement? Paula defending Lakoda Rayne’s Outfield-Fleetwood Mac mashup by declaring “no disasters in sight” or later predicting their safety by arguing “Lakoda Rayne did just enough.”

* I’m not sure if Rihanna sang or lipsynced her new hit “We Found Love,” but could someone please reassure me that exposing your garters under hideously lacerated jeans isn’t about to become the major denim trend of Winter 2011-2012.

On that note, I leave it to you to hit the comments section and sound off about tonight’s eviction. And for all my X Factor news and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Remote Patrolled says:

    Obnoxious little punk.

    Astro can never recover from those comments. I wasn’t a Stacy fan – but I would have saved her. And she left with dignity…

    • Winnie says:

      I agree one hundred percent.

      • Jake says:

        …AND this is why you should not allow 12 year olds on a show like this…EXHIBIT #1 Rachel Crow having a nervous breakdown EXHIBIT #2 Astro quitting, baiting the audience, walking through his song, turning his back, being lippy, folding his arms, pouty, tearing…this is NOT good television…children can’t control their emotions…and to think we have to go through that at least twice more as neither of them will win this thing…and everyone (including the judges) know that is true…Simon wanted to find the next Justin Bieber but TV is not the place for that…inTENsity breaking down was bad enough, but there was so many of them you couldn’t really concentrate on how awful it is to see children crying

        • ana_muti says:

          I completely agree.

          Auditioning kids under 16 for this competition is asking for major trouble. These kids can’t handle this kind of pressure. Not in a competition worth 5 million US. It’s just unkind, and not right.

          • joy says:

            Agree. When I was 14, I have no doubt that I would have behaved every bit as badly as Astro. The kid’s hurting, and he’s not handling it well, and he doesn’t have the perspective to understand why his behavior’s neither based on a realistic grasp on the situation, nor going to do him any favors with the thousands upon thousands of fans he has won in his run on the show. I really hope for his sake that somebody is able to pull him aside and lay it out for him in a way that can cut through the hurt and naivete.

          • Medic says:


          • jj says:

            man, you must have been a bad 14 year old then. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have been an emotional wreck at that age (hell, i still am), but my mom raised me well enough to not have a tantrum on stage!! the same way i would be picky about the food i ate at home but would find a way to eat everything as gracefully as i could when invited to someone else’s home. Manners have nothing to do with age. The original blogger was right to pick up on the fact that this may have been preconceived. And if not, it still was part of his whole “im too cool for x factor” swagger. It doesn’t matter what age, race, nationality you are nowadays…. a lot of folks still think you have to have some of that hip hop arrogance to succeed. note how justin bieber, a white kid from CANADA, for goodness sake, thinks he has to be Usher 2.0 to succeed, for example.

        • Deb says:

          Thank you. Allowing children to participate in these shows makes for very unappealing television. Oh, and could someone please tell that child this is an opportunity not a gift and he should try not to squander it.

          • Brittany says:

            Anyone ever think that maybe this was all for show? Granted, I don’t think Astro was in on it based on his behavior, but clearly X-Factor has been lacking and now everyone has something to talk about! It’s bringing the show attention after a somewhat boring performance show.

        • pat says:

          Some highly talented and highly mature singer/songwriter children can be found on Majors and Minors on HUB TV on Sunday nights at 7 PM EST. Adam Lambert just mentored, as well as other big stars. Granted, it’s not a show where you’re going to get breakdowns, because there’s no eliminations, but these kids are all grateful for this experience of a lifetime they are getting, gracious, and humble. As Slezak points out, Astro’s bad attitude may fly in the hip hop genre when he leaves the show, but none of the Majors or Minors kids or Rachel Crow or Drew are displaying bad attitudes. It’s not just a youth thing. It’s how one’s raised, so Simon was right dressing him down and saying he’s insulting his own mother. If that attitude is acceptable in that genre, fine…doesn’t mean we have to buy what Astro’s selling. He should learn from Adam Lambert what being gracious on a show like this gets you. Though I shouldn’t be surprised Simon & LA rewarded Astro’s bad boy behavior. Look at how forgiving the industry has been towards a monster like Chris Brown.

          • RT says:

            Well said. I also just want to point out that during all of that with Simon talking to him, our host finally had a moment that made me like him for a change – when he was whispering to Astro on the stage. It looked like he was trying to help him calm down and get himself together. One of the few genuine moments I’ve seen from him, and he did it as privately as possible by whispering to Astro rather than saying into the mic for everyone.

          • Cali Girl says:

            I LOVE Majors and Minors. It’s a great show about helping kids realize their singing dreams without all the drama of eliminations. And Adam was an incredible mentor and the kids were beyond excited to meet him. Tune in!!!

    • JohnDoe says:

      I’m sure he’ll probably be gone either next week or the week after.

    • Christina says:

      Astro acted like a little $#!+ on that stage. He’s ruined any chance he has in this competition with that display of attitude of his tonight. And according to twitter Simon was very close to letting it go to deadlock.

      • Mary says:

        I think Simon knew the lowest was Stacy, so I think he actually save face for her. Doing it this way nobody knows who is the actual lowest.

      • BelfastGurl says:

        I was quite literally stunned. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, what an arrogant, rude and badly behaved LITTLE BOY. He showed the judges and the audience how ungrateful he is. If there is any justice he will be gone next week.

    • Shindig says:

      I love the “my pants just got heavier” look on his face after his comment that got the audience pissed at him. I think we’ll see a slightly different attitude and an “apologetic” edit next week.

    • em says:

      From what I can tell from his twitter, he knew he was never in the bottom and I guess that’s why he felt that he never had to perform. Stacey would have gone out no matter what and I guess he felt used for X Factor ratings. Bratty, but maybe a little justified?

    • Noelbelle says:

      I totally thought the whole “I’m not performing” thing was part of the act at first. (Didn’t he do the same sort of thing at his original audition?) But when the judges didn’t seem in on it, the kid just looked like a total jerk. And Simon was totally right about him disrespecting his mother, the production and the audience. He was clearly going to be given another chance to win over the show’s audience and he threw it back in the viewers’ faces. I’m really curious to know what Steve was whispering in his ear. Something along the lines of “Stop acting like such a little S*@#?”

    • shaunna says:

      I disagree. This is the first time Simon did something I didn’t like on Xfactor. He should have made those comments to Asto in private. In public he should have just said “You behaved unprofessionally & if you want to be a star you gotta be professional”.For weeks Simon inflates Astro’s ego grandly-tells him he is worth 5 milliom, gonna win- & then this week he is talking down to him as a child-reprimanding him in public-scolding him. It must have been very confusing to Astro and it was poor judgement on Simon’s part. Astro was already upset he was in bottom 2, ( he had been led to believe he was likely in the top 2) then to be scolded on national TV. He is just a kid- it was not right. They should not allow kids that young in this competition. KIds that age should not be expected to handle it because they can’t.

      • Teresa says:

        I agree. I remember years ago, when American Juniors was on, Simon gave a quote about how bad an idea it was to have a competition with children, because you can’t give them a really honest critique without hurting their feelings.

        And, while AJ was very mild (the critiques were supportive and the kids weren’t voted off — they were voted into the group), it was still probably devastating. I remember one girl kept just missing making it into the group. It must have been so disheartening for her. And it was a pity, because she had far and away the best voice of anyone on the show.

        With Majors and Minors and KidzBop, the main story isn’t about the competition, it’s about the experience for the kids. KidzBop is a little more competitive, but the contests are short and fun, and the judges kind of made sure that each of the four kids won at least one.

        M&M is like the best music camp in the world, with guest mentors dropping in to share their experiences and give great advice about what it takes to be a professional. The producers (who are songwriters) are working with the kids to create their own single — and I think all the singles will probably be released, so everybody gets a pony!

      • Joe says:

        That kid has acted like an angry adult since the first time he appeared on the show. His behavior has been encouraged and applauded. He is way too cocky and his mother should be ashamed of his behavior. If he is just a kid… then he should act like one and not this ridiculous, ungrateful, jaded brat. You want the life? Work for it.

      • djm says:

        You can’t blame Simon (or the show) for any of this – you have to blame this kids mother and father for allowing him to sign up for this show when he clearly doesn’t have the talent or maturity to handle it. I hope America send all of them a message and sends him home next week.

    • Kim R says:

      I agree as well. Also not a big Stacy fan but I never would have kept that angry, disrespectful, too-big-for-his-britches, ungrateful, spoiled, catered to kid. Not for all the tea in China! :)

    • CynMN says:

      This is not a popularity contest. Having said that, maybe they both should have gone home.

    • Yo says:

      Astro’s always been a little punk. But this is a clue as to how they plan to maintain his street cred. I frankly thought the whole episode was staged. Why not?

      • Merry says:

        I considered that possibility too but discarded it. They would be taking too big a chance that there would be no backlash….and after the way Astro acted on that stage, I will be very surprised if he actually makes it more than another week or two.

    • CAM says:

      Just when I was starting to like him a little, he made me want to save Stacy. She left with class, he should he hasn’t learned what it means to have it.

    • Sybil says:

      Well, Stacy might have comported herself with dignity while still on stage, but apparently as soon as she got backstage she started whining about how Simon was out to get her, and Astro was ungrateful. The latter is definitely true, but hello, pot meet kettle?

    • Gracie says:

      I’ m confused….what is the perpose of the sing-off at the end? Filler? It obviously has no i pact on who goes home

  2. Cristal says:

    Lakota didnt sing for survival

  3. katherine says:

    That might literally have been the worst thing I’ve ever watched.

  4. Ben says:

    Stacy was awful last night and fully deserved to go but, man, Astro needs to go next. I would have booted his butt out. He had nearly… nearly… redeemed himself up to that point.

    • Owen says:

      You people are just rotten. He’s a little boy who has been built up, who had a big head full of dreams and arrogant hip hop swagger, who has been praised by the judges, told last night by LA he is America’s favorite contestant, got a shout out from Simon how he was one of the best, and then: rejected. He gives an honest reply, yes he’s arrogant, who cares. I mean who cares?????? He’s a little boy. And then the audience starts to boo him. They boo him. And he starts to cry. And I started to cry. You are heartless. Simply heartless. Have you no shame or feelings?

      • Owen says:

        Not to mention how freakin’ talented that little boy is!!

        • SharonS says:

          talented? Rapping isn’t singing or maybe you didn’t know that. This is supposed to be a “singing” contest not a rapping contest.

          • RT says:

            They did let him be a part of the competition knowing what type of artist he was. He didn’t pretend to be a traditional singer. He has enough fans to have kept him in so far. His is not my style of music at all, but it’s hard to deny that the kid has talent.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Well….I guess not!

      • Shindig says:

        Astro’s face when the audience boo’d him after he basically implied they weren’t entitled to hear his performance:

      • Ben says:

        Owen, your ‘heart’ is why kids grow up thinking they can act however they want and thats ok. No, I have no sympathy for a kid who just found out the world don’t condone his kind of conduct. If he grows up even a little as a result, it is only a good thing. No more mollycoddling, please!

        • Eurydice says:

          It’s not about mollycoddling (a lovely old geezer word). It’s that the judges have been telling Astro that everything he does is perfect, that he’s ready for the big time, that he’s more mature than performers twice his age, that he’s going to win the whole thing. They (and the audience) have been pretending that he’s a little adult and now everybody’s surprised that he isn’t.

          • SharonS says:

            I will agree with you about the judges they are part of the reason the little kid behaved the way he did but he has to take responsibility for his own actions. I don’t know for certainty but perhaps his mom or whomever is raising him haven’t taught him humility, or any kind of manners when dealing with people who disagree with him. I lost respect for the judges last night they should have sent Astro home. He shouldn’t have gotten this far.

      • Owen's right says:

        Boys and girls react differently. Rachel was in tears, Astro got angry and defensive. How many teenage boys do you personally know who would be thrilled to weep on live TV? Boys are socialized to show anger instead of sadness. It’s a coping mechanism. Asking Astro to behave with the grace and maturity of someone three times his age is just ridiculous. Cut the kid some slack. Think of yourself at that age.

        • Lenny Leon says:

          He will grow up to be another Chris Brown beating another Rhianna

        • (!) says:

          When I was younger, I wasn’t taught to show humility to a group of people by basically saying “if they don’t want me I’m not bothering,” but by quietly showing restrain. And yea. even before I was 14. But honestly, the kid looks like a munchkin and it’s national tv for a 5mil contract. People aren’t going to be up in arms over a little boy crying thankfully. And besides.. not all girls are “thrilled to weep.” it’s not that cut and dry.

        • Selena says:

          I work with kids daily and that is not true at all. I see heard behvior. I see a child who cries and complains when he doesnt get his way. And knows that if he does tgis others will cave in. poor sport.

        • SharonS says:

          Stop making excuses for Astro’s behavior you seem to have a personal interest in the kid. The point that most are trying to make on the blog which you don’t seem to understand is that why are parents allowing their kids to audition for a competition like this. They clearly aren’t mature enough to handle the stress or know how to cope with the ups and downs of the whole process. I blame the music industry for trying to find the youngest talent they can find and they try to squeeze all the money they can out of him/her in the shortest amount of time. How many child stars do you know that turned out lead a normal productive life once they became adults. I know of one Shirley Temple. Most end up in therapy, using hard drugs or alcoholics.

          • Eurydice says:

            Actually, everybody here is acting like they have a personal interest in this kid. Everybody’s making assumptions about his life and his upbringing and how he should know this, that or the other and how he should react exactly the way they want him to react. Some are acting like he’s personally betrayed them or like he’s responsible for the downfall of society – you’re saying he’ll turn out to be abnormal and unproductive and a drug addict – there’s a poster saying he’ll become a wife-beater, another is saying his body should be dumped in a landfill. I’m sure the producers are loving all this kerfuffle.

          • Riq says:

            Natalie Portman, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Kerri Russell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mae Whitman…the list is actually quite long. There have been many child actors/performers who have had stellar careers and never been that obnoxius on stage, it’s just not juicy enough for a VH1 special or the tabloids to report that Leo has never gone to rehab or that Justin is a good guy or that the awesome Mae Whitman (Parenthood) has been a genius actress since she was 5 and has never been arrested for a DUI. Astro has obviously been thinking of himself as a mini Kanye and just like Mr. West had to be served a large slice of humble pie after the Beyonce/Taylor debacle, Astro needs to learn that humility and grace are as important to his success as his talent. I still think he can be redeemed but it’s going to take a whole pie of humble, not just a slice. He is not the only boy his age who can rap, he’s just the only one blowing the biggest opportunity he may ever see in his lifetime.

        • Nadine says:

          I agree with Owen’s right. And talent like Astro’s shouldn’t be curtailed because of his age. Hopefully he’ll be coached in manners and gratitude as he and his star grow.

        • Ben says:

          I would never have acted like that at any age. It’s not because he is a ‘male’ or because ‘the judges gave him false expectations’. There are NO excuses for behaviour like that, its simply not justifiable, from anyone, of any age, ever.

          I’m not saying it’s unexpected or uncommon. That doesn’t make it ok.

      • Deb says:

        If this is his attitude now, what would he be like if he won. If the excuse is he is a little boy, then he is too young for a competition that exposes his weakness (that would be his ego) on national television. I don’t care for Beiber but he has taken all the knocks and criticism with a smile. If he can’t take criticism and a few boos, this is definitely not the career for him.

        • janie says:

          You know.. i dont think Astro’s attitude was about his age.. i think its an act because he thinks that all rappers have to act like that because people like Kanye West are in the spotlight all the time.. i could see Kanye reacting just like that (only without the tears.. the tears had to do with astro’s age) I can’t stand Kanye.. why can’t astro look up to other rappers who are nice guys and arent afraid to show emotion.. LL COOL J, Jay Z, Will Smith.. im sure there are others but i really dont like rap..

          a good example of this.. remember the show PUnked on mtv? before Kanye west ws really big, they punked him on the show.. he was out in a desert shooting a video and they made it seem like all his video footage was lost.. He had a temper tantrum!! and then instead of good naturely laughing when he found it was all a joke, he got even more mad!

      • ETG says:

        Owen, take off the rose-colored glasses. The boy is a spoiled rotten BRAT and deserved the dressing-down he got. No one else his age has ever thrown a hissy fit on live TV like he did. He is undeniably talented and will have a successful rap career, but does NOT deserve to win the competition now. We’ll see how he handles it when he shows up in the bottom two again next week…….

      • Randy says:

        This is show business, not a snot nosed brat baby sitting day care center. What I watched last night was a kid being disrespectful and it pissed me off! I watch the show to be entertained and see who is going to be the next potential singing star and last night’s display of bad attitude demonstrates how awful this big headed arrogant kid will turn into when he has all the money he can get his hands on. I say vote him off so the rest of us viewers can be entertained by the contestants who are appreciated to have the “opportunity” to be on the show. KICK Astro off the show!

      • Sharons says:

        Owen are you Astro’s father or uncle? You made so many excuses for this arrogant, spoiled, rude, entitled little “piss**” who should not have even gotten this far is the competition. Why don’t they just have a show for only rappers under age of 16 that would have been a lot more honest and fair to the contestants.

        • Owen says:

          And besides Astro who is the most “arrogant, spoiled, rude, entitled little “piss**” on X-Factor?

          How hypocritical of Simon Cowell to call that child out on being arrogant when arrogance has made HIM a TV star.

      • karenb says:

        I’m with Owen here. And Slezak. Thank you both for having the decency to not jump to conclusions and bash the kid. I give any contestant props for being brave enough to perform on a stage in front of a live audience and millions (?) of viewers-and moreso for a kid. I know that I don’t have the nerve and I certainly think I would lose it from the pressure alone, not to mention being rejected like that-and I’m old! All I could think of when he was crying was that he comes from a tough neighborhood and has to be cocky/over confident, whatever you guys want to call it-to fit in/survive, l it-and he’s gonna be a laughing stock to all the kids in his neighborhood when he leaves next week (which I firmly believe that he will). It’s a little more complex than him being simply “rude.”

  5. JAB says:

    You must have had a template prepared with Lakoda Rayne: ______________. But instead, I think it must have been Stacy: “Amazing Grace” I look forward to watching the last 10 minutes tomorrow but thanks for the update!

    • Irishize says:

      Bwahaha I think there was a collective worldwide gasp when LeRoy and Lakota made it through first. Just goes to show ya….

  6. stk says:

    it was Stacy who sang-not Lakota rayne!

  7. ana_muti says:

    Erm..knock knock, Michael?

    Typo? Wishful thinking? Lakoda Rayne? Stacy?

  8. jaime says:

    Wow, slezak, did you subconsciously want lakoda rayne gone? Ha

  9. hillchics says:

    The best part of the results showis seeing how badly LeRoy will miss his singing cues!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Our President should loan LeRoy a couple of teleprompters.

      • Sharon says:

        have you heard of Ageism? Leave LeRoy alone he’s an extremely talented singer and did very well Wednesday night. He forgot his line who cares. Stop being so picky.

        • Shindig says:

          I figured everyone was joking since, well, hey! Have you heard Leroy is 60?!?! I thought everyone was in a wheelchair at 60!!!

    • ana_muti says:

      At least now we know he’s not lip syncing lol

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Made me laugh! :-)

      • kab says:

        This was my first thought also! If there was any “premeditated” conspiracy, this was it, not Astro’s tantrum, which to me was just an honest, if unflattering, reaction from someone who is truly still a boy. I bet the missed cue was planned to prove they weren’t lip synching this week…

  10. Dana says:

    Typo alert! “Lakoda Rayne” is written where “Stacey Francis” should be, by the elimination song choice.

  11. Irishize says:

    I was never an Astro fan, mainly because he’s a snotty little brat, and tonite just sealed it for me. Stacy was not my favorite, but I would have saved her just to send his miserable butt packing. I have never seen such arrogance in a kid in my life.
    He’s not nearly as wonderful as he thinks he is, I guess he got that tonight, seeing as he was voted in the bottom 2 and then he was just classless about it.
    And wth, Simon, saying “based on who I think has the best chance to win”, that was a cop out, if he had such a great chance to win why was he in the bottom 2 with the whole audience booing the crap out of him??

    • Tess says:

      Funny, I saw it the opposite way completely…I think Astro was trying to put up a front because he was emotional and feeling dejected (after a night of getting smoke blown up his behind by the judges)and didn’t want to cry even though he eventually did. People seem to forget that he is still in essence a boy. How many 14 year olds have enough of a thick skin to not get upset when the whole of the viewing/voting public has decided that you weren’t good enough for them to bother to vote for you…heck, a lot of adults wouldn’t be able to take that feeling of rejection. Sure, we can all say from the safety of our couches that if you can’t take it you shouldn’t be there but let’s face it, you can think you’re strong enough to deal with that if the time comes but it doesn’t make it sting any less when it happens. I blame the judges’ for telling him he’s the best week after week and the producers for not preparing the kids on the show to be ready to handle the possible rejection…he was coping the way he knows how, to act like he doesn’t need anyone or anything. Unfortunate for him that it came off like he was disrespecful and full of himself. It will likely affect his future on the show now…but I stil think he’ll get signed, so long as he can show some humility come next week and for however long he is still there. Probably not making the top 5 now though.

      • Ang says:

        Thank you, Tess. You summed up exactly what I’m feeling. He is a boy and hasn’t learned to control his emotions. Yes, it was disappointing to see him act like that but, you’re right, the grown ups around him should accept a little responsibility too. Yes, there are kids who are very mature at 14 but he’s obviously not one of them. Doesn’t mean he won’t grow into a mature adult. I do hope they offer him a little more “mentoring” that covers some of the behavioral aspects to representing yourself better. And I hope he learned a little humility. Never hurt anyone. I just really hope everyone could put the show in perspective a bit more and show some compassion for this child.

        • Donna says:

          Tess and Ang, I agree. Astro’s response was inappropriate but we have to remember he is 14. I was surprised by his response before and after the final song because of his response before the commercial break where he seemed to recognize and be grateful that as a hip hop artist he’d done well on a show such as XF. Yes, his was a very disappointing reaction but he has not matured emotionally, believed his and judges hype (although he is fabulous!) and could not handle the rejection. Again he’s 14 and going thru a lot of emotions which is normal for that age – I know I have a 14 year old myself! Plus, I’m sure he misses his mother!

        • Medic says:

          He will not “grow up”. What you are witnessing is a product of his upbringing in a lower middle class neighborhood with too much exposure to hip hop. His feeling of entitlement has a direct correlation to the lack of his father being present in his life and his replacement with the hip hop culture.

          • Shindig says:

            Now, I think that’s a bit too far. There are plenty of young/older teens growing up in that situation that are gracious and very nice people. I grew up dollars above poverty, listening to metal and grunge — I didn’t grow up shooting things and going in and out of jail, that’s for sure!

          • lonevoice says:

            Wow. Really? I’m a product of the same environment, and same circumstances. Today, I’m in the upper middle class bracket. At his age, I had the same attitude and probably would have reacted the same way. Thanks to a lot of hard knocks, like the ones Astro took last night, I’ve overcome so much. I feel blessed to have accomplished what I have in life, but it still makes me sad to see that people like you want to write this young man, people like him, and people like me, off with a few strokes of your keyboard.

          • maryann says:

            Response to lonevoice: As a mother of 6 and a grandmother many times over, I understand what you’re saying, but without some sort of consequences for his actions he won’t learn anything. No one should write him off for life, but he should definitely be written off this show. How can he learn and grow as a person unless there are consequences? You talk about the hard knock he took last night, but there was no hard knock at all. He disrespected the people who gave him a chance others only dream of and he disrespected the audience and still was allowed to continue on the show. Someone trying to tell you the truth about your actions is not a hard knock, losing something because of your actions is.

        • trueish says:

          True to an extent, but something about him all along has made me wonder a little if his ego might not eventually turn him into a little (and eventually big) monster. OTH, he seemed to have enough brains about him and work ethic that I thought he might actually be OK despite it all. He still probably will, but last night does begin to make you wonder again just a little more.

      • Joe says:

        Tess – I saw it exactly the way you did. Unfortunately most of mouth breathers who watch this show get so wrapped up in their “favie” that they will want to see Astro punished for this until he’s dragged off the stage by his Mother by his ear. He’s a child. He acted like a child. If LA Reid wants to rehab this boy’s image he needs to get Diddy, Dre, Jay Z or Eminem to come talk to him about rejection/disappointment and get camera’s to shoot it. Sadly, I think Astro blew his chance at the prize and will now be public enemy number 1 to the rabid fans of the show. He’ll get an image rehab edit next week and you hope for his sake it works. He’s insanely talented. But live TV and children chasing their dreams has potential to turn into train wreck TV. In a way it’s what Simon wanted, but I think actually seeing it happen made him and everyone a little ill and sad for Astro. He’s not the devil. He’s a child. Poor Rachel would have been hyperventilating if she were in his spot tonight too.

        • shel-shel says:

          If he’s such a “child” and is not yet responsible for his emotions and actions then why isn’t someone out there yelling “child abuse!” How dare this poor, venerable child be subject to appearing on national television weekly, competing for a 5 MILLION dollar contract and more fame and fortune than he knows what to do with! Somebody has seriously missed the boat on this one! I say, start an investigation, call Al Sharpton, I smell abuse!

          You can’t have it both ways people. Either kids can go on tv and act like adults or they can’t. Can’t call foul when the game is over and you didn’t win!

        • Doc Ozzy says:

          “He’s a child” is what parents say about there perfect little darlings that can do no wrong, instead of teaching the child how they should behave.

      • pete says:

        If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen, in other words why did he enter this competition,,did he think his “talent” was so great he would cake walk through it? He doesn’t belong, he deserves to be sent home…phoney I am sorry won’t work…he is spoiled undeserving child.

      • SharonS says:

        Tess you are clearly delusional.

  12. Steph says:

    They both deserved to go home. Astro is on borrowed time after that kind of attitude but Stacy hasn’t exactly been the face of gratitude, especially after her elimination. Demanding the audience quiet down, then criticizing her mentor for song choices when the worst one of all was the one she picked herself. Glad her stank face is gone.

    • ana_muti says:

      In point of fact, Stacy last night sang her own song choice, as was stated during the program.

      Stacy was putting herself down for her choices.

    • joy says:

      Stacy asked the people cheering for her to quiet down so that she could properly and publicly express her appreciation to the judges/producers. I thought it was extremely classy.

  13. Derek says:

    Please tell me your full recap will have more of a reaction to what went? Your quick though on Astro’s bratty, no effort, petulant performance disappoints me. I know you have no love for Stacey, but you can’t seriously believe he deserved to stay after that display & getting lippy with LA & Simon.

  14. aunt_deen says:

    Send that kid home. Tonight proved he is not ready for this.

  15. Micaela says:

    You made a mistake Mike! Lakoda Rayne wasn’t in the bottom two tonight! Talk about the hidden wish of the mind!

  16. Melissa says:

    Based on the “best chance to win”, Simon made the right call – and he would have gotten a huge amount of flak had he not voted to send Stacy home. Way too many people out there would (wrongly, based on last night’s vote) be claiming that he was protecting his girls from the strongest competition. That said, I really wish he’d have sent Astro home – I’m tired of the attitude.

  17. AGreen says:

    Astro is really talented ! but his attitude tonight was so wrong but he’s 14 and lives in a very slow neighboorhood in brooklyn he is by far one of the top competitors but attitude needs to goo and Astro needs to be back on his grind. Staey sucked anyway idc what anybody says.

    • carol says:

      what does “slow neighboorhood” mean? what a racist comment. so if you are from a black part of Brooklyn you must not be smart. I am from brooklyn, so now I wonder how I got my Master’s degree?

  18. Derek says:

    So true. He definitely won’t win after tonight. There is not enough damage control he or LA can do to reverse people’s opinions after tonight.

  19. s says:

    Astro just blew his chances completely! I thought Simon would have been smart enough to send the kid home. No way viewers will vote for this kid now. He’s obviously too YOUNG for this and has A LOT of growing up to do before being in this business. I knew in the beginning he had a big head on him but you cannot go on a show like this and think ‘I’m the best’ or that you’ll never be in the bottom because not everyone is going to like you.

    • AGreen says:

      you are Right ! but with a kid of his talent and some adults to help him mature he’s gonna be a HIT in the industry.

    • Max says:

      Even if Simon had voted to send him home, they would gone to a deadlock and I’ll bet anything the Astro had more votes than Stacy. Simon did a smart thing by choosing talent over attitude. Stacy has been awful ever since the live shows started. Today’s show was sickening to watch. I felt really bad for Astro. He shouldn’t have said what he said and I wish he was more poised and gracious. But, as a lot of people have said before me, he is just a child. And he showed his age tonight.

      • SharonS says:

        Are you kidding Simon did a smart thing choosing talent over attitude?
        Where do you get off saying Astro is talented what rapping? Is that now considered a talent? If so what talent? Talking to a beat. Stacy has real talent and I’m not a huge fan but I respect her as a person and what she’s tried to do with her life. She deserved to have another week to prove that she can make a better song choice. Astro deserves how many chances? Two three four how many?

  20. Mary says:

    I picked Stacy to go, however after what Astro pulled I would of done
    a double elimination and ditched them both. Hopefully His Mother will give her son a lesson in sportsmanship. This is why age should be a factor on these show. The young ones do not have the maturity to handle the rejection. Unfortunately, Astro will probably end up in the bottom next week after this week.

  21. sk says:

    Simon just twittered that he had come very close to changing his mind. Too bad he did not. Astro is gone next in my opinion.

  22. darcy's evil twin says:

    Mr. Slezak – you put Lakoda Rayne’s name where Stacy’s should be by the elimination song, “Amazing Grace”. Some sort of Freudian slip?

    Well, THAT was more drama than I anticipated!
    First of all LeRoy Bell is making us old folks look bad! he forgot the words to “We Will Rock You”. Really? Just start singing “We will Rock You” and there’s a 90 percent chance you’re right.

    Dear Stacy Francis – “Amazing Grace” has, like, five verses. So why did you sing the first verse twice???? I thought Stacy was awful and even I would have saved Astro UNTIL Astro turned into the most obnoxious little snothead I’ve ever seen. I would have sent him to his room with no supper and told him to pack his stuff! Simon should be ashamed of himself for not saving Stacy.

    Astro will probably end up in congress someday.

  23. melissa says:

    Even though Astro got pissed and completely lost his manners, I think people are forgetting that he is a little kid. He has probably never had to face this type of rejection and totally reacted how a lot of kids might react when American just told them they were in the bottom two. I know a lot of people are going to be saying he should definitely go home, but he is a great performer. Even though his saving performance wasn’t great he has done better overall than stacy

    • Selena says:

      Excuses excuses. I teach mide school and he is a prime example of a kid w a poor attitude. A quitter. He wont make it in the real world like that. Also drew and rachel r the same age. And no attitude.there.

      • Owen says:

        Drew gave attitude last night, saying she’s never had a bad critique in her life until LA said something mean. She’s as arrogant as Astro, she just has the good grace to keep it mostly to herself.

      • Sharon says:

        Thank you Selena, my feeling exactly. His age is no excuse for the disrespect he showed tonight. He needs a huge attitude adjustment or I hope he’s gone next week.

    • Bryan says:

      So tell me, when are you old enough to learn that being a snot-nosed brat is the wrong way to be? Don’t coddle the kid—we do that too much these days and that is why many his age act like entitled brats. Do you honestly want to know what the majority of kids in the schools think they are going to be when they grow up? Number 1: An NFL star, number 2: A rap star, number 3: a pop star. Kids do not have realistic expectations and it is because we coddle them. This kid , regardless of talent, should never get a look again—he was offered free stage time, free stage design, a massive audience, and many many more perks and that is the thanks the viewers/judges/advertisers/producers/coordinators get? Get real—hopefully his life is bout to get REAL next week and it will be a good lesson learned. Good riddance kid!

      • Selena says:


      • Max says:

        You disgust me. I don’t think Astro was right in what he said. But seeing you call some kid a ‘snot-nosed brat’ and an ‘entitled brat’ speaks a hell of a lot about you. Your comments were ugly, mean and spitful. You wanna know what’s wrong with this country? People like you who think that they are entitled to judge someone’s character without having the self awareness to realize that they are acting like just as much of an ‘entitled brat’. Don’t spread your hate around, it’s pathetic.

  24. karenb says:

    Not that I’m condoning Astro’s attitude, but Stacy’s attitude last night as well as the majority of tonight -well-it stunk as bad as Astro’s.

    • ana_muti says:

      Yea, but she didn’t vocalize it. No one can say with any certainty WHAT she was thinking.

      The difference in maturity isn’t necessarily in being ticked–it’s how you deal with it and how you express that ticked-offedness.

      • Shindig says:

        Indeed. I personally thought she just crapped her pants.

      • Liz says:

        Yes she did vocalize it. Many other sites posted her long winded comments from Wednesday night about how her terrible performance wasn’t her fault and she shouldn’t be held accountable for it and the judges shouldn’t criticize her for it. She was clearly pissed last night too, so while she did not say it on stage I am sure there are bound to be comments from her coming out this morning. Grace is a quality she does not posses.

  25. Jaded says:

    Astro might be talented but you have to be at least somewhat likable to make people want to pay money to hear/see you. I will grudgingly admit he writes some really good lyrics, but his attitude just sucks so bad it’s painful to watch.

    • Collette says:

      Seriously!! I’ve been fighting so hard NOT to enjoy his performances, because I remember how much of a snot he was about the dancing in prelims. He’s talented, but that’s not everything.

  26. em says:

    I was hoping Lakoda Rayne would go, but neither Astro nor Stacey would’ve won. And about Astro’s attitude, I’m not going to lie. A lot of people would have given up and probably had the same kind of attitude Astro had tonight when they were kids. The words he said about not wanting to perform for people that didn’t want him…kind of how I would feel actually. But he must’ve known what he was getting into when he signed up to audition. A lot of adults aren’t entirely happy about their jobs now, but they’ve learned to suck it up. Astro will probably learn in time how to act in front of the people who are going to sign his checks, or he’ll become just another wasted talent. Or Kanye West who has managed to be hugely successful and yet still be a petty adult…but I digress

  27. karenb says:

    Forgot to add-why didn’t anyone call Stacy out for her attitude? At least Astro’s young and obviously needs to grow up some, but what’s Stacy’s excuse?

  28. karenb says:

    @Darcy’s Evil Twin-LOL!!!

  29. Bonkitgirl says:

    Stacey didn’t sing well last night or tonight. But Astro definitely should have gone home! Rewarding that kind of disrespectful behavior is a huge problem in this country. I lost all respect for the judges. Astro blew his shot anyway. He’ll be gone next week.

    • Anne says:

      It’s a talent competition. You reward the talent. The judges weren’t rewarding disrespectful behavior, they were giving the most hardworking and talented contestant a chance to continue. People like you think that your behavior is more important than talent or hard work are the real reason the country is doomed.

  30. Levi says:

    stupid SIMON COW ! ipersonally dont like brian bradley; bcause hes just a sook ! an stacy went home . idont thnk iwanr ths episode tnight :'( . whtr F***T up way ta end a GOOD day :(

  31. ceebee says:

    Say goodbye to winning Astro!! I think as punishment…they should actually make the kid have to “sing”….

  32. Danielle says:

    Wow. That was super uncomfortable. I’m not going to repeat the obvious (that Astro’s attitude was horrible). I will say, though, that Astro is only 14 years old. He’s still a kid. I think 14 is just too young for a show like this. One night you’re on top of the world, having a great time, dreaming of $5M, and everybody loves you. Then, the next night, just like that, you’re in the bottom two. It’s just too much for a kid that young to handle, in my opinion. Yes, life is full of ups and downs. But, we adults know that. I don’t think kids do. I see my nephews (a little younger than Astro) playing baseball and they sometimes behave very poorly. Crying after striking out. I feel for Astro. I don’t think he’s mature enough to handle this. /end of rant

    On another note…OMG…can Rihanna at least PRETEND to sing live the next time she’s on a LIVE TV show? There were a number of times when she was still “singing” the end of the “we found love in a hopeless place” and she pulled the mic away from her face. And..please..the X-Factor producers need to stop the hyperbole they throw at us before a “superstar” takes the stage. NO way has Rihanna sold “120 million records”. 120 million SINGLES perhaps..but..the word “Records” makes it sound like she’s sold 120 million CD’s and that’s just NOT true. Is it? /end of rant

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Never wish for what you think you want, because you just might get it! If Rhianna actually sings – for real – it just might be worse. I missed that because I can’t stand her and I FFed through her performance.

    • Micah says:

      But, “records” ARE “singles”. See: Grammy for “Record of the Year”.

  33. Carolyn says:

    I will be so glad when Astro is gone. The child might rap, but he sure cannot sing. Plus, rap an only go so far. The other contestants have way more talent. Hopefully we won’t have to look at the punk after next week. Sick of him.

    • Lenny Leon says:

      How many rap albums/artists have had the longeity of say Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, Led Zep IV or Carole King Tapestry? zeroooooooooooooooooooooooooo

      • lonevoice says:

        You do realize that rap music, as we know it, has only really been around since the 80s. Check back with me in the 2030s and we’ll test your longevity theory. Public Enemy? Run DMC? Classics, in my book, and even my children recognize and appreciate their music. And these are kids who are no strangers to Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin, too. Can’t we all just get along?

        • My Alter Ego says:

          Exactly!! My mother, a huge fan of the big band era, predicted that the music of my generation (let’s use the Beatles, as example)would never have any lasting impact.

          Something I realized in my late 20’s or early 30’s was that the music we listen to at specific points while maturing (I’m not speaking of the kind of infatuation that 12 year olds develop for Justin Bieber for a New York minute)will tend to stay with us, even if our music tastes develop/change over time.

  34. robertmalcolm says:

    Seems Astro’s attitude didn’t get a check from tonight’s goings on. As some have said, however, we must remind ourselves he’s just 14YO. This was his tweet from about 45 mins ago:

    AstronomicalKid (Brian Bradley)

    Politics!! don’t be fooled by what you don’t know! Thank you AstroNauts for holding me down! 49 minutes ago

    • Shindig says:

      Wow, what an unoriginal cop out xD Does this kid still not know humility after what happened on live television? I know, I know, 14. But I know many more 14 year olds that choose to go about it in a dramatically different way. Except, you know, the snobby ones.

  35. golfchicknyc says:

    I HATE that just I downloaded all of ASStro’s songs before I watched the elimination. It’s such a shame because he is quite talented for his age but his utter lack of respect and disgustingly arrogant attitude make you want to do everything to see him fail. could you imagine what a d*ckwad he would be if he actually WON? fortunately it wont come to that! A complete 360 from a contestant like Leroy Bell; a huge talent wrapped in a classy package of depth, maturity and dignity. i understand people’s criticism of his subdued style but i hope he will use next week to show a different facet of his talent.

  36. katie says:

    Astros is a 15 year old boy facing tons of pressure. He’s a young rapper on a singing show he goes to school while on the show, and he’s in a huge live competition. Did I mention….he’s only 15?! All young adults act like this!

    • blaso says:

      Did I mention that he is not the youngest in the competion? The 2 girls are younger, but they know how to behave. His parents have done a great job this brat.

      • Ann says:

        Girls mature faster than boys. So it’s not surprising that he’s less mature and poised than the girls. Also, I’ve never got the feeling that he had a particularly stable family life. He seems very attached to him mom (notice he started crying only after Simon mentioned that he might be hurting his Mom if he continued acting like this) and he didn’t have much of a father figure growing up. On top of that, he lived in the Brooklyn which isn’t exactly the birthplace of good manners. The girls seem to have a much more stable family life comparatively. His actions are not excusable, but I understand the reasons why it happened.

  37. katie says:

    Agreed! Thank you! He’s under a ton of pressure he’s only 15 cut him slack America. Glad I’m not the only one who can put myself in his shoes!

  38. katie says:

    He was about to burst intears but being a male kept composure. Mind you he’s a rapper so he already felt like she’d win because really its a singing show…he’s always being reminded of being a 15 year old rapper so competing against an 30+ singer like Stacy maybe he was just thinking it would be a waste of time?

  39. ceebee says:

    @ Katie – no disrespect…but 3 responses to take up for ASSTRO…sheesh…the brat has NO manners and clearly a sense of entitlement..hopefully as he gets older he will get rid of the Kanye syndrome…he is clearly not ready for this type of stress…I can only imagine that Rachel and Drew (similar ages) would not have quite the “ATTITUDE” that was shown tonight!!! You can only disregard bad upbringing to a point….I hope his mother would give him a stern talking about being appreciative of his chances and the definition of being a Good Sport!!….

    • Maria says:

      I think it’s a little bit pathetic to sit behind your computer screen and judge some kid for his behavior. Think about a time when you said something that wasn’t socially acceptable as ‘nice’. Now think about making that kind of mistake in front of millions of people not to mention having all of them turn against you for it. Have some empathy.

  40. katie says:

    She was singing over a back up track….

    • Volcfom says:

      Yup. She had delay and reverb on her mic, and then the back-up for when she dropped off. A lot singers do this for live performances, especially if there is high-energy choreography (I think Marcus has used this? I could be remembering incorrectly).

  41. Ben says:

    Why on earth do we constantly have to be reminded that Astro is “only” 14 YO? So what? As the judges never fail to remind us, this is for $5M and a contract — if he’s not mature enough to handle the competition (as he aptly demonstrated tonight), he needs to go home and grow up. He’s young enough that if he is really talented he’s got more than enough time to prove himself and make a career.

  42. Khorrie says:

    Way to shame a kid, everyone. He’s 15. He’s behaved rather well up until now and probably – as Drew indicated in her intro before her performance last night – has never been criticized artistically before. That does not make him a horrible person or a spoiled brat. It makes him a child thrown into a situation NO ONE can be prepared for. Simon and LA made it clear his behaviour was inappropriate and I bet it’s a lesson he’ll never forget. But do we really need to continue to bash him for acting his age?

    • Shindig says:

      I’d agree with you if he wasn’t like this from the start. Do you recall the boot camp rounds when everyone had to dance, and he sat in the corner having a tantrum that he doesn’t dance and rattled off a bunch of hip hop artists that wouldn’t dance? I was 14, and everyone here was too. If we remember back then, there were still people who were mature, people who were total snobs, and people who took it and cried out but in a completely different way. Just because he’s young doesn’t mean what he did is “ok.”

      • Khorrie says:

        I never said it was okay. I do, however, think it’s *understandable* and that he doesn’t need to be further insulted for it. Especially considering he was publicly shamed for it on national television.

        • Shindig says:

          Yes, it’s understandable when he has that attitude trend. But as I said before there are better ways to handle it, and being 14 makes no difference. Have you seen Rachel give back talk? She’s younger. Drew, another teeny bopper, also defended herself — but she makes it more gracious in the least. He’s being called out because it was just snobby. When I was 14 and someone acted like that, we STILL would call him out for it. He essentially came out with, “well, they must not like me so I’m not singing for them.” I may have acted that way towards my parents, but never to a group of people let alone on live television. Anyway, this is a reality show, and people are going to bash him either way. It’s nasty, but it’s what it is. He’s being called out, and we’ll see if he learns. But apparently from his twitter reaction, he hasn’t.

          • Khorrie says:

            Rachel hasn’t been given reason to give backtalk yet. And Drew was – *unintentionally* – somewhat disrespectful to LA after her performance last week by going offstage and complaining he was “mean” to her when he was right behind her and then didn’t even acknowledge he was trying to talk to her. But she’s a kid, too, so I don’t expect perfectly mature behaviour. And honestly, I can’t tell you what my reaction would have been at 14 on national television having just found out that people don’t like me as much as I thought they did. It’s a hard pill to swallow for anyone, let alone a kid.

            That said, I fully agree the adults in Astro’s life need to give him a serious wake-up call and lesson in etiquette. And if he doesn’t learn from this (I don’t follow Twitter, so I don’t know what he’s said since) *then* I think he needs to be eliminated strictly due to his actions as opposed to his performances.

          • Shindig says:

            True, true. The reason I really don’t find offense with Drew’s situation is that it wasn’t /on the stage,/ it was “behind the scenes,” and not directed at the audience. She was talking to her mentor, Simon. But you’re right, we can’t say how we’d act, but I know I would try to show my best light to a large group as hard as that is to do when you’re crushed. I don’t follow twitter either, but someone mentioned it on here — it was some sort of cop out, no apology. But I checked a link to Simon’s page and apparently Astro said “it’s time to reflect and relax,” so that’s a good sign maybe.

        • Shindig says:

          Just to add, I’m not really saying it’s his FAULT or anything, it’s the way he is — but they’re feeding it, and made it worse. As a mentor and big figure in his life right now (or at least the way it’s shown on camera) LA should be teaching him humility.

    • Sharon says:


      • Billy says:

        Normally I just skip ANY comment made in ALL CAPS – but you shouted what needed to be shouted long and LOUD. Goodbye, AstroNot…

      • Terry says:

        Agreed that being young is no excuse for bad behaviour and that bad behaviour should be corrected. But… by Simon Cowell in front of 12 million people??? No… by his parental unit in private!!!

    • Noelbelle says:

      Well, he should be ashamed. His attitude and ingratitude were appalling for anyone older than a toddler. Having said that, he’s clearly very talented. I have a feeling that at 14, he’s going to learn a lesson that it took Kanye 30-some-odd years to learn. Sometimes it’s better if you just don’t say what you’re thinking.

  43. will says:

    thats a bunch of bs. had this been the first time hes acted like that then you have an argument. but his very first auditiin showed his true personality. he is nothing more than an arrogant brat.

  44. GingerSnap says:

    Of course the adults in this fiasco with Astro bear no responsibility for leading him to believe he is better than he is, or more popular than he is. They’ve thrown nothing but adulation at him with no real criticism, so of course he is hurt and angry and acting like a spoiled 12 year old (which he is).
    Stacy is an adult. Funny thing is, Simon never used his favorite with her – indulgent, which her performance and song choice was. I think all of us thought she was headed for the exit here, so no real surprise, no real loss.

  45. Fci says:

    I can’t stand Stacy but after that obnoxious attitude by the brat; I would like to have seen Simon get Paula to change her mind and to send the little best home. I would be willing to wait until next week for Stacy to go and would love seeing that smirk wiped off Astronomical’s face.

  46. Bebe says:

    Astro was just a spoiled brat! The way he acted shows that he is not ready for this. Yes it is hard when you are younger but you can still have class no matter what age you are. Shocked Paula, and Simon voted to keep in on. It shows that bad behavior is rewarded sometimes take your chances maybe being a brat you will get your way.

    • Owen says:

      Talent is rewarded. Now, do you know how many stars you love are probably as big headed and arrogant as Astor. Probably a good deal. They’re just too politic to say it out loud. So, really, what you’re upset about is Astro being honest. And not hiding his feelings just so everyone would like him/her? I mean, do you really believe everytime a contestant graciously loses, he or she really feels gracious? Plus, a star HAS to have a big head to even attempt to become one. You have to believe you are the best. Always. The kid was just too young to filter it.

  47. GaysWithOpinions says:

    I don’t think age is ever an excuse for anything in life, other than being four years old and pissing on someone else’s front yard. That said, I think Astro over reacted and was just responding to raw emotions. Do I think he’s a bad kid? No. I wouldn’t even say he’s ungrateful. What I would say is, that he probably has people around him who don’t teach him about being humble and grateful. A little adult influence (especially these mentors) goes a long way. This kid still thinks the world owes him something, and at 14, that’s pretty sad. A few weeks ago LA said Astro needs to keep doing what he’s doing and keep his attitude. Well LA, you can’t then go back on what you and be pissed about his attitude. Get this kid in check. He’s 14 and has plenty of time to redeem himself.

  48. GaysWithOpinions says:

    That said, Stacy was riding high from her earlier pre live show rounds. I still watch that Purple Rain performance at the judges house. It was amazing. But she hasn’t even been remotely good since these live shows started. I think she’s more talented than most of the people there. But every single one of her song choices were awful.

  49. GingerSnap says:

    Ok, but who did you vote for last night? I voted for 3 people – Josh, Melanie and LeRoy. After Stacys performance, and the response to it last night, I expected her to be the bottom vote-getter.
    Anybody throw a few votes Astro’s way? Despite the judges’ praise, it appears that the voters are not interested in rap, especially on rock night. Doesn’t LA bear some responsibility for not “showing us something more” (as he likes to tell other contestants – like Drew)?

  50. lindsayjo87 says:

    Wow, I’m amazed at all the harshness at Astro. I think Simon (and apparently a lot of people) was really misinterpreting him. I mean, I’ve never been much of a fan (I don’t really care for most rap and I really don’t understand what rappers are doing in a so-called singing competition, so…), but he’s not a brat. He’s a pubescent kid who happens to be a rapper. Of course he’s going to be arrogant. Aren’t rappers supposed to be arrogant? I didn’t see any bad attitude or disrespect. He’s a boy who is simply trying to put up a manly and cool front and doing it badly (because he’s a KID). He wasn’t folding his arms to be pouty, he was probably more doing it as a gesture to hold himself together.
    What really grinds my gears is what I’ve seen in this and other competitions with kids against adults. They treat them like adults and expect adult things out of them when they are only children, and then all of a sudden turn around and treat them like little kids. Out of the blue, Simon and LA are pulling Astro into a corner and shaking their fingers and telling him he’s grounded in front of millions of people (Simon really should have said that crap afterwards, in private). It confuses the poor kids like none other. This is just one of many reasons why I hate the age lowering and have always thought the age should be raised to at least 18.
    Did I think the right person went home? Sure. It’s a relief that she’s not another Jacob Lusk.

    • Owen says:

      I don’t know you. But I love you.

    • Khorrie says:

      This. And I seriously question parents who think it’s an awesome idea for your kid to not only go be judged on national television, but be put into that stressful an environment in general.

      • lindsayjo87 says:

        Exactly the other point my roommate and I were discussing. Don’t want to be judgmental, but am a bit appalled at any parent who would even allow their teenager to jump into the entertainment industry considering what happens to kids like that most of the time. If it were my kid, I wouldn’t allow them to even audition until they graduated high school. School functions are more than good enough for growth until then.

    • Donna says:

      I agree. He is a kid — teenager. It’s too much and although his step father is with him for support, I think it’s hard because his mom is not there. This all very heady stuff, $5 mil; living your dream, being able to express yourself through the awesome lyrics you write; if you win being able to share the money with your mother — geez, I’d freak out too if I were a very talented hopeful teenager. Not excusing his behavior — just trying to walk in his shoes. Heres hoping he got a huge hug and some stern talking to after the show. He at least deserves that. Good luck to you Astro.

      • lindsayjo87 says:

        Definitely! Not excusing his behavior, like you said, just understanding. It wasn’t good what he did, but he’s on his own up there in a crazy situation on a live show and then is expected to flawlessly act much older than his age. Huge hug and stern talking, indeed!

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, this. And it’s funny to see Simon lecturing anybody about having a big ego. I think Astro should take his lumps for acting like a brat, but I also think we should admit that the producers, the judges and the audience are all using these kids for entertainment and profit.

      • lindsayjo87 says:

        Aha, I was thinking that too. Thought that from the beginning when Simon called him arrogant. Pot kettle black. And completely agreed, most of the fingers should be pointed at the people who allow this age group to be in this situation in the first place.