NCIS Exclusive: [Spoiler] Is Back from the 'Dead'!

CBS’ NCIS will ring in the new year with danger and intrigue, when it brings back a familiar face in January 2012.

And that face is a darn pretty one, too. TVLine has learned exclusively that Sarah Jane Morris — whose EJ Barrett was felled by a gunshot in the Season 9 premiere, only to have her body then go missing — is due back for at least one episode, to understandably shake things up.

“Last we saw EJ Barrett, she was gunned down and left for dead. Then she disappeared!” reminds Gary Glasberg, the showrunner of TV’s most-watched drama. “In January we’ll find out what happened.”

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Given all that EJ had been wrapped up in prior to her, Tony and her colleague Cade being shot at — covertly couriering super-top-secret microchips and all — as well as how she then went missing, her return “will bring with it answers to unresolved questions, danger, and intrigue,” Glasberg teases. “Remember where we left off at the beginning of the season? Well, here we go, and we’re thrilled to have Sarah Jane back and along for the ride.”

NCIS — which just last week hit a season high in viewers and in the 18-49 demo — continues its ninth season next Tuesday at 8/7c with the return of Robert Wagner as Anthony DiNozzo, Sr., when Tony’s pop is found in a car with a dead body in the trunk and no memory of the previous night.

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  1. notMichael says:

    here’s a suggestion:
    why not bring Ari back to life and let him shoot EJ in the head so she can exit the show for good? too harsh? ok then let’s include all the rest of those NCIS current “enemies”…sec nav, that FBI “agent” and his boss, etc. it has been years and Ari is still the badest bad ass the team has ever faced. can they write another enemy character like him? the rest are just mehhh..corny

  2. nas says:

    Oh joy. Every time she’s around she becomes the center of the show and everyone else but Tony (and maybe Gibbs) takes a backseat. My biggest problem with her was there was too much. I don’t care what she’s feeling or thinking.

  3. Sammi Blossom says:

    I’m glad EJ is coming back. I enjoyed her and her chemistry with Tony. You people want to talk about no chemistry? Talk about ‘Tiva’ then. Now THAT is no chemistry. Want to talk about a boring character? Talk about Ziva.. Yes, my hate is showing. xx

    • Leona says:

      Ah no, a boring character would be DiNozzo, no class, idiot, lost all his fun. But I agree with you that no chemistry for Tiva, too. Anyway, I wouldn’t wish on any woman to end with such a guy.

  4. Censored says:

    I just think EJ messes up the whole Tiva fantasy. Ziva has physically assaulted Tony, accused him of murder, tried to have him kicked off the team, never told him she was sorry for any of these things, and has spent the last two seasons judging and insulting him, and dissing him behind his back. Is this what passes for true love and “chemistry” Yikes!!! Sounds like abuse to me. While I don’t think EJ is the great love of Tony’s life, at least they seem mutually attracted and aren’t horrible to each other. And yes – I think Ziva is an incredibly boring, awkward, and ridiculously unbelievable character too. I also want the questions answered from Nature of the Beast.

    • Svenja says:

      She did apologize.
      She had remorse. Go rewatch ToC and reunion.
      How does EJ mess up Tiva fantasies?
      I don’t see it.
      She’s not even seeing him any more. Ray is more of a threat than EJ.

  5. Caroline says:

    Wow some hateful antis have ganged up again to spread their hate and wrong impression of the fandom. What a delight.

  6. Cath says:

    I am only happy if she comes back for one episode only and then never again. For me personally I really enjoy the Tony and Ziva interaction and really hope for their relationship to develop but I love NCIS because of the great characters and stories overall. Which is why I cannot understand why people who hate characters from the show continue to watch it. If you don’t like particular characters who are permanent members of the cast, stop watching. It’s far less draining than letting one character evoke such hatred on a weekly basis.

    • Svenja says:

      ITA. I walked away from house because I started disliking characters and the new directions the show took. I was totally obsessed with the show for many years, but there is a point where I had to make a decision. Desperate hater or walking away. I did the second thing, which was a wise choice. I do not hate any character on NCIS. Yes I do dislike some recurring or ex-recurring character, but it never turned into hate.

  7. Michael says:

    Cote de Pablo said if she does not become team leader of the show she leaving

  8. Michael says:

    I am sorry but all these hate for EJ is just downright childish and make you look like a ass, No one had any problem when Ziva disable a order from Gibbs or got her and tony cover blown or got Tony shot or be trade NCIS at the end of season 6 or that she lie about helping her brother kill Kate.
    I am glad EJ coming back because the show was becoming boring with it just being about Ziva for the first time since season two they are finally given other character beside Ziva airtime and I say it’s about dam time.
    I remember when the show was just Tony, Gibbs, Abby and Ducky then kate how fun that was and everyone was written smart and as equals now its everyone is stupid and worthless escape Ziva I would not be shock if she becomes team leader next year because they have clearly had her replace Tony as gibbs right hand man.

    From EW to the CBS website I only people I see who like Tiva are woman who watch daytime soap opera or stay at home mom none of the men like Tiva because we know that its more than looks that make a relationship.
    No one had a issue when Mcgee join the team or when Ziva why should they with EJ just seem downright stupid to me

    • Svenja says:

      And you think hating Ziva and spreading lies about CdP is less childish?

      And now you’re generalizing again.

      How do you possibly know that all Tiva fans do watch soap operas and are women?
      Seriously. That assumption is childish.
      BTW there are some men loving Tiva, too.
      I often discuss with them.

      There are even some young people being anti-Tiva.
      So stop generalizing.

      BTW Tony and Gibbs had MUCH MORE screen time than Ziva since she appeared on screen, which is understandable.
      They are the leading horses.

      Ziva is never gonna be teamleader. No one demands that. I’ve observed discussions and articles about NCIS since 2006 and certainly that never happened.

      Apparently I am living in an alternate universe…

    • Svenja says:

      BTW EJ is probably just back for one episode…maybe two.
      I doubt it will be more

    • Cathy says:

      Wow! Somebody needs to take a chill pill…

      Save your attacks for fictional characters (they are fair game) real people – not so much.

      Hate Ziva, I don’t care. Love EJ, I don’t care.

      But when you start attacking a group of people by saying “all” you really are showing how uneducated and narrow minded you are.

      I can make generalizations about you based on your grammar, sentence structure and poor reasoning skills – but I won’t.

  9. Stephanie says:

    EJ coming back? Well not really a surprise since the season premiere left a lot of questions open. That being said, we should hope that when the story is wrapped up EJ gets finally killed. No point in keeping this awful character around.

  10. Freedomwatcher38 says:

    At first I couldn’t stand EJ at all hated the character with a bloody passion, but in the beginning of this season she wasn’t so bad.

    However; I am not pleased she is coming back again… We need another Ari storyline something to drive this show, NCIS LA is looking better each week.

    Don’t get me wrong I love NCIS but the show does need a pick me up and we haven’t had that since season 4 when Tony went undercover, and when they went to rescue Ziva (awesome season opener)

    The show is lacking in that bang department and I am not sure what they are thinking by bringing EJ back, because she doesn’t add anything to the show.

  11. jake says:

    hey with luck EJ will be brought back to die

  12. kinara says:


  13. Gibbslet says:

    I hate EJ so much! I am a full blown Tiva fan and it shall happen. I hope I EJ doesn’t retern. She just made everything worse and distracted Tony. I am pretty sure she died and we saw her die and she should really stay that way. The Chaplin was really nice but I hope she is more Tonys friend who helps him bring Tiva together then a love interest for Tony. That would be an awsome angle
    To take.

  14. Trianna says:

    UGH!!! EJ!!!! :-( Too bad Kate was shot by Ari through the head and we went through all the autopsy and funeral and stuff. I’d L <3 VE to see Kate back! Cause some "friction" between Ziva and Tony, maybe?!?

  15. sammi says:

    When i first read the title “character being brought back from the dead” i thought jenny shepard… so sad i would much rather have her back than ej..

  16. CJ says:

    I am glad EJ is coming back, and I hope he hooks up with Ziva too and they all live happily ever after. Why? Because you people are disgusting and rude. Oh, and slash is sick. Go on and trash on me now – I won’t be checking back.

  17. John UK says:

    What a shame! Tiva spark has been long gone.

    Let Tony and EJ hook up soon…easy and dumb couple.

  18. Mac says:

    I’m happy to hear that EJ is coming back. For those who think that Tiva WILL happen, I’m sorry but I don’t agree. Might have been a possibility back in S3 but that ship sank years ago. Tony fell in love with Jeanne back in S4 and it’s taken YEARS for him to get over her, but with the help of EJ he finally did. I’m not a big Tony/EJ fan or anything but I’m thankful for what her character has done for Tony. His confidence has returned both around women, with Gibbs and professionally.

    Ziva, also, has moved on. Ray, not Tony, is the person she chose to sleep with and he’s the one who has helped her move on from Rivken and whatever happened in Somalia. She seems happy with him.

    I see NCIS as one big happy family nowadays and Tony & Ziva forming a relationship as co-workers and more sibling-like. Ziva has even referred to Tony twice to two men she was sleeping with as her “big brother”. And like a big brother Tony will always be protective of her, but that’s no different to how he’s been with each and every woman he’s associated with. You only have to look at his reaction and comment of “whatever it takes” towards a female special agent (Macy) that we never even saw him interact with. If Ziva was in the same situation you’d have seen the same reaction from him – doesn’t mean he’s in love with her. Tony, Gibbs and McGee are all protective of the women. Always have been and always will be.

    • Pariah says:

      Well said, Mac.

      I’m really saddened, reading the comments, by how much hate we’re seeing both towards EJ and SJM here.

      I’m also astonished that certain people can’t see the irony about complaining about ‘haters’ when all they are doing is spewing hatred towards EJ (and even SJM). How is it only ‘hate’ when people don’t like Ziva, but not when they don’t like EJ? I think the Tiva fans have a very special set of blinkers in place both when they watch the show and when they interact with fandom.

      Michael Weatherly seems to be very fond of SJM judging by interviews and tweets. He is now on Twitter and seems to be very careful not to respond to overly Tiva-ish tweets and yet he has been happy to talk about the EJ/Tony relationship on Twitter.

      Did the Tiva fans never consider how their childish insistence that they’ve been teased and are therefore entitled to their ship, and their constant insistence on seeing NCIS ONLY as a vehicle for Tiva, might actually be very alienating for the NCIS cast? Particularly Weatherly who must be very conscious of the fact that Harmon is the star of the show, not Tiva. In addition, Weatherly has also tried to develop Tony as a character over the past 9 years, not simply as an adjunct to Ziva or the other half of Tiva. Did the Tiva lovers not consider how galling it must be to him to hear the endless witterings of some fans who are only obsessed with a pairing that isn’t canon and may never be canon when he has worked so hard to create an interesting, layered character?

      The Tiva fans are doing themselves no favors with this kind of behavior. They aren’t liked in fandom, and I suspect they aren’t much liked by the cast, crew, writers or producers, either.

      • Mac says:

        Ah yeah, Pariah. I pretty much worked that out that the “haters” are the ones who dislike Ziva and want her killed off, but NOT the people who hate EJ and want her killed off. Of course not ALL are like that but there’s a very clear double-standard going on here.

        You’ve also hit the nail on the head with my main dislike of “Tiva”. I don’t think that pairing has done any favors for Tony and, as a Tony fan, it’s been quite frustrating at times to watch the character that Michael Weatherly spent years building into a complex multi-layered character slowly disappear. As did his relationship with Gibbs and Abby, which I used to love.

        I think the idea of bringing EJ in and giving Tony the confidence boost he needed was a good one, but I also think that the show failed to carry through, so I’m hoping that EJ’s return lets us see that she is a competent leader also. I liked that Tony challenged Gibbs over rule#12 and learning that “Gibbs depends on him”, but I still think that is a case of TELL rather than show at the moment. If anything they HAVE shown us that Gibbs relies on Ziva. She’s the one who is “a very reliable source”, and the one who wouldn’t let her personal attachment affect her emotions or the outcome of a case (unlike silly old Tony). She’s also the one who “IS a weapon” and the person who he’d want by his side in a warzone. She really has turned into quite the all-round agent.

        So what does Gibbs mean when he says “I depend on you”? Depends on him for WHAT exactly?
        I’m hoping that EJ’s return and wrapping up that whole arc will show us.

        • Pariah says:

          It’s so great to have some interesting discussion on one of these spoiler sites instead of the usual “OMG! I heart TIVA so much!” stuff. I do hope nobody from the show ever reads these spoiler sites because frankly it’s embarrassing in what it says about the state of fandom.

          If they DO read them, I hope they know that there are so many of us out here who aren’t watching for Tiva. We aren’t interested in romantic sidelines – we genuinely love NCIS for what it’s always been – military murder mysteries solved by a quirky, dysfunctional family ‘team’. We aren’t hanging on every last spoiler for news that Tony and Ziva have a line of dialogue that may or may not mean anything in respect of Tiva. We view the show with more respect and appreciation than that.

          As for your comments – they’re very valid. I’m a fan of Tony myself, and it seems that after an initial spate of trying to repair the very real damage done to his character during S6, 7 and early S8, they are now putting him in some kind of a weird holding pattern. They seem to be giving him a mid-life crisis, but to be honest, I’d love to have back the agent we saw in ‘Baltimore’, and in the early episodes. I don’t really need or want this introspective Tony. A few episodes was fine; I get that he feels there’s stuff missing from his life, but I wish they’d let us see the good stuff about his life too, like his friendships with other team members such as Abby, his competence at his job, and the fact that he makes a real difference to people’s lives for the good. I think they’re weighing him down too much with the navel-gazing.

          One of the things I’d like to see is the Tony/Abby and Tony/Gibbs friendships. I’m honestly tired of all things Tony/Ziva – hasn’t that been done to death now? I’d be more interested in seeing him interact with Abby simply because he hasn’t in several seasons and he always used to. I like seeing him interact with Gibbs but I do wish it could be a little less all wise/knowing Gibbs and screwup Tony. Tony is really far too old to perpetually be casting him in that role. It’d be good to see him maturing into the competent friend and co-worker that Gibbs needs as he gets older himself. He can still be funny, but I could do with less of the object of humiliation, juvenile stuff, as well as the ‘my life is sad and pathetic’ stuff.

          I’m with you on being tired of the Gibbs/Ziva scenes. He has little reason to trust her frankly, and honestly it’s hard to be engaged by her story after the way the show has written her. I’d far rather see more of Gibbs with Abby – I loved the little glimpse we saw of her reaction to the news about her family background. I’d like to see Tony, Gibbs and Ducky in particular helping her through that. I’d say McGee too, but I don’t trust the show not to turn it shippy, and honestly, the shippy stuff ruins the show for me. It drags down the pacing and takes away from the sense of friendship and comradeship. This show isn’t a romance – let it be what it was so good at in the early seasons.

          • Mac says:

            Pariah, I’d like to see Tony return to the agent Gibbs first hired also. I was hoping that Baltimore being right in the middle of the EJ arc meant that’s what we were getting. I don’t mind Tony going through a crisis and coming out the other side stronger, but he’s been going through something for the past couple of years now and they’re just piling more and more on top. I’ll wait it out to see how they deal with all the new info we’ve learned is dealt with.

            As for his relationship with Gibbs – I agree. I WOULD like to see it moving towards a more equal partnership now. Tony may have been ready for his own team 5 years ago but I’m not quite sure he’d be ready for one now. Gibbs should have been boosting his confidence by giving him different roles amongst the team and it’s no surprise really that McGee and Ziva don’t see him as their senior field agent, which isn’t good considering Tony has to take control of the team if Gibbs is down and they’re under fire.
            Knocking him down in front of EJ and his team mates wasn’t the right move either in my opinion. Gibbs enforced the “Rule 12” to Tony but failed to stick to the same rules with the others. Abby seeing Cade and McGee acting jealous, and Ziva dating CI-Ray didn’t warrant a mention EVEN WHEN Ziva ran off to find her boyfriend and skipped straight in to the P2P killer’s little web. And STILL Gibbs didn’t say anything to Ziva.

            Ah well, one thing I’ve always loved about this show is the loyalty and admiration Tony has for Gibbs. I really liked seeing Tony take EJ to Gibbs to ask for his help and seeing the dinner where Gibbs & Tony won over EJ’s trust. I hope her return can focus more on where they left off and give Tony the confidence to start moving forward and take on more responsibility as Gibbs’ second.

            And yes, I’d much rather talk about other things than Tony loves Ziva and they need to be together once they KILL THAT AWFUL EJ!!! :-)

      • Michael says:

        Well said It just so sad to see all these hate not just toward EJ but any female that not Ziva they even are so blind they forget that Kate came before Ziva

        • Joni says:

          For Mac, Pariah and Michael,

          Thank you, all three of you for your insightful posts.

          Something I don’t understand is that fans of Tiva keep saying that we “hate” CdP. Maybe I’m not reading the right sites (wrong sites) but I don’t see nasty comments aimed at Ms de Pablo. I do see a lot of garbage spewed at Ms Morris – on Twitter where some tweets have been particularly vile and sent directly to SJM. The people who have done this should be ashamed of themselves.

          Yes, I’ve commented about my extreme dislike of Ziva’s actions starting with ‘Aliyah’ but I’ve never once said anything bad about Cote. She’s probably a lovely woman, inside and out, it’s simply the character she plays as the character is written that I have issues with.

          For me, hating the very idea of Tiva will always boil down to the assault. I would never fall in love with or ever completely trust again someone who did that to me and I can’t accept that any show (even though it’s fictional) that would overlook this and have 2 characters who had been involved in a violent confrontation in fall in love.
          Years ago ‘General Hospital’ lost me as a viewer when they had Laura (rape victim) fall in love with Luke (her rapist) and the show turned then in to a Super Couple. I was in my early 20s and even then I knew it was wrong.

          Now this will surprise some. With Tiva gone this season (9) I’ve actually started to enjoy Ziva a little bit again. She and Tony are behaving like sparring siblings again and it’s been good to see. I’m not back to liking her again yet but not disliking her is progress. Mr Glasberg and his writing team have my gratitude.

  19. Michael says:

    Look we all have seen what happen to a show when two of the main star are two very good looking people it’s kind of like John Cean at the WWE So many of the woman think he hot and the child see him as superman so what do they do, They give that character all the best storyline the main attentions and the basic make them the star of the show and that what they are doing with Ziva.

    I just feel like every time i see someone hating on a other person that I need to defend that person who can not defend herself or himself, I guess I got a little carry away and I am sorry will try to do better next time.

    • Mac says:

      I don’t think you’re wrong in saying what you have, Michael. The problem seems to arise only if you say something negative about Ziva and not any other character.
      I agree with you that they’ve slotted Ziva in as Wonder Woman to Gibbs’ Superman. The only difference is that Gibbs has had 30 odd years to acquire these skills legitimately, 15 of those in the Marine Corps and 20 years as a Federal Agent including under cover missions abroad. They keep adding new skills to Ziva, but I can’t think of ANY new skills they’ve suddenly added to any of the other characters throughout the run of the show. In fact, in Tony’s case they’ve actually detracted skills he had in earlier seasons.

      • Pariah says:

        Very true, Mac – and very sad. Ziva now speaks Pashtun (WTF?!) as well as 9 others including the language of love (and clearly the language of violence). She’s allowed to be in combat missions in military zones even though women are barred. She is Gibbs’s dependable right hand, despite being self-avowedly untrustworthy. She lied to him from the beginning, and he seems fine with that. Let’s examine that – Gibbs, who held a grudge against his own father for many years on somewhat minor grounds, is FINE with her betraying him and his team. Yeah. Right. And let’s look at Tony – he was betrayed by a previous partner at Baltimore, and used by Jenny for a personal vendetta. Would he REALLY be fine with what Ziva did to him in Israel? I don’t think so. And no, the bathroom scene in Reunion hardly counts as an apology to me – not least because she’s shown no remorse or even an understanding of what she did that was so wrong. And she continues to act in the same self-righteous way.

        And yet the Tivas are right – both Gibbs and Tony DO seem fine with her betrayals – and that, in essence, is the problem so many of the fans are having. Instead of dealing with Ziva’s flaws and personality traits (her violent temper for example, and the fact she lied to Gibbs to gain his trust, assaulted Tony, and killed a suspect in custody) they just heap more and more super-skills onto her. This makes some of us dislike her more.

        Meanwhile, the show seems to delight in endlessly flagellating Tony for being a ladies’ man and an idiot – somewhat minor offenses, one might think, compared to Ziva’s hair trigger temper, lies and betrayals. Tony remains the one member of the team who has risked his life repeatedly for every single one of the rest of them for no thanks at all.

        I am tired of seeing Ziva elevated to Princess Perfect all the time, while Tony is never given any value at all. Gibbs’s “I depend on you” to Tony at the end of last season rings very hollow when we’ve long since stopped actually SEEING that.

  20. Michael says:

    You know I use to be a big fan of CSI, love the show the character were good, storyline were fun and keep me on my feet. THEN Sarah and Grimsom became a couple and Look what happen Warric(sp) Die and Grimsom left the show and now I can barly sit throw a hour of it and I do not want the same to happy to NCIS.

    • junior says:

      That because it’s the wrong pairing. Pairing Sarah and Grimsom is like pairing Ziva with Gibbs.

      • pariah says:

        Or Ziva with Tony – for a lot of us that would be the kiss of death for NCIS. I think the Tivas really need to face the fact that no matter how much you love it, there are a lot of fans out here who really hate the pairing. I hope TPTB never sell out – Tiva should never happen.

  21. Paula says:

    i wish they would bring mike back.

  22. Michael says:

    You know they are going to have epsodie about Jenny in the spring

  23. Karen says:

    Tiva or not (and yes, I’m a fan) EJ is just an annoying character and the more she’s onscreen, the less time there is for the core cast of characters, the ones I tune in to watch. If she’s back and on the autopsy table, I’ll have considered it time well spent, though.

  24. Michael says:

    But Karen we dont have the team Core cast The actress that play Kate is gone and so we have not have the care cast of characters since season 1

  25. Lark says:

    EJ adds nothing to the show. She had no chemistry with Tony. people forget how she manipulated him making him change his cologne and clothes. Whining whenever he had to work late with Ziva. He was beginning to see it. They were over before the season finale. He wasn’t sad to see her walk away. It was a fun dalliance, nothing more.
    Jeanne was another whining, manipulator – sleep with me Tony, tell me you love me Tony, I have no place to live – can I move in with you Tony. Gag. Tony dinardo fell in love with Jeanne. Tony DiNozzo would have grown bored with her within 6 months. She gave him the option to choose – him or his job, he chose his job.
    I wish the writers would stop shoving love interests down our throats for any of the characters. Every time they hook one up, it’s a defamation of character in someway.
    I want a return to the old NCIS – team focused and Gibbs at the front. I am tired of Tony, his daddy issues, his love life & his self actualization process. It bores me.

    • Bobbie says:

      I totally agree and then EJ telling Tony he was scared of Gibbs and she wasn’t-Of course not She was Sec-Nav niece (who had to resign by the way for his part in Frankenstein and port to port. Not tell Tony either!And Ziva took up for her!

  26. Michael says:

    @ Lark

    So how did you do with season 3 throw 6 when we had Ziva love interests shive down our throats her perfect skills and her daddy issue that we sit throw 4 to 5 year of that

    • Lark says:

      All characters means all characters. I don’t want to see their personal lives and their work lives intersect. Period.

      I am sure they have lovers, friends, family. I just don’t want to see it or hear about it. I tune in for the team dynamic.

      I am not happy that we have a Gibbs love interest story coming up. Why can’t we just have an interesting story featuring guest star Jamie Lee Curtis? Why does she have to a love interest?


  27. Michael says:

    because that how a tv show work and last I check she was not a love interest she and gibb were going to butt head just like in the movie they were in together back in 02

  28. GeorgeJones says:

    Well another episode with ej in that won’t be worth watching
    She is about to ruin this show and Tony has no interest in her
    No chemistry whatsoever
    move on can we ????

  29. MRS. GIBBS says:

    The ej characteer is horrible
    hate the sight of her
    DON’T keep bringing her back to wreck this show.

  30. Shawnee says:

    What’s the interview and where can I watch it?? I’d would love to see it:)

  31. Karen says:

    Very very disappointed in the return of EJ. I’m assuming that SJM is related to Glasberg because there is no reason at all that she deserves to guest on this show. She was bad in Brothers and Sisters and was given the boot. Hopefully this is her swan song. She almost destroyed a good storyline. Why even put her in the show. There are so many other really talented actresses that could have been successful and been able to add another dimension to the character. She failed because she has no chemistry with the cast and she is a bad actress.

    • Michael says:

      Well can’t you said the same for the actress who play Ziva I mean she has no chemistry with the cast yet his lover forced the show to shove her down our Thorats

  32. barb says:

    So true! I agree with you!

  33. Alyssa says:

    NCIS rocks!!!All the new episodes rock!!!!