NCIS Exclusive: [Spoiler] Is Back from the 'Dead'!

CBS’ NCIS will ring in the new year with danger and intrigue, when it brings back a familiar face in January 2012.

And that face is a darn pretty one, too. TVLine has learned exclusively that Sarah Jane Morris — whose EJ Barrett was felled by a gunshot in the Season 9 premiere, only to have her body then go missing — is due back for at least one episode, to understandably shake things up.

“Last we saw EJ Barrett, she was gunned down and left for dead. Then she disappeared!” reminds Gary Glasberg, the showrunner of TV’s most-watched drama. “In January we’ll find out what happened.”

TVLine’s Law-Enforcement Crushes Tournament: NCIS‘ Gibbs Faces Off With DiNozzo!

Given all that EJ had been wrapped up in prior to her, Tony and her colleague Cade being shot at — covertly couriering super-top-secret microchips and all — as well as how she then went missing, her return “will bring with it answers to unresolved questions, danger, and intrigue,” Glasberg teases. “Remember where we left off at the beginning of the season? Well, here we go, and we’re thrilled to have Sarah Jane back and along for the ride.”

NCIS — which just last week hit a season high in viewers and in the 18-49 demo — continues its ninth season next Tuesday at 8/7c with the return of Robert Wagner as Anthony DiNozzo, Sr., when Tony’s pop is found in a car with a dead body in the trunk and no memory of the previous night.

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  1. znachki says:

    Personally, I liked Tony and the Chaplain. She totally has his number.

  2. Michael says:


    Would’t it be great if she replace Ziva OMG it would be a NCIS fan dream come true I can not think of one real NCIS fan who hate EJ but I can think of many who are so sick of Ziva.

    I would also like to see Ray come back he was so kickass Trent Kort as well need to come back

    After Ziva Rape Tony and made him her bitch I though for sure they were getting rid of Tony and when they made Ziva the Senoir feild agent I though OMG their getting rid of Tony.

    But maybe the writer have notice that REAL NCIS fan are sick of Ziva and are bringing back a FAN favroite

    • Dave says:

      thanks … needed a good laugh ;)

    • Svenja says:

      LOL this is so never gonna happen.
      Oh really, just because I love Ziva I am not a real NCIS fan?
      I’ve been with the show since season 1.
      Real NCIS fans do not accuse other NCIS peeps of not being real fans because they love certain characters.

      And when exactly did Ziva rape Tony? Did I miss something? LOL

  3. Barb says:

    Hmm, I wish the writers had left her dead and missing. She sticks out like a sore thumb and does nothing good for the show. If you want to bring back a good character that actually ADDS to the show, bring Commander Coleman back.

  4. Katydid says:

    Not happy! Crossing my fingers that it’s the last time we’ll see her! Can’t stand EJ!

  5. spot13 says:

    I’ll sit through EJ if it brings Tony closure so he can move on to someone that sparks some passion in his life – EJ was white bread when he really needs a good jewish rye – not mentioning any names.

    • Lola says:

      When I watch their scenes, MW and SJM have so much more chemistry than MW and CdP, IMO.

      • Svenja says:

        I don’t see any chemistry between SJM and MW.
        CdP and MW have some super intense, explosive and sexy chemistry.

        • Regardless says:

          Well, if by ‘chemistry’ you mean a violent and unpleasant kind of twisted meanness then yes, they do.

          However, if you mean sexual chemistry then really we’ve only seen it between Tony and Gibbs, and Gibbs and Abby. Ziva and McGee seem to be developing it though so maybe McGiva is just around the corner.

          • Svenja says:

            I am actually a big McGiva fan, too.
            I doubt anything will happen their, but I enjoy their scenes.
            YES I do like Tiva with other people. Shocking, right?

          • Gianna says:

            McGee likes Abby more than he likes Ziva. Any true NCIS fan can tell you that

    • NCISDar says:

      Well, actually what he needs is a chocolate sista from the hood. I volunteer! And if not me, how about Cassie Yates?

    • as says:

      the idea of ziva or cdp having any chemistry with tony/mw is laughable….
      there was a spark of something there in s3, however, actions by the character, not to mention her snark, have made any sort of relationship with tony completely impossible for many to stomach. the mere idea that she’s been in love with him for years or that he returns any of the emotion after her continuous verbal putdowns & physical assault of him at the end of s6 is simply ridiculous.
      oh & before one goes referring to the character as ‘jewish rye’, might want to convince the show to get cdp an accent coach. over the last few seasons, i’ve heard more hispanic in her words than jewish

  6. Brenna says:

    She better not screw with Tiva!!! need to get her and ray gone

    • ceindreadh says:

      There is no ‘TIVA’ to be screwed with.
      It died the second that one half of the pairing assaulted the other.

      • Lola says:


        • Svenja says:

          Here we go again… *rolles eyes*
          Get over it.
          Ziva is part of the team, the team loves Ziva, no matter what happened.

          • Regardless says:

            Well we don’t know that and if the show tries to inflict Tiva on us then we’ll know they condone violent, abusive people pairing up with their victims.

          • Lola says:

            That’s all fine and dandy, her being part of the team, just don’t pair her up with Tony.

            BTW, just need to say again how thrilled I am to see them bring back EJ!

          • Blix says:

            Get over it?

            So, YOU’D be able to get over someone you’re supposed to trust shoving a LOADED WEAPON in your chest and insinuating they’d wished you were dead?

            Right… the utter lack of consequences for that action was absolutely sickening and is one of the biggest mistakes NCIS ever made.

            “The team loves Ziva, no matter what happened.” This is such a simplistic, entitled argument, no wonder this segment of the fandom loves Tiva/Ziva… which, by the way, is the worst thing that ever happened to this show and Tony as a character. In order to “promote” this disastrous concept, Tony spent 2 seasons as a pointless hole in the cast.

            The poster above is right, this ship died the INSTANT she pulled a gun on him.

          • Svenja says:

            Oh right, yes the show does promote “abusive behaviour”. There are head slaps, slaps in the rips, people, who glue fingers and faces to keyboards or tables and certainly Ziva did push Tony once.
            Ziva isn’t the only character, who “abused” one of them. The others did questionable things as well. Kate hit Tony pretty hard ( a few times). He really choked her when they renacted a murder in season 2. These things were no better. Ziva is not the only one, who made mistakes. Not that I believe it was ok, it wasn’t. But except for McGee and Abby, the others weren’t any better.

          • Svenja says:

            Well, as you can see as a watcher of the show, the team does love her. They loved her so much that they risked their lives to go and kill Saleem for “killing Ziva”.
            It’s a fact that the loves her. They forgave her. It was a high stressed situation. She had a neverous break-down. Of course what she did was wrong, but she apologized, never did anything like that again. She freaked out one time and didn’t really harm Tony. She wasn’t going to shoot him. Otherwise she would have done it.
            The team does love her. They know how to forgive. They are a family and that is not going to change for the next 2 years.
            So you should get over it, since the team managed to do so as well.

          • NCISDar says:

            Replying to your post a little farther down. Ziva did more than push Tony. It wasn’t an angry shove. She kicked his feet out from under him, then put a loaded gun to his chest. that’s more than a push. the show didn’t deal with this at all and now you have the result. Some people (like me) got over their Tiva infatuation real quick at that moment. And since the show never showed Ziva having any remorse over this incident, some of us aren’t buying the “well Tony got over it, the team loves her, etc.” no matter how much love appears to be in the house.

            In short, I’m glad they are tying up loose ends with EJ and the Phantom 8 show. We know from experience that follow up and follow through is key!

          • Svenja says:

            Excuse me did you watch the bathroom scene from “Reunion”?
            Ziva said “it is I, who I’m sorry” when Tony apologized to her.
            She DID apologize. She did show remorse.
            When she was in Somalia she said she didn’t deserve Tony’s efforts!
            She even wanted to get killed there.
            Even Tony said “get over yourself” because she was beating herself up.
            Maybe you should rewatch these two episodes.
            Ziva did apologize and she did show remorse!
            There is no denying

          • Sam says:

            Svenja, I agree with pretty much everything you said. I’m not a shipper (I save that for Bones) but I love Ziva.

            You are right, Tony and Gibbs, and even Kate, have and can be downright mean or abusive. Yet people will not get over something Ziva did in the heat of the moment after losing someone she loved and finding out she had been betrayed by him and her father. It was too much for anyone to handle. She snapped.

            No. That doesn’t make it ok. But I think the time she spent in Somalia was penance enough. Add to that the fact that she did eventually apologize to Tony. If Tony and the team are willing to forgive her, even risk their lives to rescue her, who are we to still be angry?

          • Svenja says:

            Thanks Sam.
            Well, I am a shipper, but I am also a fan of the whole show.
            Your post proves that I’m right. There are a lot of fans out there, who are not belonging to one of the die-hard-“extremistic”-NCIS-groups.
            I am a die-hard shipper (therefore I belong to one of these groups), but I’m also a die-hard fan of the whole show.

      • katmandu says:

        well, Tony has forgiven her even if you haven’t.

        That is canon.

        And according to MW – Tiva is a possibility. Words spoken not conjecture on my part as I am sure your counter response will be.

  7. Shiloh says:

    No offense to SJM, but I wasn’t really into the EJ character. I found her annoying and thought she had better chemistry with Gibbs than Tony, so their fling seemed forced. But I’m not going to skip an episode for it. I’ll muster through it and hope it’ll be good. The show has been very good this season so I’m going to hope that trend continues the whole season.

  8. Ducky Fan says:

    crap is crap.

  9. Smirks says:

    Or maybe, they can get rid of DiNozzo and EJ as a pack? Send them far, far away? Both are just deserving a good rest.

    • Svenja says:

      Get rid of DiNozzo? WTF? He’s great.
      I just want EJ to get a good exit (I love intriguing exits)

    • Max Preston says:

      I’m also tired of that old dumb DiNozzo. What the heck was that worst fear of his? Unbelievable!

    • barb says:

      I AGREE IF WE CAN’T GET RID OF EJ THEN SEND THEM BOTH OFF TO Rota. Work on a spin off. Bring in someone hot like Paul Leyden!Then we do not have you keep having this stupid tit for tat! People who want EJ and Tony together or Dinozzo fans can follow him and there will be no Ziva.Let them try to make it as a spinoff and get on with the real show Dammit!

  10. Max Preston says:

    Tired of this show ever since EJ in “One Last Score”.
    Starting to like NCIS-LA more and more.

  11. Regardless says:

    One of the best things about EJ is how much the Tivas hate her. This makes me automatically like her. I’m glad she’s coming back.

    I actually think the character was great once they got over the silly dispute over territory between her and Gibbs (I maintain Gibbs was only jealous because Tony is HIS man).

    If EJ helps make Tiva an ever more unlikely goal for TPTB then I’m her greatest fan. And if the show ever wants to kill off another person, I do hope it’s Ziva. Surely we’ve suffered her anger issues and Little Miss Perfect syndrome for long enough?

  12. Blix says:

    Great! I rather enjoyed what EJ brought to the show, and her disappearance in “Nature of the Beast” was sudden and curious, and I had hoped we’d see more of what happened to her, along with Stratton and the Phantom 8.

    Certainly glad Gary Glasburg seems to understand the concept of consequences and not leaving plot lines out there to dangle and never get wrapped up!

    • Lola says:

      I agree with you Blix, I’ve been curious about what happened at the end of “Nature of the Beast” and when (not if) we would see some kind of wrap-up to that storyline.

  13. Adie says:

    Oh GOD…Not again. Well. if she is wrapping story and won’t see her again I can handle that, Honestly, don’t care even about microchip arc. Just take her away. She is so anoying.

  14. Ducky Fan says:

    Let me be clear. crap is crap is EJ.

  15. Sandra says:

    Good news. She had to come back to wrap up this crappy storyline anyway. But I´d rather have her sooner than later on the show so we can finally get rid of her. This character is just bad and needs to die.

  16. Gabriela says:

    EJ has to come back for decent storytelling. But please get rid of her permanently afterwards. She’s so dumb!

  17. jacksongibbs says:

    The divide between Tiva fans and Tony/Gibbs slasher fans has got to the point of psychosis.

    Tony and Ziva will probley never be more than friends (and yes, they are friends. Tony has forgiven Ziva even you haven’t) and Tony/Gibbs is never gonna happen. Tony and Gibbs have a friendship bond and possibly a father/son bond but there is no sexual feelings or chemistry between them. Both characters are obviously heterosexual and all their on screen love interests have been female.

    If it doesn’t happen on screen, then it doesn’t happen so don’t talk to me about subtext.

    Why can’t we watch a show without caring about who is sleeping with who?

    If you want your Tiva fantasies or your Gibbs/Tony fantasies you have ff.net for that or your forums, leave them out of these types of postings because some of us don’t want to read through your hate to see the relevant comments.

    sorry, to hijack this thread but the hate is really getting annoying.

    And since this is suppossed to be about EJ – sorry to see her back. Hope it’s for one episode only.

    • Regardless says:

      So you have a problem with Tiva/non-Tiva fans not getting along but you don’t have a problem with all the hate messages about EJ?


      And I’ve never seen a Tony/Gibbs slasher thinking that relationship will happen onscreen! ROFLMAO! You must be deluded if you think they want or ask for it. They aren’t TIVA fans – they’re very happy with subtext.

      • melanie says:

        Let me guess-

        You are a Tony/Gibbs slasher fan

      • jacksongibbs says:

        This is a article about EJ and I have no problems with people liking, loving or hating her. So yes, I am ok with the EJ hate/like/love.

        My problem is with every time one of these articles are posted it is taken over by the Tiva/Gibb/Tony fans regardless of the subject matter.

        EJ comments are relevant (love or hate) Tiva/Tony/Gibbs comments should be saved for articles about them. Then you can have free rein.

        And I understand I went off topic with my rant, but seriously some of us just don’t care about any of that and don’t want to read about iit.

        • pariah says:

          Honestly, I think you’ll find that the reaction against EJ by Tiva fans is what caused the issue on this spoiler thread – there have been some horrible things said about both EJ and SJM and a lot of people hate the way the Tiva fans do that.

          And most fans against the Tiva pairing aren’t Tony/Gibbs slashers – they’re Tony fans. A lot of Tony fans don’t like Ziva after what she did to Tony in Aliyah and the way she’s always cutting him down. They don’t want him swallowed up as part of Tiva – they want him to be his own character in his own right with his own story.

          Most Tiva fans love Ziva first and foremost and don’t give a d*** about Tony or what might be good for him. And EJ WAS good for Tony. She gave him back his mojo, and he thanked her for it. I was really shocked they didn’t follow through on what happened to her after Nature of the Beast. I hope we find out they did search for her, and we just didn’t see it. I don’t like to think that Gibbs and Tony left her to rot out there somewhere. It’d be very out of character for them. She was one of their own.

          • Lilu says:

            Uh, if there is one character I don’t care about it’s Tony, just like I don’t care for EJ, but for the sake of the show, in my opinion, EJ really needs to go, while I can accept that dumb spoiled obnoxious brat when he’s not too invasive. You’re right, though, I don’t give a d*** about him.

        • pariah says:

          Honestly, I think you’ll find that the reaction against EJ by Tiva fans is what caused the issue on this spoiler thread – there have been some horrible things said about both EJ and SJM and a lot of people hate the way the Tiva fans do that.

          And most fans against the Tiva pairing aren’t Tony/Gibbs slashers – they’re Tony fans. A lot of Tony fans don’t like Ziva after what she did to Tony in Aliyah and the way she’s always cutting him down. They don’t want him swallowed up as part of Tiva – they want him to be his own character in his own right with his own story.

          Most Tiva fans love Ziva first and foremost and don’t give a d*** about Tony or what might be good for him. And EJ WAS good for Tony. She gave him back his mojo, and he thanked her for it. I was really shocked they didn’t follow through on what happened to her after Nature of the Beast. I hope we find out they did search for her, and we just didn’t see it. I don’t like to think that Gibbs and Tony left her to rot out there somewhere. It’d be very out of character for them. She was one of their own and they are honorable men.

          • Svenja says:

            There are a lot of Tony fans among the Tiva fraction. I can assure you that. And yes, some Tivas did attack SJM, which is inacceptable, but a lot of antis are no better.
            They wrote stuff about Cote de Pablo that was nasty and mean.
            I just hate actor bashing.
            No matter who does it!!!
            Pro or Anti.
            Hating a character is one thing, but bashing the actresses playing them is disgusting.

  18. Stephanie says:

    Should have known she wasn’t actually dead when her body wasn’t found… Hope this storyline gets neatly wrapped up and that EJ goes on her merry way after this (and stays out of trouble).

  19. Natan says:

    Okay, I am posting first time about NCIS. We are watching show with friends every Tuesday.Like tradition. I’ve never heard about CBS boards, pools…etc. Don’t think my friends did. I didn’t even can imagine there are people who don’t like Ziva. We are not any Tiva or whatever fans, but we are enjoying show ,and we want to see Tony and Ziva together. 9 people + me.You made me curious – I am going to ask around if there is someone who don’t like Ziva. Don’t care about any forums or boards – they are not representing majorities POV. I guess thers is some forum with people who don’t like her, but I bet even more forums supporting her . So….
    My point is – we want to enjoy show and EJ is not a person we want to see again. PERIOD.

    • Regardless says:

      Nope, lots of people can’t stand her. It’s endemic in the NCIS fandom. Go to IMDB, CBS etc and you’ll see people arguing about how much they hate her. She’s become quite the hate figure since the end of S6. Sadly, the show never dealt with her actions there, so some fans are left with a sense of grievance, not least at the bizarre personality twists that meant apparently the very unforgiving Gibbs not having a problem that she lied to him to get him to trust her when they first met, and Tony apparently not caring that she assaulted him and pulled a gun on him.

      In “Baltimore” we found out Tony had been betrayed by a previous work partner – but no, still the show didn’t seem to think he might just have a sensitivity on that subject and dealt with it. No sirree! Business as usual, Ziva back on the team thank you very much! This boat must not be rocked, no matter how badly we write these people!

      • Svenja says:

        By “people” you mean maybe 20 people spreading their hate for the character all over the internet platforms.
        CdP wouldn’t have gotten such a good deal with CBS if he majority hated her character. There are some well informed people working at CBS.

        • Michael says:

          if CBS can get rid of two character the fans love JJ and Emily they can get rid of a character that five people love

        • Truth says:

          Absolutely. There are a handful of people who complain and protest about Ziva here and on the CBS forum, but that’s the only place I ever see them, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same people bouncing back and forth between places. People who feel a certain way about things tend to spend time with other people who feel the same way so as to validate their opinions. They are the minority and thankfully the people who write for this show and sign the actors’ paychecks realize that.

          A group of hateful people on the Internet does not represent the 20 million viewers who tune into this show every week. Anecdotally, everyone I know that watches this show at least appreciates Ziva, in some way or another. Obviously they don’t represent everyone either, but the fact that I only see the hatred online makes me pause and wonder if it’s really as bad as people are making it out to be, or if a few disgruntled people are projecting their own biases onto the rest. If Ziva was really as hated as people claim, she would have been cast off a long time ago. This show clearly has no problem killing off well-liked characters so I can’t possibly imagine why they would keep around one that was so disliked.

          The good news is that the powers that be can seperate the obnoxious people from the rest of the crowd and realize that being loud about an opinion is not the same as having a popular opinion.

          • More Truth says:

            The fact that the ratings are stable and high with the emphasis on UST being put way in the background is a better indicator of how the Average Joe feels about the “romance” on the screen. Just as there are a few people who express their hatred of a pairing anywhere, there are a few people who claim to be the voice of the people and demand the pairing. One need only read the tweets directed at Gary Glasberg to see that the same small group send the same message repeatedly. The best thing to do is stay in the middle, follow what the general audience seems to like best and that’s a feeling of camraderie among the team, team work and keep the “UST” as subtext where one can either see it or not.

        • regardless says:

          But Svenja, how would this be different to the 12 or so Tiva fans who spread their hate for EJ, Tibbs fans, and anyone who doesn’t like Ziva all over the internet? *VBG*. You’re right – CBS does have some VERY well informed people working there. ROFL!

          • Svenja says:

            Well there are certainly more than 12 Tiva fans.
            (I’m in contact with about 40 people, who love them).
            I AM including the pros, too.
            We are not representative.
            There might me about 80 fans, who actively post a lot of things everywhere.
            There are a lot of silent NCIS fans, who do read up on spoilers etc, but never ever engage in discussion.
            The whole “war” going on is scaring them off.
            The thing is that Polls where the silent part of the fandom does participate in (because over a 1000 people did actually vote) have proven that the pro side is indeed bigger. The big Extra poll, the CBS EJ poll or the posts at the Insider’s blog beneath the bucket list do indicate that. I am not saying there aren’t a lot of antis or normos as well. Of course you aren’t a small minority, but there are a lot of people, who want Tiva or simply wouldn’t mind.
            As I said, bigger polls are more representative and our little discussions here. We are extremes. Die-hard fans with extreme opinions. We definitely aren’t the casual viewers. and YES this does include me and my fan-fraction. I expressly didn’t exclude myself!!!

  20. Chris says:


    A vote for EJ is a vote against Ziva and
    A vote against EJ is a vote for Ziva

    What did I miss? What does Ziva have to do with EJ’s return?

    And if this is way we are voting – then I guess I vote no to EJ and yes to Ziva.

    what is going on here?

    • Svenja says:

      It’s the infamous anti-pro war.
      Every offical spoiler turns into a war. LOL
      I am not innocent as well (I admit it).
      The discussions are redundant and unnecessary, but I simply cannot refrain from engaging in them. I know I should because it is pretty annoying. Don’t take it too seriously.

  21. mewofford says:

    I am a TIVA supporter but find myself glad EJ is coming back – that story arc needs to be finished.
    Just leaving her wounded body out there with no closure left me a little speechless. Maybe her return will show us answers on how Cade’s body wound up in the river, and EJ disappeared and Tony was just left lying on the ground apparently. Man, that has been bugging me since September.
    Think MW and CdP have wonderful chemistry and have since day 1. SJM is an excellent actress and I think her EJ character was meant to be divisive but it always comes back to the team so now, with her reappearance and subsequent departure(I am assuming) that split between Gibbs and Tony will have final closure.

    • Svenja says:

      Amen. I second your post.

    • EditorNCIS says:

      I totally agree with you mewofford
      We need her back this ONE and ONLY time to finish up her storyline
      once and for all.
      Personally, I think she is hinky and something is up with her and CIRay or the Phantom 8. Maybe we will find that out this time.
      I also agree about the chemistry between Michael Weatherly and Cote DePablo. It is so rare and I think a big part of what is keeping NCIS in the Number 1 slot.

  22. Adam says:

    EJ’s a b*t*h. Boycott the EJ episode!!!!!!!

  23. Brian says:

    What was the deal that DiNozzo was referring to in his talk with God this week?

  24. Miss Katie says:

    This news make me sick to my stomach. SJM -good actress. The character of EJ-terrible. PLEASE let her be in only this one episode. Enough with this character.

  25. brandon says:


  26. Thelma says:

    Can’t stan EJ. But we need a closure, so bring her on and make her gone forever.Please.
    Boycot? Noooo, I am not going to miss NCIS for her.She is just temporary character. Cast I love to watch is there – Gibbs,Tony, Ziva,McGee…So, No to boycot.

  27. Michael says:

    You know Maybe she will replace Ziva and Ziva can go join her dad

  28. Michael says:

    If Ziva repace Tony on the show as Gibbs right hand Agent we Roit

  29. editor says:

    I am with you. EJ is much like M. Allison Hart. Not required
    Can not wait to see the back of her.
    She added nothing to the show at all
    I will not boycott the show, but I won’t be that interested if she sticks around for longer than it takes to finally get rid of her for good.
    She is like a bad penny – pops up every other month for no real reason.

  30. KimBrady says:


  31. Michele says:

    OMG look at what Sarah Jane Morris just tweeted. Is she drinking and tweeting? It appears she just insulted a large portion of NCIS fans. “Ha!” WTF? WOWZIE SHE’S DUMBER THAN HER CHARACTER! I’m not a Tiva fan and I CAN NOT STAND EJ. It’s not only Tiva fans that hate her character. Sarah should enroll in an acting class because she sucks. Her agents should muzzle her.

    @fromsarahjane Sarah Jane Morris
    THX for all the warm welcomes back to #NCIS! Very excited to be on the show again! Don’t worry Tiva fans…u won’t be TOO disappointed! Ha!

    • Svenja says:

      I have to disagree.
      She’s a great actress, not dumb at all, very pretty and her tweet is just a reaction to some nasty tweets some Tiva fans sent her.
      I am a Tiva fan and surely do not approve of actor-bashing!!!

      • Steven says:

        She should have never replied on twitter to fans that don’t like her character. By taunting fans that don’t like her character she’s jeopardizing the ratings for the episode. Her tweet showed a troubling lack of business judgment. She pulled a Charlie Sheen. Frankly, it’s a bit tacky in spite of any circumstance for an actress to negatively taunt a group of fans. It’s a major faux pas in Hollywood. As a professional actress she should have showed more self-control. A large majority of NCIS fans do not like the EJ character. For her to just single out Tiva fans is absurd. I can’t imagine that the network would be pleased with her tweet. “You don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.

        • Lillian says:

          Except that a lot of people didn’t see her post as “taunting” Tiva fans. I find it more appalling to see some of the things that are tweeted to her and have been tweeted to others. If she reacted to those posts, who can blame her, she’s human. I highly doubt the network cares what she says. I’m afraid that if Michael Weatherly sees the kinds of posts directed towards her he’d be turned off Twitter very quickly. I suspect that the inappropriate negative posts to actors is a reason why Cote isn’t on Twitter. Too bad, she seems fun and lively and would probably tweet a lot of funny things.

          • Svenja says:

            ITA with you Lillian.
            I believe Cote knows that there are some people out there, who just love to bash her personally. Maybe that is why she refrains from joining.
            In my opinion sending nasty tweets to an actor is inacceptable and lame.
            “Have a little respect”. They are doing their jobs. Critize the characters all you want, but don’t bash the actor or send personal insults.
            I am a Tiva fan and didn’t see her post as taunting. Of course Tiva fans aren’t the only ones disliking the character. But probably the majority of dislikers comes from the tiva sector. Basically she even confirmed that “Tarret” won’t go back to lovey-dovey. I believe there will be an intense Tarret scene, but that’s basically it. How is that taunting?
            I hope no one will ever send some hateful tweets to MW. His tweets make my day!

        • Plain and Simple says:

          I’m an old retiree who dislikes EJ, neutral on Tiva. I like Ms. Morris, however the capital “TOO” and the “Ha!” are not needed, JMHO.

          • Svenja says:

            Maybe it wasn’t needed. I get why she did it. Of course it was a little provocative, but it’s not like she insulted anyone.

    • silencero says:

      I don´t see any insult from her. And who gives you the right to insult this woman? As I mentioned I hate this EJ character with a passion but I really like the actress behind the character. It´s really not her fault that the material Gary Glasberg gave her was crap.
      I´m with Svenja on this … no actor-bashing!

    • Yanky white says:

      I hope she’s aware not just Tiva fans don’t like EJ. I’m one of those 86% NCIS fans who don’t like the EJ character she’s playing. No one is hating SJM the actress.

      • Lillian says:

        People used to chastise those that would criticize Ziva as insulting Cote; that by saying they hate her character they hate the portrayal etc. and by wishing Ziva were killed off or sent home to Israel they were also advocating putting Cote out of a job. Whether or not one believes that, isn’t it hypocritical for the Ziva fans that said that to turn around and hate on a character and hope it’s a one-shot, but say “nothing personal” to the actress who portrays her?

        • Svenja says:

          The thing is that SJM is not a regular. She is contracted for an arc or even just for single episodes.
          She’s not fully employed whereas screaming for a main character to be killed off equals wanting the actor/actress to be fired.
          I am not saying that EVERY “anti” bashes Cote.
          There are big groups, who do so as well. But there are also some pretty radical pros. The thing is that there are people, who openly hoped she would get fired because she told people on extra that the person in the photo was male. There are comments about her out there that she is an attention hog, who likes to touch Michael Weatherly inappropriately etc.
          Of course there are Tiva fans, who are no better an insult SJM. None of that is legit. I hate when people attack an actress or an actor just because they do not appreciate a character.

  32. Robin says:

    Glad to see she’ll be back sooner rather than later. We need to tie up the loose ends that were left surrounding EJ in the premiere, and find closure, so that we can move forward. Hopefully the Ray storyline will also find closure sooner rather than later as well.

  33. archie says:

    Hey Matt, can you tell the producers at NCIS it’d be nice to see them portray all ethnicities as also American? So far all we usually see for soldiers are Caucasian and/or African Americans, but what about latinos, asians, etc.. If they want to give an accurate portrayal of all the great Americans proudly serving our country every day, it’d be nice to see ALL Americans of every color on the ground, naval base, and fighting in the war against terror and for the greater good, not just as “the evil/bad guys”. Yes, Ziva is now greencarded in. We’re in the 21st century and both NCIS and NCIS LA fail to show that America is made up of so many more underrepresented unsung heroes, not just everything in black and white. I’m a big fan of NCIS, just want to see them update it a bit more. Hope that it’s not to much to ask for.

  34. Sherry says:

    Too bad, sorry to hear that. I was hoping she was dead and gone. I hated that entire storyline (P2P killer) from start to finish. It was stupid. I’d rather watch cartoons. The adventures of Dora the Exploror are more interesting.

  35. Sophie says:

    Im now commenting for the first time and these comments im reading make me sick!! How can many of you call yourselves Ncis fans when you dont like one of the main characters!! Whether you like it or not Ziva has been on the show for six years and is not going anywhere. My entire family and most of my friends watch Ncis and never has one ever mentioned disliking Ziva. Cote de Pablo is a wonderful actress and has great chemistry with Michael Weatherly!!! I can honestly say I love all the characters and do not pick any favorites! However you should know Ncis is obviously going to atleast have tony and ziva get together in the last episode. Why else would they have so many hints and flirtations including having tonys bucket list say “Discuss Paris”, but Ej is just a character and there should be no hate for Sarah that is Just cruel!

  36. Jasper says:

    Great EJ is coming back,oh well bring her back so they can end this story.All the respect to SJM,she is great but the chatacter EJ is flat,the entire story has been a waste of time.

  37. Ashley says:

    I’m not really happy about this news. I didn’t care much for EJ when she was on the show and I haven’t been at all dying to know what happened to her/her body after she/it disappeared. When I read the headline I was kind of hoping they’d found a way to bring back Kate for an episode (in new scenes, not flashbacks).

    If they want to bring back a female character for a good story with DiNozzo, how about they bring back the chaplain from the recent 2-parter? The two of them had some really nice chemistry and she does a nice job of challenging and understanding him. I wouldn’t mind seeing her as a recurring love interest.

    • cher says:

      @Ashley – Agree with you about the EJ character being bland and just needs to be wrapped up so we don’t have to see her anymore. As far as the chaplain, I’d rather see him with a different love interest. Quirky lovable Dinozzo maybe pondering life and kids, but he’s such a free spirit. IMO, the chaplain seems way too reserved and on a mission (of the Godly kind) to be a good match for him. He needs someone that gets his jokes and movie references, and can banter with him to keep it lively and fun. I don’t like a too serious DiNozzo.

      • Loam says:

        Agree here, DiNozzo has been far too serious this year and the last one, when he was not purely whining. I hope they wrap that EJ storyline, and be done with it.

  38. dolly says:

    I didn’t like Tony & EJ at ALL!! I think Tony still has unresolved feelings for Jeanne. I wish they’d being her back, if just briefly. EJ and Tony will never work, if for no other reason that he’s doesn’t trust her now. Gibbs doesn’t trust her either, and that carries a lot of weight with Tony.

  39. Green Earth says:

    She should have never replied on twitter to fans that don’t like her character. By taunting fans that don’t like her character she’s jeopardizing the ratings for the episode. Her tweet showed a troubling lack of business judgment. She pulled a Charlie Sheen. Frankly, it’s a bit tacky in spite of any circumstance for an actress to negatively taunt a group of fans. It’s a major faux pas in Hollywood. As a professional actress she should have showed more self-control. A large majority of NCIS fans do not like the EJ character. For her to just single out Tiva fans is absurd. I can’t imagine that the network would be pleased with her tweet. “You don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.

    Comment by Steven –

    Amen!! Majority of the fans don’t like EJ, not SJM.

    • Donna says:

      I don’t understand why Sarah made that comment…. I went to her twitter feed to check out if any fan had insulted her on twitter…and I didn’t see any nasty comments. To be honest I didn’t see anyone directly tweet her about EJ.

  40. Robi says:

    Her name is Ziva, not Tiva.

  41. NOOOOOOOOOOO! says:


    You people don’t understand how happy I was when I thought she was dead!!

    JUST NO!!!!!!! I liked her better when I thought she was dead.

  42. Aunuah says:

    EJ has to goooooo.
    Please one more episode and then bye bye honey!
    Please make Tiva happen.
    I still luv ya Mister Glasberg.

  43. AngelMoonGirl says:

    NOOOOOO! Seriously. THE HECK. What is it with Gary Glasberg continuously bringing back the horrible characters of EJ and CI-Ray. ENOUGH with the contrived jealousy subplots. JUST GET TONY AND ZIVA TOGETHER ALREADY. Or *at least* let them be single together!? It’s no fun at all when one of them mopes after the other. Ugh. I miss the fun flirty side of them :( It’s all angst lately.

  44. Wendie says:


    The actress who plays her is ok, but I don’t like her tweet and I am not even a Tiva fan.

    why single out one group when they aren’t the only ones disappointed in her return?

    Why would she pour gas on a fire? Not smart.

  45. GG says:

    I hate to upset Tiva fans but– Gibb’s Rule #12-

    NEVER date a co-worker!

    (Gibbs is the only exception to this rule)

  46. Chrissy says:

    SJM may not have meant her tweet to be disrespectful to Tiva fans and it would not have across as so if she hadn’t added Ha at the end. That sure seems like a in your face comment.

    I guess Tiva fans will have the last laugh after all because EJ will soon be one of those memories that you recall with some minor pain, but it is quickly forgotten.

  47. Michael says:

    Has anyone notice all fan of Tiva are 14 year old

    • Mel says:

      I don’t think that’s true (I am 40). but it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

      If NCIS goes another few seasons, this is exactly the demographic that is desirable.

      what do you know, making Tiva fans happy will help NCIS lock in that 18-34 age range.

      • Michael says:

        Two issue

        1 its not on the CW

        2 its a adult show not a freak of nature show

        • Svenja says:

          Most online active Tiva fans are already married and have kids.
          Of course there are teenagers, who love Tiva, but there are a lot of mature people, who enjoy it, too.

          BTW I used to be a teenager when the show started and I fell in love with it although Ziva wasn’t there.
          Of course I happen to love Ziva and Tiva now, but not every “teenager” is a ridiculous girly-girl crying for popstars etc.
          Gotta love generalisations.

  48. Breckin says:

    Seriously, of all the dangling plot lines out there, this is the one that GG wants to resolve?

    How about more story for our neglected team members? I would rather watch Abby wait for lab results or watch Palmer hose down autopsy than see EJ back.

    Heck, I would rather watch the janitor clean the bullpen after everyone has gone home.

    Looks like I will be making use of my fast forward button again. Just because she’s there doesn’t mean I have to sit through it.

  49. Censored says:

    Well I’m glad she’s coming back because the writers left too many questions at the end of Nature of the Beast. I also liked that she helped to bring back competent, desirable Tony. I got so tired of the way Tony was diminished in season 6 and 7 and the first half of season 8. EJ helped to bring back a Tony who wasn’t just the team member that made everyone else look good. Welcome back EJ!

    • Svenja says:

      Tony was distracted from work because of her.
      He did revive his spirit a little bit in the first place, but that had something to do with the fact that she got Rota and that caused Tony to realise that in fact he can do better and is a hell of an agent.
      He immediately slept with her in the shower. I agree, that was more like old Tony. I know the scene was originally longer, but what got cut didn’t happen.
      I started off liking EJ BECAUSE she her presence reminded Tony of his capability. But they sort of destroyed that in the following episodes, which is why I started disliking EJ more and more.