How I Met Your Mother Exclusive: Ugly Betty's Becki Newton to Romance Barney!

You snooze, you lose, Robin.

How I Met Your Mother producers have found a new girlfriend for Barney, and this time they’re not playing around (no offense, Nora).

Much-missed Ugly Betty scene-stealer Becki Newton is joining the CBS hitcom as a potential love interest for Neil Patrick Harris’ brokenhearted cad, TVLine has learned exclusively.

And this isn’t some quickie fling. I’m told Newton will recur throughout the show’s current seventh season, with her first episode slated to air in January. The arrival of her character — named Quinn — comes on the heels of Barney’s breakup with Nora (Nazanin Boniadi) and subsequent rejection from Robin (Cobie Smulders).

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Since wrapping Ugly Betty nearly two years ago, Newton has headlined the short-lived NBC anthology series Love Bites, and was a regular in the ill-fated CBS comedy pilot Home Grown. As she told TVLine over the summer, it was while shooting the latter that she “discovered my love of sitcoms… I had never done a mutli-cam show before, and I absolutely loved it. The next step will be to play a sassy role on a multi-cam show!”

Wish granted!

Thoughts? Are Harris and Newton a match made in TV heaven? Or are you too devoted to Barney and Robin to even ponder such a question? And here’s something else to chew on: Might HIMYM execs be plotting a season-ending bait-and-switch, climaxing with the Mother of all reveals? Just putting that out there. Discuss in the comments.

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  1. Jess says:

    I haven’t ever read past “Becky Newton” yet. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love her and will watch her in ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG Can’t wait! Now to actually read the article…

  2. Babar says:

    I wanted him to end up with Nora.

    • sophia says:

      Well, Nazanin Boniadi twitted an answer to the question of a fan if she’d be back and the answer was “you never know ;)”! So maybe she will, or maybe she messes with us who knows!! :) I do want her to end up with Barney, but it would be really fun to see him play around with fierce Amanda!!! :)

  3. Forget canon, it should be Ted/Barney/Robin & that’s it! XD ❤ ~TARBiN~ FTW!!

    ..altho I do love Becki, I’ve been waiting for her to get another show, lol.


  4. pspipes says:

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  5. Julie says:

    I was a Robin and Barney shipper for a looooong time!

    But after what Robin did to the guy…

    … I say bring on the cute chick!

  6. Vampire2404 says:

    If the writers build up the story between Barney and Robin for couple of seasons and they are constantly putting the hints for the future about the two of them, it would be extremly stupid not to put them together in the end. It would be like whole 7th season was for nothing. Ted is not moving forward at all. Lily is pregnant but it’s also a background story. Everything is foxused on Barney and his wedding. So we got rid of Nora (hated her, btw, wanted to hit her every time she spoke)finaly. We don’t need another of Barney’s “serious” relationships. If this Becky chick is really coming to the show, make her one episode star, put the story back together, put Barney and Robin back together and deal with it. After that, I no longer care who the mother is ^^

  7. Max says:

    Robin and Barney are perfect for each other. This Quinn chick needs to GTFO.

  8. Swarley says:

    Seriously people, listen up: Don has never, never, EVER been referred to as “Uncle Don.”


    Not once.

    Let it go.

    Second, B & T have said that Barney does get married. That is a plain fact; there will be no getting left at the altar or ducking out at the last minute.

    That is all.

    • lacey says:

      Thank you so much for posting this! I think people just want Don back so they’re convinced he was referred to as “uncle Don”. Although considering how Don left Robin for a job and made it clear to her that the job was more important, I can’t imagine why people want him back.

  9. Aeron says:

    There is no Uncle Don. All of you who think that there is are obviously not real fans.

  10. sophia says:

    NO, NO, NO. Love Becki, but really? NO. I really, desperately need Robin and Barney to be together. I’m gonna be really depressed if she really does reject him. I will be very, very angry at the writers…:(

    • sophia says:

      Robin and Barney have no chemistry whatsoever, I really can’t understand why on earth they could mae it work. Barney needs some tough jerkface (she digs scars, remember??) and Barney a girl who can keep his feet on the ground or play him around a bit(not stupidly of course “I totally mosbied you” – yeah Robin,I’m looking at you).

  11. Jake says:

    I seem to remember Don being referred to as “Uncle Don”. Is this true? I’ve read through all of the comments on this page and I can’t seem to confirm or deny this Allegation.

  12. AGupta says:

    Barney and Robin always for me. They’re just so alike. I hope they end up together. And as fir Becki Newton, I am so excited. Reminds me of Ugly Betty. Aaaah, those awesome days. :D

  13. saimcheeda says:

    Whatever happens, i want Barney and Robin to end up together!

  14. IsAwesome says:

    NNNOOOO!!!! TOO MANY CHARACTERS!!! Barney and Robin! or the guy that she met at the store and the club….. it would be cool if becki newton was the mother… but the show is definitely coming to an end usually when they start bringing new characters and alot of big changes happen u can sort of tell =(

  15. Nu says:

    Robyn and Barney forever, there’s too much chemistry! This is probaly a way to build suspense over their relationship. I’m not sure why, but I have a feeling Quinn will end up with Ted, and she’ll be the mother.

  16. Santana says:

    I have read every comment here…
    And I have seen a lot of crap.
    People… It’s obvious that Barney marries Robin. On his first date with Robin he wore a black and uh I forgot the other tie.
    On his first date with Nora… he wore a green and black one. On the episode:
    ‘The Best Man’ Barney was using the ties as metaphors for the women he dated. Out of Nora and Robin. And who cares Robin can’t have kids… There’s always the adoption centre. Barney officially chooses the ‘Robin’ tie. Also, that ‘New Girl’ for Barney, is just to make the series longer and is also a distraction, she’s just another Nora.
    And if it says that she’ll never be a mother, well, remember that time when Ted was talking to a stripper called Tracy? Well he said at first that she was the mother… then he lied… so there you go! Future Ted would lie all the time ! So I think I have made my point ! xD Thanks for reading.

    • Brit says:

      i love Barney + Robin ! but since the last episode id say ive been in half denial and half defeat… after reading ur comment i have hope again !!! i so hope your right !!!

  17. Larry says:

    sooooo… a little help from germany why robin has to be the bride ;)
    -the bride wants to see ted
    -the whole season is about timing (why does always ring a f*** phone when theres something about to happen between them??)… and robin and barney just need the right timing
    – the story started with ted meeting robin… why?? because ted meets the mother becaus of robin (at her wedding)
    – season 6, episode 1: first time u see the wedding and at the end of the episode robin is wearing a WHITE dress
    – season 7, episode 10: when the song starts future ted said sth like: until this day they both swear this was the song they danced to that night -> sounds like they still talk about this story together in the future… why should they do that if barney ends up with an other girl
    – season 7, episode 12: robin thinks about her future kids… well they are not real… but why does she think of two kids and living together with barney (his star wars viech is in the backround) if the first child was an “accident”
    – if this quin will be the bride a non cast member has to stay in the show for 1 1/2 seasons… they never done that
    aaaaaaaaand I’m to lazy to explain and translate my other ideas ^^
    Robin and Barney ftw!

    and sorry for my bad english xD

  18. Pedro says:

    I like the show, i have see the show over and over and for me ted and robin are prefect for each other its actually crazy that they spend 4 session about them and at the end of the fifth after robin been with barney ted wanted her back while he was drunk (remember drunks always say the truth) and at the very end they almost kiss.
    besides every time that something happens to robin she always runs to ted.
    my guess (actually my hopes) is that ted and robin end up together somehow, it looks impossible but why everything started with robin?
    p.s. by the way i hate the way that barney and robin together is so wrong.

  19. Jey says:

    Since season 1, episode 1 it’s clear that ted and AUNT robin never gonna end up together ;)

  20. R + B says:

    i absolutely loved her as amanda on ugly betty… but i love Robin + Barney !!! im shocked that they most likely won’t end up together.. actually im pretty sure her not having kids is a confirmation they wont D: not sure how ill deal with this ! but ill keep my mind open !

  21. Yogesh says:

    Come On…. Robin and Barney are too good together… the latest episode (episode 12) started great and then sucked at the end… despite everything I hope they end with robin and Barney getting hitched up…

  22. Keer says:

    Team Robin and Barney! There’s no way that they can’t not end up together. In the end, I’m hoping that Barney will get back to womanizing and Robin will live her life abroad, and then come back together after doing all the things that they wanted to do. Both of them have had trouble with love and admitting it to one another, so them continually falling for other people seems hard to believe. Here’s to hoping for a Robin/Barney end!

  23. sempreviva says:

    I think it would be really cool if Barney ended up with Nora and Ted with Quinn eventually.. The exact opposites in both couples! :)) (As a matter of fact I wouldn’t mind Barney ending up with Quinn either,as long as Becki Newton stays on the show,I loved her as Amanda!) As for Robin, -not that I really care for her anyway- I think she’ll end up with no man, not that it’s bad. We know she’s gonna travel a lot etc. Barney has started to want completely different things from what Robin can offer him. Pleeease dear producers of himym, don’t make this story Ross&Rachel all over again!! Give us something different!!

  24. laurie says:

    so long as they don’t find a way to make Ted and Robin a couple again EVER then they can do what ever they want.

    My friend who is a huge fan of the show has burnt into my brain that Robin may not be the mother but she may become the step mother. she has been right about everything else so far with the show so Who knows? Ted might marry his kids mother, she might die or they divorce and he ends up marrying Robin and they raise the kids together. The kids how ever have always known Robin as AUNT ROBIN therefore will continue calling her that.

    please prove it wrong with facts “season…?episode…? quotes etc” ofcourse I can just wait and eventually we will all find out at the finale when ever that maybe I just want piece of mind because it’s burnt into my head.

    • Laura says:

      We know that Ted and the mother stay together and are happily married. In the season six episode garbage island we learn that Ted and the mother are still together that takes place a short time before Ted begins the talk with the kids. Also in the season five episode girls v suits we learn all of the things that Ted believes makes the mother amazing. Her painting and her singing. There is no way they are divorced.

  25. Elisa says:

    I’m sorry but Quinn and Barney make more sense than Robin and Barney ever did. Robin and Barney were MISERABLE together but Quinn makes him really happy! I mean Robin’s moved on, Barney has as well…Why can’t you Barney/Robin fans move on too?
    Besides, I’m a Ted/Robin supporter even though 40% of viewers are…

  26. Salina says:

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