How I Met Your Mother Exclusive: Ugly Betty's Becki Newton to Romance Barney!

You snooze, you lose, Robin.

How I Met Your Mother producers have found a new girlfriend for Barney, and this time they’re not playing around (no offense, Nora).

Much-missed Ugly Betty scene-stealer Becki Newton is joining the CBS hitcom as a potential love interest for Neil Patrick Harris’ brokenhearted cad, TVLine has learned exclusively.

And this isn’t some quickie fling. I’m told Newton will recur throughout the show’s current seventh season, with her first episode slated to air in January. The arrival of her character — named Quinn — comes on the heels of Barney’s breakup with Nora (Nazanin Boniadi) and subsequent rejection from Robin (Cobie Smulders).

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Since wrapping Ugly Betty nearly two years ago, Newton has headlined the short-lived NBC anthology series Love Bites, and was a regular in the ill-fated CBS comedy pilot Home Grown. As she told TVLine over the summer, it was while shooting the latter that she “discovered my love of sitcoms… I had never done a mutli-cam show before, and I absolutely loved it. The next step will be to play a sassy role on a multi-cam show!”

Wish granted!

Thoughts? Are Harris and Newton a match made in TV heaven? Or are you too devoted to Barney and Robin to even ponder such a question? And here’s something else to chew on: Might HIMYM execs be plotting a season-ending bait-and-switch, climaxing with the Mother of all reveals? Just putting that out there. Discuss in the comments.

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  1. tanya says:

    i’m enjoying all these comments, however, do you remember the episodes in the past where robin says she doesn’t believe in marriage? also, future ted mentions that robin traveled everywhere. also, future ted has never mentioned anything about cousins, so who’s to say that any of them ever really got married? robin doesn’t like kids right? so that leaves barney out of the equations, he was happy when his brother had a kid, so robin is out again. barney and robin isn’t going to happen. i think towards the end of the show, robin will leave kevin or whoever, travel and visit. i don’t think barney will go through with a wedding. both teds kids are brunettes, i think the cupcake girl is gonna come back, she’ll be at barneys wedding.

    • H says:

      I agree! Robin is supposed to go live in Morocco or something so I don’t think her and Barney get together. Don’t like them together anyway- the show already proved they don’t work because they fight too much. Much better as friends. But I love the idea that someone else posted- that Barney’s half sister will be the mother. Makes a lot of sense!!

    • Ann says:

      Robin already travelled. In the narration Ted mentions that Robin visited Tokyo, Argentina, etc. And she has. She worked in Tokya. She visited Argentina after she broke up with Ted. I think there was another place Ted mentioned also but I can’t remember…I need to watcht that episode again.

      Yes, Robin once said she did not like kids. But that has changed. She once dated a man that had a child and she accepted the kid. Also, now that her best friend, Lily, is pregnant, don’t you think that might change her perception of kids and wanting to start a family as well?

    • anon anon says:

      And Barney speaks multiple languages and it has been implied that he travels all over the world for his work (even to shadier places like North Korea). They would work perfectly as an international power couple if they ever got their stuff together.

      • Jakes says:

        Brilliant point and in the latest episode Ted talks about Robin being a business woman so maybe with Barney’s skills (He has to somehow be able to keep his job at GNB and the tennis ball fluff place) they become that power couple.

    • Ahhhh says:

      People change….Robin used to be hot and confident, not the ghost of her former self as evident in this season. And she could change again, she could end up facing her insecurities and meet a guy (or barney) and get marry and have half doesn’t kinds of her own.

  2. mca says:

    Just tell me who the mother is already!!! have watched this show from the beginning and it’s played out. Time to ride into the sunset.

    • SB says:

      If you are SO tired of it, why not just take a break, go forget about it for a while, (focusing on other shows/fandoms/etc can help with this) & then only come back after it’s actually over at its own pace since the only info you care about is the very end.. no need to ruin it for other fans by insisting that it end NOW just because YOU can’t force yourself to not take it so seriously. And no one is saying you “have” to like it (cuz you don’t), but c’mon.. you DO have to ~understand, it’s NOT “played out” to others & it deserves to keep going as long as the cast, writers, & network want it to. xoxoxo

  3. Danny says:

    I’m so shocked real fans are writing this, This season is great, it dives into the emotional side of the characters instead of making it a joking comedy, it is becoming more real. I have watched it since the beginning and watched it over and over since. I love the idea of Robin and Barney, but I also love Robin and Kevin, besides Kevin is awesome and very wise. TEAM Kevin all the way!!!

    • Ben says:

      I don’t think I have laughed at a single thing Kevin has said on this show. He has none of his Kumar magic. None.

    • Lacey says:

      I have watched HIMYM since episode one and I hate to say it but this is the worst season yet! Marshal becomes more idiotic and Lily for self-righteous as the show progresses. Ted and Barney have become one-note and makes me long for season 1 where they were interesting. Then there’s Robin who’s self-esteem and IQ seem to dwindle with each season. What happened to the strong, confident news reporter in Season 1?! Kal Penn’s character is a snooze and his relationship with Robin lacks chemistry. Kevin analyzing the group and highlighting their faults isn’t making him a keeper, just annoying.

  4. Danny says:

    Ted hasn’t ever met his future wife, not on a date or anything, or else they would have talked about the EX the roomed with her, so no cupcake girl

    • Ann says:

      I really think that the internet date match that he never met is the Mother and it will turn out to be barney’s half-sister as well. That would be awesome closure for the series.

  5. Athena says:

    This won’t last. No matter what reoccuring characters come and go throughout the series, nothing will keep Barney and Robin apart forever! They’re meant to be, and I’d bet anything that she’s who he marries at the end.

    With that said, as much as I understand that it takes time and growth for people to fully realize what they want and do the wrong thing, I am getting a little tired of these constant distractions prohibiting Barney and Robin from finally getting together. I mean, geez, I could understand before, but they’ve practically admitted to eachother that they still loveeachother and want to give it a shot, so what’s taking so damn long? Its like Lily said back in season one (okay, it was about Robin and TED, but it still counts, lol): “You like him, he likes you, just get together! Happiness is not that complicated!” She’s right, dudes. Do it!

  6. Mary says:

    Idk if someone has already said this, but remember the episode flashback where Ted and Robin were shopping and she met that cute guy? Then later in that episode Ted said something to the effect of that wouldn’t be the last of him. I seriously wish Kal Penn stayed around but I don’t think he will be in for the long haul :(

  7. Shakz says:

    I wouldn’t mind Barney and Robin ending up together. It’s pretty cliche to end up with your best friend, but I wouldn’t hate the story line to turn out that way. But if they don’t end up together, I sure hope they find someone likeable. Nora was a snore. Don was odd. And Kevin is annoying. I’m not condemning anyone out of the group of friends, I did like the girl that Ted dated in season 2. Can’t remember her name, she was the baker and she moved to Germany. She was a good match.

  8. Shakz says:

    And I hope there a mourning period for Barney before the writers make him jump into a relationship with this Becki Newton girl. Though if she’s anything like her character in Ugly Betty, I think they’d be a pretty great match, so can’t wait for that!

    But yes, KEVIN HAS GOT TO GO!

  9. aunajeanne says:

    Her name was Victoria, and she was my favorite girl that Ted has dated so far too, I was sooo sad when we found out she was engaged to Klaus. I think that Barny would almost have to end up with Robin because Ted couldn’t tell the story and keep it a secret from the kids, they already know. So he would be calling the girl “Aunt something” as soon as she came in to the story if he got married to someone else, so it wouldn’t be a surprise.

  10. Martsies says:

    He was called uncle don, when robin brought bob (they made him really old and never showed what he really looked like) to the first thanksgiving dinner lily cooked-it was 3 years ago or so.

    • mary says:

      I don’t remember him ever being called “Uncle Don”, but would like to point out that Thanksgiving episode was before she ever met Don. Plus even if he was referred to once as “uncle don” why would he be mentioned in an episode that has nothing whatsoever to do with him?

    • H says:

      Are you sure? I just re-watched this episode and I didn’t hear ANY mention of any uncle Don.

  11. Kimberly says:

    Sorry… I want Barney and Robin together.

  12. Becca says:

    I love Barney and Robin together! She has to be the one he marries at the end.

  13. erika says:

    nnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! barney stinson can only end with robin is the ultimate love story the bad, hard to catch guy finale fall for the tough girl…… i love that end !!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ben says:

    Honestly I don’t even like Robin anymore so I really hope Barney doesn’t end up with her. She’s lost all her charm from the first three seasons to me.

    • sempreviva says:

      You’re damn right, and apart from losing all of her charm, she kinda bugs me lately. I mean come on Robin, how more selfish can you be?? She provokes Barney to kiss her by mentioning the almost kiss in the summer, she makes him break up with Nora and then ditches him like that??? That move was just no good!! I sympathized with her when she pined over Barney (although I always prefered Nora) but now she’s just annoying!

  15. JuanK says:

    I’m happy as long as no. Stinson love interest ends up as the mother. Remember, would Ted date a girl who previously slept with the Barnicle? Answer(everyone help me out): No way,No wayyy, NO WAYYYYY

  16. Eric says:

    It’s going to be Legen-

    wait for it

    – DARY!

  17. Jeney says:

    What about ted??? They were together an entire year!

  18. elena says:

    Wasn’t there an episode where they’re all at like 20 year high school reunion and they talk about Tobin and Barney having kids? So they end up together…at least with kids. Show is called How I met your mother…not married your mother ;-)

    • annie says:

      Barney was not at the college reunion since he didn’t attend the same college as Ted, Marshall, and Lily. In that episode Ted mentioned his kids and his wife, never Barney. But as to the show not being how I married your mother, we already know Ted deeply loves the mother. In the episode where he went out with Cindy (Rachel Bilson) he talks about the mother. She paints pictures of Robots, her yellow school bus sits in his future study, and she sings “memories” with her breakfast food. Basically it would be a huge disappointment if Ted didn’t end up with the mother.

  19. Annabelle says:

    She should be THE MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bring old Barney back, enough of this sad sack that’s whipped all the time…give us back our womanizing wonder until his wedding at least =D please

  20. Jeney says:

    I wanted to see barney n Robin back, they are seriously messed up enough a like to work. Hated nora, glad she’s gone. Kevin I’m iffy with, but don’t see robin ending up with him.

  21. Amy says:

    As much as I love Becki Newton, I still am rooting for Barney and Robin in the end! But she will be a nice addition until he chooses Robin!

  22. Lacey says:

    Team Swarkles forever! I’m all for making Robin jealous and kicking herself for making a stupid choice again. I liked Becki on UB but I don’t have high hopes for her on HIMYM since the writers suck at writing for new characters. Anyway, I can see her being the bride but he ends up ditching her for Robin. Ted did say that you should never invite an ex to your wedding.

    • Lilla says:

      I absoluely agree! Barney is not sure if he has chosen the “right tie” before his wedding. If the bride was Robin, then he would be sure he wants that “TIE”. So he and this new girl are getting married, Robin realizes that she did a big mistake letting Barney go, and then they somehow find a way to get back together. I hope this will happen!!!! Or else duck you HIMYM writers,if after recovering after Robin and Barney’s horrible break up, you get them back together just for breaking our heart again and saying these two will never end up together! It’s like pushing a knife into Robin&Barney fans’ hearts and turning it over and over again!

  23. Lex says:

    Wouldn’t another woman to have a ‘serious’ relationship with Barney go off-character already? I mean Barney is a womanizer and he’s not a risk taker at love unlike Ted. And one risk with Robin was enough, two with Robin and Nora was too much already..and three? That’s not the Barney we know anymore. Plus, he’s getting married already. Another girl is just really too much, I guess.

  24. JackPackage says:

    loved Becki Newton in ugly betty, but her character was half of an awesome double act with Michael Urie. I’m sure we we be able to easily portray a character without him or better still, Urie enters the scene as a gay best friend!

  25. S says:

    I dont watch this show but I WILL NOW because Becki is on it!!! I Cant wait to see her on TV again. I miss Ugly Betty so much.

  26. Miranda Webb says:

    Sounds good! I only wish thought that Ted would end up with Robyn in the end and that Robyn would be the mother.

  27. Steph says:

    am I the only one here that ships Barney and Robin? o.O

  28. Sara says:

    I do remember Ted telling the kids and that’s how your Aunt Robin met Uncle Don.

    I think Barney gets dumped at the alter. The bride asked to speck with Ted because she wants him to deliver the bad news to Barney.

  29. nate says:

    personally I think she should go with the guy from marshall and barney’s office with the lobster costume and gets the nosebleeds.

  30. AJ says:

    It broke my heart a little watching Barney clean up Robins room. I hope that they end up together but I am looking forward to Beckie … I loved her on Ugly Betty. I hope that they really play up the fun angle on this new relationship. NPH is amazing! I love watching him week to week. So I’m looking for to watching this play out.

  31. Sinriya says:

    i think it could be barney and robin’s marriage just because of the tendancy in this show to keep the 5 together…Nora also just didnt fit the group nicely

  32. vera says:

    what’s sad is, the writers keep changing their minds! first at punchy’s wedding barney was still thinking of nora the whole time. shows that he cared about nora more than he cared about robin AT THE TIME, yes. then when he found out nora was so much like his mom, he said he’d be a lucky man to have nora cuz his mom was the best person he’d known. and now all those feelings are gone just because the fans of robin and barney’s keep giving out bad comments? i mean like it’s ok if they’re going with what the fans want, but don’t you think it’s happening too fast? like right now i’m in love with nora then the next day BANG she’s dead to me and i’m in love with robin AGAIN?!! it takes time!

    • Mimi says:

      I agree with you for changing minds stuffs. Personally I’m not Barney/Nora fans , I’m Barney/Robin fans but the logic is ruined here. I love Nora as a person, Barney was so devoted to Nora and ONE DAY he and Robin kissed on the cab and THAT’S IT. And Robin? She’s talking like, I wanna get back together, I wanna Barney and Nora to break up, and now?? That doesn’t make sense!

    • jamie says:

      I don’t think it’s the Robin/Barney fans that are to blame for the Barney/Nora pairing not working out. The appeal of Nora for Barney has always been that she wasn’t like his usual dates, he actually had to work for her. He never stopped loving Robin, he just thought Robin didn’t return his feelings. Robin’s been pushing him and Nora together since the beginning, how was he supposed to know Robin still had feelings for him? He never said that he loved Nora, and being willing to meet your girlfriend’s parents doesn’t mean it’s love.

    • sophia says:

      Agreed agreed agreed!!!!! Come on people we’re not stupid!!!

  33. swagswagswag says:

    hey, did you guys hear that there was an episode where lily sleeps with barney but they decided to scrap it because they couldnt think of a good storyline for that incident. maybe they end up together!!

  34. Paige says:

    Words can’t even express how much I love and miss Becki Newton after Ugly Betty. I love Barney and Robin together, but after last week, maybe she deserves some good competition. I’m also with the other commenter that said “if only she could be the mother.”

  35. riley33 says:

    I find it hard to believe that Robin and Barney will not end up getting married. The show has been putting little hints that they are still into each other. Why would the writers go through all that subtly just to mislead us? I mean I guess they could but they were really selling their connection all last season and even in previous ones. Remember people, this is a tv show, the writers purposely made it seem that they didn’t work out. So they can make Barney/Robin work out, all they need to do is write it. I do favor Barney/Robin but that was also because I just didn’t see a connection b/t Barney/Nora. If this new girl is a better character than Nora than I’m okay with her being in the show and possibly ending up with Barney. I just find it difficult to avoid the whole Barney/Robin thing since they have some serious feelings for each other. Besides, this would mean that Ted is the ultimate best friend because he introduced both his best guy friends to their wives. And it would only seem appropriate for him to meet his future wife through one of his best friends. Didn’t they say that the mother was in a band? Could she possibly be part of the band playing at the wedding? Just saying. Love this show and no matter where they take this whole love stuff, it will not change how much I enjoy the storylines.

    • a ghost says:

      You summed up my thoughts pretty well. That’s what I’ve been thinking and saying mostly. My logic says the same.
      And it is kind of predictable and thus a bit not good what they’re doing with this story line, but as long as they manage to keep me entertained and make me laugh with…other scenes… I’ll take it.

      Also someone mentioned here before that Robin has been acting all kinds of strange lately. She want something, then something else, then… I hope they show more of the reasons behind that.

      And most of all… I’m getting strange feelings about Kevin’s character. I wonder what his secret is. Cause obviously he won’t last, but the thoughts I had about him after last episode are too crazy to be true. So I must conclude that he’ll just move away…

      Perhaps the whole idea of this is that they (the characters) are turning into their dobblegangers — they become someone else almost.

      • sempreviva says:

        Yeah, Robin has become “lesbian Robin” for sure. Just fix her already or let Barney be with someone who hasn’t lost it!!

    • Jakes says:

      The band angle is a good one, thumbs up!!

  36. crista says:

    what about Gael?

  37. Also, this article just says “potential love interest,” not “serious girlfriend.” I can’t see them having Barney jump right into another serious relationship after trying so hard with Nora, and then being rejected by Robin. Besides which, after the montage this past week where Barney sees Robin as his soul-mate and best friend, how are we ever meant to believe that he should be with anyone else? It’s too late for us to invest in some new character, anyway.

    What I think would be ideal is to reveal to us soon that Robin and Barney do end up together. Then we could quit with the whole “who’s the bride” psuedo-mystery, and just focus on the story of how they ended up together. (And hopefully give some focus back to Ted! Poor guy’s been a little neglected this season.)

  38. Andrew says:

    Remember guys, The next episode is titled “Rebound Girl”. Hello Becki Newton, welcome to the cast as the rebound girl for Barney. But who knows if this turns into a long term. The title might hint that even though she was meant to be just the rebound girl, she played significance in Barney’s life. I would laugh histerically though if Barney kept seeing her away from the group and she never meets Ted this whole time, hinting she might be the mother. Becki Newton is awesome so I hope she lasts on the show. But honestly, I can’t turn away my hopes for Barney and Robin to end up together.

  39. marie says:

    i dont think the mother is cast yet .. i dont think the mother is going to appear anytime soon cause now theyre focusing on the barney storyline. I cant believe barney is getting married.anyway with that said, if he is going to get married, the bride has to be robin. i mean theyre such good friends and they understand each other. i cant imagine him being with anyone else.

  40. Justin says:

    Day officially MADE.

  41. andressa says:

    I like Becki Newton but I always end up hating the random girls that Ted/Barney date. Nora was so awful every time she talked I felt like hitting her… in the face… with a chair. And Ted only seems to date world’s most boring personality-less women (except for the one played by Rachel Bilson, but she turned out to be a lesbian right?) Hopefully I’ll like the mother!

  42. jack says:

    its about time barney gets in a serious relationship

    • annnie says:

      you’re kidding right? he’s been in a serious relationship with Nora and it totally sucked, hated her. I like him so much better when he’s single! The only way I would want him in a seriously relationship is with Robin, but judging by last episode she’s apparently and idiot so that’s not gonna happen anytime soon.

      • lacey says:

        Nora just sucked in general so you can’t really use that as a basis for him to stay single. She’s not a very good actress, and the writers didn’t even try to make her character likable. I still want Swarkles but I first want Robin to suffer knowing she’s possibly lost Barney for good. All her whining about Nora before she met Kevin doesn’t count as suffering since she was just lonely and easily manipulated.

  43. Tish says:

    Oooo like where this is going…

  44. Mandy says:

    Ahhh! So exciting! I love, love, love Becki Newton! But I also love Robin and Barney. This is going to create an amazing love triangle.

  45. sophia says:

    Robin Scherbatsky can suck it, there’s a new skinny bitch in town..what!!

  46. sophia says:

    Robin Scherbatsky can suck it, there’s a new skinny bi&#h in town..wat!!

  47. lisa says:

    I’m glad Barney and Robin didn’t get back together because I can’t stand them as a couple. I was very ticked off though at how she led him on and then he broke up with Nora (who I absolutely love) and then Robin screwed him over. Although I love Kal Penn so I’m hoping he will stick around. I also hope that Barney will write the whole Robin-relationship thing off with Becki’s arrival.

    • sempreviva says:

      I liked nora too..!! Too bad they ended it, at least give us some closure you writers!! It’s not fair for her, Barney was head over heels for that one, he wanted to change for her and then nothing???? Come on!!! And both Nora and Quinn are waaaay hotter than Scherbatsky who’s become like an old lady lately (what is THAT???) Robin stay with your boring boyfriend and let a cool chick stay with Barney, what up!!

  48. BilliBob says:

    Excellent and about time, Barney deserves a hot and wild blond and if Beckie’s previous character portrayals is any indication, she’s what the doctor order for a broken heart. If she’s hot, wild and full of life, then she better be the bride and the marriage goes through.

  49. Ana says:

    After episode 7×10 I am so angry at Robin for rejecting Barney for a guy who’s so boring Ted would fall sleep after one of his talks. To me Swarkles is dead because if Robin really did have feelings for Barney she would dump Kevin in an instant considering how he says the past is the past he has probably done something bad and considering how Kevin knew about Robin’s feelings for Barney it’s obvious he knows what happened and the fact he forgave her that raises my eyebrows. And I think Ted meets the mother who’s a plus one friend of someone the bride might know. Can’t wait for Amanda! She’s absolutely beautiful and hilarious.

    • chemistry + timing says:

      I really do believe that Robin HAS fellings for Barney but ther realtionship is just very complex.
      As Robin ais in the very first episode of this season: “all you need is chemistry and timing”. You cannot deny the fact that they have amazing chemistry (btw. did anyone else enjoy the portrayal of their realtionship in “Mystery vs. History”as much as I did?)but timing is simply standing in their way. First Robin realizes she still has feelings and even tries to win Barney back in the episode Kevin is introduced. The “assault” just poves the very fact how much she LOVES Barney and wants him to be happy.
      Over the last episodes Barney discovered he has some feelings too (even sees Robin as his “soulmate”)but they remain unrequited as Robin rejects him in “Tick, Tick, Tick”. When Barney was dating Nora, Robin wanted HIM back and now that she’s dating Kevin he wants HER back.
      Timig’s a bitch.

      But after all these little hints since season 1 I think there is no doubt about it that they are endgame. Why else put so much effort into these details ans built up a relationship over theses 7 seasons?
      Sure I was pissed at robin for recejting Barney linke that and breaking his heart but come to think of it now, I think it would have been to easy for them to get back together this early in the season cause the wedding wouldn’t be a surprise anymore, they season would become more predictable and there would be far less dabate and speculation about this whole Barney-Robin-thing.
      Sure they’re gonna throw in some love interest for Barney to play around with but it wouldn’t make any sense to me why we should meet barney’s future wife so late in the season. One yould never develop the same attachment to this girl that to Robin who we know and love since the very first season.
      Barney and Robin are simply meant to be together in the end.