True Blood Exclusive: Is This Season 5's Big Bad?

A fresh pile of crazy is making tracks for Bon Temps.

Italian actress Valentina Cervi is joining True Blood‘s upcoming fifth season as a series regular — and her character sounds like the love child of Russell and Maryann.

True Blood Exclusive: Meet [Spoiler]’s Mother!

The 35-year-old beauty will play Salome, an ancient vampire who is a world class seductress and fiercely intelligent. She also has quite a lot of madness in her. She is the most powerful person in every way yet capable of hiding this power when it serves her purposes.

Prediction: Sookie and she will become fast friends… not.

Cervi recently appeared opposite Rufus Sewell in the BBC miniseries Zen.

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  1. stephanie says:

    I love true blood and Im really excited about season 5 My least fav season was 3 the best thing that came out of that was Jesus lol Im so upset he was writen off but we still have Eric and Alcide as boy toys good job alan ball keep them coming lol

  2. sstanford says:

    I completely agree! I really felt that last season was such a let down! It’s almost like a different director or writers were thrown in every other episode.

  3. a person says:

    Bring on Dwayne Johnson as Quinn the shapeshifting tiger! Stop having Sookie hung up on Bill, he’s a boring politician. Have her get together with Quinn for one season and then back with Eric.

  4. Ann says:

    it’s ok as long as it’s more vampires and less witches/fairies.. The last episode of season 4 looked like an epidosode of “Charmed”, with this boring character saving everybody with a spell.. more vampire-action please!

  5. Amy says:

    I wish they would just go with the book storyline. The books were great, why screw up a good thing?

  6. patrice says:

    Wen are they gona bring in Quinn!?!?!?!?! I need a weretiger in my life!

  7. ChicagoJoe says:

    Thought your one was set to play Eric’s sister in Series 6. Was I wrong??

  8. dee123 says:

    Is it me or does she kind of look like Neve Campbell?

  9. Nicole Buttery says:

    yeah they are bouncing around like crazy. They can’t quite decide what they are gonna do, and one thing that really upset me about last season is that Jason was supposed to turn into a Werepanther but for some odd reason….doesn’t it’s like that was a big thing in the books so i’m hoping they don’t completely ruin this i mean i love both the show and the books and i’m probably gonna keep watching the show no matter what but sometimes i just end up tilting my head like “what just happened?”

  10. Leslee says:

    Salome was a minor character in one of the books. She was Mickey’s sire and Eric made a deal with Salome to command Mickey to leave Tara and Sookie alone. Alan Ball changes a lot of stuff though so maybe the name is just coincidental.

  11. Cloe says:

    I was hoping to see Quinn this season.

  12. marybeth says:

    okay that’s it!yet again some made up character with an accent! Moreso a reminder of that maryanne bitch.so wat’s the plot?estrangd bad gal hooks up with her big bad medieval gay daddy to make bon temps even mo hell? If AB doesnt watch wat’s on his plate TB wil end disastrously n’ m a true fan here

  13. jennrae says:

    I think the real story is that Ausiello told a “not” joke. Where’s Borat when you need him?

  14. nikki says:

    I luv true blood I can’t wait for the new season and a new vampire o its going down

  15. lucas says:

    I disagree. The books never get past little Sookie and her tiny inconveniences, while the series open up an entire universe and multiple characters

  16. Sarah says:

    The 4th season was a complete disappointment ..the scenes were bill-sookie-Eric fight over each other were soooo fake..I was surprised by there bad acting. I felt like the scriptwriters had to build the 4 th season around sookie and Eric too satisfie the public but in my opinion it sort of became a comic season, everything was funny even (Tara and her girlfriend-Jason and the awaited wolfscene that never came…) ..I hope the 5 th will be more like the (1,2,3) season

  17. amanda says:

    not sure if this was mentioned so sorry if it was but i think lorena was the most unstable of them all lol. love this show and can’t wait for season 5

  18. seriously says:

    It’s just a story for our entertainment. Better to surround yourself with strong influences in real life don’t you think? After all, there are no vampires or werewolves either and if you are not happy with the portrayal if woman on true blood, change the station.

  19. AmandaKM says:

    With all due respect, you guys are obviously high! True Blood is one of the best shows on TV and Alan Ball and team are amazing. I consider myself to be an expert in TV, as I watch nearly every single series that’s on. True Blood is up there with the best. Get a clue.

  20. Kay says:

    His coming back!!! Russell coming back!!! This is defiantly ether going to push Sookie and Eric closer together, even if it’s just a one night stand, one episode only deal for season 5, or, since Alicide was the one to find Russell, Alicide will bring in his bad ass, best friend; Quinn.
    Yes, I know, in the books Quinn and Alicide weren’t that big friends, but you know how the producers mix up the books.
    Now, I don’t think that Russell is going to last long in this season because he was the villain in the last season and the producers wouldn’t do a repeat season.
    I think, that since the info said that fairies would be seen in a whole new light, that fairies will come and have some big battle with Russell and a bunch of his vampires, or maybe just Claudine, since I think it was the twin sister, Claudette, that Eric killed last season.

  21. JessieGirl says:

    Sami your comment about how you wish Sookie and Eric’s relationship played out more like as in the books … it only makes me want to read them faster! I fell in love with the tv series and just recently started reading the books. The books are wonderful so far! Having seen the show first it I see faces when I read their names. I just recently met Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) at ZomBcon in. Seattle

  22. JessieGirl says:

    Sami your comment about how you wish Sookie and Eric’s relationship played out more like as in the books … it only makes me want to read them faster! I fell in love with the tv series and just recently started reading the books. The books are wonderful so far! Having seen the show first it I see faces when I read their names. I just recently met Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) at ZomBcon in Seattle!

  23. JessieGirl says:

    Sorry about the repeat posts. Using my phone and it is acting weird.

  24. Ayodeji samuel says:

    Soookiee What will happen to the body shifters and the bar. This film is well explored and rated in Nigeria. Why?

  25. Samantha mccarty says:

    I know this sounds stupid .when does the new season start?

  26. Jish says:

    Then we wouldn’t be watching anything, it’d be boring!

  27. clairvens jospitre says:

    I Cain ‘t wait for the next .t blood

  28. raymond says:

    I love true blood!!!

    • retta says:

      I agree with Raymond!!, I absolutely Love True Blood, My husband
      went out & bought me all 3 copies so could watch over & over. Season
      4 isnt for sale yet, But im waiting for it, Can’t wait to see season
      5 on HBO in June.

  29. Louisiana says:

    Valentina Cervi is a superb actress who will be a great add to the show. First saw her in James Dean with James Franco in which she played Pier Angeli. I think the Eric/Sookie thing was slightly overdone this season. Although I loved it, both of those actors must be sick of getting naked with each other since season 2! I think Salome and Eric would be a good match although it won’t happen. I sense that nasty Eric will be back in town for season 5,also can’t wait to see Pams scene where Eric makes her. That will be teriffic as Alexander and Kristin have amazing chemistry. All in all we will see more of a naked Skarsgard which is the glue for me still watching the show. I love Sam and Lafayette as well. But for me Alexander is the star.

  30. Brooke says:

    Just Please PLEASE please, gimme my Tara back!! I’ve been a faithful TB fan since series premiere!!

  31. Teri says:

    when does season 5 start on HBO?????????????????????

  32. Davis says:

    Sorry but season 3,4 bored me.. I love TrueBlood I just want strong female characters who are not bonkers lmao! I am waiting for my audition for TrueBlood ;) **licks**

  33. harold ratka says:

    Happy to see Valentina Cervi on the show. Have been searching for her and her family. Her mother is related to me by marriage to her cousin Rose who i married in 1959. Look me up on facebook. Harolod