Dancing With the Stars Results: Did the Right Couple Fall Just Short of the Finals?

Any Dancing With the Stars fan with at least two functioning senses — or an ability to interpret the true meaning of the “cha-cha relay” — knew exactly which three couples Len, Carrie Ann, and Bruno wanted to see competing in next week’s Season 13 finals. But did America use their veto power to reject a Ricki-JR-Rob showdown, and give Hope Solo a shot at the mirrorball trophy?

Let’s see how the results played out:

Last Two Couples in Jeopardy (Though Not Necessarily the Bottom Two)
Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff (cut to me preparing to speed-dial my sister Kathy for an impromptu therapy session)

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy (and the dreams of those hoping for one more dose of bared Chmerkov-torso in 2011)

“Instead of winning the mirrorball trophy,” said Hope, “I’m going to go try to win the gold medal this summer at the Olympics.” (To which Carrie Ann Inaba responded by stirring an eye of newt into her cauldron and cackling with glee.)

Maks, for his part, owned up to his shortcomings in a partnership that ultimately failed to live up to its pre-season hype. “I wish I could’ve been better for you,” he said. Here’s hoping the bad boy of the ballroom brings his patented brand of surly to Season 14. It just wouldn’t be the same without him, no?

What did you think of this week’s result? Was Hope the right choice to go home? Did you momentarily freak out that JR might get booted? And who will and should win the Mirrorball next week? Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. r. duncan says:

    Hope deserved better last night. It just goes to show you that the judges use their scores from the REHEARSALS and not necessarily from the actual dance. The producers didn’t want to reward Hope or Maks’ behaviour so there ya go.

    Rob did well but if the judges were fair and didn’t “let ” him win the insta cha cha and sabotage Hope he would be the one going home tonight.

    • JLK says:

      The judges on DTWS are jaded and need to go because they cannot be fair. Carrie Ann holds a torch of some sort(probably a bad torch) to Maks and it is ruining his chances of success. The judges are jaded like bad cops. Get rid of them. If they cannot be fair, please GO!

      • Briar says:

        I think it’s going to come down to Maks or the judges and Derek the kiss a$$. I don’t care how bad a performance is, no one deserves the abuse these judges spew. Len has NEVER liked Maks. The dancer’s only defense is their pro and some of these people have no real talent in dancing and some have already danced. Umm, Jennifer Gray???

        • J LaLone says:

          The show, probably at the request of the whack-a-doodle judges…old/ancient guy (most often reliable critic, but gets led around by the nose by Carrie Man), diva wanna be, and flaming shich=ka-bob (who used belittling stereotypical terms for Chaz B) had Hope Solo and JR go up to the dais together to let Hope and Max know that they were being messed with and that they had no hope of being a final. They never do this. Normally it would have been Rob and Hope…..but they do have to play their nasty games.

          There is no way Rob should stay and Hope should go. He did baby dances all the way…it is a disgrace. Hope stretched and learned, she pushed herself, her tango was excellent..and deserved a ten all round. Hope and Max knew it and were shocked by the scores. It was spite and revenge toward Hope and Max the last two weeks. I will definitely stop watching..I will not watch the next two show…just watched 6-8 minutes last night….knew what was being planned. It would be great if they had real professional judges. ….I goggled these guys.. do not qualify!!! I will try to know look for Hope. I wish Max could get a part on a situation comedy….about a dance school.

          • jules says:

            Hey J~

            Just goes to show we all have different points of view: I have a dance background and I found Hope to be terribly awkward. I would have given that Argentine Tango a 7 just to be nice. It was more like a 5 for me.

      • Jake says:

        if you think the judges have it out for Maks, I submit to you last season when crappy dances from Kirstie were awarded high scores despite crappy dancing is (I submit Jive and Salsa)…Maks knows full well that Hope is not a better dancer than the 3 that are left and the judges scored accordingly…I’m sure Maks did not oppose the judges showing Nancy the door last week and this week they were more than generous with Hope given her gangly performance

        • Cheryl says:

          I think the inequity in scoring goes back to Chaz and Hope. Chaz, who could hardly move, let alone dance, was given scores that were ONE POINT away from Hope. That’s where the grumblings began. I don’t think Hope is a particularly good dancer nor does she move well. But she was absolutely better than the one point difference of that night. When Max came unglued, it was all downhill from there.

          I don’t like the judges. They have become too full of themselves. Time to shake things up on DWTS. Jettison Brooke for Carson and I’m in!

      • adamfan says:

        I get what you are saying, but let’s look at this situation from a different perspective. What if the judges know the “real” Maks. What if he is impossible to everyone behind the scenes and we only get a glimpse of a bit of his jerkiness. It is sometimes difficult to separate feelings from judging so maybe they know a lot more than we do. I really enjoy him as a dancer but feel that his attitude is one of a guy who walks into a club expecting every woman to drop to her knees. Plus, I am surprised that Hope lasted this long. It was tough watching her dance.

        • frann says:

          Your sooooo right and what gives with Maks and his better than you attitude. So rude. Does he have a contract w/DWTS and lord when does it end! The pro that danced w/Nancy was a breath of fresh air….
          Maks must think that he is all that but get real loo and all the old pros… where are they now!!

    • mist says:

      come on guys …shes long overdue, shes sooooooooo stiff & awwwwwwwwwkward, ADMIT IT!!!

      • doreen says:

        I admit it … she was terrible .. no fluidity at all inbetween the differant moves.

        • angela says:

          She had nothing except a bad attitude and bad dance moves!

          • frann says:

            I think that her attitude was fed by Maks’ and then her dig to Carrie was a bit out of line … Like Len said they were nice but we will see if she can win a gold metal for USA .. I am sure to watch for that one. I think that is were her stiffness will be put to good use. Hope she doesn’t think she ie the TEAM as Maks thinks DWTS is his show!!!

      • j lalone says:

        But she learned the danced, accepted the challenges, and was not a bowl full of jelly giving baby steps and never expected to do anything more challengeing after week 2. Mamma made sure her baby boy got this far……………..greased some palms, made some promises….she is a conniving pimp.

    • Fran says:

      I will no longer be watching DWTS after having watched it since its beginning and always enjoying it until now. The judges need to go. Their judging is so insulting and biased that they should be replaced by more dignified and professional dancers. Rob K should have been eliminated a long time ago but for some reason or other the judges love him and his family seems to have an “unusually” high fan base. I think something is very “fishy” here. Who owns this network??? Last night and this AM, all 3 finalist were interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel and GMA when usually it is the couple that was eliminated recently. Another unusual and “fishy” event.

      • Jen L says:

        There were reports on Boston radio that Hope refused to do press, which would stand to reason that is why the three finalists were being interviewed instead of Hope and Maks.

      • Cheryl says:

        Amen, Fran! I agree with everything you said!

      • jules says:

        Hey Fran~

        Just wanted to share an honest opinion. I have had a lot of dance training and have taught dance. Hope was really trying, but was just terribly awkward and almost painful to watch. Rob, on the other hand, does quite well and is probably the most graceful of the non-dancers on the show. My husband, who also dances, thought exactly the same thing. I don’t believe the judges were biased. I think they were just of a similar opinion to mine.

      • Mike says:

        I totally agree that the judges need to go. There is definitely something fishy about the judging, which includes jealousy, favoritism, bias and a load of issues that do not stack up with fair judging. I also think that the judges give in to pressure and influence from :outside sources” which I dare not mention, in their scoring of less talented acts. All three judges are darn right rude and disrespectful, and Carrie Ann whose own dancing skills are questionable has a visible disdain for Max, or perhaps some other hostile feeling stemming from who knows what!? Thi show has become a farce, influenced by sob stories from the performers to sway the audience votes, not to mention those high and low point awarded by the judges.
        This show is down in its ratings, and will continue in that fashion until you replace that aging grump Len, that bufoon Bruno and that jealous Carrie Anne. I am sure I am not the only one voicing my opinion on the poor judging!

  2. Deb says:

    Calling Rob Kardashian a “star” isn’t a stretch, it is an outright lie. If he wins this season, it will be the beginning of the end of the show.

    • mist says:

      really? why so bitter? judge d dancing not d family name or d person who in d 1st place u dont know personally grrrr

    • bob says:


    • j lalone says:

      Then maybe I hope he wins………..to put an end to the charade…and that would prove it 100%. Lazy arse momma’s boy. Maybe this show has given him some skills to be a gigaloo.

    • bonnie says:

      I agree completely,if he wins,its gonna be only because last name is kardashian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mario says:

      I agree. Rob should have been off weeks ago. His family
      bought themselves a reality show and now manipulated the media
      to thinking he is a dancer. He will probably win because of
      the judges. This year reminds me of when osmond won He stunk
      also. I still say this show is the worst farce since the
      $64,000 Question.

    • CA says:

      You just complaining about Rob? Seriously. This debate goes on each and every season — what is the definition of star — because rarely does DWTS get actual stars.

  3. Anna says:

    At least she outlasted the miserable likes of Chaz and Nancy. I just hope that Rob doesn’t win.

  4. Renee says:

    Thank God. Girlfriend has a terrible attitude, and though Max would drive anyone nuts, she needed to be more likeable, and maybe dancing better would have helped.

  5. Jackie says:

    I’ll admit I am a huge Hope fan (from her accomplishments on the pitch) so my comments may be biased. I know there were times when she was not the best dancer, but this show is beyond ridiculous. Rob Kardashian?! Really people? Yes, he has gotten better, but the boy still moves his hips like a robot. He has no grace and no rhythm. It is clear what the judges want, and what the producers want, I’m just sad it had to be this blatantly obvious in them fixing the Final.

    This is the first season I have consistently watched this show, and it will definitely be the last. The judges did all they could to pretty much guarantee that there wouldn’t be a chance for Hope to stay on – I don’t even know why we had a show tonight.

    I won’t be watching, but I’m rooting for Ricki now.

    Time to go win that gold medal! Go USWNT!

    • JLK says:

      Maks and Hope should have beat the kardashian dude and JR. It’s a happy happy show and any contraversy (even though its worthy) isn’t welcome. They made such a fuss when Maks made a comment about his show, yet Carrie Anne calls out Maks and mocks his smile. Carrie Anne should definitely LEAVE the show. She is baised and holds a grudge which makes her a cranky little girl I don’t like to see or hear. She is very hoity toity and no one likes a baised SNOB.

  6. Jenn says:

    Hope should be in the finals. Jr will Win but Ricky should win, and no way can Rob dance ugg!!Rob should of gone home tonight

    • jen says:

      why should Ricky win?? Because she dances with Derek? He is the only reason she has gotten the (insanely inflated) scores she’s gotten. Being dragged across the floor by Derek does not equate to great dancing.

    • Michelle says:

      Ricki is stuck up and thinks who she is when she really isn’t. Perfect pairing of her and Derek, who would clone himself so he could be his own partner if he could. Hope should have gone home weeks ago, Rob is not a “star”. No one is his family is except for Bruce. The rest are just fame-wh0res

  7. The Late GS says:

    JR’s “in jeopardy” status was inevitable and obvious.

    With his lower scores and pain issues, and decent following, he was simply too dramatic of an option for the producers to not put him in.

    Anyone else would have tipped off the true elimination.

    • dan says:

      Exactly. It is obvious that Rob and Hope were the bottom two. By putting JR in “jeopardy” the producers tried to build tension and suspense. Tom or Brooke clearly said “this isn’t necessarily the bottom two” so you knew that Hope was going home and JR wasn’t in the bottom. Had either JR or Ricki been in the bottom two the producers would’ve put them there as a shocking moment and there really would’ve been tension. But by not having an announced “bottom two” it was clear that Rob had to be the other low vote getter.

      • ESLKid75 says:

        Spot on.

        As a JR fan (because I am AMAZED at his dancing skills), I think it is a good thing that he was put in jeopardy this week. People will diligently vote for him next week thinking he needs it more than Rob or Ricky…

        I rate JR *much* higher than I rate Ricky. To me it’s a no brainer. But I get a feeling that the judges rate Ricky/Derek higher than JR/Karina. They don’t seem to like Karina, whereas they think the world of Derek. I do think the world of Derek too, btw, but when it comes to the celebrity dancer, JR is still the best of them all this season…

  8. Vanessa says:

    Thank goodness Hope finally went home. She should have gone home weeks ago she can’t dance at all!!!

    • Erika says:

      Yup Hope sucked it up all season. Maks basically dragged her around the floor. She never had any control from the waist up. Her attitude stunk. She calls herself a tough world class athlete. You’d think she’d know how to man up after taking criticism especially bc she danced like one. I pray that this girl gets her act together for the Olympics.

      I knew people were gonna hate on Rob for getting through, but I think he earned his spot. I voted for him last night, so that I could make sure that Hope was a goner 100%.

      I definitely will say that I don’t think the standard of dance by the celebs has been the highest quality this season in comparison to others. But I do like that I don’t know who I will be voting for in the finale. I think I just might base my decision based on the performances on Monday which is kind of cool and new for me since I usually have one person I like the entire season. This season for me seemed more about hoping that the right person went home rather than having a fave. Chaz stayed for way too long and I think Hope did as well. Kristin and Chynna had way more to give I feel which is a shame.

  9. SAM says:

    I have been a fan of the show for years, and this years judging has been WAY off!!!! There needs to be a change, and I don’t mean the pro dancers. People watch this show because of the pros, not because of the judges!!!! If Maks does not return to the show, I would not blame him, but I will DEFINATELY not watch next season…I won’t even be watching the finale. To me it is not worth watching!!!!

  10. Dan says:

    The judges blatant favoritism is just as bad as the non-stop Lauren/Scotty pimping last season AI. Do these producers of these shows think we’re stupid and aren’t turned off by this?

  11. Spm says:

    Hope and Rob were amazing as far as how they progressed. It was a joy to watch them each week as they gained ability, poise and turned into really accomplished dancers. But… They were not in the same league with Rickie or JR. It was obvious last night that JR was in terrible pain but Rickie was awkward in the lifts and that took away from her style. Hope there are no more lifts for her– she is too heavy for partner. Sorry Hope. You had my heart as a fellow Washingtonian and female. Yes, just go win a Gold!! Makes. Keep it up you are right on 100% if the time. Lynn is tooooo much!

  12. C says:

    if derek h. wins again i call a conspiracy.

    • marienoel says:

      Of course Derek and Ricki will win. Judges have in past shown how much they favor him and his partner. He usually gets paired with “non pros” who like Nicole S. went to performing arts school and had heavy dance experience with Pussycat Dolls, Jennifer admitted towards the end she went to dance school. Kristi had dance to help with her skating routines. Biggest surprise was when Derek was not paired up with Mel B. of Spice Girls who also had a lot of dancing under her belt. It also does not hurt that season after season the women get injured including this one and the judges then praise them for being so brave and dancing while in pain. J.R. hurts his ankle and Len says “I have to score you this way, it is what it is.” Of course J. R. had gotten triple 10’s for his great dancing and judges seemed like they could not wait to score him lower this week so Ricki is on top. Now who do you think will win?

  13. Linda says:

    DWS has shown that popular vote prevails. Hope may be an excellent athlete, but she has absolutely no grace or dance style. Her hands fly in all directions and her feet are constantly wide apart. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t kicked off weeks ago before other dancers. It’s never about the best dancer. Rob has improved a LOT and is now way better than Hope. He deserved to stay over Hope. He’s not better than Rickie or JR, so hopefully he does not win. But, like I said, it’s never about the best dancer, and popular vote prevails.

    • jules says:

      I completely agree with you. I am shocked at the people who don’t find Rob to be a better dancer than Hope. I feel as though most of them must not have dance experience. I think most dancers I know would definitely say that Rob is quite a bit better at it than Hope.

  14. ab says:

    Judges were completely biased & it was not hidden well. I’ve never seen so much distaste on this show. They’ve had issue with hope & maks from day one. I believe it’s time for a change in judges. They’re rude & degrading & show favoritism way too much. This show use to be about dancing & judging/helping the “stars” not taking jabs or starting fights with the pros. Change their attitudes or fire them! You’ve gotta give respect to get it & the judges sure as h*** didn’t show it!

    • bmc9999 says:

      I agree. Ratings are down and they need to do something to change up the show. I vote for a reboot of the judges. It worked for American Idol.

      • Zell Verschaeve says:

        I agree, its time to get new judges…..If they are still there next season, I feel that they will continue to lose viewers. I agree that they can be rude, silly, and yes there is prima donna who really needs to go….

  15. Spencer says:

    Did anyone else notice when the judges were patting Derek and wishing him good luck? That disgusts me! Would they ever do that to Maks or Karina? I think not…

  16. Ms Batman says:

    Definitely the right elimination; Hope should have gone home weeks ago. Plus, I’m just glad I don’t have to listen to even one more week of her complaining about the fact that the judges do their job and evaluate her dancing. I know sometimes they’re inconsistent, but suggesting that they’ve been out to get her since the beginning of the season? I remember at least one early week in which she was WAY overscored, probably to insulate the preseason frontrunner from a shocker early elimination. Glad she’s off to something more important, as she so snidely reminded everyone in her post-elimination interview.

  17. april-ann says:

    The couple most deserving to leave, left. Good. Not a sports fan at all. Those athletes are regaled enough in the sports arena, they don’t need to impose upon our entertainment arena to be even more regaled there. They should not be invited to compete. Their natural athletic ability gives them so much of an edge it is unfair to other competitors. I expected her to win or at least go really far (she did like most do) and am glad to see her gone. Love how they come on remarking loudly “oooh, this is so hard, I’ve never DANCED before!!”. Gee, but I HAVE won Olympic gold medals for figure skating, speed skating etc. But I HAVE kicked a 12 inch ball into a 12 foot net from 120 feet etc. But I HAVE won NBA titles on NO natural athletic ability etc. I’m a bazillionaire from hawking sports bras on infomercials but more than anything in my life I’d TREASURE that disco ball! etc. etc. Buh-bye!

    • Marianne says:

      HaHaHa! Hope was STOPPING 12-inch balls from going into her 12 foot net, using her massive shoulders. Were you not aware of the position she plays? These athletes you dislike so much may have an edge for the stamina/endurance required for a competition like this. Granted, a figure skater may have a more specific edge, but a soccer goalkeeper not so much edge. I think she improved immensely from the beginning, but did not have the refinement needed to make it past her 4th-place finish.

      • april-ann says:

        Can you not see that I was making generalizations regarding the many athletes whom have competed past and present? I had never heard of Hope before and would have no idea what position she plays because I still didn’t know what sport she even played.

  18. Nora says:

    The final showdown should me with ricki and jr. They are the best dancers. Rob though is a revelation. An oxymoron really. A welcome surprise. Find your compass. Amaze by your performance. Truthfully. Though You ate still here because of the kardashian name. Do not be cocky in praises you may be receiving but be humbled you have found something you are good at. Rob being among too many strong women in your life. Let these forces make you the man your dad always wanted you to be.

  19. GingerSnap says:

    It was never gonna be Hope and Maks in the finals, simply because she looks so awkward as a dancer, but . . . .

    The replay of Carrie Ann’s face as she pointed out that Maks was smiling reminded me of a wrinkled old, puckered up old spinster. And the astonishment from Len (“We were nice”).
    Judges, we don’t watch the show to listen to your nonsensical criticisms and favoritism. If you’ve lost sight of that, it’s time for you to go.

  20. Gail says:

    The judges have ruined it for me this season from the beginning. They were consistently over critical of Hope & rude to Max early on. Carrie Ann disappointed me the most with her unfair criticism throughout! I don’t care who wins at this point.. Love the pros!!

  21. mckensey says:

    Hope and maks are my favorite dancers of this season I think they should win

  22. Laura says:

    First season that has not kept my interest so, haven’t watched the last few episodes. Not only do the judges have their favorite pro’s also, this year’s celeb’s

  23. oh sigh says:

    ok, the voters have spoken, and Hope and Maks are gone. i’ll miss Maks, but my pick for the next to vote of would definitely be Carrie Ann Inaba.

  24. Maree Flores says:

    The judges should leave! They are biased and believe they are the reason people watch the program. There are other reasons: for example Tom B. who happens to be one of the kindest and most talented TV hosts and then there are the terrific dancers. These dancers amaze us all with their talents, perseverence, and professionalism. Carrie Ann should be embarrased from her unfair attack on Maxim on Monday’s program. He was not doing anything when Carrie Ann unfairly criticized him again just for standing there and waiting for her to finish! Please get new judges!

  25. laura says:

    Anyway! J R. Has my vote all the way. What an inspiration! You go, JR!

  26. Robin says:

    So happy hope and maks went home. It was overdue really. Rob has improved more as a dancer, so he deserves it. I hope jr and karina win and will be voting for them.

  27. Snick says:

    Hope was hopeless, she lacks the grace needed for floating across a ballroom. Hope & Maks attitude was Awful. Hope. Is supposed to be a world class athlete she shows her classlassness.! Mak”s is a professional and should act like one…wasn”t it Maks that picked Hope for his partner? Adios to both!

  28. Dianne says:

    Completely agree!!!

  29. Sue says:

    I only watch the show to see hope and maks. They had the most dramatic dances and beautiful costumes. Rob is very inflexible and rikki can barely move her legs. Judges were totally unfair and I will never watch the show again.

  30. Celia says:

    Carrie Ann was rude to Maxim tonight. She was just waiting to pick on him. She showed her true colors in front of the world! So very unprofessional. I would love for her to leave and be replaced!

  31. Tricia says:

    JR is the BEST dancer and should win. The judges, especially Carrie Ann is so biased they should be changed. Who wants to watch a show, where the judges are unfair and insulting? JR danced through his pain, LIKE A TRUE SOLDIER, and then the judges said his “posture” was not “good” I played it over several times and he looked like a matador. Len critized the costumes.. trying to justify the low scores. Ricki Lake(what about her costume) is favored by the judges, but can never be better than JR. If the judging of the finals are UNFAIR THIS COULD BE THE DEATH OF THIS SHOW

  32. brubby says:

    I don’t watch DWTS but I hope that Maks guy got to bang Hope Solo.

  33. Olivia says:

    JR for the win.

    Ricki is such a phoney and her smiles just as insincere; can’t stand to hear her or see her. I mute the sound when she speaks. How graceful was she when Derek dragged her heavy body all over the floor (!) and yet the biased judges overscored her? She does not deserve to win.

    At least Hope was honest in her feelings and what she said, even if she couldn’t dance.

    Don’t mind if Rob wins if JR doesn’t.

  34. Angela says:

    I think those of you that are criticizing Ricki Lake for being too “heavy” etc. should ease off. First of all she’s lost weight while on the show as have many others we have praised and secondly if you look at her face, her arms and her legs they look pretty great! As far as around the middle, I wonder how many c-sections she’s had? When the lose appears to be disproportionate like that it could be because of another reason.

  35. Angela says:

    By the way, definately Rikki and Jr in the finals. My heart says JR but my brain has to wait to the end. Rikki is really good too.

  36. Ariel says:

    I love Maks. But I really feel like Hope deserved to go last night. She was definitely the worst Monday night. And I thought her attitude (not Maks’) was highly inappropriate. I did not like how Carrie Ann was so hard on Maks recently. But I thought her comments re: Hope were right on. The lifts were so awkward. Unlike all the other teams. I don’t understand why Hope thought she deserved higher scores.

    I was not a huge fan of Rob and Cheryl. But I was so impressed with them on Monday night. I loved them. And I am happy they made it to the finals.

    Also so happy for JR/Karina and Derek/Ricki. It should be an interesting finale!

  37. Mary says:

    No surprise on who left, The right person did go, Hope just haven’t up her game since the beginning. The personnel remarks by the judges not only to Hope but JR were unprofessional. The judges should base their scores on the celebrities not the professional dancers. If they do that JR should win. Rob has improved but he still is stiff and his dances have no level of severity. Rikki looks good thanks to Derek, but he mainly pulls her around the floor. For not being a professional the lifts and intensity of his dance that JR has done, should make him the winner plus Karina needs a win.

  38. angela says:

    c’mon people…why do juch hate for Rob? He is the most improved, and Hope was just plain hopeless…. and with her mouth and negativity she didnt care about winning. Rob is sincere and WANTS to win. Yes, Maks does deserve better partners but he needs to keep his big mouth shut sometimes. The people voted…and if you didnt vote…then Hope got what she deserved! So…kick rocks!

  39. Patricia says:

    did ROB’S

  40. Rinny says:

    I think it’s hilarious all the people on here going on and on about how Hope should have made the finals. Clearly those people know nothing about dancing. Her knees were constantly bent, she was stiff and had no grace. I don’t understand the “baby steps” comment about Rob Kardashian. Did you not see his lines and the way he has moved his arms? His footwork has clearly improved. And for the people saying he isn’t a star, well guess what, Hope isn’t either. Most people had no idea who the hell she was when they announced the cast. How about Elisabeth? You’re saying she’s a star then? At least people knew who Rob was. In addition, Hope came across as a real bitch and should have been eliminated a looooong time ago. The only reason she stayed as long as she did is that people like to look at Maks. Get over yourselves. Jealousy is not a good look for anyone. She’s gone, these are the final three and the ones that out of the four deserve to be there.

    • Elaine says:

      I could not agree more. Hope never acted like she cared one way or the other about the competition. Her dances had no rhythm or spirit. I don’t know which one was more technically adept becuase I am not a dancer, but in the last few weeks I have enjoyed Rob’s performances. I started looking forward to Rob’s dances and dreaded having to sit through Hope’s. So best of luck to the finalists!

    • Jules says:


      Thank goodness you commented. I don’t have any interest in Rob or Hope as people, so I am definitely not biased. If I had to teach Hope, I would think that she was almost un-trainable. Rob, on the other hand, looks fairly trainable in terms of dance. I suspect most of the people who feel this was unfair don’t have any dance experience.

  41. Lala says:

    Carrie needs to go. She is so bias.

  42. CA says:

    CONSPIRACY!!! Oh wait — this is a show for entertainment…what conspiracy. Yes, the judges have biases that are annoying but we’ve seen that season after season (but watching them is part of the entertainment factor). Just like we hear the old debate on who is really a star or not. I have no issues with Rob being on the show, regardless of star status. For a guy who was so reluctant at the very beginning, he has truly embranced the show and seems to really enjoy being there. He has worked just as hard as all the others. And he’s improved. He deserves to be in the finals. One could easily argue that JR isn’t a star either. I never knew who the guy was until he came on the show — and what a revalation that has been. Was Ricki overscored — yup but she too is deserving of being in the finals. At the end of the day, I watch DWTS because I am entertained by the show, regardless of controversy.

  43. Saracen Riggins says:

    SO glad Rob made it to the top 3!!!! What a great journey watching him gain confidence and display such talent. I want JR to win, but I wouldn’t be completely upset if Rob swooped in and won. I just don’t want Derek… I mean Ricki to win.

  44. Elaine says:

    JR danced the best dances of the season last week when he got three triple-10s. I enjoy watching him. I enjoy watching Rob. That said, I think JR or Ricki deserve the win. And by the way, those of you condemning Ricki for her weight, get over yourselves! She is graceful and moves beautifully.

  45. Jennifer says:

    I only watched for Hope and Maks so I’m not bothering with the finale. I really liked watching a strong woman (those abs!) figure out how to dance. In the end, I enjoyed most of their dances even with the flaws.

    The sucking up to the Kardashians that has been going on this season is truly vile. It cracks me up when people get indigniant about Hope and\or Maks for seemingly dissing the show. They’re dissing a cheesy reality competition with questionable values people!! I’ll never understand the logic behind who the producers decided to champion. Let’s see – unemployed “reality” star known for his family which is famous for being rich and famous – or a hard-working olympic gold medal athlete from a modest, frequently difficult and tragic background? Let’s give tongue lashings to the reality “star” and treat the gold medal hero like dirt! Such a weird season.

  46. beatrice says:

    There’s just too much producer manipulation to make this enjoyable. EW talked about the ratings drop being due to over-saturation in the reality market, but I don’t think that’s it with this show. Producers see the votes from the public, we don’t. I have nothing against Rob K and think he’s improved, but he was so overscored with the sole purpose of making sure Hope got sent home. Why am I even being asked to vote if you’re just going to manipulate the end result. Instead of working overtime to keep on controversial contestants, how about just let the dancing chips fall where they may. Find some judges who have a background in ballroom dancing and make sure they’re not firing off stupid quips, like “you’re more like a zero than a zorro.” What is that. How is that any sort of constructive criticism. What do you do with a remark like that except have your feelings hurt. If you’re a sensitive person you react like Hope. (And trust me, I’m not a Hope fan, but it wouldn’t have mattered how she danced, they wanted to keep the Kardashian.) And it’s quite unseemly to have Carrie Ann fawn over every male athlete on the show. Half of Bruno’s comments are disgusting. Would u ever invite someone like that into your home. I’m tired of inviting him into mine. This season I stopped watching to the end, and just tune into results for the last 3 minutes. The producers with help from the “judges” have managed to suck all the fun out of the show. It’s a good concept, now leave it alone.

  47. Liz says:

    The right couple went home.

    Hope had a horrible attitude and was an even worse dancer. The judges did not treat her that badly. I know people adore Max, but honestly he’s as much at fault. Part of this show is accepting criticism gracefully, and they both came off as big babies throughout. What did Len tell her? That he thought it was her worst dance. It wasn’t a personal attack, nor did imply that she was a worse dancer than Chaz. And if people were honest they’d admit most of hope’s dancing was cringe worthy. In fact, had max not gotten so combative I doubt anyone would have cared.

    And if the judges did give Chaz some leeway so what? You can’t put expect the same thing from an overweight individual as you can a supposed world class athlete. And Chaz at least didn’t like a spoiled brat who thought people were being mean to him.

  48. ella says:

    Hope solo great athlete Horrible dancer, terrible.

  49. Sarah says:

    I was going to be contempt with Hope going home, but not the way the judges went about it. They overscored Rob to make sure he was in the finals. Were they afraid if he was close to Hope her fans would beat his? The show has been biased towards Hope and Maks this entire competition just go back and see how they portrayed her. I love that you commented on the judges from the Sing-Off because that’s how judges are suppose to be which makes it enjoyable to watch their feedback. The fact is this show didn’t accurately represent her; she even broke down in an interview because she felt no one got to see the real her. Want more proof that they had an agenda against them well doesn’t the couple who was kicked off get to be on Kimmel and GMA afterwards? Why is it that ABC or DWTS chose not let Hope and Maks do their farewell interviews just like everyone else, but instead chose to let the finalist on instead. From someone who has seen her soccer interviews, her interviews with Maks, and heard personal fan stories the world DID NOT get to see who Hope Solo truly is.

  50. Melissa says:

    Hope isn’t graceful.. some parts of her dance were awkward to watch, even though i did like her. Rob has gotten alot better i missed to weeks and was impressed with his improvement, which i think is what this show is supposed to be about.
    Overall the “talent” of the “stars” this season are a little low, all of these people would be so far behind other seasons, when the “stars” were such better dancers.