NBC Midseason Shake-Up: Community Benched, Plus Three Shows on the Move

NBC is making some significant midseason scheduling changes in an effort to jump-start what has been a lackluster season so far.

That’s good news for Up All Night, but bad news for Community.

For starters, the Peacock is moving Up All Night to Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c following The Office beginning Jan. 12. The deteriorating Whitney will take over Night‘s former Wednesday lead-off spot on Jan. 11, where it will be paired with new sitcom Are You There, Chelsea?

Critical fave Community is being benched to make way for the return of 30 Rock on Thursday, Jan. 12 at 8/7c. An NBC source insists the show is just taking a breather and has not been canceled. Still, I have to ask: Do you want to live in a world where Whitney remains on NBC’s schedule but Community doesn’t?


*Harry’s Law is relocating to Sundays at 8/7c beginning March 4.

* New drama The Firm will replace DOA rookie drama Prime Suspect on Thursdays at 10/9.

* Beginning Friday, Feb. 3, Who Do You Think You Are? takes over for Chuck, which will conclude its five-season run with a two-hour finale on January 27 at 8/7c.

* Parenthood‘s season finale airs Feb. 28. The new Elle Macpherson-hosted reality series Fashion Star assumes the Tuesday at 10/9c timeslot in March.

* Noticeably MIA: Buzzy new drama Awake, which recently went on a production hiatus to deal with some pressing creative issues.

The Peacock’s complete midseason schedule is below…

8/7c The Voice
10 pm SMASH

8 pm The Biggest Loser
10 pm Parenthood (until Feb. 28)

8 pm Whitney [new time slot]
9 pm Rock Center with Brian Williams [new time slot]

8 pm 30 Rock [new time slot]
8:30 pm Parks and Recreation
9 pm The Office
9:30 pm Up All Night [new time slot]

8 pm Who Do You Think You Are?
9 pm Grimm
10 pm Dateline NBC

Repeats “Encore programming”

7 pm Dateline
8 pm Harry’s Law [new time slot]
9 pm The Celebrity Apprentice

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  1. Zoe says:

    Wait, what about SVU?! I don’t see it on the schedule. Or Saturday Night Live? The hell?

  2. Mike says:

    Good job, NBC! Way to bench the only show worth watching on your network (Community) to bring back one well past its prime (30 Rock), while saving one that is total garbage (Whitney).

  3. Suncatcher says:

    Loved Prime Suspect! Very sad to see it missing from the list.
    One of the few adult shows with a great cast and writing. Oh well.
    NBC strikes again by putting it up against 2 of the top 5 show. Idiots.

  4. SGW says:

    Not sure when NBC started this downhill slide, I do know that hit pretty close to bottom when they thought we all wanted to watch Jay Leno at 10 PM 5 days a week (I can’t stomach him at 11:30). However, with the exception of Harry’s Law – NBC is not in my DVR. With the lineup listed here, they still won’t be.

    • Peg says:

      See I think NBC started going downhill the moment they decided to give Conan The Tonight Show. Getting rid of Conan and keeping Leno was their best decision since picking up Community.

  5. raftrap says:

    First “Cougar Town”, now “Community”, pretty soon I’ll have nothing to watch, someone really must want me to keep up with the Kardashians.

  6. Sarah says:

    I love Community. I started watching the show this season. In September I got caught up with seasons one and two on DVD. I can’t believe it took me so long to watch. Community is the best show for TV nerds like me. We viewers are not pictures (of LaVar Burton), we can be disappointed.

  7. Camille M says:

    This act in NBC’s new manifesto of green lighting and favoring shows that appeals only to a lobotomized audience has finally severed my ties to the idea of NBC as the network upon a hill. While I understand that it’s the lowest rated network, and as a business, is only responding to audience numbers, I’d always assumed that the executives, Nielsen and the advisors understood that it was a different audience tuning into Community than say Dancing With The Stars, CSI, or American Idol. I’m extremely disappointed in NBC’s declining programming caliber, and would like to remind the network that Community was one of the last shows on network television that requires, keeps and contents an audience member’s full focus. Please NBC, don’t make the mistake of pulling this comedy’s plug altogether.

  8. princess says:

    I know we wanna make it up to Will Arnett for what happened to the lovely Arrested Development, but pulling Community is DEFINITELY not the answer. :(

  9. Cat says:

    I’m just jumping in with the chorus to say that I am also upset with the changes that NBC has done. Community is the only thing that I watch on that channel, and I’m not going to watch it ever again, if they don’t return the show. Granted it was a bit weak this year, but at least it was still entertaining. Much more than what I can say about reality television. So please, NBC, change your mind…soon.

  10. CraftingT says:

    Seeing this list, I see no reason to turn this channel on at all any more. Maybe for SNL, that’ll depend on the host.

  11. Lizzey Kopta says:

    I refuse to believe that NBC would keep a show like Whitney and cancel Community, easily one of the greatest shows on television right now.

  12. shivani says:


  13. Amber says:

    Wow, this is the most comments I’ve seen on a TVLine article since…well…any TVLine article on Glee. That’s good for Community, they need the love right now. I am more than a little worried. I think they made a huge mistake this season bringing in John Goodman. At no point has that arc been funny and I’m still unclear on the point of it.

    Also, the thing with Whitney…isn’t the former president of the e! network and former guy Chelsey Handler banged in charge of things at NBC now? It should be no surprise that the very unfunny Chelsea Handler and her friend Whitney are getting shows on NBC now.

  14. Ashly says:

    Oh no, please not Community! What will I have to look forward to on Thursdays (besides Parks and Rec)? I am now totally bummed. If loving Community is stupid, I don’t want to be smart.

  15. Chloe says:

    I’m very glad to see that I am not the only person who is EXTREMELY upset about this. Community is one of the best comedies on television right now. Not cool, NBC. Not cool, not cool, not cool.

  16. Greg says:

    Damn you NBC….. Quit pulling off qaulity shows. Community is the only show I watch without my DVR. I will sit through commercials for that show and you pull it for Whitney which is just gawd awful!! You know on the EW.com site there is a guy that posts America Loves Crap on pretty much every comment page. It kills me to say that guy may be right!

  17. Amy says:

    just found out that Joel McHale is on People’s Sexiest Man Alive list..NBC better not bench number 8

  18. p.J. says:

    WHAT? NBC, all of you are sick idiots!!!

  19. Samuel H. says:

    Benching Community? Real streets behind, Community. Really Britta-ed it up. If it doesn’t get renewed for a fourth season, when I die I want someone to make it look like suicide due to the unjust cancellation of Community. This is clearly the darkest timeline.

  20. JohnnyMast says:

    It will be a big mistake if NBC close communitu!!! If that hapen world fall down in the dark!!

  21. Joanne G Thomas says:

    This will make setting my DVR real easy…….NBC has exactly one show
    i’ll be watching……..Harrys Law.

  22. Marv says:

    I wasn’t really shocked to hear about Community getting benched. Don’t they always take a hiatus in January? After all, the day the schedule changes is also when a lot of schools are already at the end of the first semester or are doing final exams so it’d fit in the story. As for Whitney, yeah get rid of that. It was a terrible show from day one. The Office is kind of hangin in there for me but I can see this season being its last. The chemistry just seems to have bottomed out since Steve Carrel left.

    If Whitney must be kept I propose the order should go: Whitney, Parks and Rec, Community, and 30 Rock. That way Community gets a good timeslot, P&R has a lead-in still, and 30 Rock can sit comfortably until it is over and goes the way of The Office (which shouldn’t be long since Alec Baldwin is reportedly leaving after this season).

  23. lucy says:

    The save community page on facebook has 3,803 likes so far!

  24. Sarabi says:

    No return date for Community? HELL NO.

  25. Elijah Alvarez says:

    I love Community but we need to get Community on to another network. NBC has shown they don’t know how to advertise and support Community.
    We should try to get NBC to sell Community to another network or transfer it to USA or G4 (networks they own).

    • lacey says:

      I want Community to survive but I don’t see it fitting in with the other USA programming. ABC is just as stupid as NBC, but how great would it be to have modern family, cougar town and community all on the same night?! CBS apparently can only have Chuck Lorre comedies or comedies with lazy and bad writing. Maybe a network just needs to be created so smart comedies like cougar town, community, and arrested developement can have a home.

  26. Brandon Harris says:

    When are there ever going to get a good ratings system. i mean that only know what a portion of america is watching. i hate seeing good show like mentalist not get the credit it deserves.

  27. martinex says:

    You might ask yourself why brain dead reality shows aren’t held to the same standard. One reason is because brain dead Americans watch shows like “The Biggest Loser (emphasis on “Loser”). The other is that they’re cheaper to produce. I’m sure “Fashion Star” will make tons of money for the network. People should consider turning off their TVs and reading a book but who am I talking to?

  28. clare says:


  29. Tania says:

    The Firm is already dead to me.

  30. MS4leaf says:

    Harry’s Law, Prime Suspect, and Parenthood axed? NBC is run by ignorant adolescents. Just look at the stupid, unfunny, uninteresting shows that missed that ax. And I’m not talking about the fantasy shows like Once Upon A Time. They show imagination.

    • lacey says:

      No, it’s run by people who don’t have a sense of humor and think Whitney is a great show. So in other words, people with no personalities and no brains.

  31. Melan says:

    Let me first start out by saying that I usually dont comment on these but I love Community so much (especially Joel McHale. I started watching the show because of The Soup. I’m very angry that they moved that show too but thats a different message board altogether :/ ). As a former Community College student, I found solace in the fact that this show was kind of a wackier version of my life. Community has some of the best writing for a sitcom I’ve ever seen. There’s character development for everyone. Even the people who rarely make appearances like Starburns or Lenard. They created the perfect show with a perfect plot. These characters cant get “too old” because the great thing about community college is you can stay there until you die. The show has this undertone that community college is like a waiting room. You’re waiting to be called so you might as well make some friends.

    Here’s what I would do:

    Whitney is a horrible show. I dont even have to watch it to know that. Whitney was a cheap filler that NBC did so they dont have to play reruns or move the news slot. I get that they are moving it to Wednesday to compliment the Chelsea Handler sitcom. It makes sense. Turn Whitney into a half season and leave Chelsea. at the end of the season compare the ratings of Chelsea and Whitney who ever’s the highest get Wednesday next fall. The other gets the boot or gets a left over slot. Then leave up all night at its previous slot Honestly I think both of these shows have the potential of going downhill so it doesn’t matter anyway. But I do think NBC’s previous schedule was fine as it is. I think the writing has gotten sloppy on some show’s (The Office and 30 Rock) but are still enjoyable. I think NBC just needs to sit down and think about how this could potentially hurt the shows they have going for them

  32. Anonymous says:

    Once Upon A Time is awful. Seriously, choose Grimm or Once Upon A Time, you don’t need both NBC. They’re both about fairytales, same freaking crap. Community is the only good comedy show out there right now so way to pull the only thing you had going for you. Glee & Beavis & Butthead are officially the only shows I care about keeping up with now, NBC=off my viewing list. Congrats.

  33. WhyOhWhy says:

    Community and Grimm are the only shows I watch on NBC. Community being the only sitcom I watch at all on any channel. The cast has a great vibe and each episode is tops for originality. It is also the only show during the week that I actually don’t DVR to watch later and skip commercials.

  34. NBC’s Community is one of the most witty and genius shows on NBC. Sure its been taking a while to catch fire, but what you all have to remember is these things take time. If no one remembers that The Office started great because it had all star Steve Carrel and therefore driving popularity was icing on the cake. Also, 30 Rock and Parks and Rec also had 2 former Snl stars which also made the show an instant hit. Sure you could argue that Joel Mchale and Chevy Chase are part of the cast, but its different. Joel Mchale’s the soup is on E! and sure its a good show, but everyone knows that E! and Bravo are two channels that are famous for preoccupying teen girls and gossiping women. Not many people who are really in to good television watch E! and therefore my opinion on that is that Joel Mchale is just not famous enough yet. I’m sure if he was on comedy central in the same position as Daniel Tosh he would be a hit. Now, Chevy Chase is a huge star, but National lampoon is a pretty old movie and few younger people have seen it. Younger people in a lot of cases drive popularity to a show.

    For those who don’t know, Fox’s hit cartoon family guy was in the same position for 3 seasons. The show had 3 struggling seasons and after being cancelled and uncancelled again and again after season 3 Fox sold some reruns of the show. The creator of the show was not happy with Fox for doing this. After Fox sold reruns to Adult Swim family guy soon caught fire and now the creator Seth has 2 other cartoons on the network and is creating his own movie. For proof just watch an episode and see how many references to hating fox they throw in the show. Fox can’t even do anything because they need family guy.

    This is happening in the same way because viewers like myself are seeing it on hulu. For a couple weeks in a row it has been one of the most watched programs on hulu. So, I think this break will be good to grow the show, but it will not be cancelled because next time the show is on air, it will have the double the audience. To everyone who hates the show, watch a couple episodes on hulu. You will like what you see.