Homeland Shocker: Do You Buy the Big Twist?

[The following contains major spoilers from Sunday night’s episode of Showtime’s Homeland.]

Showtime’s Homeland this week did something that you rarely see a freshman drama — let alone a serialized, mystery-based, espionage-tinged one – do: It laid all of its cards on the table.

But as a result, did we really see what we think we saw?

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Of course Homeland‘s central mystery revolves around Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody, a rescued POW celebrated as a hero by all except one person: Carrie Mathison, a CIA analyst who suspects that Brody was “turned” during his eight years of captivity in Afghanistan and now may be part of a terrorist plot to be carried out on U.S. soil.

Yet despite her suspicions — or perhaps as a means to get closer to her subject? — Carrie last week began an affair with the married serviceman. That hook-up continued this Sunday as the two retreated from their respective at-home dramas to a cabin in the woods. And all was going hunky-dory until Carrie (rather sloppily) let slip a detail about Brody that she would only know if he had been under surveillance.

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When Brody grilled Carrie on the matter, she did perhaps what we least expected — outright shared her theory that his allegiance to America has been comprised, that he is the turned POW she had heard whispers about.

What resulted was the interrogation Carrie wanted to conduct back in the pilot. She lobbed every question that she had at Brody, and he responded with answers that, all told, seemed to debunk her theory. He even copped to adopting the Muslim religion if only because King James bibles were hard to come by where he was, desperately holding onto life.

Carrie’s revealed suspicions understandably threw cold water on the couple’s assignation. Then, just as Brody made tracks for his car, Carrie learned (via a phone call from Saul) that a piece of his story maybe didn’t hold water: He claimed that he was compelled to kill Tom Walker, a unit member with whom he had been held. Walker, though, was ID’d be Aileen as a man Faisel recently met with on the roof of their house near the airport.

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So is Walker in fact alive, and he is the turned POW? If so, was Brody merely led to believe by Abu Nazir that he had ended his comrade’s life? Or was Brody’s account of Walker’s death a lie, seeing as the sergeant had earlier explained to Carrie that survival instinct had taught him to be a convincing liar? Perhaps Brody and Walker are in cahoots?

(One quibble amid this otherwise compelling episode: Just how far into her session with the  CIA sketch artist — of which viewers saw glimpses — did Aileen think to mention that the man Faisel met with was African American? That fact obviously was not among the first words out of her mouth when she started confessing to Saul, who was quick to run Brody’s photo by her.)

What do you think of Homeland‘s decision to loop in Brody here in the seventh hour of the show’s freshman run? Do you think that the Walker reveal keeps Brody on the suspect list? Will Carrie still keep after him? Do you believe, as some have posited, that Brody will now work with Carrie to root out the real threat?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Bob Genghis Khan says:

    I was shouting at the TV saying ‘ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” when last night’s episode unravelled. I mean I guess it was too obvious for Brody to be ‘the one’ moving forward. But didn’t he also bury his friend too in the flashback sequences.

  2. Andi says:

    Good point, I remember him digging the grave, can’t remember if they showed the body or not.

    • Irishgirl says:

      I remember that as well, but I think they showed the body being carried out and dumped in the grave. I don’t think we saw whether or not Brody then buried Walker. So it’s possible that they had him dig the grave, then threw an unconscious Walker in, but then led Brody away, and pulled Walker out.

  3. Valerie says:

    I thought it was a great twist.

    However, I still think Carrie is the worst CIA agent Ever.

  4. Terry says:

    The beating was a memory flashback but the grave-digging was only in a dream.

  5. Aimyloo says:

    I do believe in one episode they showed Walkers body being thrown in to the grave, not necessarily the burying of him though. I’m not sure what to make of Brady & Carrie, but was suprised at the turn of events. It could’ve been easy just to say “I drink that tea, too” or something along that line. I think he drove away pretty po’ed, so think Carrie will have some making up to do if one of the theories is they find the culprit together…

  6. Sara says:

    It was an interesting twist, but what kind of moron CIA agent sleeps with a possible terrorist then spills her guts to him. It’s just too stupid.

  7. Kat says:

    I also think Carrie is the worst FBI agent EVER!!! Maybe Brody is in on it with Walker and is his backup in case Walker is captured or killed. I’m so confused…LOL!

  8. wil says:

    No big twist, I saw this coming.
    The evidence was in the flashbacks. They do show the digging of the grave, but they don’t show them filling it in.
    Who’s easier to turn, the guy they convince to beat his partner to death or the guy who thinks his partner would beat him to death?
    Things to remember about Carrie: She’s not all there and when she is there, she’s trained to be able to get really close to people for the purpose of gathering intelligence. I’m sure she rationalized the relationship with Brody using that logic, but it’s possible the relationship became real at some point, even to her.

    • Irishgirl says:

      “Who’s easier to turn, the guy they convince to beat his partner to death or the guy who thinks his partner would beat him to death?”

      Very good point.

  9. Jimbo says:

    I am glad that they did the twist – that was what 24 was known for and it would have been to predictable if Brody had been turned. Now as for Carrie – to put it in a non politically correct way- she is nuts and hence the worst CIA analyst – she is not Saul who is more methodical and systematic ten she is and that is why he found out who the shooter was. I love show – nuff said

  10. Kenneth says:

    Several points: 1.The Walker beaten in the flashbacks does not look like the Walker in the pictures; 2. The terrorists have some American help within the government (the razor blade, the tracking and murder of the professor) 3. Walker is the point of a larger plot

  11. Jen says:

    One question she did not ask, that i wanted answered, is how did he pass the poly test, he lied about not having a affair.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      She asked that early on at the cabin. He said that being a convincing liar is something he learned during captivity, to survive.

  12. Jacqueline says:

    I believe that Walker is a ploy if the CIA began investigating Brody. Brody and Walker were both turned. Two former POWs with their own missions. I can’t wait until next episode.

  13. blahblah says:

    People don’t seem to understand the Carrie character. Um, guys, she’s MESSED UP. She pops pills that aren’t hers. She sleeps around. She gets obsessive. She’s bi-polar. Sleeping with someone who she thinks might be a terrorist for information is NOT beyond believability for a person like that.

  14. Samantha says:

    You guys are forgetting that she’s crazy and she also didn’t have a pill one of those days or just didn’t take one. I knew she felt something for him while she was watching him though. I know it’s wrong but they just have so much chemistry I want them back together!

    As for the twist I had thought about it happening so I wasn’t totally shocked. I think since the season is basically half over it was obvious it wasn’t going to be Brody if they hadn’t found ANYTHING at all.

  15. yuka says:

    Another aspect of this is the chemistry the 2 actors have together (Damian & Clare). The goal im my mind has always been to plot a storyline to keep these 2 characters together for multiple seasons.

  16. Stanton says:

    Anti-climactic now if Brody is no longer the bad guy. I feel like the writers have something up their sleeve since this episode shed too much light.

    I want to know more about Carrie, her alcoholism, sexual deviance, and her need for meds. I feel like that is a twist not yet turned.

  17. Sourabh says:

    There’s no is Walker alive, next week’s previews made that abundantly clear.

  18. Kim R says:

    I liked the twist. Love the show. I enjoy Carrie hooking up with Brody and the drama that creates as well as his home life. And I’m not convinced Saul is an upright member of society either. When he went into the interogation, he held the dude’s hands for a moment. How do we know HE didn’t pass the blade? I’m thinking that could be another twist in the plot down the road. Just sayin’. :)

    • Elaine says:

      I thought about Saul holding hands with the prisoner too, but also noticed that when Carrie was reviewing the tapes of Brody attacking the prisoner, as they went out of camera range one of the guards reached out and touched the table where the prisoner sits, so that’s antoher way the blade could have been passed.

  19. Jaime says:

    I’m with Kim R. I think Saul is not as good a guy as everyone is being led to believe. He could have passed the blade. He also initially “failed” the polygraph, but he and the test giver blamed it on his anxiety. What if it wasn’t his anxiety and it was the face that he was actually lying.
    I like the twist. I’m still not convinced that Brody is a good guy. Remember who he was telling…he’s not going to give himself up to the CIA. I love the Walker twist as well. This show keeps slowly revealing new plot points….that is a damn fine show in my opinion!

    • Quinn Mallory says:

      With the 24 pedigree on this show, I really hope they don’t turn around and make everybody the bad guy or have the good guy turn into the bad guy due to a tragic event (like what they did with Tony on 24).

      They definitely laid down the hint (or misdirection) that Saul may be hiding something. It would be really unbelievable if Carrie turned out to be the mole because of some crazy split personality shenanigan.

  20. Thill says:

    Why didn’t she just say – well part of my job is to know about you down to the smallest details including what tea you drink – hello it is in his dossier!

  21. Quinn Mallory says:

    I hope the show didn’t just jumped the shark and make Brody a good guy (and a main player in the helping out of the terrorist attack prevention) from now on. I do kind of see a Manchurian candidate type story line for Brody going forward.

  22. GaysWithOpinions says:

    I thought it was a brilliant episode. Probably the best of the season. I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing. That scene at the end with the two of them at the table was chilling. However, I agree, the whole tea thing was stupid. I mean, there are a million ways to cover for that. How about, “I dunno, I just assumed you liked Folgers, doesn’t everyone?” Laugh it off. Agree with whoever said Saul isn’t as much of a good guy as he appears. Dude definitely has some demons.

  23. BeachBum says:

    All the above comments plus the terrific acting of the three main characters is what makes this top notch television and my favorite new show.

  24. Ricardo says:

    Yes that is correct KENNETH! Its just a distraction. Watch what happens next. I think Brody is the terrorist! ;)

  25. beresford says:

    I have no words for this show, this episode left me speechless, it was the best episode of the season, a season that has been completely amazing! So well done! The two main actors are at the very top of the best actors currently on television. Incredible!

  26. RICK says:

    Yes that is correct KENNETH! Its just a distraction. Watch what happens next. I think Brody is the terrorist! ;) lol

  27. J says:

    Sickest, hottest pairing on TV right now: Carrie and Brody. With that said, this show is perfection. I can’t believe Carrie slipped like that. She needs her meds. Her job is kind of important.

  28. Aishwarya says:

    Am I the only one who wants Mike gone as much as Nick Brody’s daughter? God that self righteous prick is getting on my nerves and refuses to stay away. I hope he gets killed and soon in the season…

    • Vivienne says:

      I also hate Mike, and want him gone. Even though he believed Brody was dead, he still slept with his best friend’s wife. I loved the twist last night, but I still suspect Brody has turned. He’s had years to train for every possibility. Maybe he was just trying to get close to Carrie to find out what she knows. Brody could be playing everybody.

    • Irishgirl says:

      I loved the scene where Dana told Mike to stay away. She was right on the money when she said there is no place for her father when he is there. Jessica really should have been the one to tell Mike that, and she should have said it from day one. I was ok with Mike, and I understood his relationship with Jessica. I mean it was 7 years before she hooked up with him, and as Brody’s best friend, I can see him coming by the house to check on the family and help them when Brody was MIA. So the relationship made sense. But, when he approached Jessica at the cookout and was complaining because she hadn’t called him or seen him, I lost all respect for his character. I mean, Brody had only been home for like 3 or 4 days. His selfishness was insane to me, and that’s when Jessica should have told him to not come by anymore. But I’ve had a lot of issues with how this family is reacting to everything. Why aren’t these people in therapy?? I mean, if my math is right, Brody has only been home for 4 weeks. What in the world makes them think that after him being held captive for 8 years, things can just go right back to normal? When Jessica told Brody that she wants him to see a therapist, support group, something, I kept waiting for her to say “We all should see someone.” Why has she not figured that out? Why was the son playing some war game on his Xbox and no one thought maybe we should put the war games away for a little while? Jessica keeps mentioning that she doesn’t know why her daughter is acting out and defiant, but it hasn’t occurred to her that the reappearance of Dana’s assumed-to-be deceased father has something to do with it? Dana seems to be the only one who sees how damaged the entire family is.

  29. Tony Almeida says:

    I’ve still got this feeling that Jack Bauer is going to show up before the season is out.

  30. jeffrey says:

    I think Saul provided the razor blade. Why would he recite the Kadish for an arab terrorist?

    • Chloe says:

      I totally agree! Saul’s hiding something…

    • Jake says:

      While kaddish is a memorial prayer, it can be said after the passing of even evil people. The words of kaddish just mean the G-d’s name should be exalted and that there should be peace in the world – these ideals don’t depend on the person who dies. While I was initially startled to see kaddish being included at that point in the show. I think the purpose was to contract Saul’s own careful regard for human life with the muslim terrorist’s blatant disregard for human life.

  31. Chloe says:

    Anybody else a little suspicious of Saul? I don’t trust him. Remember when he took the polygraph, it said he was lying when he denied slipping him the razor blade. He was stressed out, and I suppose that could have affected the results of his test, but then he walked out right after that, which made me feel like he had something to hide. I feel like that could be good if Saul is somehow involved…no one would EVER see that coming…except, of course, for me ;)

    (P.S. this is totally random, but anybody remember Saul from the series “Dead Like Me”? Loved that show.)

    I also wondered why Aileen wouldn’t tell Saul or the sketch artist that the guy on their roof was an African American – I’m so glad you pointed that out! It was really bothering me. I guess the heat is off Brody for now, but I still think he is involved somehow. There are a lot of people on here saying Carrie is a terrible CIA agent. I disagree. I think she’s a lot smarter than we all realize. It may seem like she’s making reckless decisions now, but I think as we approach the season finale, it will be revealed that these “reckless decisions” were actually a strategy.

  32. Scott S says:

    I’m amazed at how many of you don’t get that carrie is bi-polar and obsessed is half the show!

  33. LouiseBelinda says:

    I think all of us were wonderfully surprised by the information that came out in the episode”The Weekend”. Carrie and Brody have so much chemistry between them, and so much hurt, they need each other for survival. I hope the show keeps the relationship a positive one so maybe they can get back to being normal human beings. (Whatever normal is!) Yes, this is the greatest show on TV in too long of a time.

  34. J says:

    I hope this doesn’t turn into a Dallas ( the old TV show)..
    and I also wonder… maybe the writers didn’t know what a hit this would be and they’re just going along.
    I found an inconsistency earlier… Brody told Uncle Mike not to come to the house anymore, then a later episode he asks Mike howcome he doesn’t come around as much as he used to…
    They showed Brody beating up Walker and in a grave, digging and a body thrown in… I also thought it was strange that Aileen didn’t say “that the guy was a black guy”.
    Another possibility is Brody, Walker AND Saul are in it together…

    • Irishgirl says:

      I thought that scene where Brody asked Mike why he didn’t come around as much was his way of letting Mike know that he is aware that there’s something going on between Mike and his wife.

  35. Leo Ladenson says:

    Brody is playing the long game. He’s being groomed for Congress and then on to the presidency, where he’ll be a secret-Muslim terrorist lover.

    Or it might not even be that long: if he could get on the ticket as vice president, then Walker could take out the president from the sniper position, and Brody would become president rather quickly.

  36. Julie says:

    Did anyone notice one particular episode where someone in Saul’s office stepped on his rug causing it to fold in s funny way? Saul was very concerned about the carpet….the camera panned down and made sure the viewers couldn’t help but notice it looked like a prayer rug?? Hmmmm…since that episode I’ve been keeping my eye on Saul.

  37. Copter says:

    Carrie is bi polar. She needs medication daily and access to a doctor at all times. Without meds she will spin into symptoms that we are now seeing….impulsiveness, lack of judgement, paranoia, high sex drive. When she doesn’t sleep or eat or take her meds she is on a dangerous road for others and destruction for herself. They need to explore this more. And psychiatric meds and alcohol do not mix. With that said, she has an illness but is NOT crazy. In many ways she is brilliant. But now the agency can question or taint any legitimate info she finds because she is not medicated properly. This story line could play out in some interesting ways.

    I also wonder about Saul. Something hits me wrong…he is too good, kind of a robo agent. I feel like he is really burned out and ready to turn.

    This show is excellent, the more Damien Lewis, the better.

  38. KLH says:

    Wasn’t the final scene in last night’s episode a dead give away that Brody is in on the terror plot, too? The guy he pinned up against the wall was the same guy who slipped Walker the cash with the message and key. Brody said he wanted out. Good luck getting out. My guess is the only way out is a bullet to the skull.