'Law-Enforcement Crushes' Quarterfinals Begin: Castle's Castle vs. Hawaii Five-0's McGarrett!

We’ve reached the Quarterfinals of our Ultimate Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament, which means our original field of 64 crime-fighting dreamboats has been whittled down to eight. Of course, with great hotness (in the remaining combatants) comes great heartache (for you, the voters). And today’s matchup — between a pair of smoldering timeslot competitors — is no exception.

Will it be Richard Catle, titular hero of ABC’s Castle, or Steve McGarrett, from CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 reboot? The choice in front of you may cause you to curl up in the emotional fetal position, but it’s your duty as a TV-loving citizen to vote in the poll below, then alert your friends and neighbors to do the same! As part of our single-elimination competition, only four law-enforcing hunks will advance to the semifinals.

Every afternoon over the next week, we’ll launch another set of face-offs that will test the strength of your respective character crushes. So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorites (Quarterfinals voting will be open for 48 hours), and hit the comments to justify your picks.

Eventually, our battle will boil down to a finale that pits the ultimate old-school crime-fighter against the ultimate modern-day hero. (Their female counterparts will have their later this month.)

Oh, and if you’re interested in the match-ups we’ve got planned for the coming weeks, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE 64-PLAYER BRACKET (then click again for a zoomed-in view), and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

On your mark, get set, vote!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kate says:

    This one’s easy- CASTLE CASTLE CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rick C. says:

      Very subtle Kate. You know you can have the real thing, just lift your head up and look to the left. ;)

      • Det. Esposito says:

        You two wanna get a room? Its enough with Ryan and Jenny over there. Oh and Castle all the way. I do owe him after he paid for the curtains in AC. Good times.

        • Lanie Parrish says:

          For one last time Kate…jump his bones while you still can!

          • Captain Gates says:

            Back to work!

          • Lockwood (from hell) says:

            I can’t believe, after all the trouble I went through setting up that torture scene, you never talked about that damn kiss. I even got punched in the face by Chuck Norris over there. What a waste of my resources. By the way, Castle, I’m voting for you because you are the only one to successfully knock me out with three punches.

      • Alexis C. says:

        Dad – The vice-principal, Fräulein Sonnenberg and Sloan are voting for you every day, all day long. They gave me their phone numbers (again) in case you want to express your gratitude.

    • Overdamoon says:

      I’m sad to say there is a LOT of ground for Steve McGarrett to make up… :(

      If anything, this poll would only prove that Castle skews female while H50 skews male and younger demo since the young folks don’t get tied down to PCs all day. H50 is action-packed which is the main draw for the show, not Alex. And it isn’t like these male viewers would bother with TV crushes.

      Nevertheless, GOOOOOO MCGARRETT!

      • DL says:

        TVLine’s poll really only proves the demographic that votes in TVLine’s polls. Just saying. Whether “Castle” has a male audience or not, less of them are likely to vote in the male “law-enforcement crushes” poll than in the upcoming female polls.

      • colin says:

        Im a guy, I stumbled on this poll on Twitter and voted for Captain Mal. Just on principle you know. Besides he’s my man crush so all is good…

      • Katherine215 says:

        Wouldn’t you say young folks are MORE likely to be tied to PCs all day? I mean, unless by young you mean teenagers. I would think most 20 and 30 somethings mainly work at desks these days and are more likely to be on tv sites like this. Well, at least that’s how it is for me and the friends I know frequent a site like this.

    • Alrisha says:

      More than easy. Castle do not need McGarret’ abs to be sexy.

    • Sandr Fegan says:

      McG, McG and McH.
      There is no conparison. Steve is all action, great body and looks, good acting. His role makes him the tall, dark and uptight person most of the time. But in interviewes he is a very sensitive cheeky person in fact an aussie larrakin. Casatle is the smart, sophicated man about town.
      I like Casrle, I love Alex ever since Moonlight was snatched prematurely from us, I have followed his career.

    • Maddie says:

      Woah, Becks! What’s gotten into you? Publicly spiking Castle’s Ego like this. You two better get it going soon (and it’s not because that’s when I put my money on you *cough*)

    • Josh Davidson says:

      Ho I knew there was something between you two! :(

  2. TJCrinc says:

    any1 else think that castle and beckett are gunna be winners?

    • Eli says:

      No, Stana Katic is a lot less popular than good ol Nathan.

      • Jenn says:

        Agreed. Kate Beckett is one of my least favorite characters. But I love Castle!

        • ann says:

          What?!?! :O She is amazing!

          • Ellie says:

            That’s the thing, the fans of Stana Katic think she’s a lot more popular than she is right now, whereas Nathan has a good solid decade of fans behind him. Geeks to the core, just like him.

        • Melanie says:

          Seriously? Kate Beckett is one of my favorite characters, ever! Stana potrays her so well.

          There are only a handful of characters that I will defend to the end, Kate Beckett, Shawn Spencer, and Britta Perry!

          That being said, Go Nathan!

      • Emma says:

        Yeah, but she’s wayyy hotter then him so her looks should pull in a lot of votes for her..

      • Alex says:

        I’m new into the Castle fandom but after having spent a week watching 64 episodes of Castle I must say Stana’s Kate Beckett character is the driven force of the show and she’s grown a lot since the pilot.

        • ladyhelix says:

          Castle’s character works so well only BECAUSE Kate’s the way she is.

          • lucyinthesky says:

            Sure but that doesn’t make me like her nearly as much as I like Castle. I think that if Castle’s love interest was a different character or a different actress altogether the show wouldn’t be the same but it could still work, if it was Kate and a different guy it would’ve been canceled in two weeks.

      • Cynthia says:

        But remember, popularity is independent of talent. And talent is something which they both have- just different niches perhaps.

      • Jim says:

        Yeah, but I don’t think there’s a single TV fandom out there as nuts as the Castle fandom. ;)

  3. Catherine says:

    I love Richard Castle as a character more than Steve McGarrett, but I unfortunately had to go with McGarrett on this for one reason: HAVE YOU SEEN HIS ABS?! ;)

    • Cathy says:

      Have seen his abs, but when you’ve been a Nathan Filion fan for many years, you have to go with what is tried and true.

    • Summer says:

      The abs, yes, but those could end up hidden beneath fat after ten years. Castle’s personality on the other hand? Probably a lot less likely to disappear.

      • mickmcgarrett says:

        Have you ever watched Alex in an interview? He is charming,articulate funny, goofy, HOT…full of personality.

        • Ceecile says:

          Yes but this is a character thing. Several times in this polls I have voted against actors I found more attractive or liked more in real life because of that.

      • kari oloughlin says:

        Alex is more talent than abs so don’t try to make him look empty he got more talent than castle + abs & a great sense of humor
        PS : abs can stay more than 30 years not only 10 so your completely wrong

      • Becks says:

        Nathans are already hidden by fat!

        • squirrel85 says:

          Yep, Nathan Fillion is not as fit as Alex O’Loughlin. That totally makes him a lesser human being, not worthy of crushing on.. (sarcasm for those who overworked their brains in the gym ;) )

        • Melanie says:

          Weight DOES NOT matter. It pisses me off beyond belief when people bring up Nathan’s weight. Yes, he may be a bit bigger than some actors, but that doesn’t make him any less attractive!

          • Nicole says:

            Totally with you on that – I see red when people start in on Nathan’s weight. How the hell do they know anything, he’s wearing suits and is all covered up on the show most of the time. I’ve seen pic’s from the signing he did recently and OMG, his arms! He has great guns ;) The man is amazing, leave it at that people!

        • EmilieVitnux says:

          Ho I just love this kind of comment, full of respect, no really I’m in love.

          (Thanks god, all the H5O’s fandom are not like you -_-‘ )

    • Joana T Gramajo says:

      I totally agree with you Catherine….McGarrett’s physic is rock solid….he has my vote too!

    • Kim R says:

      I love both of these characters, watch both of these shows but as far as the crushable thing goes….Alex has it hands down. He is just sooooooo yummy and not just his abs but there is something in his eyes…check it out…..he just looks like he cares about everything…hahaha It was a tough choice personality wise so I had to go to the “hotness” factor for the final decision. :) :)

      • Kim R2 says:

        So I had to stop a moment and tell you how shocked and freaked out I was that someone had written on here with the name Kim R. Lol, that’s my name too, though I doubt its the exact same lol. Weird coincidence I had to think about whether or not had I written anything on here yet. :) OK that is all, just thought you’d like to know that there is another Kim R. out there :) And Richard Castle all the way for me! ;)

    • allie8 says:

      This was a toughie b/c McGarret is gorgeous. Amazing body. BUT I voted for Castle b/c the question is “who is more crushable” not “who has the hottest bod” and I’ve adored Fillion for years!

  4. Barb says:


  5. Nat says:

    McGarrett is a nice hunk of meat, but Castle totally makes me weak at the knees. Castle FTW!

  6. Jen says:

    Richard Castle all the way !!!

  7. Samantha says:


  8. Samantha says:

    I can’t believe that Chuck and Booth both lost :( But I have to go with McGarret on this one. Gorgeous!

  9. Hunter parIs says:

    Mcgarrett all the way!!!!

  10. chestal says:

    Castleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D Nathan FTW!!

  11. Dakota says:

    Alex has no chance here. His abs look look great but he is charisma free.
    Nathan is just charming , sweet , very very funny and a talented man.
    Nathan has a big loyal fandom that gave him a spot in the People’s Choice Awards. Alex doesnt have that kind of dedicated fandom and that is why he was not able to get a PCA nom.

    • Lisa says:

      I tend to agree. AO is awesome to look at but then he opens his mouth. Guy has as much charisma as a paper bag.

      Fillion ftw!

    • NewMommy says:

      I have been watching alot of tv lately, with my new baby. We are enjoying Castle, she and I. But I shall certainly teach her better manners than many of my fellow fans exhibit here. Name calling and taunting his rival in Castle’s name, including denigrating Stana as well, cheapens both the actor and the character we love. I have voted once, but I won’t return to do so again, now I have read the vitriol. I am a fan, not a character assassin. For shame.

      • Lisa says:

        For a second I thought you were gonna tell me about the ‘hot millionaire’ you just married.

      • another mom says:

        Well, you have much to learn then. There are also Stanatics (many of them), who pick on mr.Fillion any chance they get or don’t get ;)
        Not assigning blame here, I love both of them equally. Just trying to be fair. All fandoms are like that, just try to avoid the stupidest sh..t and you’re good:)

  12. Desertstar3 says:

    McGarret all the way come on he is way hotter and more of a action star plus the show is much better it just hasn’t been on TV aslong as Caslte! Give it time it will just get hotter I bet!

  13. Cheryl P says:

    There is no comparison, Steve McGarrett all the way, come on you H50 fans lets show em how it’s done.

  14. Overdamoon says:

    McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett all the way!!

  15. Mel says:

    Nathan, no doubt.U have to love his facial expressions.He is such a great actor, and he and Stana are amazing together.
    Alex proves that there are no dull parts, only dull actors.Vampire, doctor or cop, he is not able to move a facial muscle or show some range in his voice in any of them. Bleh.

    • Bree says:

      Yeah right. The thing is Nathan has a few crazy fans. Just like SPN. A show that has only a million viewers but wins every single poll those actors go in. Why? Because SPN fans are young and they are at home. Nathan fans are old and they are at home. Or they’re moms at home all day.

      Alex is in Cosmo, In Style, magazines that younger, working women read. He got the cover of Mens Fitness. He’s classically much better looking than Nathan and Alex has had two serious acting nominations. From the Film Institute so he can act ( other than the totally ridiculous PCA’s Nathan isn’t getting recognised for his acting any time soon).

      Castle fans are the same bunch of ladies as the crazy older moonlight fans who can’t let go. They all went to Castle lol.

      Alex fans are all busy working and having a life, they’re the women who read Cosmo not EW and quiz magazines. All my friends love Alex as Steve they don’t even know who Nathan is. But then we’re not in the older demo that Castle gets.

      • Lisa says:

        Is this a serious post? AO may be better looking, but a better actor, seriously? He is awful which is why H50 has had to cast ‘better’ actors for the second season, to take away from the fact that the LEAD is not very good.

      • c says:

        Sheesh, you’re actually serious, aren’t you?
        For the record, I’m a 29 year old male, work in IT. OK, I don’t watch Castle regularly and mainly for the Fillion, but everybody I know who are his fans are young, working and mostly male. Guess it just depends on the company you keep, so please try to avoid generalising here))
        OK, Im outta here, it’s too nasty for my frail male sensibilities

      • Tara says:

        Hey! I’m an 18-year-old female and I watch Castle, and so does my younger sister and lots of my friends (including male ones). It’s not just for middle-aged women. We can all appreciate the vast, witty charms of Mr. Fillion! Ricky C for the win!

  16. Nerwen Aldarion says:


  17. Beckett says:

    Castle. Always.

  18. cgh says:

    If Booth couldnt beat Castle then nobody can, even though McGarrett is sooooooo hot

  19. Sarah says:

    Remember to vote for him in the PCA.
    He has the best fandom supporting him.
    You go Nathan!!!

  20. Dawn says:

    I’m with you, Mel. You can even see it in the photos on this page. Alex’s face is just kind of bland, nice abs aside, but Nathan’s personality shines through. CASTLE FTW!!!!!

  21. Christy says:

    NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!! This is wrong on so many levels! Why would you make us choose between Castle and McGarrett. Can’t we just have both? :)

    • Katie Hart says:

      You already have to choose between them – every Monday night at 10PM! (Even if you record, you still have to decide which to watch first!)

      • Liz says:

        I’m with Christy. I can’t choose. These shows being on opposite each other is about half the reason I even have a DVR. I keep hoping that either cbs or abc will move one of these to a different night.

  22. Coffee Machine says:

    I have been waiting for Rick to say that. it’s about time.

  23. Tammi says:

    Steve McGarrett!!! So hot!

  24. Victoria says:

    Alex’s abs are nice, but that is all he has, and 90% of the guys on TV have great abs. A good actor needs to make his chararter connect with the viewers. Nathan does that for me, he smiles and I smile, he is sad and I can feel it too. Alex is not able to do that, he is insipid. So I voted for Nathan.

    • Holli says:

      Nathan is like a limp dish cloth compared to Alex, is that what you want people to say. I don’t like to call people names but I guess you haven’t watched any of Alex’s work or you wouldn’t say that. I voted for Alex but I like Nathan too. I bet you were a bully in school.

      • Jar says:

        I laughed at this comment. Calling someone a bully after calling Nathan Fillion a limp dish cloth. But we could all try to stay on point by rooting for our favourite instead of arguing about how much we feel the other one sucks.

  25. Rosalind says:


  26. Jessica says:

    Um… neither?

  27. Katelyn says:


  28. becky says:

    Poor Alex , he is going to be crashed big time, LOL
    Nathan is The Online King. He never loses a poll, because he is the MAN !

  29. Dori says:

    No contest for me: McGarrett of course!!!

  30. Tracy says:

    I don’t even watch Castle and I picked Castle because McGarrett bugs me. lol

  31. Cara says:

    McGarrett gets my vote everytime. I don’t watch Castle, boring show.

  32. Elizabeth says:

    McGarrett!! Always (and Danno!!) don’t get me wrong castle’s great but I will always watch #h50 live and castle on Dvr. 5-0 baby! “book em danno”

  33. Patty says:

    Are you guys kidding me?? McGarrett’s SO HOT. Abs. Tats. AMAZING fight skills. and possessive over his team. doesn’t get ANY better than that. <3

  34. blahdeeblah says:

    McGarrett is one piece of hot hunky meat but I’ve always had a thing for Castle. He just has that twinkle in his eye and a very charismatic smile.

  35. Wendy says:

    McGarrett is sexy, heroic, gorgeous, charismatic and muscular on H50. He has it all.

  36. Maureen says:

    Steve McGarrett all the way, baby!

  37. Loreli says:

    Steve McGarrett hands down. NO CONTEST. I love Alex’s aussie accent. The tats aren’t bad either. The abs, the smile McGarrett’s got it

  38. Chrisy says:

    Alex O’Loughlin how could you even CONSIDER the other guy.., what’s his name

  39. Courtney says:

    Oh this is just cruel! They’re both smokin hot!

  40. laura says:

    I´m a Castle fan but I voted for the other guy. Nathan looks fat this season , that photo is from last season.

    • travoncia says:

      Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. He looks a bit rotund. I was wondering why he always wears those jackets. I’m surprised he let himself get that way after watching some of his previous work. But anyway whther he’s fat or not, Alex is and always will be my first choice. Even when he was heavier, he still was smokin’ hot and his beautiful eyes could melt you with a stare!!

    • CharlieBlue says:

      Nathan’s weight is NOT what makes him. I love the way he looks, because he looks like a man in hos 40s (like a man really does in real life) and I’d rather rest my head on some softness, than hard wiry muscles.
      What makes Nathan a great man for me is his charm, eyes, smile and his personality, the way he can make a facial expression and make me smile/laugh.
      A man is not only how he looks. Just saying.

      • Suzy says:

        I despair! Would a man ever say ‘she looks like a woman should in her forties and I like to rest my head on some softness’? No. He. Would. Not. This is why women rarely get really hot men to look at and men always have hot beautiful women in things.

        Women need to start having better daydreams about the men they find attractive. Nathan is on TV and he’s really let himself go the last couple of years and I for one don’t find middle aged spread attractive (plus the extra weight makes his face look wonky) so it’s McGarrett for me. Although I’d rather have Bones or a Winchester brother than either of them.

        • gerty says:

          Well, probably because perfect looks don’t make a person or some stuff like that? Never considered Nathan Fillion an example of physical male beauty and it was my understanding that he actually never was considered as such in general. I don’t know, I’m not ready to kick a smart, funny, charming guy who is a good actor and a good person out of my imaginary bed for the sake of gender equality in Hollywood.

          Good luck in your quest for justice (as in, fair amount of hate for both genders for “not being fit”)

          Oh, and I’m 26 for the poster above who was concerned with age specifics ;)

        • CharlieBlue says:

          Well, I guess we have different opinions on what makes a man attractive. I am the type to prefer a little meat on men’s bones, not hard wiry muscles. Sure I look at those fit bodies, but I don’t really find them attractive, at all. All those muscles is unnatural to me and a turn off. But that’s just me. I’m a 34 year old female, by the way.

      • SuzyQ says:

        Just FYI – 5 years separate Nathan & Alex. Nathan was born in 1971, Alex in 1976.

  41. Keegan says:

    Always Castle. Love the characters and actors both.

  42. Maggie says:

    McGarrett all the way!!!! :]

  43. kay says:

    McGarrett because he is hot!!!

  44. Denise says:


  45. com’on!!!!!!!!! are you guys wearing wrong glasses or something?????!!!!!! how can you choose castle over the hot McGARRETT!!!!! i just can’t believe it!!!!! tell you what you need to ***reboot your eyes!

    McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett
    ***can you see better now?

    McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett McGarrett

    ***How about now????? yeah babe… McGARRETT all the way

  46. Bianca Christine says:

    There’s only one answer here — CASTLE!!!!!!

  47. miri says:

    Nathan All the way!!!! Abs do not beat that charming boy <3

  48. Gina says:

    The abs won’t take Alex too far,just last week he was kicked from the PCA noms.
    Nathan is a natural talent, he has star power all written over him.People follow talent, no abs. That is why Nathan is in the PCA and Alex isn’t.

  49. ladyhelix says:

    And yet – I’d still rather go out with Mal than Castle (any day of the week).

    • ladyhelix says:

      But can you imagine trying to have a conversation with Steve McGarrett?? Unless of course, you were doing something that didn’t require conversation. Like being dead or unconscious.

      It’s true – if I were kidnapped by Columbian drug lords, I’d like McGarrett to slash through the jungle to save me. But after that – not really interested.

      • kari oloughlin says:

        your being unfair with the guy (Alex Oloughlin)…he’s & great actor with great talent (you should see him in other films like the encredible jourly of mary bryant & other Australian movies) not to forget a great human being he is.. so dont try to make him look like a body with abs & nothing else…try to know a person b/4 you judge him…besides this poll is about who’s more crusheble not something else & i think he’s really hotter & more interesting than the other guy …to answear you i would like McGARRETT to save me & more & he’s really interesting

        • KatieBell says:

          I saw his movie with JLo. That was enough for me. Any time he tries to play something other than stoic broody guy, he is just laughable.

          Sorry… but my vote went to Castle.

      • Becks says:

        Yeah but I don’t wanna be ‘talking’ to my hero for the love of god. I want to be doing something a bit more energetic and I don’t want Castles love handles in my hands when I’m doing it. What has personality got to do with whose hot? It’s not a romantic novel you know? You’re not dating them. Lol.

  50. Sally says:

    Look at Nathan ! He is way too funny.

    • kari oloughlin says:

      you said it ” funny” not crushble so your forgeting what this poll is about + Alex is funny too you should see him in interviews great sense of humor
      for me even if Alex he doest win he’s still the man

      • Penny says:

        I don’t think Alex is crushable. One or two tattoos r fine, but when u have so many as he has,even if his lower back,you go from looking cool to look lame, espcially at his age .He will regret it when he is old and his abs don’t look like they look now.Like in 5 years, LOL.
        Nathan, 100 times better.

        • kari oloughlin says:

          uh!!! plz save it to yourself he loox just great & his tattoos are just a part of his hotness for me he is just the guy to vote for & why in hell would he regret it?i guess nathan would never get old haa? did you know that nathan is wearing a fake hair?i dont know what would he do in 5 years Lol?
          PS: after more than 10 years he can still have great abs cos he’s an active guy i know guy in there 55 & still looking hot & got great abs
          your just being unreasonable

          • Whaaaat???? says:

            Fake hair?? Do u really even know what the hell ur talking abt? Nathan does that trick with his hair! Its not fake! Gosh get your facts straight sister!

          • Erica says:

            Nathan’s hair is his own. He doesn’t wear a wig. He even proved it. Its his natural gift to do the things he does with his hair. And please, Nathan is a much better actor than Alex will ever be. Also Nathan till 2 years back was the hottest guy ever! He’s 40, Alex is 35. Wait 5 more years and Alex may look more jaded than Nathan.

          • Stella says:

            Alex looks like he had some work done , teeth capped included. And his hair looks way weaker than the one Nathan has. Alex has bold spots and premature grey hair. He is not aging well. He will look terrible in 10 years.

          • Sugarsalt says:

            Nathans hair isn’t fake. Just stupid. Alex is way hotter but Nathan’s fans are burning with hatred as they’re being crushed in the ratings right now by HFO. Plus Nathan has a huge fan base from way back when he did Firefly. A fan base that didn’t turn into hating nutters when the show was cancelled unlike poor Alex who got the Moonighters voting against him everything he does. Those Moonlighters all watch Castle now and vote for Nathan in everything. He’d better hope he never does anything to upset them as they’re like a curse and they have all the time in the world for their crazy.