Family Guy's 9/11 Satire: Did It Go Too Far?

The envelope. Viewers’ buttons. Its own luck. Family Guy has pushed ’em all, and, in tonight’s episode, the Fox hit may even have pushed them all at once.

During a routine trip back in time with Stewie, Brian tips off his past self about 9/11 so that the old him can play hero and stop the terrorist attacks (with catch phrases, no less). But his good deed doesn’t go unpunished: He accidentally sets in motion a chain of events that leads to a Civil War and a videogame-y sort of apocalypse.

In turn, this forces Stewie to flash them back in time again (and again) so that they can make sure that 9/11 actually occurs. At one point, so many Brians and Stewies wind up in the same place and time that they are able to take a vote: Should they intervene in 9/11 or let it happen?

“Let it happen” wins, resulting in high fives. (Even Stewie acknowledges that, out of context, that isn’t gonna look good.)

So what did you think? Did the show go too far? Or is all fair in a comedy that features an alcoholic dog, a baby sociopath and a time machine? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kevin says:

    I thought it was funny.

    • Caiti says:

      Honestly? I thought it was actually a good message. Even though 9/11 was a horrible, despicable act, who knows what may have happened had it not occured. Bin Laden and Sadaam would still be out there, almost definitely. 9/11 alerted the world to this danger, unlike anything before it. Again, a horrible terrible thing, but who knows.

    • edinstchas says:

      Ten years later and we give up honoring those that died, and make their memory a mockery… as a culture we have gone over the edge. We have thrown away the morals/values that made us a great nation, and accepted the “throw away” and “cheap taste” values of a hedonistic society. I guess I’m one of those that thinks this show, and others like The Simpsons, etc., are the steaming pile of nonsense Marcus… I’m not saying they are poorly written, or for lowbrow idiots, but I do think they are culture changers! Instead of passing on strong moral values to our kids we are passing on adult misgivings to our kids. In other words, I think so many adults think that because they did bad things, and made mistakes in their past, that it isn’t okay to expect better from our own children. After all, they are only human, right??? Whatever happened to “parenting”, “expectations”, “standards”, “responsibility”, etc., etc., etc. Why not just give our kids a box of condoms, a bottle of booze, a few joints, a credit card and the car keys and wish them good night!!! For many people it seems it doesn’t matter, as long as they aren’t murdering someone, or injecting heroine in their veins… its all relative, right??? I’d better stop… fire away…

      • valindrix says:

        your more than being just a little crazy about this. This entire arguement is a straw man. Seriously. If you didnt like it, turn the channel. Its a show. TV shouldn’t mold your opinions, it shouldnt raise your children. If this is what it is doing, then you have alot of serious issues more so than family guy making fun of somthing that happened 10 years ago. America at large has pretty much moved on from the subject, we can barely even see pictures of it anywhere anymore because it breeds hate. We honored the dead by killing those people we decided was responsible for it. More people are dieing weekly still because of that day. They wont be dieing because Stewie was happy 9/11 happened. Get off your high horse, and let it go. its a cartoon for crying out loud.

  2. Marcus says:

    People who normally think this show is funny will think that is hilarious. People who think this show is a steaming pile of poorly written nonsense meant to amuse lowbrow idiots will think this was horrifically tasteless.

    • Liz says:

      I disagree with you. I love Family Guy, but I think this is in bad taste.

      • sandy says:

        Oh please….bad taste????? Such hypersensitive people. More people die killing each other, in car accidents each year??? I actually thought they handled it in very good taste. Unfortunately,
        the show hasn’t been as funny the last two seasons and or as it used to be. I miss the old family guy episodes. If they can’t do any funnier they should stop the show before it dies on its own.

      • mick herman says:

        you may think that but tv shows are having to go to longer and longer lengths to continue getting viewers attention and it was the funniest episode in a while so who cares

    • CJ says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. If you aren’t offended by the highly sexualized baby, rampant incest jokes, abusive treatment of Meg, nonchalant attitude toward the pedophile down the street, and the dog who has sex both with other dogs and with human females, this episode is another Horatio Alger story.

      • shut up meg says:

        I can’t believe you put “abusive treatment of Meg” on that list.

        You get that the baby and dog talk to each other, right? I mean are you still steaming over the Flintstones abusive treament of their pet dinosaur?

        • CJ says:

          I’m not steaming over anything. I like Family Guy. I don’t watch new episodes very often, because of shows on other channels, and I wouldn’t rank it anywhere near The Simpsons, but I’m a regular viewer. I was merely listing the things people usually object to about the show, one of which is the utterly callous treatment of Meg.

          • sandy says:

            Please spare me the Simpsons….you can’t compare them. I think you’re either a family guy person or simpsons. I’m FG. Simpsons doesn’t interest me in the least. I’m so tired of simpson folks getting on the FG sites to insult them. I’ve never been on a simpson site to insult those fans….so do me a favor and stop already.

          • KFM says:

            Woh Sandy CJ didn’t insult Family Guy or their fans. Actual quote was: “I like Family Guy.” I happen to agree that the Simpsons is currently possessing the edge between the two shows, but I will readily admit it’s probably because Seth MacFarlane is tired and almost trying to get canceled by this point, while Groening has really had to step his game up to readjust to what Family Guy’s success has done to the youth of America’s sense of humor.

            Since you’re ok with sharing personal opinions, I happen to think that people drawing a line between two parts of popular culture so firmly as to defend it with an almost kneejerk reaction are what’s withering the soul and spirit of true artistic credibility.

    • Mike says:

      I think Marcus nailed it. Personally, I thought it was a very funny episode. (Not so much for the 9/11 thing, but for the callback to prior episodes. The original Kool-Aid thing was a favorite bit of mine, so I loved that). And I didn’t think the 9/11 thing was tasteless at all. They weren’t celebrating 9/11 at all, they were celebrating some crazy hypothetical of avoiding something even worse. But if I hated Family Guy, I’m sure I’d feel differently.

  3. Noelle says:

    I’m not offend but to be honest, if you are going to be upset by this…I hope you have never watched this show before. This is not the first time they “crossed” the line.

  4. Richard says:

    Yeah, lighten up a little. It was a funny episode. Unless, of course, you seek political and social guidance from a cartoon.

  5. I’ve been watching Family Guy for years and I don’t think it went too far when you consider the show has been pushing the envelope for years.

  6. AJ says:

    I think after this and them making fun of domestic abuse they’re on a roll with being needlessly offensive.

    • Mandy says:

      Agreed. I used to love Family Guy up until about a season or two ago, it was pretty funny and witty. I guess it’s easier to be offensive than witty. There was barely one joke in the recent domestic abuse episode.

      • CJ says:

        Family Guy is very funny, but it has never been the least bit witty.

        • Mo says:

          You must not have watched for very long. Family Guy has become less and less funny since it was “uncancelled”. Go back and watch season’s 1-3. There was perfect set up and comedic timing. There were thoughtful scripts that had story to them and made sense. The jokes weren’t as random and didn’t resort to the lowest common denominator. Family Guy used to create clever original jokes that would actually make you gasp for air because you’d get caught up laughing so hard. Now it seems like the funniest jokes I find myself contemplating them and thinking, “Yeah, I can see where they were trying to go with that.” I refused to watch American Dad when it first aired because I figured it for a money grab, but now years later that I’m caught up I can’t help but wonder if all the writers from the first few seasons of Family Guy didn’t switch over. American Dad is where the true comedy is at now. Family Guy appears to now be the scraps thrown to the stoners and slow witted.

  7. Julio says:

    Seth Mcfarlane was supposed to be in one of those planes. He narrowly missed his flight. He isn’t making fun of 9/11. He was pointing out that there are worse things in the world. Does anyone who has a problem with this episode prefer the alternate version instead?

    • David says:

      In fact, he was booked for the specific flight depicted in the episode (with MacFarlane-voiced “Brian” on board). My friend suggested that the scene reflects MacFarlane’s fantasy of what he wishes had occurred that morning.

  8. js says:

    I thought the premise of the show was fine (and funny) but the only part that crossed the line was the Pat Tillman joke

    • Lisa says:

      I think it was meant to be ironic. That if Pat hadn’t gone overseas and got killed by “friendly fire”, then the worst thing that could have happened would be to get “friendly fire” from his team.

    • Holly says:

      Oddly, I agree. That also was the one part where I kind of half-gasped and felt uncomfortable. The whole thing made me a bit uneasy but that doesn’t mean I will quit watching the show or that I think they don’t have a right to find humor even in such enormous tragedy. For some reason though, yeah — the Pat Tillman joke bothered me.

      • sandy says:

        Holly you need not watch FG if you’re so hypersensitive. This is not a show for the emotionally weak. This seasons shows have been the least offensive and the least funny. Such enormous tragedy?? I think the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan we’ve killed hundreds of thousand of those people now that’s tragic. 3,000….we kill each other on a daily basis in this country and no one seems to think a thing about that. You people are weird and have a strange sense of what real tradegy is.

  9. Ken says:

    This was best episode of the season thus far

  10. Matt says:

    Family Guy once did a musical number about prom-night dumpster babies, this is peanuts.

    • LyricsRme1 says:

      I thought the prom-night dumpster number was a hoot; then I saw a show that actually showed a pregnant teen who dumped her baby in the garbage and continued to party at the prom afterward – don’t know if that’s where Seth got his ‘inspiration’, but oh well. You’ve Got A Lot To See is another favorite of mine; racist, but funny as hell!

  11. Mia says:

    I think everything related to 9.11 should be off limits. This was a very tragic day for our country and is nt laughing matter just saying

    • Bill says:

      Yes, because like all tragedies, it should be forgotten, brushed under the rug, and never spoken of again. That’s how true healing will happen.

      • Liz says:

        That is not what she is saying. She is suggesting that such a tragic event should be remembered for the tragedy that it was. She didn’t suggest rewriting history and pretending that 9/11 didn’t happen–that is just as wrong as what Family Guy did tonight.

        9/11 should not be mocked. Over 3000 people lost their lives because of the selfishness of a few terrorists. Dishonoring our dead in this way is not now nor should it ever be funny.

        • Stephanie says:

          Fun fact for you. Did you know that fewer peopled died on 9.11 than on a normal given day? Less people were driving, so fewer car accidents. Fewer crimes were being committed and so forth and so forth. Thousands of people died in this country today. Why aren’t we honoring them?

          • Michelle says:

            Wow…I’m not even sure how to take that. I can see the point you are trying to make, but it comes off as dismissive of the people who died on 9/11. The fact that 3000 people died at the hands of terrorists is much different than what you are referring to.

          • Sarah says:

            Just so you know, you sound like an idiot. The people killed in the 9/11 attacks were victims of a mass terrorist attack. An attack that was intended as a message to all American citizens. This does not mean that someone killed in a mugging-gone-wrong should be belittled. Absolutely not. But using the fact that tons of people die everyday as an excuse to avoid honoring people murdered in what can only be described as a “mass extermination,” just makes you sound oblivious to the fact that this attack created ripples so big, to this day America is in conflict.

            PS I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the ratio between how many people die in a genocide to how many people die in the world…

          • Pete C says:

            What a jerk. If you lost a family member on 9/11 I’m sure you would see things different. People died for no good reason. I know because I did suffer a loss. 9/11 is not a joke and should never be made light of.

          • Tyler says:

            I agree with you, Stephanie. Family Guy has made jokes about the Holocaust, and it wasn’t a big deal, and that’s only because it happened decades ago. This is fresh, so people are still using it as a crutch. In reality, disasters and tragedies happen everyday. Yes, this was a terrible event in American history, but we can’t change it ten years later, so if a cartoon known for this kind of humor makes an episode about it, so be it. We can’t change history, so embrace it.

          • tina says:

            …ya you’re definitely right stephanie. so we should encourage similar events like 9/11 to occur all the time because of the impact on car accidents.

            you’re an idiot.

            family guy is a stupid show for stupid people. ya go reply on my comment and tell me to get the hell away from an article about the show and that I’m just looking for a fight, etc etc. the point is, i saw this headline on a website that contains information about other shows and I decided to see people’s reactions and to be honest, this is sad. I’m surprised so many people think this is funny. this show isn’t “pushing the envelope”. it has no substance, and gains attention by making light of wounds that haven’t healed yet. 9/11 happened 10 years ago. there are children alive right now without parents due to this event. too soon, tactless, disrespectful. and if you think this is in anyway “funny” or “delivered a good message”, then you’re delusional. and those of you who argue that this is a way of “healing”, ask yourself if this is how you would deal with someone in your family being MURDERED.


        • Nine says:

          Dark humor is a coping mechanism. Should we also ban MASH? Inglorius Basterds? Black Adder? F-Troop? Hogans Heroes? The Producers for “Springtime for Hitler”?

          • snady says:

            I agree….It’s been 10 years since 9/11. If you’re so easily offended don’t watch satire…In fact, they handled 9/11 very well. Who cares if it’s terrorist…People died. It’s certainly not the worst tradegy ….we’ve been killing hundreds of thousand of people in the middle east and somehow you nitwits don’t seem to get it!!!

    • Holly says:

      The problem is: then what else is off limits? The Holocaust? All of World War II? The Civil War? Where do you draw the line? How far back do you go? Do you only call it off-limits if it affected Americans? How will overseas viewers feel about the time the show did a cutaway that involved humor over the Nagasaki and Hiroshima atomic bomb drops? Before you know it, you can never make fun of anything that might upset anyone — which leaves — nothing. You might find last night’s episode in bad taste and I respect that opinion. But once certain things start being “off-limits”, you may not like where those with the power draw the line for what is acceptable.

    • sandy says:

      MS PC…yes let’s be politically correct and stop all free speech…Gee…too bad for you communism just went out of style all over the world….otherwise you would have fit right in. I’m so glad you understand what freedom of speech really means and why this country was considered one of the best in the world…Now you PC fold come along and want to stop it. anything you don’t like!!

  12. Nicole says:

    Well considering a very large portion of their audience are probably too young to even remember 9/11, I’m thinking most of then will have no issue with it.

    • matt says:

      LOL… of all the arguments on either side, this is the dumbest one and hopefully not a serious one… 9/11 was only ten years ago, not 50. You’re saying the average viewer is only between 10 and 20 years old?

    • Rog says:

      I’m 20 I remember what happened and exactly where i was (5th grade) although i am not a regular family guy viewer I did see tonight’s episode. I have mixed feelings about it, they always have to make fun of something. I feel many episodes before this has crossed the line too, I just know in the end its a cartoon that addresses things other shows do not

    • Nicole says:

      Nope, that the audience are mostly in college, around 18-22. So they were 8-12 when it happened and there just to young to really understand it.

      • Volcfom says:

        I think you are completely undermining the intelligence of that generation. I was 13 when it happened and I can remember the entire event like it was yesterday.
        We’ve also had ten years to learn what we didn’t know at the time, so I think the only ones who couldn’t understand it would be those who have no recollection of that day.

      • Rog says:

        i understood what was going on when i went home and saw the news coverage of buildings falling and people jumping out of windows, i knew what was happening was bad, although it may just be me but i was very informed that day i watched the coverage all day and night after school.

      • Tyler says:

        Absolutely not. I understand exactly what happened. You have no right to say anything about what I understand, you are not me, nor my generation.

      • Nicole says:

        Well, I was 17 when it happened, and after we were told everything in class a guy next to me said “who cares” and put his head down..I’m not saying EVERYONE who is younger can’t understand, but I guess I’m just not seeing how people can take is seriously and then joke about it.

        Sorry, I guess I’m just a stick in the mud about 3,000 people dying a horrible death..

  13. Catharine says:

    I joined the military as a direct result of the 9/11 attacks and served 6 years of my life preserving the rights of Seth MacFarlane and every other moron out there to say whatever they want. That being said, I think it’s in incredibly poor taste. Too many innocent people died that day and to have a cartoon showing that you could have prevented it only to go back in time to make certain it happens disgusts me. No, I don’t watch Family Guy for anything remotely close to a show about morals, but there needs to be a line drawn somewhere.

  14. Colby says:

    its Family Guy not freaking Barnie!!!! Stuff like this is what makes the show funny.If you can’t laugh at it then don’t watch the show!!!!

  15. Terry says:

    Nothing to be offended by. Family Guy did a scifi episode. In all the movies, books, tv shows done on the premise of time travel the number one rule is don’t change history because there could be dire effects for the future. I mean how many of these time travel plots were done about trying to kill Hilter & avoiding WWII but couldn’t because the future would change. People need to stop taking everything so seriously. This was after all a cartoon .

    • Liz says:

      The difference between those shows and this, is that in those episodes, characters don’t go back to change things and then when things have been changed for the worse they don’t go back again to put things back the way they were. In one episode of the new Twilight Zone, Katherine Heigel goes back in time to stop Hitler from growing up. Part of the episode showed her tossing baby Hitler into a river, however, the episode ends with Mr. and Mrs. Hitler getting a new baby, who then grows up to become Hitler.

      I’m in the middle of writing a sci-fi romance in which time travel is a plot device. Part of my story involves changing history, but the policy of those involved in the time travel is not to change major events, so despite the fact that most of the present is completely different from how it actually is, I didn’t touch 9/11. It would be wrong to pretend that it did not happen–as a matter of fact I almost stopped watching Fringe when I found out that in one of the universes it did not happen.

    • Mandy says:

      It’s a cartoon made by REAL people. This episode illustrates the poor characters of the writers, producers, and director. “People need to stop taking things so seriously”?? 9/11 was serious! And I WAS 9 years old in 2001 and I do remember what happened. little kids were just as affected by the attacks. Just because someone may not “remember” someone as well as others doesn’t mean they shouldn’t respect the feelings of others or honor the memories of their fellow human beings who died that day.

    • sandy says:

      You people are too young to know that Mao Zedong, Stalin killed more people during WWII than anyone else in recent history. Yet people in this country talk about Hilter all the time. I don’t get it. I guess slavs and Chinese don’t count as humans so it really doesn’t matter. Just some lite history info…since most of you don’t know a thing about it.

  16. Jon says:

    Satire is satire. Family Guy has always poked around with serious time periods, including the Holocaust. I looked at this episode as a “everything happens for a reason” lesson, and even if we could go back and change that horrific event in the United States history, would we? How would our world be different if it didn’t happen? We all saw how the country came together during that time to grieve and be as one. That is all I believe Family Guy is trying to do. Ask questions. Get people talking about stuff that may be deemed ‘inappropriate’. Whether that is right or not is in the eye of the beholder. Being a born and raised United States citizen, I personally was not offended at tonight’s episode at all.

  17. Jerry says:

    This episode bothered you guys enough to write about, but not the domestic abuse one two weeks ago? That one still sits with me wrong.

    • Jon says:

      I didn’t view that episode as making fun of domestic abuse. Sure, they made a few jokes about how little things set the guy off to beat his girlfriend. But having friends who had been in abusive relationships, it really was the little things like that that would set the guy off. I think if you looked at that episode as a whole, it had a good moral. In the end, justice was served and it really showed the lengths family would go to protect one another, no matter in what situation. Are you telling me that if you had a sister in an abusive relationship that you would just shut up and not talk about it? Like I said before, “Family Guy” provokes us as an audience to react and talk about those little inappropriate things we don’t think about on an everyday basis. Within that I find a moral. Agree or not, you’re talking about domestic abuse now, were you before?

  18. James says:

    If you have a family member that died on 9/11 this absolutely isn’t funny. Someone slapping hi fives over these attacks isn’t funny at all and if you think it is there’s something seriously wrong with you

    • Jon says:

      Did you actually watch the episode? I’m sorry if you lost someone in the 9/11 attacks, or anyone did for that matter. They high-fived but that was after they attempted to fix a mistake, and they even addressed what bad taste that would be if taken out of context, like it is now.

  19. Ash says:

    Just saw the episode and i think it was really great (One of the best episodes i’ve seen of the show) and i don’t think it was meant to be offensive. McFarlane just wanted to say that yes 9/11 was really awful but eventually we’ll have to move on because we can’t change the past and i think McFarlane is using jokes not to mock the event but to tell his message the best way he knows.
    And the smartest thing about the episode is that they are self-aware that the episode will be take out of his context by many people and upset them (With the genius Highfive scene) but the fact is that they didn’t mean to be offensive.

  20. Jess says:

    As a sci fi fan who’s seen way too many different forms of time travel and “what if’s,” I wasn’t offended at all by this episode. I thought the crossing-timeline part with multiple stewie and brian was hilarious!

    That said, I feel the 9/11 parts were thought-provoking. Yes it was a great tragedy but as a nation we came out stronger. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t cry over split milk. Learn from the past to prepare for the future!

  21. J says:

    I’m not a fan of the show, but I watch it because my husband is. Yes, it was in poor taste, as much of Family Guy is, but I don’t think it went too far. That show does quite a bit that offends a lot of people and this is no different.

  22. I haven’t seen the episode yet but from what I read here it doesn’t sound like it was that offensive. If anything, it makes me think of an episode of Doctor Who from a few years ago when the Doctor travels to Pompeii and basically has the choice of stopping it, but possibly creating something worse, or allowing Vesuvius to erupt and kill the city. The only reason no one was upset is because Pompeii was so far in the past, but otherwise it seems like pretty much the same thing. I don’t see why acknowledging that sometimes bad things happen, and it’s better to move on from them, than to fruitlessly try to change the past is such a bad thing.

    • jess says:

      yes i thought of doctow who as well. I totally agree. Instead of “dishonoring those who died on 9/11,” i though this episode was more about time stream and science fiction than anything else.

  23. Clarkey9 says:

    I dont see any of that episode to be offensive as not any pat of it was making fun of or making light of 9/11 and that horrible day. It was really only a plot device, there were no jokes about the people that died that day. When looking at offensiveness in comedy its all about the subject (person or event) in the joke and where the punchline comes and where the laugh comes from. I watch Family Guy every week and I know it isnt the smartest show on TV and it often steps up to the line and occasionally crosses it but you can’t condemn a comedy show for simply featuring 9/11 when it isnt meaning to make a joke out of it or offend anyone

  24. Ryan O'Brien says:

    I’m on the fence. I love time travel shows so I was even having the ‘Would you stop 9/11 etc…’ conversation once with pals while shooting the breeze. I had to contend that while I probably would, you don’t know what could come of it. I don’t think it would be as bad as civil war, but those people could have children who become murderers, or they could get hit by a car causing somebody to go to jail for 4 years and not have the kid who grows up and cures cancer or becomes a great president etc… Life is so unpredictable. It’s actually why I’m against abortion. I’ll never picket because I respect not regulating women, but who are we to decide another human’s potential or life lasting impact a single moment could have on the world.

    In worse taste in the past I think were the cracks about Elizabeth Smart, the death of John Ritter, or when they showed JFK as a hamburger man getting shot.

  25. dee123 says:

    So they can do this but The Simpsons can’t show Homer’s butt (no cartoon can have any nudity) anymore. Makes no sense to me.

  26. Silas says:

    Oh yeah! I forgot about that. Thanks Justin & Janet.

  27. wes says:

    hooray, more free publicity for family guy! :)

  28. onyx22 says:

    I don’t think the show went too far but it was kinda lazy they have done too many time travel episodes

  29. strider0075 says:

    I just watched the episode, i thought it had it’s humorous moments and considering all that FG has made fun of i’m not surprised macfarlane once again sold out. that being said i think this is a combination of (1) “too soon” and (2) wrong subject matter, let me break it down.

    (1) If they had done this last or five years ago, there wouldn’t have been a problem. But macfarlane chose very bad timing since the 10th year memorial was just two months ago.

    (2) Now if they had chosen something like stopping WW2 or the great depression, then yes there is a possibility of things getting worse.
    But, 9/11 was not one of these events. in fact things would be better if it had never happened.
    We wouldn’t be elbow deep in debt. we wouldn’t be in an unnecessary war and i know that alot of you are gonna say it is necessary. well it’s not, enough evidence has been found to prove that while someone did fly a plane into the bldg’s, that wasn’t what made them collapse. Finally can anyone really say that bush not getting elected to a second term is a bad thing.

    • Tyler says:

      How do you know? How can you honestly say that you know exactly what would have happened to the world if 9/11 never happened? You can’t. No one can. History is made everyday. The point of time itself is that you can’t go back, you can’t change it, so embrace what we’ve been through and where we’ve been, and laugh at a joke.

      • strider0075 says:

        read this in it’s entirety cause i don’t like repeating myself. Like i said earlier, on 9/11 innocent people did die, but the whole thing was a “false flag” op. It was an attack on america by american agencies to push us into a war with Afghanistan and ultimately Iraq. these events are controlled by us and should never be allowed to happen. also, we did the same thing twice before, do pearl harbor and the lucetania ring any bells. False flag ops are the bane of our existence and have no good side to them, it’s just war mongering to make a profit. So yes, i can predict what would’ve happened if this day had never happened cause i have studied the history of our country.

  30. vince r says:

    If family guy and the fox network enjoys the 100’s of millions of dollars in revenues that the sponsors dearly pay for….and to risk sponsors pulling out because consumers might boycott products sponsors produce is too big a risk.
    Im a firm believer in the arts and freedom of speech but I would never push the envelope using the whole country, risk is too great.
    The executive at fox who made and allowed the decision to air this needs to resign tomorrow. The creators are artists, the executives shoud be the brains.
    Clearly it seems the executives lacks common business sense

    • Holly says:

      Err… Family Guy has been boycotted before. It made the ratings go up. All the advertising dollars came back and then some.

  31. Ma'at says:


  32. TyDean98 says:

    People are FAR too sensitive. Humor, as it has always been, is subjective. I didn’t consider the humor of this episode to be lowbrow, but it wasn’t the smartest episode ever, either. That being said, I didn’t find the 9-11 references offensive because, as many of you have pointed out, it was 10 years ago. 10 year is a long time! The majority of America has has healed. 9/11 jokes, at this point, are fair game. It is NOT too soon. In fact, the first 9/11 joke I can remember was the South Park segment of ‘The Aristocrats’ in 2005, and you know what? It was hilarious.

    So, in my opinion, nobody should lose their job over this episode. Nobody should send hate mail. Chances are, if you are offended by this episode, you don’t watch Family Guy to begin with, so let it go. Move on. Find something worthwhile to worry about.

  33. JR says:

    Maybe this will show people what a pompous little dick Seth MacFarlane actually is. I’m not from the States, but I’ve seen Seth MacFarlane bop around all histrionically over the “evils” and ignorance of Conservatives. Granted, looking in from the outside, some Conservative views are a bit archaic, but that doesn’t give him the excuse to trivially go after an event that is often associated with the Republican actions of government at that time. I don’t care how “evil” some pacifists or left-wingers think the right wing faction is, using that event for entertainment purposes is revolting. I would strongly suggest some Democrats stop using MacFarlane as their comedic, innovative poster-boy and gain a few E.Q. points. I’m willing to bet MacFarlane wouldn’t have the cojones to screen that episode for members of 9/11 victims.

    • Hols says:

      What the heck are you even talking about? I don’t think you understand how the United States government works. Also, this is the stupidest thing I’ve read since I read something else stupid on the internet last week.

    • Jeff says:

      And what’s really ironic about what you said is that a show like this appears on Fox.

  34. vince r says:

    I watch the show religiously.
    The show I feel has enough talent to stay off vile and gross episodes because gross isn’t funny unless your 5. And some issues like this knaw at my American pride. I come from NY.
    Let Seth mcfarland create an episode of his mother dying of cancer as she did.
    Right up to her last breath she had on earth.
    Now that’s hysterical!

  35. D says:

    Funny!! If your a fan of the show, it’s not too far. They have done edgier material. Shows have covered the, what if you changed the past material a million times. Don’t take this show so seriously.

  36. Jonathan says:

    Seth Mcfarlane is a true blooded american who loves his country and like most Americans , i imagine, he grieved and was angered by those events. If you make light of something it doesn’t seem so terrible. This was not the first, or the last joke they’ll make about that infamous day. I respect him and the show to be able to do this.

  37. jason says:

    i think this is an exercise in ego to even discuss an opinion on a comedy show as if it affects the real world. you give weight to something that had none. you value somethin in an arena where estimating value is worthless, because it is absurd, and the absurd has value only to those who worship the absurd.

  38. brent says:

    Whatever… it’s kept me safely employed for the past 5 years with my current career in the Army, lol.

  39. Jacques says:

    When I saw the 9/11 George W. Bush interview, I remember him saying: “At one point, 9/11 will become a day on the calendar, just like ‘Pearl Harbour Day'”. PH, which was like 70 years ago (the age of your grandparents) is for my generation (i’m 33 FYI) indeed something on the calendar. But 9/11 is only 10 years ago, and for most people still fresh in their mind, like it happened yesterday. Personally, I can handle the jokes and satire around the event, but I do understand the other people who don’t think it’s that funny at all …

    Time always heals all wounds … Even 9/11…

  40. Andy says:

    I just watched the episode, and i can’t say that it was in any shape or form offensive. The concept behind this episode is not new: altering the past may change the future.

    This episode is great because it allows people to think: would you sacrifice a few people to save the lives of the many? This a philosophical question that anyone should ask themselves.

    But i do see the validity of the “bad timing” argument.

    Sorry if i made some mistakes, english is not my first language)

  41. roger says:

    I though the Pat Tillman joke as well as the joke about attacking St. Louis was hilarious. I didn’t really feel there was a malicious moment in the episode.

  42. Walter says:

    We seem to be seeing more and more of these stories lately. I think McFarlane and company are starting to realize that Family Guy isn’t generatig the kind of buzz it used to, so they are desperately trying things to keep it in the limelight. I used to watch the show all the time, but it has been predictable and unfunny; so, I haven’t watchd it this season.

  43. Polly says:

    fair game
    but this show overstayed its welcome by 3 seasons at least

  44. scooterbeanbag says:

    It’s just a cartoon. You should never take this show seriously.

  45. Victoria says:

    I thought it was funny, and don’t see anything wrong. Maybe if we could go back before 9/11, wouldn’t we try to right the wrongs, too, or for that matter ALL that turned out wrong???

  46. Robert Ariadne says:

    I thought it was hysterical.

  47. Yolanda says:

    I thought it was hilarious. We ALL wished we can “turn back time,” and change things, making our lives better. There have been so many shows/movies that have this premise, and it’s not like Family Guy hasn’t done something on this scale before.

  48. madhatter360 says:

    I don’t know if this changes anything for anyone, but apparently Seth MacFarlane was supposed to be on the plane that hit the North Tower, but missed it because he got to the airport late.

  49. Grigori Yefímovich Rasputín says:


  50. loner says:

    Manufactured outrage for the win!