Family Guy First Look: Watch Stewie and Brian Go Back to the Past!

This Sunday’s episode of Family Guy finds Brian and Stewie traveling back in time to the show’s pilot episode in an attempt to rewrite history.

There’s just one problem: The year 1999 looks, um, a little fancier than they remembered.

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Press play below for an exclusive first look at duo’s trippy time warp.

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  1. noahguidry says:

    Love it

  2. bailey murphy says:

    ; can’t wait !! <3

  3. Tom says:

    So… I clicked on the link off of facebook and it says that it can’t be viewed in my country- Canada.. :(

  4. edgar says:

    Tats a cool movie

  5. cbang says:

    WTF!!!! it wont let me watch it!!!! D:<

  6. mandy melendez says:

    It says press play below and there is no play button. Could not see it

  7. Seth Macfarlane, Creator of family guy, is rebooting the Flintstones!!


  8. Anonamy says:

    Go to Hell, you and your limitations for the rest of the world.

  9. isolatez says:

    Love family guy <3

  10. jymmymack says:

    Uh… this isn’t 1999. They even mention in the clip that it’s the future. “Wow, this is the future?”

  11. Jeaneen says:

    I don’t even see play to click on! What is goin on?!

  12. peter says:

    Wont let me watch it!!!! No play button below!!!

  13. dave smith says:

    says i cant view it from my location pretty useless really

  14. Hloneey says:

    Haha I’m in South Africa I’ll get a chance to view it..hopefully

  15. cathey says:

    Same here!!sats press play and there’s nothing there WTF??!!!!

  16. Hloneey says:

    Me neither

  17. Crazy McAwesomeface says:

    I’m thinking that you intro’d this clip wrong. This clip is the part of the episode where Stewie and Brian are in the future, and see that things have just gotten *really* stale in the future. Hence, seeing this type of stuff made them realize they had to go back to the *pilot* ep to fix things and keep the show fresh. Buuuuut yeah: looks funny!

  18. Chacama says:

    HAHAHAHA… Hilarious!!!!! Can;t wait to see the hole thing on Sunday!

  19. Krissy says:

    I can’t watch this on iPod touch

  20. frank says:

    well that stinks for the canada people. But i live in america. Ha ha.

  21. Danielle H says:

    Everyone who can’t see it needs to stop QQing. They are nice enough to post the vid here; it’ll air on Sunday.

  22. mikeyyy says:

    i might as well unlike family guy on facebook cos i CANNOT view there videos :(

  23. nathaly says:

    Cant wait to see it omg 8-O

  24. divine0enigma says:

    Simpsons did this already.

  25. David says:

    that sux, l used to like watching these previews, now its saying that l cant watch it from my current location or country. why has it changed?

  26. Isn’t Sunday the 13th????

  27. lauren moore says:

    Can’t wait xxx <3

  28. Patrick Belk says:

    When I click on it wouldn’t let me veiw it. It said my arm pitts were to hairy. Now that ain’t right.

  29. West says:

    in 1999 www means world wide web

    in 2011 I cannot watch this from europe.

    • topoopon says:

      Welcome to my world whenever I go to the BBC’s website to checkout “Being Human” or “Luther” videos and get blocked as well. Truth is it works both ways and has more to do with international copyright laws than anything.

  30. Alberto jr reyes says:

    I love family guy espesialy stuie he’s such a great singer

  31. jake says:

    It says click play button but there is no play button!!! Why!?!?!?!?

  32. mr.troll says:

    family guy is gey

  33. geypickles says:

    who u callin gey?

  34. Ernesto says:

    I can’t wait

  35. Ernest says:

    Yea is gey hehehehe but is funny

  36. daniel says:

    so this is what we will look like in the future wow i might just go to the past and i think that stewie and brian are dead or just one of them i do not know but its just a guess

  37. Roxana says:

    I can’t see the video:(((( why you dont allow some countries? It doesn’t make any sense!

  38. ricky says:

    this website s*cks balls. they must have found the spot we told them to put their playbutton cuz I still don see it.

  39. kuan says:

    I think Americans are too ignorant or they have stupid law, as always. Only stupid people would think for example stopping a car on a highway with heavy traffic or shooting a guy in the face just because he is trespassing your property are good ideas.

  40. Eric says:

    this is stupid, just because i’m from the netherlands i cant watch it? =S

  41. Toot says:


  42. Emma says:

    Too bad suck it up or come to the US you stupid Canadian.

    • Delirious says:

      Yeah, awesome… And when it isn’t Canada? Like, you know, there’s like, more countries in the world besides the US, and stuff. Try all those countries in Europe, for example. Or in Asia. And, believe it or not, there’s even more! :O

  43. bob says:

    God damn americans, why can you never make anything work!

  44. Jean says:

    Would love to watch it but this site will not let me see it from Canada. : (

  45. viki says:

    I clicked on the link off of facebook and it says that it can’t be viewed in my country-GREECE (((

  46. Raven_Moon says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Family Guy has kind of sucked this season? That being said, I think this episode looks like it could have potential. I hope it’s a good one. If not, I think I may be done with this show.

  47. Um, reality check says:

    For those who can’t see it…trust me, you missed NOTHING.

  48. David says:

    Wavy to the bitch