Breaking: Showtime Renews Weeds For Eighth (and Final?) Season

Well, it’s high time this became official: Showtime has renewed Weeds.

The cabler has ordered a 13-episode eighth season of the Mary Louise Parker-fronted comedy to debut in 2012.

A press release Showtime sent out announcing the news made no mention of it being the final season, as some have speculated.

What do you think? Is eight enough for Nancy & Co.?

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  1. Dave says:

    Best news of the day!

  2. Jon says:

    Even though this past season of Weeds was HORRIBLE, I couldn’t imagine if it didn’t come back. Now, hopefully, it will be treated as the final season and everything will be tied up? And Celia will be back? Please?

    • Jesse says:

      I know right! The show hasn’t been good since Celia left. Except for the season cliffhangers. They’ve still been amazing. But seriously, Celia and Isabel need to come back!

    • Deeds says:

      I agree, please bring back Celia! I marvel at how the younger son continues to keep my interest…my fav with him was when Zooey left him at the truck stop and he put food cans on his feet to reach the car pedals to drive away…’course there was the cougar shot!

  3. LQLOuie says:

    YES!!! Can’t wait!! This show could go on for as long as they want it to. The fan base for this show is just as strong as its ever been!

  4. izikavazo says:

    Oh thank god. I desperately need more Weeds.

  5. Tim says:

    hope jennifer jason leigh becomes a regular

  6. Eliza says:


    This news makes me ridiculously happy.

    Thank you, Showtime!

    I love Nancy Botwin and crew. It will be very, very hard for me to say goodbye when the series does eventually end.

  7. Danny says:

    I hope Mary-Louise Parker finally wins an Emmy (for “Weeds,” anyway). She’s sublime …

    • D says:

      She was nominated for the third, and I think fourth, seasons. Who took the Emmy for her Season 3 nom, why was that person better than MLP, I wonder…

      I love Weeds to death, but Season 3, quality-wise, was its year to clean up awards and it unfortunately didn’t, and it will probably never be that good again, for however long it continues.

  8. MST3K says:

    I guess this means she didn’t get killed when the sniper fired at the end of this past season. Whew… I would have been really mad if that’s how this show ended.

  9. lethargic says:

    “Is eight enough for Nancy & Co.?” 3 was enough. This show has been TERRIBLE since leaving Agrestic. They erased everything the show was about and what made it great and it became just a show about an annoying hateable stupid woman ruining her kid’s lives and having sex with anything that moves. This show really needs to be put out of it’s misery.

  10. Anthony says:

    Thank God for this news! I can’t believe it took this long for an announcement.

  11. Midori says:

    I agree, once Mexico happened there was no going back.

    Now we will have five seasons too many.

  12. fernando says:

    YAY more Weeds can’t wait lol

  13. Brendan says:

    Yes! Let’s shoot for 10!

  14. NCSouthernBelle says:

    I love Weeds, but the last two seasons have really sucked. This season was slightly better than last season, but not by much. They’d better step up their game and try to recapture the magic they had the first five seasons!!!

  15. adelinefromparis says:

    hi !
    i’m from “Paris” (in france lol not in hilton) this serie is one of the most popular here
    i’m a fan of that show (and also “raising hope” “fringe” and “south park” too) in fact the french series are so awful than we can’t watch it lol ! so thanks for export yours;) (exept that on tv we haven’t episode in same time unfortunately… but by internet, in the same time than you héhé ! :p COOL !! .
    a part that sometimes,i don’t exactly know why ,there is a lot of audience and they stop the show = WTF ?!

    whaterver, i want weeds never stop ! lol

    no seriously maybe 10season (or 11 and it will be so nice) showtime can stop it when they want for placed another new serie just because they want .

    abc,hbo,etc… all the same …its look like they don’t care of us the people who watched its not cool… i talk too much and my english is bad lol so i’m sorry !
    …(hope you’ll see what i mean)
    have a nice day !

    • brentbent says:

      I love how the internet lets me watch telly from all over the world that would never ever air where I live. You should check out a brilliant British series called Peep Show, which is my all time favorite sit-com. There’s also the Canadian, trailer trash Weeds like show called Trailer Park Boys. And, finally, from Australia you might enjoy a series call Kath & Kim. Just be careful, don’t bother with the American remake, which survived only a single season.

      And yes, your English isn’t the best but I did easily understand what you were saying and in my book that’s far more important than whether or not you used the right verb tense. Just keep chatting with people who speak English and you’ll improve.

  16. david says:

    j’adore cette série et i hop que Nancy and co. will still for more season

  17. Mia says:

    The series should have ended at Nancy burning her house down. You can’t even root for her anymore

    • Ellen says:

      When the show left Agrestic?, it was over. Once it hit Mexico it transformed itself into something embarrassing. When it hit the Netherlands? it became a joke, and last season (New York) should have been the end. There’s no one to root for, and nothing can redeem the mess they made of a once very creative show. I’m out – won’t give it another try.

  18. Arman says:

    Since this show airs with The Big C, will it’s 10 episode order be extended to 13 as well?

  19. Vinny says:

    One thing immediately comes to mind: BRING BACK ROMANY MALCO!

  20. D says:

    Finally, I was getting worried. House is going through all its bullcrap, I didn’t Weeds doing it as well.

    Considering Nancy wasn’t shot in the head, and the gunshot sound was a metaphorical “leap” into Season 8, could we possibly get “Little Boxes” back? They do live in the suburbs again.

  21. Doug-H says:

    As a Showtime subscriber, this is good news… I will continue to watch this show…. I don’t understand why all these people out there who don’t like the show really care??? Obviously, there’s enough of the Showtime SUBSCRIBER base that does watch it in some form ( for me, it’s usually online since I’m away from my home during the week and I can watch all the Showtime shows online) that it keeps going.. My guess is that it’s a pretty low budget show relatively so it keeps going… I’m sure MLP keeps her salary demands reasonable, too… She probably makes more doing this show than she’d do anything else..

  22. Winnie says:

    I second this, and also wonder how they will write their way out of the sniper bit.

    • Winnie says:

      Arrgh! Because iPad auto-correct doesn’t like my email address and tvline (understandably) didn’t accept that change, my comment didn’t post where it was supposed to. I second Vinny’s 12:50 comment to bring back Romany Malco. Not that anyone besides me cares at this point… But judging by enough of the comments, similar things can be said about Weeds S8!

      I’ll ignore the things I feel the show has lost in recent years for the simple fact that Mary Louise Parker is just that damn good!

  23. Dennis says:

    If they film them, I will watch.

  24. Jon says:

    Pretty sure the other week you reported that they were pretty close to a deal for a ninth season as well. Why would you now think this might be the final season

  25. BrianR says:

    YES!, The hottest MILF on TV will be back.

  26. Nicholas Lylo says:

    thxs GOD I hope its on soon so i can smk LOL

  27. tyler says:

    Help yeh to 8th season to bad have to wait watched all but season 6 in the past week, but don’t share the love of celia like a lot of others I’m addicted to the botwin household and Doug

  28. Ray says:

    the first three seasons in Agrestic were the best, but it’s like a bad car wreck, can’t stop looking at it. They couldn’t leave us hanging after the finale episode, they have to come back.
    Now that she is back in the ‘burbs’, maybe she will find Celia is now living down the street. Yes, i miss her also. as we all know, “frenemies’ make for good “dramedy” and MLP is always worth watching.

  29. Nico says:

    Great news… but they should bring back Celia & have less focuss on Silas (sort of got on my nerves after a while). Nancy is just great & the story line is just twisted enough to make it entertaining as well as presentable to about everyone.
    Love the show!!!

  30. liam says:

    your wrong celia is wank just a right bitch!!!!!! hope she gets her face blown off!!!!!!!! whens the new season actually coming out? hope its soon as im weeds sick!!!!!!!!! need more weeds!!!!!!!

  31. Michael says:

    Thankyou Showtime! I thought when Six Feet Under ended on HBO , that was gonna be it for me. Then Weeds came out on Showtime, now its hard to belive its almost over. You get emotionally invested in these tv families its hard to say goodby.. 1 more season left though..:-)

  32. Jordan miller says:

    I love this show. And yes it’s had it’s ups and downs but all around you have to think of who they were When they first started and how they changed. It still is an amazing show and always keeps you wondering. I hope they make more seasons. Why stop this one to be replaced with another tean mom or jersey shore or flava flava or I have twelve kids. Everytime a good show ends a new stupid reality show begins.

  33. Cyn says:

    Cant wait. Dont end!

  34. Mike says:

    I grew up on this show it is a voice of a generation how a widow mother with 2 kids and running out of money to start In the pot industry with all it’s ups and downs just epic Mary louis Parker is and amazing actress that can keep and grasp your attention we want to see the happy ending to all there madness i love weeds it’s a show I could watch forever