The X Factor Top 11 Results Recap: Did the Right Act Get Booted This Week? [Updated]

The Top 11 contestants of The X Factor‘s inaugural season have a daunting task in front of them: Performing CPR on the bloodied, lifeless corpse of modern music, which received a shocking death blow during this week’s results-show telecast from a lanky, screeching child in a leather-and-chainmail onesie.

The X Factor Top 12: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Suggested Song Choices

Okay, yeah, so I have Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” in my iTunes library, but that “Fireball” business she hurled at the audience tonight had me dialing 1-800-End-Nepotism.

(“Um, hello? Can we get the party started? Um, hello? Can we get the party started?” Hey! Stop singing along while you read this!)

The X Factor Performance Night Recap: Movie Violations

Anyway, I know it’s taking me a long time to get to the results, but seeing how it took a full 34 minutes to name the first of the nine acts that were immediately sent to safety, I think my pace here is positively zippy, no? IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, that cardboard cutout of Steve Jones kept reminding us, the acts who received enough votes to go straight through to next week’s Top 10 performance telecast were:

* Stacy Francis (that sound you heard was a collective gulp from the 10 other acts who were sure homegirl was in the Bottom 2)
* Astro
* Melanie Amaro
* Marcus Canty
* LeRoy Bell (uh-oh, Paula!)
* Rachel Crow
* Josh Krajcik
* Drew (Ryniewicz)
(“Paula’s still yet to get an act through!” Thanks, Steve!)
* Chris Rene

Call it the curse of the Brewer Boys — because you know the little floppy-haired one put a hex up on her — but for the second week running, the Bottom 2 was comprised entirely of acts from Paula Abdul’s “Groups” category.

Here are my extra pithy descriptions of the participants in the sing-off. (No, not NBC’s The Sing-Off, but the X Factor‘s belt-for-your-survival ritual.)

Lakoda Rayne: Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown’s “No Air”
Kinda pretty, but the brunette in the pajama pants hit some serious bum notes — especially that low exhalation into the mic during the closing harmonies. Yowza. Also, I know Steve was trying to keep the telecast from running over, but you’d never hear something this utterly charmless from Ryan Seacrest or Cat Deeley: “Ladies and gentlemen, Lakoda Rayne! Thank you so much girls. Off you go. Thank you.”

Stereo Hogzz: Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone”
Dudes know how to rock some suits, especially that lead singer (who was badass enough to don a black-sequined dress shirt). But I can never distinguish a single vocal characteristic of any of this act’s members — with the sole exception of Trace. Speaking of which, that ending of his was wildly overwrought, no?

Judges Votes on Who Should Go Home
L.A.: Stereo Hogzz
Nicole: Stereo Hogzz
Paula: (after many tears, much hand-wringing, an attempt to abstain, a rule-change by Simon allowing her to abstain, a lot of douchery from our mirthless host, and then the realization that by abstaining, she’d automatically doom Stereo Hogzz to a 2-1 or 3-0 elimination, whereas if she voted for LR, and Simon did, too, the ousted act would be the one with the fewest viewer votes) Lakoda Rayne
Simon: Stereo Hogzz (remember last week when he said that there isn’t a band in the world right now as good as them? Riiight.)

Eliminated: Stereo Hogzz

Now before you hit the comments, a few thoughts on the results show:

* That group rendition by the Top 11 of Swedish House Mafia’s “Save the World Tonight” was a hot cauldron of too many voices and too many green Matrix-esque letters and numbers floating on the screen behind ’em. And yes, there was also the occasional wretched note bubbling up to the surface. (Psst! Stacy Francis, I’m talking about you!) Steve Jones’ autopilot reaction to it all? “Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.” (Ever feel like dude is trying so hard to endear himself to the show’s powers-that-be that he’d say absolutely anything they put on the teleprompter without a second thought. “If you want to download that performance…you must really effing hate yourself!”

* I wonder if L.A. saw the weekly vote tallies before or after deciding to publicly apologize to Melanie for calling her cover of “Man in the Mirror” predictable and unimaginative on Wednesday.

* It’s hard not to feel a little bad for Paula, who seems to be working pretty diligently and has done a pretty good job in the song-selection department. But honestly, short of having advanced the Brewer Boys instead of Intensity, I’m not sure there’s anything she could have done differently to avoid this early-season bloodbath in her division. Ultimately, I think it takes longer for voters to attach themselves to groups over soloists, especially when it’s pretty clear none of those groups has a real chance at winning the whole enchilada.

And with that, I turn things over to you. What did you think of this week’s X Factor results? Hit the comments with your thoughts, and for all my reality ridiculata, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jake says:

    I knew Lakoda was in trouble the moment I saw on last nights tv guide that the cmas were on

  2. AndyLuvr says:

    That’s it. I give up. Stacy Francis is a vocal trainwreck. How is it that she’s still in the running???

    • Aubry says:

      I want Stacy off my TV. My ears need a rest. She is gawd awful. I was sure she was going home.

    • Sybil says:

      Did you hear her hit that bum note during the clearly-not-lipsynced group sing? OMG. Between that and the reveal of her Klingon forehead, I’m done.

      • Shindig says:

        omgggg dude last night I brough it up, but I was just staring at her picture up there now, and WOW. WOOOW. my bald father has more hair there

        • GaysWithOpinions says:

          I agree, last night she was horrible. She hasn’t even been that good on any of these live shows. But I can’t get that version of Purple Rain out my head at the judges house. I still YouTube that. When given the right song, this woman can sing. She’s getting awful songs.

    • Karen A. says:

      I think that people remember her beautiful performances, like the one last week, for example. But she says that she wants to be a pop star, not a ‘church singer’, so we’ll probably be subjected to more of what we saw this week.

  3. Aubry says:

    Paula picked the wrong groups. LR will not last long either. She should have put the Brewer Brothers through. The teens loved them and would be voting for them.

    • T says:

      I don’t think they would’ve lasted too long either. The groups aren’t connecting because none of them are that good. The whole backup singers for the groups isn’t helping. I don’t ever remember seeing the Dixie Chicks with backup singer. Or New Edition. If Lakoda Rayne stays on after this it’s just so Paula has an act left. Once the judges can’t decide who stays anymore, they’re out. But I think that would’ve happened to whoever had that category. Wish it was Nicole. She’s just as annoying here as she was on “The Sing Off”.

    • Leigha says:

      I agree. The Brewer Boys would have had an instant fan club. They would have lasted longer than some of the other. Paula made a mistake not picking them.

    • Rebecca says:

      None of the groups on this show are all that good. InTENsity didn’t get votes, and it had ten cute teenagers (or were a couple of them preteens?), some of whom could sing well. I don’t know that the Brewer Boys would have done any better. The groups category is just a disaster, and Paula had the bad luck to be assigned to it.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        My gut instinct is The Brewer Boys would have done better. Although they weren’t flashy they were good vocalists, they were cute, and they harmonized like only siblings can (most of the time). My husband even noticed them when they sang – like me he has enough musical training to be dangerous but he thought they were quite good. I think they would have established a fan base.

  4. Richard says:

    This one of the best parts of living on the West Coast, I know now that I have no reason to watch the results show and have already deleted it from recording. Thanks!

  5. Shindig says:

    I’m not bothered with the results. I knew the groups would be the first to go anyway; I was sort of hoping Stacy would go.. I mean, you can’t say she doesn’t have a voice. She’s not bad. People do love her, and she has a fan base. But she’s not my cup of tea and I don’t dig the “no control diva” sound. Is she Jacob Lusk’s aunt?

    • Shindig says:

      Oh, right, and am I the only one that didn’t bother putting the channel on until 35 minutes in?

      • JenB says:

        you are not alone…I watch The Big Bang Theory then switch it over, that way I don’t have to endure the opening acts. One thing that I like about XF is that they pretty much just get the “you are safe” portion over unlike AI that stretches it out for 55 minutes.

    • dan says:

      LOL Jacob Lusk’s aunt. I’m laughing, but why did you have to remind me of his existence?

      • Shindig says:

        I’m sorry, LOL. I know it’s painful, but the memories were already back when Lakoda Rayne “sang for their lives” with No Air — deja vu much?

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Jacob Lusk’s Aunt. that’s funny right there. You’re right, Shindig, I know several women that just love Stacy. They love that over-the-top, out of control, Whitney Houston music.

      • Shindig says:

        Hahaha, it’s true — different strokes for different folks. I’m just not attracted to her much. A lot of people seem to be inspired by her, though, and you can’t call them /wrong/, the woman does have a voice. I know a lot of people here also really enjoy Melanie. She sounds beautiful, and has 1000x more control than Stacy. But I have the “Pia syndrome” with her. I just find her incredibly boring for some reason. Between the two of them, I think it’s just the kind of songs they fit into, and I’d much rather have Melanie sticking around over teary eyes. I’m a little bummed out that there isn’t a Haley Reinhart ’round here for the girls, but I’m really hoping they take Josh further rather than sticking with a certain niche that’s been mentioned here. Sorry for going off on a tangent, but I’ve felt like actually talking a little bit about my opinion on the contestants for once, like the love fest we all had for Haley during AI. :P

        last think we need is missum francis singing god bless the child. simon, please, i know you want to give her it. don’t.

  6. Jim says:

    The host is absolutely unbearable. He is way too pushy with the judges to get them moving, and the way he was rolling his eyes during the Paula debacle was uncalled for. There are better ways to keep on schedule.

    • Shindig says:

      I gotta agree. I was ok with the first episode thinking he was just flustered by the producers, but it’s getting worse. Bad enough that Nicole Shirthanger tells him to zip it before talking? LOL

    • Sybil says:

      Steve Jones really makes you appreciate Ryan Seacrest, doesn’t he?

      • Jim says:


      • Tim says:

        I’ve often said Seacrest is actually really talented and that he makes the job look easy. Now we have proof.

        • blingedup.susan says:

          I was just thinking this to myself last night, “Ryan Seacrest makes this job just look easy.” Steve Jones makes it look awkward.

        • seacrest says:

          exactly how does ryan make it look easy? in 10 years, has ryan seacrest brought even one telecast in on time? granted, he’s more charming than steve jones, but if he can’t bring it in on time after 10 years, then clearly he makes it look damn near impossible.

          sometimes he lets an entire performance occurs after the time cutoff. like adam lambert’s first “mad world”.

          steve jones might be LOL-able, but at least he brings the telecast in on time. i think steve jones’s cluelessness adds to the entertainment factor, frankly.

          • Noelbelle says:

            Maybe it’s just because I used to be a news producer, but I completely agree with you. If I was producing AI, I’d want to throttle Ryan Seacrest. He wastes mass amounts of time and clearly thinks it’s “The Ryan Seacrest Show.” On a different topic, Paula’s melodramatic dithering was completely absurd. Obviously when she signed the XF contract, she must have known she’d have to choose between two acts at the end of EVERY episode, and there’s a good possibility that at some point, they might be her two acts. Cut the crap, sister.

    • Gorm says:

      Sorry, but the judges are the unbearable ones. Nicole does her dramatic faux-deep-thinker act and wastes a TON of time. LA Reid talks endlessly before anything. As crappy as Steve is, its the judges that put him in that situation. And its all intentional anyway as that is the level of histronics they WANT for the show. They had people paid to try and get the audience to scream louder. They structure the show to run up to the last frantic second. Dont get sucked into pretending this isnt all a careful act.

      And Paula’s indugent abstenion was worthy of a lot more than an eye roll. She is a useless pillhead and should be shouted down as such.

      • Dave says:

        Well put, I couldn’t agree more. All I know is, I won’t be watching the next season if they keep the exact same judges. It’s just not working and Nicole is a terrible mentor. “Bananas”

      • Shindig says:

        While I agree with you, and I liked it at first, it’s just annoying at this point, from all sides of the party. I really don’t mind him telling them to stuff it with the BS, but something like Paula trying to make them feel better while making a 10 second decision is a little…very irritating, I dunno.It’s just poor (over)production overall.

      • joy says:

        When the judges are forced to vote against one of the bottom two acts, it’s about the only time we might ever get any serious criticism from them on this show — they’ve got to do something other than just feed all the performers’ egos, and there’s enough riding on it to encourage them to actually take it halfway seriously instead of just sniping at each other. That the producers set it up so there’s no time for them to actually comment (and Steve is there playing enforcer) means we miss what would almost certainly be the most interesting content we’d ever get out of them, and the only real substance in these results shows. I’m way, way unimpressed.

      • Noelbelle says:

        My favorite thing about Nicole is when she’s watching one of her acts perform and she sticks her nose up in the air and takes on this look of absolute superiority (sometimes with a pensive fist under her chin so she looks like a stupid person’s idea of how a thoughtful person might act). Seriously, look out for it next time. It’s so funny.

    • jessica b. says:

      The thing with the host is, he’s trying really hard to be Dermot O’Leary, who is the host of x factor uk, but unlike Dermot, he has zero carisma. See, I son’t mind when Dermot pushes the judges to make a decision, cause, well, I like him, he’s the best host out there. You guys should watch an episode of x factor uk sometime and you’ll know what i’m talking about.

      • b-line says:

        Dermot has a sweet vibe he’s not an asshole, and you should see x factor australia’s host Luke Jacobs, he is adorable

    • b-line says:

      off all the talent reality show hosts steve jones is the most inhuman most insincere and least relatable one.
      Why doesn’t he show the courtesy of asking Paula the last?

  7. Annie says:

    I don’t know what the problem is, but this show is starting to get boring. I don’t know if it’s the over the top emphasis on the judges, or the over the top production, but something is off about this show.

  8. Tim says:

    Paula didn’t even have the sense to vote with the majority. Now she’s given her one remaining act a vote of no confidence.

    • Shindig says:

      I thought it was pretty obvious she was doing it to avoid the majority vote and go for a deadlock — but she could have really left out the “I want to give them another chance” part

      • Tim says:

        Maybe you’re right, I was just basing it off the recap. I haven’t actually watched the show yet.

        • joy says:

          Agreed with Shindig. She was pretty clear it was just about making effective her refusal to be the one deciding the outcome, and also obviously heartbroken about the whole thing. She was pretty much falling apart up there. (Per Michael’s comments, I don’t think Simon made a last-minute rule change so much as he realized that Steve was wasting time and looking ridiculous trying to *force* Paula to obey the rules, and so he told him to give it up and move on, same as he’d have done if Paula had passed out or something, and Steve had just been up there cluelessly insisting that they couldn’t go on without a vote. It’s live TV; stuff happens; you’ve got to find a way to roll with it.) The main thing that came through was that Paula really is seriously attached to both these groups. I doubt there will be hard feelings.

  9. Tess says:

    Thank Jeebus that they sent the Stereo Hogzzzzzzz home. Should’ve happened last week. And I have no problem with Steve Jones’ handling of getting Paula to make a decision – although it did seem they weren’t sure of their own rules when she was going to abstain from voting because first they were going to let Simon cast a vote, then they were going to go with a majority, somewhere in there it looked like we were going to go to the viewer vote maybe…They could also avoid the rushed “I need an answer” part if they would just cut one performance or trim back some of the recap or other taped bits they chose to show. Half the problem with Paula’s flip flopping and not wanting to vote was that they were down to their last 2 minutes and needed to get off on time. Can’t fault Steve for trying to keep the show on time there either.

    I too was one of the people who exclaimed “oh sh*#” at the tv when Stacy Francis was safe first.

    At least Paula won’t be the only mentor with an act in the bottom 2 come next week. Something tells me that whenever Lakoda Rayne hits the bottom again they may be saved (depending on who they’re in the bottom 2 with). I would bet the folks that would vote for them were tuning in to the CMA’s instead as well…that or the general public that watch X Factor aren’t interested in a country act(since the bulk of the show is pop/r&b leaning)and with the girls being directed to go more country this week it didn’t resonate?
    True that Paula picked the wrong groups…I think she was “strongly encouraged” to pick the two manufactured ones and thought the Stereo Hogzz gave her the best chance to do choreography and then picked the Brewer Boys in a game of eenie meanie miney moe. She would probably have been better off keeping the Brewer Boys (rather than sabotage them to make it easy to get rid of them when she had to lose a group) and pick The Anser or 4Sure to be her boy band. They probably would have been able to get a little further, especially the brothers because they’d be easier to remember and younger girls might’ve taken a liking to them. Also true what Simon said about how viewers haven’t had a chance to get to know the groups well enough yet, but he can only blame himself there because the show should have been doing a tad bit more to allow us to get to know them. Something tells me we will get to know Lakoda Rayne more come next week in an attempt to help them build and not be in the bottom 2 again for a while.

    • Shindig says:

      I agree with you totally (but I just don’t like the judges AND Steve). If they would just cut out a LITTLE of the recaps even, cut down the horrible guest performances, something, they’d have more leniency for the judges to gargle hot air and let us “get to know” the contestants better. To be honest, here’s what I really know:
      Josh, my favorite of the contestants so far, made burritos for his day job (but unmentioned is that he has a band)

      Leroy is 60. He’s a grandpa, that is 60, and I think that he’s 60. Did they say he was 60 again?

      The producers invested in waterproof makeup for Stacy

      Chris Rene was a space cadet

      Rachel Crow wants a bigger bathroom

      what do I know about the groups? That one girl without a name is in high school and from Jersey

      • blingedup.susan says:

        LeRoy is 60? He’s 60 years old??

        Seriously, that’s getting annoying. They’re acting like he’s 92.

        60 year old people can still stand on a stage and sing into a mic. It’s not a miracle. He’s actually one of my favorites, but I’m getting tired of the absurd level of awe that the judges seem to have that he can still function.

        • RT says:

          I agree that the constant mentioning of his age is growing extremely tiresome. Though, I think the awe comes more from the fact that he doesn’t look anywhere close to 60 rather than his ability to function at that age. I’m 36 and he might even look my age.

          • janie says:

            I agree. the awe is that he doesnt look 60.. if i saw him out on the street.. i would say 30s.. he is a very handsome man and his wife is very lucky (if he has one).. he has some good genes, thats for sure.

  10. Sybil says:

    Lakoda Rayne isn’t a group; its four solo singers who don’t harmonize particularly well and clearly don’t like each other very much, and don’t seem to have much of a connection with country music. That they are the last group left standing, only 2 weeks into the live votes–with only one “organic” group having gotten to the live votes in the first place–makes it clear that “Groups” shouldn’t be a category at all. Have three categories with four contestants going into the live votes, and forget the groups next year.

    • Shindig says:

      I’d really like it if they turned groups into bands, personally. Or yea, just axe it all together, maybe making a category for “Under 16” (meh)

      • billy says:

        How about no label groups, just pick the top 12 acts, and let the Judges draft them into 4 groups.

        I just want to see good performances, the heck with age, sex or group.

      • rt says:

        I love the idea of bands rather than, or in addition to, groups. In general, it would be nice to allow the contestants to play musical instruments as they perform if they’d like. There has been none of that this year. Just seizure inducing stage overproduction. During their performances, when the camera pulls back for a wide shot of the stage, I have such a hard time picking out the contestant in the midst of so much going on.

        • Volcfom says:

          The Brewer Boys were allowed to play their guitars on the first live show. I wonder if anyone else can play an instrument?

        • the voice says:

          For that, you have to watch The Voice. Awesome live-instrument performances by Javier and Dia on that show. Great sound, well produced staging, focus on the artist & instrument.

    • TinCan says:

      The Sing Off shows how appealing groups can be. Stereo Hogzzz is like Trace and the pips… one ok singer and um, yeah, pips LOL

      All of the rejected groups from the Sing Off are better than any group seen on X Facta (Steve, when did the British remove the letter “R” from the alphabet?)

    • RT says:

      I still can’t get over why the groups, like Lakoda Rayne (still hate the name) need back-up singers. Very confusing.

      • Volcfom says:

        They’ve all have backing vocals for the other performances, too, but they were off stage. I think the show got some backlash about seeing the Stereo Hogzz members clearly not singing, so they brought the back-ups on stage this week.
        And if you liked Lakoda Rayne’s “Landslide”, you can go back and hear that there were 4- and 5-part harmonies on top of whoever was the lead at a giving time. Completely obvious that they had other people off stage singing with them.
        Also, since the show has been pushing that it’s not a singing competition, they figure why not have the backing vocals? They will be there on any record they make, and when they go out on concert.

  11. luis says:

    I really think leroy bell needs to go. He’s boring. He has no confidence and he does, somewhat, the same thing every week. Also, astro is getting a little boring, and getting real cocky in his performance. He needs to do something different next week. Josh is getting boring too, doing the same kind of song every week: a fast song, in which he changes it up and makes it into a slower meaningful. Quite brilliant yet you can only hear it so many times. Something else, stacy needs to find herself! She’s a wonderful singer, but she does something different every week!
    But other than those criticisms, they all do wonderful every week and it gets so hard to chose “the worst”. Sorry to see another group go but it is what it is, I guess.
    On another subject, Steve is a horrible host! He’s a great speaker but he’s very rude! It’s unprofessional and just intolerable.

    • lolz says:

      So, what you’re saying is

      Astro, Leroy, and Josh need to go because they do the SAME thing every week (and thus are boring)…

      but Stacey needs to go (find herself) because she does a DIFFERENT thing every week?


  12. GingerSnap says:

    Ok, it’s no real surprise that the 2 groups ended in the B2. We don’t if Ms. Stacy finished 7th, 8th or 9th, but my guess is we see Lakoda Rayne and Stacy hangin’ on by a thread next week.

  13. Michael Schaeffer says:

    Let’s pray real hard that Simon realizes the mistake he made and kisses Cheryl Cole’s ass for her to return next season!!!! Nicole has to go! And next week, let’s hope Lakoda Rayne stays and Stacy Francis goes. I would’ve voted her off based on her performance of Queen of the Night!

    • Mic says:

      I’ve heard Simon’s not talking to Cheryl. It’s disappointing. But I’ve also heard she’s planning on breaking into the US some other way, so hopefully this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      “Queen of the Night” needs to be added to Mr. Slezak’s “Don’t call, don’t write, don’t send flowers, and don’t sing this song” list.

    • Kalse says:

      I doubt Cheryl would want to come back-that’s like asking Paula or Kara to come back to idol.

      • joy says:

        I don’t know much about her, but my first impression was that she was a total sweetheart — which makes me suspect that if Simon came crawling back to her admitting he’d made a huge mistake, apologizing for being a total jerk, and begging her to give him another chance, she’d be the bigger person and forgive him.

  14. Michael Schaeffer says:

    Besides, it takes a while to smooth the grooves in the road. First season of a show isn’t always perfect. Look at Star Trek: The Next Generation and look at Dynasty!

  15. morgan says:

    This is my issue, Paula is actually a great mentor, working with what she had. She chooses good songs, the choreography is there, she’s fare moresober than she used to be on AI and she’s a relevant judge with interesting comments.

    Its sad to see this happen, I’d much rather she had the over thirtys and Nicole had the groups, but I digress.

    Take away the groups category, it worked in the UK but never going to be a winner and give us two over-thirty categories, imagine how good the show would be then!

    • Gorm says:

      You are completly wrong. Paula is empirically and provably not a great mentor. She did nothing above and beyond the other mentors. And she seemed only to contribute the notion of Seasons so far. She has led her acts to successive failure. Passed over groups that could have gone farther. Passed through groups with a lot of dead weight (4/5 Hoggs could have been cardboard cut outs and done just as well).

      Aside from standing up during her group’s performances, she has had zero positive impact.

      • Tim says:

        I agree that Paula is doing a poor job of mentoring. I think it was Slezak who said she’s not highlighting the individual singers properly in LR. It’s a bit of a paradox, but in order to make a group sound good, the individuals have to stand out. I think at the very least there has to be one identifiable and strong lead singer.

        • Jen says:

          No matter who mentored the groups, we’d have been sitting in the same situation. On the show where it was announced which judge got which category, even the judges were commenting about how Paula got the short end of the stick, so to speak. That she had the real work ahead of her and how they got the stronger categories. Even Simon couldn’t have saved the groups…. even if he’d have picked some of the other ones. They are and were simply, a very weak category.

    • blingedup.susan says:

      Totally agree with you, Morgan. I so wish Paula had the overs and Nicole had the groups. I think Paula’s done a great job with what she had to work with. I agree that she’s provided excellent song choices and mentoring. I think she’d be doing a much better job with the overs than Nicole is.

  16. JohnDoe says:

    So how long before Steve Jones gets fired and they hire Ryan Seacrest as his replacement?

    • Gorm says:

      Never is the answer you are looking for. Seacrest is 1) under contract. 2) very, very expensive. The show is going to get its budget slashed in season 2 for only delivering 2/3rds of the ratings it was sold has getting. (Say goodbye to indulgence week in the south of France!) If/when the fire steve jones they’ll replace him with an american, but a much cheaper one. Think of Mario Lopez but whiter, pick any failed-career kid from mid-90’s ABC TGIF programming really. I bet the star of The Torkelsons needs work.

      • Know more than YOU says:

        You really don’t know squat. Cowell’s got a guarantee for a minimum of three years with absolutely no Fox interference or cuts in his budget. There will be a South of France next year as well as other places beyond California for the women.

        Fox has more invested in five years of X-Factor than 10 years of Idol combined. They’ve made an incredible deal with Simon that dwarfs anything Idol has, or ever will, with Fox.

        • Gorm says:

          Thanks Mike Darnell. You must feel like a big man coming around here and flexing your pec implants. Now off you go to your power-lunch with the cast of My Bare Lady.

    • Karen A. says:

      How about Astro to replace Steve Jones?

  17. Mic says:

    All of you might want to just watch the X Factor UK instead. Not perfect, but much superior to any American talent show, in my opinion. Plus, Dermot O’Leary is a FABULOUS host. And those judges/mentors have more credibility. Paula really just shouldn’t be a mentor. I didn’t mind when she was just a reality star on American Idol, but she has no place mentoring acts.

  18. Dennis says:

    Simon voted off the best band in today’s music???

  19. Chris says:

    Can we all just vote to ELIMINATE THE HOST! He is unbearable. And the funny thing is, he was okay during auditions. So my vote is for Steve Jones, the man without a personality, to go, and be replaced each week by a different member of the Stereo Hogzz.

  20. karenb says:

    LR should have been the group to go home. The Hogzz (lol) performance was wayyyy better than that hot mess LR. They were awkward on stage, they had no connection whatsoever with each other. Even their expressions after the performance was a look of doom. They knew they stunk it up. I think LR was surprised to stay. And may I add that they didn’t seem too happy about it, either. I thought the Stereo Hogzz conducted themselves very well in the face of defeat. Oh, and I totally agree that Paula=epic fail for not keeping the Brewer Boys. I doubt they would have won, but they would have lasted a lot longer than the other groups.

    • annie says:

      Agreed. However, Paula probably would have been better off if she brought The Anser onto the live shows as well.

    • gazebo says:

      If they have to keep the groups, they should limit it to 3 people max. The audience can relate to 2-3 people much better. It would have been totally different results with Brewer Boys and The Anser.

  21. annie says:

    The Stereo Hogzz have been significantly better than Lakoda Rayne throughout the entire competition. They have a much better sound and are way better performers. The judges are crazy. LR should have been sent home and Stacy Francis should have been the other act on the bottom 2.

    • joy says:

      Thing is, the Stereo Hogzz had been bottom two twice in two weeks. I suspect for the judges it was less about whether they were talented, and more about whether there was any hope that audiences would ever give them enough love to make them serious contenders. If we’ve seen the best they can do and still aren’t voting for them, the judges probably figure it’s time to throw in the towel.

  22. EJ says:

    You know, it occurred to me tonight that the Sing-Off has been a lot more fun to watch than X Factor. The judges are far superior and always give substantive critiques, particularly when singers are off-key (which most X-Factor acts have been, painfully). The songs have been more fun, theme nights better conceived, and the talent – groups arranging their own songs, no backup singers or auto tune to hide behind – is far more impressive. If not for Josh Krajik and Drew I would probably give up on X Factor entirely. I had hope that the mentorship angle here would lead to better song choices than AI. So far almost all of the song choices have been seriously off. Nicole is just awful. LA and Simon are too self-impressed. Unbelievably, I find Nick Lachey a better host than Steve Jones. Pentatonix on Sing-Off could out-sing everybody on XF. I will say Paula seems way more cogent than on AI, but Nicole is even more annoying than she was on Sing-Off last year.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      @EJ – I have to agree. I’ve only caught The Sing-Off twice and it’s wonderful. I’m hooked. The judges give specific criticism as well as praise and the talent is exceptional. I can’t say I was ever a huge Sara Bareilles fan but I’ve been SO blown away by her intelligence and delightful personality. Furthermore, what a surprise Shawn Stockman has been! Ben Folds has impressed me with his musical knowledge as well.

    • Tim says:

      Yes, and the Sing-Off shows that groups can be great if they’re properly managed, which clearly Paula hasn’t a clue how to do.

  23. erin says:

    Thank you! The judges are the worst. They go on and on when what they end up saying could have been said in one sentence. LA does this in particular does this every. single. time. And Nicole maybe at the most, says 10% useful things and the rest is complete crap. She is not a good judge. Paula…well Paula is Paula. She’s too emotional and doesn’t seem to be able to say anything really negative.

    This judging panel needs some serious retooling before next season.

    Steve is doing his job. The judges are making it very difficult for him to do it properly. Lay off the damn guy. He’s doing his best with what he’s been given.

    • (!) says:

      It’s not his fault he comes off so unlikeable, it’s the production that sucks. He gets annoying because they don’t give room for the judges’ incessant rambling to happen. You have Paula Abdul, people. MAKE ROOM for 10 minutes of bawling! I’d rather hear Paula agonize over a decision being made in 2 minutes than 5 minutes of a performance that sounds worse than all the competitors. or, you know, the 10 minute recaps

  24. Abby says:

    Does Steve Jones not know what majority means, does he not know how to count or did Nicole go off script when she voted? It’s one of the 3 since STEVEBOT3000 said Simon would have the deciding vote after Paula refused to vote.

    • Noelbelle says:

      I think that what he was saying when he said that the Stereo Hoggz were going home whether or not Simon voted was this: Paula abstained, that leaves 3 judges, 2 judges voted against them. 2/3 is a majority.

  25. Linda says:

    Willow Smith is trending. I thought I’d go down into my bunker since the end days are upon us, but I think I’ll go to Baskin Robbins instead.

  26. karenb says:

    I thought the whole Paula thing was staged. That being said, the whole time I was thinking Paula, how much are you being paid to be a judge? Make a freakin decision already!!

    • lynn says:

      I agree. I also think the running-to-the-bathroom-to-vomit thing after the guy dropped his pants was staged. It is cheesey and I wish they would stop.

  27. KSM says:

    For real, fake Ryan Seacrest is just simply not good. You can’t connect with him. He doesn’t seem to connect with the acts AT ALL. He’s just not working out. Since he and Nicole may be dating, we can just get rid of both of them, and the show would be 100% better.

  28. Hojana says:

    The only thing saving Stacy Francis is her sob story…Chris Rene has a sob story too but he has talent as well. Stacy is nothing but a screecher, those of you with home theater systems know what I’m talking about.

    • Shindig says:

      yo yo dawg. yo. Yo. Here’s what i’m sayin’ dawg. When I played bass with INXS I was really tight with my home girl Whitney Houston and she say Stacy Francis is IN IT TO WIN IT. CHRIS IS IN IT TO WIN IT. YO

  29. Joline says:

    I can’t take another week….maybe I’ll tune in for the final shows. Sucks because I actually like many of the contestants, but the producers have completely overshadowed the innocence and nuance of aspiring singers with all of their endless distractions. I find myself screaming at the TV more than I do cheering. Done, done and done.

  30. Kim says:

    Ryan > Steven
    JLo > Nicole & Paula
    Steven > Simon

    I caught up tonight-Rachel was head and shoulders above the rest.

  31. Rick says:

    I know it goes with the territory based on the “X-Factor” format, but I’m not liking the way the judges are attacking the others judges’ acts as a way to strike at the judges themselves. Like LA criticizing Drew and Melanie for being the same every week… what does he want them to do, sing bluegrass? Drew and Melanie are two clear frontrunners at this point, and LA wanted to take them down a notch to improve the chances of his own acts to advance. This format causes biased judging because technically, each judge would benefit from the elimination of another judge’s best talent. LA would love to see Drew and Melanie go, Simon would love to see Astro booted, . . . it’s just an odd format that prevents the judges from being honest. They won’t criticize their own acts and they tend to be overly critical (even when it isn’t deserved) of other acts.

    • Mary says:

      I agree 100%, besides LA can’t say anything. Astro does the same thing every week. This show is to overproduced and The US in general like good solid performances. X-Factor is trying to create a Lady Gaga and you either have it or not. I much rather here a great performance than to see 20 backup dancers to talent that can’t sing.

  32. Tusk says:

    Your time will come soon enough Stacey Francis….

    Steve Jones is the XFactor’s John Cleese,

    (smarmily rubbing his hands)“Ladies and gentlemen, Lakoda Rayne! Thank you so much girls. Off you go. Thank you.”

    I can totally see Cleese’s thin mustacheod face getting redder and redder as Paula quibled about her vote.

    “Come on! Come on! Cast your vote woman!

    LOL Hilarious

  33. Irishize says:

    First let me say, shame on you Nicole, that whole “I’m all about female empowerment” comment was insulting and demeaning. So what you’re saying is, you’re not that great, but at least you’re girls??? WTF. I thought this was a singing competition…oh, wait…..
    The host who won’t be named is a joke, “wonderful, wonderful”, shades of Laurence Welk without the accent. blech
    Of the two groups the wrong one def went home, Lakota reminds me of a group of sorority sisters at a singout.
    My faves are Rachel, although sometimes all that angst from such a young girl is a bit disturbing, and Drew, because I like the uniqueness of her voice, vs the typical wailings.
    Least fave, don’t like rap so Astro and Chris are down there in my list. But the worst performance to me was Marcus. WTF was all that ST Vitas dance/epileptic seizure stuff going on?? I’m not even sure if his singing was good, I was so distracted by that, and kinda amazed no one else was. A little of that goes a long way.
    And who thinks Willow Smith would be up there if she wasn’t Willow SMITH?? But what else is new.
    I’ll be watching with curiosity to see where this goes, but thank God for dvr and fast forward.

  34. Yo says:

    Dull as dishwater show; who didn’t know the groups would go? That, and the Smith clan need to stay encased at the compound. I have a question for the pros: If Astroturf wins this thing, what exactly would a producer do with him??? Doesn’t he lose all possible rapper cred by being on a talent show in the first place? I can not imagine having to promote this kid, half street urchin and half indulged reality show brat. Doesn’t work for me.

  35. NYCWho says:

    Results aside, I have a HUGE issue with the pacing of the results show. For the 2nd week in a row we have 40 minutes of filler crap…and then that dimwit MC rushes the judges through their decision pretty much the only part of the show we are tuning in for. Whoever is running this behind the scenes needs to seriously re-think how they do the results show. Did we really need 2 special musical acts this week?

    • Mary says:

      I hear what you are saying. I watch the first 5 minutes to see who the guest were, nobody I would ever care to listen to, turned in for the last long excuriating 10 minutes. They need to pick up the pace.
      I actually feel bad for Steve, the judges need to just give a quick answer on who they want to stay. Nobody wants to know their reasoning. Nichole should practice what she preaches, ZIP IT.

    • Billy says:

      Last week’s results show had ONLY 31 minutes of filler. And Willow Smith’s performance changed my life – she had replaced J-Lo as my all time favorite musical prodigy!

  36. Isa says:

    what’s wrong with the people who votes? I can’t take another week of Stacy Francies she’s awfull!!!

    Paula needs to prove that the girls can harmonize or else she will lose them too..

  37. Davey says:

    Does anyone watch The Sing-Off? The singing groups on that show are 10X more talented than anything on the X-Factor. Plus the judges on the Sing-Off really know their music.

    • Davey says:

      In the post above, I meant to say that the singing groups on The Sing-Off are much more talented than any singing groups on The X-Factor.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      YES, I have watched a few episodes of The Sing-Off. The vocalists are SO much better and the judges are amazing.

  38. Lynn says:

    The producers need to hunt down James Brown’s entourage so they can follow Paula around with a cape and smelling salts for her make-believe meltdowns. The fake vomiting over pants-dropping guy was disturbing, but this weepy refusal to do her JOB was beyond ridiculous. So much of this is scripted – it’s almost as cheesey as WWF. Pleeeeease make it stop.

  39. Denise says:

    Three problems with the groups: 1.) two out of the three weren’t even groups to begin with, they were not sold on being together so how can the audience be? 2.) two of the three groups are preforming the same types of songs as too many of the other contestants 3.) there should have been at least one two-person group

  40. Steve Z says:

    Yes… I think that next year the four categories should be male acts under 30, female acts under 30, male acts over 30 and female acts over 30.

    You could decide which category the groups fall under by selecting which category fits the lead singer. I know this isn’t perfect, but it would have made for a better field of contestants that the train wreck we are watching now

  41. GY says:

    I agree with this comment. I think stereo H is seen as better talent but them being in bottom two shows that the audience don’t get it. Its too bad. I was rooting for stereohoggz. There’s not a single act now I really care for. If drew or lr are gone, I’m done. I also hope Stacy leaves. I still can’t believe ppl liked her even from the start. She is indeed Jacob lusks

  42. lindsayjo87 says:

    -I’m really disappointed the voters aren’t liking groups. It’s different and what the American music industry needs desperately right now is something different. Please!

    -Why is Stacy Francis still here? Why? No, seriously. I can’t take her anymore.

    -I can’t decide if Steve Jones is a douche or just struggling and coming off bad in the wrong career choice. Either way, he’s lovely eye candy on mute.

    -Please tell me this is Nicole’s only season as a “mentor”. Put her back up there to help Steve Jones out.

  43. John says:

    Anyone notice Simon basically flipping off Steve when he was rubbing his eye with his middle finger. Steve was a bit pushy. I want to like him but he’s making it too difficult.

    • lindsayjo87 says:

      Simon always scratches or rubs with his middle finger (heh, sounds dirty. And, no, I don’t know why I notice these things). But I agree with about wanting to like Jones, and yet…

  44. marko says:

    Two real groups that should have gone through were The Anser and 4Shore. 4Shore was a lot like stereo hog but they could all harmonize better and a couple of different members would trade of verses featured on lead vocals. Ironically Paula thought that was a weakness

  45. Bob Cesarano says:

    Isn’t it funny how the only thing not drawn out is the results. Everything else is overblown and squeezed for every last drop, that there less than nothing left!

    The only reason I watch the show is your column.

  46. Zelda says:

    My winner is Rachel Crow
    Wish I could vote from south Africa

  47. marybeth says:

    Quite a few things wrong with this show. First, I believed I was watching a singing competition. What this is is a competition to package someone, regardless of singing ability, to make them a “star.” I have seen a lot of these so-called singers sing live on Dancing With The Stars results show, and when they can’t lip sync, they stink – Lovato, Bieber, etc. If you can autotune, backing tracks, backup singers – you can just have a beauty contest, not a singing contest. The ridiculousness of the judging. One night you’re the best group in the world per Simon. The very next night he’s sending you home. The judges don’t have any consistency and just appear to only take the competition amongst themselves seriously. And basically, if you don’t care, I don’t care. The audience’s constant screaming detracts from the performances. Nicole is uber-annoying, please get Cheryl back, she seemed charming. Paula not wanting to vote was just stupid, but at least it seemed spontaneous. Contestants should be choosing their own songs. NO MORE LIP SYNCING! Get rid of the groups – they’ll always be voted off first – how can you possibly connect with 4 or more people. Steve Jones is kind of awful, they need someone who can converse ala Bergeron or Deeley, not just read off a teleprompter. You can actually feel him watching the clock. The contestants seem almost incidental to the show, not the reason for it. The judges on SYTYCD, while not perfect, know how to give honest and sometimes harsh critique without being nasty about it. XFactor judges could learn a lot from that. It makes me annoyed because this show had the potential to be really good, but every decision took them down the wrong road. I’m hoping they fix a lot before season 2.

    • Laurirose says:

      Another great recap.

      But what I keep waiting for you to mention — or someone here in the comments — is about the unfortunate mess known as Astro … warrants an emoticon :-(

      You mentioned that group rendition by the Top 11 of Swedish House Mafia’s “Save the World Tonight”, however the only person who never was asked to sing a note was Astro.

      If you go back and rewatch that number, you’ll see that except for rapping a few lines, he had the mic held down at his side during the whole number – Everyone else was required to sing.

      Marybeth, I too recall XFACTOR being billed at the beginning of this debut season as a competition to find THE BEST SINGER(S), whether solo or in group.

      So why is it that (egotistical obnoxious) Astro is allowed to only rap, and never sing anything??

      Put him & Chris Rene in a separate competition for hip-hop, rappers, etc. none of whom has to have any vocal talent as a singer – Chris sings a little bit, but it’s very little of what he does…

      Just seems so unfair when you have extraordinary talented singers like Josh Krajcik on this show and we have to see characters like Astro being lauded as great singers (emoticon again! :(

      Rant over. Thanks!