Supernatural Scoop: X-Files' Nicholas Lea Is Eliot Ness, Once's Red Riding Hood Seeks Out Sam

The CW’s Supernatural has found its Eliot Ness aka the legendary, real-life G-man who led The Untouchables.

The X-Files vet Nicholas Lea will step into the iconic role for a Season 7 time-travel episode that we first told you about, TVLine has confirmed.

The CW Schedules Tree Hill‘s Final Season and New Remodeled Series, Plus Returning Favorites

Lea — a cult fave for his roles on sci-fi shows like V, Kyle XY and the aforementioned Fox drama — will appear in Episode 12, which visits Ness’ professional heyday during the 1940s. There, it will be posited that the FBI agent also had another job — as a hunter!

Lea’s episode airs Jan. 13.

Additionally, Meghan Ory — who’s currently playing Red Riding Hood/Ruby on ABC’s Once Upon A Time — will guest-star in Episode 11 as Sally, a frightened “working girl” who comes to Sam for help. Zap2It first reported on Ory’s casting.

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  1. Shaula says:

    I’m so excited about them both on Supernatural!

    I’m surprised she’ll appear in the episode 11, though. They just finished filming this one.

    • Selen says:

      Maybe she gets turned into a little girl/de-aged. The actress who celebrated her 16th birthday on set is also guest staring in this episode, and the two look very much alike. Not to mention it is titled ‘Adventures In Babysitting’.

  2. drake says:

    Thanks for the spoilers!

    Great casting choices- can’t wait to see the episodes!

    I’m confused, though. Are both brothers going back in time? Sera had said it would be only one. Maybe she changed her mind?

  3. Kate says:

    I’ve stopped watching Supernatural but I clicked on this spoiler. I’m wondering what new deus ex machina will enable time travel in Castiel’s absence… And wondering (yet again) why he can’t still be on this show fulfilling that role from time to time, like he did in past seasons.

    No doubt when the episode airs, deus ex machina Bobby will find a way to achieve time travel via his deus ex machina photocopied library. What a farce.

    • Because Castiel is dead. At least for the time being, bringing back the actor could cause confusion.

      • Clare says:

        If he’s “dead” and brining him back could “cause confusion” then why does GAmble keep baiting his fans to hang in there for that?

      • Kate says:

        Bringing him back would cause no confusion whatsoever. It would merely prove that he isn’t dead.

        And my point was that with the many <dei ex machina that have been popping up in every single episode (if the reviews I’ve read are anything to go by) Gamble’s excuse for getting rid of Castiel is completely bogus.

    • Mae says:

      Cas is a non-essential character to SPN. I’m sorry but he is, along with every other character that isn’t Sam or Dean. The show can continue without Cas. It can’t without Sam or Dean.

      The show is Sam and Dean. Not Sam and Dean AND Cas.

      It’s amazing how a small (yet crazy vocal) group of Cas stans have made it seem like the show is CAS and oh, Sam and Dean too.

      • Kate says:

        What a mature and reasoned response, that managed the remarkable feat of being opinion presented as fact, while also casting aspersions on other fans who are important to the show’s continued success. Well done, you! Unfortunately, for many of us the show isn’t just Sam and Dean any more – hence the tanking ratings. I for one would be more than happy to watch it with just Dean and Cas, and I’m 100% certain that if the remuneration was sufficient either of the Js would be happy to do it without the other.

        • Mae says:

          “Well done, you!”

          Thanks, you!

          I am 100% certain neither J would do the show without the other. They are well aware that SPN wouldn’t be SPN without Sam or Dean. Did you see either of them crying their eyes out of the loss of Cas? No. I’ve seen multiple interviews where they are asked about Cas/Misha’s departure and neither seems torn up about it. Sorry, but the J’s are a package deal when it comes to SPN.

          You may watch just Dean and Cas, but the general SPN viewing audience would most definitely not.

          • Maria says:

            So this is all just down to your Cas-hate? Like the other poster said, why don’t you crawl back to your septic tank? You people are the vilest people in this fandom.

        • Eric says:

          I have to disagree on that. From what I’ve seen, neither Jensen nor Jared will continue to work in Supernatural if one of them gets killed on the show! They’re not like other actors who only care about themselves. Supernatural unit is like a family.

        • Maria says:

          *I’m 100% certain that if the remuneration was sufficient either of the Js would be happy to do it without the other.*

          This! The Js don’t even hang out together off-set anymore. This sad tinhatter obsession with them living only for each other and flouncing if one of them ever leaves the show is really pathetic. If Jensen left does anyone seriously think Jared wouldn’t sign on again now he’ll have a kid to support? Grow up.

          • Jamie says:

            Let me guess you also ship Cockles, Destiel is not enough anymore. Besides, if you’re not a stalker then you cannot possibly known how much time the Js or Misha spend with each other. Everything is just speculation.
            However, Misha himself said that West managed to pee in both Jared’s and Jensen’s backyard at his M&G. And the Js were at the Pearl Jam concert together. So there must be some contact. There are all friends, and they’re married, of course they will spend some time with their spouses.
            And the Js have repeatedly said that they will not continue without the other. So, I guess they are liars according to you. Nice.

          • Jack says:

            Get your facts straight. They have practically lived together for 7 years now. Seriously, how much more time do you want them to spend together! They are best friends in real life. I think that is enough. Another thing, without both the brothers, the showrunners won’t continue the show.

          • WinchesterWoman says:

            Uh…What do you call going to the Pearl Jam concert together and going to the Once upon a cure benefit dinner together with their wives if that’s not hanging out off set anymore.

      • Kira says:

        Thank you! I agree whole heartedly. I love Cas, but he’s ran his time, like I loved Bela, and that story of Ruby, but like all stories within a bigger story. It’s passed. Get. Over. It. This is Supernatural this is a story of two brothers, the angel was a bonus for a while, plus it was getting to be too much to have Castiel as a convenience all the time, Sam and Dean might as well not have been there, Castiel could hunt all on his own. *shakes head* Love ya Cas, but your times been and gone.

        • Maria says:

          *it was getting to be too much to have Castiel as a convenience all the time*

          You mean like Bobby has been in every episode so far?

        • Belinda says:

          His time ran out? So how about give the character a proper mourning then? His exit came within 2 minutes in the beginning of an episode before even the title credits showed up and has barely been mentioned since. It’s like the guy doesn’t even exist and the show is trying so hard to forget it. If the character’s time has come and it needs to move on, then why not Sera Gamble just say it? Say, sorry, Castiel is dead so move on. Why not admit it instead of telling fans, oh we have more plans for Misha, he’ll be back, maybe as Cas. Why keep dangling that hope in front of the fans if she wants us to just move on and get over it? Why not give Cas, a character who has made more impacts than any other character in just his three seasons, an exit with a bang and great tribute and remembrance rather than just dumb lackluster exit into a lake and muddled interview answers about maybe he’s dead, maybe he’s not. If his time has truly gone out, then why not Sera Gamble admit it to everyone and stop stringing the fans along with hope? What is she afraid of?

          And if you call Castiel a convenience, then what is Bobby? Heck, everything that happens on this show depends on coincidences and conveniences. There are perfectly reasonable ways to curve Cas’s powers so that he’s not a convenience but the writers don’t want to write it like that, they don’t want to bother taking the effort. Why make another time travel episode if they don’t want conveniences to happen? Why not kill Bobby since he somehow conveniently finds the answer to every question?

          Castiel’s story is not done, not by a long shot and certainly not in that dumb exit that is an insult to a character who has made his mark on this show for so long.

    • Kalie says:

      How is it a farce? You haven’t even seen the episode yet and you don’t know what actually happens. I think it’s awesome and very smart of Bobby to have made copies of all his important sources of information to keep elsewhere. He had the foresight to build a panic room in his home that was absolutely demon proof, so it makes total sense that he would have a backup plan for such important books. That’s who Bobby is and that’s why he’s survived for so long and other hunters rely on him.

  4. Ninergrl6 says:

    I love that you used the term deus ex machina. I should use Supernatural examples when explaining it to my students next year.

  5. trina says:

    Yay Supernatural. I’m wasn’t sure about another time travel episode, but this casting rocks so I am much more optimistic.

  6. Mcat says:


  7. Aysh says:

    Is it true that this season of Supernatural is the final one?

    • James says:

      No! If the ratings continue to be good, they’ll go forward with a season 8!

      • Maria says:

        And you consider 1.7-1.8m and a falling demo to be good? o_O

        • Andy says:

          Well, on the CW it is really good. And what falling demo? Spn is as steady as you can only wish for.

          Spn’s rating this season: (1) 0.8/ 2.01,
          (2) 0.7/ 1.80,
          (3) 0.7/ 1.72,
          (4) 0.8/ 1.69,
          (5) 0.8/ 1.92,
          (6) 0.7/ 1.74,
          (7) 0.8/ 1.84.

          If you exclude TVD and SC, Supernatural’s rating are one of the best, and that is not counting the Friday factor. So, yes the chances for renewal are pretty good.

          • Eric says:

            Agreed! Its a Friday that the show airs on & considering the network as well, I’d say those are solid numbers. In fact it may outperform TVD & TSC if its on any other day. Also when the live+DVR numbers come out, Supernatural ratings will be increased by 25-35% So, in reality a lot of people still love the show & watch it.

          • BaNdanab says:

            Yeah it is not like there is another good quality show on the CW that has a very smart storyline. It is probably the only really credible show on the CW, it is only show I watch on that channel

        • timotey says:

          When everything else but TVD and TSC is crawling around 1.5 mil.? Heck yeah. Even being on Friday, it outperforms most of the shows on that network in viewers and 18-49 demo. Try to acquaint yourself with the cancellation bear: “You don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun the other guy!” Which means, all they have to do is stay around the middle of the pack and with them being on Friday and the new boss loving the show and wanting it to continue, they are safe for another year which is all you can ask in today’s environment. How many networks can say that they air their 3rd or 4th best rated show on Friday?

        • Carrie says:

          The ratings have been steady. I don’t think anyone at The CW expected any miracles from a show in its 7th season that airs on Friday nights w/o “Smallville” as a lead-in. All TV shows lose viewers when they’ve been on the air for this long. I’m really enjoying Season 7 and the new CW boss said he hopes to continue the show past the current season, so let’s hope that happens.

  8. Ace says:

    I’m quite pleased with this casting news! (Tom Foss!!!) Can’t wait to see their episodes. (-:

  9. Dilys says:

    Wow could Sera dangle anymore guest stars? Is all this razzle dazzle trying to persuade Cas fans to give up? We miss him and want him back. I could care less about all these guest stars. But to be honest, with the way the season is going, I’m starting to just not care about any of it anymore. Turning Dean into a jerk, no mourning of the angel who gave up his life over and over for you, boring storylines . . . . I miss Cas and I miss the Sam and Dean who cared about more than each other – and oh yes magical Bobby who always has the answer to everything.

    • Clare says:

      THIS. Frankly I wish Sera would just have the guts to ‘fess up that he’s gone for good and she’s been lying to his fans.

      • Brooke says:

        I wish people would stop accusing showrunners of “lying” to fans when it’d ruin all the mystery and suspense if they spilled all the beans before things air. I don’t want to know everything ahead of time, and if showrunners have to be cagey and use misdirection during interviews to keep some things secret, FINE!

      • Percysowner says:

        Perhaps we have been reading different interviews. The ones I have been reading have SG stating that they would like to bring back Castiel WHEN IT FITS INTO THE STORY. This is exactly what has been said about John Winchester, who IMHO, was a far more relevant character to the series.

        • Kira says:

          I agree. John was a far more relevant character. Again, I love Castiel, but he’s done his part, time to let him go. Dean’s being tormented over it…and we don’t need to see it to know that’s true. IF they bring him back I rather it make sense, then to have him just show up out of the blue. When it fits, fine. But I think his parts over.

        • Marz says:

          As much as I love Cas, I would not want them to bring him back just for the sake of bringing him back. Look at what happened to Heroes, the writers were too afraid to kill off any characters and the story went haywire. I’m all for bringing Cas back, but not in a cheap just-to-please-the-fans way that would just diminish the show.

        • Maria says:

          Sera Gamble said Misha would be back. Misha knows nothing about it. She’s lying to keep his fans hanging on. I wonder what your reaction would be if your precious Sammy was at stake?

          • timotey says:

            Neither Sam nor Dean would ever be at stake. It’s a show about Sam and Dean. Without them? No show. Castiel might have been a regular, but he was expendable, no matter how much fans loved him. The same goes for Bobby and the same went for John, Ellen, Jo, Rufus etc. and so on. Everybody but Sam and Dean are expendable. Supernatural existed before Castiel came on board and it’ll keep on existing without him.
            And before you call me a hater, I loved Castiel and I love Misha Collins, met him at a con in Rome and he was a hoot, but it doesn’t change the fact that the show has never been about him, he was there to support the main characters.

    • Mae says:

      Wah Wah Wah, Cas is gone. We know! Your bitterness is amusing.

      And who says Dean isn’t mourning Cas? He’s had nightmares about Cas’ death, he admits to Sam how much losing Cas has affected his ability to trust. Dean is drinking heavily this season and he’s a bundle of angst, in part because of Cas. Ellen (via the psychic) spelled it out last episode about Dean having to tell someone how bad it is.

      Dean isn’t the sharing and caring type. He’s mourning Cas and dealing with a whole lot of other crap in his own Dean way. What do you expect Dean to do? Break down and sob over Cas? Really?

      • Cody says:

        Oh you! Be off with you back to the Septic Tank where you can indulge in your vicious attacks on Misha Collins to your heart’s content, while everyone else points and laughs at how stoopid you all are. :)

        • Brooke says:

          What vicious attacks on Cas? Mae’s whole comment was pointing out that Dean is reacting to Cas’ death and that his reaction is in character.

          • Cody says:

            I know who the poster is.

          • Maria says:

            *Wah Wah Wah, Cas is gone. We know! Your bitterness is amusing.*

            That’s proof enough it’s a septic tanker.

          • Brooke says:

            I think you all lack lives so much that you forget the rest of the Internet doesn’t know about your little fan clubs. I have no idea what a septic tank is outside of the sewage treatment world.

        • Kira says:

          Um…that was not an attack on Misha…you do know that Misha only plays the character, right? That the comments made on Castiel are on Castiel the character, and not Misha Collins the real actor. Just saying, Castiel has done his part and it’s time to move on. Misha I’m sure can survive without playing Castiel.

      • Kira says:

        Thank you!! I’m upset that people say he’s not mourning. It’s like they don’t know Dean at all. Plus, you can see the “famous” trenchcoat at the end of the last episode. It’s in the trunk.

      • Hali says:

        Thank you! You said exactly what I wanted to say Mae!

    • timotey says:

      Oh yes, casting fan favorite genre stars is Sera Gamble’s nefarious plan how to get back on Castiel fans. Why haven’t I realized that before? /sarcasm

  10. Bored says:

    And the haters have arrived. Let the obligatory bashing and wank of every supernatural article on Tvline begin. *Yawn*

  11. DryedMangoez says:

    I’ll always know Nicholas Lea from the Canadian drama WHISTLER.

  12. Belinda says:

    I see the stunt casting continues on SPN, oh well, good luck to them.

  13. Jedaqia says:

    Why everybody is arguing about Cas here? Nobody excited that Krycek is on board? I am. I loved bad ass Krycek in X-Files. & so HAPPPPPPYYYYY to see Nicholas again.

  14. casammy says:

    Cas is a past history, all this discussion is to rain on wetted, if cas returns or not, already goes away to see, neither it extracts the dream, this history was, it is and goes to be on both brothers and his relation, alone the two against all and all, this way it is since always it has been and it they has been OK, all the rest are passengers, this it is the life of the winchester, they suffer for his losses but they know that they cannot remain complaining the whole life for it, since it happens to all, we lose someone, it hurts us but we are still forward, accompany the atud up to the cemetery, are not going to bury ourselves with the dead man, to my and only it is important for the majority of the fans if dean and sam are still united fighting day after day and be still alive and 7 are kept always united, happy for this season and waiting for 8,

    • Mo says:

      I will assume that English is not your first language, because you seem to use commas in place of all punctuation. I’m not sure what most of your post means, honestly, but I think I understand you to say that Dean & Sam are the core and “all the rest are passengers.” And I agree. Everyone else is expendable. But if Cas is gone for good, that was a crappy way to end his character. And that is the part that sucks.

      And to comment on something directly related to this article (how ironic of me) I am excited to see the casting for both of these episodes.

      • Angela says:

        Thank you! If I were grading that in one of my classes, I’d have to refer casammy to the Writing Center for some serious help. (My class is not a writing instruction course.) These are great guest to have on the show, but I wish we could clear up the Castiel issue. Sera indicates that Misha will be back. Castiel fans would like to know when/if this will ever happen. If he’s not going to come back, we’d like to know so that we can accept it. However, we aren’t going to accept it until Sera confirms it by indicating that the writers change their minds or that she wasn’t being honest earlier. If you are one of the fans who doesn’t think Cas is an important part of the show, fine. This conversation does not concern you. Like what you want and keep moving while we talk about what we want to talk about. You can insult us. You can insult Misha. You can insult angels. You can insult Castiel. It isn’t going to change the fact that we’re having this conversation.

  15. Chris says:

    Lea — a cult fave for his roles on sci-fi shows like V, Kyle XY and the aforementioned Fox drama — will appear in Episode 12, which visits Ness’ professional heyday during the 1940s. There, it will be posited that the FBI agent also had another job — as a hunter!

    You (or the Supernatural writers?) might want to do your research because by the 1940’s, Eliot Ness way WAY past his “professional heyday.” That would be the early 1930’s. By the 40’s, Ness was a divorced guy with a severe drinking problem, living in Cleveland!

    But Nick Lea is awesome. :)

  16. Carrie says:

    The Winchesters meeting Eliot Ness is pretty awesome and I like the idea of him being a demon hunter on the side.

  17. Kookie says:

    I an happy ^^ So nice that they will have new character.
    Can’t wait to see.
    Thank you so much !!

  18. Carli McCormick says:

    The thing is, Dean is mourning his life in a sense. Amy’s murder, betraying Sam, and the Leviathan problem. He has given mere seconds of a “sad” look in his face. In my opinion, he is not mourning one of his closest friends. I mean, Cas has saved Dean countless times. I am waiting for a proper mourning scene. Honestly, I miss Cas.

  19. Claudette Albrecht says:

    I wish everyone would quit wishing for Cas back. The show is about two brothers, not two brothers and an angel. It’s been a fabulous season, back to basics. We’ve enjoyed it immensley! Keep up the amazing work cast and crew! Thanks!

  20. Lisa says:

    Misha Collins confirmed via twitter that he’s coming back on the show.

    also to the naysayers… the writers kinda made him

  21. Lisa says:

    Misha Collins confirmed via twitter that he’s coming back on the show.

    also to the naysayers… the writers kinda made him essential and focusrd a lot of time to his relationship to the bros and Bobby. i also believe bobby is essential to the show