Spoiler Alert: Secret Circle Boss on the Fall Finale's Major Cliffhangers and What's Next!

[The following story contains major spoilers from this Thursday’s episode of The CW’s The Secret Circle. If you haven’t watched yet, turn away now!]

The Secret Circle signed off this week with its last new episode until January, leaving some big cliffhangers in its wake. Below, executive producer Andrew Miller weighs in on some post-“Balcoin” questions we’re mulling as we head into a long hiatus.

WHO IS THE OTHER BLACKWELL CHILD? | Right before taking off, witch hunter Isaac dropped this bomb: There’s another Blackwell offspring in the circle! So… it has to be Faye, right? After all, her mom was obsessed with Blackwell and the dark-haired gal’s got a knack for stirring up trouble. “The emergence of the second Blackwell offspring will be revealed in due course,” Miller teases, before adding that Faye will continue to be frustrated by Cassie’s ability to do solo magic. “It will drive [Faye] to seek out alternative ways to separate herself from the group and find power on her own that probably will have terrible consequences for other people.”

Secret Circle Preview: Trouble for Charles and Dawn, Ethan’s New Role and More Death Ahead

IS JOHN BLACKWELL STILL ALIVE? | Could Cassie’s mysterious pops actually have survived the fire 16 years ago? Miller is cagey about that mystery as well, but he does promise that “we’ll get more of his background and exactly what happened to him” in future episodes. Meanwhile, finally knowing who her father was will lead Cassie to “understand something about herself that she never knew,” says Miller, which will take all the characters to “interesting and dark places.”

IS JAKE GONE FOR GOOD? | Our magic 8 ball says, “Not likely.” Although his portrayer Chris Zylka isn’t a regular – yet! – they “hope to use him in more episodes down the road,” reveals Miller. “We’re figuring that out right now.” When he does eventually return, Miller warns that Jake still might not be trustworthy even though he tried to save Cassie. “When Jake was trying to take Cassie away, I believe he was trying to do that, but I think he would have sacrificed the whole other circle,” explains the EP. “He’s still an enigma.” In the meantime, Jake’s absence will “open up possibilities” of the romantic variety for Cassie, including the potential for something with Adam.

Exclusive: Secret Circle Recruits Friday Night Lights‘ Grey Damon for Some Dark Magic

WHY DIDN’T THE WITCH HUNTERS KILL JAKE? | Leader Isaac has “his clutches on Jake in a way that he’s very confident,” explains Miller. “He doesn’t have to kill him because he knows he still has a lot of power to wield.” As for the mysterious council that Isaac alluded to, their history “will surprise us and goes back longer than anyone thinks right now.”

HOW SCREWED ARE CHARLES AND DAWN? | Short answer: Very. Their botched spell on Jane will cause big problems, widening the rift between the two. More importantly, “they’ll start to question the mind-F they’ve done on themselves” with the things they’ve convinced themselves they have to do.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    January 5th is looks sooooooo very far away.

    Tonight’s episode was one of the best though, with a perfect cliffhanger at the end! I’m looking forward to everything that is to come, because it definitely looks like things are about to get really serious on this show! I can’t wait.

  2. mike says:

    Chris Zylka is the most watchable thing about the show.

    • Jason says:

      I second that! He’s so compelling, I can’t take my eyes off him. A great actor and far-and-away the hottest guy on the show–and they’re sorely lacking in that department. Chris Zylka MUST become a series regular. Surely that’s apparent to the powers that be? No brainer.

      • Eli says:

        Are you kidding me? Him a great actor? The dude has a total of 2! facial expressions.

        Listen, you can like him all you want, that’s your business, but please don’t say retarded stuff like “he’s a great actor”. It offends me as a human being.

    • anudi says:

      I third that! He’s so HOT!

  3. Margot says:

    agreed, they better keep him on the show!

  4. Michael says:

    Chris Zylka’s Jake is the worst thing about the show and the reason that I stopped watching as of the November 3rd show.

    • Snapy says:

      He’s not the worst thing, but we definitely need a break from the character. I wasn’t impressed to see him in the preview for the next episode. Also, you shouldn’t have stopped watching—there is more to the show than Jake.

    • Holly says:

      I didn’t stop watching, but I agree. He’s a problem for the show. I don’t know if the actor was instructed to play it this way, or what, but he only appears to have two facial expressions. And I get it — he’s “conflicted” — but I don’t have any real explanation from where that conflict comes from. He hates all witches! But he loves Cassie! Because she seems good! From the two weeks he’s known her! She has changed him and his views! But he hates all witches! I don’t know — this half-good, half-bad conflicted characters work best when they have a sense of wicked humor and are played by charismatic actors and the entire show doesn’t revolve almost solely around their angst (see: TVD, Buffy, V Mars, etc.) This show has a problem with this story and I really hope it’s fixed over the hiatus. I WANT to like this show. I watch every week trying to like it. I feel like it’s one breakthrough episode away from being good. But the Jake thing is holding the show back at this point.

  5. MDEP says:

    I think the other Blackwell child is Diana. Faye is too obvious.

    • Russ says:

      Yeah I was thinking that too, so it isn’t Faye or Adam. I would be happy with Diana cause she is always goody two shoes, but Melissa would be a interesting twist as well.

    • fernando says:

      No I really hope it’s Faye, Faye and Cassie are great together, Diana and Cassie scene arent as good as Faye and Cassie, so I hope it is Faye.

      • Erin says:

        I hope it’s Faye too as I kind of wondered if she was also Blackwell’s kid when Jame mentioned Dawn being obsessed with Blackwell before they even announced that Cassie had a sibling. Plus they bounce off each other so well with their conflict.

        That said I figure Faye’s very obvious so it has to be Diana – best fit especially when they said in the beginning they pretty much said that the characters we’d expect to be good/evil won’t necessarily be so. I mean she’s one of the few that have a dad so who would expect him to shock horror not really be her dad.

        But in addition to that I just found out that ex Smallville persom Miller (above interview) is running the show and Smallville did not do twists well nor was it good on continuity or consequence and new Charlies Angels downright sucked so I’m scared for TSC’s future and expecting the obvious to be the obvious therefore Faye’s back in the running.

    • Josh says:

      I think it is Jake, considering he already uses solo magic on his own.

      • Holly says:

        Yeah, but then they have the whole incest issue, where Cassie and Jake, half brother and half sister, totally made out. Which — shows have gone there before, but TSC seems like a show that wouldn’t go down that road.

        I wondered if it’s Melissa. We really haven’t seen ANY of her family, except the cousin last night. I can’t tell if that’s a purposeful thing b/c of this type of twist, or if it’s budget issues (can’t afford to hire someone to play her parent) or if it’s just lazy writing.

      • Ambur says:

        Jake never bound himself to the circle. That’s why he can do solo magic. By blood he’s part of their circle, but he never actually bound himself to it. Plus, I agree with Holly. I can’t see them playing the whole incest angle.

    • Camilla says:

      how can she be his (John Blackwell) daughter she has a dad already and its more reasonable for it to be faye because her mother has a former relationship with John Blackwell.

      • Russ says:

        Just cause Diana has a dad doesn’t mean that it actually her father. Her mother could have been with Blackwell and Charles never knew, so when she got pregnant he assumed it was his.

    • PG says:

      I thought it was Faye too, but Faye is too obvious. What if its Jake?? He’s apart of their circle now, since his brother died. And we’ve seen him do his own magic in the show when he was first introduced.

    • Collette says:

      What I’d like to know is why everyone is assuming it’s JOHN Blackwell’s daughter. It could just as easily be a female in the family. I didn’t see the family tree well enough to see if there were any other viable candidates, though.

      • Ambur says:

        Great point, Collette! :D

        It’s true. Just because there’s someone else with Balcoin blood, doesn’t mean they’re an offspring of John Blackwell’s, and the fact that the Balcoin name was changed makes it pretty likely that there could be someone else out there passing on the bloodline.

  6. Curly says:

    Yuuuus Chris Zylka is one of the main things on here! I actually think he has feelings towards Cassie. I hope he comes back! I’m going to die without this show!

  7. unknown says:

    The last episode was the best and if they continue their good work, i think this will be a great show

  8. Billy says:

    Great ending! Another Blackwell child, can’t wait to see Cassie’s reaction to having a sibling. I would love for it to be Faye, but I know that she won’t be.

    • Camilla says:

      She can be look at the possibilities (example:Faye’s mom has a former relationship with John Blackwell (Cassie’s Father)

      • Billy says:

        In my thinking that it won’t be Faye is because it seems to obvious like they guiding us to one conclusion only to shock us when it turns out not to be Faye.
        Also Jane (Cassie’s Grandma) said that Dawn (Faye’s mom) worshipped him, there was never a mention of a former relationship. Charles (Diana’s father) alluded that there might have been more but Dawn brushed it off.

  9. Cheylon says:

    Grey Damon is the other Blackwell child!He coming in episode 10 as a witch!It’s not Faye,in which I’m very happy about that girl do not need anymore power!Of course she will seek alternative ways in which may come from a magical stone!

    • Russ says:

      The head witch hunter guy said that there was another Blackwell in the CIRCLE. Grey Damon isn’t even on the show yet so….

  10. Trenton says:

    He said that there is another Blackwell Child “IN THE CIRCLE”

    The obvious choice is Faye….so that makes it too well obvious. Melissa doesn’t pop…so giving her that added aspect could make her interesting. Diana would be interesting…but in the end I hope they come back round to Faye. If they do it right, as in she was always the other child but they make us believe that’s why it can’t be her so we get to be surprised in the end. Faye is the best character on the show…she is kind of Secret Circle’s version of Damon.

    • Cheylon says:

      Hello,all the blood lines in the circle are combined!ALL BLOOD LINES!It called a surprise for a reason!There even another elder coming back Dawn grandmother!

      • Cheylon says:

        You can research it,you even find an article about it on Tvline.

        He claims to come from Santeria heritage and runs an occult Botanica in the suburbs. He’s got a hint of danger about him, so it’s no surprise that resident bad girl Faye takes an interest in the guy and the dark side of magic in which he dabbles. Hmm, sounds like Faye is up to no good — what else is new? — maybe even trying to get her solo powers back.

        • Russ says:

          They said a Blackwell in the circle, last time I checked he wasn’t in the circle. Him and his dark magic are probably being brought in for Faye “to seek out alternative ways to separate herself from the group and find power on her own that probably will have terrible consequences for other people.”

  11. Cheylon says:

    Grey Damon is the other Blackwell child.He coming in episode 10 and his character is a witch.Yes,Grey he recently played on The Nine Lives of Chloe King and Friday Night Lights in which both were recently canceled.He is the new edition to The Secret Circle.It’s not Faye,in which I’m very happy about because Faye does not need anymore power.She’ll destroy everything.Of course Faye will seek alternative ways in which she may come across a special magical stone or device cause some trouble then the stone or device will be destroyed or hidden.

    • Russ says:

      The witch hunters said another Blackwell in the circle. Grey Damon is not in the circle and just because he dabbles in dark magic does not mean he comes from dark magic like Cassie. I’m hoping for Melissa.

  12. Mao says:

    I think Jake is the other Blackwell child. I think he understood that and that’s why he went away because of the relationship he had with Cassie. But I can be wrong….

    • Kate says:

      I agree. From the first moment, I saw Jake, I thought that, his looks and hers were very similar. He seems to know exactly the kind of powers she can have with black magic (more than the hunters) and he stopped Cassie when it was clearly getting hot and heavy (there, I’m not decided if it’s because the writers didn’t want them to cross that line because they’re brother and sister or if Jake is supposed to know…) Just my opinion…

    • Billy says:

      I hope not! Jassie all the way! or is Cake better. We need to establish a name for them!

      • Kate says:

        Well, while I have the feeling from his first appearance that Jake is build to be Cassie’s brother, I also hope that I’m wrong. Indeed, he’s the first male character whom I see having real chemistry with Cassie. As mucch as I’ve tried, I can’t bring myself to care about Adam/Cassie… As for the name, I like Jassie but Cake is funny :)

  13. May says:

    I really thought Diana would get pregnant after she and Adam had that “angry sex” in Henry’s house. I think it would go trough a whole different, and more awesome,path.

  14. dm says:

    Wow — Cassie with that red dress on at the end…what is Adam waiting for

  15. cerreno says:

    Um no chris zylka is the worst thing about the show. I hope he doesn’t want to come back and they find someone else to play the Jake character. Def an interesting ep but there is way too much mystery. Now I can see why Charles Mother comes to Chance Harbour. I hope Cassie figures what’s going on with her grandmother and sorts it out. It would be cool for faye and cassie to be sistersm should be an interesting thing. But then there wouldn’t be one witch from each of the families… Faye wouldn’t represent the Chamberlains. This should be interesting…

    • Beth Ann says:

      Sorry to disappoint you, hon, but Chris Zylka is coming back as Jake. He is pretty much the only interesting addition to this show from the beginning. Each episode is so dull and not much ever happens. They better crank it up a notch because it’s showing in the ratings decline.

    • Erin says:

      @cerrono, most people agree. I don’t know if it’s the actor/direction/writing but his character is as bland as could be. No charisma whatsoever. But the young little tweens adore him so for the eye candy. I just wish they would have kept Nick around longer. He was a far better character and actor and hid death would have held more of an impact.

      • Kristy says:

        Nick was a good character in the book series and a complete bore on the show as played by the very wooden actor they smartly wrote off. The show got infinitely better when Jake came to town.

  16. Joe says:

    She could be a Chamberlain-Blackwell hybrid and therefore represent both.

  17. Deangelo says:

    I love this show so freaking much I cnt wait till it comes out on DVD but I don’t like this Jake character at all I would have rathered have nick stay alive or melissa’s cousin come stay in the circle Jake is so not trustworthy at all such a irriitator an plays Cassie like she is just super stupid they should either kill him off an have mellisa cousin come aboard or jus have him come aboard of the circle completely an prove his trust to them an be completely trustworthy to the circle an another thing I hate I wanna see them use more magic I mean they are teenage witches use magic an the whole bound thing with not magic unless together I kinda dont like THT the most episode they used magic was last night an the one where they were all in the school hallway an they got that guy I mean I just really wanna see more magic I also think THT this was how vampire diaries was now look at vampire disrespect this season and it’s super great just like season two was too so I think give secret circle a lil time an it will rise to full potential like it should like how vamp diaries did an I super can’t wait secret circle fan #1 lol out

  18. Stephan fan says:

    I agree !!!! I want Jake and Cassie together as a couple !!!!! I also dont want Adam with Cassie in any form. Jake and Cassie all the way Jaksie!!!!!

  19. Eliza says:

    I like the Jake character. He has been more interesting in these past few episodes than Adam, Diana, Melissa and Nick have been from the start.

    I do like him with Cassie as well. Much more chemistry there than with Adam! Hope to see Jake back!

  20. Amanda says:

    I think that the other Blackwell child is Melissa, here’s why: 1) Her “cousin” was brought into this last episode not only as an “interest” for Diana but also he could represent that family if Melissa is indeed a Blackwell. 2)Since Nick’s death, she hasn’t been featured hardly at all…what is the point of her on the show?

    But here is my question… since there are two Blackwell children in the circle, how did they bind their circle? Because a true member from each family couldn’t be represented. How can two children of the same family be in the same circle…

  21. AT says:

    This show is frustrating me to no end. I keep watching because it has so much potential and because I grew up loving these books. But honestly I don’t think the writers have figured out what they’re doing yet. A lot of it doesn’t really make sense from episode to episode. It reminds me of those add on stories kids do in middle school. You know when one person starts the story and then the next person adds on and so forth. It feels like each episode is an add on. And frankly it’s driving me nuts. Kind of like they’re making it up as they go along. And they’re not even really using the books as source material much. Frankly, it’s just frustrating. It’s one thing to make changes from the books when making a TV show. It’s another to make those changes boring. But I still have hope. I hope they get some script doctoring for the upcoming episodes.

  22. Andrew says:

    I was surprised at the reveal that there’s another Blackwell child in the circle.

    Like a lot of other people, I don’t think it’s Faye at all simply because she would be too obvious (and for the fact that Jake was told right AFTER the scene with Dawn, Charles and Jane).

    Here are three theories as to who it could be:

    1. Diana – They’ve established that her father is Charles, but what if his wife (Elizabeth) had an affair with Blackwell and he only assumes that he’s the father because that’s what he was led to believe?

    2. Jake – Yes, he was Nick’s brother and yes both of their parents died in the fire, but — like the Diana theory — what if HIS mother had an affair with John Blackwell and led Douglas Armstrong believe he was the father when he really wasn’t? As for the issue of incest: Yes, they kissed, but so what? Before Cassie ran to her house and locked herself in, all she said to Jake was that she felt a connection with him and that he could feel it too, but that does NOT mean that it HAS to be a romantic connection. If they are revealed to be half-brother and sister, so what about the kiss? They could just be drawn to each other simply for the fact that they may be related.

    Melissa – In order for their to be two siblings in the circle, that would have to mean that one of the wives of the original circle misled their husband into thinking they were the father of the child when they really weren’t, which also includes Melissa’s mother, Sophie. As far as I know, Melissa’s father hasn’t been named, so she could also be the other child as well.

  23. zara says:

    It would be great if Faye was the other Blackwell sibling however it is too obvious, even though Faye’s mother might had feelings for John Blackwell it doesn’t mean faye is his other child. It could possibly be Jake as each book of shadows holds information about the witches family and spells unique to that witch’s bloodline, in Jake’s book of shadows it had information about Cassie’s father and her family origins which was strange.

    Blinding the circle also goes beyond just binding the group it also binds the bloodlines, so a brother or sister is also bind to the circle. However Jake has his own magic too outside the circle.

    Another possibility is Melissa, when Nick died Melissa’s mum took her out of the town and away from the circle and now has brought her cousin back to look over Melissa. We have not seen Melissa’s family yet, could her mum be hiding a dark secret. She too is a witch and was on the boat that night.
    Faye and Diana’s parents probably need cassie powers I don’t think they need her to gain their powers back as they can do that with the crystals but maybe they need her to resurrect cassie’s father?

    So we might be seeing him in future episodes.

    Can’t wait for episode 10 :D

    • Russ says:

      Cassie got those papers about her family from the guy Jake killed, there wasn’t anything about the Blackwell’s in Jake’s book. However his book did have some dark magic in it which could have been a down low clue.

  24. Alfred says:

    It’s probably Faye. I don’t think they banked on who it was being a plot twist. It very much explains Faye’s personality and her attitude before the circle was bound. She was practicing some level of Dark Magic before and it caused her to become such a dark and crazy person, similar to what Cassie is going through. Faye just has been so used to it by now, she didn’t freak out in the anti-magic circle like Cassie. I think the situation triggered Cassie’s dark side which she had no control of, while Faye’s dark side was already triggered and she had the ability to turn it on but she doesn’t know she has the power.

    But I would say it’s plausible for it to be Diana too. But I would very much prefer the Faye/Cassie sister relationship.

  25. heather says:

    There is a reason why the Blackwells appear so prominently in Jake’s book of shadows and not Cassie’s or Diana’s. I really think that it is Diana.

    • Carter says:

      The Blackwell’s don’t appear in Jake’s book of shadows, he recognized the symbols on the papers Cassie got from the dead guy. But you could make the connection with the Blackwell’s dark magic and Jake having dark magic in this book. However, we haven’t seen Faye’s, Melissa’s, or Adam’s book.

      • Ambur says:

        You’re right that the “Blackwells” don’t appear in Jake’s book, but it did mention Balcoin. I think the one image of that freaky skeleton thing actually said Francis Balcoin in the one corner. That being said. Jake didn’t said it was a familial connection, he just said it was a warning about what can happen when a witch gives into their dark desires. So, it might not mean anything about them being related. I don’t think it means they’re related. I think his book is just a warning. Although, I hope that we get to see Faye, Melissa, and Adam’s books some time soon.

  26. lalliette says:

    Its seems that faye is blackwells’s kid but it could be jake as he can also do magic alone. But what if its melissa? So little is know about her and it does say that she becomes empowered

  27. Steve Z says:

    Faye has tried so hard to do solo magic this season since the circle has been bonded and failed at the attempt, I don’t believe it would be her.
    Diana on the other hand always plays by the rules and I could see her being the one that is “the other Blackwell child.”
    Of course it could be Adam, and then Cassie and Adam would never be able to “finalize” their fated relationship.

    • Ambur says:

      I was thinking the same thing about Faye. She’s been the only one really trying to do solo magic, but then again, if it’s dark magic, it might need a trigger, like Cassie’s. I still think it probably isn’t Faye though.
      My friend and I have been suspicious about Diana since the show started. She’s just so perfect that she would make that perfect villain by totally flipping sides.
      Ah, but if Adam and Cassie are related, and his dad is Blackwell, that means they aren’t actually fated because Adam wouldn’t share the same blood as his “father.” Man, that sounds convoluted, but basically, they wouldn’t be fated if Blackwell is the father of them both.

  28. May says:

    The producer said quite clearly “It will drive to seek out alternative ways to separate herself from the group and find power on her own that probably will have terrible consequences for other people” Look at the word “Herself”. Indicates a female person. Therefore, it isn’t Jake or Adam. It’s Melissa, Faye or Diana.

  29. Ines says:

    Others Blackwell ? Adam!

  30. catherine says:

    I think its Faye that is the other Blackwell child Because only Cassie saw what Faye was seeing at Faye’s grandpa’s lake house, know one else saw it, I think its because they are connected by the Blackwell bloodline and thats how they both say little Faye, and Cassie felt what Faye felt and stuff, and I also think its Faye because it never tells why Faye’s grandpa doesnt like Faye’s mom so much and I think its because he suspected something with Faye’s mom and John Blackwell.

  31. David says:

    Its faye! In the Heather episode they were able to lift together a spell placed by a more mature witch soo it makes sense

  32. Jennifer says:

    I think it is either Diana or Faye. My reasons being:
    1) Faye – its pretty obvious, the whole dawn worshipped John Blackwell could lead to them having a affair which resulted in Faye. Also, Cassie and Faye being connected at the lake house, and the two can do magic well together. But then it is REALLY obvious.
    2) Diana – the Isaac character said it was a “blackwell” kid, he never said it was Johns, so there could have been another Blackwell. I think Charles could be the other Blackwell, or something, because Diana seems a little evil and if you remember in her book, there was black magic in it, and not like Cassies had Black magic – Diana’s black magic was how to put it on and stuff, whereas Cassie’s was how to remove it. If anyone remembers?

    I doubt it is Melissa or Adam or Jake because Adam and Jake are sorted of linked romantically with Cassie, and that wouldn’t seem nice, even though Jake and Cassie have a “connection” but Nick and Cassie had no connection at all. Melissa also, seems a little out of the blue because there hasn’t been anything to hint it is her.

    Also, were all of the characters parents witches? Because if they were, wouldn’t they have two books each, to represent each family?? Like shouldnt cassie have one from the Blackwell and then one from the Blakes??

  33. Miranda says:

    I think the other Blackwell is Jake. It makes sense since there was a bunch of information about them in his book and also, I remember him doing solo magic.

  34. Kristen says:

    From what I remember, he never said that the child was part of the circle. He just said that Cassie wasn’t the only child of Blackwell. Therefore it could be anyone. I think the other members of the circle, being FAR more comfortable and familiar with their magic, would know if they had solo power.
    My guess is it’s Jake … although I’m going to be mad if it is, b/c I love him and Cassie together. It would make sense why they feel some strong connection. Plus, Jake pushed her away when she tried to kiss him outside of the dare.
    My hope is it’s someone that hasn’t been shown yet. Maybe the guy coming from the Nine Lives of Chloe blah blah blah? Fingers crossed it’s him so Jake and Cassie have a chance! :)

  35. Lila says:

    I’m sorry if this “offends” people but I happen to think Chris Zylka is a amazing actor. Him and britt have amazing chemistry together something that Cassie and Adam don’t have. I don’t like them together at all. I almost stopped watching the show untill Jake came on. I actually thought that Faye and Adam would be a decent couple. But I really hope they keep Chris as a regular!

    • Ambur says:

      I completely agree, Lila. :) I really like Chris Zylka as Jake. He and Britt are awesome together, and I definitely don’t want Cassie and Adam together. I kind of wanted them to hook up at the beginning of the show, but once Jake showed up, I totally dropped that train of though. I want Jake and Cassie together. :D I was never at the point where I wasn’t going to watch…it’s on after Vampire Diaries, so I just automatically keep watching, but I thought it got a lot more exciting when Jake showed up. In fact, I think it’s steadily gotten better each week, and it’s a pretty intense show. :D I kind of liked Adam and Faye in the “Balcoin” episode, but I’m not sure if they’d really work as a couple, it’d be interesting to see it happen though. And I want Chris as a regular, too! :D

  36. sindu says:

    i can’t wait till the next episode comes out, very excited about it.
    wish it could come out earlier though but any how, so is faye really blackwell child as well ? orr

  37. Katy says:

    Heck yea he is :) he is the only reason I watch the show :P and as a actor he is doing amazingly good ;)

  38. chris says:

    urmm if you think about it, cassie might be able to do solo magic because of who her mother and father is. obviously we know John Blackwell is evil and had powerful dark magic but what about her mother? didnt Jane say that it all started with the Blake family line and they were born to lead the rest?

  39. shannon says:

    i think its jake he automatically became apart of the circle when nick died and he can do solo magic he shouldnt be able to it probably wont be faye if it is that lame they already told us more or less out of the whole circle i would say last is faye she is the only one who has actually tried to do solo magic and failed she always says if she could do it by herself she would over and over .. not think melissa shes to blan for it dont see it being adam or diana really either way i dont think we will know for a while even after the show comes back

  40. smacccc says:

    also i dont like show adam/cassie i dont buy them together theres nothing there with them unlink the books where it secret meetings and hidden kisses show jake/cassie click so good they should of cast the actor for jake as adam and the actor for adam for nick then not killed nick off the actor who played nick could of played jake then they killed him first

  41. Jennifer says:

    My favorite character is Jake he is so hot and I hope he comes back and gets to be with cassie as a couple. He is one reason I watch the show.I really liked the show though.

  42. Dooo says:

    It can not be Jake b/c the witch hunter would kill him already:)

  43. Anthony says:

    I don’t care how obvious Faye is, i want her and Cassie to be sisters. I think that would be the best relationship on the show. I don’t seen Diana or Melissa as her sister whatsoever. Anyway, can’t wait for the show to return and get some answers. And as much as i love Jake and Cassie, i think Cassie will end up with Adam. Their parents went against fate, i don’t think the writers will let Adam and Cassie do that. But i like her with both guys, they both have different chemistry with her. People are just so obsessed with one ship that they don’t see the chemistry between the other ship. From what i have seen anyway.

  44. Anthony says:

    I don’t care how obvious Faye is, i want her and Cassie to be sisters. I think that would be the best relationship on the show. I don’t see Diana or Melissa as her sister whatsoever. Anyway, can’t wait for the show to return and get some answers. And as much as i love Jake and Cassie, i think Cassie will end up with Adam. Their parents went against fate, i don’t think the writers will let Adam and Cassie do that. But i like her with both guys, they both have different chemistry with her. People are just so obsessed with one ship that they don’t see the chemistry between the other ship. From what i have seen anyway.

  45. Anthony says:

    Sorry for the double post, and i meant that they don’t want to see the chemistry.

  46. Rachael says:

    Anyone think it could possibly be adam? just throwing it out there, after all his dad was obsessed with amelia, so maybe adams mam seeing that thought a good way to get back at both of them was to sleep with blackwell! i know its probably not the case but its just a suggestion

  47. Sherrux says:

    I REALLLLLY hope its not Faye, i’ve shipped Faye/Cassie since the books and even if they do end up related i’d probally die inside and continue shipping them going solely on the books.
    I doubt it’s Diana, she was Faye’s cousin in the books.
    Its obviously not Adam and i wouldn’t care if it was Jake.
    Sure it’d raise the question of incest but hello, they’ve only kissed.
    But i doubt its him because he’s not binded to the circle and it also raises another question, if it is him then does that mean Nick is also related to Cassie?
    Melissa, who i didn’t like at all in the beginning has grown on me a little, it’d be fun to see her have a storyline and a purpose other than Faye’s best friend.
    It’d be perfect because she was amazing when been controlled by the snake demon.

    It’d be even more intresting if what Diana’s book didn’t tell you was that binding the circle doesn’t mean every member has to be there to do it, what if the sibling is someone we haven’t come across and one day when the circle was binded they just lost their powers?
    It’s a little bit out there but it’s fun to think about.

  48. dee says:

    I can’t explain it but in my gut I have a feeling it’s Diana. She made a comment to the effect that she didn’t know what she would do if she lost Adam. Somehting about the way she said it I saw some potential for evil there. I love Fay’s character but I think that’s way too obvoius.

  49. lauren says:

    Although Faye is the obvious choice, there are several reasons for it to make sense. First, there was the commnet about Dawn being obsessed with Blackwell. Second Henry did not seem to like the Dawn very much for some reason and when she killed him, she told him “I DID love your son” perhaps this was said as a final attempt to convince Henry of her love for his son even though she might have conceived Faye with Blackwell.Third, it would set up the light/dark contrast that was representend in the books by Diana and Faye – in the books Diana has light hair and fair skin while Faye is the same as she is portrayed on TV.

  50. Savanah says:

    You’re all idiots! Of course he’s got a limited facial expression! His character is meant to be serious. He’s on a mission to kill. How many killers do you know that prance around making faces? Duh! He makes that show! Before him it was getting boring. And his sexy voice is a bonus. I’d like to see any of you idiots try to act. So before you criticize maybe you should look at yourself and get a life