Report: All My Children's Online Relaunch Halted

Prospect Park, the upstart media group which last July announced its plan to rescue both All My Children and One Life to Live from the brink of cancellation, is reportedly rethinking its stance on one of its two ABC Daytime saves.

As reported by ABC Soaps In Depth, Prospect Park has indefinitely put on hold plans to relaunch AMC via its new web hub,, which itself is scheduled to (hopefully) go live in early 2012.

As OLTL’s ABC Finale Nears, Kassie DePaiva Has Endgame Wish for Todd/Blair, Laments MIA Max

SID‘s sources say that Prospect Park has decided “they only need one soap opera for their new Internet channel,” and since they’re currently further along in developments for a OLTL reboot — having already signed 13 of that sudser’s cast members, including heavy hitters Erika Slezak (Viki) and Kassie DePaiva (Blair) — AMC has been benched.

Thus far, Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and Lindsay Hartley (Cara) are the only AMC vets signed on to participate in the prospective online continuation of their former ABC serial. And while others are in negotiations, In Depth reports that all such talks have come to a halt.

One Life to Live‘s Florencia Lozano, Tuc Watkins and Two Others Join Online Venture

A Prospect Park spokesperson did not immediately respond to TVLine’s request for comment.

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  1. Kimberly Dzingel says:

    I knew this would happen. We didn’t even get a real ending. :(

    • Snapy says:

      Hopefully they (ABC? Disney? AMC? PP?) will release the “flash forward” ending online for fans of the series. I didn’t watch AMC, but I would hate for my soap to end on a cliffhanger that didn’t get resolved. They should have just aired the original ending and PP could have continued AMC’s stories in the time between the last episode and the flash forward sequences.

      • Danny says:

        JR shot the lesbians and Erica died alone. THE END

      • john and howard caylor says:


        • Dick Patten says:

          I am totally disgusted with the news that All My Children has been put on hold. If this is true, then does it mean that they are giving up totally. Why not combine the two soaps together, they used to have stories that would interlock every so often. You have certaninly made people upset with all the news you said and now nothing. You

        • Karen says:

          This really sucks, AMC is the only soap I watched as I didnt have time for all of the othere ones, and was very sad to hear that it was ending. I was so happy to hear that it would continue online and now my bubble has been bursted. Thanks a lot Prospect Park.

        • katies1 says:

          sounds like we the fans of AMC have been duped into believing something that they never planned to deliver from the begining, if you wnat to use your computer to watch do it, if not find something else to do, you are the one in contoll of your keyboard and what you do…

  2. PutAforkINit says:

    Dumb idea from the start.

    I feel the fans’ pain at the end of their shows, but this was never going to work.

  3. CJ says:

    The vast majority of the rapidly dwindling group of soap fans would have difficulty watching them online anyway. Many of them don’t even have computers, much less watch TV on them.

    • Holly says:

      That is incredibly insulting, don’t you think? My nearly 80 year old mother has a computer and is on Facebook. What are your statistics on that fact? Has there been some sort of study linking a lack of computer use to soap fans? Seriously, when people use statements such as a “vast majority” I expect an actual source for that information. Otherwise it’s pure speculation, and wildly inaccurate speculation, at that. But I guess generalizing, speculation and ridiculous assertions without proof is what passes for fact these days.

      • CJ says:

        If you’ll reread, you’ll notice that I didn’t say there wasn’t a single example of an All My Children fan with a computer. But I doubt your dear, sweet old mother will be enough to keep AMC going online. Besides, why is it “incredibly insulting?” I didn’t say AMC fans were ugly or stupid.

        • Holly says:

          No you made a sweeping generalization, which is false on its face because it is a generalization. Your word was ‘most’ which there is absolutely no way you could possibly know unless you visited the homes of each and every soap fan and checked to see if they owned a computer. Did you do that? If you have not, then your ‘most’ comment is false.
          It is insulting because you are implying that soap fans are not technologically savvy enough to watch television on their computers, when, again, you have absolutely no way to know that. My point with my mother, by the way, was she might be the tip of an iceberg you have absolutely no idea about. For all you know, there are soap fans of all ages, and all walks of life.

          If it’s still unclear, look up the definition of a generalization.

          • Holly says:

            So sorry, your actual comment was ‘vast majority’ not ‘most’ which is actually a far worse generalization.

    • NCSouthernBelle says:

      Oh please. I’m 27 and didn’t miss an episode in twelve years. Feel free to not stereotype.

      • CJ says:

        Congratulations on getting an extra hour a day to get a life.

        • Josh says:

          That’s pretty uncalled for, CJ. You aren’t adding anything new to the topic, aside from your assuming the majority of soap fans can’t figure out how to watch online, insulting someone for posting their opinion and your comment about the poster’s mother-which read to me like snark. ‘Incredibly insulting’ sums you up pretty well.

        • Paul says:

          I always find it hilariously ironic when someone who POSTS ON-LINE and talks about people WATCHING TV ON-LINE implores others to “get a life”.

          • Holly says:

            I agree with the irony. I don’t understand why someone feels it necessary to denigrate someone who enjoys a soap. It’s drama and storytelling, for crying out loud. Some people actually enjoy written and scripted drama and not the reality garbage that is force fed to us in a frighteningly increasing amount. Are Jersey Shores fans denigrated to this extent?

        • Digital Ideas says:

          How much time have you spent on these posts?

        • Carol says:

          If you had any more of a life than soap fans, you wouldn’t have had the time to post on here!!!!!!I’m sure there is at least 1 show that is your favorite. What if they cancelled all football, baseball, basketball etc. then who’d be pissed off. same difference for soap fans!!!

          • katies1 says:

            you forgot to include nascar racing, and amen to this we want our soaps back, women watch motr tv than men, look at the adds that are used, they are appealing to the female gender, they are the shoppers…

    • OH says:

      Aannd you know this because??? Sounds to me like either you are guilty of ageism or not well versed on seniors. Perhaps you should rethink your remarks. Most seniors from 65-86 where I live (55+senior apts) are computer savvy (literate) and actually as I, prefer to view their fav shows on line thru Hulu, or the networks that stream (most do except Bravo) because this welcomed option is easier to see and hear!

      Ohhh..we also know how to text, skype and play vid games on our Smart phones. :)

      • Jenni says:

        My mother is 64 and goes online more then I do simply because I am busy with work and my kids. And soap fans are all ages. I used to watch Days of our Lives in college.

  4. Carrie says:

    I’m not surprised at all. I had a feeling this would happen, especially with all of the news about OLTL actors signing on, while there was hardly any news at all about AMC. They’re probably trying to save face (and money) by saying they only need one soap now because they couldn’t get any of the really popular actors to join the online show.

    • Danny says:

      I knew it! I predicted it from the beginning. There was no way they could pay all the actors and Miss Lucci probably wanted more money than everyone and without Erica, AMC is pointless. The Ryan and Cara show would be painful to watch.

  5. Mary says:

    This is absolutely the worst ever. AMC was one of the best soaps on TV and since they were cancelled, it is just not the same. I am no longer watching the channel they were on, much less the horrid program that replaced AMC. Get with the program and make this work at least online.

  6. Chris says:

    I’m not surprised by this one bit. This plan always sounded like smoke and mirrors ever since it was announced. Given the high production costs attached to soaps and the expected steep dropoff in eyeballs, there’s no way that online advertising alone can produce enough revenue to offset the costs to keep these shows afloat. No cable channel is interested in any part of this, which is telling. It was a huge mistake for Prospect Park to order AMC’s writers to scrap their planned grand finale and have AMC end 41 years on ABC with lame cliffhangers (Who did JR shoot?, really?!) when there was no guarantee that this internet plan would ever get off the ground. What a slap in the face to longtime viewers!!! You don’t leave people hanging like this, many of whom watched for four decades!!! This will go down as an all-time blunder in TV history. What a damn shame. I don’t trust Prospect Park. Even if OLTL makes it online by some miracle, it will be very short-lived and then be gone for good. It would just be postponing the inevitable.

    • Jessica says:

      I completely agree. This will go down as one of the biggest all-time TV blunders because they should have ended the series on a high and not on a cliffhanger. I didn’t expect this online deal to work out but I expected it to get further than this. What a ridiculous mess and it totally screws over the fans. Now I really wonder how far OLTL will get and if anyone will care to see. They better end OLTL on TV better than they did AMC.

    • Digital Ideas says:

      First and foremost, if anyone is to blame, it is ABC/Disney. They moved AMC across the country and implied they were committed to the show, when in reality they were developing “The Spew” and other shows to take their place.

      Prospect Park came in a few months after the announcement had been made, and many of the actors and crew members had secured other employment opportunities.

      From my understanding, ABC won’t relinquish rights to the show, which is what has been most prohibitive to cable networks/companies interested in the show. It was not a mistake for Prospect Park to scrap the original ending if they truly believed they had a go at the online production. They have been working with a lot of barriers and seem to only be getting cooperation for the show ABC has always been LEAST invested in.

      • JJ says:

        LOL put the blame on yourself,….you did this to AMC. ABC wanted to end the show and wrap it up nicely, because they knew that this was the end. But hey some fools wanted the show on the internet, campaigned and protested until ABC just threw it away to the joke PP. Really the joke is on those fans, it doesnt work for soaps….now you are angry and shocked it hasnt gone off, what does one knock some sense into you people…

  7. Kate says:

    Don’t forget to put the blame where it belongs – on ABC! They are deliberately ruining soaps and ignoring DVR ratings so they can justify replacing the more expensive scripted shows with cheap to produce talk shows. I think all soap fans should boycott ABC Daytime and don’t watch anything new at night or anything at all on ABC unless you really love it. I love “Castle”, “Body of Proof”, “Pan Am” and “Once Upon A Time” and I don’t want to see the talented casts of those shows penalized because of the horrible network they are on so I am watching four hours of ABC per week. I’m not giving new ABC shows a chance. I refuse to watch the news on ABC, any ABC dayime show except GH and OLTL and I will not reinforce ABC’s idiotic decisions by watching any reality TV in the evenings. The only way ABC will get a clue is if their ratings are affected and advertisers are upset so I say we boycott!!!!

  8. Debby says:

    That SUCKS!!

  9. Karen says:

    I couldn’t believe this when I saw it on facebook. Are you freakin kidding me. I am at a lost for words… nice ones anyway! Prospect Park… SHAME ON YOU! Getting our hopes up and for what to halt something that you never had any intention to continue. As far as ABC is concerned I watch OLTL and that’s it. Kate you said you watch “Once Upon A Time”… GRIMM IS WAY BETTER! I watched the first episode of Once Upon A Time (video on demand) and it was HORRIBLE and BORING. I will support any channel except ABC.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    The initial news of AMC’s cancellation broke my heart, but having to go through it a second time is down right devastating. Not only will this show and the talented actors and actresses not continue, but those of us who have spent the last 34 years watching and feeling like they were part of our family have been robbed of a proper and fitting ending. It makes me afraid for One Life to Lives future as well. The writers better pen two endings just in case Prospect Park flakes out on this one to. Thanks for nothing Prospect Park!!!!!!!!!

    • Eric Kane says:

      I point to Susan & Helmut. They killed the project’s progress by bowing out in favor of selling exercise chairs & a guest spot on “Army Wives”.

  11. Tess says:

    I wish they had allowed the AMC writers to give the show a proper tv ending at least…leaving us with a cliff hanger to entice people to tune in to the online version only to find out there may never be an online version is just cruel. I feared this would happen when we only got two official actor signings while the rest of the cast all talked about how burnt they felt by the whole situation and how most of the major players didn’t want to commit to anything more than recurring status at best. One Life To Live actors are jumping on board quickly while the AMC stars were all dragging their feet; of course, with Prospect Park having trouble raising capital to put the shows on they’re going to focus on the one that won’t have a time lapse and has a better chance of retaining its viewers going online. I just wish we AMC fans could’ve had a conclusion to our show when it was on tv and that this 11th hour miracle Prospect Park hung out there all this time wasn’t given to us at all then if they aren’t going to go forward with the show.

  12. Joanna says:

    Well ABC has screwed the fans again. We should be used to it by now but it still hurts. Just keep lying to us as you always do. I’m not watching your network anymore anyway.

  13. Snapy says:

    Maybe they will put the original ending (the flash forward scenes, including a scene where Leo turns out to be alive for real) online?

  14. NCSouthernBelle says:

    You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!!!!

  15. Snapy says:

    OLTL has 13 stars signed on, but these actors are not continuing with the series: Terri Conn, John-Paul Lavoisier, Farah Fath, Nic Robuck, Bree Williamson, David A. Gregory, Kristen Alderson and Eddie Alderson. Up in the air are Robert S. Woods, Hillary B. Smith, Roger Howarth, Mark Lawson, and Lenny Platt.

  16. Janine says:

    I’m so annoyed by this news. I hope they are not shelving the project permanently.

  17. Joline says:

    Devastated. So sad. Going through mourning for a second time. Totally unfair.

  18. Deeply Disappointed says:

    BOOOOOOO!! BOOOOOOOOO!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Shame Shame Shame!!! What a terrible, terrible shame to do this to soap fans who have been loyal for over four decades. Prospect Park execs should be ashamed!! Terrible. Geez.

  19. christina says:

    I can’t believe that this is happening again. Is there anyway that ABC will put our soaps back on the air. Maybe if everyone boycotts ABC the will think about what they have lost. Lots of daytime views.

    • D says:

      They’ll never put the soaps back on. If The Chew fails (and it probably will), ABC will either replace it with another show of this sort or return the timeslot to its local stations.

  20. Eric Kane says:

    Thanks Helmut Huber. If he hadn’t been so 20th century in his bargaining for his wife, this project wouldn’t be in jeopardy. Here’s hoping they both get a clue. I can’t believe I’m actually pissed at her, but I am.

  21. Nona says:

    Susan Lucci should not be blamed. First, neither Prospect Park nor Lucci confirmed that she passed on the project. NPR recently said that she was still in talks and she was waiting for a response. The news that Deadline and TVLine reported was never confirmed by PP or Lucci’s camp.

    Even if Lucci did say no, she has every right to. This is PP’s decision. She has no control over what actions they take. They could have moved forward without her, if they wanted.

    As was reported in the WSJ, this has come down to a financing issue. PP is short on cash, and they can only launch one show as of right now.

  22. Steph says:

    I was expecting this. I feel bad for Agnus Nixon who didn’t get to put on the ending she wanted.

  23. Telly says:

    Here’s hoping for another baby switch-like crossover on OLTL online. They could have one episode where someone from Pine Valley moves to Llanview and explains why they left “crazy” Pine Valley. Or maybe a news report or newspaper that makes mention of Llanview’s Pennsylvania neighbors. Angnus is very creative. She could come up with a clever scenario that brings closure to stories in Pine Valley thru One Life.

  24. Shelley says:

    I still think that they should combine AMC and OLTL online. All My Lives To Live.

  25. Gail says:

    I would not feel so betrayed if someone would actually come forward from PP and be upfront with us about what is going on. I would also love to see something from Susan Lucci. She was so vocal a few months ago and now we hear NOTHING. The people that PP is expecting to keep the shows online by watching them doesn’t seem to matter to them. We deserve a clear answer about the future of AMC. We are educated adults that can handle whatever you have to say. We fought so hard to try and save these shows. We should be able to at least read an interview with PP telling us what is going on. Don’t keep us guessing and hoping.

    • Anonymous says:

      The fact is I don’t think Susan Lucci wants to continue with the online version. Whenever there’s an interview with her, she keep on repeating that she still believes in Pine Valley and is open for the online version. But as far as I concerned, she’s only saying that to not dissapointed the fans. Deep down inside of her, I think she has move on and so are most of the other AMC actors.

  26. Gary says:

    If PP does not continue AMC, it should be up for grabs for any other network to take over the show. ie: CBS, NBC, FOX, WB, etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      CBS and NBC will never pick up All My Children. You tend to forget that CBS and NBC cleaned house on their own soap operas theses past couple of years. They certainly didn’t cancel their soaps operas only to later pick up All My Children.

      As for the other networks, I think this is also hopeless. No TV network will pick up All My Children. Television networks don’t want soaps in their lineup. They deal with the soaps they are stuck with. But you’ll never see in 2011 a TV network adding a new soap in its schedule.

  27. JT says:

    Prospect Park, can’t you combine the two shows into one? There was already some cross-over in the setting and stories, being that they belong to the same Agnes Nixon universe. And it wouldn’t be the first time Pine Valley and Llanview meshed. It may solve some of the recruitment issues you’re facing, since your don’t need the full cast of either show. More importantly, you’ll make countless Soap fans happy by resolving/continuing a hanging plotline, and it’s a way to double the audience in one show (well, minus the audience members who watch both shows). Just make sure you have good writers who know both shows’ histories.

  28. I think the smart thing they can do is add the two actors from AMC to the OLTL reboot in the meantime. I think that if they lack funds now, this might not be the case later since

  29. Maria Davi says:

    I am SO upset about this. I really trusted Prospect Park to come through I miss All my Children so much. Any ideas from anyone what we can do or who to contact at Prospect Park to let them know our feelings.???
    I cant believe they did this to us. Pine Valley was like my second family!!!!

  30. Kris Shore says:

    Once the AMC actors started to balk at the prospect of the online continuation, I don’t see why they didn’t consider merging the the soaps together. They had done crossover episodes in the past. They could us a permanent Doctor at Llanview Hospital, and Cara could fill that roll nicely. Cameron Mathison’s Ryan is supposed to be a businessman, so he could really work anywhere.

    I have always been a bigger fan of OLTL and it did have higher ratings than AMC when they were both on. It seems logical to me.

  31. Carol says:

    As Far as I am concerned,Brian Frons,/DISNEY, is to blame for it all.
    They are the only ones to Blame. It was All about getting rid of programs that cost money to make, and THEY (DISNEY and Frons can put MORE money in their own greedy pockets, PERIOD) Why pay Actors, writers, etc..when you can have 3 or 4 people on a crap food show..and pay 1/4 of what it cost DISNEY to run AMC, or OLTL? Don’t Blame anyone but FRONS and crew.
    It’s all about MORE MONEY for them. Simple.
    I have been Boycotting EVERYTHING Disney, And encouraging others to do so as well..In addition…
    The way They treated the Cast, and crew of AMC, and oltl..was Horriffic, IMO…
    There wasn’t ANY reason to have canceled these programs..NONE..only Greed of DISNEY.

  32. Candy Schaffer says:

    ABC is banned from my house since canceling “All My Children” . And don’t think I will watch anything on your new on line network unless “All My Children” get picked back up ! And thats a promise !

  33. Barbara says:

    This is unfair what you are doing. You said that All My Children would be on the internet in Jan. 2012. You are all a bunch of LIARS and you decieved all of us.

  34. mpschunks says:

    My poor mother. She watched AMC from episode one back in 1970. I remember back then going to a new baby sitter’s home, an older woman whom had a silver spoon collection on her wall in frames. The spoons dated back to the late 1800’s and I was fascinated by these. What broke my fascinations at 12PM midday was the music of AMC. I recognized it instantly and asked the lady if she watched All My Children and she proudly proclaimed she did with a warm bright smile of pride. Even though new in 1970, the characters and show so engrossed her and she loved it. Every day at 12PM this woman and millions of other folks tuned into Pine Valley enjoying the short time from their daily lives, proud that ABC television stood for something.

    It only took a bit over 4 decades and generations later before one man, one man named Brian Frons would come along and destroy AMC and how, by sabotaging it for the last few years with his authors, taking AMC apart piece by piece. In the end while he walks to eat lunch in Burbank, with a smug look upon his face, you know who solely killed AMC. It was his personal mission to do such and in the end, generations and tens of millions who would at specific times tune in to see what was happening at Pine Valley can do that no more.

    When AMC left ABC for good my old family was devastated, feeling like a death occurred in the old family. It was a lonely, hollow feeling that something significant had been killed by this one man Brian Frons with his smug grin, enjoying screwing over millions for his personal ego.

    Time heals all: Over the last few months that AMC has been off the air, all of us have moved on. No longer will we ever be loyal to any TV series like we were to AMC, nor any network. We do not watch the Chew or anything else on ABC, including any midday news casts. Instead we have been freed up as the wounds have healed and learned from Brian Frons that loyalty is a two-way street and that we do not have to be loyal to his work either.

    AMC will always be in our hearts, and the eras it ran through all those decades when playing on TV sets from an era gone by. ABC may have changed into a cheap TV network, but in essence it has freed us up to move on. Prospect Park left a major problem. Internet ready TV sets are on a verge but still not really here yet so it would have been a great expense and technical issue. Family wants to watch stuff on TV, not crowded around a computer screen or trying to burn daily DVD-R’s which can add up fast plus takes time to create.

    I personally feel all of your pain, because I can relate to the “HUMAN” issue that Brian Frons set out to destroy which he has accomplished. My family and I harbor no hate towards this individual, though we do think he is very stupid for trashing viewers during tough times when networks are grabbing and doing almost everything to attract and build viewership as much as possible. Please be well everyone. We will relish greatly our new found time and be grateful for the decades we shared Pine Valley with others. There is no greater or grander gift than those times and we shall cherish them all.

  35. Monkey says:


  36. Monkey says:


  37. Rocco says:

    What did we tell you, naive optimistic fools out there. You just wouldnt listen to logic and reasoning first before calling people cynical naysayers….Wait wait, before getting to excited when there is no evidence whatsoever that it will work….

    let the show rest in peace, don’t let prospect park destroy the memory of AMC!!!!!!

  38. lee says:

    this do not make no seens ABC took off AMC now the prospect park
    the is so dum and hell why the fu** are yall putting amc one the
    back burner and why the hell all of the other acter having a hard
    time with going over to internet all the had to do is sign over
    my gush how you no it going to work it your ass have no start yet
    it is crazy i not going to watch onlife to live no more I am done with

  39. Tiffany says:

    Maybe Ryan n Cara can work their way onto oltl. I miss my soaps :(

  40. kelly aka jstducky irons says:

    I get made fun of for my soap watching, but, that is what I have done since I could tape on a vcr. I watch them at night, I forget my own problems. I already hate that two will be gone. I miss AMC. I wll miss OLTL. I believe we had a cliffhanger on AMC that may not ever be solved, now. This is really sad if PP does not follow thru. I guess I didn’t say anything new, but here’s another “Statistic”…thanks