Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Revenge, Sons of Anarchy, Criminal Minds, NCIS: LA and More!

Will Emily Thorne make trouble for Emily Thorne? Will Otto ultimately be the Sons’ undoing? What slice of sweet scoop does a Criminal Minds star have to share? Read on for those answers, plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Revenge | As you likely surmised from promos, the real Emily Thorne (played by Vanished alum Margarita Levieva) is going to be sticking around, apparently while wearing barely-there swimwear. Given her rap sheet (including the way she took Frank out of the equation), don’t be surprised is this gal is trouble with a capital T. “I would say she is comparable in power and strength to any Tyler, any Victoria, any ambitiously villainous character that we have had on the show,” Gabriel Mann (aka Nolan) warns. “She’s a force of nature.” The bad girl’s first order of business: setting her sights on one of the faux Emily’s men.

TNT Schedules Winter Runs for Leverage, Southland and Others, Sets Mystery Movie Slate

Leverage | I got an overview of the TNT drama’s Season 4.5, and there is a lot of fun stuff coming. I’ll let Aldis Hodge deliver the details when his full Q&A runs closer to the Nov. 27 return date, but for now here he is to tease a big treat. “This season we brought back a lot of favorites” – including but not limited to Mark Sheppard (as Sterling) and Jeri Ryan (returning soon as Tara) – “but for people who are true fans, we have a big surprise in the season finale,” he shared. “We’ve got some love coming to you.” When I ventured that I might be able to figure it out, Hodge retorted, “You think you will, but you won’t!” Challenge accepted!

Exclusive: Sons of Anarchy Boss Kurt Sutter Sheds Light on This Week’s Very Dark Twists

Sons of Anarchy | While debriefing series creator Kurt Sutter on recent, dark twists, I was sure to also ask if AUSA Lincoln Potter will succeed in his mission to goad Otto (played by Sutter) into snitching on SAMCRO. He answered, “We’ll definitely continue to see [Potter] whittle away at Otto’s resolve” – perhaps even reaching his goal. “For me, it was very interesting that all these horrendous things kept happening to [Otto], with no ramifications… and this is really the season where all the s— that Otto’s done for the club ultimately comes back to bite the club in the a–,” Sutter added. “He will become very aware of the fact that he’s been lied to [about Luann] and manipulated, and feel some sense of, ‘What’s the point?'”

NCIS: Los Angeles Exclusive: Hetty Fires [Spoiler]!

NCIS: Los Angeles | Shane Brennan, who helped NCIS celebrate the holiday season in notable ways when running the original series, promises a “pretty amazing Christmas episode” for the spin-off. Just what sort of present will fans get? “Christmas episodes are those kind of episodes where we’re allowed to sort of push the envelope — and we certainly push it a little with this one,” he shared. “There’s some fun stuff in it, and there’s a pretty spectacular action sequence set on Christmas Eve, in downtown L.A. It is not to be missed.”

Exclusive: Criminal Minds Collars The Shield‘s Jay Karnes For 150th Episode

Criminal Minds | While speaking with Kirsten Vangsness about the “very special Garcia episode” airing next week, I asked what other scoop she had to share. “There’s romance in the air for Mr. Aaron Hotchner,” she confirmed (alluding to the recent casting of Dirty Sexy Money‘s Bellamy Young). “And there is nothing official yet, but I have heard tell of my boyfriend (Kevin Lynch, played by Nicholas Brendon) making an appearance.” The conversation then turned to Reid turning the big 3-0, and she had something “sweet” to reveal. “Garcia makes the birthday cake, but because Reid is a tried-and-true Luddite — and Garcia is not — she doesn’t make him the right cake. And I’ll let those who watch the episode decide what that means!”

Parks and Recreation | When TVLine caught up with Jim O’Heir (aka Jerry) at TV Guide Magazine‘s Hot List party, he hinted at “some big news” that will soon hit Pawnee regarding Leslie’s campaign for a city council seat. He also said that despite a rough patch Chris hits with Jerry’s gorgeous daughter this Thursday, the couple will continue strong – and boy, will daddy dearest be kept awkwardly apprised. “Chris gives me a frightening amount of details,” O’Heir laughed. “But Jerry knows he’s the boss, so it’s a tough spot to be in.”

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  1. Valerie says:

    The Real Emily Thorne has to be setting her sights on Jack. This must happen show!!

    • Captain says:

      She does, I read that spoiler somewhere else (I think Watch with Kristen but I’m not sure) sounds like this show is getting even better!

  2. Pam says:

    Between Sons of Anarchy and the Walking Dead, I am becoming a very impatient viewer! Sometimes it is better to wait for the DVD so you can watch all the episodes in immediate succession. lol

    • Tania says:

      And therein lies the problem with viewers such as yourself and MikeyM, *impatience*. Crappy, spoon-fed programs have ruined storytelling. It’s like people who begin reading a novel and quickly go to the end. They couldn’t be bothered with the unfolding of a story in between.

      • Ramona says:

        Tania, In defense of Pam, I don’t think she’s talking about vague and crappy shows, so much as being so drawn into the world of a well-written, suspenseful show that you wish you could watch all the episodes in a row instead of only getting an hour (well, 44 minutes unless it’s expensive pay-cable)a week. I agree with her… if anything, I’ve been spoiled by technology where via Comcast/On Demand, and DVD, you can watch/binge on multiple episodes in a row one after another. My husband and I have done it over a long weekend several times, but only when the shows are too amazing to *not* swallow entire seasons over a weekend in one greedy gulp. Oh, I’m not saying there aren’t a bunch of sh8tty, idiotic shows out there right now that resolve everything in one episode, then move on instead of having character arcs spun out over one season or more. I’m just saying that having to wait a week can sometimes be harder! I get REALLY irate when I read or overhear discussion about, for instance, Breaking Bad ‘moves at a snail’s pace’. For me, it’s the week waiting for the next ep that moves at a snail’s pace! The episodes themselves seem to zip by in 5 minutes. I agree with your point, I just don’t think Pam is one of those viewers that want to be spoon-fed. For me, the most addictive shows are the ones that are so well-written and acted that, if there aren’t gigantic plot developments or resolutions of storylines in every episode, I don’t notice because I’m so drawn into the show and fascinated by the characters. When the long and well-earned payoff DOES come, it has SO much more impact and satisfaction. I’m STILL blown away (so to speak) by the BrBa season 4 finale…

    • Daniela says:

      I agree. Everyweek they bring you to the edge of your seat then they let you hang there.

  3. alr says:

    Thanks for the SOA scoop! Glad this show is finally getting the recognition it deserves!

  4. Amiee says:

    Thanks for the Leverage Scoop! I love that show and can’t wait for it to return.

  5. LDSK says:

    Yay! Kevin Lynch is returning!! :-)

  6. Cendre says:

    Concerning Criminal Minds, I get the feelings Garcia is going to offer Reid a ‘virtual’ birthday cake, those you find on the internet.

    Also, I’m glad about Hotch finding romance, I hope it’ll be a happy relationship in the long run. Hooray for Hotch and Beth !

  7. MikeyM says:

    Walking Dead has been terribly slow.

  8. rg says:

    is deeks leaving ncis la after being fired???

  9. Lauren says:

    Thank you so much for the Leverage scoop! I can’t wait to read the full Q&A. :)

  10. lacey says:

    On Revenge I think the real Emily will go after Jack. It should be interesting watching Emily 2.0 deal with that.
    Thank you for the leverage scoop! Sterling’s an awesome badass who I’m always happy to see. The love hint I hope refers to Hardison and Parker.

    • Katie says:

      I hope we get to see Emily 2.0 jealous. I love her and Jack; I think Daniel’s hot, but he’s also got the personality of a wet rag.

  11. swg says:

    Not thrilled about the Revenge news (other than the nice eye candy aspect). Characters like her and Tyler simply undercut Emily seeming tough, they’re just clutter.

  12. Renee says:

    I wonder if Shane Brennan was the source of NCIS humor. NCIS LA has the funny lines and situations that NCIS seems to have lost. Don’t get me wrong I still love the original, but LA makes me LOL now and NCIS rarely does.

    • Fido says:

      Deeks(?) and DeNozzo(?) are kindish similar – in that they both like the funny and the ladies – but DeNozzo’s stuff all seems to be digs at McGee which got old way way back in Season 4, so Deeks gets my vote.

  13. ColleenB says:

    Not happy one bit about a romance for Hotch that’s not Prentiss. XcI hate that Criminal Minds’ writers and Messer are trying to drive me away from my favorite show.

    • Alicia says:

      Agreed, and that Beth stranger better go the way of Kate/Haley if they expect this viewer to keep watching…

    • Natalie says:

      I do like Hotch and Emily. It was very sweet the chat they had about his son a few episodes back. I like that they are going with a bit more personal life this season but hopefully it’s not all as, though moving, deeply sad as the stuff with Rossi and his first wife. The show is dark and well-done this season, but it needs a bit of light to give it some balance-more like the pasta lesson with the team at the beginning. I’m so glad this show is back on track after last season and that CBS brought Prentiss and JJ back.

    • jennrae says:

      They’ve already said that it wouldn’t make any sense for Hotch and Prentiss to get together, in light of what they do. Children are being raped and murdered and they’re playing grab-ass? Besides, Emily deserves someone vivacious, not some dry, grump who values work over caring for his child. Haley’s sister let him off the hook by offering to take care of Jack–which is a complete cop-out by the writers–but in mere hours of losing his mother, this boy was vulnerable and needed his father, but Hotch was already working out the logistics of returning to work. The writers wrote themselves into a corner, thinking Haley’s sister giving Hotch her blessing would keep the viewers from turning on him, but I, for one, have. They should have just killed Jack, too, because obviously they think the kid is just dragging Hotch down.

      He doesn’t deserve Emily, is the point. I suppose you also wanted Benson and Stabler to get together? smfh

  14. Fido says:

    re: Leverage – if they’re bringing back all the favs, what I’d like to see return are eps based around Derren Brown shows. :)

  15. robinepowell says:

    Garcia’s not a true “Luddite”? What’s that?

  16. Desi Jo says:

    I’m glad to see that both Sterling and Tara will be returning on Leverage. This is going to be fantastic!!

  17. ele says:

    Thanks for the CM scoop! Glad Hotch is going to have some romance…he deserves it!

  18. Rain says:

    Didn’t love Leverage last season, and now that I know the terrible Tara is returning I don’t feel bad about giving up on it completely.

    Can’t wait for the Criminal Minds featuring PG, one of my fav characters on tv!

  19. pops says:

    I’m looking forward to watch Reid’s birthday episode. But isn’t his birthday is in October? (Episode references: 1×04 Plain Sight & 4×08 Masterpiece)

  20. Maddie says:

    I’m holding out hope that Hotch’s new love interest will be Prentiss, and the girl he meets 7.10 is just there to serve as a bridge to Emily. Hopefully she’ll just open his eyes up to the fact that the woman he loves has been right in front of him all this time.

    • Leila says:

      the media, the showrunner and the actors play with the audience. (nothing new, simple a PR Strategy) It’s a matter of creating tension and controversy. That is quite so tiring … I think you’re right to keep the hope alive. Especially after the last picture that was published for 7×12 with Hotch/Prentiss on the jet link: http://twitter.com/?photo_id=1 # / CM_SetReport/status/134888114052280320/photo/1
      And adding to this the statement of Kirsten “love is in the air for Hotch”. It has clearly a double meaning:
      1) it may indicate to Beth or to 7×11 former female student from Hotch as reported throughout the media
      2) or to the airplane in the air H/P
      We will have to wait. Unfortunately, TV show couples come together at the end of a show. Reason, when the couple finds each other, the audience interest decrease rapidly. And I guess after the ratings for 7×07 the showrunner simply wanted to make sure that the H/P lovers don’t move on and tune out. After statements like, shoot down the possiblity and not appealing witch left no room open.

  21. Michael says:

    Im sorry but Hotch and Emily getting togther would be worse then Tony and Ziva becoming a couple also when are woman going to learn that the job comes before the family.


    Gideon is coming back on ried birthday when reid has thought about leaving the BAU

    • Cendre says:

      There were rumors about Gideon possibly coming back for the season’s finale but it was (unsurprisingly) debunked.
      I would be very surprised to see Gideon on 7×11 (“True Genius” – the Reid centric episode where they mention his birthday). If you have a link that says otherwise though maybe you could share ?