House Exclusive: The Unit's Audrey Marie Anderson to Play Wife to David Anders' POTW

David Anders won’t be alone when he checks into House this winter.

Audrey Marie Anderson — best known as the loyal spouse of Scott Foley’s solider on CBS’ The Unit — will play the wife of Anders’ Patient of the Week in a pivotal, early ’12 episode.

The anticipated hour — written by Garrett Lerner, Russel Friend and David Foster and directed by exec producer Greg Yaitanes (the same creative team behind Season 4’s Emmy winning “House’s Head” episode) — centers on House’s unorthodox process being put on (metaphorical) trial by special guest star Jeffrey Wright.

The gig reunites Anderson and Yaitanes for the first time since they worked together on Showtime’s road trip comedy Going to California.

“I’ve been trying to work with Audrey since [California ended],” says Yaitanes. “She is the perfect choice to round out this great cast.”

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  1. Dani says:

    It’s all well and good them banging on about this exciting hour of television which reunites the ‘House’s Head’ team, but the writer who storylined it is no longer there. The reason that epi worked so well was because it was tightly plotted and boy are the missing the likes of Doris Egan and Lawrence Kaplow right now.

    • JT says:

      ahhhhh doris, what an amazing storyline with House’s head!

      • ^^ says:

        House’s Head and Moving On were ridiculous. Doris Egan should be writing for Harlequin.

        • Ariella says:

          FYI, before you go giving *credit* to Doris Egan for “Moving On” you should know it was actually written by David Shore, Kath Lingenfelter and Peter Blake (Egan hasn’t been with the show for years).
          So all the praise to them ;)

        • D says:

          You’re probably thinking of the polar opposite of Moving On, “Now, What?”, which wasn’t that bad, and House’s Head wasn’t bad at all. Fooey to you, my good patron.

    • D says:

      I was thinking this when I learned Kaplow was leaving, but he left once before and it hindered absolutely nothing, so I’m less worried.

      Honestly, in my opinion, no one involved in Season 3 should have ever been allowed to leave. Get back Doris Egan, Pamela Davis, Leonard Dick, and Matthew V. Lewis(and Kaplow, despite what I just said).

    • carol says:

      The departures of Doris Egan (“House vs. God,” “House’s Head,” “Now What”), Lawrence Kaplow (“Autopsy”), Katie Jacobs (“Half-Wit,” “Broken”) and Lisa Edelstein (every episode) took the heart and soul from the show. Without their deeply humanistic approach to the central character, “House” has lost its way and became a boys’ club of shock and explosions without meaning.

      • D says:

        Katie Jacobs didn’t leave; she was well involved in Season 7.

        Oh, and everything else you said was wrong.

        • carol says:

          Katie Jacobs did not direct a single episode in season 7, to the best of my knowledge. Her last public comment about the show was last April when she stated in an interview that she was doing everything she could to make sure that LE returned to the show.

          KJ may be still on the payroll, but it is obvious that the show has become a crass, misogynistic sausage factory headed by President David “Back to Basics” Shore and Cheerleader-in-chief Greg “Kaboom” Yaitanes. If you like that kind of stuff, knock yourself out.

          • D says:

            I don’t know why you’re so angry and feel the need to insult these people. I do know, or at least have a very good feeling, you wouldn’t any of these things to their faces if given the chance. I do know, and there’s “at least” here, that you clearly don’t know how this industry works or what exactly the role of a producer is. She didn’t direct any episodes in the first season, I guess she wasn’t involved in that either.
            Look, at this point, it’s apples and oranges. You don’t like the show, and for whatever reason you’ve rationalized, if you can’t like it, no one else can. We’ve stopped talking about the show and you’re just pissing everywhere, hoping the urine lands on something that proves your point, if there was ever one to be made.

  2. lola says:

    fox, nbc stop hiring guest stars bring the old cast

  3. Jake says:

    I love House, I have watched from the beginning, but letting Jennifer Morrison go was the slow down fall for this show…The production cannot seem to keep any good female supporting cast. They let Olivia Wilde go and Lisa Edelstein. I really like Odette Annable and think she is fitting in good, but I am hoping this is the last season of House as they have been saying…they got to caught up in the story lines etc…They should have stuck with medical story lines which is what was drawing the base House fans.

  4. Tom says:

    Got to disagree. Letting JMo go was the best thing they could do. Cameron was the most annoying character. They just listened to critics and audience

    • Sam says:

      Totally wrong. Why? Well, Jake and ph already explained it. The critics and the audience still miss Cameron btw. Not you obviously, but almost everyone else.

  5. ane says:

    Jennifer and Hugh best tv couple,20 million viewers

  6. lslapiko says:

    Yadda yadda yadda…House…Jeffrey Wright….blah blah…I think you missed the lead on this one. Jeffrey Wright is a comic genius, and his humor is as dry as House’s. Can’t wait to watch.

  7. Julie V says:

    Seriously,enough with the departure of JMorrison or L.Edelstein-they gone and I’m fine with it..was bored of their storylines…I like the evolution/freshness of this season is going
    and very anticipating the episode 12 & the guest stars who will appear in this opus and sure to be EPIC!! I’m glue to my tv every Monday night…I still have the “HouseFever”!!!

    • MyHouseObsessionReturns says:

      Everytime a House spoiler is posted the naysayers come here to bitch about the departure of JM and LE. I was so happy when JM moved on to bigger and better things. Hated her House character Cameron. Then there was LE who seemed to think millions of viewers would tune in to watch her do the leg spread with House. Of course it didn’t happen. House actually lost viewers, falling below 10 million. I am so glad LE is gone and also on to bigger and better things. I wish her well. I’m just so happy she’s no longer on House. Season 8 has been awesome. The POTWs are intresting. The women act like women and just awesome. Chase and Taub are great. Then there’s House and Wiulson, the relationship that is really the heart of the show. Their scenes together and apart have been awesome. All the sublty and smart dialogue have returned. I absolutely love SEASON 8 HOUSE!!

  8. Linda says:

    Not sure I am liking the new cast members this season. Why so many changes? Love the show, it was my favorite!!

    • ejb says:

      Lol,Yeah and you should read the text above why it is on the bubble, dude.
      If i remember right, though better ratings it was allready on the line last season and very close to cancellation. That was the reason for paycuts of the actors salary and other cuts of the production costs.
      House is now on another timeslot with a tough competition + a weak lead-in, under these circumstances it is doing fine there. Have a look on the other Fox shows (bones;Glee) They all have problems, Fox has problems to maintain its overall viewers.
      It is really difficult to discuss ratings at this point.
      Of course with LEs self-choosen and for the producers unexpected exit the show lacks for the audience popular romance/will they won`t they storylines. It is a creative problem. If the producers had known that Lisa left the show ,they would have done lots of things different last season,for sure.
      I know many LE fans developed a certain fetish to doom the show with full force. Dudes, it is ridiculus, House, the show, has nothing to prove anymore. It is/was the most watched show in the world,won lots of big awards and had incredible ratings in the past other showrunners only can dream of. Let it be girls you don`t like the show then stop watching but please don`t spoil the fun for others. Especially if you post your bitter comments on a casting spoiler thread. ;)

      I pretty much enjoy season8, i especially liked Transplant and the Confession. Can`t wait for what is in store for episode12.I don`t know Audrey Marie Anderson but I`m excited!!

    • MyHouseObsessionReturns says:

      Yes, the ratings are similar to season 7 but they are rising as more fans return. Season 7 and the season 7 finale was a BIG turn off for a lot of fans. A lot of people stopped watching in Season 6 when they started the HUDDY CRAPFEST in earnest. Most people hated the season 7 HUDDY show, which is why the ratings were so low. I watched House from the beginning – the pilot. I loved the show until the spoilers started coming out for season 7. I just couldn’t bring myself to watch that crap. The Season 8 female cast act like real women and they have FLAVA. Yi and Annabe are great. The Cameron character was so ridiculous. What professional well-educated woman would be interested in or in love with a drug addict. It was just stupid, childish, unrealistic. House has gotten back to basics – medical mysteries and a focus on the POTW stories. I am back to loving the show.

      You don’t like the show? Don’t watch find some other place to spew your hate.

  9. Mandie says:

    Totally agree!! Cameron was so irritating!! Her crush on house and holier than thow attitude just made me fast forward through her performance. Thankfully it was the character and not the actress as I enjoy her in Once Upon a Time.

  10. rgp says:

    Missing Amber

  11. cate says:

    I love Hugh Laurie (House) Robert Sean Leonard (Wilson) Omar Epps (Foreman) and Jesse Spencer (Chase)
    I love Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy) and Jennifer Morrison (Cameron)
    I love the original show
    I love the original cast
    I love the original team
    I love the original dean
    I love season 1-2-3

    I HATE changes!

    • ChangeisHard says:

      Well you can find LE on the Good Wife – never watched the show but I hear it is good.
      Jennifer Morrison stars on Once Upon A Time – don’t watch the show but some people love it.
      Foreman is fabulous as the Dean
      The House/Wilson hijinks are back
      House acts like a grown-up eccentric genius who always finds new and exciting ways to go rouge with the medicine.
      Chase and Taub are awesome as the “old team”
      Parks and Adams are awesome as the “new team”. They just bring it. I am in love with Season 8.

  12. juan says:

    Jennifer en Once Upon A Time Fantastica!jamas volver a House

  13. R Brown says:

    I agree that episodes 1-3 were the best ones for Jennifer Morrison. They actually gave her something to do, and there were some scenes that were very, very good because of her. I agree that episodes 1-3 were the best ones for Jennifer Morrison. They actually gave her something to do, and there were some scenes that were very, very good because of her.

    Like, when Cameron was being picked on by Foreman because of her attraction to House, and the whole sequence when they went on “a date that wasn’t a date”, and that moving bit when she said she saw how much he loved Stacy, but couldn’t love her, and that slow kiss when she thought that House was going to die of cancer. After season 3, I liked what she did in “The Itch” when Cameron compassionately tried to help that shut-in patient.

    First Hadley (“13”), and now Adams are being compared to Cameron because of the best of what we remember about her.

    With the loss of Jennifer, and Lisa Edelstein, we long-term fans tend to look at the female guest stars and the female regulars that are here now for some of the fantastic-ness that we remember about them. I am looking forward to Audrey Marie Anderson’s episode, and hope that it lives up to its press.

  14. cheryl says:

    Ah,Taub,Chase and Forman….so much a part of the quirky,interesting and unexpected plots and sub-plots that play out on this show. Add in the new kids on the block who have a long way to go in getting to know our strangely beloved House and you get a nice mix. Icing on the cake is Wilson. These actors know their stuff ,always given good material to work with and the show never loses its edge. What more could you want? Stop with the peein’ and moaning and enjoy.