Castle's Castle Battles Bones' Booth, Plus Alias vs. Jump Street as 'Cop Crush-Off' Continues

We’ve reached the Round of 16 in our Ultimate Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament, where a pair of cheeky-but-dashing crime-solvers square off, and a gray-haired agent goes head-to-head with a babyfaced undercover cop.

No matter your preference, it’s time to sit down and vote in the polls below, then alert your friends and fellow TV junkies to do the same! As part of our single-elimination competition, only eight law-enforcing hunks will advance to the quarterfinals.

‘Cop Crushes’ Round 2 Ends With Dexter vs. Criminal Minds, Cold Case vs. Third Watch

Every afternoon over the next few weeks, we’ll launch another set of faceoffs that will test the strength of your respective character crushes. So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorites (Round 3 voting will be open for 48 hours), and hit the comments to justify your picks.

Eventually, our battle will boil down to a finale that pits the ultimate old-school crime-fighter against the ultimate modern-day hero. (Their female counterparts will have their later this month.)

Oh, and if you’re interested in the matchups we’ve got planned for the coming weeks, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE 64-PLAYER BRACKET (then click again for a zoomed-in view), and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

On your mark, get set, vote!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. shivani says:

    Dont care about the 2nd poll, Booth vs Castle is HARD! But Im going have to go with Booth

  2. Tallulah says:

    Castle Castle Castle!
    I really like Booth though.

    But Castle.

  3. manu says:

    Oo …. this is gonna be real close

  4. Helizna says:

    Oh Booth, gorgeous, sexy, adorable Booth any day, everyday!!!!! Go David go! Whoop whoop!!

  5. maria says:

    Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) – ‘Castle’


  6. maria says:

    Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) – ‘Castle’


  7. ara says:

    If it were about their shows I would’ve chosen Bones. I don’t watch regularly either one, but I find Bones better written and with more interesting secondary characters. Imho, Castle only has Nathan Fillion going for it, and undeniable chemistry everybody in the cast has with him. And occasional one liner.

    BUT. It’s not “just Nathan Fillion”, it’s NATHAN FILLION. Geek God and everything. I’m sorry Booth/Boreanaz, but you’re just not THAT epic and interesting, how ever sexy you are.

    • Tansy says:

      Go watch Castle for a few episodes. If we’re comparing recent seasons, Castle is winning, and you have no idea how hard that was for me to type, because I’ve been watching Bones for years.

      • fanatic says:

        Really? Castle’s winning? Really? How can you compare a show that has been airing for 7 (!) years now and a show that only has 4 seasons. And please Castle fans, don’t say that in Castle, Castle and Beckett will get together sooner than Booth and Brennan did in Bones. Let me see how they’ll handle the two main characters being together part in Castle, because in Bones? They are doing an awesome job of it. Oh and one more thing. Esposito and Lainie broke up right? Well, Bones kept their supporting character’s couple (Hodgins and Angela just to help you guys out a little) together even when the main character’s became a couple. Oh, and I almost forgot… Booth and Brennan are having a baby.

        • seattlemary says:

          You might want to hit up Netflix and watch those past episodes of Bones, because Hodgins and Angela did breakup and she even went lesbian for awhile, so that is about as broken up as a couple can get, though of course we all know those two are now adorably together again, so I still can have hope for ‘Lainsito’.

    • six says:

      Playing the original tormented vampire/reluctant hero (Angel) AND the original sexy evil vampire (Angelus) for 3 years on cult epic/supernatural/geek show BUFFY + 5 years on its succesfull spinoff ANGEL!
      Playing a CULT supernatural hero for 8 fracking YEARS!
      That’s 57+111 = 168 episodes of cult series.

      How many episodes did Firefly have? 13.

      13 versus 168? Are you kidding? Boreanaz is the ultimate cult series god, not Fillion.

      8 years of BUFFY/ANGEL + 6(going on 7)years of BONES.
      168 ep + 130 ep = 298 episodes of PRIMETIME TV as of November 10th, 2011.
      Almost 300 hours of playing heroes on network TV. The ultimate (and very rare) accomplishment.

      Who should win is a no brainer: the more accomplished one. His name is David Boreanaz :)

      • corso says:

        First, we’re not comparing both actors’ careers here, just 2 of their characters, but as I understand this is your reaction to all the “Fillion is god” comments. Odd that it needs to be explained but “Geek god” name or cult status of any kind are not determined by the amount of episodes you’ve been in on a geeky show, even as the lead. There are dozens of , say, SGA actors who only ever worked in genre shows for 20 years – so what, all of them should be called Geek gods? Gods and cults are made by those who believe in them and you can’t make people believe with facts in hand. Geek/nerd “vox populi” says that Nathan Fillion is their god despite his many cancelled/commercially failed projects and you won’t make them stop and see the light in the form of DB. Whether it’s because of his own geekiness, sense of humour, his characters, ComicCon stories or general attitude, but geeks love Nathan Fillion, you just go to reddit or Pajiba or any geeky place and see for yourself. Or try to explain to them that David should be their God coz he was in more episodes, bet it’s gonna be a huge success! :)

        Saying all that, I’m a fan of Bones and I voted David. I just don’t think we need to try and claim everything, even what is clearly not ours for the taking. You can argue that David is hotter, more talented/well known or has better hair, I don’t know, but leave cult status to Nathan, please, or it’s gonna look even more ridiculous than it is now ;)

  8. Jerri says:

    Aaa two Whedon-verse characters…. but have to go with Capt Tightpants a.k.a. Nathan Fillion. That man is just so charming and such a great guy in real life too.

  9. Jenny says:

    Castle FTW!

  10. Kris mcLaren says:

    Booth all the way.

  11. Sirus Connor says:

    Who the hell is castle? Booth FTW

  12. Alexandra says:

    Castle!!!!! <3

  13. Priscila says:

    Castle is handsome, but Booth is hot. And Castle is not even a cop…

  14. Sam says:

    Hard to choose between Castle and Booth. But I gotta go with Castle. <3

  15. Dixie_Amazon says:

    Don’t make me choose between Booth and Castle! If I must Castle, been crushing on Nathan longer than David.

  16. Emily says:


  17. Yasmine says:

    Well the Jump Street vs Alias one was easy; Johnny Depp is Johnny Depp.
    Booth vs Castle, srsly?! I can’t pick honestly. Nathan is super cute but David aesthetically speaking, is more my type. Then again, personality wise as beautiful as Booth’s soul is, Castle’s nature is more appealing to me. All in all, I date buff nerds and or geeks.

  18. Tansy says:

    I had to choose between a guy I’ve been mildly crushing on for years, and the guy that I’m as much crushing on his personality as his appearance. Urgh. Bones vs Castle is like choosing between your kids… or maybe your puppies… IT HURTS, OKAY?

  19. Anna says:

    I vote for Castle, because he’s charming, witty and wise. Moreover, he’s very good dad and son, and the perfect partner for Beckett;)

  20. Joy says:

    Love David B and Nathan…however, in terms of crushable characters, as of last season, Booth’s become a total fratboy jerk. Castle would never be taking pictures of his crying, pregnant, girlfriend.

  21. Anya says:

    Booth all the way!! I watch both Bones and Castle, but come on people..David is way hotter than Nathan :)

  22. Natasha says:

    Booth all the way! Castle is a stupid ripoff of Bones!

    • Alex says:

      Not really. I watch both shows and I was a die-hard fan of Bones so I thought the same thing about Castle at first but really the only thing that makes them similar to me is the will they/won’t they thing they both had/have going on. Other than that, they’re different shows.

      • Ana Muller says:

        And let’s face it the will they/won’t they thing is sort of a pattern for TV shows. The sexual tension factor has always been used in television, and always will probably! They’re both great shows, I personally like Bones better but Castle isn’t ripping it off.

      • Hannah says:

        Very good Alex. They are nothing the same…

  23. Liz B. says:

    My nerd heart made me have to go for Nathan Fillion…but to vote against anyone in the Whedonverse pains me.

  24. Alex says:

    It’s so hard to pick between these two! :( They’re both hot in their own way… David is just an angel sent from heaven and Nathan is….. NATHAN FILLION. Whoever wins this one has my vote till the end.

  25. Janett says:

    Booth, Booth, booth !!!! Love the character and Boreanaz is a fantastic actor. Also, doesn’t hurt that he’s babylicious ;-)

  26. DJ says:

    Angel and Buffy beat Fillion’s character on Buffy so NO CONTEST – DAVID BOREANAZ……..

  27. Harley Q says:

    Seriously!!! Booth vs. Castle!!! Can’t we have both and be happy!!!

  28. Perola says:

    Booth aginst Castle is SO UNFAIR!!! I can’t choose T_T

  29. MoxieSue says:

    Booth vs. Castle is too close to call! Love them both, but gotta go with Captain Tightpants.

  30. Jenny says:

    Nathan Fillion aka Richard Castle Check this vid: ROTFL

  31. Kristy says:

    Have to go with Castle, he is rich, ruggedly handsome, and a hell of a lot of fun to be around! I love Sicely, but Castle has stolen my heart.

  32. Mely says:

    Sorry Booth, I choose Castle! :D I love him so much! He’s my kind of Ruggedly Handsome man :D GO CAPTAIN TIGHTPANTS!!!!! :D

  33. tharcy says:

    really? nathan vs. david? it is almost impossible to choose.

  34. six says:

    Boreanaz plays heroes (of supernatural or very earthy kind) on primetime network TV for almost 15 years!

    He played Angel (the original brooding/reluctant hero vampire) and Angelus (the original sexy devilish vampire) for 8 years (1997-2004) on popular and beloved supernatural shows BUFFY + ANGEL.
    168 hours of cult television.

    He plays Booth (down to earth, kick-ass, cocky Special Agent of the FBI) since 2005. BONES is on its 7th season.
    130 episodes as of today (134 already shot).

    Almost 300 hours of playing primetime TV heroes. It must be some kind of record. The ultimate and very very rare accomplishment for any television star.

    As an aside, Boreanaz directed 1 ep of ANGEL, 4 of BONES (“Bullett in the Brain” being the highest rated of last season). He’s directing 1 ep of FINDER as we speak, and will direct BONES again next year.

    Fillion doesn’t match those accomplishments. He played a soap character on daytime. Had a few stints as guest star on primetime. Than he played cult hero Mal for only 13 episodes (and a movie). ‘Firefly’ was cancelled before completing at least 1 season. The aura that surrounds Fillion is more of an illusory one, sort of what could have been if Firefly… But ‘Firefly’ failed. ‘Castle’ is only in its 4th season. 66 episodes.

    Boreanaz was/is a leading man for 3 consecutive successfull shows. 15 consecutive years. 298 episodes. There’s no contest.

    • Rain says:

      Last I checked this was about CHARACTERS, so your arguments (which wouldn’t have changed my mind even if it was about the actual actors) mean nothing in the context of this online contest.

      BTW – Firefly is far from a failure!

    • joyce says:

      wow, brilliant analysis. didn’t know David did so many episodes in his career, fantastic.
      totally agree: no contest: Boreanaz wins.
      and so does Booth or Angel or Angelus. mainly Angelus :D

  35. Rain says:

    No question for me, Rick Castle beats anyone for me ever!

  36. izabella says:

    booth forever
    david boreanaz is hot
    i love her

  37. luiza says:

    who have questions vote in booth

  38. amanda says:

    boooth forever

  39. angie says:

    Easily booth…no question.

  40. julia says:

    Nathan – you have togothe hairdresser.
    Castle ruggedly handsome?
    looks afat guy.
    He s a great actor.

  41. Sophie says:

    Ok, I admit it: though Nathan is cute, is there anyone sexier than David? His sense of humour, his looks, his body (why am I drooling every time I look at him?!?)+ he is an amazing actor!!! Seeley Booth hands down!!

    • rcwblessed says:

      To answer your question, there is NO ONE sexier than David Boreanaz/Seeley Booth/Angel. Castle can be kind of “woosie”, at times. Seeley is a “hunk smash”!

  42. maria says:


  43. Sarah says:

    Both , Nathan and David and their shows Castle and Bones made it to the People’s Choice Awards official nominees list, that means that both have a strong loyal following. Putting them against each other is a hard battle.
    Others with small followings as Alex OLoughlin or Joshua should had made the competition easier.

  44. Beth says:

    If it were Nathan vs. David – I would have to go with Nathan. But even as a bibliophile, Seeley’s sexy service to country, ability to handle weapons, dominance in a fight, and patriotism sends him over the top for me. It broke my heart to choose, but I had to go with Booth.

    …but Mal would beat Booth in a walk. ;-)

  45. anna says:

    Castle forever!

  46. Amy says:

    why would you do this to me??!!

  47. b says:

    finally booth took the lead i just hope it stays that way
    oh dreamy booth

  48. Paul says:

    can I just point out that Castle is NOT a cop, so why is he competing

  49. kjl says:

    god why make us decide between them! but in the end i went with booth he is just more crush-able to me :)

  50. jkg says:

    what a hunk booth is ;)
    Brennan is one lucky women