Exclusive: Sons of Anarchy Boss Kurt Sutter Sheds Light on This Week's Very Dark Twists

[The following contains major spoilers from this Tuesday’s episode of FX’s Sons of Anarchy. If you have yet to lay witness to it all, turn back now.]

If you thought FX’s Sons of Anarchy came in hot this Tuesday night and let loose with a bevy of dark twists, series creator Kurt Sutter needs you to know this: “Things will only continue to spiral downward” for Jax, Clay and the rest of the SAMCRO crowd. For viewers, he does promise an imminent chance to “breathe” (though, he notes, the show will stop well short of serving up “a lot of laughter”).

In the wake of all that transpired during the episode aptly titled “Hands,” TVLine invited Sutter to discuss the storytelling avenues he steered his Sons onto, including why he let one character cheat death, if another major player is now beyond redemption (answer: not necessarily), and how this mayhem led to the next episode getting super-sized.

FX Extends Sons of Anarchy‘s Fourth Season

TVLINE | I wanted to first talk about the decision to not kill Tara, at least for now. Is your school of though that it will be harder for Jax to live with a destroyed wife than a dead one?
[Killing Tara] was never my intention. As the season progresses, you’ll see that it’s about creating parallels that relate back to Jax’s father, to Gemma, and we see that arc continue to play out. Tara truly loves Jax, but it’s always sort of on-again, off-again in terms of her being supportive of the club and not supporting the club. I knew that if she were to continue on this path that we really would have to knock her off the fence, and in Episode 10 I think both she and Gemma get knocked off the fence. As she says in that one scene with Jax, her skills as a doctor were her “way out,” and now that’s been taken away from her, so it was just really about creating this circumstance where we could do that. I know I didn’t want her to get kidnapped again, because we had done that. And that king-and-queen parallel that we have with JT and Gemma and Clay and Gemma was something I wanted to continue to play out, so I knew that I didn’t want to kill her or do that to Jax at this point. His conflict of club and [doing right by his family] will continue, and without Tara, you take some of the power of that away.

TVLINE | Tara’s not necessarily out of the woods yet, though.
Obviously Clay will remain a threat throughout the rest of the season – and there’s almost another third of the season to go.

TVLINE | Turning to Clay/Gemma: How do you script that brutal assault scene without thinking, “I’m hereby painting this guy into a corner”?
Well, I think that’s point. I’m a big believer in committing, and rather than sort of seeing Clay sort of go to the dark side, we needed to see him basically cross that line. The reality of it – and we have this discussion in the writers room – is this is not the first time Clay has hit Gemma, and it’s not the first time Gemma has hit Clay. We have seen the passion and the violence in their relationship in the past, but I do believe this is the first time it was not just a smack and a push and a shove and a scream, but it manifested into absolute rage where he close-fisted and brutally beat her. There are some opinions in terms of why Gemma gave Clay the chance that she gave him [at the end of last week’s] Episode 9, and for me it’s because these two had this life together … and I really do believe that Gemma thought she could bring Clay back. She has been his guiding light for such a long time, at the end of [Episode] 9, when she looks him in the eye and says, “Promise me,” she really believes that she got through to him. Clay ultimately making that decision [to order the hit on Tara] is about his own fear and his own ability to trust, which is really his tragic flaw. Once he does that, Gemma feels like, “OK, he can’t be trusted and he is no longer an advocate of moving my family in the right direction.” But it took that act of brutality for her to really get to that place.

TVLINE | And the immediacy with which he betrayed that promise spoke volumes. There’s no bringing him back.
No, there isn’t, but you know what? Here you have these really strong, complex characters. And not to draw this parallel, but look at the things Tony Soprano had done over the years – the lies and the cheating that he did with Carmella. And yet there were times when he came back to that relationship where you really believed that at the end of the day he still loved her and maybe they had a chance. And I think that’s the case for Clay. Obviously he’s definitely gone to the dark side here and he’s done some horrendous things, and that’ll continue to play out, but as I watch these last three or four [upcoming] episodes, Clay has got a lot of demons and there’s a lot of reasons for the things that he does, and there are moments where I honestly believe people will have compassion for him — maybe not forgive him, but absolutely have compassion and understanding as to why he does the things he does. That’s what we do on this show, is show the extreme swings we in humanity all exhibit.

TVLINE | But as I watch him go to these increasingly dark places, I must wonder: Can there be a Sons of Anarchy without Clay?
I never think of it in terms of, “OK, who can I do this show with? And who can I do it without?” I really try to tell the stories organically. Take the death of Piney. To me, that’s an arc that’s been building since the first season, and it really made sense this season for it to go down, in terms of moving this show along and moving the body of the other characters forward. That death will be a mile-marker in the mythology of the show. I try to let the stories manifest, and then I get to the decision of, “If it makes sense for this character to go, what does that mean for the rest of the show?” A perfect example is Juice this season. We brought him to that point where he was swinging from that tree and we thought: “What if the branch doesn’t snap? What if he does kill himself?” I could have gone either way, but he’s a character that has a lot of vulnerabilities and brings a lot of compassion and lightness, for lack of a better word, to the show, so I made the decision creatively that I didn’t want that character to go away.

Sons of Anarchy‘s Rockmond Dunbar on the Sheriff’s Efforts to Save Tara, Juice — and SAMCRO?

TVLINE | After “Hands,” will we have a moment for the color to get back in our knuckles, or are you going to keep on keeping on for this season’s final four episodes?
It was an intense episode, and obviously the manifestations of that will play out. It’s why I think Episode 11 [airing next Tuesday] ended up being 90 minutes. I organically had to have people respond and react. You’ll see the ramifications that it has on Jax, as he sees Gemma, and on the rest of the club. Things will continue to spiral downward, in terms of the relationships within the club. We’ve released some of the tension in terms of going after Tara — she is being guarded by the Prospects, so at least that threat is somewhat diminished — but the emotional impact continues. I don’t think there’ll be a lot of laughter in the next three or four episodes, but perhaps people will breathe a little bit.

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  1. Rede says:

    Brilliant episode, but i feel the show is preemptively digging it’s own grave, with revealing the John Teller arc so soon. Clay and Jax and Gemma for that matter play so big roles in the club that what is left if one of these characters gets “popped out”, kinda leaves either the good or the bad side where the club can turn into. That would spell out that Tara is the one getting cut out, which is pretty much the only thing keeping Jax off the dark side, which eventually leads to a very dark next season or maybe even the rest of the series, what happened with Opie already took him to a very dark place until for a while he had a little redemption when Lyla came into the picture just to get it taken away again, he now faces the choice Jax may in the future and looking at the characters personality propably remains going deeper into the club. Basicly what i see happening considering the “main arc” is first choice which seems the more likely one, Jax learns about the truth about Clay, but when given the opportunity to remove Clay from the picture he can’t do it, until Tara is gone, which drives Jax out of his mind, that’s when season ends and the next season Clay is the main antagonist on the run. Or the second scenario which I know propably most of the viewers at least secretly wish, where Jax learns the truth while Tara is still alive, storm into the clubhouse and puts a cold one without asking any questions into Clay’s forehead (of course this would shorten the shows lifetime a lot). Eventually leading into Romeo and cartel being the next season antagonist and them coming after SAMCRO and Tara. Question mark that remains is the g-men, what’s their outcome to all this and how long does that arc continue and does it eventually involve others than Juice and the Sheriff.

    • Rede says:

      Though i really hope Sutter finds a surprising and creative way out of this situation. Something that’s not an obvious kinda predictable way out at the moment. Without ruining the tension in the show (which would be Clay dieing) or killing off the only purely good character of the show (Tara dieing). Tara still has one asswhooping to give out. Eventhough Jax kinda already did it on her behalf. Well what can you do, I just don’t accept men abusing women, eventhough Jax smashing Ima’s head on the table was propably the brightest and best moment of Jax’s during the entire series. Tara should still close that chapter permanently.

      • Rede says:

        And one other thing, the prospects guarding on Tara at the moment, that’s like the weakest thing ever. If this series needs one thing it’s that SAMCRO seriously needs some new prospects, these current 2 could be stars in Big Bang Theory, okay given they played a round of russian roulette, but still i’m totally not convinced that they are SAMCRO prospects. Halfsack was awesome, shame he had to go.

  2. heather says:

    Please please please let there be more seasons!!!! I LOVE this show and don’t want it to end!!! SOA die hard fan…..it’s in my blood!

  3. joe says:

    I gotta admit I only watch 3 things on TV football mma and SOA.. Sons is the only show that has ever had me hooked like this. And the drama it hits with every episode is sick. Thanks for the best show on any TV period.

  4. James Decker says:

    I can see Jax seeing his Mom after Clays assault and then going after Clay only to have his mom break up him and Clay after Jaxs confronts Him at the club for beating Gemma so badly. Gemma ends up telling both of them that Jaxs is really Clays son.

  5. Valerie Kelly says:

    Why is Clay becoming so evil? Guess he is getting pushed into a corner over the John Teller situation and he’s coming out with claws bared! I hope Gemma will bust his ass! She is a fighter and too tough to put up with him abusing her! But, I can’t imagine the show without Clay! How will he get out of this mess? I hate that he killed Piney!
    I predicted a while back that it was just about time for that crack ho, Abel’s mom, to rear her ugly head, simply because Jax and Tara are now happily engaged! This is the best show ever! Rock on!

  6. Kim says:

    Does anyone think that maybe Jax is Clays son and that’s the SON that Gemme was referring to?

    • Rede says:

      It’s been referred multiple times that Jax is Clay’s stepson and his father is John, and Gemma was referring to _a_ son, which would either imply it’s done by one of the soa members that’s gonna kill him or Jax as another mans, John’s son. Otherwise the reference would have been the son or his son, if it was preticular to Clay. I don’t see any possible reason why Gemma would have held the information that Jax is Clay’s son and not John’s. John died when Jax was 15, why lie to a boy that his father is dead if he was still alive. Unless Gemmas and Clays relationship started 16 years before John died, and the sole intention was to have a son of the current club president at that time, even if it was a lie. Clay was promoted to president after John regardless that Jax was John’s son.

  7. StonesBB says:

    SOA is the best show on tv! My week revolves around Tuesday night! I have no idea how you are going to get me to have any compassion for Clay so I’m excited to see how you will write that in! With Jax’s temper it will be hard to believe he doesn’t kill him! Can’t wait for next Tuesday!!!!!

  8. cameron bishop says:

    Top tv shows defnitely SOA, the walking dead, and American Horror Story.
    I just started watchn this show this season although from previews I always knew i’d love it and I do. Clay, Jemma, & Jax are awesome but there are many others that defmitely add to the show.

  9. Daniel says:

    1 word…….Amazing…..dont kno how u come up with some of these ideas sutter…keep it up!

  10. Marc P says:

    Great show, amazing episode. Minor complaint – too much time spent on the man-hugs. I get it, but enough.

  11. Justin says:

    If anything else happens to Tara, we are all done watchin it!!!!all needed said.

  12. BB says:

    Having come from a biker background (not this intense) and now walking as a Christian, I debated watching something that made me re-live my past…. Too late though, I’m hooked.

  13. Dilette Villa says:

    This is the most original, best written & best acted drama on television. It’s an emotional rollercoaster ride I never want to get off of. Jax, Clay, Gemma & Tara all deserve Emmy’s as well as Kurt Sutter for being so brilliant & fearless. This show deserves more of a spot light & should have longer seasons.

  14. Lisa says:

    I love S.O.A. its definitely the Best Show ever!!! I love going through the roller coaster ride every Tuesday. So glad its extended this season but I don’t like that we have to wait 9 months for the next season :/ Thank you Mr Sutter for putting on great show. You have an awesome cast, let’s hope these Hollywood people will recognize the awesome talent that everyone has on this show and win some awards!!!

  15. emily says:

    i think the best thing to do is kill off clay in the last episode , make into on brutal fight between clay and jax , i mean people have been waiting for this for so long and if u keep on killing the good people off and not the idck head then people r gonna loose interest and not want to watch , well i wouldnt , i think they should kill off clay and make jax president and that way , it’ll be even more interesting , for jax to deal with the leader role

    • Rede says:

      As much as one would finally hope Jax to deal with Clay, this would also be a big blow to the series. As I see it at the moment regardless if Tara gets her hands back, Jax is only in SAMCRO cause Clay is, to balance him out and keep the club out of too much trouble, when Clay is gone, Jax has no reason to stick around when the club has balance returned and he can finally go live his life with Tara. As requested by Jax, Opie would take over SAMCRO and then what? Or Jax could stay around to be president and turn the club back into morally and legally accepted motorcycle club, as his father propably intended in the beginning, but the drama on the series would end there and we would have a soap opera with baby dipers in our hands.

  16. Mack says:

    Like the mans soap opera reference, so appropriate. LOL

  17. Matthew Slone says:

    I’ve been watching Sons Of anarchy since it premiered in 2008 and i haven’t stopped watching. This show has great characters that you feel for and understand, and a great story line. Absolutely the best show I’ve seen next to The Shield. I watched that show from the beginning to the end. FX has the best shows ever and
    I will always be a SOA fan 4 life!!!

  18. Jeannie Smith says:

    I think that Gemma KNEW what Clay was gonna do to her and she knew the buttons to push in order to start the dominos falling in the right direction for her life and the Club. NOW this leans Jax and Tara and the Club in the Direction she has always had for them. They are all her Family but I think that it will end up being Opie that brings down Clay. Now he has two reasons. Donna AND his Old Man Piney. Clay’s character could disapper from the show and it would not upset me at all and I have always been a fan of Ron Perlman’s before & during this show but……after this I simply CANNOT stomach seeing Clay. I literally want to reach into the tv and mess his ass up but mo***erF***er up sooooo bad that I was screaming at him and my Daughter had to tell me to shut up. LOL

  19. Trev says:

    An hour after watching, my guts are still rolling!!
    Television has become such a desert of quality, that when you come across an oasis like SOA, it makes you show disdain to the usual humdrum dross. (excepting Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead as well)

    SOA is like Hamlett and MacBeth rolled into one.

    When a contemporary show draws parallels with Shakespeare, you know that the writing is exemplary.

    Mr Sutter, I doff my cap to you.

  20. barbi says:

    The show is brilliant. We can’t wait for the next Tuesday to get here. Clay will eventually have to go. The sh*tlist’s he’s on are growing. Being responsible for Donna and Piney’s deaths leads me to believe that the power will be given to Opie. And because of that strength, Opie will be president. He certainly deserves to be the one to “take care of business”. Or maybe Juice will do it, and then do himself in…so no one gets in trouble. He will certainly be in a place that doesn’t have room for “his kind”. Are they really going to make an exception because it’s a show? Or will they try to stay true-to-form.

  21. Lisa says:

    My husband and I were so into last nights show We had to pause the tv to take a breather. This is the best season yet. I can’t wait to see Clay get what’s coming to him.

  22. Russ says:

    I still think dexter is the best show in t.v. but this show is very close..i think jax will become president and opie vice..i hope opie gets clay though

  23. tasertown46368 says:

    I think Gemma has to kill Clay and get his vote for who leads the club. They vote in a new club that helps the community and stops other clubs from harming Charming.

  24. Donus says:

    The Sons is the best show ever!!
    Always want to see the next episode as soon as the one before ended.

    Keep it going or like a biker, keep it rolling!!

    Greets from Holland!!

  25. SOA Fanatic says:

    This is why SOA is a hit, they always keep us on the edge of our seats.

    Gemma is strong and Jaax is the real Boss/President. Clay is about to expire, rightfully so! One thing he didn’t expect is FAM vs The Club. He was wrong. Get em Jaaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! lol

    The show will be just fine without him.

  26. kicker says:

    As a ex-member of a 1%er motorcycle club I am amazed by how accurate this show is. The writing is nothing less than brillant. There should be more variety in bikes though. Even in clubs most members bikes don’t look the same. Bobby is the most realistic character. A real old school biker. Kudos to the actor that plays him.The best show out there without a doubt.

  27. Matt says:

    (Woops, dambed smart phones!) and all the others like them, & just go with whatever actors/actresses the darts hit? Do they then take those pictures to a focus group of teen & preteen girls & boys, & ask the girls if they think the guys are dreamy & ask the boys if the girls are steamy? And that’s how choose their movie casts?” These movies also make you ask yourself, or whoever you just saw the movie with “Is it me or would that movie have been far better with an R rating?” Or, “Don’t you think that movie would be better with a better cast?” With speed with which today’s movies make it from the theaters to the DVD market & OnDemand PPV on satellite & cable as well as his fast they get to HBO/Showtime/Cinemax/Starz/Epix as well as basic cable like FX & TNT, it seems that the studios don’t need to worry so much about losing the under 17 theater revenues for movies today! It used be that teens had to wait for the cool R movies to come out on video/DVD or more so wait until they may it HBO & the like on cable, if their parents wouldn’t take them to see those R movies. Nowadays parents have loosened up about letting kids under 17 watch R movies. Even kids who’s parents don’t let them watch R movies can still get access to see them much easier & much quicker once they’ve left theatrical release than in the past. So the studios will still make plenty of money if they get back to making movies specifically geared toward adults g rate them R! I mean you’ve got movies being dumbed down & diluted just because if they have a certain amount of specific words or lines that contain F words the movie will be given an R instead of a PG13, so the studios force these directors to change their scripts so they sound far less realistic! And when I say that I mean that if those characters were in real life & that scene was actually playing out they’d be speaking the way real people speak! They wouldn’t be speaking in a PG13 vernacular they’d be speaking in a R possibly NC17 or X rated vernacular! And yes I know that movies & TV shows are mostly works of fiction but, many movies & TV shows base their story lines & plots on realistic scenarios or actual things going on in the world! They use real life to base their fiction on! That’s why lawyers, doctors, law enforcement officers, soldiers, pilots, scientists, & historians are hired as & can make a very good living as movie & tv consultants! They’re use so that tv & movies are as realistic as possible! Yes, I know I’ve been rambling! So thanks if you’ve made it this far, very sorry for going off on a tangent! Now to get back to my tv point. We’re now seeing just how stifled TV writers have been! Now that there are other options for TV shows than just the big 4 networks we’ve seen an explosion of masterful dramatic & comedic tv writing! Ironically enough these fictional dramas that are doing so well & are so devoutly followed are far more realistic than the reality TV we’re forced & told we should like & beg for more! Now, I will admit I do have a few guilty pleasures in the reality TV genre but they’re few and far between! And none of them are about housewives or orange people that like making complete fools of themselves in every possible way! The true measure of a talented writing staff & creative fo

  28. Michael1755 says:

    Believe it or not I think that the us district att is jt. I’d bet money on it. We will see if I’m right. He has to wait for the right time to come out!!

  29. russ says:

    The district attorney and gemma ran into eachother already this season if it was jt she would know

  30. johnny lake says:

    Got the first episode for xmas last year and loved it. Now my wife and i can’t get enough of it. Seen all the seasons so far and has a friend that records it for us. We can only waite for 2 episods to be aired then we want it. Great series and everyone one i know likes ot very much.

  31. gsam says:

    Best episode yet from the best show on tv, I think people have to accept the scene between clay and gemma as the writers showing is the truth about bikers. That’s why I love the show bcuz it portrays biker gangs to perfection. Hope the show continues for a lot more seasons.

  32. angel says:

    I love this show the writing the cast it’s exactly what so many of us have been waiting for, a show that keeps you wanting more. With that said I am excited to see how everything plays out. Truly a terrific show “hats off to you” Kurt for your amazing mind and talent thank you

  33. verbal says:

    Did anyone happen to see the previews for next week. A character from season one returns, and I can only wonder where that will go for the rest of the season…

  34. Teri says:

    SOA is just absolutely the best show on TV right now! I switched from our Cable Provider to Directv just so we could watch SOA at 7pm instead of waiting until 10pm! I have read through some of the viewers comments and agree with some and disagree with others. Yes the Series NEEDS TO CONTINUE. I would absolutely hate to see SOA go away. I have been watching since Season 1 and have not missed an episode. I along with the rest of you have major withdraws during the off season. I have watched these characters grow and can not wait until the next episode. I have to disagree with the viewers that say if there are more episodes like last night with the violence between Gemma and Clay, they will stop watching. Just keep in mind, these are ACTORS, this IS labeled as ADULT CONTENT, STRONG LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE, and SEXUAL SCENES (p.s. we need a shot of Jax rear more often!) this is obviously not a “Family or Childrens” show, this is for ADULT’s only. Keep writing Kurt, you are doing an amazing job and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep the show going! :)

  35. Louise says:

    “If it makes sense for the character to go, what does it do to the show.” What is the truth is more like it. There are more spider webs hidden in the pasts of Clay and Gemma than enough brooms to start sweeping them off the walls. Until Sutter takes the character to the next level that jolts the direction of the destiny of the remaining characters and the club into a new direction, their character will remain as is. Is the club ready for an impact? No. The club is only as strong as it’s weakest link. It just does not have enough strength to carry the weight of Charming and rival gangs. We know where the weakest link is. And it is pulling the club down more than Clay. You can feel it. It is like a succubus. It is a matter of survival that that law enforcement sadistic badge be taken out of his room and put on the back burner. Before he gets someone who is vulnerable killed. We need Clay’s strength. Once the club manifests itself as a strong force to be respected and feared by rival gangs, then Clay will no longer be needed…..

    • Louise says:

      We have to remember one important thing. A biker gang is one unit. No single man lives unto himself. The law of the gang is they ride together. If one cannot ride then they are put out to pasture. SAMCRO in Charming is fractured. The symbol of that was Tara’s hand when it was shown on the X-Ray. No longer the “healer”, her day’s are over. She can no longer help the biker’s after they are plugged by bullets. And she can no longer help the child who needs heart surgery. She can no longer save a life in her eyes. That fractured hand was the greatest way Sutter could have shown us just how hard it is going to be for SAMCRO to heal. And how much it has cost them to be who they are. Tara spent a life time to become a surgeon. And in one second, a door took it away from her. It will forever alter the course of SAMCRO through Jax. One way out for Clay not to ride will be his hands, too. He cannot grasp the handle bars. His grip cannot hold out for a long ride. His destiny will be to be put out to pasture in some manner, whether in life or death. It is strange that it happened that Sutter used both Clay’s hands and Tara’s hand to make the statement of just how fractured the club was. Sutter will tread lightly on this. He knows how bikers think and work and will stay true to the game.

  36. Debbie R. says:

    I second that!

  37. cat says:

    SOA has got to be the best written show I have ever seen! If it`s getting so much recognition then why is it on only once a year? I`ve thrown two crazy biker parties for two of the season premieres and we would all say we`d like a spring season also.

  38. Jim and Sherrie says:

    Great show!!!

  39. gina says:

    It should be Opie & Jax to beat the daylights out of Clay & Tara pull the trigger while Gemma watches since both of the girls knows the truth.

  40. Jeff snyder says:

    Loved your show from day one, you keep me on the edge of my seat every week, i hope if you take out clay opie gets to be the one keep up the good work kurt this is the only show on tv worth watching

  41. Karen says:

    I feel that Clay has lost it. But when he told Gemma she was just an old lady it had a ring of truth! she may be the leading old lady but she is still an old lady. in a true MC club she would have been beat a long time ago. she has been saved this because she and Clay have JT’s death on their hands. I was upset with her using Uncer at the cabin. he is clearly in love with her. I am not saying Clay was right just true to life. this is based on a badass MC club and it is!

  42. steve says:

    True to life??? The events in one episode never happens in the entire history of a real MC. If you think this is reality, you need to stop living in a fantasy world. BTW: Oscars are for movies, not TV shows.

  43. Tony says:

    I love this show cuzz its so raw and real feeling…..jax character is awesome save him for more episodes but yeah clay can die now,maybe even jemma for being bad her self,hiding truths and telling lies

  44. Elle G says:

    I met Ron Perlman at a work event recently and if he hadn’t been so warm and kind, I’d have a very hard time separating the real person from “Clay”. Kurt Sutter is such a fantastic writer and storyteller, I have all the faith he’ll finish the season just right.

  45. Mary T Wonderful says:

    Why oh why don’t they run reruns after the show is done for the season like every other stinkin’ show on TV??
    Love that the writers have us on the edge of our seats where we all want Clay dead but we don’t want to see his character leave the show.
    I think Gemma is going to show Clay who the real president of that club is. She’s the QUEEN!

  46. chris says:

    to all the ones who cant stand the violence and the woman beating on the show. grow a pair its good tv. keyword tv. love samcro keep it up at least 10 more seasons.lol

  47. Superman18 says:

    Oscar?…true life…really?……really? …do you even tide…I’m in a three piece patch club…..fantastic show…but life like

  48. Mike G says:

    SoA is the best show on TV right now and not just because of the violence. I knew I liked the show after the first commercial break of the pilot when Jax stabs a one of the NORDS in the boys w/ a broken pool cue. I realized how much I love the show during the motel scene w/ Clay and Lowell and it just never lets up. Complex characters and action movie pace make SoA unbeatable. I’m still reeling from last nights episode. That scene with Opie and Jax in the waiting room was so powerful I had to fight back tears. But the best part was when Alvarez non-chalantly blasts one of the Niners just to even things up. SoA is the only reason to be excited about Tuesdays.

  49. Vicki S says:

    I thought Gemma said “hands of A son” which I interpreted as any patched member will be the one to kill Clay, not specifically Opie or Jax.

    I cried last night with Maggie, Charlie and Ryan’s conversations and then I became so angry wi!th Clay and Potter!

    Mr. Sutter, major kudos to you, your writers (one of which was HAPPY), Peter Weller directing and most importantly, your cast.

    SOA deserves awards and I think this episode emphasized that fact

  50. bill says:

    This is a show about Outlaws. Reality check people Gemma would done be dead. Women are Old Ladies and have no say. For sure you bust a cap at the Pres you die. As far as Jax: CLUB FIRST everything else second. Suprises me that all the wanna be’s think everything so wrong when sexist or Pres killing.g people to protect him and the Club is wrong. Reality time, you go Clay, straighten these sissies out.