House Exclusive: Emmy Winner Jeffrey Wright Recruited For Epic Season 8 Showdown

I’m not the biggest boxing fan, but I’d still wager that no heavyweight bout has ever packed a bigger punch than the upcoming Hugh Laurie vs. Jeffrey Wright episode of House is going to.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Wright — a 2003 Emmy winner for Angels in America — will make a rare TV detour when he guest stars on the Fox drama in early 2012. What drew the acclaimed actor — who will next be seen in the Tom Hanks/Sandra Bullock film Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close — to the small screen? An episode of House that, on the surface at least, has all the markings of an instant classic.

Not only is the script by Garrett Lerner, Russel Friend and David Foster juicy as hell — “Nobody’s Fault” casts Wright as a renowned neurosurgeon who is both Foreman’s mentor and the arbitrator of House’s fate — but the hour, which will air in early 2012, will be directed by exec producer Greg Yaitanes (marking the helmer’s 30th House directorial effort). In other words, the same group that teamed up for Season 4’s “House’s Head” — which won Yaitanes (pictured) an Emmy — is at it again. (The actual plot of the episode, including details regarding what triggers Wright’s arrival, remains a closely-guarded secret.)

“This is an example of great writing attracting great talent,” says Yaitanes. “We are thrilled to have Jeffrey join us.

“He brings the heft and magnitude you dream of when pitting a character like this against House,” he adds. “As a fan, I am dying to see the two of them work together.”

And do battle! So what do you think? How will Wright stack up against previous House sparring partners (Chi McBride, David Morse, Andre Braugher… )? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Eric says:

    Seriously, is anybody still watching this show?

    • Becca says:

      Not me. But since Michael gets exclusives from Yaitanes in turn for downplaying the show’s sinking ratings, etc. we get all these blown up stories that amount to a total snooze much like the actual episodes.

      • Alicia says:

        But this is big news! That hack Yaitanes is conjuring up some more Emmy bait–lest the show goes down bereft of all dignity.
        Bit late for that though.

      • mooseonajew says:

        So you and the others who are disappointed feel the need to rain on the enjoyment of others?

        • Partypants says:

          Are we having a “state the obvious” contest? :)

        • DontRainOnMyParade says:

          I have loved this season so hard. Everyone has been in top form. The patient stories have been great. And the House/Wilson has been perfect. Foreman is great as the new team and the old and new team members are awesome. It seems more like an ensemble cast which I love.

          • Emgee says:

            No need to try to convince detractors. They’ll never be pleased, so let them be.

            Haters gonna hate.

    • Emma says:

      Not me.
      I can’t continue to watch a show that has zero character development.
      Cause really, has House changed from S1 to now? Not in my opinion.
      This show got boring after it was determined that the creators/writers were too scared to actually let the character grow and evolve.

      • Mat says:

        then your opinion is clearly wrong you see him change alot in last season he goes towards to more good/happy then near the end bad and self destructive now hes heading back towards that middle ground. plus why would we want house to change house being the way he is, is the thing that makes this series so appealing because it mixes all the aspect of a docter show that hasnt been seen since the days of mash

        scrubs was almost entirely comedy and the other doctor shows were entirely drama in this one though you get a doctor thats almost entirely imorale the show has funny sides and serious sides what more could you need

      • Pepper says:

        I know actual living people from my life who have not changed through the course of their lives.

        Personally, I hate it when we have interesting characters and their “growing” consists of forcing them to be average and boring.

    • Nope! I watched the first 5 seasons, but gave it up in the beginning of the 6th.

    • Mafalda Neto says:

      yes, and if you had seen last night’s great episode you would too :D

    • Dryden says:

      I drifted away a few seasons ago but have been watching the recent episodes. The show is fun again! And I don’t mean that as “YAY they got rid of [X] so it’s awesome and now House can sleep with [Y]” I mean the writing and performances are less about melodrama and have re embraced the comedy and interesting patient-of-the-week stories.

      I get that vocal portions of the fanbase are going to hate whatever the show became once their favorite character left, but I really dig what the show is doing now.

    • Ecka says:

      No, the ratings have been tanking.

      • Brandy says:

        Um…yes, the ratings have gone down in the u.s., but this show is actually number one in the world again.

      • Kenneth says:

        That’s because most of the people that watch the show don’t even bother to actually use anything that measures ratings. There are these marvelous inventions where we can watch it on our own time that have absolutely no monitoring whatsoever.

        The show is just as good now as it ever was, the only difference is ratings people haven’t advanced to the modern age.

    • Sally says:

      I’ve started watching again since Cuddy is gone. Compared to season 7 this season is AMAZING! Nothing compared to the first seasons though, but still.

      • Greg Yaitanes says:

        Never mind this contradictory statement, “started watching again since Cuddy is gone. Compared to season 7…” Thank you for your support! And say hi to “Liz” ;)

    • JohnDoe says:

      Bunch of whiny girls you all are, Christ.

    • VVVicodin says:

      And yet, here you are!

    • Marilyn says:

      Yes I watch house. Its my favorite program.

    • Deb says:

      Of course people are still watching the show; you are out of your mind even suggesting that! I am devoted to this show and it’s ever changing cast line ups; I know it may be the last season but seriously – why are you not watching this show anymore? The fact that HL is still at the helm says keep watching for more inventive, surprising and creative antics to follow. Keep watching HOUSE!!!!


    • mooseonajew says:

      Yes some of us are and if you’re not why do you need to troll on here to say this?

    • shiremaid says:

      Heck YES!

    • @Eric says:

      Haha! I love how almost every person here isn’t talking about the subject of this post but about how the show blows chunks now or are getting dewy-eyed about its splendours this season. But I agree IMO, the series is past its sell-by date. I don’t know anyone who watches the show anymore.

    • Melissa Haynes says:

      Mom and I watch House religiously and we’re both disappointed that Cuddy is no longer on the show. Mom said it makes it a little boring and I just think the show has lost it’s spice.

  2. It's Jess says:

    LOL, ratings are down so much it’s a good thing your BFF Greg Yaitanes gives you exclusives to post to get the few House fans left excited!

  3. mIA says:

    Sounds great!!! Can’t wait!

  4. Dani says:

    On my teeny tiny phone screen it looks like his Emmy is trying to strangle him.

    Anyway I’m guessing slow-growing brain tumour. Foreman doesn’t want to operate on House, so he brings in his mentor. Hence ‘Nobody’s Fault’- aggressive actions result of it. The scriptwriter’s equivalent of ‘RETREAT!’

  5. maggie says:

    Wright is a great actor, and seeing Laurie be able to work with someone on his level is always good.

    Last night’s episode, marking the return of Chase, felt like House was back on track. Brits Laurie & Bamber can both do amazing American accents. Jesse Spencer & Jamie Bamber in the same scene was almost too much beauty for my tv to handle!

    House, Wilson and Chase are the best things about the show. They need to focus mainly on them, and the medical mysteries.

  6. MiMi says:

    Haters to the left, this season is great so far. Way better than S7.

    • Sally says:

      Totally true! And the ratings argument is totally stupid, people just DVR first and then watch, the numbers show that. The audience is still out there, whether the haters like it or not :D

      • @Sally says:

        You are such a hypocrite. Last year you were first to point out how “Huddy” ruined the ratings. This year apparently ratings are not that important after all (though they do go down in much more dramatic fashion.)

        You don’t like Lisa E and miss Jen – that’s totally fine, but at least be honest about it and stop looking for ridiculous excuses.

        The truth is, not your opinion, nor mine matters at this point. The casual viewers have spoken – and they don’t watch House anymore.

      • idiot @ 5am says:

        Do you think a dvr records a show without tuning into the station and receiving the broadcast thus giving it viewer ratings? How else does one record it dumb ass?

        • idiot @ 5am says:

          btw i love house and reckon episode one this season was the best episode in ages/ i agree season one was the best however this season seems to be goin ok. don’t really like Yi but no complaints that Cuddy is gone either.

    • House Lover says:

      I don’t understand the hatred of season 7. Of course, the one season where major change actually took place, america the egocentric becomes sinical and stops watching this show. You people ask for character development and then when given that development, you can’t believe the writers would allow house to appear human rather than his normal invincible self. It’s obvious that tragedies are no longer in films, tv shows, and very rarely nowadays in the few books that are actually read. Fans almost went into an uproar at the thought of Harry Potter dying at the end of J.K. Rowling’s series. As egocentric as we are, we need seasons like this past one, tragedies that teach us the error of our ways and strengthen our future endeavors is what makes most of the art that we only know as history these days. Dear jesus, if they bring back Cuddy because of the disapproval of this season, I am literally going to go insane! Support expansion and the revolution of art in all forms!

      • Notamerican says:

        You are absolutely right.
        I also liked Se 7 a lot, OK maybe not as much as my favorite SE 2.
        And as for character development, just watching House with a set of stools installing his new flat screen or preparing and serving cocktails to his own team, what more would one want?
        Yay, after all the tragedy and angst, it is invigorating to see some light-hearted results.

        • AmAmerican says:

          The only way I’d be interested in watching House installing a flat screen or serving cocktails is if Hugh Laurie decided to do it naked with his chingis blowing in the breeze. “What more would one want?” Seriously? How about a PLOT.

          • House Lover says:

            And here we have a perfect example of modern society’s idea of tv broadcasting. Yes your probably joking, but the plot comment? please, you are probably the one watching jersey shore and stood outside the building in times square during trl. It’s people like you that call themselves critics and discuss shows such as House as one without a plot. It’s a tv show! It’s supposed to have a mild repetitive story line because it’s a day in the life of House. Hence the name of the show! If you want a constantly changing plot, turn on HBO and start from the top of the movie list, watch each one. Maybe then you will be “entertained”. As for this show, stick to what you understand…

  7. Tucker says:

    This might actually draw me back to an episode of House this season.

  8. Doyamae says:

    Everytime Yaitanes has been excited about something since Mid S5 it’s been epic, as in Epic Fail with viewers and fans. As exciting as this “could” be it’s just an idea until they provide good execution. Sadly, they haven’t been good about follow through for quite some time. These guys have an issue with creative premature — Let’s suffice it to say they talk a good game, but the results leave us wanting.

  9. Janine says:

    sounds interesting! I wonder if this story has anything to do with the “Big Changes” Hugh Laurie said would be coming on the show in a recent interveiw?

    • Jessica says:

      I thought the big changes were supposed to come during fall sweeps? Whatever big changes are coming could not make things better. Nothing can undo the mess of Season 7. :( Kudos to Hugh for still rockin’ it though….nothing but admiration for the man. I miss the old days.

  10. Kath G says:

    This is the best season in ages. But the haters will be out no doubt, esp the ones of a certain person who quit the show last year!!
    This sounds like its going to be a great episode. Even Hugh was
    talking about an event coming up soon. If this is going to be the last season, they are sure going to make it a great one.

    • Jessica says:

      With all due respect Kath G, for many it isn’t about missing one person, it’s about the loss of a “dynamic”.
      For me it’s the loss of the banter and the relationship between House, Cuddy and Wilson (not to mention the old teams). We didn’t dream up this amazing dynamic, TPTB gave it to us, and what made it amazing was the terrific acting by Hugh, Bob and Lisa. The chemistry between them in any combo was nothing short of perfection. For me, without one, the “Triumvirate” as I called it LOL, seems unbalanced.I would have felt this way if Bob had left and Lisa stayed on. The three of them made it what it was…the dynamic, the energy, the brilliance….all great acting.
      I understand that TPTB have to do something in light of losing Lisa but…my feeling is that better storylines for her character especially in seasons 6 and 7 may well have kept her on a show that she loved and respected and promoted with a positive attitude. Granted we can’t go back can we? But still I can be angry that I miss my old show. I loved the old House series, not because of Lisa Edelstein but because of ALL of the cast, I particularly enjoyed what they had together.
      The idea that you can just go in and “change it up” in the final season (or what we hope is the final season) and expect us to be ok with it is ludicrous. How can we forget seven years? There are too many details being glossed over, tossed aside or completely forgotten this season. I feel like this isn’t just another season, it’s a whole different show altogether. That’s not how I want to see the once “Greatest show on television” to go out. Not at all. For the record, people who feel as I do aren’t haters, not at all, it’s just that we miss the good old days.

      • DontRainOnMyParade says:

        LE just finished up a multiepisode arc on the Good Wife. I don’t watch the show. LE is not coming back to House and that is per David Shore. I’m happy she’s gone. If you want to sing her praises a better place to do that would be on the Good Wife Facebook page. Not here. This is for the people who are watching Season 8 and loving it. I’m one of those people.
        You’re angry because LE is not on House. Fine. Why don’t you go to where she is, that is if you really like her work and her.

        • Roxie says:

          Jessica made an intelligent argument for why she thinks that the show isn’t as good now as it used to be, and you, dontrainonmyparade, couldn’t just respect her opinion, you had to be a jerk and tear her apart. Just because you hate Lisa Edelstein and are happy that she is no longer on the show, that doesn’t mean everyone has to agree with you about that. This is a comments section of an article related to House. If people here are posting about something that is relevant to House than they should be able to say whatever they want. Jessica’s post was relevant to the show, and you have no right to tell her that she can’t post her opinion here. You are not the comment police and you need to get over yourself!

          I am a longtime House fan and I have watched every episode multiple times on DVD, and I agree with Jessica about how this season is hurting because it is missing the House/Cuddy/Wilson relationship. I’m not just talking about Huddy, I am talking about how all 3 characters related to each other and interacted. I also feel as if they are focusing too much on the new characters (the two female doctors), and not enough on House, Wilson and Foreman. I hope this will change now that Chase and Taub are back. It seems as if the only purpose of the new pretty female doctor is to hook her up with Chase and I find that lame. They have not developed her character very well so far and I find her to be uninteresting because of that. Cameron and Thirteen were also very pretty, but they had interesting personalities too, so they were not just eye candy, but it seems like this new female doctor is. I would also like to add that I think the absence of Olivia Wilde has hurt the show as well. She had great chemistry with House and Chase (I never thought her chemistry was very good with Foreman even though they dated), and I miss having her as a character on the show as well. I realize the LE and OW both chose to leave, so I do not blame the show for their departures, but I just wish that they would find a better way to fill the gap that those two women have left in their absence, and I do not think these new female characters are doing that. I did like Masters, and wish they would bring her back. She was a far more interesting character to me than these new female doctors. Perhaps this will change if they develop the characters more, but so far they both seem pretty flat to me.

          I want to love this show, it has been a favorite of mine and I find it disappointing that I am not loving it as much as I used to. I think that more bromance moments between House and Wilson and more conflict/tension between House and Foreman would help. A new villain for House to face would be good as well, so hopefully this arc with Jeffrey Wright will be good.

  11. Lisa says:

    can’t wait! I really love this season, it keeps getting better, yesterday’s episode was fantastic!

  12. Jason says:

    Sounds good. Looking forward to this episode.

  13. sam says:

    Hilarious. All previous seasons TPTB couldn’t care less about the viewers, nowadays they chasing them around and offering free BJs for a smile. The PR campaign is the best thing of this season. Too bad the ratings are still going down the drain.

    • Flor says:

      I disagree. I think the PR campaign this year is a disaster, and -together with the crappy writing and lousy showrunning decisions- is making the actors and the show look truly pathetic.

  14. Maddy says:

    Brilliant show bringing in Brilliant people!!!

  15. Erin says:

    Its sounds really exciting. I can’t wait to see Hugh Laurie act with Jeffrey Wright. Two of the very best actors we have.

  16. sher says:

    I gotta be honest… having been watching House out of habit, hoping it will improve. Last pm’s episode had the humour and storytelling momentum of previous seasons that I have missed.

    Welcome back House!!!

  17. Dani says:

    But that’s not what concerns Fox and NBCU who bankroll the show. Numbers and demos are important because it means x number of viewers are watching the show AND the ads in between. Less people watching live in demo means unhappy advertisers and the show is not as valuable to Fox, which is bad news for negotiations.

  18. amy says:

    If you actually paid attention to the show when you watched it, you would know that one of the main themes of the show is “people don’t change.” So, why you were expecting House to become a different person is beyond me. I will say that I miss Lisa Edelstein and feel that the show doesn’t have the same spark without her.

    • Jessica says:

      With all due respect, the problem is House HAS changed. Where’s the leg pain that was the root of all his problems? Where is the Vicodin? We know he’s on it but Shore/Yaitanes suddenly decide NOT to make his achilles heel the focus of every episode, but they did so in the past. House not taking Vicodin on screen but NOT being clean makes no sense, remember how he used to flaunt it? You can’t just wipe under the rug all the things you want to and pretend they don’t exist. That’s just ridiculous. :(

      • Maro says:

        So in actual fact House not flaunting his pill popping IS character development. He does just does not need to shock anymore.
        What’s more he has taken pills – Se8x01 shows how much he is dependent on them. So nobody “wipes under the rug all the things you want to and pretends they don’t exist”
        As for the leg pain it has often been shown that it is part only of his problems, he carries a lot more baggage – father issues, anarchy, character issues etc – that predate the leg.
        What’s more part of the show’s premise is that the leg pain is aggravated by emotional/psychological circumstances.
        It seems that up to now, in se8, he is in a lighter, less tense mood and even manually(!)doing things. So yes, he has not so much changed but he has evolved.

        • Jessica says:

          Thing is GY and DS insist people can’t/don’t change, that’s been the mantra of this show since day one. I believe Shore said, and I’m paraphrasing, that it’s all about House trying to change and failing. But THIS time, it’s not about House trying to get clean, it’s about DS/GY not wanting to make the Vicodin obvious. But it has to be obvious because that is House, he’s not subtle by any means. He’s out there and he doesn’t care who knows. If we’re supposed to be going back to the roots, then House would be flaunting his pill popping, remember how he flaunted it rather creatively in earlier seasons, esp. 1 and 2? Suddenly, GY and DS just make it disappear, just like that yet we KNOW House isn’t clean, not by any means.
          Sure, the leg was aggravated because of emotional and psychological issues but how on earth can we believe that House has overcome them at all? Even a little? Come on, House has not been through anything that would heal him. Prison didn’t heal him, it just helped him with his guilt, it allowed him to punish himself essentially. But a year in prison did nothing to cure him. House’s leg as been at the heart of the series. Remember he did not think he could be a good doctor without his pain. If he were out of physical pain he could be happy somewhat (remember the Ketamine?) and when his leg was hurting again he was miserable. He used his leg pain as a crutch. What about now? He hasn’t miraculously healed emotionally overnight. House went without Vicodin an entire season and well because people can’t change, he went back on them over Cuddy’s illness. So much for evolving eh? It was easier to write a storyline where he went back on drugs than attempting to write his complex character even MORE complex.
          If he couldn’t stay off Vicodin last season, how are we supposed to expect that suddenly he’s off now? That has not been addressed because he is NOT off the Vicodin. Suddenly the Vicodin is just in the background, not seen, not heard, because well….that’s how Shore wants it, again, no rhyme or reason that fits into the story.
          So many missed opportunities on Shore’s part. With everything House went through last season was traumatic and not ONCE did TPTB attempt to allow House to begin really cutting away the demons that possessed him, a lot of it being his father, the way he was raised and his fears of intimacy and abandonment. Shore has over and over thrown away the opportunity to really see inside House and get the root of what has him so angry and so afraid. It’s like we’re supposed to believe he’s a different guy now, but there’s no rhyme or reason to it. And he’s NOT the same. In every episode prior to last night he’s just been a mean SOB, mean for the sake of being mean and THAT is not the old House. You can’t just give us this incredibly wonderful complex character and attempt to explain away things by just not addressing them. This is Shore’s fault because he created these wonderful characters and brought in such amazing people to play them. No wonder we want more, considering how much we were given over the years.
          Either House has changed or he hasn’t, can’t be both. And by the way, evolution IS change. Character development isn’t throwing the protagonist into the same situations over and over again and watching him fail, at least not in my book. And you sure as hell don’t wait till the final season to decide to go back to “the basics” or so we’re told.

  19. carol says:

    Impressive actor Shoreh Agdashloo was in the finale for last season with GY at the helm and the episode was a disaster. Having a fine actor like Jeffrey Wright does not guarantee a good episode, especially if the writing and acting surrounding him continues on the precipitous decline of this season.

    Last night’s episode was so light and flakey it resembled a bisquit. No moment of introspection, gravity, character insight or even examination was allowed to mar the “fun.” House barely interacted with the medical mystery, as he was wholly involved with the renovation of his office and the harassment of Taub.

    Last night’s show was all about House at his most frivolous, mean, and irrelevant. Without the contrast of gravity and depth that used to be a hallmark of the show, the humor was DOA.

    This is definitely NOT back to basics. The absence of character, heart, and ethical substance is glaring. And what happened to sexy Hugh Laurie? He looks tired and bored now.

    • kimincalifornia says:

      I have to agree. What won the Emmy for House’s Head was the writing and acting, not the directing. I’ve yet to be impressed with Yaitanes’ directing. It seems that the seasons that he’s associated with marked the decline of House.

      Having said that. I like where this season is going, but it hasn’t gotten there ‘yet’. Last season many of the fans moaned (including me) that we had moved away from great POTW, clinic time and the team relationship with House and focused too much on Huddy and House’s attempt to change. Although I didn’t like the massive amount of time alotted to a failed relationship and House’s mental gyrations last year, I think the writers are well-chastised and are trying to get back that feeling from the first three seasons. Unfortunately, in doing so, they’ve shied away completely from House’s feelings and nature so far this season.

      What made House so great in the beginning was the beautiful balance between the medical puzzles and the onion peeling of House’s personality and struggles. As a result of the spanking they got last season, I think the writers have been too afraid to delve back into House’s character or attempt to show his struggles with trying to be happy. But what made House great was our exploration of both the medicine and House. We need to see a little more of House struggling with his nature and that hasn’t happened this season. I’m hoping it will.

    • Karomana says:

      I am pretty sure both House and Hugh Laurie are pretty fed up with being sexy!
      Look where it got them: one crashing his car on his ex-girlfriend’s dining room and the other needing bodyguards to fend off crazy fans and autograph hunters!

  20. Linda says:

    I love House and it is rocking AGAIN! Not that it missed a step in seasons past. The characters have evolved House especially you got to see him live and lose that love. It was awesome. This show is great and it is HOT can’t wait to see what happens next!!

  21. Chris says:

    I just love how almost everyone on here is complaining about the show and the ratings and the actors and whatever else they are complaining about. Personally I love the show, sure it has a miss from time to time, look how long its been on! My question is, if you dislike the show that much, what the heck are you doing here? Are you seriously so bored and have nothing else to do but troll websites and complain? FAIL big time.

    • TBH says:

      “What the heck are you doing here?”
      Biding time until the “final season”/no renewal annoucement and preparing to gloat like SOB’s?

  22. Sasha says:

    Umm yes I’m still watching this. It is amazing. It’s one of my all time favorite shows. House is comical and informational. You can’t beat that!

  23. ana says:

    RIP House m.d

  24. Steven L. says:

    I still love the show, I’ll be interested to see the showdown. House is great at making me hate someone for opposing him, even though House is usually in the wrong…

    Last night House provided some of the harder laughs I’ve had in awhile. It really gets attacked on all sides, some people wanted the “will they won’t they” of House and Cuddy, so after they gave it a go and definitively ended it (car smash style) some people were upset. Some people were upset whenever any cast member arrives, or leaves. Some people complain that he never changes, some complain because for awhile he was happy, or too crazy. Some complain that he gets away with everything, despite him winding up in the ER a few times, in a prison, in a mental institution.

    So long as I have House and Wilson, I’m enjoying it.

  25. Maria says:

    I love this show and hope it continues for a long time! Look forward to seeing Jeffrey Wright … and Chase, too!

  26. JT says:

    I want dramas, but a big drama, not a boring huddy break up.
    Give me deaths and tears.

  27. JT says:

    I’m waiting now for ep15, there’s always something about ep 15, last season was not great, the break up was SO predictable since ep01, nothing dramatic.

  28. Lucy says:

    So many of you don’t watch the show, but took the time and made the effort to post negative comments about it?

  29. Dave N. says:

    Episode 1 to present, GREATEST SHOW EVER. Shove off haters. “the ratings, the ratings” think for yourself. Huge fan.

  30. steve says:

    Yup, I,m still warching. Love it. I think we should have one episode of all clinic duty. And another with robin Williams being a nut with multiple personalities. And one other one with William shatner as himself halucinating he was kidnapped by aliens. Cool!

  31. Jessica says:

    As Cuddy once said “It’s difficult not to be moved” LOL no seriously, it’s difficult TO BE MOVED by this story. I’m not excited over it. Always love Hugh but hate what Shore has done to the show. No episode will ever compare to House’s Head/Wilson’s Heart which in my opinion are two of THE BEST EVER! I miss the classic House, Cuddy, and Wilson. I miss the teams, the riveting POTW cases, the pranks, the banter, the real epiphanies, character developments, just everything. You don’t just decide to go back to the roots in the final season. Too little too late. Finally last night’s show was the only one worth watching so far this season and I’m a longtime fan. I laughed, yes I did! But seriously this show is over. I hope it ends this season on a positive note and Hugh goes back to his one big love—music which he said recently is his passion, he enjoys it more than acting!

  32. Brad says:

    Jeffrey Wright is an incredibly intense actor and brings a level of class not seen in many other actors. Everything he in is always fantastic.

  33. Sam says:

    Comparing the ep to “House’s Head”? Can’t wait to see how this’ll turn out, because “Two Stories” wasn’t a pathetic imitation of “Three Stories” AT ALL…

    • Karomana says:

      Oh come on!
      “Two Stories” was only a parody done for laughs of “Three Stories”. The only parallel was House “teaching” and I found it hilarious.
      It is one of my favorite Se7 episodes.

      • D says:

        Not to mention “Two Stories” wasn’t written by David Shore, and the writers/director are being used as the key comparison between Nobody’s Fault/House’s Head. Sam should read gooder.

  34. KiminCalifornia says:

    No one can compete with Tritter…that was the most compelling arc of the series. It brought out every emotion in the book and even when I hated Tritter, I had to keep watching. Now THAT’S a great villain.

  35. Jim says:

    I enjoy watching HOUSE. I agree with some of the posters here, that the negative posters are full of baloney. Go watch cartoons!

    This season has been a change from the past; however, last night’s episode injected a very postive element to the characters. Up until last night, I didn’t care for Anabelle Odette’s character, but with the addition of Peter Jacobson, I find the two of them interesting to watch.

    I have been watching old seasons of HOUSE on DVD, too, and it gives me a better perspective of how the show has evolved.

    My only beef now is with Foreman…..a good actor, but dull in his role as a manager. Remember, he did this a few seasons ago, too….ick. I look forward to seeing Foreman develop during this season.

    Also glad not to see “INTUBATE” “INTUBATE” during every episode this season. Earlier seasons way overdid that procedure.

    And…hope to seee Wilson get out of his office a LOT more!

    Best of luck to the cast and supporting people for this season of HOUSE!

  36. HL says:

    i don’t know what some stupid people say here but after 8 years ratings are quite good not the best but good especially for a channel like FOX …..personally I find season 8 more interesting than Season 7 …

  37. annabsmith says:

    Is anybody watching this show? What world are you in? It just got a People’s Choice nomination for the show and for Hugh Laurie.

    Where’s Lisa you ask? Gone to the dogs. BIG mistake on her part. She abandoned this show. Not a team player. Not.

    • You Know Who says:

      Oh so you were in Lisa’s contract negotiations and know why she chose to leave? Or else you’re psychic. Lisa’s gone and the ratings are over 2 million fewer than last year at this exact time. Lisa got off a sinking ship and I couldn’t be more THRILLED for her.

      LMAO People’s Choice nominations. Right there with quality programming such as Vampire Diaries! All that means is the small group of fanatics voted enough to get House and Hugh nominations.

      • Kath G says:

        I bet you where one of those last year, declairing how GREAT LE was because she won a PCA. Ha Ha! guess you can not this year, because she aint even nominated!! LOL What is she doing now, oh yes a 3 ep stint on The Good Wife, that show did not get 2 mil more viewers did it? That shows ratings are sinking faster than the Titanic!

    • BIC says:

      Lisa was always there. She’s done her full contract and doesn’t owe them anything.
      If you want to dish on someone, go bash Olivia Wilde and her precious movie career cause she’s the one who left the boat a gazillion times!
      Lisa was more of a team player than anybody on that show despite TPTB and the writers destroying her character to fit their sick vision.

  38. Mike says:

    So you’re saying every 3.5 years we get a quality episode? ZOMG, a neurologist, I bet it’s called House’s Head…KABOOM YO! and it’s all about House’s brain! GENIUS ORIGINALITY. Pat yourself on the back GY and writers!

  39. Bob says:

    Sweet, House gets a one-episode-rival! Can anyone guess what kind of “I’m much smarter than you” conversations that is gonna lead to? Probably being done because the show doesn’t have Cuddy as Dean of Medicine anymore, so I think we’re gonna see Jeffrey Wright show Foreman how it’s done :D. The name of the episode can refer to things going wrong because of this clash, I think, and Foreman will be there to pick up the pieces. Drama Drama Drama Drama, I like it

  40. JEr says:

    I love this show so much, until it finishes!

  41. Karin says:

    This season has been awesome so far. I’ll be watching House as long as Hugh Laurie’s on board. And I’m excited for this ep, it will be a good match up of two awesome actors.

  42. auntlolo says:

    I have been watching House since season 2. I will continue to watch it as long as they make them. It is my favorite show. I think last night was a wonderful example of why I love to watch it. So glad Chase & Taub are back! Last season was a little less than up to par, but still a good season. I think, now that all of the Cuddy drama is over, they are back on track. Can’t wait until next Monday night…

  43. Mau Ord says:

    What a stupid question, better, what are you doing here if you dont watch anymore House? Punk!

  44. Sasha says:

    Haven’t watched HOUSE since the finale last season but I see that people still argue and fight and hate on each other in the fandom. I sure don’t miss that. But, just to add my vote in, the reason I stopped watching is because they made House into a super-jerk and got rid of Cuddy. The show’s just not as good without her. And I know a lot of people feel the same. Maybe that’s why numbers aren’t so hot this year and slipped so much last season after they broke up. House and Cuddy were one of the coolest things they had going for the show. If anyone cares. I doubt it because this show has a rep for ignoring fans but since I see it’s ailing and everywhere I go now I see a critic, reviewer or fan saying something bad about it these days, I thought I’d give some honest feedback from one fan’s perspective. I figure it’s no skin off my nose if anyone pays attention or not. It’s not like I have to watch what it’s become-and I haven’t. And it’s not my show or my money. So, for what it’s worth–

    • auntlolo says:

      How can you weigh in on this season if you haven’t watched it. If you stopped watching after the finale last season and because they “got rid of Cuddy”, then you don’t even know HOW it is without her. I think it is just fine without her. I liked her and was sad when I found out she would not return, BUT as of last night especially, the show is moving on just fine. Give this season a chance. Now that Chase & Taub are back, it is awesome!

      • Partypants says:

        How can you weigh in on this season if you haven’t watched it.
        You “don’t have to go to Detroit to know it smells bad.” ;)

      • @auntlolo says:

        Am I allowed to have my own opinion? Is that okay around here? Listen, the show just isn’t good anymore in my opinion. For the people who think it’s stupendous! and SUPER-de-duper!, that’s fine. That’s your opinion. I’m not going around hating on you, am I? I will say this, if the majority felt like you did, if everyone felt it was great this year and the guys were all that were needed and that the medicine is all that matters, then why the significant drop in numbers? Why so many people talking about how it’s boring or isn’t as great anymore everywhere? Maybe, just maybe, other people feel like I do? Do you think that’s possible? Maybe you are so happy because things are just like you like them, that you are completely blind to the feelings of others about the show around you and when you see someone express them you are quick to deride said feelings and brush them off. Which is your prerogative. Here’s the thing, you can’t make people feel differently by trying to invalidate their opinion. All those viewers the show has lost between the post-Huddy break up episode and last night’s episode (which had neither a ballgame or Halloween to blame) must feel like the show’s not doing it for them either. Don’t you think? Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Nielsen and TV By the Numbers have their numbers screwed up and you’re right-the show is super awesome now and better this year than ever. As I said, no skin off my nose. It’s not my show. And I don’t miss fans jumping all over me from this fandom just for having an opinion different from theirs. Why so threatened and insecure? The world is full of people with opinions different than your own. And sometimes your opinion might be a minority opinion. That’s just real life. You’re gonna have a hard time in life if you need everyone to agree with you to be respectful to them or to be happy. But, hey, thanks for being so cool, dude.

    • Gill says:

      They did not get rid of Cuddy, LE did that all by her self. I agree with other posts, this season is much better than the dreadful S7. House is back to his normal self. You know that jerk of a character that the show is all about, and why I watch these last 8 years.

  45. Kabby says:

    I’m liking this season more and more. I felt that last night’s episode had great balance, and it was terrific to see Chase back. Will look forward to this casting event in the new year!

  46. anonymous says:

    I don’t like the new line-up, but I don’t miss the old line-up either. Too much melodrama still. The show needs to go back to what it was – House being awesome and solving interesting cases with his new team, without all the hangers-on.

  47. Marcy Prager says:

    I am so glad the show is back on track! I’ve written numerous times that last year was too crazy and glitzy – like a chorus line!!!!! When I started watching House and got hooked, it was for the drama, the quick wit, and unusual turns. The writers have got it back to where it used to be. There have been a lot of negative remarks as of late about one of the new members of the team. Give her a chance. There are a lot of cultural possibilities here that can be introduced by the writers. She gives it back to House rather well. And House can open her rigidity little by little… House is one of the only programs I watch faithfully! I love his character, and the new team works. I’m glad the writers are once again about the patients and the doctors who do their best to save them.

  48. Duskybatfishgirl says:

    HOUSE – Still the best thing on television.

  49. A says:

    I hate Yaitanes period.

  50. Dani says:

    In season 5 we did psychological meltdown, now let’s do neurological! *jazz hands* Seriously this reference to ‘House’s Head’, A neurologist and the fact that Garrett and Lerner are involved (who wrote ‘After Hours’) is pointing towards some sort of long-term neurological disorder or a slow growing brain tumour that will excuse what House did at the end of last season, hence ‘Nobody’s fault’.

    • Beth says:

      And didn’t we already meet Foreman’s mentor and he definitely wasn’t Jeffrey Wright? Was it the one where Foreman almost died? Foreman called him by his first name and House kept harping on it. I guess they still don’t have a show bible even though lack of continuity, dropped plots, carelessness with details, and repetition are among the things that long time fans and critics have been saying are behind the decline in viewership. For example, this episode also prominently features Foreman’s medical specialty, yet in Risky Business they seemed to have forgotten that he was a neurologist.

      So 3 neurologists (Wright’s character, Foreman, Park) and Chase who has training in, but is not a board certified neurosurgeon. Like you said, if it’s House that needs the neuro consult, I’m not sure what they’ve got left that wouldn’t be repetitive. The faked brain tumor in Half-Wit, deep brain stimulation in HH/WH, hallucination and mention of MS in UMS. As for After Hours, there’s no plausible way the rat poison that immediately formed tumors in his leg would appear in his brain 2 years later. If that’s the way they go and try to excuse what he did at the end of last season in Episode 15 of Season 8, that would be beyond lame. Especially since DS has said on numerous occasions that House was in his right mind when he did what he did. They could go with ALS, but how awful would that be?