Glee Recap: The Sex Factor

Warning: This week’s “controversial” episode of Glee — entitled “The First Time” — contained not a single scene of gratuitous teen sex, nor did it linger on the undulating, half-clothed bodies of its young and attractive cast members.

What the action-packed hour did accomplish, however, was reminding the world that there are still great stories to be told about the residents of the fictitious William McKinley High School, and that it has a deep and talented cast capable of brining those scenarios to vivid life. (It also made a strong case that the show might be at its best when Mr. Schue and Sue Sylvester are relegated to benchwarmer status.)

Chris Colfer on Kurt and Blaine’s ‘First Time,’ Showing Skin and Romance With Karofsky

If you were too busy bellying up to the bar at Scandals to catch “The First Time” — which poetically juxtaposed scenes from the McKinley production of West Side Story with moments from a week in the lives of Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, Finn and their cohorts — please allow me to catch you up (in the classic “here’s what you missed on Glee” format):

During final rehearsals for West Side Story, student director Artie unearthed the fact that his leads Rachel and Blaine were still virgins, and questioned their “strange aversion to fun.” The insecure thespians naturally began to wonder if they could successfully portray Maria and Tony without experiencing their own sexual awakenings, but their initial efforts to go all the way with their respective beaus went badly awry: Rachel offended Finn when he found out her main reason for wanting to lose her virginity was to improve her acting, while Kurt got into a fight with an inebriated Blaine when the latter teen went in for a drunken grope in the parking lot of local gay bar Scandals.

Complicating the Blaine-Kurt dynamic was Blaine’s coffee-klatching with Dalton Academy acquaintance Sebastian Smythe; their cups of coffee practically boiled over with sexual tension during conversations that turned show choir into a metaphor for the big nasty, and Blaine didn’t help matters by initially playing a little coy about his relationship status. (“McKinley is where my heart is,” were his exact words, which did not include the nouns “boyfriend” or “Kurt.”) After Kurt met his new rival, he promptly agreed to a group outing to Scandals (the better not to look like a guy whose main bonding mechanism is a rigorous over-the-phone skin-sloughing regimen), and that’s where he ran into former bully Karofsky, who revealed he’d transferred to a new school to experience a “normal senior year without people hearing rumors about me.” Was that some budding chemistry between two former enemies whose names begin with ‘K’? The story is developing…

By episode’s end, both Rachel and Blaine found forgiveness — and sexual willingness — with their partners. “Sebastian doesn’t mean anything to me,” said Blaine. “I was drunk and I’m sorry.” And after Kurt’s saucy retort — “Sure beats last time you were drunk and made out with Rachel” — the boys beat a quick path to the bedroom for a subtly shot sex scene that left pretty much everything to the imagination.

Rachel, meanwhile, went to Finn’s to apologize for letting her ambitions trump her emotions, and discovered her boyfriend devastated by rejection from a college football recruiter. “Your dreams are not dead: You’ve just grown out of them,” said Rachel, before dropping this not-so-subtle bombshell: “I’m going to give you something that no one else is ever gonna get.” Oh gurrrl! With that, Rachel went all Julia Roberts in Notting Hill — “I’m just a girl here with a boy that she loves, wanting to remember this moment for the rest of her life” — and the two “touched hands by the fireside,” if I’m not being too subtle. (Bonus points to Rachel for bringing her own condoms, like every modern girl should.)

And despite all the Kurt-Blaine/Rachel-Finn action, the episode found time to advance the story arcs of other ancillary characters, too: Bieste got to go on a date with the guy she’d long considered “the bees’ knees” — aforementioned football recruiter Cooter Menkins; Mike Chang and his floppy-coiffed dad disowned each other when he refused to quit his role in the school play; and Artie discovered that being a director (and getting support from his friends) made him feel like a man, not just a boy in a wheelchair. And that’s what you missed on Glee.

Now, with that out of the way let’s run through a couple of the episode’s choicest bits of dialogue:

* “Nah, but you can have the rest of my chili. There’s nothing left but gristle and a few beans, but it eats pretty good.” –Beiste cluelessly misinterpreting Cooter’s lunch-date invitation

* “Why did you leave Dalton? Were you bored with all the preppies around here, or is it that you broke too many hearts to stay?” –Sebastian, making a serious play for Blaine

* Kurt sharing that his bucket list includes “become CEO of LOGO” and “have relations on a dewy meadow of lilac with Taylor Lautner, before he gets fat.”

* Finn questioning Rachel’s readiness for sex: “Last time we talked, you said you wanted to wait till you won a Tony.”

* Rachel revealing that a trophy is a trophy is a trophy: “People’s Choice would’ve gotten you to third base.”

* “It was like being smothered by a sweaty, out-of-breath sack of potatoes that somebody soaked in body spray.” –Santana on sex with Finn

* “We gotta work on this kid’s diction.” –Bieste in full meta jacket, discussing Rory (Damian McGinty’s) marble-mouthed Irish intonation

And finally, I know I usually assign grades for the week’s musical numbers, but this week, I just can’t separate the individual West Side Story numbers that were often inter-spliced with workaday McKinley scenes to heighten the dramatic effect of what was happening in the characters’ lives. I will say this: Santana and Rachel’s “A Boy Like That”/”I Have a Love” brought to ferocious life the dangers (Sebastian) and the tenderness (Finn) of teen love; their harmonies on “Tonight” were chill-inducing; and Santana & Co.’s “America” was joyously delicious. Only the Blaine-free Warblers’ “Uptown Girl” stood out as a weak link. Overall musical grade: A

What did you think of this week’s Glee? Which plot points made you happy, and which had you looking for a rewrite? What was your favorite musical number? Hit the comments with your thoughts, and for all my Glee recaps and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Lia says:

    I love Glee, and i will stay a fan of glee even after this episode.. i know alot of ppl are discussing about the msg behind the episode.. and as much as i am a fan of how artistically it was done up which was absolutely beautiful… the left a pang in my heart. is there no virgins left on the glee show? is having sex really the only way to show passion? the only way to portray love? it’s sad that that seems to be the msg to the youths.

    what happened to waiting? waiting till your married? if ure boyfriend/girlfriend cant even wait for u guys to be legally married, who’s to say that he is able to ‘wait’ for you after ur married and not have an affair? if u cant be faithful to urself before marriage, you cant really blame if there’s unfaithfulness within the marriage later on… ergo high divorce rates.

    i have so much more to say, but it’s not like ppl will care. so i’ll just stop at my 2 cents worth..

    • Lily says:

      I love Glee and am also a bit concerned like you. Glee is watched over the globe… so people in some other countries where pre-marital sex is frowned upon… think that there is almost no american teenage virgin anymore. :-(

  2. DCwriter says:

    Glee is nothing but a “messages” show anymore, and I just wonder what “message” this episode was sending to teens. Basically, it showed that teen sex is all candles and tenderness and that doing something so personal for the first time at such a young age is completely appropriate. The idea of Rachel “giving” her virginity to Finn is so so so antiquated. And the fact that they did it after Finn had such a disappointment with the recruiter implies “sex makes it all alright.” Adults understand how incredibly misguided this way of thinking is; teens do not, and the show played right into teen stereotypes of sex.

    And I’m sorry, anyone who doesn’t know West Side Story was not nearly as connected to the songs as Slezak was. I was incredibly disappointed with the lack of music.

    Personally, Kurt and his whining drives me insane, so I welcomed Sebastian into the picture. And I loved seeing Karofsky. He was the best part of the episode, along with Mike Chang and his devestation over his father’s treatment of him.

    I’m all for teens responsibly exploring their sexuality (very impressed with all the condom talk), but the narrative line for the episode needs to be much more grounded in reality than what we saw tonight. Quinn was really the only voice of dissention, and she was drowned out by Tina extolling the virtues of getting it on at 16.

  3. squid of rage says:

    oh for the love of god people! let’s just go take our aspirin and calm down!
    Ok, I thought this was beautifully handled. we didn’t see anyone in writhing in passion, there was no gratuitous shots of the young and attractive cats sweaty bodies grinding together. It was all imagined and if what you saw was bad then blame your mind!

    and as for the bad message, the message they gave was wonderful; think before you have sex, really think, don’t throw yourself around. I’m 16 and honestly this episode hasn’t done any of the things you are all so huffy about.

    if you hated this episode because it included teen sex well big woop, go bitch about over coffee with your galpals!

    • aunt_deen says:

      I’m perfectly okay with the message that a teenager’s first sexual experience should be something special, with someONE special.
      But there’s another message Glee should be sending, which is that it’s also okay NOT to have sex. A teenager who chooses to wait to have sex is not hiding, not socially awkward, not frigid, not frightened. That is the healthy, well-adjusted choice for a lot of high school students.
      Unfortunately, Glee has failed miserably at sending that second message. Instead it has been a combination of assuming that everyone’s having sex, to the point that characters are almost ashamed that they haven’t, and treating virginal teens as missing out on something important, or even frigid, as Holly Holiday put it. The two sexual encounters in last night’s episode were handled tastefully and thoughtfully. I just wish that another character had been included who said, “No. Not yet. It’s not right for me at this point.”

      • NanCeE* says:


      • Deenie says:

        Did you not notice Quinn saying that in this episode?
        Or the fact that ever since her giving birth to Beth she’s put the kibosh on sexual relations? Her relationship with Sam is a good example. She’d make out with him (kissing), but would go no further.
        And we didn’t get to have Mercedes viewpoint either (although they way she was portrayed in previous episodes has left me wondering) and she as far as I’m aware is very religious and could advocate waiting as well.

        • aunt_deen says:

          Quinn doesn’t count. She’s the walking morality tale of the girl who had sex once and got pregnant. I’m talking about a teenager who simply decides to wait until after high school.
          And yes, Mercedes might make that decision, but we haven’t seen evidence of it, other than the fact that she goes to church.
          So far, the show has portrayed waiting for sex as something negative, to the extent that there are two adults on the show, Bieste and Emma, who are virgins. In the one case it’s a result of mental illness and in both cases it’s regarded as something pathetic.
          Teenagers who haven’t had sex or who don’t plan to have sex are mocked, even by a teacher. I’m not saying the show should portray sexually-active teens as sluts, but does it have to portray sexually-inexperienced teens as prudes?

          • Deenie says:

            I agree with you, they could be more sensitive to not portray them as prudes or as the result of mental illness.
            Although I don’t think they portray Beiste as someone who is pathetic per say, just that like everyone else she feels insecure in not being pretty in a conventional way. I’m hoping by giving her this love interest we will see a more confidant Beiste in her femininity.
            As for Holly Holiday, I feel what she taught the class on sexual education is needed in schools (ie you are sleeping with every person that the person slept with before you) and to keep themselves safe. You could hope students would consider not having sex until after high school and that needs to be represented too, but realistically the statistics don’t lie and teens aren’t waiting. Better they be well informed then not informed at all.
            Perhaps they will utilize Samuel (sp?) from the Glee project this way considering he said he’d like to play a character with a firm central background in Christianity.

      • Lily says:

        Hope the Glee makers are really introducing the “Christian” character… who would bring some balance to the sexualized teenage society… maybe Sam Larson’s (Glee project) character ?

  4. Liz says:

    I personally was blown away by Tina. She’s one of the most talented, yet they hardly ever use her. But her speech about her first time was incredible. Thank heavens Tina is a junior; hopefully we’ll get more of her next season.

    • Lily says:

      If there is a Season 4.. Apparently the number of viewers keep on falling.. despite all the hype surrounding this episode.

  5. Beth says:

    I really find it interesting that there is a large segment of Glee viewers that would welcome Kurt/Karofsky relationship. I am personally wary of it, but I think it’s again a failing of the show to go from showing Karofsky as a self-loathing closeted gay man who threatened Kurt to the point he transferred schools, to showing him as a somewhat accepting gay man who is still wary of his sexuality, but is more tolerent and kinder. It would have been good to see the beats that got him to this point if the show would ever entertain putting the two of them together.

    But I guess I would not be able to question why Kurt would be interested in someone who abused him when in I felt like Blaine was abusing him to a certain degree last night. And it’s not just because of the alcohol. Obviously Sebastian excites him (loathsome as I found him to be) and he offers a different life from the one that sweet Kurt offers him, and he’s not being shy about his interest at this point. So why would Kurt give up his virginity to a guy who doesn’t seem to be quite on the same page as him? He did make up for it in spades at the end, but this obviously a story that’s not going away. Hopefully, the show won’t drop the ball and gloss over this down the line. Considering the show’s unevenness as of late, I don’t have a lot of hope.

    • Melanie says:

      I’m interested to see whether the decision to have sex will have changed the dynamic between Kurt and Blaine … and whether either one will come to regret the decision. Or maybe one of them is more, ahem, pushy about having more sexy times? IDK. There was definitely some muddled motivation going on. Blaine was happy waiting until Sebastian started aggressively pursuing him and, like, flipped his “omg, must explore and experience sex nao” switch. And I’m not convinced Kurt feels “don’t you ever just wanna rip each other’s clothes off” feelings for Blaine — perhaps that’s why he asked? Get the feeling he feels threatened by Seb, inadequate and unexciting and fearful of losing someone he loves.

  6. keysha says:

    1st off some of u ppl r crazy it is TV get over it and for the fact that over 90% of the ppl that r commenting lost their V b4 20 made u a teenager. Get a clue ppl teens r Have SEX we should try to inform them about safe sex not telling them to not do it and i think glee did a good job at it.

  7. Mia says:

    I’m always amused by disclaimers before episodes but this time I was almost laughing out loud when I read that the episode contains ‘sexual situations’. There wasn’t actual passionate kissing involved as far as I can tell.

    Maybe it’s true and American are prudes compared to us Europeans…

    • Deenie says:

      I’ve always found Europeans or any nationality that’s not American to be more open to sex and discussing it. The truth is Americans sensationalize everything about sex. My mom is European and was incredibly open with me about sex. We discussed it, reasons for having it, and for waiting. As a teenager I was one of the few of my classmates to wait until after high school. I went to a private Christian school and have never heard of so much teen sex going on in my life. And amazingly had sex before marriage, but am still with the same person and married now.
      I understand people often think teens should be told to wait for marriage, but realistically it just doesn’t happen as often as people would like. Peer pressure is a terrible thing, but many teens feel they have to lose their virginity before going to college (American Pie anyone?).
      I really felt that they handled this episode realistically. Did I agree with Rachel and Kurt doing the deed now, not really. Should they have a teen that advocates waiting absolutely- although Quinn seems to be doing that. You notice when she was dating Sam she wouldn’t do the deed with him either. And during the conversation between the girls she said she would have waited, because sex changes things.
      But in the context of high school and relationships I thought it pretty accurate. There are plenty of teens that use sex to keep a relationship going or a partner from straying. And Artie’s viewpoint was not unrealistic of many teens viewpoints when it comes to sex. I think the fact he even admitted that Britney said other guys names during and after should have said something to Blaine and Rachel right there. And you’ll notice Blaine did say he wanted to go at whatever pace Kurt was willing to go to. That they showed Kurt agreeing to sex so soon after Blaine drunken blunder left me wondering how that coincided with what we know of Kurt’s character, but it’s the writers show.
      And really the Rachel/Finn seemed a long time coming to my viewpoint. She’s been after him for 3 years, I figured they would always be each others firsts. I was definitely surprised when Finn ended up doing it in a hotel with Santana and it’s nice they linked back to that experience with him making sure she wanted to do it. As for Rachel “gifting her virginity” to Finn being old fashioned, have you seen what she’s wearing this season and in past seasons? Rachel is old fashioned in that regard- she’s a romantic, show tunes loving girl.
      It was nice though to also get Tina’s viewpoint that sex can be a wonderful thing when both partners are ready. Like I said I thought they handled this episode wonderfully all things considered.

    • Lily says:

      You think american are prudes ? There are countries where even non-passionate liplocks are censored on network TV.

      • aunt_deen says:

        It’s all relative. Compared to some places we’re very liberal and open. Compared to other places (including most of Europe) we’re completely prudish. You wouldn’t catch the Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction being more than a blip in the news cycle there. Here it was an explosive story, leading to boycotts, FCC fines, and Supreme Court decisions.

        • Deenie says:

          I agree with you on that, they blew that completely out of proportion.

          Being raised the way I was has influenced me in how I feel when teen sex is portrayed on shows such as Glee, but I also think the not enough parents are open with their children about sex. They feel embarrassed when discussing that topic with their children. That really doesn’t help in fostering open communication so that your child will come to you when they have questions or need to talk to someone about sex- rather then asking their friends, or looking it up on the internet, or through shows such as Glee. But then I think a lot of parents need to take a more hands on role when raising their children and not be afraid to discuss topics such as these. I like that the episode could be used to foster a discussion on the topic with one’s children.

  8. stedanchick says:


    • Darcy says:

      Wow – I was watching a totally different show then you. I saw an old dude dressed like a trucker in a two minute scene with a young man who was more interested in watching his boyfriend who he is in love with.

      • Lily says:

        I see a different chemistry… between the actors… I mean, the scene between Karofsky and Kurt looks so believable… Karofsky already “at peace”, Kurt still somewhat reluctant and actually wanting to leave the conversation earlier but at the same time also a bit curious about how Karofsky is doing…and at the same time pissed at his boyfriend…
        Especially when Karofsky said that he just want to get through high school and Kurt said nothing… but kind of nodded in agreement… That was the most touching moment for me…

  9. NanCeE* says:

    I haaaated this episode. I’m really down on Glee altogether. I don’t feel like I’m watching a show about high school students, but a show that showcases the creator’s opinions on social issues. And he’s all over the map. Hi, you had a drunken hookup with a player? I understand – let’s have sex! Oh, you had a bad day? Well, things are looking up, honey. You can have my virginity just because you had a bad day! I’m a teenager with the emotional maturity of a 35 year old (or at least my lines are written that way), so it’s okay. Mr. Murphy clearly has no children – certainly no teenagers. They fall in love every other day. It’s scientifically proven that their emotions are all over the map. And don’t get me started on the Idina Menzel storyline – wait, too late. She’s mature enough to tell Quinn and Puck they need to mature before they can see the baby, then she loses her mind and has a relationship with the teenage father of her baby. Let’s just call her Mary Kaye, shall we? Or Sybil, since she apparently has multiple personalities. Sorry for the long rant, but I’m disappointed with the writing and character development overall. Might be done with this show, although I will record until Idina’s run is over, just in case she sings again.

    • Deenie says:

      Yes she kissed him, but we have yet to see if she starts an acutal relationship with Puck. All they hinted at in the promo is he tells her he’s in love with her.
      If they do start one, I’d be incredibly disappointed because that really sends the wrong message. And honestly it’s a boring storyline- been there, done that Dawson’s Creek

  10. Udunie says:

    I think, one of the best scenes in the episode was the bar scene with Kurt and Dave. Chris Colfer and Max Adler have amazing chemistry, it is a pleasure to watch them interact. I really hope we can see more of Dave Karofsky in the upcoming episodes, it would be such a waste not to explore his intriguing character.

  11. SARAH says:

    Did anyone elso wonder why Blaine didn’t go over to Kurt when he was talking to some randome dude in the bar? I wonder if he knew it was Dave? NO mention of it was made. I would like to think if he had known he would’ve been protective or concerned.

    • Deenie says:

      I was wondering about that as well, but he seems preoccupied with dancing with ‘Bastian. I’m wondering if he had more drinks then just the one beer? His behavior mirrored that of BIOTA where he had far more drinks then was shown here.

  12. Jessica says:

    I will readily admit this RIGHT. NOW.

    Before last nights episode, I really, really disliked the idea of Kurtofsky. Like, I got why people shipped it and everything, but I couldn’t stick the idea of it, and was absolutely in love with Klaine (and an ickle bit of Hevans). But when they got to the gay bay, and I knew that Karofsky was going to be in the scene, for some reason I felt a bit excited. And then he came on screen, and I practically fell off of my chair in excitement. I could barely breath through the scene, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of Chris and Max. They were astounding in that scene, and I was genuinely saddened that Kurt left to dance, and that it wasn’t longer.

    I’m still not entirely convinced that I’d want them as a romantic relationship, but more than anything right now, I want Karofsky back on my screen. I adore the chemistry between Darren and Chris, but Chris and Max just have this something. I don’t know what it is, but I can tell you that I want more of it.

  13. Confused says:

    I am so confused…of everything that happened in this episode, why is no one talking about the Puck/Shelby kiss??!!

    And am I the only one who thought that a “teacher-student” hookup was kind of bad timing with the whole Penn State scandal going on right now? Am I overthinking all of this? Where am I?

    • aunt_deen says:

      I was surprised they didn’t follow up on it, too. But I don’t see much of a parallel with the Penn State thing. That’s a case of child-rape, far different from a sexually-mature and sexually-active eighteen-year-old kissing a teacher.
      Looks like it will be dealt with next week. Hopefully, with Shelby kicking Puck out the door until kissing him won’t get her fired and possibly arrested.

  14. janie says:

    loved this episode.. that only thing that bugged me and will always bug me because i live in columbus ohio.. is that they act like dalton academy in westerville ohio is right down the road from lima when in actually its 2 hours away!!!!

  15. Marie says:

    I liked the ep….i think they did the sex scenes classy enough to not make ppl uncomfortable. I liked how Tina was the one tht told her tht she had to know when it was right because they were in love…everyone has a first love…many dnt stay with their 1st love but everyone has one so for Rachel to exercise her love with finn is healthy and at least they were both prepared. Ppl making a big deal tht Blaine was practically trying to rape Kurt is terrible. Blaine was drunk and he said he just wanted to be spontanueos but it was kinda terrible. But when he appologized it was so sincere and i think kurt did it becuz he loved him and had nothing to do with sebastian becuz he knows not to throw himself around like he doesnt matter. Ha right out of the mouth of burt hummel. I hated when they made Puck tht asshat who doesnt use condoms. Really just cuz he got quinn pregnant. Thts fn stupid.

    • abby says:

      Look, I love Kurt and Blaine together, but are you serious right now? It IS a big deal. Being drunk isn’t an excuse to force yourself on someone.

    • Deenie says:

      I agree that they shouldn’t have portrayed Puck as a non user of condoms considering he got Quinn pregnant. The stupidity of teenagers can be mind blowing at times. That really sends the wrong message that he didn’t learn from his mistakes.

  16. I totally get the whole thing about Glee having so many songs seemingly to sell albums. But your argument doesn’t quite hold for this season considering all the show tunes. Not typical money makers.

  17. mememe says:

    Chris and Max are fantastic actors, but Darren is not getting enough credit here…his scene at the end where he admitted he wants Kurt to be proud of him was heartbreaking and fantastic.

    I like the Dave/Kurt dynamic, and love the development/glad Kurt has forgiven him, understands, and they can maybe be friends, it was a great scene…but there’s no chemistry there romantically.

    Kurt and Blaine however…it was great to see them really acting like a couple. I love that the message was they didn’t need to have sex to convey passion, they just needed to know what it’s like to have a soulmate. <3

  18. mina says:

    People are really not being fair to Blaine. He made one mistake, tried to get it on w/ HIS BOYFRIEND, in the car — Kurt was on top by the way and it wasn’t like Blaine was trying to rip off his clothes… and you’re all screaming sexual assault… yet you PRAISE the Karofsky scene, a character who, oh that’s right…not only ACTUALLY sexually assaulted Kurt in the past, but threatened to kill him.

    Look, I like Karofsky too… obviously he has and had issues and he’s working to sort them out and Kurt helped him that’s great, but I’m just saying… play fair or don’t play at all.

    • Nina says:

      Them dating is not an excuse. You’re basically saying if two people are in a relationship, consent doesn’t matter. And I’m assuming you’re referring to Dave kissing Kurt as him ‘sexually assaulting’ Kurt? Dave stopped when Kurt told him to, and then he left. Blaine repeatedly ignored Kurt telling him to stop and had to be physically pushed away from Kurt. Blaine attempting to HAVE SEX with Kurt in a car, ignoring him saying NO, seems more like sexual assault than the locker room kiss did.

      • aunt_deen says:

        Blaine never got violent, he never got more than pushy. He stopped as soon as Kurt yelled at him. The whole encounter was about twenty seconds long.
        I’m not saying he wasn’t wrong, but it’s a far cry from drunkenly pushing when you shouldn’t to sexual assault.
        And yes, Karofsky stopped when Kurt pushed him away. Then he continued with his usual campaign of ugly names and violence in the hallways, plus the added fun of death threats.
        I like what they’re doing with Karofksy. I find his remorse and redemption to be very touching. But come on. Blaine has been nothing but patient and understanding with Kurt’s hangups. Let’s not paint him as a villain because he gets a little handsy on one occasion and has to be metaphorically slapped down.

        • Deenie says:

          When you said this I was a little like, really?!

          “Blaine has been nothing but patient and understanding with Kurt’s hangups.”

          Um…I should hope so, considering he says he LOVES him. People have hangups in a relationship, and every relationship has them. And if you can’t deal with them, then you shouldn’t be with that person in the first place. The way you stated this (at least the way it looked to me) made it seem like he’s been oh so patient with Kurt wanting romance and taking it slow, but well he makes a drunken advance on him (he shouldn’t have gotten drunk to the point of stupidity as it clearly shows he can’t hold his liquor in BIOTA) and now Kurt shouldn’t get angry (even when he tells him no and Blaine keeps going for several more tries), but Blaine can stomp away like a 5 year old because he didn’t get what he wanted. Granted he apologized, which is good cause I wouldn’t have taken it as well as Kurt if someone did that to me and didn’t at the very LEAST apologize. But I really think they should have shown more time elapsing between that event and Kurt saying let’s get it on. I get Kurt’s in love with him and Blaine wants Kurt to be proud of him, but really your telling me you’d let it go at a simple apology and then jump into bed with him? IDK, I’d be rethinking things at least somewhat if that happened to me.

          • mina says:

            That’s not even true though, Blaine made it perfectly clear at the beginning of the episode that waiting is what they wanted. Kurt was the one that brought up sex in the first place and said they should go to the gay bar… that, plus the influence of Sebastian made Blaine think he should be “spontaneous and fun” as he put it… which was obviously his mistake, but he realized that and he was clearly down on himself for it. People are seriously making it a bigger deal than it was. They’re also acting like it was seconds after… I think it was a couple days later. They went to the bar on Wednesday, I’m assuming opening night was at least Friday?

      • mina says:

        Don’t put words in my mouth, that’s not what I’m saying. Blaine didn’t even kiss Kurt in this scene, he touched him, yes… and he clearly had been thinking about sex a lot prior to this moment… so yea, that, plus him being drunk made him a little forceful but I refuse to believe he would have gone any further than he did. That’s not in his character… You said “Blaine repeatedly ignored him and had to be physically pushed away” …Karofsky stopped when Kurt PUSHED him away, too. So your argument there’s invalid… even if he wasn’t roaming his hands all over him. And regardless… Karofsky physically abused Kurt, and verbally threatened him…that’s a lot worse than Blaine touching Kurt’s face a couple of times.

        • Deenie says:

          Just to be clear since I couldn’t comment on what you responded to in my reply to aunt_deen, I never said Blaine sexual assaulted Kurt. He was drunk, he made a play, was rebuffed, but being drunk he kept making a play, and then when Kurt got angry with him, he stomped off like a 5 year old rather then discuss it with his boyfriend. I felt he could have shown restraint in the drinking, instead of getting drunk like in BIOTA. And Kurt only agreed to the gay bar because ‘Bastian was goading him, not a smart move on Kurt’s part I’ll admit and Kurt apologized for the jealousy, although it’s a common teenage reaction. But Blaine did apologize, I just felt in keeping consistent with what we know of Kurt’s character they should have allowed more time to elapse between the scenes. Maybe it was a few days, but I feel it should have been a little longer then that all things considering.

          • mina says:

            To be clear, when I was talking about saying it was “sexual assault” in my first post I was referring to all the people who ARE saying it, so when I continued saying that, I wasn’t specifically referring to you…

            I get where you’re coming from about feeling that it was rushed. Personally, I just think people overreact a lot with tv shows and Glee in general. It’s never been an overly realistic show, it just deals with real issues. There’s a difference, but a lot of people can’t see that and they often blow miniscule details out of proportion. Again, not talking specifically about you…just about what I read on here. While healthy debate is fine, I find all of this Blaine bashing unnecessary.
            And even if the end felt rushed… had it happened next week, I’m sure it would have been the same outcome so it really doesn’t make a difference. Bottom line is Kurt and Blaine are head over heels in love with each other.

  19. Cessr says:

    Hahahahaha yes!!!!!! So funny! This made my day!

  20. Eimear says:

    I don’t know if this was said but did anyone else notice Finn called his mother by her name, Carroll when Rachel came by after the show. Thought that was weird.

  21. jen says:

    “(“McKinley is where my heart is,” were his exact words, which did not include the nouns “boyfriend” or “Kurt.”)” — i get that interpretation, but i thought it was more likely coming from the fact that Blaine realized that saying “i switched from an awesome private school where i was the show chior star to a crappy public one just to be with my high school boyfriend” would sound as lame and juvenille as it actually is.

  22. champmav says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen so many comments posted (and LONG ones) so soon after a review went up. Glee deserves praise for raising this amount of thoughtful discourse, if nothing else.
    The most enjoyable part of the episode for me, however, was the performance by Naya Rivera as Anita in “A Boy Like That”, seconded only by Lea Michele’s (as is typical) breathtaking delivery of the slow ballad section of the song. And the editing of the song in with what was happening plot-wise was masterful. Who directed/edited this episode? Really top-shelf job.

  23. Linda says:

    I absolutely LOVE Kurt and Blaine. Apart and together.

    Look, this episode was by no means offensive in any way, so when you say “it’s giving a bad message”? To who??? People who can’t figure things out for themselves and have to live vicariously through tv characters?? In some circumstances that argument is fine, but in this case…with two couples who love each other (I know they’re playing teens, but come on…they’re in their 20s in real life, and none of us REALLY think of them as teens, I wouldn’t like them nearly as much if I did) it’s not valid.

  24. T says:

    You know for what it was, this episode had a lot of focus. It wasn’t all over the place in it’s plot points, and it was nice to take a break from the whole Quinn/Puck/Shelby debacle. Despite the overhype/controversy over this “sex” episode, I thought Glee handled the topic very gracefully (way to go Ryan Murphy). However, my favorite part of the show was the performance of “America.” Can Glee just do an entire episode re-enacting West Side Story (like they did the Rocky Horror Picture Show)? That’d be AMAZING. Check out my other thoughts here:

  25. TukkiTief says:

    “Because you look like Yogi?” I laugh every time I remeber it. Please bring our Yogi bear back.

  26. ila says:

    I didn’t enjoy the episode. I didn’t enjoy it at all.
    I think that is very boring (and I am a Finchel shipper) and it talks about sex in a very superficial way.
    But, I think there are two little things to save. 1) the Kurtofsky scene. It was precious. Absolutely precious. Max and Chris shared a wonderful scene and I hope to see more interaction between them in the future. They’d be great together 2) Blastian scenes: I really loved them. Sebastian could make Blaine more interesting and they have chemistry. And they’re such an hot couple, damn.

  27. Kate says:

    I was pretty disappointed in this episode but I have been disappointed by Glee all season. Lea Michelle is the best singer on Glee and we’ve barely heard her this year. After all the drama for West Side Story we didn’t get to hear her belt one complete number. And after years of waiting for she and Finn to hook up we get five interspliced minutes with Kurt/Blaine and the musical and no afterglow from either couple. If they couldn’t fit everything in to one episode they should have spread it out. This episode was a wasted opportunity. And the big production number was another waste…watch the original and I guarantee you’ll cringe!

    What about Mike Chang? He gives up his father to take the stage and we don’t see him dance at all? Talk about a missed opportunity!

    Also, I am sick of Ryan Murphy catering to the pet of the moment! Right now, Naya and Amber are getting all the solos and they are good but not great! I did read somewhere that Naya was putting in a very intimate form of overtime with the producers and execs so maybe that explains all the airtime she is getting but I don’t know why Amber is being catered to!

    I probably fast forward through half of Glee this season…it’s such a horrible disappointment!

  28. Stephen says:

    I personally loved Kurt and Dave’s scene together at the gay bar. It was by far my favorite part of the episode this week! They have great chemistry together. Also, I feel like Dave’s character is much more relatable to the gay people who watch the show than Blaine is. A lot of gay people have either been where Dave is now, or they are going through the same situation right now. I honestly hope to see him back a lot more often in future episodes of the show

  29. GoblinKing says:

    The gaybar scene between Kurt and Karofsky really blew me away. It really stood out from the rest of the episode. I’d like to see these two onscreen together a lot more in the future, please!

  30. Mia says:

    It’s true that teens are having sex, but I think Glee exaggerates that a lot. Surveys show that 45% of teens are sexually active. You know what that means? 55% are not sexually active! I’m pretty sure every single character on Glee has lost their virginity except Emma. And Lauren is undetermined.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the show (Klaine forever<3). I just think they play too much off the sex aspect of high school.

    Also, what Blaine did to Kurt was not sexual assault, but it was a huge mistake, something Blaine should not have done. I'm impressed with the way Kurt handled it, and I'm impressed with the way Blaine gave a formal apology. I don't think that Kurt was wrong to have sex with Blaine right after that. Blaine was truly sorry and it showed. Kurt didn't do it to keep Blaine, he did it because he's always loved Blaine and that happened to be when he felt ready. They had been talking about it earlier in the episode, so the events caused Kurt to think about sex more, and realize that it's what he wanted for him and Blaine.

    As for all the Finchel drama, I'm tired of it. More Klaine. Less Finchel.