Glee Recap: The Sex Factor

Warning: This week’s “controversial” episode of Glee — entitled “The First Time” — contained not a single scene of gratuitous teen sex, nor did it linger on the undulating, half-clothed bodies of its young and attractive cast members.

What the action-packed hour did accomplish, however, was reminding the world that there are still great stories to be told about the residents of the fictitious William McKinley High School, and that it has a deep and talented cast capable of brining those scenarios to vivid life. (It also made a strong case that the show might be at its best when Mr. Schue and Sue Sylvester are relegated to benchwarmer status.)

Chris Colfer on Kurt and Blaine’s ‘First Time,’ Showing Skin and Romance With Karofsky

If you were too busy bellying up to the bar at Scandals to catch “The First Time” — which poetically juxtaposed scenes from the McKinley production of West Side Story with moments from a week in the lives of Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, Finn and their cohorts — please allow me to catch you up (in the classic “here’s what you missed on Glee” format):

During final rehearsals for West Side Story, student director Artie unearthed the fact that his leads Rachel and Blaine were still virgins, and questioned their “strange aversion to fun.” The insecure thespians naturally began to wonder if they could successfully portray Maria and Tony without experiencing their own sexual awakenings, but their initial efforts to go all the way with their respective beaus went badly awry: Rachel offended Finn when he found out her main reason for wanting to lose her virginity was to improve her acting, while Kurt got into a fight with an inebriated Blaine when the latter teen went in for a drunken grope in the parking lot of local gay bar Scandals.

Complicating the Blaine-Kurt dynamic was Blaine’s coffee-klatching with Dalton Academy acquaintance Sebastian Smythe; their cups of coffee practically boiled over with sexual tension during conversations that turned show choir into a metaphor for the big nasty, and Blaine didn’t help matters by initially playing a little coy about his relationship status. (“McKinley is where my heart is,” were his exact words, which did not include the nouns “boyfriend” or “Kurt.”) After Kurt met his new rival, he promptly agreed to a group outing to Scandals (the better not to look like a guy whose main bonding mechanism is a rigorous over-the-phone skin-sloughing regimen), and that’s where he ran into former bully Karofsky, who revealed he’d transferred to a new school to experience a “normal senior year without people hearing rumors about me.” Was that some budding chemistry between two former enemies whose names begin with ‘K’? The story is developing…

By episode’s end, both Rachel and Blaine found forgiveness — and sexual willingness — with their partners. “Sebastian doesn’t mean anything to me,” said Blaine. “I was drunk and I’m sorry.” And after Kurt’s saucy retort — “Sure beats last time you were drunk and made out with Rachel” — the boys beat a quick path to the bedroom for a subtly shot sex scene that left pretty much everything to the imagination.

Rachel, meanwhile, went to Finn’s to apologize for letting her ambitions trump her emotions, and discovered her boyfriend devastated by rejection from a college football recruiter. “Your dreams are not dead: You’ve just grown out of them,” said Rachel, before dropping this not-so-subtle bombshell: “I’m going to give you something that no one else is ever gonna get.” Oh gurrrl! With that, Rachel went all Julia Roberts in Notting Hill — “I’m just a girl here with a boy that she loves, wanting to remember this moment for the rest of her life” — and the two “touched hands by the fireside,” if I’m not being too subtle. (Bonus points to Rachel for bringing her own condoms, like every modern girl should.)

And despite all the Kurt-Blaine/Rachel-Finn action, the episode found time to advance the story arcs of other ancillary characters, too: Bieste got to go on a date with the guy she’d long considered “the bees’ knees” — aforementioned football recruiter Cooter Menkins; Mike Chang and his floppy-coiffed dad disowned each other when he refused to quit his role in the school play; and Artie discovered that being a director (and getting support from his friends) made him feel like a man, not just a boy in a wheelchair. And that’s what you missed on Glee.

Now, with that out of the way let’s run through a couple of the episode’s choicest bits of dialogue:

* “Nah, but you can have the rest of my chili. There’s nothing left but gristle and a few beans, but it eats pretty good.” –Beiste cluelessly misinterpreting Cooter’s lunch-date invitation

* “Why did you leave Dalton? Were you bored with all the preppies around here, or is it that you broke too many hearts to stay?” –Sebastian, making a serious play for Blaine

* Kurt sharing that his bucket list includes “become CEO of LOGO” and “have relations on a dewy meadow of lilac with Taylor Lautner, before he gets fat.”

* Finn questioning Rachel’s readiness for sex: “Last time we talked, you said you wanted to wait till you won a Tony.”

* Rachel revealing that a trophy is a trophy is a trophy: “People’s Choice would’ve gotten you to third base.”

* “It was like being smothered by a sweaty, out-of-breath sack of potatoes that somebody soaked in body spray.” –Santana on sex with Finn

* “We gotta work on this kid’s diction.” –Bieste in full meta jacket, discussing Rory (Damian McGinty’s) marble-mouthed Irish intonation

And finally, I know I usually assign grades for the week’s musical numbers, but this week, I just can’t separate the individual West Side Story numbers that were often inter-spliced with workaday McKinley scenes to heighten the dramatic effect of what was happening in the characters’ lives. I will say this: Santana and Rachel’s “A Boy Like That”/”I Have a Love” brought to ferocious life the dangers (Sebastian) and the tenderness (Finn) of teen love; their harmonies on “Tonight” were chill-inducing; and Santana & Co.’s “America” was joyously delicious. Only the Blaine-free Warblers’ “Uptown Girl” stood out as a weak link. Overall musical grade: A

What did you think of this week’s Glee? Which plot points made you happy, and which had you looking for a rewrite? What was your favorite musical number? Hit the comments with your thoughts, and for all my Glee recaps and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Sammie says:

    Max Adler was amazing as Dave Karofsky tonight! I’m really hoping to see more of him soon. His storyline could be so important and inspiring to people everywhere.

  2. MikoPony says:

    The Dave/Kurt scene was beautiful. I need to see more Dave on this show – his storyline seems to be the most meaningful in terms of accepting everything about yourself. To go from a closeted homophobe to where he’s at now – still closeted but comfortable enough to at least make an effort – is so inspiring.

  3. A says:

    The scene in the car with Blaine pressuring Kurt was terrible. And it basically felt like Kurt just had sex with Blaine for fear of losing him to Sebastian. Although I never would have known Kurt and Blaine had sex if not for the media overhyping it as usual. Kurt really can’t have nice things, can he?

    As for the scene with Karofsky, I didn’t see any of the “emotional” stuff everyone was going on about. I’ll be happy if that is the last we see of that problematic character.

    The way virginity is treated on this show is pretty gross. I can only imagine how awful it will be when Emma loses her’s to Will.

    Terrible episode. Not worth the hype.

  4. TayMads says:

    So…am I the only one that felt completely awkward during the last five minutes of Glee? I felt like I was walking in on something I wasn’t supposed to see. It seemed really intimate and more like it was supposed to be a private moment to me which just made me feel awkward. Putting that aside, I thought tonight episode was okay. IT wasn’t good but it wasn’t great either. It was just eh. The highlight for me was when they performed America and the Karofsky/Kurt scene. I thought it was really nice. Other than that the rest kind of fell short.

  5. Leo says:

    Thought it was a pretty great episode, but Kurt and Karofsky having chemistry? I saw zero and Kurt looked bored. I would be massively against them having any kind of romantic storyline considering Karofsky terrorized Kurt so much that he had to leave his school. Him being nicer now wouldn’t make that any less awful to see.

  6. DLGR says:

    I was SO SO SO happy to see Karofsky, but it was way too short! And I wasn’t aware that Kurt knew he transferred! Where’s the back story on this? Do they txt? They still seemed in that civil state where they left off @ Prom…maybe they heard from a friend who heard from a friend? I really need Karofsky to come back to WMHS….like PFLAG? Could Kurt start one up (college bonuses!) and help ease Karofsky back? It’s just that…Karofsky was at his worst when he met Kurt->the kiss and then some, but he’s LEARNED through Kurt to get better…and I’d really love to see more of that. Karofsky used to shield himself in so many lies it was hard to keep them all up, and Kurt’s helped him at least get to understanding that he is gay…that’s A LOT!! I’d love to see him confident, even out in public. I want to see Karofsky and Kurt become friends…and who knows through interactions find something more. I could totally see them hang out…aaaaaaaaaaaa. Please. Please please. We’ve been waiting since that kiss, since Karofsky let some of his shields down…please show this!! THANK YOU~!!

    • Aki says:

      Girl, you know I’m with you! Everything you said and so much more. We have so many questions that need to be answered!

  7. anna says:

    I agree. I think the Karofsky scene was the most organic and real; I hope they do more with his character. The rest of the episode seemed forced, and I can not believe that Kurt would have sex with Blaine literally the day after Blaine tried to force himself on him, and flirted with Sebastian. I, actually, liked the Finn / Rachel scenes, and the Mike scenes and Tina scenes, though short, were amazing.

    Was it just me or were Kurt and Karofsky flirting a bit at the bar?

  8. ibshafer says:

    In an episode of “firsts” came the first time we get to see Kurt and Dave Karofsky relaxed and talking just like two boys, albeit two semi-grownup boys using fake IDs to get into a gay bar. As they always do, Max and Chris lit up the screen with the chemistry their fans have come to live for. Even when they weren’t getting along, even when they were fighting, there was such electricity there, such fire. And now, now that Dave has accepted who he is, he’s transformed. Sweet, unassuming, blushing, for pity’s sake – he was simply adorable. I want to see more of his story, but more than that, I want to see what these two boys could be to one another, bet it friendship or more, now that Dave isn’t scared of being found out – and Kurt isn’t scared of being hurt. Dave is a long way from full acceptance – he’s only out in the confines of a gay bar – and who better to help him, who better to explore that *with* him, than Kurt? I say we haven’t seen nearly enough of Dave Karofsky and after a full season (S2) of buildup and pitch perfect development, tonight’s tiny scene wasn’t nearly enough. WE NEED MORE, Ryan et al! We need the whole story. This…this wasn’t NEARLY enough. Tweet #bringkarofskyback, folks!

  9. RachelA says:

    First of all, annoyed at all the sex negativity running amok here. Not saying people should throw themselves around willy-nilly but I think the choice to have sex as a teenager is a legitimate one, if it is considered and responsible.

    Second, it was freaking WONDERFUL to have Dave Karofsky back, if only for that brief moment. His scene with Kurt was so interesting and genuine. Dave adds something unique and important to Glee, something I think no other character could replicate or replace. And I really, REALLY hope this is just the beginning of him in season three. Whether they ship him with Kurt or not, I want more Dave Karofsky/Max Adler on my TV screen.

  10. Babygate says:

    My favorite musical number was ‘America’ with Santana and company. It was delicious to watch and hear. I think there’s an overabundance of Rachel singing slow, dramatic, showtunes. Enough Broadway! Oldies with a contemporary twist I like. Oldies with the same old sound it’s not for this audience. I want to hear more from the Troubletones. They did a phenomenal job last week. As far as the ‘first time’ theme of tonight’s epi, I was not impressed. So Rachel and Blaine are inspired to have sex for the first time because they want the experience? And Artie telling them basically that their virginity is overrated and it’s time for them to ‘experience’ life? Way to put pressure on kids that may not feel ready or really just want to wait for the right person. What the heck kind of message is this sending? You don’t want people calling girls who sleep around ‘whores’ so don’t call people that prefer to wait ‘prudes’. Prejudice goes both ways folks…

    • Talia says:

      You do realize that “America” is a Broadway song right?
      Also, I mostly agree with you about the way Artie was pressuring them. I think it’s largely a function of poor writing (a way to get them to the plot of the episode), but calling people prudes is something Glee has done before (last season, in one of the Gwenyth Paltrow episodes) and it’s not okay.

  11. AndyLuvr says:

    “The First Time” is probably one of the Top 3 episodes of the entire series thus far. It was nice to have some respite from Sue and Will. I loved how Jenna Ushkowitz got to shine when Tina talked about her first time with Mike. And Kevin McHale got to do some great work as well: he’s so underrated and sometimes unappreciated on “Glee” when in fact he does the lion’s share of singing for the male singing lead parts on the show.

    And, yes, I liked how Rachel/Finn and Blaine/Kurt’s stories unfolded and were intercut with numbers from “West Side Story.” Good choice there by the writers and the musical directors. What a great episode after last week’s not-so-good “Pot O’Gold.”

    The new leads of the Warblers, however, could ease off the Auto-Tune and singing in and through their noses. That “Uptown Girl” got annoying after a while.

    • Melanie says:

      Tina and Artie were awesome! Tina kinda voiced the theme of the episode, vis-a-vis sex, anyhow. And beautifully. Not sure either deflowered couple shared the perfection of her experience; seemed like there were some less-than-ideal motivations behind each couples’ decision to have sex. BUT. Still. As to Artie, bless his presumptuous, pimpin’ heart. He was great. Artie’s always struck me as a sweetheart who is just such a BOY when he screws stuff up. Kevin McHale was superb. Boy can do more than kill a song!

  12. Ty says:

    I have to say this was a good episode based on the fact that I wasn’t bored. I was tuned in the whole time. People just want to hate, teenagers have SEX. Nowadays, kids are doing the deed. Get.Over.It. I don’t know any HS based shows where the “kids” didn’t have sex. And please shows like One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl weren’t having sex for the right reasons.

  13. P says:

    The music was great this episode (minus uptown girl was great this episode, and it pains me to say that, I love the Warblers).

    Love Blain as Tony, and Beastie tears, LOVE Klaine, they were so cute in the end. I wish that the I´m sorry part would not had felt so rush, “yeah you´re sorry now let´s go do it”, and really fox they were fully dress, aaaarrrrggghhhh.

    Love Santana, I hope the keep giving her songs.

    Hate it the pity sex story line, and to go with the I´m going to give you something no one else can have, urgh.

    One last thing,
    WOW the Kurt/Dave shipper come fast and strong here no wonder Ausiellio ask about that tho Chris have to serve the people that visit his site I guess.

    I wold like for a Karofsky redemption story and finding love with another character, even a friendship with Kurt, but never a romance that wold be wrong in so many levels.

    • P says:

      Also Britney was rape?, not nice trying to pass it out as a joke.

      • Deenie says:

        I don’t know if that should have been taken as rape or just “this guy came in her tent and she decided to have sex with him”. Britney can sometimes seem real out there. If it was referenced as rape not cool though.
        Artie’s line about her calling him several different guys names was a bit amusing though.

    • Deenie says:

      “WOW the Kurt/Dave shipper come fast and strong here no wonder Ausiellio ask about that tho Chris have to serve the people that visit his site I guess.”

      No more then the Klaine shippers do when the episode is all about Blaine/Kurt, or even when it’s not.

      We are trying to express that in the end all we want is to see more of Dave’s story (and Max Adler) and to see him reach a full acceptance of who he is. He has inspired A LOT of people, whether because they were a Dave K. or because they knew a Dave K. Or even as one person here pointed out, they emphasize with what his character is going through and the loneliness he must feel dealing with his sexuality.

      • P says:

        This episode was all about Klaine and you can see the difference. That´s way I say it was fast, even more if you think about what a small part of the fandom it is, they were clearly waiting so their opinions are first, all whit the same argument.

        It was a good seen, but it last it less that 2 minutes, and except for the hardcore fans no one is going to remember it come next week.

        • Deenie says:

          Really? You think that just because it was a 2 min. scene, it meant nothing and will be forgotton?
          I’ve been reading the critics reviews of this episode and all of them have mentioned that scene and it’s excellence. I don’t think it will be forgotten so easily.

          We’re expressing our opinion and to great degree, because we’re apprehensive that they are done with Dave’s story line, when truthfully there is so much more that could be explored with his character. We love Max Adler as an actor and want to see him continue to shine like he has with regards to this character. At least we are respectful in expressing our opinions about how we feel about the character and that we’d just like to see him more in S3 considering he’s a senior and this is our last season to get good closure with his storyline.

          • P says:

            I like that you can admit that you guys are campaigning for it and in an obvious way, I understand that you like him and wish you could have more of him, but I think Karofsky should only be in very small dosage if at all, maybe another appearance down the line were we see that he is doing better.

            I was talking about the GA, critics are pay to notice everything, you are a pirate and as such are a hardcore fan, that of course will remember every last second about your favorite character. I said before I would like for him to be happy, but not in a romantic relationship with Kurt and that is you´re problem with my opinion. The people of glee can´t make that story work, is too delicate and can be done soooo wrong, it will need a lot of development and continuity to work, and that will never happen in glee, so I hope that they let things be and don´t buried the show that they have already run to the ground.

  14. Melissa says:

    As always, Chris Colfer and Max Adler bring their A-game to the table. The bar scene with Kurt and Dave was so magnetic, their nuanced performances broke my heart. I’m happy Dave’s found acceptance, albeit in a seedy bar. Perhaps Dave’s meeting with Kurt and the lack of judgment he encountered will bolster his self-acceptance. And lead him back to McKinley, where he belongs.

  15. Spencer says:

    This whole episode was stupid and disgusting. Now teenagers are gonna think, ‘ my life won’t be fulfilled without sex’

  16. Bee says:

    i do NOT understand how anyone could think the couples having sex were offensive or fake or anything else bad in any way. if kurt gave it up to blaine in the car or that same night or finn and rachel had sex in that first scene by the fire, then yes, it would be wrong. but they completely handled the two couples brilliantly by bringing them out of those weird scenarious and dealing with the issues at hand. they made both first times happen out of pure love and the dialogue did it all. there was no force anywhere. in the end, all 4 WANTED to have sex. no one was pushed into it. it honestly feels like sometimes people block out certain scenes. glee should be proud. amazing episode. and the numbers were fantastic also. now let’s hope we can get back to the funnier side of glee again beginning next week, which looks AWESOME. hello dodgeball + adele mash-up.

  17. Emily says:

    Oh my gosh, I just loved the scene with Dave Karofsky. He just looks so much *happier* and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Dave is my favorite character on Glee and Max Adler is such an amazing actor. I would personally love to see more of him. I would love to see a Kurtofsky friendship (and maybe even romance? *crosses fingers*) between the two. They have so much chemistry together, and I’m really excited about Dave’s story potentially being told.

  18. Bee says:

    P.S. the episode’s message wasn’t “you need sex to be complete” or “go have sex.” if that was the case, kurt would’ve done it w. blaine in the car, and rachel and finn by the fireplace. the message was about love and that “you can have sex/the first time with someone and it can be loving and sweet and beautiful” as tina pointed out when describing it with mike. teens ARE having sex. this shows a different side to it rather than the scandelous, drunken one-night-stand, and “omg i’m pregnant” side that most shows depict all the time.

  19. Alexis says:

    Are you kidding me???? “Uptown Girl” was by far the best song tonight! I am so sick of all these broadway slow boring songs (America aside). I’m hoping we are done with West Side Story so we can move on.

    • Sandi says:

      I have to agree. It’s the only song from this episode I actually purchased. I thought they did a fantastic job with it.

  20. Mina says:

    The scene between Kurt and Dave was amazing! I’ve missed Karofsky so much and am so proud of him for maturing this much! He’s come so far. I hope we get to see more of him in the future and more of him and Kurt together.

    This episode was tastefully done and wonderfully shot and amazing and gah, I can’t sing you guys enough praises for this episode. Best one of the last two seasons for sure!

  21. Sandi says:

    Frankly, I loved every minute of this episode. I liked that Finn got upset with Rachel, that Artie was intuitive enough to see that Coach Beiste really wanted Cooter the Recruiter, that Mike stood up for himself, and that Quinn admitted that sex changes everything. The casting directors did a great job choosing Grant Gustin for a male version of Santana. The appearance of Dave Karofsky in the gay bar was fun and touching. He seemed very comfortable there and seeing the two of them talking as friends was really wonderful. I’d love for the writers to further develop their relationship throughout the season.

  22. Amanda says:

    Props to Cory, Max, Chris and Kevin this ep. They were all amazing. Here’s hoping this isn’t the last we see of Dave!

  23. Tess says:

    I loved this episode. Of course, what I was most looking forward to was Dave’s return. I think it was handled so well. Having him on his way to being where he wants to be as a person, but not too much of a dramatic change at once; I sincerely hope we see more of him in future episodes! And, in all honesty, I’d love to see a Dave-Kurt friendship.

    While not being able to ask for more with this most recent episode, I still would love to see more Kurt-Dave interaction. Be it through forming a friendship, or dating, I’d be completely thrilled. I feel like Max Adler is an amazing actor and underutilizing him would be sad to see, when he has so much talent to give the show in whatever way you decide to use him. Every scene I’ve seen Chris and Max act in together has been utterly amazing, in so many different ways. Those two men just act against one another brilliantly, no matter what they’re given, and I’m so happy to see Dave back.

  24. Krista says:

    The tiny scene with Dave, made the whole episode better. Seeing him accepting himself, and trying to be happy, it was just wonderful. I hope the writers see how much people love him, and his story line, and bring him back.

  25. Steph says:

    This episode was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

    I was shocked that Dave was at the gay bar OMG! and he transferred, sadddd but he seems so much happier.

    Klaine was amazing too, and Finchel and TINA!!! Love TINA! And Artie.

    It needed more Karofsky, though. Max Adler is the BOMB

  26. Gabriel says:

    This episode was the best one of the show, by far. It lived up to everything I wanted and more. The only thing I could have asked for was more of the gay bar scene. Less Sebastian, maybe? More Karofsky? He was so amazing last season.

    Bear cubs are my kind of guys.

  27. Amy says:

    I think I liked the episode. I felt like it was sooo hyped (looking at you Fox, TVLine, EW), that I almost feel a little let down, not because it wasn’t good, but just because it wasn’t as controversial like I expected. Not that I am complaining. I loved the music. I thought it was very clever to intermix West Side Story songs to the storyline. I begrudgingly admit that Kurt and Karofsky had intriguing chemistry. Does this count as one of Damien’s 7 episodes? I hope not. Even the tiny time he had on screen made me smile. I think I just need to watch it again without all the hype influencing me.

  28. Kimberly says:

    This episode has been one of the best in a long time. The storylines were great, the musical numbers were incredible and the acting, as always, was amazing. I was so relieved to see Dave’s return, I’d missed him since Prom Queen and I am glad he’s growing and maturing as a person and a character. I would love to see more Dave throughout the season!

  29. Magz says:

    I really enjoyed this episode — I’m a huge West Side Story fan, so this was right up my alley. Cory Monteith’s performance was amazing, and I really felt for Coach Beiste and Mike during their dramatic scenes. As for the sex… well. Do I think that Kurt and Blaine should have had sex so soon after Blaine drunkenly pawed at Kurt in the backseat of his car and suggested that his romantic ideals were stupid? No. Do I think that Rachel should be sleeping with Finn because he had a bad day? Not so much. But since I’m an outsider looking in on the Glee world, I can’t possibly know everything the involved characters were thinking. Maybe it really was okay for them. Maybe it will work out.

    The moment I was happiest about with this episode has to be when Dave Karofsky showed back up on my screen. I’ve always identified with his character. This isn’t because I was a closeted bully in high school — far from it; in fact I was the socially awkward band geek with a very small circle of friends who was at least partially oblivious to how much she was disliked by her classmates for no good reason. But Karofsky is a prime example of just how alone a lot of high school kids feel, no matter how many people they’ve got surrounding them. Secrets can be extremely isolating, and Karofsky’s must have weighed so heavily on him. Seeing him at the bar, seeing him so relaxed and dare I say, content — it felt good. And despite the way he treated Kurt in the first and second season, despite all of his past misdeeds and how unwilling he’d been to accept his sexuality, much less embrace it, despite all of that — I’m glad that the weight has lifted from his shoulders and he’s been able to come to terms with who he is.

    I can only hope that this isn’t the last time we see him on the show. Dave Karofsky is too valuable of a character — not only to people who were/are like him, but to people who recognize his past torment and empathize with it — to let him disappear in the shuffle of such a large ensemble of characters.

  30. Jon says:

    Probably one of the more polarizing episodes I’ve witnessed. It had it’s extremely amazing moments (Kurt and Karofsky in the bar) and it’s truly disturbing ones too (both Kurt and Rachel giving up their virginity just to make their boyfriends feel better). The songs were good… and I did love the way they managed to move along many of the plotlines… and the way WSS scenes where spliced in with other scenes… but I can’t say I’m all that happy with how this sensitive topic or teenage sex was handled and honestly am a little disappointed in the writing staff.

  31. Megan says:

    I was admittedly disappointed with most of tonights episode… The only thing that intrigued me was the Karofsky/Kurt scene. I hope we see more of those characters interacting and maybe even a friendship or a little more.

  32. Josh says:

    The Kurt/Dave scene was wonderful! I wish there would have been more, but they did a lot with very little screen time. It was sweet, but with an air of tragedy beneath it all. Dave is just such a lonely character, and I think Kurt often feels that way, even though he’s not alone. Chris Colfer and Max Adler are both fantastic actors, with such great chemistry, and the characters would bring such balance to each other. I’m not one of these Glee fans who feels their ship is owed to them – that they’re entitled to it – but there’s so much meat there! It would be a shame to see it all go to waste.

  33. charleyo says:

    I thought tonight’s episode was great…..loved seeing the Warblers again…..miss hearing them……this new guys Sebastien was interesting……glad Kurt went after his man……it was good to see Karofsky again as well….hope we see more of him. I am so happy that they are bringing Chord back…it’s about time….would like to see Puck’s love interest from last year come back as well…that was a good match…..

  34. thefirstmrshummel says:

    The best scene by far was the Kurt/Dave scene. Two amazing actors being amazing. There is so much more story to tell with both of these characters. This felt nothing like closure. Felt more like a beginning.

  35. julia says:

    I never thought about Kurt / Karofsky before, but after that scene . . . I dunno! I think it’d be really interesting! I hope we get to see more of him.

    The Klaine felt very awkward and forced, but the finchel was epic! I hope we get to see more of Artie and Tina’s characters in the future.

  36. George says:

    This EP was good but the pacing was incredibly fast. Would much rather have more time spent on Beiste and the discussion of sex between the two couples and more gay bar. More Karofsky would be good, too. It’s be good to see his progress to acceptance and honesty and a friendship with Kurt and Blaine. The Kurt/Blaine scenes were some of the best between the characters since last Fall.

  37. Redsonja Belit says:

    I loved the episode!! I loved to see Max Adler (Dave Karofsky)!! Wonderful episode, I hope the other ones would be like that!!

  38. ibshafer says:

    This was the first time Dave and Kurt got to be just two boys (albeit boys with fake IDs in a gay bar) and it was sweet and magical and what we *desperately* needed. Max Adler and Chris Colfer have something incredible between them – a charge, a glow; some call it chemistry, some call it fire – I call it mesmerizing. Freed from his fears, in a place where he’s safe and accepted and clearly comfortable, Dave Karofsky is transformed from bully to blushing bear cub. I could barely contain myself. Too old to “squee” I simply giggled (no more mature, I realize), and wished beyond hope that the PTB (Ryan Murphy and his team) would explore not only this clearly sweet, incredibly appealing boy, but the chemistry, the fire – not forced, not clichéd – that these two young men, as actors and as characters, clearly, clearly have together. As a woman who roots for the unlikely match-ups, the ones that have to fight harder, the ones that learn how to grow *together*, I can’t help but want to see who these two boys – proud, but insecure Kurt Hummel and frightened, but earnest Dave Karofsky – could really be to each other. There is one thing I have never, ever doubted about Dave – his heart has always belonged to Kurt; no wavering, no substitutes, no “greener pastures.” The blush and the shy smile said it all: Dave would give Kurt the world. And Max – Max makes it real. Please – bring Karofsky back and give the world what would be a richer, more compelling story. NOT superficial, NOT clichéd – rich, new, real, deep.

  39. B.B. says:

    I really liked Sebastian. I wanted to see more of him. I hope Sebastian will be in a lot of the future episodes.

  40. sadmc says:

    Good for D. Karofsky for being better now, but I’m really sad it seems Glee’s trying to make way for a Kurt and Karofsky romance. It’s very disappointing after everything. I’ve always rooted for Karofsky’s character to get better, but I never thought it should be by way of a romance with Kurt. There are so many other interesting options they could go for. Should be on his own and maybe a friendship. I don’t understand why Glee always has to choose the most predictable way and go for a romance with everyone. It’s such a let-down in that respect. Having other kinds of relationships, of a non-romantic/sexual nature, can be interesting, too.

    • nem says:

      I’ve always rooted for Karofsky’s character to get better, but I never thought it should be by way of a romance with Kurt.

      I don’t think its that way though,since he’s already different from S1/early S2 Karofsky, but no attempts at romance at either end.
      I would agree with you if they dated mid-season 2 and he’s then he became a better person because of it.

  41. Deenie says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. I though they handled the sex scenes well (although honestly RIB I would rather have Kurt in a tank then Blaine- Kurt can be sexy!) and while I thought that Kurt agreeing to sex so soon after a drunken Blaine tried to get it on in a car a little forced, it sadly does ring true of HS relationships. Bringing to the forefront the reasons Rachel and Blaine were willing to try sex in the first place (to be better actors) is no worse a reason then most kids having sex because of peer pressure or a drunken one night stand. At least they represented all sides of the sex equation (the girls frank discussion about sex, Mercedes was sadly missed in that scene) I love that Tina was able to shine in this scene about how sex when done with someone you love, when it feels “right” can be a wonderful thing. Face it kids have sex all the time, I think it better to portray it as a way to express love (and responsibility – cheers Rachel for bringing your own condoms) then as a means to an end. And I’m glad that Finn got upset with Rachel when it came out that it was because of the play. Finally a guy portrayed as at least caring when it come to sex in the first place. And also kudos to Glee for giving equal story time to Blaine/Kurt and Rachel/Finn in this!

    I thought Uptown Girl was done pretty well all things considering. And Sebastian (Grant G.) was definitely played well as the “bad boy”.
    And yes Blaine did seem affected by him, so I don’t think that that plot point will be going away anytime soon. And I loved Kurt’s possessive attitude in the coffee shop scene and his exchange with ‘Bastian, I don’t feel that we’ve seen enough of diva Kurt this year!

    I ADORED the scene with Kurt/Dave! Max’s delivery on the Bear Cub line was awesome. And yes I saw the subtle flirting there too. These two really do have such great chemistry in scenes together! I’d really love to see more of Dave and his journey. Maybe RIB can deliver on the whole PFLAG plot line by having them set it up outside of school and thereby giving these two a chance to interact and develop their relationship. I’m not partial to them either just having a friendship or become a possible couple, I just want more Max Adler! He’s a great actor and Dave has the potential to be a fantastic storyline, it would be foolish to just throw that away.

    • Deenie says:

      Forgot to add:
      That Santana just needs more songs! She owned her duet with Rachel and in “America”.

      I was also really glad to see more of just Finn in this episode (his rant about the scout) because I feel that they often let Rachel’s drama shine in that relationship and Finn should have equal time.

      I enjoyed Beiste getting a love interest. She was heartbreaking in the asking out scene.

      I also liked that Artie admitted to liking the power that director gave him, abusing it, and then realizing in the end that that was a pretty bad move on his part. I felt it gave him more depth as a character.

    • ibshafer says:

      Deenie – that’s a great idea! They could set up a PFLAG chapter! I was wondering how they could bring Dave back w/o bringing him back to McKinley. Short of him joining Vocal Adrenaline, I couldn’t imagine. Bravo, dear!

  42. gwennylou says:

    I found myself torn in this episode. I loved the musical numbers, especially Uptown Girl. I loved Finn/Rachel’s storyline as Finn struggled with his life issues and Rachel struggled with having sex. I enjoyed her calling the girls together and getting advice, albeit terrible advice from them all but Tina. I ADORED the scene between Max and Chris. Goodness they have some really palpable tension/chemistry. They just work so well together. I’d love to see more Kurt/Dave, even if only friendship, because they act so well when together. I liked Sebastian stalking Blaine and I even liked Blaine, up until the point he tried to get Kurt to have sex with him in the backseat of his car. I just found that offensive and completely wrong, plus Kurt apologizing to HIM was just offensive. No. Kurt did nothing wrong, Blaine was completely in the wrong. The sex was pretty blah between Finchel and Klaine. My other favorite part of the episode was Bieste and the Ohio State scout. It’s about time she found some love.

  43. Rachel says:

    I was horrified that Kurt giving his virginity up to his boyfriend after his boyfriend paws at him in a car, and Rachel giving her virginity to her boyfriend just because he’s sad, is being treated so lightly. I was not happy with the Rachel and Blaine’s reason for wanting to to have sex (School play? Really?), and I wasn’t happy with Kurt and Rachel having sex for the wrong reasons. The musical numbers were great as usual. Dave Karofsky’s small appearance was great to. To be honest it was probably the best scene in the episode. Hope he comes back soon as a friend, or a love interest to Kurt. He’s grown so much, I’d like to see him grow with Kurt too.

  44. Brian Gressett says:

    It was Meh. The only part I enjoyed and cared about was the scene with Karofsky. I miss his character so much. I hate that they had him transfer it just makes me sad. Please RIB #BringKarofskyBack he was the best part of the episode.

  45. shawn says:

    i really don’t understand how people can promote kurt and dave dating…..dave terrorized him for such a long time. I can see them becoming friends at most, but as one of glee’s most diehard fans i would almost consider not watching the show if they had kurt and dave date. People think that pity sex gave a bad message to kids but its okay to promote bullying, assulting and threatening to kill someone but then dating them???!!?? The sex scenes were done wonderfully, they were tasteful for a show about highschool kids but still sensual and intimate. I do think tho that they could have introced the threat of sebastian over more than one episode to make it more realistic and same thing for finn’s concerns about his future. I’m glad that finn finally had a real role in this episode but it should have been discussed more before this episode. I think that the way tina described her first time was surprising and sweet and finally they gave her some lines. I liked that they actually showed the girls hanging out, well sorta. I wish we could get more of everyone’s friendships shown. One of my favorite scene’s throughout the entire series was Kurt, Rachael and Mercedes in Rachael’s bedroom just hanging out having a slumber party. Glee is far from perfect and sometimes can be flatout awful but every so often there are the glimmers of amazingess that remind me why I love the show, and tonights episode was full of them.

    • Natalie says:

      Blaine tried to have sex with Kurt and ignored him when he said no. Then he ‘apologized’ which wasn’t even a real apology since Kurt was doing most of the apologizing. Dave kissed Kurt, when Kurt pushed him away he stopped and left, something that Blaine, Kurt’s boyfriend was unable to do. He apologized by breaking down crying, it was sincere and you could tell that he meant it. What Blaine did was way worse and he didn’t even properly apologize for it. Kurt dating Blaine sends a way worse message than Kurt dating Dave.

      • J says:

        Well, Dave bullied Kurt many times and kept going even Kurt said no. The kiss was different. I love both Blaine and Dave and I do think Blaine’s apology was sincere. I actually loved that they had a fight like that, I thought it was a great scene. Both boys were superb.

        • Jennifer says:

          Blaine’s apology wasn’t an apology, it was an excuse. He had one beer and I’m supposed to believe that’s a reason for his behavior? Kurt said “no” “wait” “stop” more than 10 times in that scene. That is NOT acceptable, no matter how the apology goes.

    • econruth says:

      I don’t understand all of the Dave/Kurt shipping. Dave physically assaulted Kurt for months, threatened to kill him, forced a kiss on him and scared Kurt so badly that he had to change schools. You CAN NOT in any way compare that abuse with Blaine/Kurt’s relationship. Yes Blaine was out of line in the car – but did he beat him up for months? Physically threaten him after they kissed? Absolutely not. I just don’t understand all the Dave love here. I agree Max is a great actor but he and Kurt should never be together. Talk about completely sending the wrong message!

      • Rachel says:

        Would I rather by bullied and kissed or have my boyfriend attempt to force himself on me in a car? I’d rather be bullied and kissed to be quite honest. I don’t think Kurt sleeping with Blaine after all that-and staying with him,sends a very good message. “My boyfriend sexually assaulted me so I apologized to HIM and let him into my pants.” That’s a horrible message. After that episode, Klaine has lost it’s appeal to me.

        • Darcy says:

          Blaine did not sexually assault Kurt and they didn’t even kiss. Karofsky assaulted Kurt many times violently for months and forcibly kissed him. Blaine and Kurt love each other and that is why they made love and that was made very clear in the episode. All these posts about Kurt and Karofsky are a spam joke at this site in particular by an extremely small but persistent group.

      • Katie says:

        What I don’t understand is why people keep explaining their interest in the ship by just saying that Klaine is worse. For me, it’s not really about a hatred for the good-ship Klaine. I really have nothing against Blaine, or D.C. Personally, I find interest in Kurtofsky simply because I think it teaches a wonderful, though rarely-taught message: that people can change. That forgiveness is important. It’s more interesting, more dynamic, has more texture. Somehow, for whatever reason, it seems deeper to me than Klaine, which I’ve never really believed (because in my opinion you don’t really see Blaine actually fall for Kurt).

  46. ibshafer says:

    For me this episode, more than being about first time sex and overcoming your fears of intimacy, as sweet and telling as they were, was about the transformation of Dave Karofsky from angry and tormented bully to sweet and unassuming “bear cub.” I cannot say enough about the gift Max Adler has for bringing nuance and depth, and real passion, to a character that was meant to be nothing more than a violent illustration of a frightful and growing trend. When on screen with his dramatic foil in all of this, Chris Colfer’s Kurt Hummel, that passion comes to life. These two actor, these two *boys* have real chemistry together, real fire. The screen lights up when they speak – whether they’re shouting at each other or exchanging unaccustomed pleasantries in a very unlikely place – and I cannot help but think that what they had, even when Dave’s fear and pain lead him to make bad decisions and then act on them, even at their very worst, is far more compelling, far more worthy, far more *real* than anything else we’ve seen on this, or any other show depicting the struggles of gay teens and adults. Some have said that Kurt falling for Dave Karofsky would send the wrong message, but I could not disagree more – it sends the very BEST message, one that is desperately need to those real life Karofskys and Kurts who are tormented and alone and seeing no way out. What it says, my friends, is that someone can make a mistake out of pain and fear and can redeem themselves. It says they can truly be forgiven. This is not a black and white world, folks, as much as some would tell you otherwise. Sometimes good people DO bad things. But if our religions tell us forgiveness is divine, and our judicial system allows lawbreakers to pay for their mistakes, and if Kurt Hummel can forgive Dave Karofsky for the scared, tortured, misguided boy that he was – WHY CAN’T EVERYONE ELSE? No matter what anyone else says, I have never doubted where Dave’s heart was – it was his feelings for Kurt and his fear of them that drove him to be that monster, but like Belle and the Beast, it took kindness and time to transform him from monster to man, from bully to bear cub. I think these two have the potential to tell a story that is affirming and compelling, funny and passionate – real, honest, and deep. Give them the chance – for the Real Life Karofskys and Kurts and for us, the Pirates, the Kurtofsky-lovers. And just to be clear, I write this as a straight woman to whom this story is important because I have come to love them both so very, very much.

    • Deenie says:

      I seconded everything you’ve said here. Finn and Puck were just as bullying before they joined Glee, but they’ve been forgiven and no one blinks twice.
      Dave is trying incredibly hard to change his ways and accept who he is. Why can he not be happy as well, whither with Kurt or even someone else if it comes to that.
      Is everyone that is against a Kurt/Dave relationship really saying that a closeted bully can’t overcome that aspect of themselves and strive to make a better life then the one they were living? That they should never get acceptance or love because they used to be a bully?
      If that’s the case, then shouldn’t Finn have never forgave Kurt for his blatant perusing and almost harassment of Finn?
      I think the message sent would be far more damaging if Kurt never had any relationship with Dave be it friendship or otherwise.

    • econruth says:

      Kurt can forgive Dave – of course! But Dave’s actions – physically assaulting Kurt for months until Kurt was so scared that he had to leave school – are not just “bad decisions”. They are the worst form of abuse. There is nothing good about having Kurt and Dave end up in a relationship other than being friends. Kurt deserves better!

      • Rhonda says:

        You’re right, Kurt does deserve better. Like not having a boyfriend who won’t take no for an answer. Blaine was horrible in this episode and Kurt does deserve someone who will treat him right. If it happens to be Dave,so be it.

  47. John says:

    Totally agree. Max and Chris scene is amazing. Kurt is the only one that knows Dave and their relationship is special and has that spark. Plus, as Chris said about someone pursuing Kurt – after watching Dave, we have your champion Kurt. Kurtofsky all the way!!!

  48. Debora says:

    To me the BEST part of the episode was the scene between Kurt and Dave Karofsky! Chris Colfer and Max Adler’s chemistry is amazing and WE NEED MORE MAX ON GLEE! BRING KAROFSKY BACK!

  49. BeachBum says:

    Yikes, that was one ugly gay bar! I guess they don’t have any hot gay clubs in West Lima.

    Karofsky said he transferred so he could play football without having to deal with the rumors and yet he is frequenting a gay bar in a small town. Sounds a bit risky to me.

    There is definitely chemistry between Kurt and Dave. I think they would bring a lot out in each other if they became buddies.

    I was half expecting the cops to come into the bar and bust the high school kids for drinking and having fake IDs.

  50. Tom and John says:

    Brilliantly put. Kurt and Dave have a fire and it is because these two actors are amazing. Dave obviously seems to capture, with the first time he looks at Kurt, how Kurt takes his breath away. Amazingly acting by both and I hope Dave comes back to show Kurt how much Dave finds him to be amazing. We can’t get enough!!! I love these guys!