The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Monday

On TV this Monday: Terra Nova goes dark, “Charlie” returns to the beach house, Hawaii hosts a Heroes reunion, Castle bets big on fun and more. As a supplement to TVLine’s original feature stories, here are 11 programs to keep on your radar.

8 pm Terra Nova (Fox) | When a crashed meteor wipes out all technology, Taylor tries to prevent Mira and the “Sixers” from invading, and a mystery man makes his presence known.

8 pm Gossip Girl (The CW) | Blair makes all of her former minions (and Charlie) compete to secure bridesmaid spots in her upcoming royal wedding; Nate uses Charlie to make Diana jealous.

8 pm How I Met Your Mother (CBS) | The gang reminisces about what happened during Hurricane Irene*, and Barney tries desperately to get out of wearing the ducky tie. (*Does this mean in another two months they’ll reminisce about last week’s freak October snowstorm?)

House‘s Jesse Spencer on Romance with the New Doc and His Series-Ending Death Wish

9 pm House (Fox) | Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica) guest-stars as a patient who is harboring dark secrets that, if revealed, would compromise his chances of receiving life-saving medical treatment; Chase and Taub rejoin the team (watch video here).

9 pm Hart of Dixie (The CW) | While driving late at night, Zoe clips a Bluebell resident… who died over a year ago; Lavon squashes Lemon and George dream home purchase; Zoe’s mom (played by JoBeth Williams) comes looking for a reconciliation.

9 pm Bored to Death (HBO) | Jonathan and George see a “friendship” counselor (guest star Sarah Silverman); George begins taking singing lessons from a pothead (Mary Steenburgen).

9 pm Two and a Half Men (CBS) | When Walden begins redecorating the beach house, Alan becomes overly emotional — to the point that he “becomes” his brother Charlie.

9:30 pm Mike & Molly (CBS) | Carl tries to score a date with an attractive woman (guest star Holly Robinson Peete) he meets at the diner.

Ask Ausiello: Scoop on Castle, House, Gossip Girl and More!

10 pm Castle (ABC) | When an Atlantic City casino owner turns up dead in a NYC warehouse, Castle (of course) joins the detectives for a road trip to “America’s Playground,” where he plots to throw an impromptu bachelor party for Ryan. Richard Burgi (Desperate Housewives) guest-stars.

10 pm Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) | Danny finds himself the proud caretaker of an orphaned dog; Greg Grunberg reunites with fellow Heroes alum Masi Oka when he guest-stars as a customs supervisory agent.

10 pm Rock Center With Brian Williams (NBC) | Well this didn’t take long: Tina Fey, on whose 30 Rock Bri has cameo’d multiple times, is profiled. Oh yeah, there’s also a segment on Greece’s economic crisis.

Which of the above is must-see TV for you? And by all means, hit the Comments to offer tune-in suggestions of your own!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cindy says:

    House, Castle & Hart of Dixie!!

  2. Julie says:

    Castle definately (on CTV at 8 my time AT ;) ) then How I met your mother (though they are slowly losing my vote; this show is dragging it too much this season IMHO. Still don’t know what’s Kal Penn’s real role here except making Robin think she doesn’t have a crush on Barney still…. anyways yeah waaaay to drag a story)

    • I love HIMYM, but I agree that they’re dragging out Robin and Barney’s respective love interests too much. Barney’s girlfriend disappears for episodes at a time, and Robin doesn’t seem into Kal Penn’s character at all. I think his real role here, though, is to further point out to the gang the “weird” dynamic that Robin/Ted/Barney have, all being exes and hanging out together, that Victoria touched on and future Ted said “didn’t work.”

  3. nitemar says:

    10pm-Castle! Im reserving 9pm time slot for upcoming The Closer..last season. sniff** :(

  4. Toby says:

    House has been unwatchable with Charlene Yi in it, she is just not a good enough actress (please stick to mumblecore!). Harsh but seriously I love House and now have to fast forward her scenes as her acting is distractingly poor… :(

    • tahina says:

      They got her cheap! Agree, House has been unwatchable not only for Ch Y but the writing has been less than creative.

  5. Definitely How I Met Your Mother at 8, and then maybe 2.5 Men since the plot sounds amusing. We also have 2 weeks’ worth of Pan Am to catch up on, and season 2 of Community on DVD. I’m almost curious enough to DVR House at 9, but I haven’t watched the show in practically two seasons, and I don’t like where it’s gone since. I do like Chase, though.

  6. Amanda says:

    Is this HIMYM being shown in the order it was intended? It seems like this would have aired right after Barney lost the bet. He’s been wearing the tie for several episodes without making a big deal about it.

  7. Jamie says:

    Is it really ALL of Blair’s minions, though?

  8. Christiana says:

    Gossip Girl : 11/7/2007 – 11/7/2011 >>>>>>>>>> Happy LIMOVERSARY Chair fans!!
    PS: Even Wikipedia wrote about it >>>> freaking crazy !!

  9. Lauren says:

    Hart of Dixie for me!

  10. fernando says:

    Tonight I will be going to Bluebell lol, I love me some Hart Of Dixie

  11. champmav says:

    Wow, what’s with all the Charlene Yi hate? It seems as though all new characters go through this kind of “hate-hazing” treatment when they start on established shows replacing popular actors/actresses. It seems so childish. I rather enjoy her; she’s certainly unique and interesting.

  12. ateofi says:

    “Hawaii Five o” al the way

  13. Gerald says:

    2 Broke Girls and How I Met Your Mother. I really hope How I Met Your Mother improves, it’s been terrible since season 6. It’s just not funny and charming as before and I’m getting tired…
    Mondays are kind of dull.

  14. Brandy says:

    2 broke girls, gossip girl, hart of dixie

  15. Lisa says:

    Fun Castle is always fun! Can’t wait.

  16. Mely says:

    Gossip Girl. For God sake, everyone should watch Gossip Girl, people these time…

  17. Lisa says:

    5-0, baby!

  18. Lorie says:

    I’ll DVR House soley b/c of Jamie Bamber. Can’t wait for Castle!

  19. kevin says:

    Watching HAWAII FIVE-O ’cause of Greg Grunberg. We still miss him a lot but being appearing in a slew of JJ Abrams produced series, I wonder if he insist on guest starring in JJ new series PERSON OF INTEREST or possibly ALCATRAZ.

  20. Roxanne says:

    Two and A Half Men, as always! LOVE THIS SHOW!

  21. charlie says:

    Can’t stand HIMYM anymore and don’t’ watch it– story arc way too ridiculous! Losing interest in House also. Gossip Girl is holding it’s own with me, but some of the story arcs are rather absurd! Nothing else on Monday has any interest for me at all.

  22. Imogene says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing what goes down in Atlantic City once Beckett arrives. If I’m honest though, I’m having trouble getting excited about this episode and also ‘Kill Shot’, due to all the teasing regarding ‘Cuffed’ – the mid-season finale. Still have to wait 3 damn weeks until that one airs.

    During filming for that episode, they had closed the set for the day and only limited personnel were allowed on. Also one of the writers tweeted that it was an “exciting day” to be on set and that hopefully the audience won’t find out why until ‘Cuffed’ airs.

  23. Kim says:

    Chase (Jesse Spencer) is back on House tonight!!! Now I will watch the show again!!!! :)

  24. Lisa says:

    Bored to Death
    Hart of Dixie

  25. Lisa says:

    I really missed Hart of Dixie not airing last week.

  26. Samantha says:

    Sounds exactly like the summary of last week’s Bored to Death…

  27. Jrs says:

    To each his own. I so disagree. I’m loving her and think she is great. Nice humor which house has always had mixed in. In my opinion, this season has really revived my interest in the show.

  28. carmen says:

    Charlene Yi is killing my interest in “House” dead, dead, dead. Her voice is like fingernails on blackboard to my ears and I find her mumbling and deadpan acting so unappetizing. Her character isn’t funny, nor smart, nor intriguing. If she would be relegated to one scene per episode, the show would be watchable (barely) but with her in every other scene, it is unbearable.

    How does David Shore plan to get back to basics with this disasterous launch of two utterly useless new female characters? What a waste of a good show.

  29. Flo says:

    HOUSE = meh. I’ve given it up. It’s a skeletonized version of its former glory and quite boring these days. LOST reunion on 5-O sounds pretty cool. CASTLE sounds good today and 2 BROKE GIRLS.

  30. sorry says:

    House is unwatchable. I used to suffer through the writing for Hugh, but nowadays if you remove all people from the scene and make him talk to a wall, his delivery will be exactly the same. Out of two people he had natural chemistry with one has left, and the other one has barely any screen time. No more House, I’d rather rewatch Sunday’s shows instead.

  31. 2 broke girls, hart of dixie, and I’m debating between house and mike and molly for my other coveted 9/9:30 DVR spot. :(

  32. kirads09 says:

    Terra Nova – Must watch
    Hawaii Five O – Absolutely
    Record Castle for later

  33. JeffDJ says:

    My lineup tonight: Castle (time-shifted), Terra Nova, Being Erica, Hawaii Five-O.

  34. guest says:

    Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie! <3

  35. Pressha says:

    House, Hart of Dixie, Castle!!!!! I will DVR Terra Nova.

  36. Crosby says:

    Terra Nova, House, Castle! Hart of Dixie DVR’d for Thursday night.

  37. Ebbie says: