The X Factor Leaderboard: Ranking the Top 11

We’ve survived The X Factor‘s inaugural voting results — well, everyone except for InTENsity, that is — and after two weeks of live performances, it’s starting to become clear which acts have a decent shot at making the finale, and which ones need to start looking for exciting new stuffing recipes to impress their families at Thanksgiving. Check out my rankings below, then hit our poll to vote for your favorite!

11) Chris Rene: Recovering addict is incredibly likable and very charismatic — and his audition proved he can write a solid ditty. But his two live performances have exposed serious vocal shortcomings that may be beyond what mentor L.A. Reid can fix.

‘The X Factor’ Top 12: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Suggested Song Choices

10) Stereo Hogzz: Simon said that there isn’t a band in the world right now as good as them — how utterly daft! — but America disagreed and sent them directly to the bottom two. That “Rhythm Nation” intro was noticeably off-key, and their styling and choreography are still works in progress.

9) Leroy Bell: He’s got good looks and undeniable vocal talent, but Leroy’s live renditions of “Nobody Knows” and “I’m Already There” were surprisingly charisma-free. Is his mentor saddling him with mismatching material, or does Leroy lack what’s called for in the show’s title?

8 ) Lakoda Rayne: They’re blond and attractive and moderately talented, but their harmonies went awry on portions of “Lansdslide,” and Paula’s wacked-out concept envisioning each member as a season probably won’t help them on a journey toward musical relevancy.

‘The X Factor’ Recap: Boom Boom Ow!

7) Rachel Crow: Super cute or cloyingly so? That’s one conundrum with the precocious 13-year-old moppet. The other is why Simon continues to saddle her with ditties that don’t allow her to show off her considerable chops. Could be headed for early trouble if she can’t gain some ground on Melanie and Drew — her two rivals from the deep “Girls Under 30” category.

6) Stacy Francis: Nicole needs to treat Stacy’s big, untamed voice like a rodeo calf — chase it down, rope it, and wrestle it into submission — but instead continues to spur it on like a bucking bronco on a fast track to destruction. Weepy McSobbington has the tools to be a successful pop star or a church singer, but her love of wretched excess may be her undoing.

5) Josh Krajcik: Early front-runner has displayed definite rock-soul potential, but the judges didn’t do him any favors by overpraising last week’s cover of Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts” that was emotionally connected but chock full of bum notes.

4) Astro: Most obnoxious contestant in the competition is also one of its most naturally gifted. He’s shown a penchant for whipping up fun, age-appropriate verses, and his flow is faster than Kim Kardashian heading to divorce court. Love him or hate him, but you can’t ignore him.

3) Marcus Canty: Got a little overwhelmed by the aggressive staging and arrangement on Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step,” but still displayed an enviable vocal control in the process. If L.A. allows him to forge a unique musical identity instead of making him chase the ghosts of New Edition, he could have the best shot at stopping Simon’s inevitable march to victory with a member of his “Girls Under 30” troupe.

2) Drew Ryniewicz: Proved with Nelly’s “Just a Dream” that she won’t be undone by an R&B tempo or even a weird bit of staging that found her starting the number laying awkwardly in a bed of petals. Her Judges’ House take on “It Must Have Been Love” and Top 16 version of “What a Feeling” remain among the season’s most memorable moments. Only a foray into gangsta rap or death metal could get her booted before December.

1) Melanie Amaro: Simon acted as if his choice of The Eagles’ “Desperado” was revolutionary — a big, maudlin ballad? um, no. — but there’s no denying Melanie combines near robotic precision with a gentle, wide-eyed dose of soul. Even if her Big Diva Style isn’t your cup of 2% milk, you can’t deny she’s earned her front-runner status.

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  1. Nina says:

    Drew right now is the only one I think has the “it” to win. I’m biased, though. She’s really talented.

  2. J-Dawg says:

    I agree with all of this save the fact that Drew should definitely be #1. She’s young, current, different, and refreshing. There is no one like her in the market right now. There’s no denying she’ll be in that finale.

    • sofia says:

      I love Drew, and think she should win!! But I think Melanie did better this week and deserves #1! (Even though my first reaction was why isnt’s drew in #1) :)

    • umbrella says:

      Drew and Janet Devlin from The X Factor UK have the same haunting style. Love it!

    • nottrue says:

      Drew’s a mix of Taylor Swift and Jewel. There are plenty of singers just like her in the market. They aren’t in the stratosphere like Beyonce or Rihanna, but they are successful in their own right. If anything, Drew sounds a little derivative. She has the same 3-4 vocal tricks that she keeps pulling out over & over in rotation. I’d like to hear some dynamic variance and more connection to the lyrics. Listen to What a Feeling or the Roxette song. She sang the chorus the exact same way each time.

  3. David says:

    Astro has to go!

  4. Tim says:

    Drew is my favorite, followed by Josh and Astro. I want to like Melanie, but I don’t think she really does anything new and different. Marcus just flat out puts me to sleep.

  5. Sybil says:

    Melanie is my favorite, but I’m a sucker for big-voiced divas. I think Drew’s more delicate delivery would bore me after a while. Still, there is no denying that she’s talented.

  6. Dan says:

    Leroy Bell has to be last after the most pathetic lip-synching ever. Either him or one of the groups goes next.

    • Tess says:

      I wouldn’t doubt that the first time Leroy hits the bottom 2 that they will take the opportunity to sack him. The weekly comments about his nerves (Really? The guy’s pushing 60 and he’s been kicking it in the business for a long time, and they’re going to suggest he’s nervous…still? Perhaps the pained looks on his face have more to do with the fact that a woman half his age and talent is telling him to sing crap ballads every week and nothing to do with being on the stage…but that’s just my take on that)are clearly being thrown in to put doubt in viewers minds about voting for him because they don’t want a 60 year old winner.
      And as for Simon’s comment that Stereo Hogzz are the “best band evah!”…the boyband that was just knocked off the UK version this weekend, The Risk, were far better than Stereo Hogzz, never mind all the others that currently have recording contracts. You’d think Simon would be reserving that talk for when he brings his boy band One Direction to the US to help promote them instead.

      • joy says:

        I’m not sure the “you lack confidence” thing is an attempt at sabotage. Simon used that one on Idol to create story arcs for contestants he liked. (Sometimes to disastrously successful effect — remember Lee DeWyze?) I thought he might have been trying to throw Leroy a good cover for an unexciting performance, and help set up a triumphant return next week. I can’t imagine they want him as their winner, but I have to imagine he’s a draw for a good chunk of the TV audience (60 or not, he’s the best-looking guy left on the show, after all), and they don’t want to lose that too soon.

  7. lendz says:

    drew is really phenomenal…she’s the winner for sure…and also, i dont know why, but i kinda like lakoda rayne..they’re not as good as the others, but i guess they can sell records..

  8. JOJOJO says:

    Drew has proved herself worthy for now.. I’m loving her. The opposite of what has happened with Rachel for me… I love love love Rachel but these live performances aren’t helping at all.

    I agree that Astro is talented, but every time I think of him, I don’t think of how he killed the song with his undeniably great rapping skills, but of how annoying his gestures and justin bieber-like “swag” is.

    Melanie and Stacy are at an equal for me right now.

    • jamezd says:

      It’s fine to ramk faves, but the problem is that there are at least four or five in this group who will have star careers…

      Drew has us hanging on each note. Amazing and just different enough. Definitely a cereer. Quirly, but a career…

      Melanie probably has the strongest voice. Love her and definitely a career. But groundbreakingly different? Ummm, no…

      Marcus has great energy, voice, and moves. An entertainer with a cereer… but haven’t we seen that act as well? and they’re not doing him any favors by pointing that out…

      Stacy Francis and The Song Formerly Known as Purple Rain. Love her…a lot, but pick the right songs, stop crying, and just kill…

      People love Chris Rene… i do, too.. but let him sing his own songs, ah-so’s…

      Rachel Crow is so far ahead of the others that it’s scary. In 10, 20, or 30 years, people will say, “I saw her then”… but she’s being handled wrong with the too cute act and she picks better songs on her own… in my view, she’s very different, but not being allowed to be her raw self… but who cares? the exposure will carry her as far as she needs to go…probably won’t win, but is an unmitigated superstar of the first order at the beginning of a long career..

      Josh is just too ugly for TV.. maybe Phantom…

      Have fun…

  9. TonyWendice says:

    Astro makes my skin crawl. The obnoxious brat has to go. He’s a one trick pony and that trick has gotten old already.

    • Billy says:

      That trick got old for me about 12 years ago. Wordplay reached its peak in the late 90’s, now it’s time for rap to die its natural death, and for hip hop to evolve – or come full circle – or both.

  10. ana_muti says:

    Josh has been undermined by poor song selection by Nichole. I have to think that there was something mechanical going on that got him off-key as he’s already proved that he can sing on key.

    I do think that if he asserts himself with Nichole more and sings what he’s good at, he can take it all.

    Drew is good but boring to me (I’m not in her demographic), and Melanie is also good (same applies).

    Bottom line is that Josh will have a following no matter, as he’s the real deal, as is Drew and Melanie.

    Truthfully, I wouldn’t cry if any of these 3 people win it all, they’re all artists.

    • Tess says:

      It sounded like the song was in the wrong key for him. Could be some manipulation of his backing track because Simon may be seeing Josh as the biggest threat to his girls right now (Josh seems to be in third on every online poll I’ve seen…maybe Simon has seen some of those polls as well?) so maybe there’s some sabotage going on there? Or it could just be that Nicole doesn’t know how to pick songs for her acts. I heard Use Somebody on the radio over the weekend and thought Nicole should give that song to Josh because he’d probably do it very well and it would at least be something less ballady.

      Seems the best of the bunch (save for Astro, depending on where you fall with him) have been saddled with a lot of ballads – I’d like to see Simon and Nicole in particular give their acts some peppier song choices this week so we can see them do some up tempo numbers for a change. Let’s see that they can hack it.

  11. connerc says:

    I expect the two groups remaining and Leroy to be the next three out. I expect Drew, Melanie, Marcus and Josh to be the top 4. Nevertheless, I agee with you about Jar of Hearts. I may like Josh, but they did overpraise that performance. I thought my hearing must have been off after their reviews.

  12. blondie says:

    I love Astro!! He is a really good rapper for his age, obviously very talented. Everytime he performs, I find myself kinda bopping up and down on the couch with the beat. He’s definitely going to have a rap career whether he wins this or not – LA Reid will definitely sign him, he’s be crazy not to.

    I also love Drew, she is amazing and I think she’s going to take it all!!

    • Joe says:

      I also love Astro. If that kid is really writing his own rhymes he’s going to own hip hop shortly. When he whipped out the “Astro Boom Ba Ya” in the verse last week I almost jumped off my chair. He’s old school and new school and one of the best talents on the show. And he shouldn’t have to act like a humbled little choir boy. I’m sorry, but expecting that is borderline racism. Rene acts thuggier than Astro and looks like a recovering meth addict. Asto’s in hip hop. His mentor is LA Reid. If he acts like Carlton meets Urkel he’ll have no shot at a career in that genre.

      • Billy says:

        He’s new school, but you can tell he’s listened to, studied, and learned from old school too. That’s what makes him appeal to so many – me included. Still, it’s all been done before, and better. Not worthy of $5,000,000. Of course, except for Scotty Mcreedy, who is? LOL

  13. Amy says:

    Am I the only one who DOESN’T like Melanie?
    Loving Drew, Josh and Leroy though! Pity Nicole has the overs, she’s gonna ruin them…

    • Grace says:

      I doubt it – she is no doubt deserving of the #1 spot, but she’s seriously lacking in the charisma dept. I’m gonna bet she’ll land herself on the judges chopping block more than once this season (assuming they’re not dumb enough to let her go).

  14. RK says:

    Drew is my favorite – my brother called me after Judge’s House performance and asked me if it was wrong for a grown man to love her as much as he did. Talent like that is unmistakeable and does not just appeal to tweens which is rare. Melanie is also incredible vocally and the world can always use another diva. Josh was opff last week – bad song for him, pitchy – but he still ranks high. Poor Stacey, not getting much love but that girls can SANG!Agree with all posters about Astro – talented but obnoxious – a mini Kanye West before he has even achieved anything – I can just picture him stomping all over Drew’s confetti at the win. I love Leroy’s understated vibe but I am thinking of shipping him some red bull. Buh Bye Groups!

  15. Tusk says:

    “Only a foray into gangsta rap or death metal could get her booted before December.”

    YOOOO. Drew R-ine-wizzzzz in da’ Houuuuuse! Yoooo!, go, go, go, get yo’ handz-up, get yo handz-up,…..

    LOL :)

    • Billy says:

      Michael’s assertion may be true (and funny), but I bet if she sang a page from the phone book it would still sound good.

  16. Helen says:

    Drew is a super star. She’s your winner.

    Melanie has a beautiful voice, but I feel absolutely nothing from her. She just seems so emotionally disconnected from what she’s singing.

    Josh has an incredible voice and some powerful charisma. If this were Idol back in the day, he’d be the winner. I think he’s sort of lost here with Nicole and would do much better on Idol (where he’d have more control) or The Voice (where he would have been the crown jewel of whatever team he decided to be on).

    Marcus has the talent and is very likable, but these last two performances have seemed… tentative, for lack of a better word.

    I think Rachel and Astro have loads of talent, but they are just way too young. They need 5-10 years to be more than novelty acts (and they absolutely deserve to be more than novelty acts). Drew isn’t much older, but she is more fully formed as an artist and a performer, while still being totally her age (which is why she’ll win).

    The rest don’t really stand a chance at all.

    • Gorm says:

      I disagree with your comment on Rachel Crow being too young. She is too old. The sell by date on her schtick hit its expiry right after her audition as the debut Xfactor act. There is no longevity to her fake stage-mommed personna. Do you notice how she always whips the mick up to her mouth whenever she lets out a giggle? And how she laughed out loud when Simon made some pseudo-sharp criticism of Nicole? She is a corny and unlikeably fake Shirely Temple that is too old to pull off an “aww-shucks-mister” vibe. She has been so heavily coached on how she was supposed to act on the child pagent circut for so many years that she emits no valueable personality or performance.

  17. JJ says:

    Chris Rene – Can’t sing. Kind of creepy.

    Stereo Hoggz – It’s a lead singer with four back-up dancers who can’t sing and don’t even lip sync to the VERY LOUD backing vocal.

    Leroy Bell – He can sing but he’s boring.
    Lakoda Rayne – Talented, cute, uninspired but watch them be a dark horse act to make it to the top 6.

    Rachel Crow – Voice of a 22 yr old but acts like a 6 year old. Too old to be “cute” and not unique enough to overcome how annoying she is.

    Stacy Francis – She doesn’t know the difference between screaming and singing.

    Josh Krajcik – He can sing but he think he’s better than he is and he’s forgetting America already had Taylor Hicks and we threw him back.

    Astro – One trick pony. He’ll be the non-shocking “shocker elimination” when he’s gone by the top 6.

    Maruc Canty – You really ranked him #3? He can sing but he’s too Disney smiling to be a star.

    Drew – Great voice, likable, someone you want to win. The kind of dorky/awkward girl singer has been gold…rather, platinum…for Taylor Swift so why not Drew.

    Melanie – Best female singer in a tv show competition…dare I say ever?…better than Kelly, better than Carrie…but is she too good? Too good to the extent we expect greatness and that will fail to impress? She’s the best but she’ll finish 2nd to Drew.

    • Jason says:

      How is Taylor Swift awkward? She is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen.

    • Gorm says:

      Chris Renee – Very agree. Its that oversize-hat-down-to-the-eyebrows look he is comfortable in that signals to the world “I am a dangerous hubcap stealing cretin with poor impulse control” Combine his oversize clothes and he is rocking the scumbag uniform for people that most people would never associate with. And when they try and dress him up, and remove the hat, all you get is a Defendant vibe from him with his hard-life early-weathered look. You sum it up better, by calling him creepy. I doubt he’ll go far given his bad performances.

      The Stereo Hoggz – They should have not put through the whole group, but kept the lead guy and moved him to the boys category. Like an opposte intensity. Also, their name is awful, and the tall one is uncharismatic as hell, oftimes glaring at the camera.

      Leroy Bell – Agree completely. He’s like casey james, too long in the tooth and too one-note. He’ll only be around long enough for the real crap acts to get cut first.
      Stacey – I’ve never really watched her sing. I ff through her fakery. Unless the scientology fix is in, she is in the same boat as Leroy.

      Rachel Crow – You put it PERFECTLY, and I thank you for being one of the few people to see the light on her horribleness.

      Josh Burrito – Bound for the top 3 as he is not a repellant as several others. He needs is late-show makeover to happen now as he only has a single card to play, and when the voice misses its notes, he has nothing to fall back on. Very Paul Potts like, but I dont think Syco wants that, so he’ll get done dirty a few times to get rid of him. I wonder what Monkees song they stick him with.

      Astro – You call it perfectly. Nobody voting will ever switch to Astro after their choice is eliminated.

      Marcus – Isnt good looking, just not-ugly. So he wont get the tween girl vote so he is done. He’ll be gone by top 8 or top 9 time. How quickly we forget that Idol-type shows turn into Fantasy Boyfriend contests.

      Drew – The winner. Might as well wrap up the show now. She is very voteable and simon sees money in her from here to eventual VH1-show-obscurity.

      Melanie – Too plain but she is competing against a VERY weak field. A lock for 2nd place on the show and 400th place for just one week on the a Billboard charts.

      • Gorm says:

        Hahah I forgot Lakoda Rayne.

        For me the only question with them is do they stick together to sing the national anthem at car races after getting cut at top 7/8, or does the 22 year old that puts out the stank too-cool vibes leave as soon as Steve Jones awkwardly ushers them off stage.

  18. princetian says:

    TEAM DREW!!!! She has the charm, cuteness, angelic voice, youth and genuine personality. She is an incredible talent and her voice is that of a young sarah mclachlan….BEAUTIFUL inside and out and i wish her all the best!!!! DREW ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

  19. Princetian says:


  20. Angela says:

    Based on YouTube viewing it’s drew to win ;) team drew!

  21. Riley Lewis says:

    Josh is the most unique and soulful artist by far. He’s consistently right on vocally. His unique sytle, stage confidence combined with his humble personality make him the winner. Hand’s down. Josh is going to win this.

  22. Matt says:

    Since Drew is pretty much a combination of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, I can’t see any way for her to lose, or at least make the top 3. I love her awkwardness and voice, so she has my vote :)

  23. Elaina says:

    I am definitely rooting for Josh and Drew. I’m not getting a serious vibe from any of the Groups. I am waaaaaay surprised that Lakoda Rayne made it to the final 11.

    The X Factor: One Act to Face The Guillotine

  24. Amber says:

    Drew, Melanie and Josh are my favorites

  25. GaysWithOpinions says:

    Agree mostly, but Marcus Canty is placed way too high. The guy is basically Jason Derulo, only straight.

  26. LOW0124 says:


  27. blingedup.susan says:

    I really think LeRoy’s main problem is Nicole. I think he’d be doing much better under any of the other judges. It’s a shame, really. Besides him, I’m liking Drew, Josh and Marcus.

    • Gorm says:

      Doing better under??? Who? Paula who cant form a sentence that dosent involve a request red wine and tranquilizers? She sure mentored intensity so well by giving them the over-pitched “Kids in America” I’m sure her mentoring is so valueable for the 6 minutes she remains lucid and coherent each day.

      Or LA reid who has alredy played favourites by letting Asstro freedom to use his own crappy lyrics, but wont Let Chris Amphetamines break out his self-written future hits, “Young Homie II” and “Baggy Jeanz (young homie III)”. Or how he gave Phillip “Statement Hat” Lomax a goddamn Monkees song and bellhop dancers. You think Leroy Bell would do better with some bellhop dancers? Really? LA Reid sure thought someone would.

      Which bring us to Simon, who so far has only xeroxed performances he had to sit through on Xfactor uk and stickey taped them onto his US cast. Simon, who was called out by barely concious Pauler for not putting in enough effor to attend rehersals. Simon, who is patting himself on his v-necked back for picking Desperado after watching a seinfeld rerun.

      As wretched a human being as Nicole Scahszhkhu is, she is not whats holding back your precious Leroy. Gee, 40-sh years in the music indusry and i’m starting to understand why he couldnt catch a break. All he has going for him is a voice, hair dye and botox.

  28. Michael says:


  29. coco says:

    Chrus Rene is the winner. He has it all, great voice, enduring, great dancer. He has a special charm to him!
    Every song Drew sings sounds the same.
    Astro is a 50 yr old already. Be a kid! You’ll be 50 before you know it.
    Leroy can’t even lip sync so what are we doing here.

    • Gorm says:

      Chris Renee has none of the qualities you are trying to ascribe to hime. His voice is weak and he has terrible breath control (did you even read Slezak’s recap?) He is enduring at what? He has been inconsistent in each performance since his audition. Are you suggesting his short stint out of rehab qualifies him as a paragon of endurance? He is not a great dancer, he does silly little points and half steps on stage. The gulf between a Great Dancer (Nicholas Brothers, Marquese Scott, et al) and Chris “limp around on a platform in front of flames” Renee is infathomable.

      Your empty platitudes have been exposed. Dont be so ignorant and simplistic in your future evaluation of XFactor.

  30. Brandy says:

    Melanie another Celine wanna be. She’s good, but not what I’m looking for.
    Lakoda reyne pretty good.
    Chris Rene- gotta love him. Número UNO!
    Josh, ok
    Drew, ok

  31. Coco says:

    Gorm – u need counseling. Ur dad must be Leroy.

    • Gorm says:

      Yes, yes my dad is Leroy. How very perceptive of you to notice that.

    • Billy says:

      Gorm gives a cogent response to your comments and your reply to him is disrespectful.
      Also, your spelling gives one the impression “ur” functionally illiterate, or possibly postliterate.

  32. Lana says:

    I must say Gorm, by the time I got through all your novels I couldn’t remember if you liked anybody. lol Enjoyed reading all but I can’t be that mean to everyone, especially Chris. He looks the way he does because he is an alcoholic and drug abuser. I’m glad he is clean now and hope he stays that way but it still affects your body in a bad way. However he is the weakest in the singing department but I did like he is own song and don’t understand why LA will let Astro sing his own words but not Chris? My favorites are Drew and Josh, but Drew is luckiest because she has Simon who can pick better songs than airhead Nicole. Seriously Paula does better than her on Paula’s worse days.

  33. Cheyanne K says:

    Stacey needs to go this week. They are going to have to give her a tissue box for those tears.
    Leroy is so out of place. Seems nice enough, just in over his head.
    Astro very annoying and a real know it all.
    Melanie can sing no doubt but lacks stage appeal.
    Chris a real sweetheart! Very charismatic.
    Drew , that thing she does with her hand when she sings…strange
    X-Factor very good!!!!

  34. akdar says:

    1. Give me Leroy Bell over Marcus Canty any time. Their ratings should have been other way round.
    2. I always liked Simon as a judge at American Idol, but he’s horrible at X-factor. I hate the way he shamelessly plugs his girls and he does _horrible_ job with Rachel, trying to mold her into cute child star. Ouch!!!
    3. I find it amusing that every group performance now has to include a rap segment, because Astro can’t do anything else.

  35. joy says:

    Well, Michael, after the last few seasons of Idol, I was starting to worry that I’d stopped having any opinions of my own and was just going to root for whoever you told me to — so I’m breathing a nice little sigh of relief at seeing that I’m still capable of disagreeing with your singing-show infatuations. :-) Drew’s plenty talented, and I loved her take on the Roxette song, but I’ve found her live performances generic and forgettable. Marcus isn’t doing much for me either — he’s good, but there’s nothing that feels special about him.

    As for Astro, maybe when his voice changes — right now, his tone just isn’t pleasant for me to listen to. But then, my tastes in hip-hop run more to guys like Chali 2na. :-) I also think Rachel needs more time before she can consistently sound like a serious singer instead of a precocious kid — based on her judges’ homes performance, I’d say that if Simon weren’t saddling her with the Shirley Temple schtick, she’d come across as barely a shadow of the other female soul voices in the competition.

    No arguments on Melanie Amaro, though. The girl’s got serious pipes, and while I’m seeing others making comparisons to Pia Toscano, Melanie makes me feel the drama in her songs in a way that Pia never did. For me, she and Josh — who’d already impressed me more than enough for me to forgive last week’s misstep — are the ones to beat.

  36. Ryan says:

    LeRoy is my favorite. Astro is a disgusting kid and would probably dies of drug abuse or something before he turns 20. Stero has no talent, I mean none! Crow? really? What do you like her about?????

  37. Ryan says:

    I think he will stay for long. The Stereo, Astro, Stacey, and Crow will go before Leroy.

  38. Emily says:

    Marcus Marcus Marcus. Hope he gets a shot.

  39. sukiyaki says:

    I think melanie should win! Drew is good but hmmmmmmmmm

  40. Lee says:

    I support chris Rene all the way, he gonna win it… Competition is not only have an outstanding voice but personality & famous is an important even great voice but no one buy their album do u think this is called successsful winning .

  41. Edie says:

    Agree! He is acting like we the voters owe him something! I will be glad when he is gone! They should have voted him off tonight just based on his temper tantrum! Maybe LA needs to give him an good old butt whooping!

  42. Soulo says:

    Astro is a spoiled brat! I’ve enjoyed his performances over the weeks and think he is a talented kid. LA Reid and his mama need to kick his sorry little butt into next year. He’s gonna blow it for sure. He needs to come back next week and sing, not talk/rap, and show us he is more diverse and a bit more humble. Stacy got burned tonight.

    Chris Rene is creepy, can he sing??? Not sure he’s done much of that. His body movements are more like a thuggish Popye.

    Melanie, Josh and Drew, are awesome. I Like Rachel, but she is boxing herself in as a child star when she clearly could be much more. Lakoda beauties are not that good, remind me of Abba, yuk!!!

    LeRoy Bell is handsome and can really sing, but somethings missing and I can’t put my finger on it. Marcus is a great entertainer but really isn’t outstanding in singing, or dancing and doesn’t seem to have the X-Factor.

    Bottom line: Astro needs to go back to school and his mama for a few more years. If he wins now, he’ll be another gansta thug, liven large
    till someone or something takes him down. Take him home mama.