Ratings: Once Upon a Time, Pan Am Hold Steady

There’s not much to see/make noise about here, folks, so we’ll keep this brief.

Now in its third week, ABC’s Once Upon a Time again held up well, dipping just a few percentage points to 11.4 million total viewers and a 3.7 rating. That led the ABC freshman to again top all of Sunday’s non-sports programming in the coveted 18-49 demo (tying with The Simpsons).

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Once Upon a Time‘s Paternity Puzzle, and More!

And though Desperate Housewives (8.7 mil/2.8) dipped 6 and 10 percent at 9 pm, Pan Am — which just got an order for five additional scripts — at 10 o’clock stayed the course, drawing 5.24 mil while scoring a 1.8 rating.

Elsewhere on the night:

* The aforementioned Simpsons (8 million total viewers/3.7 rating) was down 7 percent from its “Treehouse of Horror” demo delivery. Allen Gregory (4.3 mil/2.1) dropped at least 10 percent from its so-so premiere.

* CBS numbers are a bit scrambled by late starts in 13 percent of the country, but The Amazing Race seems poised to hit an all-time low for a fall telecast. This week’s highly entertaining installment of The Good Wife, however, might wind up with a week-to-week uptick. CSI: Miami, featuring a non-Sopranos-esque Drea de Matteo, was down.

* NBC’s Sunday Night Football, with a very preliminary and to-be-adjusted tally of some 20 million viewers and a 7.9 rating, is on pace to more or less match last week’s Cowboys-Eagles match-up.

Cable ratings, as always, come in much later. Still, I shall run this poll by you….

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  1. kevin says:

    Didn’t watch HELL ON WHEELS last night ’cause I never heard of the series even though I really don’t watch THE KILLING at all but I still watch PAN AM last night and it really still makes me wanna sleep turning it into a real snooze-fest and I don’t know on how many episodes are left before it hits cancellation when the news broke out on having five more scripts on the series. Paul Lee better be a lot more patient than every other broadcast network execs have right now.

    • Sg. Grant says:

      Didn’t use punctuation ’cause I never heard of it even though I really don’t HAVE GRAMMAR at all but I still post comments and it really still makes me wanna blow my brains out turning it into a real hard-to-read post and I don’t know on how many posts are left before I learn how to properly use a comma and a period.

      • rcwblessed says:

        OMG! I feel your pain! This seems to be a growing “illness” that I blame on texting and laziness. I shudder to think that our education system is actually failing so many people. Unfortunately, left untreated, I think the “lack of grammar skills” trend could be a huge setback for our younger generations… as in, “use it, or lose it”! But, alas, there could be hope for Kevin. He finally used a period after 74 words!

        • Jess says:

          My question is “how do the fingers not AUTOMATICALLY type out the punctuations?” I mean, it’s much harder for me to type the way Kevin did than with correct grammar and capitalization.

      • Natalie says:

        haha. Hear, hear.

  2. Boiler says:

    As much as you wouldn’t seem to know it Desperate Housewives hanging in with Good Wife. May be too early to write it off and it was very good last night

  3. Hilla says:

    Can anyone explain what- ” This week’s highly entertaining installment of The Good Wife, however, might wind up with a week-to-week uptick” means? how was their rating? (:

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      As I said at the start of that paragraph, the CBS numbers are not reportable yet, since the shows started late in some markets.

  4. Hermit says:

    Pan Am was great yesterday, probably the best episode so far. I hope they don’t cancel it as it’s slowly becoming pretty addictive.

    • Gretchen says:

      Pan Am is very addictive! I’m hoping it gets picked up beyond the five additional scripts.

    • Tamara says:

      I agree! I’m definitely addicted to Pan Am and REALLY want to see more!

    • Warbirdguy says:

      I hope Pan Am continues…..it’s very addictive. I’m hooked and really want to see more character development. So far the show is fantastic.

    • Martina says:

      Couldn’t agree more, I love it. Goran Visnjic had me swooning, would be nice if he had some more episodes

    • Kelly says:

      Agree. I’m getting hooked on Pan Am. It’s a good show that keeps getting better. Wish more people would watch.

    • charlie says:

      Pan Am Addictive? I watched the first episodes with some interest, but the last one was quite uninteresting. I skipped through it to see if it would improve, but it didn’t. May try one more episode before I drop it off my list.

      Desperate Housewives had become tired and repetitive long ago and I just skip through it to see if anything fresh and enticing might come along. But alas, the story arc is still mostly absurd. Won’t miss it when it goes away.

  5. Chad says:

    I watched the second episode of Allen Gregory just to see if my opinion could be swayed. But nope, it also sucked the sewcond time around.

    • gerald says:

      Same here… the show is just not good.

      • Mia says:

        I’m impressed you guys could watch the full episodes! I couldn’t make it past five minutes.

        • Julie says:

          My hat to you guys who watched the whole thing… seriously you do realise you will never get that half an hour of your life ever again right?
          I just hope it doesn’t stay on the aire for more than 3 episodes… since other shows who got cancelled for even less dislikes didn’t get that far…

  6. Don J says:

    Hell on Wheels was solid. Anson Mount was surprisingly pretty good as the lead character. The sets, costumes were pretty good. I’m surprised it’s getting mostly meddling reviews.

  7. Mikaylah says:

    I watched Pan Am and Once Upon A Time last night. Both were great. Once was pretty awesome actually. :)

    • rcwblessed says:

      At first, I didn’t think I was going to like Once Upon A Time, but I’m really getting into it! For me, it’s becoming a great escape from reality, where I am accessing my inner child (who secretly never wanted to grow up)!!! I actually like that I’m now anticipating each new episode, because I’ve never been a big TV watcher.

      • Mia says:

        I was the same way with Once. I did not expect to like the show very much. I was hoping it would be a good occasional watch, kind of filler tv. I am an addict already. My inner child comes out running every time it is on!

  8. Tee says:

    I haven’t watched this week’s Once, but have to say I’m disappointed that the week before, Kristen Bauer Van Straten’s guest appearance felt… so… blah.

    Seeing Carrie Preston pop back up on The Good Wife last night reminded me of that wasted guest opportunity. Then again, TGW seems to write guest parts better than many/most shows.

    • Julie says:

      I agree with you on the Kristen appearance on the show… I wish she would have had at least a counter part in our world too. And with all the fuss there was about her being on the show it was my disappointement in last week`s episode (she was just a Pam from True Blood dressed like she was going to a 1700s halloween party…)
      But I will tell you this: this week`s episode is much better, maybe because it revolves around Prince Charming… *le sigh* Sorry just had a fan moment there ;)

  9. dean says:

    Pan am is a fantastic show with a great premise plot line and cast – the potential storylines, character development, combined with wonderful and interesting aspects of a past time is incredibly compelling – I am praying for this show to continue – abc is right to stick with it – I know it will grow and retain a very loyal following – those like me who are fans genuinely love it – brilliant concept and best cast on tv in my opinion

  10. Kartoff says:

    I’ve never heard of Hell on Wheels and don’t watch Pan Am. I DVR’d Once but haven’t watched it yet. I enjoy it, but not as much as I thought I would.

  11. fernando says:

    Pan Am is a show in a bad (BAD TIME SLOT) aganist (FOOTBALL) and does not have a (STRONG LEAD IN) as much as it hurts to say that since im a die hard fan of Desperate Housewives since day one, but with that being said, ABC must make some changes and it should be 1. Move Pan AM to another night, most likey Thursday at 8/7 pm could work. or 2. Move Pan Am and Desperate Hosuewives around, Pan Am could air Sundays at 9/8pm for it could get a great lead in from OUAT and DH will air at 10/9pm. Pan Am is meant to be a hit but has not been able to get there because of it’s three main problems, bad time, football, and weak lead in, I hope ABC can hear us fans.

  12. Stephen says:

    I rarely find I show that I like and I love Pan Am.
    Really starting to get to know the characters
    and the stories are improving.
    I feel that ABC will be rewarded for staying with Pan Am.
    The ratings will improve,especially when it does not have
    to go against SNF.
    And thank you for flying Pan Am!

  13. just me says:

    Pan Am, a show I love, definitely should be given a shot at an earlier time slot. ABC should be applauded for their loyalty to this gem.

  14. Gina says:

    Once Upon a Time was great yesterday , so happy to see those numbers.
    Gosh! CBS, awful numbers. Not that I care, I watch nothing in the soporific network, but my grandpas watch CBS, LOL.

  15. s. says:

    Once was good. So I was watching a rerun of How I met your mother and Jennifer (Ms Swan) plays Teds girlfriend! Guess how Ted began the story of how they met? Yup, ‘Once Upon a time’! Lol coincidence? I don’t kno how old is the episode haha

  16. Guy says:

    Why can’t CBS’s numbers be like this all the time. lol

    Anyway good to see Once still doing very well. I am hopeful this is going to continue to do so. Last night was just getting started i recon. I can see big things to come.

  17. Adam Babineaux says:

    Pan Am is different. That’s part of the reason I like it. It’s not the same old show played over and over. I haven’t missed an episode yet. Love it and christina Ricci.

  18. derrick says:

    I have watched Pan Am once and it was really good, but I like CSI: Miami much better. As for it’s so-so ratings, I think that Pan Am should be moved to a better time slot as another comment suggested. Desperate Housewives is a very weak lead-in because the show simply sucks with it’s rehashed storylines that seem to be going nowhere. This has by-far been the WORST season of D.H. and I’m glad that it will be the last. There is no reason for D.H. to have been so steady for six seasons just to die a miserable death in it’s pre-contracted last season.

  19. Nero TheTVFiddler says:

    For all the fans of Pan Am [of which I’m one], the news at this point [I think] is pretty good – as Matt notes in this blog, ABC execs have indeed ordered 5 more scripts, and those, along with the new showrunner/producer that we noted on this blog last week, should at least gives Pan Am new life and a fighting chance this Feb/March. The additional 5 scripts will give Pan Am a 13 episode run, assuming this coming Sunday’s 8th episode is the last prior to the holidays.

    I was thinking along the same lines as Fernando’s comment- move Pan Am to Thursday at 8pm, or flip it with DH at 9pm on Sunday, or maybe a move to 9pm on Friday. However, it may be too late now; another [better?] strategy could be if ABC is thinking of using the ‘final’ new 5 episodes of Pan Am in the Feb/March time frame [similar to the run ‘V’ had last season] which would allow ABC to fill in some time prior to the spring cycle of Dancing With the Stars -lots of 9pm hours to fill w/Dancing between cycles. Hence, Pan Am might be a candidate for 9pm on Monday, or 9pm on Tuesday for that 5 episode run. ABC [I think] has new comedies ‘Apt 23’ and ‘Work It’ planned for the 9pm slot on Tuesday, but I don’t think ABC has much planned for Monday at 9pm late Feb/March.

    That might be what ABC tries – Pan Am on Monday at 9pm, leading into Castle for 5 weeks until Dancing comes back in late March/early April. It might also be good counter programming move against male-viewer driven 2.5 Men, NBC’s ‘The Voice’, and Fox’s new Alcatraz, all coming this winter/spring.

    If [a big IF] Pan Am can do relatively well on that five week run in Feb/March on Monday/9pm [get overall viewers in the 8.5-10.0m range and decent 18-49 demo], Pan Am can at least be a ‘bubble-show’, a series the network will at least consider for Fall’12 pickup. That’s the most anyone could hope for right now – better than the fate Charlies Angels has. Pan Am is literally the final ABC new fall series that hasn’t been picked up for a full season, or canceled. Hence, I think the network is giving Pan Am one final chance this winter/spring for a five week run, and we can keep our fingers crossed. Let’s hope more people will watch – tell a friend.

    Final thought for now – don’t be shocked if ABC places new series ‘GCB’ [Good Christian Belles] in the Sunday 9pm slot come January/February, following Once, and moves DH back to 10pm to finish off it’s series run. I think ABC will want to give GCB the best chance of success, and I think everyone at the network can now agree that OnceUTime will provide a better chance for GCB to succeed than DH.

  20. OnceUponATimeFan2011 says:

    I really feel that Desperate Housewives season should be cut short. The writing is absolutely awful this year. I predict the ratings will continue to fall until the show ends with a blah instead of a bang.

  21. Rachel says:

    I love Pan Am. If you look at the above posts almost everyone that refers to it loves it! I haven’t liked a show in a while and so am really enjoying finding time to sit down and watch TV. I like all the characters and they are developing. I love the time period and I think the show is fresh. I am so bored and tired of legal and police dramas. This and Modern Family are the only 2 shows I enjoy on TV right now. I hope they will keep this show and give it a different time slot and a good lead in to gain more followers. It’s a show that becomes addicting, it just needs time and a better time slot and day.

    I hope ABC monitors these blogs. :-)

  22. Emily says:

    Please don’t cancel Pam Am, it’s such a great show! Please bring Niko back into Kate’s life as well!

  23. Reader says:

    What’s the point of the historical setting if you’re largely going to ignore that aspect of the show? The Haiti episode was generic action/adventure that could have taken place in any era.

    Mad Men succeeds because it gives us a window into how we used to think and behave. Pan Am is forcing today’s morality onto 60s characters. Would the blonde stewardess really be posing nude for a photographer and getting involved in biracial sex so lightly back in 1961? What do today’s kids learn about America, their parents, aunts and uncles from watching Pam Am? Nada.

    The show jumped the shark with Haiti episode. Too bad, I was looking for more 60s observations/introspection, like Mad Men.

  24. Gregg says:

    Fifty-seven year old guy and love Pan Am! It’s like reliving my main growing up period again (mostly a good thing!). Have always been a plane (specifically 707)and Pan Am nut, so this is super! I sure hope it survives. Some of the criticisms are good points. In some ways Haiti was an unfortunate and unnecessary distraction, andI hope they don’t drown in the spy drama (haven’t yet, but occasionally show signs).. They have still managed to be a really good shows despite some overreaching on the stories. And, they’re occsionally trying too hard on the “social” front. I agree PA is also saddled with lousy night (more than time slot). Give it more of a chance. But,…despite some early gaffs and stumbles, it’s a surprisingly good show–very good actually and has become quite addictive as many others have said. (One of the few I get grumpy about if I think I might miss!) The retro setting, planes, clothing, cars, everything are great. Such a great break from the overdone reality junk, courtroom and police dramas (though some like Bluebloods and Prime Suspect are very good). Liberties taken with pilot age and (im)maturity? Sure. But I’ve already forgiven them for the artistic license they’ve taken with some of corporate reality. They also need to show some other, competing airlines of the day interspersed on the runway–especially TWA
    and United. The gals, planes andother retro stuff are great though–I say full speed ahead. Go Pan Am!